Syfy's Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Not Going to Series

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & ChromeSorry, Battlestar Galactica, you’ve been grounded.

Syfy has decided not to order to series the prequel Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome.

Although an unofficial trailer screened at WonderCon this past weekend and made its way online, reigniting fan interest, the project will not be moving forward — at least as a TV series.

Dexter Vets Julie Benz and Jaime Murray to Reunite on New Syfy Series Defiance

“We are actively pursuing it as was originally intended: a groundbreaking digital series that will launch to audiences beyond the scope of a television screen. The 90-minute pilot movie will air on Syfy in its entirety at a future date,” Syfy president Mark Stern said in a statement, adding that “our enthusiasm for this ambitious project has not waned.”

The network announced the pickup of a two-hour pilot, which follows the early years of William Adama (played by Skins‘ Luke Pasqualino), nearly a year and a half ago (in October 2010). But because of intensive post-production work, the final product was not delivered until last November, reports Deadline.

BSG fans, are you upset by the news?

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  1. What happens if the 90-minute movie blows their usual ratings out of the water? I’m surprised they didn’t wait on announcing this decision until after the movie aired, just in case.

  2. Dan Sorenson says:

    Well, it’s not wrestling, reality, or some paranormal show, so why the hell would they want to order a whole series?

    • mdaily says:

      ha ha. This was my exact reaction. Heaven forbid they would want an actual sci-fi series on their network!

      • Carmichael says:

        You mean Syence fyction don’t you?

        • lipsticksocialism says:


          • admir says:

            lol good point….obviously sci-fi switched to syfy because they want to get away from (acutal) sci fi shows! in few years wont be worth even watching syfy since it will have even worse shows! i am finding British shows to watch on Netflix and on cable!!!! syfy should just go back to sci-fi and cancel WWE!!!!! and for gods sake make SGA movie to finish the series off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rob says:

      Because the network doesn’t already have amazing shows like Haven & Warehouse 13?

      • This says:

        Haven and Warehouse 13 can’t compare to BSG. I don’t think either of them were ever named “TV Show of the Year” by Time, not to mention countless other awards despite the stigma institutions have towards scifi. Also..BSG is just better.

  3. Adama says:

    What a joke. This network has no clue how to treat their fan base or their TV shows. Frak them. Hopefully someone else picks it up in the years to come and gives this franchise the treatment it deserves.

    • Bob Beeman says:

      They have the business school mindset of “what other choice do they have”. They obviously think we will follow along no matter what air day/time slots they move the SciFi programming too, even if they repeatedly change them.

      This guy won’t put up with it. They are off my channel lineups and website bookmarks now.

  4. Tim says:

    Of Course it won’t because nothing good ever stays on the Network… Lets see cool series canceled – Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Eureka, and what is up with Sanctuary?????? Are they getting another season or what???? C’mon SyFy live up to your name or give it back to Michael Hinman who had it first!!!!

  5. Julie says:

    Can we revive Caprica, now?

  6. bryan says:

    Serious whyy syfy the trailer looks freaking awesome and us fans love it u rlly trying to ruin my dreams!!

  7. Not surprising in the least, it’s actual sci-fi and they are systematically making sure it has no place on that network.

  8. BSG Fanatic says:

    You know what, Syfy? How about you just leave it alone now? Instead of playing with the hopes of the BSG fandom, making promises that you have no intention of keeping and starting projects that are never going to be given the chance they deserve, just admit that Battlestar Galactica is too much like proper science fiction for your channel and move on!

    I mean, like it wasn’t bad enough that you messed up any chance Caprica ever had of being a success with the completely ridiculous scheduling, you then decide to tempt the fans with another project that ends up going absolutely nowhere! Thanks!

    We know return you to your regular Syfyesque dose of paranormal reality shows and wrestling!

  9. michelle says:

    After the crap they pulled with Caprica, I’m not surprised. SyFy doesnt care about the genre anymore. They’d rather air wrestling.

  10. Fox says:

    Smart move by Syfy. Now they can continue airing great quality tv like Sharktopus, Ghost Hunters, WWE, and all that other crap on that poor excuse of a SciFi network. To think this network used to air some pretty great shows…. it’s just sad.

  11. AJ says:

    When they changed their name from Sci-Fi to Syphillis everyone should have known that this would happen. They had a chance to keep Eureaka too, but once again blamed money, when in truth they just don’t want anything to do with Science Fiction beyond their couple of B-Rated movies a year.

    • Maryland Freestater says:

      B-rated movies?? Wow, THAT HIGH A RATING??!! SyFy made for movies are some of the bloody worst: their only redeeming factor is that they seem to be aware of this and are playing it up. There is another – SyFy movies production costs are keeping a half-dozen ex-Soviet republiks afloat financially.

      Like most others here, I think they’re pretty clueless as to programming and their audience. Never saw ‘Firefly’ except for reruns and ‘Serenity’ and they screwed up by cancelling that. The reboot of BSG was excellent, even the bad episodes – because I saw the originals way back when.

      Stop fraking around, ditch the wrestling crap, commission some better B movies, keep coming up with original series (or better yet, make limited -run shows from great books like “Foundation’ Series, ‘Mote in God’s Eye’, ‘Rendezvous with Rama’, you name it!).

    • Glenn Hubbard says:

      B-movies?! I suppose you changed your tune once Sharknado aired! World-class film-making right there for all to enjoy. Citizen Kane? Orson Welles wished he had been that talented!

  12. John says:

    Of course it won’t go to series – it wouldn’t make sense to have the only space setting sci-fi series on TV. Those things never work… OH WAIT.

  13. Dizzle says:

    As a massive Battlestar Galactica fan…. I’m actually somewhat glad this won’t make it to series. The worst thing that happened with Caprica was getting cancelled just when the series was hitting it’s stride, and turning into a show that could rival the original for just how stunning it was, week in week out. At least this way, as a fan I will be spared getting invested in a series only for it to be canned a few months later.

    And, let’s be real – both Stargate Atlantis and Eureka got more seasons on-air than most network shows these days, and both certainly got more seasons on-air than BSG. So I don’t think SyFy mistreats its programming, or it’s core audience, but I do think they have to play to the numbers- and if Ghost Hunters and Wrestling get more viewers, then, well… we only have ourselves to blame!

    • Tracey says:

      It’s not that more people are watching Ghost Hunters and Wrestling. It’s the fact that it is cheaper to produce a “reality” show. That’s why we won’t see much sci-fi on SyFy anymore, except for reality shows and B movies because they are cheaper to make.

  14. Katie Hart says:

    The phrase “a groundbreaking digital series that will launch to audiences beyond the scope of a television screen” sounds like it might go to Hulu.

  15. JC says:

    And another show I was looking forward to bites the dust. I grew up in an era full of space-based sci-fi (TNG, DS9, B5, Stargate, Farscape and tons of others)…and now, as I gaze upon the vast TV landscape, where there seems to be a network for everything else, my choices seem to be: be happy with the light fantasy “SyFy” puts out there, or go %@!# myself, because my favorite genre has disappeared from the airwaves.

  16. DresdenRose says:

    The trailer was amazing — much better than Caprica. I was looking forward to it. However SyFy seems to be more interested in wrestling and reality than in providing groundbreaking science fiction series. That seems to be up to the Brits and the Canadians. What a loss for the US creative community.

  17. I watched all of BSG, but I had to force myself to finish out Caprica. I do sympathize, though. My favorite show could be next.

    My heart belongs to Sanctuary. Fans are still waiting (3+ months later) and hoping for a Season 5 renewal order. Now that the B&C decision has been made, *hopefully* Sanctuary will get a final season with the characters we know and love. The S4 finale was EPIC and there is so much potential, even for new fans.

    Syfy keeps pissing off the fandoms. Viewers ≠ fans. They seem to want viewers even if it means losing fans, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to anger intelligent, connected, devoted fan bases so regularly.

  18. I was going to make comment on one of the leaked trailer stories about SyFy passing on the series if the “leaked trailer” didn’t succeed after a short amount of time. my joke wasn’t even intended to be one day… bleh. another joke from SyFy.

  19. raftrap says:

    It was a great trailer, SyFy should give this a try now that it’s on a lot of fans minds, not at the beginning of next year as I’m assuming they’ll schedule this.

  20. Butter says:

    I’m an avid BSG fan but I can’t make myself care about this new BSG show because it’s not going to address my issue on the bad ending they gave to my favorite couple — Starbuck and Apollo.

  21. eridapo says:

    Wow… just saw the trailer and it looks fantastic. It almost has a movie quality feel to it, but I guess that is one of the reasons why “we are no longer SciFi” decided to stop production. It just seems the costs would be too high for a cable channel which no longer wants to be associated with the scifi genre.

    Too bad…. Scifi use to be a destination stop for me for over 8 years (SG-1, BSG, and Atlantis). With the drop of the scifi genre, I no longer watch the channel.

  22. Polly says:

    Why do we still wonder?
    They are owned by NBC a.k.a. The “We don’t have a clue” network.

  23. Wrapter_Wrangler_Delta says:

    FYI: Ron Moore wasn’t part of this one so…It really may not have been that good. If they bring him back as showrunner they can have some serious Sci-Fi, BSG

  24. Steve Sirica says:

    What are they putting in the water over at the SyFy network. Haven’t we fans gone long enough without a Stargate or BSG series on the air?

  25. Hermes says:

    I’m sorry did someone actually refer to Sanctuary as a good show?

  26. scifisiren says:

    The bottom line is all Syfy cares about these days. Wrestling and reality shows are much, much cheaper to produce. Shows like Caprica, SGU, etc, are beautiful and engaging, but expensive.

    Oh, and I love Sanctuary, too.

  27. Starbuck's Viper says:

    SYFY channel is a joke. I watched that channel when it first came on the air every day.

    I have not tuned in since Galactica ended.

    I am not returning until Farscape, Quantum Leap, The Third Wave, Star Trek or any other actual sci fi show returns.

  28. Mr Anonymous says:

    If it’s not Supercroc or something just as lame then they don’t want it. Time for a new SciFI network to step up I’m thinking.

    would watch any other network at this point.

  29. Steve says:

    Actually, not upset at all. Because, remember, no matter how hard you work to survive or improve your life or your children’s lives: THESE FRAKING A HOLES WILL FORGET TO WASH THEIR HANDS AND ABANDON ALL TECHNOLOGY AND ALL SCIENCE! #ragestillatbsgending

  30. lipsticksocialism says:


    all i have to say

  31. bullsballs says:

    remember Mtv ?? they used to play music videos…

    Remember scifi ??? they used to play science fiction movies…

    and so it goes, the good goes bad after time…

  32. Mark says:

    Cancel SyFy.

  33. Rodney says:

    I have been boycotting Syfy since Stargate Universe went off the air. Looks like that will not change.

    • jimmi says:

      I agree with you Rodney. I refuse to watch a network that could not given a darn about the fans. They need to change the name to Ghosthunters Network or something equally stupid; as this is most certainly no longer a SciFi network. We are die hard BSG, Caprica, SG1, SG Atlantis & SGU fans. All of these shows are incredible, the only show in my opinion that received the respect it deserved & was allowed to run for 10 years; providing a true story & ending for the fans was SG1. But, of course this was before the Nothing But Cr@p network took over. “ScyFy” bring back real science fiction, what happened to the Atlantis movies the fans were promised? we are still awaiting the return of Atlantis to the air in some format – no respect was given to the show/cast/fans, it was canceled too soon!! Same thing for SGU & Caprica; the shows were starting to hit their stride & we were really getting into it so of course it’s canceled. “ScyFy”, start listening to the fans, we do not want to watch a bunch of idiots running around pretending they can hear a ghost, REALLY? or Wrestling?? Give the true SciFi shows proper programming times & the ratings will soar! This latest installment of BSG looks awesome, but until the programming drastically changes on “ScyFy” we are done with the network. So sad, because it used to be the only channel that our TV was tuned in to.

  34. John says:

    Yes! GREAT decision SyFY. I can’t wait to watch what other CRAP original programming you’ll be offering your viewers. Maybe Chihuahuasaur. This is just another STUPID decision your network has made. I’m locking my damn DVR so my boys can’t watch your channel.

  35. Jason says:

    Sell it to Netflix or Hulu… SyFy has been a drain on the Science Fiction genre for way, way, too long… Even late night ABC back in the day was better than current SyFY. They don’t even play Star Trek reruns…What’s the point?

  36. phil says:

    I remember when sci-fi channel actually had the good….no….great quality science fiction movies and shows they used to air….but that was when they just started up as a new channel. The quality of crap that is now aired is the reason I dont watch it anymore.

  37. Mike says:

    Here is an idea for you SyFy.. Why not make a Battlestar Galactica Smackdown? … there is a winner.. …

  38. Harold says:

    nbc will buy the black and chrome series, the producer of blood and chrome has the info since 2011 that scyfy wants no more scyfy serie. dont be worry, blood and chrome will go on air in year 2013.

  39. craig reed says:

    Have just read all the comments and what struck me was that syfy has no idea anymore.the current personnel have strip mined the sci-fi genre so that nothing remains.To all fans of Sanctuary. bsg. caprica….which i loved because it was the most intelligent and thought provoking show ove seen….i feel your pain. it seems that us brits are at least trying to keep the scifi genre alive but even here it is half hearted.the world is run by accountants these days and regrettably..i cant see that short sightedness changing any time soon. maybe if i win the euromillions mega jackpot il help fund blood and steel,reinstigate caprica and tell syfy to go frak themselves

  40. rdavian says:

    i get the feeling that the next generation will not be as excited about science because networks/institutions are purposely driven to destroy any creative thought dealing with anything sci/tech. its like they want mindless idiots watching mindless crap all day with out the slightest spark for sci /ingenuity/creative thought. critcal thinking is actual sparked by real scifi an it is being stripped away slowly. so angry right now what the frak man!

  41. Laurie Dedmon says:

    I just wrote an email to CBS about not having any science fiction with morals and a positive attitude of life. Now Sci fy doesn’t do Sci fy! The rich want to stay rich, and the poor must remain poor. Television has gone to the toilet. I don’t even watch live TV. Battlestar Galatica and other science fiction shows provided a set for learning morals, careers and hope for the future. Most of television shows death, sex and revenge. Children are learning more about drugs than family values. Oh of course you can say that you don’t have to watch it. Children however, are watching 6 or more hours a day of television. There are college programs to be one of the CSI characters. There aren’t enough jobs in that area, but teens are fooled into believing that solving crimes is cool. Are we wanting people to murder?? Well written science fiction can get children into science. There are many opportunities in science. There are not any science fiction shows out there on ships or vehicles exploring rather than murdering every one. The producers couldn’t find a balance between blood and chrome either. It costs money to get good writers and props. Start making our world a better place. Television is our means of education and communication.

  42. Chelsey says:

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    thanks from Sweden