House Scoop: Hugh Laurie to Direct One of the Show's Final Episodes - But Which One?

Hugh Laurie House Season 8Hugh Laurie‘s itch to play the role of director on House was apparently not completely scratched back in Season 6 when he first helmed an episode of the Fox hit: The show’s leading man will step behind the cameras one last time before show fades permanently to black on May 21.

TVLine has confirmed that Laurie is set to direct this season’s 19th episode, which is slated to air on April 30.

There’s no word on the plot or title of the episode, but if it’s half as ambitious as his inaugural helming effort — the Season 6 episode he presided over, “Lockdown,” involved the doctors essentially being imprisoned in Princeton-Plainsboro while authorities searched for a missing infant — he’s got his work cut out for him.

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  1. Donna says:

    I LOVE Hugh Laurie ..The only reason I still watching House :))) I’ll miss you Hugh

  2. D says:

    “Lockdown” is terrific, but I’m keeping my enthusiasm at a reasonable level, sorry to say.

  3. Erin says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Hugh Laurie’s second episode of House as director. I thought he did an excellent job on Lockdown.

  4. Linda says:

    Hm…yeah it is not exactly news. We know this for some time. Everybody of the cast/crew were talking about it in the last two weeks and the fans too. I´m looking forward to this episode, i liked Lookdown.

    But Ausiello don`t you have some other juicy House-scoop.

  5. Barb Tessier says:

    I KNEW you would direct again! You’re directing in “Lockdown” is quite famous amongst us fans. We have been waiting for your next coup. I wonder if you realize just how much you are going to be missed. (Psst! Don’t let David write in any kind of amputation for House in the finale! PLEASE!)

  6. Barb Tessier says:

    Ausiello, I get the feeling you’re holding out on us House fans. Come on dude! Spill it! You MUST know something more…..

  7. Jules says:

    Oh yeah!
    Was waiting for that news for a while.. And now in glad he’s able to give us his 2nd opus / directing one last time..proof how committed and respect that he has for the series and the crew..
    My anticipation is growing..hoping/dreaming for a possible reunion with FRY….it will be a very very “SOUPY TWIST” if it finally happens…
    And better than any speculations concerning that one…(what’s her name again…who felt “trap” in her character& tied to go work…said in a recent interview of the french magazine “GALA”)
    Without her in the picture/and hopefully don’t deserve to be included in the last episode & the special-(but that’s my own opinion)
    This episode will be BIG! And Hugh’s way to thank us for our support during 8 years…
    And hope seriously, they put more behind the scenes stuff of his second directing attempt online and the boxset/DVD of season8..
    But now I’m dying of a suspense overdose while waiting for April 2 , to arrive quickly…bcuz it’s boring right now on tv…and I’m almost done watching(re-watching to be exact) the complete series of Jeeves&Wooster & a bit of Fry&laurie :)

    • Here we go again says:

      THANK YOU for proving for the millionth time the fine notion that all haters are poorly educated incoherent morons. Well done!

    • Bel says:

      So you appear to be saying that an actress who was an incredibly important part of the storyline and appeared in the show for 7 seasons shouldn’t be included or acknowledged in the special that is airing before the finale?? What a horrible and vitriolic little troll you are. Please spread your hate and your incredibly badly misquoted items from foreign magazines somewhere else.

    • HughLaurieFan says:

      Well said.

  8. maggie says:

    Stephen Fry should be in this episode. He can play his psychiatrist character from “Bones” and he can be called in to evaluate House. Comedy ensues.

  9. Bel says:

    Great to hear that Hugh is directing again. I guess it’s his last opportunity before the show ends. I hope its a good episode. I honestly dont have a lot of high hopes for the last few episodes of House with the announcement that Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) wasn’t being brought back for the finale my hopes for any sort of satisfactory conclusion to the series were shattered when that announcement was made. I really dont understand why they have made that choice. Bringing back Cuddy and even Cameron would have been a nice nod to the fans who have followed the series for so long and in Cuddy’s case would have allowed for some House/Cuddy movement or closure. I guess all they can do now with the finale is live down to my very low expectations. :(

    • Kriszta says:

      You are right! They must bring back Lisa!

      • LadyAloha says:


      • Karomana says:

        No need!

      • Raist says:

        They CANNOT bring her back, it would be a horrible story twist. Even if she did come back what would b the point? To say to House “I completely understand why you destroyed my living room and I forgive you?” come on move on already. Cuddy fans we all feel your anguish; however she refused to renew her contract because she didn’t want to take the salary cut that all the actors on the show (including Laurie) were taking so she got the boot and then she declined to come back anyway as a guest, I say we just DROP the LE convos from here on out cause she is never ever EVER coming back!

    • Liz says:

      Definitely NO. Huddy was a big mistake as it was, no need to ruin the series finale with this crap.

      • Kriszta says:

        You like or don’t like Cuddy’s charachter this is your free choice!But I think that no really question LE was important part of the show and should be she in the last episode !This not equivalent the Huddy reunion…

  10. Fiz says:

    Well according to the writers and crew tweeting from the set Hugh already wrapped his directorial effort on episode 19 earlier this week but thanks for the (late) news.

  11. Meh says:

    I hate to start a sh*tstorm here, but Hugh Laurie’s last directorial attempt wasn’t that big of a deal. It was okay, but nothing special. I’d rather see him in front of the camera.

  12. Jules says:

    I think I offended some people’s with my comments..and for that, I’m truly sorry…
    But if you had read the interview she gave(and I received a copy from one of my friend, who his a big fan of the series and mrs Edelstein, and after reading it, he felt awkward..) maybe you will understand my comments…
    Anyway, if she able(&want) to return and possibly been cast in HLaurie’s 2nd opus and deliver an honest/amazing performance (almost as good was JMorrison in Lockdown)
    …well, I’ll be statisfied to see her one last time and give that closure that “her fans” (mostly) wants to have…(I’m undecided on that)
    And I’m pretty sure…with all the pressure, Hugh will do everything, to convince her to appear in his episode..and possibly gave up his own paycheck (I’ll be not surprise if that happens) for the benifit the budget for the series and her comeback and reconciliation with the network…
    And probably..the episode is already filmed..
    So, guess who probably show up for the finale!

    But, the news/spoiler was about Hugh…And I cannot wait any longer for the “official” return and seeing the last 8 episodes remaining starting on April 2.. :)
    Oh! Still dream for a FRY cameo/reunion….

    • K says:

      And I’m pretty sure…with all the pressure, Hugh will do everything, to convince her to appear in his episode..and possibly gave up his own paycheck (I’ll be not surprise if that happens) for the benifit the budget for the series and her comeback and reconciliation with the network…

      Erm LOL…i liked Cuddy and LE and its a shame they wont be able to bring that arc to a more satisfying conclusion then they have done but why would HL do all of that for her?? he doesn’t owe her anything. She’s left and everyone on the show has moved on.

    • Fiz says:

      Jules – it has already been announced on this site that neither Lisa Edelstein or Jennifer Morrison were asked back to appear in the final episodes of House. So your dream of Hugh Laurie being so noble that he is prepared to give up anything for anyone’s return (including Lisa’s) is a false one – which is a great shame, as from the comments I have seen at various sites it appears that many fans would have loved to have seen Cuddy in the finale.

      • @Fiz says:

        First: I allways wonder why LE fans assume Hugh Laurie should do something so that she is coming back. She is a big girl with her own managers and can make the deal alone, if she wanted to come back. LE fans are repeatedly insisting that she wasn`t ask to come back. I don`t know where they got that info. I can`t find it. Maybe she doesn`t want to come back or Ausiellos mysterious source is lying or doesn`t exist that she isn`t coming back. I can`t find any official statement from the producers or LE. So deep breaths,Girls.
        Jennifer Morrison is another story. She made it official and i never expected her to return. You only have to remember about the way the producers kicked her out. They did not cover themself in glory with this action, not at all.
        Second: It depends on which Housefan-sites you hang out ;)There are a good chunk of fans who don`t want her back.

        • Kriszta says:

          Yes some fans don’t want Lisa’s back,but I think much more want her back! ;)

          • HughLaurieFan says:

            I think you are wrong here. You might be deluded to think this way by the noise LE fans make, but if you count them, no, they are not as many as you think.

      • Liz says:

        And just as many don’t want to see Cuddy in the finale. To be honest, it might be nice for a show like… let’s say FRIENDS to get everyone back together for one last episode, but no, that doesn’t seem right for House. Not at all.

  13. Diego says:

    Well if it´s as boring and bland as Lockdown then i don´t get why this is “big news”. He should forget about singing and directing because he totally sucks in those deparments and stick to acting.

  14. Ruth says:

    Im just very sad House is ending. :(. :(

  15. Mishima says:

    As much as I love this show and Hugh Laurie, it is time for it to end. For the sake of Hugh and everyone else involved. I fear that shippers will now have too much time on their hands. They will need to find another show to obsess over and ruin :)

  16. christina says:

    Hugh is hot. With no hugh. There is no house. Their losing me. And whay is with the girl with the bad hair do that looks worse than velma on scooby doo. Haha

  17. Denise says:

    I will miss huge and the entire cast. It would be nice to end with what happens to each cast member. As a fan of british comedy, I can go back to early hugh laurie shows and see how much he has changed. Hugh, you will be greatly missed by all your fans. Looking forward to seeing you down the road in something else. You probably have something else planned.

  18. scott says:

    House is da man. I’m going to miss the show.

  19. Mich Verrier says:

    I to am sad that House is ending and will miss it for shure. I must say though that this season is alot diffrent from erlier eps in erlier seasons i meen that park girlis just well plan anoying and it has seemed to have shifted it’s fokis to not beaing what it started out beaing about the pashent of the week. and is more about the diffrent charicters lives etc. it has stopt beaing a medickle droma and has terned rather in to a sope opra and we have to many of those on daytime tv as it is. I agree with alot of people shure it is sad to see it end but it is about time.

  20. rbrown205 says:

    Hugh will be directing Episode 19. The writers for that episode will be John C. Kelley and Marqui Jackson. Newbie House writer Kath Lingenfelter spilled the beans in a recent interview.

  21. Wanda says:

    No House! I am addicted to the program with all seasons on DVD, coffee mug, calendars, screensavers,etc. No one but Hugh Laurie could play the part so well.

  22. I look forward to any creative effort by Mr. Laurie. I hope the script he directs is worthy of him.
    I do wish the showrunners wd have made an effort to get LE and JM for the finale.

  23. emily says:

    Ill miss house when it is over :( I love you Hugh Laurie!

  24. Ahmad Saad says:

    May 21st is so close :’-(. TV wont be the same again :’-(

  25. Joanne Nassivera says:

    House was the best show ever on TV. I want to cry and never stop when I think of it ending. Mostly – I LOVE YOU HUGH LAURIE. and I love your music too. If House must go – then please, Hugh, go on tour in the US ???? Please stay on this “side of the pond” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jim Liddle says:

    I have been a fan of the show from its inception. I am sad to see it go!!! As a one-time aspiring actor I believe this show, cast and creative team was the finest in television history!!! As another person posting said, “TV won’t be the same again”!!!

  27. It certainly has stirred a lot of emotion.

  28. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for 8 wonderful years! I am going to miss you Hughe Laurie! You’re the best!