Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap: 'A' Is Unmasked!

Pretty Little LiarsWARNING: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

The secret is out! After two seasons of relentless teasing, mind-bending clues and strategically placed red herrings, Pretty Little Liars at long last revealed the identity of that infamous taunting texter known as “A”!

And just like in the books, the culprit is… Mona.

After realizing that Alison was following “A” and not the other way around, Spencer (with Mona in tow) headed back to the hotel were Ali had been staying and discovered “A’s” lair. There among the creepy collage of photos featuring Ali and the girls Spencer found sketches of “A’s” masquerade costume – Black Swan – and Ali’s journal bookmarked with a gum wrapper – the same brand Mona offered Spencer just before she found the book. Dun dun dun!

So why all the creepy texts and threats? “You bitches took [Hanna] away from me,” Mona told Spencer. “It’s about revenge. …You stole my only friend.”

But more telling was her threat that “you can join the ‘A’ team or you can disappear.” Does that mean Mona is working with somebody else? After all, the mysterious Black Swan was talking to Jenna and Lucas – maybe there was more to his weird behavior this season than guilt over money issues? – before she ran off. All we know about the ballerina, however, is that she’s “tall and a size 2,” as Hanna put it, which counts out a very pregnant Melissa out. (Or is she faking the baby bump? You never know with this show.) There’s also the red-coated figure that visited Mona at the end of the episode.

“I did everything you asked me to,” Mona said to that mystery person. And let’s not forget the unseen individual Jenna went to meet earlier. Are they one in the same? Is someone else – Alison? Her evil twin Vivian? – pulling the strings?

Despite taking a nose dive off a cliff, Mona survived the fall. But her sanity isn’t intact, according to Dr. Sullivan, who came out of hiding after receiving a phone call from Toby. She’s going to the loony bin to deal with her personality disorder, but things are far from over or safe. The gals are going home to sleep with their windows and doors open, but “don’t they know that’s what we want,” taunted Mona’s voiceover. Whoever “we” is knows how to hit the girls where it hurts the most, and that’s via their loved ones. And as they made their way to Emily’s house, they were greeted with the sight of police and an ambulance.

“They found a body,” Emily’s mom announced. “They think it’s Maya.” And who should be standing nearby behind the yellow police tape but Melissa!

While Emily took a devastating personal loss, things were smooth sailing for the rest of the Liars on the relationship front. Ezra surprised Aria at the ball, and the two made a very public display of their affection as he took off their blindfolds (“This is our first dance, I want to see you”) and kissed her. Meanwhile, Toby and Spencer rekindled their romance after Dr. Sullivan revealed that it was Toby who contacted her. “Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” he told Spencer. And there was hardly a hiccup in Hanna and Caleb’s relationship! It seems “A” did something nice and took the heat off the couples, allowing for some happy endings there.

As for Mona’s future, executive producer I. Marlene King said on Monday afternoon, “The person revealed as ‘A’ is not leaving the show and will continue to be a part of the show — and, I hope, become bigger in Season 3.”

What did you think of the big “A” reveal? Did it live up to your expectations? Got any theories about the “A” team? And who killed Maya?! Hit the comments with your thoughts/burning Qs about the Pretty big bombshell.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. OK so it was AMAZING who would have ever thought it was……? lol. i wont say it but AMAZING over all. the suspence up to it was just intense cant wait for the season to begin again.

    • Piper says:

      I’m kinda new to pretty little liars..and i noticed in the first season when arias mom got a letter from A and the font of that letter was typewriter font… and a couple scenes before aria was noticing Erza’s typerwriter. So Erza go to be in the A team.

  2. tvaddict says:

    So now we know Mona is A but who is controlling Mona? Is Mona really the one that Jenna was talking to on the bench?

    • PLL says:

      That’s what I thought too! But I don’t really know, because she said she “thought she would never see them again” so either she meant, she thought she would never get her vision back to see her, OR she only had seen that person once before.

  3. Okay well that was a total rip off, I mean they said many times it would not be the same as the books and then surprise surprise it is the person from the books. It was just so hyped to be this shocking thing and it really did not turn out to be.

  4. Luz says:

    Ok well obviously she is not working alone there were too many instances where mona would not have been privy to info unless she lived outside their bedroom windows. And her reason was because they took Hanna from her but what was her gripe against Allison to begin with? Only more questions which was the plan I’m sure

  5. Callie says:

    Ok so the finale was AMAZING as well as SHOCKING! I think people’s disappointment with the ep is that they were led to believe that ‘A’ was gonna be revealed as someone different than in the book. People like to be RIGHT! They knew it was Mona but when the heavy hitters of the show insisted it wouldn’t be the same, but it was. Or wasn’t. If you think about it they were somewhat truthful. ‘A’ isn’t ‘just’ Mona. As she stated she was part of the “A-Team”. I’ve said from the beginning. ‘A’ will be a unit, a group, etc., but they WILL NOT reveal the force behind all of this until the show has run its course. Why would they? PLL brings about fAndemonium & great ratings, not to mention, great storylines, great characters, suspense & intensity! There was no way in hell they were gonna give us everything because if they did, then we would be complaining that there was no Season 3. IMO!!

  6. Emgee says:

    Awesome ending to the seAson. Thought for weeks thAt Mona was “A” but re-evaluAted when she begAn getting getting more texts from the villAin. They executed it very well though and I Am looking forwArd to seAson 3.

  7. ANG says:

    Paige killed maya why else did she reappear?

    • Lily says:

      I thought that too. In fact, as soon as she showed up I had a sneaking suspicion that we’d find out something had happened to Maya.

      • Sarah Cole says:

        I don’t know if its A related or not but my money is also on Paige.

        She told Emily at the dance “I’ll be there for you whatever you need” Sounds like foreshadowing to me – then Maya ends up dead. I may be reading into it but even the wording is curious there rather than here… there seems almost to imply a need or situation while here seem open and present….

        Lastly we all saw how psycho she went on Emily (regardless of the reason girl was a nut).

  8. Tabitha says:

    A was a joke. I was really disappointed that they made it out to be Mona. I have a feeling they really have not uncovered the ‘real’ A and Mona was playing A to throw the girls into a false sense of security. Even Ian Harding said in an earlier interview that A was a group. I guess we’ll have to wait for Season 3 now.

    • Emgee says:

      “Mona was playing A to throw the girls into a false sense of security”

      Mona said/thought that. “They’ll go sleep with their doors unlocked. They don’t know that’s exactly what we want.”

  9. BonesFringeFan says:

    Oh come on PPL. That finale was rather pathetic and a let off, I was expecting much more. They said they’d reveal who A was, not who was pretending to have been A and done something to please someone else, who is probably the real A. After all this build up I was expecting a shocking. unpredictable revelation of A, along with plot twists, not just the same as in the books. And what especially irks me is that the producers said countless times A wasn’t the same in any way as in the books, and then surprise surprise she is; is that supposed to be some kind of trick, because it wasn’t a good one.

  10. ChrisGa says:

    Not overly surprised with the outcome but this obviously is just the tip of the iceberg; Mona might be “A” but I still think Jenna is steering the ship and I think Mona is just one of many on the “A team”(which I suspect includes Lucas, Garrett, and probably Melissa). Either way, I thought it was a great cap to another great season(though the whole dead body at the end seemed random and out of nowhere, though it could be a set up for a new mystery come summer) and I look forward to June.

  11. I definitely think that A killed Maya because she refused to become part of the ‘A” team. Mona told Spencer that she could join the team or disappear and obviously Maya wouldn’t hurt Emily. Those texts that Maya kept getting, and referring to as her “stalker”, must have been A or someone else on the team trying to convince her.

  12. I thought It was a major let down. I called Mona being A during season one. The whole finale was kind of disappointing. No big OMG moment. I got bored during a few parts. (Mostly the Aria/Ezra stuff) But I was really looking forward to this episode! They hyped it so much and it didn’t live up to it at all imo.

    • BL says:

      I agree 100%. I thought this was a major let down given the hype. Basically, we were promised that because Mona was A in the books, she automatically wouldn’t be in the show.
      Obviously, Mona was not the true brains of the operation, so in my mind she doesnt even count. Also, can we solve Allisons murder already?!?! I find the unresolved murder of a teenage girl to be more disturbing than A’s cryptic texts messages.

      I think if Maya iis dead, its unrelated to A (i hope). Maybe an OD or suicide. Sad :(

      • BL says:

        After thought… The song playing at Mayas house when shes found dead is the same song played when they find Allisons body in season 1.

        Oh no… :(

      • Jessica says:

        For some reason I think that Ezra has something to do with “A” . I’m sure I’m wrong. But anyways… I love this show and I don’t think mona is “A” I think that someone told her to pretend to be. I’m wondering who the real “A” is.

  13. Lily says:

    If you’ve read the books, you know that Mona is the FIRST “A”. Every time the girls think they’ve rid themselves of “A”, someone else pops up into the role, which is all being orchestrated by the REAL Alison whom they believe is the one that died. All those flashbacks to Ali’s odd behavior is because she has an identical twin sister. I had that premise in my head long before it happened it the books. Considering this was only the season 2 finale, they have already covered a lot of ground from the books. The books are still being written, so you have to wonder how far it can all be taken.

  14. It was slightly annoying that “A” in the books is the same in the show.. but they did twist it. They made it slightly different then the books.. and let’s face it, plenty of people watch the show but have never read the books, so to them it was SHOCKING.. right? Besides, for those of us who read the books, we know that Mona isn’t the only A, and half the fun is seeing how close to the books the show gets, and where it veers off.. I for one, will continue to watch, and if it goes on the path of the books, so what, the books are still surprising and full of shocks, so it works on either level

  15. deedacia says:

    I thought it was a great episode. I think when they said they weren’t going to do the same thing in the book and make A be Mona…they really didn’t. Mona is working for the real A. They made it all hyped up saying A would be revealed, and she was revealed to the other girls who think it’s over and done with. But us the audience knows the truth. So all in all they really didn’t lie and it wasn’t a cop out. I can’t wait to June!!!

  16. Ok, So I think Marlene did tell the truth about there being one “A”. I mean she wasn’t specific, but she could have been meaning that during Season 1 and 2 Mona was the “A” tormentor that was tormenting the girls these past 2 seasons. but yea I think there are more people involved in the “A” team too! overall I was very disappointed with the finale. Yea, they changed a couple things but I was really hoping “A” would be someone else. so what they kept her alive, so stupid, and Maya DEAD!! I’m so pissed about that! I still want to watch cause I want to find out if Garret really killed Alison or if it was someone else? and I wanna find out about the NAT club more. so many things didn’t make sense though. Marlene said after finding out who “A” was, all the other episodes would make sense, but they don’t. Also When Ian was going to kill Spencer at the bell tower, “A” saved her and Ian said “What are you doing here?” Like he knew “A” I never saw anything in the show that gave any clue away that Ian and Mona knew each other. also in the finale when Mona said why she was doing this she said because the girls stole Hannah away from her. No…. She started texting them when Aria came back, but the girls weren’t even talking to each other or hanging out yet. It was because of the texts that they became closer again. Stupid, Stupid, STUPID!!!!!! grrrrrrr!

    • ade says:

      I agree with absolutely EVERYTHING you said. That’s what I’ve been saying since I saw the episode. I feel disappointed. If the pull the whole twin thing, ok, but i want them to do it differently. Also, they said Ali was going to protect the little liars.. how did she do that? so many questions.. and i was starting to like mona.. i’m annoyed.

    • La'Tima says:

      That’s Exactly How I Feel -______- Very Upsetting and Im Not Going To Be Very Fond Of Them Putting In A New Character. Its ready Confusing As Is..

    • KAT says:

      The whole “aria being part of the a team” doesn’t make any sense to me. In season one after she discovered Ezra is her English teacher why/how would she send herself that threatening text implying that A knew about her and Ezra hooking up. Unless she wasn’t part of the a team at first. And then she was forced to have told her mom about her dads affair and help a with the rest of the liars secrets. And in season 3 when she confronts Mona in the asylum she could be acting like she’s not part of the a team to see what Mona really knows. Wow. I’m pretzeled up in thoughts.

  17. Shea says:

    I think I’m through with this show. After all this time theyve done the exact thing youd expect them to do. It couldve been a better way to reveal A. I’m wasting time watching this show. Sure they have good actors and it’s welll written but it’s exhausting

  18. Dubs says:

    Ok, no one seems to be addressing some of the big clues so hopefully this will start something:
    -The ice cream Melissa took from Aria was Toffy flavored. In Mona’s internal monologue at the end she was admiring her shade of lipstick in the mirror: “Toffy something-something.”
    -When Caleb appears, right before the camera pans over to Mona, there is an ominously Prominently Framed blonde haired female in a RED dress with a golden mask.
    -We see a shadowed figure from behind texting right before Aria receives the text to meet up with Ezra. We never see either text, and Aria WAS followed by Jenna. Also, I believe the mystery texter was the Woman in the RED dress.
    -In the tag the person talking to Mona was wearing RED but I disagree with the author of this article and posit not a RED coat but a RED dress.
    -The Fade to Black at the end of the episode was, in fact, a Fade to RED.

    I have a few more but what did you guys spot and what do you make of it all?

    • Dubs says:

      I forgot to add that the Woman in the RED dress crosses the frame right behind Hannah and Mona and is seen very obviously moving her golden mask to obscure her face.

      • luli says:

        that was my first thought…

      • Dubs says:

        Who do you think it might be? Allison (maybe she DIDN’T die!?!), Her Twin (nothing in the show up to this point has introduced this concept), or someone in a simple blonde wig?

        • lauren says:

          There was one thing that seemed to introduce a twin: the halloween episode. Ali told a tale of two sisters with the one killing the other. Then there was a shot of her with the same doll from the story. That was what first led me to believe they would go the twin route.

          • Bryan says:

            Also in the Halloween episode, there is a picture on the wall next to Ali’s bed that has a picture of Jason in the center and a the same picture of Ali on both sides only facing opposite directions. My friends and I think that was was also hinting at Ali’s twin.

          • Sarah Cole says:

            also in the halloween episode is the radley van parked outside Allison’s… coincidentally where mona is now

    • Sara says:

      THANK you Dubs! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one noticing these things. The things that really struck me as odd was Jenna following Aria when she met up with Ezra, and Caleb ending up there after Mona allegedly hung out with him and bought him that tux? Why would Mona set the ‘happy couples’ up….to keep them out of her way, or out of the real A’s way? And what about the feature on Hannah’s phone that records it all, Caleb could have easily helped with that. I found it a little sketchy when Toby called Dr. Sullivan up…. was anybody else thinking that maybe Toby is her son? I might be mistaken but I don’t know the dynamics of their family, is it Toby’s mom or dad that he’s staying with?? Why else would he know where she is and how to contact her? And what did Toby know that made him call her to come back, minus the page 5 of the autopsy report?! There are still WAY too many questions and I think everybody is *seriously* overlooking them.

      AND I know people didn’t like Aria’s dress in this episode, but Marlene King said (I THINK…dont’ take my word for it…lol) that there’s a reason why it is the way it is…. if she did say that and I’m not a complete idiot for remembering something that didn’t happen, lol, think about it. Her dress is black and red. Black swan was wearing black. Then the girl in red?? So that makes me personally believe maybe it’s someone Aria’s crossed paths with……

      • I agree with you on the Caleb/Tux thing being odd… plus there are other episodes where he an Mona are hanging out alone (one where Hanna lies to both Caleb and Mona and they end up together and she texts Hanna a pic of them doing homework, another where they are all trying to catch Melissa as A and Mona and Caleb kiss… maybe there is more to it.)

        I also think its interesting what you mentioned about Aria, the writers dont seem to just do stuff… everything seems to have a reason and comes back later on to mean something. I think you are right about Aria’s striped dress and it meaning something more… also, I know someone who read the books (I have not) and she said that the show seemed more centered around Aria at first… so maybe they are coming back to that now and will reveal some part of Aria’s past that is connected with the A-Team.

    • Sarah Cole says:

      I’ll caution you with Red perhaps being a (literal) red herring though. though pll writers are quite figurative.

    • Kathy says:

      I looked back to the woman in the red dress with the gold when she walks behind Mona you see her moving her mask to the side so we don’t see her profile face view !

      • Akaribrown says:

        When hanna and Caleb were talking I saw the girl with the red dress and mask walking down some stairs

  19. Paul says:

    So over it. I really liked the show but I believed Marlene and the others when they said they weren’t following the book. Mona was the first A in the books, this wasn’t surprising or interesting, it was boring. Sick of Aria and Ezra, the cop out on the A reveal kinda pushes me towards not watching this anymore. Marlene said they had to have the reveal to keep their loyal fans, but this poorly executed episode just lost them quite a few of us.

  20. I was mostly satisfied with what they did, even though I really liked Mona and I was kind of hoping for something a bit more mind-blowing (i.e. Ezra as A or Ali actually being alive). The only thing that REALLY annoyed me though was Mona’s whole “you took Hannah away from me” motive. Am I remembering wrong or didn’t A’s harassment begin BEFORE the girls really came back together? They were all scattered and not really friends when the show started and then Ali was found and A started texting them and THEN they started becoming friends again. I don’t know, for such an important piece of the core puzzle of what has been a refreshingly intelligent show, that little piece of faulty logic was kind of disappointing.

  21. Annabelle says:

    Am I the only one who wondered how Toby knew where dr Sullivan was?

  22. Amanda Jayne says:

    Am i the only one who doesn’t understand why Jenna was almost killed in the fire if she is involved?

    • That first fire was the girls right? And then this second, more recent fire was most likely A or maybe even Garrett. I dont know, but something doesnt add up as far as Jenna is concerned. I feel like she may be one of A’s victims rather than in on the A team. A is probably just using her and coaching her to make it seem to the girls that Jenna is involved on a deeper level.

      I dont know for sure, but I think Jenna has a little evil streak in her, but I think its for personal reasons rather than being a apart of A’s group.

  23. says:

    The episode was AmAziiiing! Buuuuut, I don’t quite get it… I believe the producers of the show said earlier in an interview that A was not the same person as in the books… I’m a bit confused… and what about what Mona said in the end: “I did everything you asked me to do”… maybe Mona isn’t A after all? maybe she was asked to cover for A? Hmm… And if she really is A, maybe the “new A” will now be “M”? I was just thinking, since the girls started getting the texts after they found Ali’s body, and now that they found Maya’s body.. maybe they’re up for a second round? :O… it isn’t over yet folks!

  24. Sandrine says:

    I wasn’t disappointed that A was Mona but the reason she gave Spencer was so pathetic. They stole Hanna from her? That’s a lame excuse for joining a group that tortured the girls for the past 2 seasons.

    It’s obvious that the A team used Mona as a scapegoat for now. Off the top of my head, I bet Melissa, Jenna, Lucas, Noel are part of the group with Alison’s twin or Alison leading the group.

    As for Maya dying. Eh, I really don’t care. Never warmed up to her character. I like Paige for Emily more than Maya.

    Btw, I thought Ella will die? What happened to that?

    • Haley says:

      That was my exact reaction to Maya’s death. Actually, no, it was more like “LOLWUT? Oh wow. So glad it wasn’t a character that I actually liked. Phew.”

    • cathryn says:

      why did you think Ella would die? i haven’t read all of the books but does she die in the books?

  25. PLLseason3 says:

    To some the episode might seem disappointing but if you really try to connect everything together, to me the ending was great.
    Yes, the reason that Mona gave was lame but, hey, she needed to give at least a reason or else Spencer would never even consider it. Spencer is smart and if Mona can give at least a “reasonable” excuse then I guess never mind.
    The whole Toby and Dr. Sullivan thing is kinda confusing too, I thought how on earth did Toby know where Dr. S was and all, at least that they could have explained it.
    The Ezria thing was sweet but not my favorite part of the episode. I liked the part where Spencer said “Team Sparia” haha.
    Well, when they said they won’t follow the books THEY SAID THE TRUTH because Mona here isn’t the real A where in the books she is (until when she was revealed and had to be replaced by a new one the Ali came up with so the fun never stops). Mona in the show acted as A for the real A, that’s why there’s an A-Team because Mona is only a pawn, meaning there’s more that will then result for another season. If they already revealed to the girls who the real A is, then BYE BYE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!! SO, IF THEY EVER REVEALED A, THEN THAT’S THE END, WOULD YOU EVEN LIKE THAT?!! OF COURSE NOT!!! BECAUSE THERE’S A REASON WHY WE WATCH PLL AND THAT’S BECAUSE OF THE SUSPENSE!!! (SORRY FOR THE ALL CAPS, I’M NOT ANGRY, I’M JUST EXCITED FOR MORE REVELATIONS THAT SEASON 3 WILL BRING TO US!!)
    I also noticed the girl in the red dress, I thought “she’s way overpowering the 4 liars’ dresses and I also noticed how the episode ended with a red fade instead of the usual black. And then there’s this person who visited Mona in a red cloak? And I thought, isn’t that the same with the clothes of Vivian Darkbloom whatever??? Red Red Red… What’s up with the red??!!
    And, lastly, I love the part WHERE MONA ASKED SPENCER IF SHE WANTED TO JOIN THE A-TEAM. IF THEY GET SPENCER, THEN THEY WOULD BE INVINCIBLE (OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT) nobody will guess who they are (except the viewers) because Spencer is very smart.
    Can’t wait for season 3!!!

    • elr says:

      My favorite part was when Toby and Spencer got back together. And they can break up Ezra and Aria anytime they want, there is just no chemistry there.

      • Did it look like Spencer was going to slap Toby right before they kissed! I dont know, but it was awkward… I am glad they are back together though, I really liked them as a couple. Spencer is probably my favorite of the girls.

  26. I’m not sure how I feel about it. We were told that A would be unmasked, and I guess she was, kind of… but not really. Mona might be the A sending them texts and what not, but she is just taking orders from someone – and obviously that person is the real threat….

    I don’t know, I guess it’s a good way to give some answers while still leaving enough questions to drag another two seasons out of. Of course I’m hoping it won’t take that long just to reveal that the actual person is who so many assumed it would be this time (either Allison or her twin).

    I guess I just feel like the show dragged on the question for too long and I’m not looking forward to that again. I think I’d rather find out who it is early on and be able to see what they’re doing to the Liars and at the finale let them find out and let us find out the motive. I like the show, I really do, but I was losing interest this season because we never got any answers. Not sure I’m up for more of the same.

  27. I didn’t mind that they went with Mona. The way the revelation was executed, especially after Mona had become a part of the group during the past few episodes, was really clever and bittersweet. I felt for Hanna.
    Plus, the episode left us with countless new mysteries. What exactly does Toby know? Who did Jenna meet? Who was the black swan? Who killed Maya? At this point, half of Rosewood could be part of the “A” team. I loved the episode. Maya’s death and the creepy paralleling to the pilot episode were outstanding.

  28. 1) The whole “A-team” thing confirms my theory that A is an entity, like Keyser Soze or Walmart. Mona was simply paying her part, a mere pawn in the larger game of some deranged puppet master. It’s gotta be all of them, like the end of Clue, where every victim was connected to (and wanted something from) one of the suspects in some way.

    2) We never actually see it as Maya’s body. All we get is Nia Peeples saying “”They think it’s Maya”, which means that Maya’s probably still alive. (Or as I originally thought, in on it too. Possibly A or part of the team).

    3) How is nobody else disturbed by the fact that a former teacher goes to a school sanctioned event and makes out WITH A MINOR in full view of everybody?!?!?!? I don’t mean we the audience being disturbed, (of which I am of their whole relationship), I’m talking about the DOZENS OF OTHER STUDENTS AND FACULTY CHAPERONES THERE!!!

    • elr says:

      I hear what you’re saying. The antics that Ezra and Aria have already gotten away with is mind boggling. I have not liked the pair from the beginning and am surprised that they have not gotten caught way before they let the cat out of the bag.

    • Sara says:

      Because he doesn’t work there anymore, and it’s not illegal. Just because she’s a minor doesn’t automatically make it illegal; in some states it isn’t. It doesn’t matter, imo, that he’s a former teacher going to his former schools dance because he was coming as a date. He wasn’t masquerading (pun intended!) as a chaperon or as a supervisor, he was there as a date for Aria.

      That’s just my opinion though :) hehe

      • Haley says:

        There’s a difference between it not mattering because it’s not illegal, and it not mattering considering that it’s really freaking weird and uncomfortable making for everyone else. Seriously. If a teacher had left my school and returned literally months later to make out with a student at a dance, I think everyone would have freaked the hell out.

    • Arent the girls in their senior year at the start of season three? So does that mean we get more Ezra/Aria because she will be 18 now… ugh.

  29. I think it was a struck of genius by the team of producers and writers. I mean, it was a bitch slap in the face of all the nosy fans, who even though hadn’t read the books, were all about finding who -A was beforehanded.
    This was one genius move from te producers, i mean, they just trolled the fans. They took the one character everyone knew that had something to do with all “-A shananigans”, revealed -A as a part of something much, much bigger, and completely different from the books.
    They found a way to answer one of the biggest questions since the show started, without answering it properly. And only creating more and more doubts! Struck of genius, I say!
    There are some MAD evil geniuses in the producers, writers team, I see.
    it was as if they wanted to “Punk’d” all the fans, so by the end of the episode it was like: “I finally found out who -A is! But did I?”

    Hi, my name is Pretty Little Liars fan, and I was Punk’d, by -A!

  30. rd1991 says:

    LOVED this episode! Especially as it was like a homage to Hitchcocks (the master of suspense) Psycho! Absolutely loved the subtle references, I was almost expecting to hear the iconic jerky soundtrack when A was approaching Hanna in the shower! Possibly one the best episodes ever. Who cares if it wasn’t that much of a surprise that A was Mona, that’s only a glimpse of the whole A secret which I cant wait to uncover! Also just a side note did anyone else find Dr Sullivans reappearance a little weird? Maybe its just me! Cant wait for the next season =)

  31. Bigdog5758 says:

    Having read the Pretty Little Liars books, I was disappointed about who A was. I think it was because pretty much I was expecting to see someone else and see how that was played out. Although with final scene of the last nights episode it still makes me want to watch. I was hoping at one point that A was Maya.

  32. For some reason I keep thinking that Jenna was talking to Ezra on the bench and she got him to come to the ball to distract Aria. And Mona convinced Caleb to come to distract Hanna. And maybe Paige was there to distract Emily so Mona could get Spencer away? I don’t know there’s just something weird to me about the way Ezra just showed up.

    • Sara says:

      I so agree. Absolutely bizarre that Ezra and Caleb showed up out of the blue. I can understand Paige being there because she goes to the school. And I know Caleb does too but he wasn’t supposed to be there…. something is definitely fishy. I too felt like it was Ezra that Jenna met up with, which makes me very nervous.

    • Sarah Cole says:

      there is def something weird with Ezra I was feeling like the black swan might have been jackie or jenna may have seen jackie in the park. When jenna said they’ll all be at the dance I was wondering if maybe she was referring to herself, mona, lucas, jackie — all people wronged by the liars…. i had been convinced ezra was A basically bc Aria never was in physical danger like the others, but I think we will see a darker side of him in the upcoming season.

      I also have a whole other twisted dr Sullivan scenario im toying with as well… but im pretty sure we know her son….

    • totally agree… something is fishy with Ezra… plus there is a reason the writers are keeping him around. Not really sure exactly what it is yet, but the Ezra/Aria thig has lasted way too long for it not to have some importance other than just an awkward teacher/student relationship.

  33. G says:

    I’ve read all the books up to the newest one and am just fine with how they ended season 2. They stretched the truth a bit with the ” ‘A’ Won’t be the same as in the books” comments earlier, but it is going to be different than in the books. That is all I’m going to say about the books though as I don’t want to spoil it for others who may still read them.

    I will say I care for the girls in the t.v. version a lot more than the ones in the books, so great job writers! I’m okay with Mona being “A” for now, though I expect a lot of explaining next season of how this worked and a lot more mystery of who the “A-Team” is (I’m pretty sure it won’t be made up of Hannibal, B.A. Baracus, Face, and “Howling Mad” Murdock though)!

    Can’t wait until June!

  34. Nick says:

    First off A is different from the books think about it. The story Mona told Spencer when she said she saw Alison last wasn’t false!

    Mona told Alison she would keep her cover when Ali was spying on whomever to be popular!

    When Ali went missing guess who became popular Mona! Why? Well because when Ali probably told her she would be popular if she kept the A thing going. Then if you go back to where Jenna went to the park or wherever she was probably talking to Alison because she was like “I’ve always wondered when I would get to see you again” or something like that…

    And then you think about when Dr.Sullivan was with “A” or whoever at the diner and the waitress was like “What pretty eyes you have”. I think she was talking about Jenna. And I don’t think Jenna was ever blind! I think the whole thing is a fluke, that Ali & Jenna are in something together I just don’t know what… hmm

    Oh and if you saw the clip after the episode was over where they said when the next season started they showed a quick clip of the trench coat Alison wore when she was Vivian Darkbloom. And at the end of the episode you can see some type of red clothing piece when whomever visited Mona. So Alison/Vivian Darkbloom is obviously alive in my opinion. Since Mona was like “I did everything you asked” It was obviously Mona talking to Alison about the scene where Mona caught Ali/Vivian spying. I mean they never confirmed that Mona was lying about her talking to Ali. It was all out of Spencer’s suspicion.

    Well A’s text did say “Give me what belongs to me or someone leaves in a body bag” “Maya’s” body left in a body bag!

    Now my question is WHO THE HELL IS THIS BLACK SWAN PERSON?!?!
    It kinda looked liked Jackie, Ezra’s ex- fiance/girlfriend!!! But I doubt it- I mean there would be no reason…
    Oh and then again why would A ask for her property which we obviously think is the cellphone she dropped when she was hit by the car, Spencer’s I think. But then Mona agrees to go with Spencer back to the resort. And all the girls are supposed to be there. It doesn’t make sense that Mona would be A if A asked for the phone and demands all the girls to be there at midnight and then Mona left with Spencer…

    p.s. I think Caleb is Dr.Sullivan’s son!!! Since Dr.Sullivan told the girls she left because A/Mona threatened her son. And Caleb had just got to know his mom. So Dr.Sullivan agreed instead of risking anything to happen to her son. Since A/Mona knew so much about Caleb especially his illegal phone hacking, and et cetera ! Just fruit for thought

  35. Lea says:

    I didn’t read the book, but I have been suspecting Mona for a while. I just hope they’re not going to make a habit out of those “I did everything you asked me to” cliff hangers. I mean, now we know who “A” ist, but since Mona doesn’t seem to be the real mastermind, it feels like they could pull this of all the time when someone is revealed to be the culprit.
    That being said, I still think “A” is really a team, like Mona suggested…

  36. Tina says:

    HI in the UK and watched it online on tuesday episode soooo boring we skipped some of it and knew the producers were just spinning a line that Mona was not A like the books what we were expecting was to see the Real Alison as the shocker at the end of the episode shame on u producers if u say its going to be different do it dont lie think you may lose some viewers over this I know I wont bother with it anymore unlike Ringer which is way better than the 4 bitches lol

  37. Adrian says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that it was a guy Jenna met up with and that it was most likely ezra or Caleb and their in the a team too

    • Sarah Cole says:

      my top guesses for who jenna met with is: lucas, ezra, dr sullivan or jackie… and possibly was not talking about the liars but rather referring to the group involving black swan(my guess is jackie) , lucas and mona at the dance – the statement is not negative and perhaps they are planning their own revenge against the liars who have wronged them each

      theres def something weird and dark we don’t know about ezra and the same goes for dr sullivan

    • I think its fishy… Ezra especially. I think in some way Ezra is involved in the A team. Aria seems to be more of an anchor in the series right now and with all the added color symbolism I wouldnt be surprised if Ezra is apart of the A team and managed to get Aria to play both sides (hints the red and black dress she wore at the masquerade) there is just something too fishy about him.

      Also, the A that we see at the end of the episodes drinks from time to time, so at least one of the team members is old enough to buy alcohol… maybe its a stretch, but not many of the characters are supposed to be over 18, so there has to be someone older involved.

  38. PLLease says:

    In the books isn’t the original A replaced by a new one after she dies? That theme could stand true with Allison’s death or… Ian being the original A with the help of Melissa and whoever pushed him to his death could be the person who took over the A persona after finding out who he was. Or it could be that Maya was the first A and now with her death the A persona is being passed on for the first time… Whatever answers we got this week or will get when season 3 begins I don’t think are meant to be solid. PLL has a way of going back and changing anything believed to be a fact!

    • PLLease says:

      On further thought… Mona with her personality disorder and Maya’s disappearances along with Emily’s accusations of Maya’s unusual behavior… Either Mona or Maya could have a twin. The show can pick and choose or borrow details from the books and apply them anywhere they want in the show. Both cases have plausible cause for sibling rivalry. Mona, cool vs uncool or even the same sane vs insane (multiple personality) storyline as Allison and Courtney. Maya, dates boys, dates girls, drug use, irradic behavior, running away could the the signs of two people thought to be one.

      • Sara says:

        It would be REALLY cool if Mona or Maya had a twin. If they make it someone other then Ali, that would be super neat. I like the way you think.

    • Sarah Cole says:

      marlene said in a wetpaint article that Mona did everything but two things to the liars. Also its important to note that alot of bad things happened to the liars that werent sogned by A there could be other people after them for other reasons

  39. Meh says:

    I was hoping Mona would be revealed as A. Somehow Jenna, Melissa or Garret would have been too obvious. I’m also hoping that they are going to introduce Alison’s twin. I’m sure they’d change the plot up a bit and that’d be great. I’d really enjoy seeing more of the actress, though.
    The girl in that red dress and with the golden mask really did pop on screen. That could have been one hint about Ali or her twin being around. Other things have been mentioned already, too.
    I liked the episode and the reveal, though some of it was a little bit clumsy. Like they were running out of time and had to cut some stuff out. It felt rushed. Aria and Ezra are really getting on my nerves now, by the way. Their relationship and the problems are sooo old. Ugh.

  40. So. It turned out that Mona’s A. But something’s confusing me. Was her really a part of the team or was she just threatened by the real A? Maybe the real A offered her something that looked like a good business to Mona, and acted like A for just one night, and all the things she said to Spencer were lies too. Maybe Mona is completely innocent, and then will be a big OMG when they show who the real A is. This is my idea. I think Mona was threatened. And innocent. Anyway this “you stole my only friend” thing is not a good excuse to do all this stuff to the girls. I wouldn’t except a silly bitch fight at the end, it has to be more powerful, not a catfight. I almost laughed.

  41. Sage says:

    I think Maya died because A texted the girls ” if you don’t show up at the dance there will be a body bag.

  42. Gabby says:

    I think the season finale was amazing but Mona is not really A. A is a group but the leader aka the real A is the black swan. It pissed me off when they said A was gonna be revealed but only one of the people from the A team was revealed. So who is the real A?

  43. Toby did call Dr. Sullivan… she called him as Spencer was leaving his house. He answered the phone as she drove away. Either thats when he told Dr. Sullivan everything that had been going on or that was the first time those two communicated.

    Dr. Sullivan has a son, Caleb? Toby (maybe… how are Jenna/Toby related?) What about maybe Lucas, he is already a flippin’ wreck.

    Black Swan… Spencer says that Melissa was a Black Swan a few years ago, so either thats a fake baby bump or Melissa loaned out that dress and its what Jenna passed off to the mystery person in the park.

    Jenna was blind for real I think, but I missed an episode or two – did she ever announce that she could see? I saw one where she was like “it didnt work” but really she could see, and I mean, obviously she drove so that bitch CAN see!

    Something is odd about Fitz, a few people touched on that… Aria even asks him if he is ok. Hell, I wouldnt be surprised if Fitz is Dr. Sullivan’s son – anything is possible in this series.

    Mya called Emily when they were having that steak out, so at that point she must have been captured already… I think everyone who mentioned the “someone ends up in a body bag” prophecy being fufilled with Maya’s death is totally on point… Melissa was right there too, so my guess is the killed Maya or had a major role in it. It happened right arounf Midnight too because, Mona’s watch alarm went off – that was for the audience to know something happened (as promised).

    As for Hanna’s phone recording everything… im not sure whats up with that. Didnt caleb at one point only talk to her to get info or something… i feel like i remember that happening and then he ended up actually liking her… maybe he installed that bug way back then… however, its obvious now that this is part of how “A” knows everything and sees what they are going…

    So many things I have questions about, but I am glad… I like the show and want at least another season or two. If the “real” A was revealed… there wouldnt be another season.

    • D says:

      I think that Ezra could in fact be Dr Sullivans son because his diploma/certificate or whatever it was was in her office. it could have had a double meaning.

    • Kell says:

      Caleb couldn’t have installed the bug in Hanna’s phone back then, because Hanna threw her phone in the water when her mother commanded her to hand it over to her. She was now using Mona’s old phone so i guess it was just Mona who installed that recording-thing on the phone before she gave it to Hanna.

  44. Darling Lover says:

    There are a lot of things left unanswered in this series, but that is the whole point of the show eh? Drama, suspense, action, romance. Well, here are a few clues that I have noticed in this show that come across very confusingly.
    1. Obviously the girl in the red dress has an important roll in the plot. The fact that she first is shown when the focus is on Caleb and Hanna is a big notice that they are trying to make it unnoticeable,right? Everyone’s so focused is on them at first you don’t notice this, you think hey it’s just another dress. But as Mona is brought into focus you can obviously see the color contrast. Bright red on all dark colors! Plus the outragous mask! Also notice the time frame between them all too. The girls arrive, then Caleb, Mona, and the lady in “red” right after in under a minute and a half. The girl in the red dress brushed right by Mona. She also walks back through the frame when Mona was talking in the background although he mask looks black then. After Emily looks at the clock, it looked like her again in red although I am not positive. Then she is sitting in the background when Emily is talking to that girl. I actually forgot her name, but she seems really super suspisious. I swear I also saw her behind Emily but it was so dark I could not make out her face. The black swan also passes by the lady in “red” when Aria,Emily,and Hanna are watching her. Red is a big part of this show.
    2. Like I said red is a big part of this show, and obviously so is black. Now the black swan. I honestly think yes, she has a big part in the “A” team. She nodded to Jenna, and walked right by the lady in “red”, but I honestly think she was just a mire distraction to keep from all four of the girls going to the resort. They had to make someone “A” and little Mona wouldn’t have been able to take down all 4 of them. Plus, there is obviously another season, so they have to give a plot line to something. The can’t just say, “Oh, Mona’s A!” They needed a new fresh twist too start out on. Like why was a black swan contume in “A”s room at the resort????!
    3. Mostly everything in this show is a symbolist clue, people just miss some of them. Vivian’s coat is red, so now red has became a big clue. I think Aria’s dress symbolises the lady in red and the fact that whoever Vivian is, she is a big part of Allison’s murder.
    4. Now, I actually have not read the books yet but I believe I will now. Even though the series is slightly different they take big clues from them. Now that I know in the books Allision has a twin, it changes my whole plot to me. All the way back to that mysterious “vacation” Allison went on. It makes me doubt serious things…Here are some mind-boggiling questions for you… Who did Allison really visit on her mystery vaction? Was it really Ian? Was he really the last person in the mystery video? All of Allison’s mysterious mood swings, where they really all just Allison? Maybe her twin filled in for her and she made secret trips to Brookhavens?(I think that’s it…) Is Allison really Vivian, or is that in fact her twin? Did they really find Allison’s body or perhaps her twins? Maybe, Allison is ALIVE! Did they just find some random body to pose as Allison, and is the “Black Sawn” Vivian and the “Lady in Red” Allison? Is the “Black Swan” the one who met Jenna at the park or whatever. Or maybe that was Mona, or the lady in red… I am definatly going to go back and do research on Vivian, because soimething just doesn’t add up there…
    5. What is up with everyone making drop appearences?! Caleb shows up, with MONA’S help with a tux, when he is suppose to be in CA! Ezra, shows up when he is suppose to be at his moms and dads or away (forgot where he went)! Also forgot who said this but yes, no matter what if a formor teacher of mine showed up at a dance hugging and kissing all up on a JUNIOR and his ex student….SUSPISIOUS! Plus, he just lost his job days before, you don’t just lose a job at a college and your first thought “Oh now I can go date that girl I liked at that high school! Who was in fact still a junior… Don’t take me wrong here I love Aria & Ezra…Spens and Tobs are my fav thou <3.
    6. Jenna is WACK! I mean who the hell fakes blind! She is def a part of "A" team. I find the whole "I've thought about this moment so many times..wondering what I would say to you if a saw you again…" Can I just say DOUBLE MEANING!!!! It was obviously have to be someone she knew before the fire incident. ALLISON!!??! Just to say this for the 20,0000,0000, time on these comments, "A" has most definatly NOT been figured out yet! Mona is a big decoy!!! Can I say, DUH! There are so many people that "A" could be there is no way they could have ended it. I don't care if they said, "A's revealed" I knew that it wouldn't be the end for the fact that there is still um lets see…Jenna, Lucas, Jason, Garret, Black Swan, Lady in Red, MELISSA….SO MANY SUSPISOUS PEOPLE!!!!!
    7. Another random thing, Spencer's parents are just confusing as hell!!! Sometimes I think they may have something to do with Allison's death and other times I think there on her side and against Melissa. Now, on to her…Melissa has movitve, she for sure does, and I find her super suspisous but until it plays out more I will not know how big of a part she might play…
    8. Maya, I am really wondering if she is actually dead…They never showed her body… Idk if she really died and I am for sure super confused on her…Also, stealing Allison's body is really suspisious. "A" is obviously trying to hide something about Allison.
    9. The car Emily thinks is the one from the grave digging night, does it or does it not look uncannily close to the same one Jenna drove to meet the mysterious stranger….
    10. Other little tid bit things my brain have questioned or thought of….
    **What is up with the random guy in Brookhavens or whatever that swore to meetings with Vivian? Where in the heck did he come in at radomly?
    **What is up with that desterbed young boy that supposively "see's" things he shouldn't? He obviously knows things about 'Vivian' or 'Allison' and whatever it is that woman did not want him to be telling much of.
    **I agree weirdness is definietly in order for the random call from Dr.S to Toby. She also said Toby called her and she just happened to show up at the supposed end of "A"??
    **Random thoughts on Ashley, Hanna's mom: I think a possible love intrest may be coming in for her. Hana drops a bunch of hints in the store about dating and being pregnant.
    **Random thoughts on the Britsh dude, Melissa's ex: I can also see him popping up as a complicating love intrest for Hanna, but is it also so completly normal that he ' just so happens' to "voluteer" in the same facility as Mona???!!
    **Radom thoughts on the couples: EZRA & ARIA ARE NEXT!!!! Notice something with me guys big life threatening things have happened to all the couples:
    – Hanna got hit by a car= hospital. Calab hacking "A"s phone=jail.
    – Spencer found out Jason is her brother!!! Toby was in the hospital too.
    – Emily was in the hospital. Maya is DEAD!
    Now besides the occasional normal teacher/student worries Aria & Ezra have not had ANYTHING bad happen to them! I think a major clue that Aria may be centered this time in the bathroom where she had a panic attack. We have already had Spenc, Emily, and Hanna all alone scrary dark places screaming for help…No Aria yet. I will be on the look out for a twist with them this season….Everything just seems to happy dory with them right now…And happy dory on this show screams SUSPISION!

  45. Bella says:

    I can bet all of you that Melissa, Jenna, Lucas, Garret, etc, are not apart of the A team. It’s too obvious for them to be apart of the A team. I know Allison has a twin, and I’ve been told (by someone who read the books)

    Courtney (Allison’s twin) Is literally insane and tried to kill Allison when they were young, so Courtney was sent to a mental hospital. Years later she is returned home. Courtney pretends to be Allison and Allison is taken away to a mental hospital being mistaken as Courtney. Courtney ran off and became friends with the PLLs, Allison eventually came back and got mad at Courtney for pretending to be her and befriending the PLLs. She told her she ruined her life, and Allison and Courtney were together that night she disappeared. Allison pushed Courtney into the ditch… She was still alive but was buried alive and that’s how Courtney died.. Remember the little book from Brookhaven… “That’s an awful way to die. With the dirt in your lungs” (Something like that) So Courtney died that way. And Allison kept visiting them in the Dream Like ways… I believe Allison is leading the A team.

    Why would they make the A team obvious? Jenna is an obvious character but I don’t think she’s apart of it.

  46. Bella says:

    I think Jenna is being tricked into misleading them. They think it’s Jenna and Melissa that’s apart of it. But Jenna’s car, maybe Jenna got a good deal and was tricked into buying it :p Jenna might have been tricked into the house that burned. Jenna is just bait

  47. A fed up Bitch says:

    Courtney Courtney Courtney…can everyone stop saying that she exists?! They said it wasn’t like the books and all I see is people talking about there being a Courtney who’s behind all of this and the only evidence people are showing to support that is evidence FROM THE BOOK. THE BOOOOOOOOK. This is the TV show am i right? The TV show where they clearly stated it wasn’t going to be exactly like the books. Sure Mona was A, but she didn’t die? So that part wasn’t exactly like the books. I believe there is no Courtney. And if one more person says Ezra is A or apart of the A team i might just die. Seriously. Now I’m not all against Courtney being introduced cause I love the Sasha screen time and I love Alison’s story/moments but it doesn’t make any logical sense. I believe the liars have more secrets than we know right now and they will be revealed through flashbacks.

  48. llewellyn says:

    What we do know about A is that the main person IS a SHE. Notice the way she emphasised it. There is a team and there is a leader– Mona was A, the original A- and did all the texts and what not BUT she was a puppet, someone took advantage of her and acted through her. I also don’t think A is more than 2 more people, maybe 3 max.

  49. llewellyn says:

    Anyone also notice how nothing too bad has happened to Aria yet? She’s kind of just there while Emily and Hannah get tortured and destroyed by A. Spencer its more like her family secrets are whats torturing her with A being the catalyst.

    • I feel like there is something more to Ezra and thats why Aria hasnt felt a lot of the wrath from A. I mean yes, she was threatened with info regarding her dad and Meredith as well as a few other things but nothing ad major as really happened to her like the other girls. I wonder if Ezra and Jason have a part in the A Team?

  50. Megan says:

    I think there are two A’s. Alison who is helping the girls and giving them clues. And then there is the A team. The ones who are terrorizing the girls. I think Alison really visited the girls after escaping Radley. But Hanna was delirious so it looked like a dream. And I also think that Mona joined the A team after the terrorizing started, because she thought the girls stole Hanna. I also think Jenna is pissed at the girls, but is also a victim so is also trying to give them clues. I also think Courtney died in Alison’s place, and I think Melissa doesn’t know who is, but is a puppet because they have something against her. I also think Ezra and Alison had a fling, and he possibly killed Courtney (thinking she was Alison) because she rejected him. Why else would he be at her funeral if he didn’t know her? And Mona may have pissed alot of people off, but she was used to get the girls off of A’s tracks. That is my theory.