House Exclusive: Look Who's Back For the Finale!

You already know who won’t be returning for House‘s swan song (R.I.P. Cuddy), so how about we get around to telling you who will?

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Princeton-Plainsboro alumna Olivia Wilde will reprise her role as Thirteen in the show’s May 21 series finale.

House Exclusive: Final Episodes to be [Spoiler]-Centric

Wilde checked out of House in October to pursue her film career full-time. In her then-final episode, Huntington’s-afflicted Thirteen briefly rejoined the team only to get fired by House, who, oddly, issued the pink slip with the best of intentions: He wanted her to live our her final days in peace and happiness instead of alongside a grump like him.

House‘s still-untitled final episode will be penned by series creator David Shore and two of the show’s longtime scribes, Peter Blake and Eli Attie.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    It would much more interesting and fun if they could find a way to get Jennifer Morrison back.

    • Bella says:

      Exactly how many farewells does 13 get? Haven’t we said goodbye to this character enough?

      I find it ridiculous that 13 is returning for the farewell when Lisa Edelstein / Cuddy has been excluded. Even the return of Cameron would be more plausible than 13 popping in for another lacklustre performance and farewell.

      I find it unbelievable that David Shore chooses to ignore and snub 2 actresses (LE / JMo) who’s characters helped build the show into the phenomenon it was over a actress who only used the show as an intermittent springboard for her career.

      Cuddys return would have made sense and allowed for some closure on a storyline that the producers left hanging. 13 return, again is just ridiculous!

      I am massively dissapointed in David Shore and Hugh Laurie for making this decision. Honestly at this point its just another reason in a growing list of them for me to avoid the finale. Whatever legacy you had in this show David Shore is being lost one stupid plot point at a time in Season 8.

      • Sarah says:

        I don’t think it was that David Shore snubbed the two actresses, I thought they were just too busy to come back. At least that’s what I heard…

        • Lala says:

          JM said last week she was never asked. LE hasn’t said anything recently, but she said a few months ago that she hadn’t been asked to return as a guest.

      • Dax says:

        I’m pretty sure Lisa Edelstein didn’t want to come back. I don’t think David Shore had a choice.

        • Bella says:

          I think David Shore had every choice and his decision was to bring back 13 and OW over Cuddy and an actress that gave 7 years to the show. Reports on TVLine/EW and a comment made by LE herself in a French Magazine a month ago indicate that David Shore had not contacted LE to appear in the finale. Jennifer Morrison has also said a week ago that she was not contacted. Stop pushing blame onto LE, all the power in this decision lies with David Shore and in his decison to go with 13 over Cuddy and even Cameron I belive he has chosen unwisely.

        • Hanna rush says:

          L.E moved on. She had appearances on The Good Wife and chose to be over House. As far as House finishing, it was time. I for one rarely watched it this past season. Many fans from the beginning stopped watching because of the characters. The Aisian actress is really boring.

          • Mary says:

            At least Olivia Wilde had actually movie roles and a career to move on to, and she didn’t leave because she wanted more money. Lisa Edelstein chose to leave without having something better to do, being completely ungrateful to the show that offered her the career she has today( guest appearances to Good Wife can’t compare to her role on House). What she said in the summer was that even if they wanted her back, she wouldn’t know if she would be available which I interpret as her saying that she didn’t want to come back and just not wanting to say it clearly. Olivia Wilde, despite actually being busy, respected the show that gave her the chances she has today and is coming back. Plus, being a part of the show for almost four years makes her important enough.

          • MB says:

            I agree, I was an avid watcher the first quite a few years but this season I stopped watching it. The Asian actor stinks, I don’t like her acting. The story lines became boring too.

          • Jamie says:

            I think the actresses on it right now are boring…….but House was Great with the original cast!

          • Khyre Edwards says:

            Did you not see her on acid ?

          • bklyngirl says:

            I wanted Cuddy back and a Huddy reunion, but Lisa CHOSE not to return for the finale and made it clear she was not interested. She put it behind her. How is Olivia Wilde the blame for her decision. That’s ridiculous! If Lisa wanted to return then both Cuddy and Thirteen would be on. Use your brain!

          • dr ric kealoha says:

            a patheticaly written season and bad choise new actors. david shore you dumbass!!!

      • Emgee says:

        Then good riddance, Bella. The rest of us fans don’t want you around here complaining constantly. How many times now have you said you are giving up on the show, yet you still come back to EVERY House article and complain?

        Go away.

        • Barb Tessier says:

          Bella I do understand your wishes, but the previous post is correct. You’re always on here complaining about House, so why k,eep coming back? Admit it. You LOVE the show and you like it when you can chat about things with others who share your enthusiasm!

          • Bella says:

            I don’t know if there is another Bella that posts here but this is actually the first time I have posted at TV-Live so the rude attack against me by Emgee and Barb Tessier are actually directed at the wrong person. If you are attributing a common name to one poster and following them around TV-Line boards then perhaps it is you who are obsessed with defending the show and squashing other peoples opinion and it is you with the problem.

            I just happen to think it is a shame that they have chosen to bring 13 back to the show over Cuddy a character I would have liked to have seen better closure for and that is what I chose to post here about. As a fan of the show I thought I had the right to express my opinion. To the other Bella I am sorry that these people are choosing to be so hateful to another fan of the show.

        • Gladys says:

          Mary, OW should be grateful because she has been pulling all the strings on the show. She has come and gone as she wanted. And let’s not pat her on the back too much, she was contracted with the show for a couple of episodes. She still had one left in her contract so unless she breaches her contract, she is required to show up.

          If OW was given the same treatment as LE, I doubt she would be passing all the love to the show and HL as she has. She has had it made.

          • Jamie says:

            I think OW is ok and a come back is fine…..but much more interesting to have the originals make comebacks……the actresses on it now just aren’t as interesting

        • dgm11 says:

          I agree with Bella’s post. David Shore should have given LE and JMo the chance to return. No one needs to see 13 again – she was never an interesting character. Same for the new characters. The creator/writer shows arrogance as does Hugh Laurie for not acknowledging the characters behind the show’s true success.

          • The end is nigh enjoy it says:

            I agree. Many people watch more for the supporting cast than they do for Hugh. They are much funnier than he has ever been. Although they are all masochists in the biggest way, which is the reason a lot of other people watch. Then, there’s the my life sucks, but their lives sucks worse crowd which makes up for 75% of the viewing audience.

      • R Lewis says:

        I absolutely agree. Am I the only one who doesn’t ‘get’ 13? Cuddy added a complexity to the show that is missing since she left. And you’re right – we all needed closure.

      • carolej says:

        Maybe you should stop whining about 13. And go with the flow. They’re not gonna change the scripting for your wishes. And it looks like you rec’d a lot of comments to the sme side as mine. House will be House, and one never knows what will be until it is. Even this one! Oh well. Have a wonderful life littleone

      • Mojoscream says:

        I think the answer you’re looking for is “13”.

      • Jamie says:

        I agree with you!

      • Susan says:

        Not 13 again!!!!!!

      • Stan Bee says:

        Ya but 13 is just so DAMN HOT !!! She can pop up whenever she wants <3

        • Gema says:

          Come on! OK 13 is hot but that isn’t enough. House already said good bye to her character, something that he fail to do with Cuddy and Cameron. I re-watched the pilot last night and since that episode we have so many questions about Cameron past.

        • Mrs. House says:

          Cameron and Cuddy were two of the hottest women on that show. Beautiful women with brains AND a heart! I would go as far as to say they were role models.

          OW is very attractive, but she comes off as too angry, too edgy. As an actress, even when she’s playing “soft and vulnerable” I just see “angry” at whatever is making her feel that way.

      • Sarah says:

        well Olivia wilde is who the people want to see right now.


        • steve says:

          You do realize that house is character and not a real person right? The fact that ” you hate him personally” just exemplifies what a great actor HL is and that the House character strikes to you heart. What other fictional human being inspires that must emotion from you !

          • Cleetus Van Dam says:

            why did you quote “you hate him personally” seeing as how that isnt in her post….

          • The end is nigh enjoy it says:

            I agree about the fictional character. However, I see many of the people here that hate this character or that character and turn that hate against people who disagree with their viewpoint. They make up a bunch of the audience and it’s no wonder the show is ending. DS has done a great job at alienating the audience into partisan groups (pro-HL, anti-HL, pro-Cuddy, anti-Cuddy. That is how you lose the viewing audience. For it to work, you need to limit how many partisan factions you have and try avoiding having too many pro-X, anti-X groups. You go with an all-love or all-hate set-up and keep it that way. You pick one or two people the audience loves to hate (Al Bundy and the Luthors come to mind) and several that people love to love (Seely and Booth) and write the shows that way. House hasn’t done that. They created most of the staff to be loved in some episodes and hated in others. That’s where you lose viewers and create animosity between the love-X and hate-X crowds.

        • …..and you watch the show why??????????

      • Karen says:

        Totally agree!

      • auramac says:

        Oh, stop whining.

      • Nancy Bowman says:

        House does what House wants. Remember??? I like the idea. I prefer to stick to watching Dr. House and his antics. I don’t want to know about their “real lives”, because I have all the real life I can stand just being a registered nurse. This is a Fun, Wonderful, and surprising show… I’ve even learned a trick or two. Great writers.

      • Gandalf Clarke says:

        couldn’t this all just be a case of what actors were available at the time of filming? When making any TV show, the writers have to work with who is available. Lisa Edelstein was probably not available and as far as Jennifer Morrison goes, she is busy with her new show (Once Upon a Time) which is shaping up to be a very good show. If Olivia Wilde has time to work with the House crew again, great, she is a fantastic actress. Before complaining about something you obviously don’t understand, do some research and get all the information.

        • The end is nigh enjoy it says:

          The information on Wilde is that her attempt to do the acting route not only bombed, but it MOABed. A basic search of the Internet shows that.

          They could have worked around Edelstein and Morrison’s schedules. It is done all the time so that’s a lousy excuse. There are plenty of shows where they shoot shots of an actor and later merge them into the episode. When done correctly, it looks like the person was actually in the scene and not photo-shopped in.

      • ♥13♥ says:

        well that’s your opinion.Olivia played one of my favourite characters and I’m happy to see her return for the finale.She’s a great actress and I’m sure that David Shore has an significant reason for her to return to the show or else he wouldn’t have put her in it.Unlike you I’m looking forward to her returning to the show, even it’s just 1 more episode.

        • The end is nigh enjoy it says:

          None of the subsequent females have come close to Edelstein, Morrison, or Wilde so they needed at least one of them back for the finale.

      • Bella says:

        Although I am in agreement with you that Cuddy (LE) would have been the “right” choice in returning for the series finale; have you given any thought to the fact that perhaps LE, and Sela Ward were not available and/or wanted no part in returning to the show.

        I enjoyed the relationships House shared with Cuddy and Sela Ward’s character, and would like to see some closure with both.

        I will miss House, but quite frankly have not been tuning in as much as I used to.

        • Raist says:

          You are aware that House CRASHED A CAR into Cuddy’s house last season? It would be pointless to have her back on the show, she resigned and left princeton because she didn’t want to be anywhere tht reminded her of House, Cuddy will never be back on the show, they gave her a climatic salute, one that I, as a fan that has watched since the series premiere was shocked to see and enjoyed as the writers threw a curveball at us all. So stop beotching about it.

      • allison says:

        David Shore didn’t snub two actresses. Lisa Edelstein chose not to come back. David shore said he would love for her to come back, but Lisa Edelstein was too busy. Jennifer Morrison has expressed that she would love to come back but the show hasn’t contacted her yet, but she would have to get permission from ABC to come back because of once upon a time

        • Kriszta says:

          “David shore said he would love for her to come back, but Lisa Edelstein was too busy.”
          When and where said DS this?

        • The end is nigh enjoy it says:

          Just because DS said that LE chose not to come back doesn’t mean that he invited her or that she declined. Without her side of the story, we can’t rely on his side of the story.

      • Andy says:

        Sure you make a solid point but who does everyone want to see more? answer 13 and this is because of how amazing of a character she is… she is more of a “bamf” than cameron or cuddy and was always more interesting… plus its olivia wilde come on she is smoking hot what more of a reason do you need

      • David Eckels says:

        My understanding is that Lisa Edelstein was offered a role in the finale and refused- probably over money- again.

      • Avid Viewer says:

        From what I heard Eldelstine was snubbed, since she didn’t want to do the last season over $$$$ contract issues. QAnd Morrison is busy leading her own shown, I doubt she has time for crappy guest apperances anymore.

        • The end is nigh enjoy it says:

          I don’t know if that was the reason, but $$$$ issues are usually why long-running shows fail. The stars and major characters want more $$$$, but the studios can’t or won’t agree. It’s why you see regular turnover on shows like CSI and L&O.

      • Rick says:

        Sounds like you shouldn’t be watching the show anymore anyways since all you seem to do is complain about it. Go watch your American Idol and don’t worry about the final show of House. You will only find more to bitch about.

      • Cat Penn says:

        Is everyone for getting the best ever lover has had???? What about Sela Ward??? She is a total match to House’s sparring and attitude driven character!!! She is as strong as Cutty and just as sexy as Cutty….Smart, brave and sexy!!! Enough said…

        • Mrs. House says:

          I enjoyed the Stacy story arc. I like her. I can take her in small doses. Stacy was with an amazing, maddening larger than life, best lover she ever had..and what does she do? She dumps the chance to be with House again, all for a “nice, safe guy who makes her feel secure” Which showed me that Stacy and House werre not as made for each other than I previously thought. It had me talking to the TV screen: “Stacy, you are a beautiful size 6 with a license to practice law! You don’t need Sir Lancelot to rescue you, you need someone you can ride with forever. I wonder if she ever learned that.

          • Mrs. House says:

            I GOT IT!!!!

            Parting shot! House makes an Evel Kneivel-like jump on his motorcycle! Either that or he winds up on life support in a coma,

            And BECOMES a MEDICAL MYSTERY for a doctor who looks suspiciously like the guy who shot House!

        • The end is nigh enjoy it says:

          One, she’s married. Two, she told them to do whatever was needed to on his leg in direct violation of his stated wishes. Do you seriously think House is going to be willing to take her back? Plus, she knows his career comes first after the reminder at the airport. Throw in the additional fact that he went to jail for trying to kill his last girlfriend. She’d have to be a complete moron to take back an abuser (not just the car, but also physical, mental, and emotional). Although a bunch of the women on here don’t have a problem with DV and abuse problems since he’s such a hunk. In reality, they would be the first to call NOW and the PD on his butt for DV.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh, hell, NO! I almost quit watching because of her!

    • MIss Kiki says:

      Since she’s starring on ABC’s hit “Once Upon A Time” I think that’s impossible

    • I hope Jennifer Morrison comes back too.

    • susan says:

      I have watched house for 8 years.. the last season was kindda odd….. but i stuck and out and watch house…. cuddy should be back for the final episode and move away with house… thats what i would like to see happen… they have loved each other since they were in med school.. they deserve to have be together.. on the other hand. i loved 13.. so im glad to her back.. maybe her and house will get together on the final episode……..

      • Domestic Violence Is Okay If House Does It? Don't Think So. says:

        You want Cuddy to get back with an abuser? Someone who has emotionally, mentally, and pretty much every other type of abuse, plus the attempted murder. That’s who you want her to get back together with?

        What’s up with the women that adore House? He’s an abuser, plain and simple, but it’s okay because you love him.Some of you would turn him in if he was a real life person, but many of you would knowingly become involved with him because he’s a bad boy. I realize he’s a fictional character, but that doesn’t stop you people from loving him. He’s unethical as can be, willing to allow his patient to die to test treatments on them because he’s never wrong, well 5% of the time anyway.

        Taking bets on how many of the people who claim they won’t watch TV again will be joining another hot show within the season.

    • Pat Wolf says:

      House is about the only show that pretty much accurately depicts Huntington’s Disease. The Disease lasts about 30 year till death so my next wish is a show will depict several generations so the public can understand what the different stages can be. There is pyschological problems, at times psychosis, wild movements, choking, then pneumonia and death. I DEEPLY appreciate House for making HD seem so real. From someone who’s taken care of several people (family) with HD, and many many friends with HD and their caregivers

    • Mrs. House says:

      On the series finale, House-Cam in a liplock, and then maybe I’d be willing to let go, a little. I just feel they would have been SO GOOD together. He of the tortured heart, She of the tortured soul. I started rooting for House and Cuddy, when no hoped was let out to us that there would be a story arc for House-Cameron romance.

    • Mona Marino says:

      Yes, she should be in the finale for sure. Who gives a crap about 13, she was an idiot, and Cuddy who cares, she was a moron who wants to see her there she made me sick.

  2. Bilouze says:

    is it a joke?

    • fiz says:

      13 returning is just all kinds of FAIL!!!!!! So what are the options here – 13 is sick so House comes good on his promise and euthanises her or House is sick and 13 comes back to do the same for him? As a plot point it is so obvious it blows its own trumpet!

      If you want ratings for the finale bring back Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) not this lame one note actress and character!!! Cuddys return would have made sense and would have lead to some good drama and great acting between Hugh and Lisa 13’s return is just a let down.

      • PLEASENOCUDDY says:

        Hate Cuddy but I like your mention of House’s promise to euthanize 13. That makes sense. So maybe House will survive the series finale. I still though he’ll end up on that big white bus in the sky with Amber and Kutner.

  3. Katrina says:

    Well that’s boring. This is all the could manage for the finale? I guess House will kill her and himself.

  4. Amanda says:

    I never connected with the character of Thirteen, she always seemed like a lackluster Cameron, so to me her returning is not that big of a deal. No matter who returns though I’m afraid the fact that Cuddy is not there is going to overwhelm the whole show

    • Cindy says:

      I found Cameron a lackluster Cameron. I haven’t been thrilled by any of the female characters on the show, unfortuntately.

  5. Shepherd says:

    And the plot thins…

    • Mrs. House says:

      LOL! Good one!

      Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer;
      Sela Sela Sela
      Lisa Lisa Lisa (if she can table her differences for the sake of her fans from the show.
      Obvious she has some)

      When House met Cam, she kind of worshipped him. Now she’s all grown up, fighting those old feelings for him. (Who can blame her)

      When House met Stacy, he had just about had his heart pasted back together and she came along and broke it again. This ain’t baseball, I don’t think she should get a 3rd turn at bat.

      When House met Cuddy, she was his boss. I’m pretty sure she is in love with House, it just never was meant to be. House and authority figures are sworn enemies.

  6. Ems says:

    do you think they’ll kill her off, to see House fulfil his promise?? I think that would be a good way to end, she was one of the best characters on the show :)

  7. adam says:

    glad to see her back…wonder if she’ll get killed off, causing house to quit?

  8. badthings says:

    I’d rather see Stephen Fry on the finale!

  9. Lester says:

    First of all, Ausiello, this is hardly news. Anyone that has paid attention figured this out a long time ago.

    I’m trying to figure out what is so special about OW to be in he finale? I guess with the show on its way out, this is all you get. I was hoping for better than House killing 13 which is no surprise either. Too bad.

    • Domestic Violence Is Okay If House Does It? Don't Think So. says:

      The replacement females all have failed miserably and for whatever reason, DS won’t make a deal to get Cuddy and/or Cameron back.Thirteen is pretty much the only remaining living female. She had a strong group that was very much 13 and another strong group that was against 13. Drama sells so adding her back makes financial sense if not plot sense. The problem is they kept screwing with 13. It’s like DS was clueless what to do with her. In one episode, she’s one way. In the next, a different way. Back and forth.

      They should have made her straight or gay. Many of the gay crowd shun bis because they feel bis can’t make up their minds. In many ways, her character was bi-lot (bi-sexual, bi-polar, bi-can’t make up her mind, bi-etc.). If they were going to keep her bi, keep her mainly bi-straight or bi-gay, not jumping back and forth.

      She was an inferior version of Cameron, a replacement wannabe that never lived up to the promise. She dumped House to go it alone and her acting career fizzled so they took her back.

      I have nothing for or against any of the women. They each had their strengths and their weaknesses, both as characters and as actresses.DS needed to suck it up and strike a deal to get Cameron and Cuddy back. He would have to put his arrogance and pride aside.

  10. tahina says:

    Wow what a surprise! Mike, you are going to be the dead of me!

  11. Jarrod says:

    Now they just need to get off their ass and ask Jennifer Morrison and Lisa Edelstein back.

    • kathy says:

      Maybe at the end they’ll have Cuddy on the phone to house and fade to black …………….

      • Domestic Violence Is Okay If House Does It? Don't Think So. says:

        Good point. With the tech out there, they don’t even need her actual voice or body, they can CG it. Shoot, they’ve been CGing dead people for a while. John Wayne, etc.

  12. I think it’s quite weird to have a series finale without Lisa Eldenstein. She was part of the main essemble of the show for 7 years. It’s ironic that the only season she’s not on board is the last one. And dramatically speaking it’s like a loose end that won’t be wrapped.
    That said, I love that Olivia Wilde will be back and I too hope there is some way Jennifer Morrison can make a special appearance at the finale.

    • Raist says:

      I personally would love to see the return of Cameron, however she resents House too much for the breakdown of her marriage with Chase, blames him for “poisoning” him. The episode Lockdown of season six was the closure of her character. She was a great character on the show, I loved the original team of Foreman, Cameron and Chase, but a bummer, it’s not gonna happen. Plus let’s face it, of the three actresses 13 has the best trade off lines with House

  13. robinepowell says:

    Not surprised, but at the same time, really really happy!! :D

  14. Dizzle says:

    I for one am quite happy to see Thirteen again, I might be in the minority but I enjoyed her more than Cameron or Adams on the show. And it would be interesting if House does follow through on his promise to her!

    • Bilouze says:

      her character had already a closure (wait 36 millions closures since season 6, she was a yoyo in this show) like the others female characters who left and House killing her, blah what a predictable plot for the finale.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m with you. I can tolerate Adams in doses. I still don’t quite understand what the other female doctor’s deal is. Taub and Foreman, I could do without. At least Chase is interesting, he gets House better then the rest. I’d rather have 13 then Cameron.

      • Bilouze says:

        I don’t think thirteen and her boring life can help the show for the finale.

        • Domestic Violence Is Okay If House Does It? Don't Think So. says:

          It really doesn’t matter. Since the show is ending, ratings are pretty much irrelevant. Estimated ratings matter for trying to sell commercial spots, but other than that, they are meaningless. At least in terms of real world applications.

          In terms of fandom, the number of people watching doesn’t matter. What matters is who’s in it and how it plays out. Since they have several different love/hate groups of major cast members, they are going to have to choose which ones to please and which ones to snub. They have created such major divisions within the fans, they can’t please most people.

          Where it matters most to DS and co. is residuals, syndication revenues, and DVD sales. This is where they want to get it right financially and based on the way DS and co have treated fans for the last few years, money matters more than giving the fans what they want.

          The big question is how large of the diehard fanbase will DS alienate with the ending. Fully 1/3 or more are going to hate it based on who is in/not in it. Another large will be alienated if House or Wilson die. Whacking 13 seems to be fine with most of the people here so that’s not a problem if she lives or dies. In fact, it seems whacking her has a slight lead currently.

          A smart move would be to do one of the international surveys where they give people the option on who and how to kill. Leave it open-ended enough to have some wiggle room.

    • carla says:

      13, Masters and Adams are a wrost version of Cameron! it’s so clear..

  15. Sally says:

    I thought most people hated or were at least indifferent to Thirteen. I bet more folks would like to see Huddy back.

  16. kacey says:

    When I clicked on this I had such high hopes for it to say Jennifer Morrison, now I am just depressed that the finale of a show I loved is going to suck.

  17. Alicia L. says:

    They need Jennifer Morrison in the finale because for me that facilitates more drama and I would like one last Cameron/Chase scene before the show ends.

  18. Patrick says:

    Didnt we know this already? I came here hoping in was JEN MO!!! They need her back!

  19. Sally says:

    I would have loved to see Jennifer Morrison one last time (the show should end with House and Cameron together, oh yes), but well… I guess it will end like I’ve been suspecting for a while, House euthanizes 13 and then turns himself in.

  20. Sam says:

    Am I an awful Thirteen fan that I want her to come back for the finale so House can keep his promise and help her to die so that it creates an amazing epic scene that makes me cry like a baby….

  21. DanieGermany says:

    Who cares about 13 if Cuddy won’t come back ?!

    I certainly don’t :-(

  22. Sofia says:

    Still hoping for Jennifer Morrison.

  23. Lila says:

    How about Stacy? I want her back. She and House were somewhat good together.

    • Barb Tessier says:

      Yes they were fantastic, but from what I’m reading, Sela Ward is quite busy, but I’ve yet to hear a “definite” no….:)

  24. ana says:

    huddy is the best look at this ratings

  25. Belis says:

    I cannot believe that 13 gets to be in the finale when Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) has been excluded. This is ridiculous!!! All this news does is dissapointment me.
    13 has had repeated ending episodes (at least one a season fror the past 3 years) , the story between House and Cuddy ( a far more important character in the overall House storyline) never ended properly and deserved closure. Even Cameron returning would have been better than this news.
    I guess Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde sharing an the same agent at WME (Brandt Joel) has really worked in Ms Wildes favour a pity better actresses who contributed far more to the show dont get the same acknowledgement.

    • AVT says:

      It confuses me why people think this is an “acknowledgement” thing… I honestly do not care about how much work the actors put into the show or how devoted they were etc, I want the ending to fit with the show.

      Riddle me this: If a guy drove a house into your living room, would you be likely to come back to him? Ever?

      • Domestic Violence Is Okay If House Does It? Don't Think So. says:

        Sane people: no. Unfortunately, too many overlook that aspect or explain it away. I definitely wouldn’t want the person who tried killing me back in my life. Why give them more chances to finish the job?

        I predict a Vicodin overdose, which seems dumb, but considering how many Vicodin he takes an episode, it should have stopped working, or killed him, a long time ago.

  26. Olivia says:

    That was already known.
    And I much rather have Jennifer Morrison back.
    It makes sense that Cuddy doesn’t come back – think about it, it’s a TV show, but in real life if your ex destroys your home and could’ve killed you, you don’t want to see him again, ever.
    As for Olivia Wilde, she left House cause she wanted to focus on her ‘Movie Carrer’, this would be her 3º goodbye, enough already

  27. Zee says:

    This news makes me happy. I wasn’t going to tune in, but now I will just to see Olivia and House together again.

    I loved Cuddy, and would like to see she and Cameron as well if something can be worked out.

    I don’t have anything against Olivia, however.

  28. Good Grief says:

    Ridiculous! Seems Shore will be successful making the show a laughing stock before it finally folds . Really, I thought these show runners had an ounce of pride left but I see now their vision died long ago. What a shame for this once brilliant show to go out on such a low note. Not to bring Cuddy back for some kind of closure is particularly disappointing. Thirteen has had to many endings already & Jen Morrison had two goodbyes. There is obviously something going on here and it stinks to the high heavens. I feel awful for HL, to have the show slink out this way but he IS an exec producer so either he doesn’t stand up for anything or he is pleased with the way things are going. He has not sounded proud for some time. Either way, I’m completely disappointed in everything.

  29. Sarah says:

    Wow. I’m shocked by how negative everyone is. Thirteen was definitely my favorite female character on the show. I know some people are complaining that she already got her send off, but I don’t care, I love Thirteen. I’m disappointed Cuddy can’t come back for the finale, but oh well. I didn’t like Cameron all that much, so I’m not disappointed that she’s not coming back. Besides, Jennifer Morrison is doing another show now. (Once upon a time)

  30. Dan says:

    I’d love to see Jennifer Morrison in the finale! the original team: Cameron,Chase and Foreman

  31. Tracy Murray says:

    I am thinking Thirteen’s return would indicate that she is in the last stages of Huntington’s and the pain has gotten so bad that she returns to PPTH to demand her former boss and /or colleagues put her out of her misery or she is discovered to have another fatal disease happening, most likely in the brain ( I could be wrong ) , this would not only affect House, but also her former colleagues, especially ex boyfriend, Foreman . I don’t see House destroying what’s left of his life after Thirteen’s death, whether by euthanasia, suicide by her own hands, or by the illness itself, maybe he finally has enough, quits, and moves to another town to start a new life, as for the others, I think, depending in their involvement in the storyline, they will either make it out okay ( I am hoping Wilson, Chase, Taub, Park, and to some extent, Adams ) or face an uncertain future ( Foreman, as I feel not a tinge of hope for him ) . If the character of Cuddy isn’t coming back, I expect POTW will fit her into the storyline in some way like a tragedy that happens involving her or she decides to make up with House, off screen in some matter.

    • kathy says:

      I agree maybe a phonecall at the very end of the show and then …………. The End.

    • Domestic Violence Is Okay If House Does It? Don't Think So. says:

      If she really wanted to die, she could kill herself. From the comments made by DS, she is healthy enough that suicide would be an option at this point in the show. Only a coward tries to coerce someone into killing them if they are healthy enough to do it themselves. If she was that bad off, she couldn’t make it to PPTH.

  32. Liall says:


  33. Jane2 says:

    I will never understand why they opted to pay OW this season while pushing other loved actresses/characters out the door. It was already clear that her movie career was tanking and last season ratings dropped for eps she was in.

    Why pay her all that money? Is it because Mommy and Daddy ‘s media connections are that powerful or is it because of the shared agent/management with Hugh Laurie?

  34. Pia says:

    She will just take away screentime from characters I love :P
    I would have love for the last episode to see the original team back together

  35. Heidi says:

    meh.. I was thinking of Jennifer Morrison or Lisa Edelstein.. even Sela Ward or maybe a former patient(s) he saved. THAT would be better than 13. *sighs*

    It looks like I’m only watching the retrospective special and the last 10 minutes.

    • Bring Back Robin says:

      How about the patient from the pilot coming back? She has a new diagnosis that only House can diagnosis, but like the first time, it takes too long. She trusts him more this time and pays for it with her life by allowing him to do a procedure without proof.

      They could also have every past patient that lived come down with some infection caused by the numerous tests ran on them and they all show up at PPTH and all die before House can cure them.

      • Heidi says:

        That would be GREAT, but as Ms Tunney is leading lady of The Mentalist, I don’t see how that is possible. But that is a wonderful idea.

  36. Michael says:

    I agree it would be nice to see the Original team back for the last one but we can’t get what we want all the time

    as far as Cuddy it sound like the actress pull a Lauren Holly

  37. Gemma says:

    Nice to see 13 and Olivia Wilde return. 13 is one of the few characters who gets House. It would have been great to Sela Ward come back.

  38. Jules says:

    A double euthanasia! I’m up to that!
    Prefer the return of 13, than have a predictable sob story of Cameron trying again “fix” House’ s soul or rekindle with Chase…
    Same for Cuddy, dosent want her for a lame story:”…Rachel is sick…please yr the only one who can save her …you owe me….”blabla! Not interested..
    But,if she shows up, at the last minutes trying with Wilson to convince House to take the treatment for whatever his illness is…or one last goodbye bfore he quit PPTH and retire or goes away&teach in Fiji or do a show at his favorite blues pub…now I’ll accept her return….
    Whatever happens, I’ll be glue in front of my tv for the last 8 episodes remaining with my friends…
    Still dreams about a cameo from Fry, that will be A BIG Spolier worth to be publicize…

  39. jennifer says:

    I have always enjoyed watching House M.D. & in its’ prime-it truly was one of the best shows ever. However,perhaps it is for the best this will be its’ final season. I mean-come on the best they could come up with is Thirteen returning-again? Olivia Wilde’s character reminds me of a rash that doesn’t quite go away-it just keeps coming back! Supposedly,these are professional writers,so,they should come up with something better than this! Also (about Cuddy):in real-life NOONE is coming back to a guy who drives a car into her house-NOONE!-so that’s not happening! If Lisa returned to him-it would destroy whatever ounce of credibility this show has left. As for the finale- I suppose most of us can more or less guess what will happen:( A)House will die (B) Thirteen will die( C) House & Thirteen will die( D)House euthanizes Thirteen & goes to jail for it ,or, most unlikely (E) House lives happily ever after.

    • Bilouze says:

      yes they fired Lisa E, about your guess, I want an ep focused on House only and not also on 13’s illness (boring).

      • Dani says:

        She wasn’t fired. They just put an offer on the table with clauses that they knew full well she wouldn’t accept, because after what happened with JMo being basically fired they didn’t want a similar backlash and a reputation for getting rid of the women who work on the show. Sadly for them most people aren’t stupid.

        • Bilouze says:

          and of course her character could well be integrated in season 8 after what House has done, I’m having some trouble understanding this, it’s obvious she’s been fired, Cuddy had a closure in season 7 finale, she couldn’t work with House anymore, who could after such violence?

        • Bilouze says:

          but you may be right about the way they used to not having Lisa E in s8, and it was obvious they didn’t want her anymore with last season finale.

        • linda says:

          As far i understood Lisa left the show for her own reasons. She was not fired and everyone from the show and (even she) said that.
          BTW: The money she was offered is still more than other supporting drama actors on network television get. I wouldn`t say that it was intended to force her out.

          • Barb Tessier says:

            “Contractual negotiation breakdowns” was the official reason given, and she refused to comment on ANY details, so the only ones who know the true reasons are the cast and crew.

          • @Barb Tessier says:

            “Contractual negotiation breakdowns” it could mean everything but i highly doubt that Fox/NBCU wanted her out. They had probably good reasons to make her the offer and she hers to reject it. We will never know and it is frustrating. It caused hate against the wrong persons. Hate against Shore,HL and Co. and foremost OA,Charlyne or Bobbie the nurse have nothing to do with contract negoatiation.

          • Bilouze says:

            cuddy out = lisa edesltein out.

  40. Barb Tessier says:

    Sometime ago I had posted my idea of how the finale should play out. With this new article looks like I may be on the right track!!!!

    Here, you be the judge:

    Here is my “House Finale”. I hope you enjoy it. I am a big fan of the series so I hope you’ll forgive the length.
    I’m going to bring up some background information because it’s pertinent to understanding why I’m choosing the finale as I am.
    Remember the episode “Distractions” where House’s leg is hurting him far more than usual, because he has sent Stacy away? While discussing the extra pain, Wilson says it could be because the leg is repairing itself, then suggests it’s psychological. House states the muscle could be further degenerating. This is #1.

    In “The Dig” House promised Thirteen that he will kill her if she wants. She and her brother were each other’s “out”. As she killed her brother because his Huntington’s had progressed so far as to extremely limit his life, she had to fulfill her part of the bargain, and now House says he will take over in replacement of her brother. This is #2.

    In “Last Resort”, the hostage taker has forced Thirteen to take the drugs before he does. One of those drugs affected her nervous system. Over time it has sped up the Huntington’s. #3

    In one episode, S5E5 Lucky Thirteen, Foreman, while working with Thirteen on the clinic drug trials, notices her Huntington’s symptoms are farther progressed than expected. “You did the CAG test 2 weeks ago. A number this high means you have less time than you thought.” #4

    Finally, we all know how House feels about losing his leg. In “After Hours” he tells Cuddy “I want to be damned sure that’s necessary.” In “Transplant” he gives in to Foreman as his boss, to all the conditions of his staying out of jail, even though it means he’s practically giving Foreman control of his life, and this is NOT in House’s character. #5

    So here’s what I imagine for the finale:
    The pain is the worst House has ever experienced. Once again, with Wilson’s help, he undergoes an MRI, only to discover the muscle degeneration has reared it’s ugly head once more, and the rotting muscles has affected the thigh bone. There is no choice. Amputation is absolutely necessary, or he will die.
    We see House at his home, fighting the choice he has to make. A knock on the door. It’s Thirteen. Her Huntington’s is very evident. She enters and reminds House of his promise. She knows if caught he will go back to jail, probably for a very long time, but she has no one else. Her lover she hooked up with in “Charity Case” couldn’t deal with Thirteen’s dying, so she split. House, respecting Thirteen and considering her a friend, agrees to do it.
    They spend the evening preparing. House goes back to the hospital to get the supplies they’ll need. It’s nighttime so he doesn’t run into anyone. While getting the drugs needed, we see him take two of everything, not the one like he would need for Thirteen only. Close up on House’s face. He appears scared.
    Late into the night, House sets up Thirteen with the IV. Just before he opens the line, he asks her “Are you sure?” She says “Yes”. He opens the line. He watches her die. He picks up his cell, calls his mother, gets the answering machine, and he leaves her a goodbye message. He calls Stacy next, telling her how sorry he is that he sent her away, and that he still loves her. He then calls Wilson, who is in the kitchen or bathroom or something. His machine picks up and he hears House’s voice. House tells him how much he’s valued his friendship and how he’s never deserved someone like him for a friend. He even calls him James. We see Wilson overcome with fear. He runs for the phone but picks it up as House hangs up. We see House turn off his phone, place it on the coffee table, and tie the rubber tube around his upper arm. He is going to kill himself. He will not go back to jail. He will not give up his leg. He never mentioned this to Thirteen. He knew she would never let him go through with it.
    He sets up the IV line, holding the switch in his left hand. He turns to Thirteen’s still body, gently brushes her cheek with his right forefinger, camera close up on his left hand we see him open the line.
    Cut back to Wilson, speeding in his car to House’s apartment, talking on the phone with 911 ordering an ambulance.
    Back to House; close up only on left hand, shows his hand completely going slack and the IV switch falling, in his hand to his lap. Close up of his face, his eyes close slowly, his jaw goes slack, his head lolls to the side, a solitary tear falls.
    Wilson has arrived at House’s place. He’s yelling House’s name while opening the door with his own key. The paramedics arrive as he gets the door open. He stops as he enter the doorway, seeing the back of Thirteen’s and House’s heads on the sofa. He rushes over to them, aghast. He checks for a pulse in both, using one hand for each. When he finds no pulse, and seeing what was in the IV’s, he knows there’s no chance to save either.
    There is an envelope on the floor with Wilson’s name on it. He takes it, opens it up, and starts reading the explanation House has written.
    His head drops and he starts to cry softly.
    Closing; church, sign announcing House’s funeral, we see House’s casket, closed, at the front of the church. The church is packed to full capacity. Focus on Wilson, Mom, colleagues, Stacy, anyone who has ever known him. Except Cuddy.
    Pan to the back of the church, we see House standing there, no cane, with Thirteen at his side.
    Thirteen: Wow. Didn’t think there’d be this many. Did you?
    House: No.
    He looks at her.
    A voice is heard to say “It’s time, you two. Let’s go.”
    It’s Amber.
    House: “Where?” with a bit of worry, and curiosity in his voice.
    Amber: You’ll see. Come on.
    Amber holds out her hand.
    Thirteen: (puts her hand on his arm) It’s all right now.
    With a nod of his head, he holds out his arm,
    House to Thirteen, “Shall we?”
    Thirteen, takes his arm, “Yes. Let’s.”
    They follow Amber, last shot is of House turning back for final look, gives small smile, says
    “Good bye.”

    • Bilouze says:

      melodramatic and too much 13.
      And sorry, but even after what House has done to her, I’m sure Cuddy would be to his funeral.

    • Tracy says:

      Hate to say it but double euthanasia is pretty predictable.

      • Barb Tessier says:

        I agree. I thought it through and through. 13 would hav eno choice; the choice has to be taken away from House, so where does it go?

    • Bilouze says:

      the best way to reintroduce (one more time) 13 to the show is to save House, not her. She appreciated him, she could come back to help the team, House promised to help her to die when she’ll be in final phase, and she’ll be there to save him.
      I can only see House to be the last patient of the show.

    • fiz says:

      Is there some reason you are inflicting your idiotic and melodramatic farewell episode idea on us? I am assuming its just to get some sort of attention for yourself? Save your ideas for fanfic and leave them off this site. Oh and could you and your hateful minions stop going around and putting your negative comments against every fan post on this item. It is tiresome and just makes you look like fools.

      • Be nice, fiz. I thought Barb’s scenario was interesting. Its certainly better than some of the crap that’s been televised over the past couple of years. Young minds, fresh ideas.

        • Barb Tessier says:

          Thanks What a Philistine! I definitely appreciate the “young mind” part. Wish my bod was in the same category. As for the negative comments, ok, so maybe the idea for a finale is not to everyone’s liking. From what I can see amongst these posts, the variety of ideas is refreshing. It’s those who refuse to think “outside the box” who really need some sort of inspiration. My concept was just that, a concept.

          Oh and for those of you who think some of my posts are rude; deal with it.

    • Kris says:

      Oh come on,this is not a soap opera.

    • Mary says:

      It’s like 13 show. She is not that important.

  41. Depressinglypredictable says:

    Is this seriously what it’s all come to? I didn’t mind Thirteen, but really they wrapped up her storyline neatly enough for her not to have to come back earlier this season. Shoehorning her into the end really doesn’t make that much sense, but hey what has over the past couple of years? I jokingly predicted to a friend months ago that they’d end it with House and her bumping each other off, but oh Jesus I was ‘joking’. Like other people said it’s a shame they wouldn’t reach out to other actresses who were more deserving of a place in the finale, and if that wasn’t possible they should have just focused on House in the last eps. Yet more bluster and BS on the PR front, which once again fails to hit the mark. Well done Shore!

  42. M. Thompson says:

    Olivia Wilde, the showrunner’s obvious favorite, is the only female from the show’s past that makes it back. Quelle surprise. At this point I just get second-hand embarrassment for ithis show any time there’s any new “news” on it. What a waste of so much great potential.

  43. jennifer says:

    @Barb Tessier- I don’t know you,but, I believe the finale you wrote out(in very detailed fashion) will probably be better than whatever these so-called “professional” writers have planned-just a feeling…..

    • Barb Tessier says:

      Thanks for the kind words Jennifer! It took a while to find all the background info, but there was a french article posted on a House fan FB page that quotes Hugh Laurie as saying he believes the finale will be “morbid”.

      All I ask is that House finally get what he wants, peace and no pain.

  44. Pat D. says:

    Terrible news. Although one must consider that a few months back, nobody knew the show was ending, so maybe they didnt have time to do the finale with the original team & dean back together. I, for one, always preferred Hameron to Huddy. To me, nothing in the Huddy universe was hotter than Cameron planting one on House when she was trying to get a blood sample. But oh well. We get neither for the finale.

  45. missy says:

    Well, I don’t like 13, but I prefer her to Cuddy, tbh. I’m glad LE won’t be back, hope she’ll fade into oblivion soon.

    • Bilouze says:

      they all will fade into oblivion, even HL, it’s always like that after a tvshow.

      • tripoli says:

        Hugh Laurie will never fade into oblivion, unless he chooses to. It’s not always like that.

        • Barb Tessier says:

          Hugh Laurie fade into oblivion? Not bloody likely! What you smoking over there?

          • Mrs. House says:

            Agree. HL has actually has the makings of an A-lister in Hollytown, unless he has already achieved that. All he needs is a couple of great comedic dramas written in such a way that makes this almost cult-like following of his pine for the days of wine and roses..and of Gregory House.

        • Bilouze says:

          just wait and see! it’s many often like that, actors in tvshow don’t have so many offers after a serie.

          • Barb Tessier says:

            Hugh Laurie currently has many, MANY tour dates set for the UK and the US, just for the next year already, and is planning more for 2013`!

      • missy says:

        I don’t care about HL, I just don’t want to see LE’s ugly face on my screen again. Such a talentless bitch.

  46. phoebe101 says:

    bring back jennifer morrison! come guys, time is running out.

    • Mrs. House says:

      I would love to see Jennifer Morrison again. I think she added a lot to the show. She was a good foil to the House character. Strawberry Shortcake and The Big Bad Wolf. Beauty and the Inner Beast.

  47. Natalia says:

    I want Cuddy :'(

    • Barb Tessier says:

      You can have her!

    • Bilouze says:

      Yeah stop with cuddy and cameron, anyway they ruined their character (cameron with chase and cuddy with House), the damage is done, and it’s a show about a man, not about cuddy, wilson or cameron.
      I’d like also a shocking death in the finale, for example wilson, how House will react to his death?