CBS Renews 18 Total Shows, Fate of Two CSIs Left Up In the Air

Annnnnd… they’re off!

TV’s annual Renew/Cancel Season formally kicked off on Wednesday with CBS renewing 15 shows for the 2012-13 TV season, including, of course, NCIS (as well as its offshoot NCIS: Los Angeles), the freshman shows Person of Interest and 2 Broke Girls, and the acclaimed The Good Wife.

Factoring in previously announced renewals for How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Survivor, that totals 18 programs the Eye network has returning to the fold. (TVLine’s Renew/Cancel Scorecard has thus been updated!)

Not making the cut, at least thus far, are veteran procedurals CSI: NY and CSI: Miami and the on-again/off-again Rules of Engagement, while freshmen series such as A Gifted Man, Unforgettable and Rob are also MIA. (CSI: NY resumes its season on Friday, March 30, while Gifted Man has already aired its finale.)

As for Two and a Half Men, CBS and Warner Bros. Television are in preliminary negotiations regarding ordering more seasons. As Chuck Lorre said earlier this week, “It’s unusual when they cancel a show that’s in the Top 10, so I think there’s hope… [but] everybody’s gotta sign back up” — namely, Ashton Kutcher.

“This large-scale renewal is testimony to the strength, stability and success of a deep and diverse roster of top-rated programming,” CBS president Nina Tassler said in announcing the pick-ups. Season-to-date, CBS is No. 1 in total viewers (averaging 12.13 million, up 1 percent year-over-year) and a strong second in adults 18-49 (up 3 percent).

All told, here are CBS’ 18 returning programs; there is no predicting when the other networks will announce their own renewals, let alone this early:

2 Broke Girls
The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Mike & Molly

Blue Bloods
Criminal Minds
The Good Wife
Hawaii Five-0
The Mentalist
NCIS: Los Angeles
Person of Interest

48 Hours Mystery
60 Minutes
The Amazing Race
Undercover Boss

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  1. Sam says:


    • Mel says:

      For what it’s worth, Joe Adalian (@tvmojoe) from New York Magazine’s Vulture just tweeted the following:

      “Undercover Boss and The Good Wife will be back for fourth seasons at CBS, per industry sources.”

    • Anna says:

      Sing with me now!

      Oh Happy Day, oh happy day….

    • Natalie says:

      Yes! Most of my fave shows are on CBS and all of them have been renewed. With “The Mentalist, “The Good Wife”, “BBT”, “NCIS”, “Blue Bloods” and “2 Broke Girls” renewed, I’m already looking forward to next season. With “Game of Thrones” and the (Finally!) new season of “Mad Men” to get me through summer, I’m almost set. Now all I need is “The Middle”, “Castle” and “LMS” to be renewed and my joy will be complete. Thanks so much for the news, Matt. :)

      • Cathy says:

        Hope CBS renews CSI New York I love that show and if they put it after Blue Bloods it would regain its following. Also, they made Stella’s replacement too strong a person and she takes away from Mac.

    • Shashwat says:

      I share your enthusiasm completely. Good Wife is the only show i care about at cbs.

      • bill says:

        good wife sucks need to bring back unforgettable csi ny and csi miami

        • gionni says:

          i am with u on that i love unforgettable and have always watched csi ny and csi miami….

          • Bobbielee says:

            why do you people always have to cancel the shows that have taste suspense the best characters actors and storylines. Most of the rest of the stuff on tv is nothing but trash. two of the best are CSI NY and CSI MAMIE. most of the time I won’t watch any network shows because the are mostly tasteless stupid and not fit to be on tv
            why can’t you leave the best shows alone and get rid of some of the garbage shows. There are too many reality shows that are stupid tasteless of no redeeming quality..

          • bruce w jones says:

            you took the words right out of my mouth no wonder people are renting movies they take the good shows off they put the shows they like on they dont care about the viewers.

          • Ray says:

            @Bobbielee,, i agree with you.. if only people knew these reality shows are mostly fake..the networks are depending on the younger generation to buy into their commercials when it’s the older generation that has the money to spend.. i was afraid of the cancellation of CSI Ny.. the reason being it’s my favorite show on tv.. Sela Ward is spectacular and her smile would melt ice bergs… and their cast is mostly in the older generation.. other than CSI Ny i don’t watch the local channels.. good thing i have satellite or i would just turn the tv off… have a nice day… it’s a pleasure to read your post……

          • Martha says:

            Why on earth are they cancelling CSI Miami and CSI NY with two of the best leads on TV?
            Bring them back!!!!!!

          • whatisgoingon says:

            I agree with you. Too much trash on tv. Don’t take off the good stuff.

        • I agree!! I only turn CBS on for Unforgettable, CSI NY and Miami, and Hawaii Five-O at least one looks like it is staying..

        • I agree, all the CSI’s are great, lets keep them all around longer. N who can go without watching Carrie look back through all of her past and be able to see everything in detail.
          Good Wife just needs to go, as does Survivor.

        • Lynn says:

          How can they cancel Unforgettable and CSI Miami????? I love Poppy Mongomery.I can’t take another reality show or another singing danceing modeling show.People these shows turn your head to mush.Unforgettable and CSI make you think.UGH!!!! I hate this and I hate the new shows.Also NYC22 has only been on a short time.What gives?

        • Melanie says:

          Amen!!! I love Unforgettable as well. It was different. No one knows a good show when they see it.

        • Judy Walston says:


        • bonnie says:

          i completely agree i liked goodwife until she messed up and all the csi need to stay

          • Judy Walston says:


        • amanda says:

          need to bring back unforgettable and a gift man

          • bruce w jones says:

            i agree i watched unforgettable from the start now that cbs has cancled it. cbs used to be the best for tv shows but not anymore its just like abc-nbc. puts shows on we get in to then takes them off because they dont like them. i cannot believe what they replace them with think i will just put in a movie.

        • nina says:

          GOOD Wife do suck and that show get to stay on CBS!!!!!!!!!!!! CBS we want CSI: Miami back bring David Carruso back and the rest of the cast!!!!!!!!

    • Isabel says:

      Best show on television. I’m so glad it’s been renewed! The Good Wife just keeps getting better and better. Extremely talented cast, great writing, fantastic guest stars and I could go on and on..

    • Deena says:

      Completely agreed.

      Now if we can just get it to start at the same time every week…

    • Roma says:

      I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! soooo excited for this! ‘The Good Wife’ is the only show I actually care about. I’m so happy right now!

    • ethan says:


    • Plum says:

      Yes to all of it, and especially to Person of Interest, the show that snuck up on me and sucked me in.

      • Billie Tabor says:

        “Person of Interest” did exactly the same for me, but I’m so sad that “A Gifted Man” is being cancelled. This was one of my favorites. I’ve heard a lot of people say this show was wonderful! Some of the reality junk needs to be cancelled and I love CSI New York….can’t believe they are taking it away from us!

        • jakeh2os says:

          A gifted Man was an exellent show. I hope that they sit down and think about what they are doing. Reality shows SUCK!!!!!!!! I hate getting into a program just for them to take it off the air. Don’t we have a say in this.

    • snosgirl says:

      What the hell is the reason for even watching TV any more? They are taking off ALL of the REAL GOOD shows………………….Knew there would come a time when TV would be obsolete.
      Might as well go full time on FACEBOOK or something else on the Internet………….

      • bruce w jones says:

        i agree they take the real shows off and put pure junk on i really like unforgettable but i guess that will be gone to along with missing.i guess in the future all of tv will be sports and junk. brucewjones

  2. MT says:

    Love Blue Bloods, so yay!

  3. kirads09 says:

    More POI please! :)

  4. Mel says:

    I can see that only Unforgettable and CSi:NY will be cancelled. All the other shows are renewed. CBS had an excellent year!

    ABC and Fox is more interesting this year. It is more difficult to predict which show will be back.

    • Anna says:

      No matter how good the year, CBS is still likely to cancel at least four shows…

    • Linda says:

      I am confused? I don’t watch “Unforgettable” because I am a “Body of Proof” fan but Unforgettable won the timeslot almost everyweek didn’t it? So why would they cancel?

      • bruce w jones says:

        i am confused to unforgetable is one of the best shows on tuesday night i do not understand why cbs would do that. guess i might have to change the station i am watching. bruce w jones

      • Patricia says:

        This is One of my FAVORITE SHOWS. I am REALLY SAD that they will be cancelling it. I wish there was a way we could vote for it to stay on

    • magreen says:

      I like all the csi I love Castle and Unforgettable I dont know why everyonelikes the Good Wife watched it the first season. Hated it.

    • shirley says:

      Everyone keeps saying csi ny got canceled but it was csi miami and unforgettable those r the 2 dramas and yes they need 2 take reality news sports and talk shows off when this is primetime when we can go on journeys with our favorite characters

  5. alexjones says:

    pleased about POI, but what about H50? I thought that would be among the reneweals.

  6. gcem says:

    Why in the world are the two NCISs “on the cusp?” Their renewals should be a given!!!!!

  7. kevin says:

    A Gifted Man may get canceled soon. Not a huge fan of Patrick Wilson. :(

    • Rock Golf says:

      The reruns will be packaged as “A Regifted Man”.

    • cookie says:

      We gave to differ with you. A Gifted Man is one of the best shows on television. It will be a shame if it is cancelled.

      • Grandma says:

        I agree with you Cookie! It is a very good and down to Earth show. In the interest of people with health problems going to the Clinic, is a wonderful thing.

        • angie lipscomb says:

          I agree with cookie. A gifted man is excellent especially since the stories on the show are true.

          • Billie Tabor says:

            I agree with all of you! I’ve learned a lot from a man who isn’t really a doctor, but you sure couldn’t tell it. The stories are about things that really do happen. I can’t tear myself away from the TV when it’s on. I’m really upset about the cancellation. I think “Gifted Man”, Patrick Wilson is a “Gifted actor”. Now I think i’ll go and cry!

      • Carolyn Callebs says:

        I agree with you about a gifted man. The best. You could get rid of the good wife I don’t like it. Comment by Carolyn

      • Laura J says:

        I totally agree. Great show, storylines and cast.

      • Lily says:

        I agree, A Gifted Man was a great show. Body of Proof is also a great show. Unforgettable is mostly good. I can’t understand why they leave such boring shows on like A Good Wife and Blue Bloods on and a lot of those shows like Two Broke Girls, and other ones that are supposed to be funny are just plain stupid and question our smarts. Lily 5/29/12

    • dee says:

      Yes, and the fact that you’re not a fan is THE deciding factor on this show’s fate. Sheesh.

      (But seriously, dude, how can you not be a fan of Patrick Wilson? Have you seen his incredibly diverse body of work? The guy’s an *fantastic* actor.)

      • kevin says:

        It doesn’t really matter whether or not I’m a fan of the actor’s work. Don’t worry about the things I’ve said about my personal life in my comments.

      • Grandma says:

        I agree with you DEE 10000%!!! Love Patrick Wilson, he is a great actor and mighty easy on the eye.

    • Grandma says:

      We love the gifted Man!!! It’s a very good interesting show. Patrick Wilson is a great actor and so are the rest of the cast. Please keep this show on the air!!!!

      • Kate w says:

        I totally agree Grandma and I want A GIFTED MAN back for the Fall.

        • Billie Tabor says:

          Me too! Why don’t they let the viewers decide which shows to renew?

          • bonnie says:

            i agree 100% with you they should let the viewers choose what is to stay and what is to go.they should take a poll from the people that watch these shows and then they would know what to keep and what to let go.i think they think that only old people watch these shows which not true

          • Judi says:

            The viewers do decide which shows will be renewed. That’s why every few years they send out the viewing surveys for people to fill out . If you receive one and don’t fill it out and return it, you are not casting your vote. Sponsors pay the most money to advertise on the shows with the most viewers in their selected markets. Networks are in business to make money. They air the shows that viewers watch.

          • Nancyjo Wolfe says:

            We have never seen these surveys. We miss out on a lot i guess

      • George E Orton III says:

        I agree Gifted man is a type of show that you can watch with entire family without being embarrassed for language or explicit scenes. Great acting entire staff does a fantastic job.
        This show deserves another shot. This show just grew on me. I for one would vote that this show returns.

        • Ruth C. Schmaltz says:

          So agree with how great “The Gifted Man” is. Please, Please keep this show on. One of few that is decent, has a good story line and all the acting great. CSI’s are good but night after night of terrilble, terrible crime gets pretty old. Was so good to have “The Gifted Man” with good story line and the saving of lives not all the murder. I am very disappointed with Two and a half Men having the women kissing each other and what was indicated-yuck-also Two broke girls-I really liked but now there is too much sex with the new women that has joined the staff always running around indicating sex. I will find something else to watch if this continues. What happed to the horse??? that was good part of the story.

  8. jennifer says:

    CSI MIAMI is probably also a goner. Simon Baker/Mentalist will most likely be back. Will it be on Thursdays or Fridays-we shall see.

  9. Sue says:

    I loved Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone ! Why aren’t there more episodes of that program ? I do not really care for him in Blue Bloods :(

    • Doug-H says:

      Jesse Stone is only a once a year thing for TS… They’ve been working through the books.. Blue Bloods is such a great show.. Despite being buried on Friday nights, still pulls good ratings… The Adults who enjoy it are home on Fridays…

    • Grandma says:

      Hey Sue, How can you not care for Tom Selleck in anything??? He is wonderful in everything he’s ever been in. I care for him no matter what he’s playing or he could just stand there and do nothing, I would still love him. But Blu Bloods is an award winning show…I say
      Tom Selleck for President!!!!

    • claire says:

      Love Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods. Love the whole show. Great family. Always there for each other. Watch it every week or tape it if i can’t.

  10. N says:

    Good Wife needs to be renewed.

  11. Leah says:

    The only CBS shows I’m rooting for are Broke Girls, Mentalist and, of course, The Good Wife!

  12. Preston says:

    If they do happen to cancel AGM & CSI:NY then take Nikita & put it on CBS-Hope they pick up revenge—

  13. tahina says:

    Blue Bloods and POI, two of my favorite shows made it, time for me to celebrate..after TGW renewal as well, that is..yeah!! :)

  14. Barbie says:

    I’ll DIE if CSI:NY is cancelled. DIE. Seriously. DIE. It’s one of my favorite shows ever. I can’t live without it. So much better than the other stupid CSIs. Unforgettable definitely deserves another season, too.

    • yolo says:


    • Deuel Eamilao says:

      I totally agree. CSI: NY is definitely the best among the 3 CSIs. I’m from the Philippines and I really really really like watching the New York spin-off. Maybe the characters are more interesting? And of course, the cases are creepier – especially when they incorporate serial killers. The best. :)

  15. Michael says:

    Super good news about Person of Interest,this is by far the best show on TV at the moment. I’m hoping that NCIS can regain its mojo next season because this was a borefest.

    • Becky says:

      Totally agree with you. POI has definitely found its stride! I don’t know what is up with NCIS this season. I used to be riveted to it, and now I play solitaire while I watch half-heartedly. They may still be pulling in huge numbers, but the show creatively is struggling. Hoping next season is better!

  16. @mckaylabug says:

    I’m surprised that CSI: NY isn’t renewed yet. I think this season has been great. Ted Danson has been perfect!

  17. mcnurple says:

    Yay! esp. for The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, and Person of Interest

  18. Monica says:

    I hope CSI: Miami gets renewed for one more season, unfortunately, I do not see CSI: NY getting a renewal. Things were never the same after Stella left.

    • gothicmonkey7 says:

      I agree about CSI:NY, that’s the main reason I stopped watching after Stella left. I gave the new girl Jo two episodes, couldn’t stand her and left. I’d be sad if it did get cancelled, but I don’t have much hope.

    • @Monica says:

      I hope CSI: NY gets renewed. Stella was awesome and I hope they at least bring her back for the finale or something for the fans. I like Jo too though. NY is my favorite of the CSI’s as well.

  19. Rodney says:

    I watch 50 hours of network television a week (plus 10 more from Basic cable), but only four of them are CBS: Survivor, A Gifted Man, Amazing Race, and The Good Wife. Everything else on CBS is crap imho.

  20. Nancy says:

    PLEASE, DON’T cancel A GIFTED MAN. I LOVE THAT SHOW!! It has great stories and a perfect cast.
    And WHY cancel CSI:N.Y.? It performs well for you every Friday night right before BLUEBLOODS. And I LOVE Gary Sinise and Sela Ward.

    PLEASE CBS, KEEP A GIFTED MAN AND CSI:N.Y. right where they are??!!

  21. Svenja says:

    Yay for the 2 NCIS shows.
    Best shows on the air.
    HIMYM and TBBT were already renewed, but of course I am very happy about the fact that all of my 4 of my CBS will be back next season

  22. chris says:

    Look again alexjones. Hawaii 50 is on the renewal list.

  23. Mike says:

    What about Rules of Engagement??? I need my “Puddy”

  24. Lucy says:

    Happy about The Good Wife. But now I need news about Matt Czuchry’s contract because he said to Wall Street Journal that he doesn’t have a contract for season 4…do you have some news about it?

  25. Jess says:

    Still hoping for CSI: NY to be renew for one last season.

  26. Marc says:

    CSI: NY and Miami will probably depend upon how they finish, what slots are available, and international profits. Miami has looked pretty good opposite GCB the past two weeks. It’s benefited from football (overruns) ending. NY will probably be back if it can get close to the number The Mentalist pulled last week. I’d be reluctant to move The Mentalist because it will lose almost point in the demo, which is a lot of cash, unlike Blue Bloods, which pulled similar numbers last season when tested on Wednesday at 10 as it was pulling on Fridays.

  27. Grace says:

    IF you cancel A GIFTED MAN I will have NOTHING to watch on CBS.

    • Franko says:

      A Gifted Man is the lowest rated show on CBS, it will get axed.

      • cookie says:

        If CBS had promoted the show as much as it did some of their other ones, more people might have watched it. It is too good a show to axe.

      • Tarc says:

        It illustrates why I try to never get involved with CBS shows. They choose to air something different, shove it on a bad night, and then cancel it when it doesn’t perform. AGM is a great show, but, as expected, a gonner. The only real question here is why on earth would totally offensive junk like 2 Broke Girls ever get renewed.

  28. Andrea says:

    The only show I really watch on CBS is Unforgettable. I like that show alot . Rob is ok too

  29. jennifer says:

    Hey Matt-thank you for the list of officially renewed CBS shows. Glad for The Mentalist. The Good Wife is a show the critics love. Now that it has been renewed I hope its’ fans will KEEP WATCHING it. I only say that because I’ve noticed when some shows( that were unsure whether they’d be renewed or not) are finally renewed-the following season-viewership drops off-I just hope that doesn’t happen to The Good Wife. Matt, CBS is doing very well as evidenced by mostly all of their shows being renewed. At Fox-not doing nearly as well-as (in addition to cancelling Terra Nova) they will most likely be canceling quite a number of their shows. CBS also had some new show that have now been picked up for a second season. Personally, I only like The Mentalist on CBS,but, it’s hard to argue with the success of its’ other programs. Thank you.

  30. Leslie says:

    I’ve been fans of all the CSIs but honestly, it wouldn’t bother me if CSI NY and/or CSI Miami were cancelled. Moving CSI NY to Friday ruined it for them. I haven’t watched the last few episodes of CSI Miami and haven’t thought anything about it. They’re gone stale. Time to let them go. CSI, however, has become revitalized thanks to Ted Danson and now Elisabeth Shue.

  31. Ryan says:

    When will NBC/ABC be making their announcements??

  32. Lee says:

    Please don’t cancel A Gifted Man, CSI: NY or Unforgetable. The casting and story lines of these three shows are perfect! I believe they appeal to folks who don’t necessarily like reality shows or stupid 30-minute sitcoms that are generally insulting. I am happy to see that CSI: Miami is going away though, never did like that one!

    • Deuel Eamilao says:

      Yes I agree! CSI: NY’s casting and story lines are really nice. I just hope they won’t cancel CSI:NY.

    • glenna says:

      i love the gifted man,csi ny,csi maimi . csi los lagas. unforgetable programs that i look forward to see them. i plan on them . pleASE don’t mess things up get csi miami back on the air on sunda nights

    • Susan Johnson says:

      I agree please do not cancel unforgettable. It is my favorite show for drama besides parenthoodand csi miami. So please do not cancel them.

  33. Leodyn says:

    I was checking the renew/cancel scorecard and noticed Awake is not on the NBC list! I’m guessing it would be “too early to tell” anyway but I thought I should mention it :)

  34. sarah says:

    So happy that H50, POI and Blue Bloods are renewed, however I still need my CSI NY back

  35. Lauren says:

    Yay the Good Wife!!!!! Probably the only show I watch on CBS.

  36. Ingmar says:


  37. Wolfie says:

    Please CBS renew Rules Of Engagement for a final season so they can wrap up all the storylines. Ta.

    • Tania says:

      I’m surprised that a pedestrian series like Rules of Engagement even made it on the air let alone still be on the air. Seriously, there is no originality in that series. Btw, David Spade is the same in every series he appears in.

    • Lampy says:

      Yes. America wants to know

  38. kikayqt says:

    Awesome news about the Good Wife and Blue Bloods. Was quite worried about the former because of its ratings but thank you CBS!

  39. ana says:

    T.G.W is the best show

  40. P&B says:

    Very happy that my favorite show Criminal Minds was renewed! :D

  41. Tammy says:

    how can they not renew CSI: Miami no offence but its hard to watch a show when its constantly on late due to football and other sports running it late. Move it to another date and I bet it works out amazing

  42. Anonymous says:

    We love this show please DON’T CANCEL A Gifted Man. Also, CSI Miami is a great show and has gotten a raw deal by changing their day and putting them on late at night. They come on very late because of all the sport games on before them that run late and people have to get up early in the morning to go to work and can’t stay up that late to catch the show. That does not mean that the show is not good. It should be put in a different time slot. The people that put it on Sunday at 10:00 p.m. made a big mistake and are to blame.

  43. Cleo says:

    Personally thought CSI NY would be renewed with Mentalist on the cuff. Mentalist has not had a great year. CSI NY has been brilliant, perfect storylines, creative camera work and great cast. Loved it even more after Stella left.

    The other show I will miss if its cancelled is Unforgettable. Got off to a bit of a slow start but has been getting better and better as the season progresses.

  44. paula says:

    I would prefer csi by over csi, plus I want gifted man back.

  45. PLM says:

    Like the family dinners…we should more of them
    Tom Selleck is a great role model…

    • @PLM says:

      The family dinners are great. I love that the show focuses on family and values it like it does. It’s something that’s so rare on American TV. And they pull of great drama too, interesting stories and I like the Benson/Stabler dynamic Danny and Jackie have on the show. Can’t get it from SVU anymore, sadly.

    • Grandma says:

      I agree with you 10000% PLM, family dinners is what I grew up with and brings the whole family together. There should definetley be more of this type of togetherness of families in America. TV should be the example, and Tom Selleck is the very one to do it. We want more and more of TV shows with family values as subject.

  46. Ana says:

    I only watch The Good Wife on CBS so as long as that’s renewed, I’m good.

  47. The WB Frog says:

    Never have understood the popularity (more critical popularity, I suppose) of The Good Wife. Eh… looks like the well performing shows are renewed. I’m sure when the money truck backs up to Ashton, Jon Cryer and Angus Jones’ doors, they’ll renew 2 and a Half Men.

    Another eh…

  48. Brit says:

    I was never able to get into Person of Interest, and while I see a lot of people on here like it, I don’t know anyone that watches it. I really, really wish they’d renew Unforgettable. I just love Poppy Montgomery, but they cancelled Without a Trace too soon as well, so I don’t hold out much hope.

    • Tarc says:

      You must be a different demo – PoI is the only show (well, that and Five-0) that anyone I know ever even mentions. A lot of people are tired of the endless, nearly identical procedurals.

  49. fla says:

    2 broke girls suck..

  50. XK says:

    My wife and I actually enjoy Unforgettable, but I guess we are the only ones.

    Other than that, the only CBS show I watch is HIMYM.