Fringe Exclusive: Aussie Actress Georgina Haig Snags Super-Secret Role

Fringe is handing us a new mystery to unravel as its fourth season winds down: What’s with all the new agents?!

Australian actress Georgina Haig, known down under for her roles in The Elephant Princess and Underbelly, has been cast in the potentially recurring role of Etta, a new Fringe agent who turns up in this season’s 19th episode. (Season 4 resumes March 23 with Episode 15.)

Etta is the partner of the new male agent to be played by Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard: Will Fringe See a Fifth Season?

It remains unclear if Haig and Cusick’s alter egos will be working “over here” or “over there.” (The original breakdowns described their characters as “Alternate Universe Agents,” but Cusick’s G-man was later described as an agent of the FBI, an organization that doesn’t exist “over there.” Confused? Join the club!)

Making things more complicated, the buzz is that Haig’s role has more long-term potential than the one filled by Cusick(who is currently attached to ABC’s midseason drama Scandal).

So WTF is Fringe cooking up? Is it merely a coincidence that Haig, like leading lady Anna Torv, is blonde and hails from Australia?! (Probably.) Hit the comments with your thoughts/theories.

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  1. Tarc says:

    Let’s just say that I don’t think that the similarities in appearance are coincidental.

    • KansasGuest says:

      People keep saying “alt universe” or “future.” My guess is that they’re Olivia’s parents. We’re going back. in. tiiiiime!

  2. Aria says:

    Agent loses partner to some crazed murder, a weird experiment gone wrong or any other viable fringe event and he ends up working with Walter and co to find out why or maybe even to save her.

    I really want them to fix the timeline, I miss the original Walter/Peter dynamic.

  3. ML says:

    Yeah the similarites between her and Olivia probably aren’t coincidental!

    God I can’t wait to see the rest of the season

  4. Shazza, UK says:

    Interesting though this is, all I want to know is when we’ll find out whether Fringe is coming back for a fifth season? The suspense is killing me!

  5. Josqw says:

    God I hope she isn’t taking screentime away from Walter, Olivia, Peter, astrid and broyles, it’s bad enough they bought in Lincoln lee.

    • ML says:

      Agree. I was already growing frustrated with the lack of interaction with our Olivia, Peter, Walter.
      The last few eps have been great in changing my perception of eveything we saw earlier in the season but last ep has Peter pulling away again.

    • Delon says:

      I totally agree.

    • FringeFiles says:

      Totally AGREE! Lincoln is fine in the Alt-universe, but here at this point he is just in the way and causing more headaches and heartaches then he is helping. Peter is very patient with him, as always, but still…give us a break. Wake up! Olivia is OFF LIMTS! The Peter/Olivia/Walter/Astrid family is really what we want to see more of! And, if you are giving us “new” FRINGE agents, why not bring back Charlie? You did reset the timeline and could have done so. Please do not make the mistake the X-Files did. You already have a beyond awesome cast, DO NOT COMPROMISE them, by bringing in new agents to “steal the show.” Always, glad to have new people on FRINGE…but don’t over stay your welcome like Lincoln has. :)

      • Viladin says:

        Woah, when you said to bring back Charlie, I was thrown off for a second, thought you meant Charlie from LOST as I was completely excited to see Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) to be in Fringe. :)

      • IceMetalPunk says:

        Re: Charlie. That could be interesting. But the timeline wasn’t “reset”, Peter was just not saved as a kid and instead died out. The only way Charlie would be alive still (assuming there’s not another timeline shift, which is always possible), is if Peter somehow led to his death. I’d have to rewatch his death-day episode again to see if that’s the case.

        But what’s wrong with Lincoln? I agree, Alt-Lincoln is better, but I still have love for Lincoln, too. Or, wait…is our Lincoln the Alt-Lincoln since we saw him second? WHO’S ON FIRST?! :P

        • BostonDave says:

          Just watched that episode, actually. Charlie was killed by a shapeshifter whos was the suspect in a case they were working where Olivia was injured. While Peter was involved in the case in a key way (he was essantialy doing the “investigating” while Olivia was in the hospital), I dont think he could be blamed for the shapeshifter’s escape or for the shapeshifter gaining access to Charlie. So no, I dont think erasing Peter from the timeline would have brought back Charlie.

    • pandajean says:

      agree. i hate that they have a lincoln on this side, good character for the other side, but he doesnt fit on our side. blech.

    • Mina says:

      Psssh people are just afraid that they’re going to end up with Olivia-Lincoln. Calm down, people! No one is going to mess with your Polivia ~ship. Lincoln is a much needed character now that Olive has turned into a skeptic. At least in the early episodes. He’s filling that role. I swear you’re all 12 yrs old.

  6. BonesFringeFan says:

    With Fringe, nothing is a coincidence! I just hope she doesn’t cause any trouble for Peter and Olivia, because I would hate to see the show go down that path…

  7. Bella says:

    When I heard that FOX canceled Terra Nova, this gave me hope that the chances they’ll renew Fringe for another season, if only for 13 episodes, are a little stronger.

    • forrest says:

      On the renewal scorecard, Fringe has gone from ‘could go either way’ to ‘a safe bet’ – a major improvement for hope for another (at least partial) season.

  8. Bigmouth says:

    She looks eerily like Torv in the set pics I’ve seen. I’m going with Olivia’s daughter from a possible future.

    • Fringe says:

      Right, the long distance shot, not seeing her face, and where the photographer said she would be replacing Anna as a midtwenties Olivia, because you know Anna Torv is already 32 years old.
      All because you see a young woman with more casual clothing.

      She does not look like Anna Torv at all, completely different face.
      What is that, all blonde Aussies look the same?
      Must have been fun for her working with the amazing Aussies Anna Torv and John Noble.

      Etta sounds a lot like Ella, so niece from Olivia grown up, deciding to have another haircolor, and namechange?
      It is 4.19 , the odd episode.

    • cyn says:

      WOW,a daughter?I hadn’t thought of that….I can see that ,its completely possible!

    • GOOD JOB says:


  9. Theo says:

    Is it me or could this be a callback to season one. Maybe they could be the the olivia and her partner in season one??? if the story has some kind of relevance to the whole parallel universes thing…

    • review says:

      Season 1 Olivia looks the same as she does now, or what are you suggesting?
      How insulting towards Anna

      Anna Torv is a very youthful beautiful 32 year old, who in daily life when not playing Olivia,
      in her casual clothing , looks more like a 20something.
      Any idea why Fringe wants to replace one of the best actresses n tv?

      John Noble who is a rather wrinkly 60 year old played Walter as a 40 year old.

  10. colossus says:

    I bet it’s going to be an extraordinary ep.

  11. Jenny says:

    I hope it’s her daughter from the future!

    Natalie is a good name ;)

  12. Desmond is my real name. says:

    DESMOND ON FRINGE?!?! This is awesome!

  13. jennifer says:

    With Fringe-hardly anything that happens is a mere coincidence. As a very,very big Fringe addict myself, I am choosing to view this in a positive note. The fact they are introducing even more characters gives me the impression the writers/producers are somewhat confident they will be getting at least one more season.Then again-I am an eternal optimist. It sucks we must wait until the 23rd for the next episode as the last episode was one of the best so far-IMHO. I have a few favorites so far. The one with the girl who was able to draw someone who was going to die (including herself, and, seemingly Olivia) was a very well done episode. As far as the comment someone made of Olivia’s look-Personally, I believe Anna Torv is a beautiful woman who looks just as beautiful now(if not, even better) as she did during the first season of Fringe. My fellow Fringe fans(& I know you’re out there) here’s hoping for a fifth season of one of the best shows on television. PERIOD. We deserve it.Thank you.

  14. Bedtime eddy says:

    As much I want the show to be renewed, with all the abusive comments about josh and Peter, josh doesn’t deserve to be abused by these annoying Anna torv fans who act like she owns the damn show. Fringe is better off gone.

    • RKron says:

      Wow. Josh loves having a job and he loves Fringe. Don’t speak for him like you’re his representative.

      • Looploo says:

        Joshua Jackson deserves a show that RESPECTS him, have you read the idiotic comments by this stupid Anna Torv fan? Josh nor his fans deserve to read crap like this.

        • RKron says:

          The show respects him! Heck, I hardly think Josh even takes the time to read any of these stupid fan-vs-fan comments when all he cares about is doing his best with the job that he has. Do you know how hard it is for most actors/actresses to have a stable paycheck? And you actually want him to become jobless because of some insults?! He’s not a 12-year-old; he can take care of such dumb abuse from some internet lowlife. Just support the show, that’s what he REALLY wants.

          • Fringe says:

            See my comment further below:
            Josh Jackson fans should blame Josh Jackson if he is not enough on Fringe this season, if he wants to shoot a film in february and march you cannot expect the showrunners , cast and crew to wait for Jackson.
            I am certain that both Anna Torv and John Noble have refused offers, as they are committed to Fringe.
            And Josh Jackson has been very much central in large parts of season 1 and 2 and the second half of season 3 was already Peter centric.

          • Annon says:

            This is for Fringe below. All the actors are committed to Fringe. However, they don’t use all the actors all the time. It’s up to the writers/producers to determine who gets what screentime.

            The actors get told when they are needed for episodes. If they are not needed they can do other things. Lance has been doing a film lately as well for example. If it fits in with when they are not needed, then it works for everybody.

  15. FringeFiles says:

    No idea what FRINGE is up to. But, I love the show and hope they have a fifth season! The dynamic of Peter/Olivia/Walter/Astrid is just amazing and we want to see more of it! Phenomenal actors, fascinating story-line, great characters…this show makes you think and I love that!

  16. sel says:

    both! Josh J and Anna Torv are fringe!

    I want 5 season :)

  17. Mel says:

    I think it is merely that all good things come from Australia =]
    Keen for this new mesh of Characters, and so hoping for a season 5, i just wish they would let us know already

  18. Benita says:

    I agree we need to go back to Olivia, Peter, Walter & Astrid.
    They are the back bone to the show!
    There better be a season 5. Back with the original cast!
    I can’t wait to see what will happen to the four of them! :)

  19. Susan says:

    I don’t want new people. I just want everyone to come home and be normal again. Although she is quite pretty, Georgina is nowhere close to my and/or our Olivia.

    Wait a minute. Now I’m confused. Do I mean my Olivia or the other Olivia? Where is Peter? I’m glad the alternate universe Astrid is gone. She was creepy.

    • Mina Blak says:

      Perhaps you should be more careful with your choice of words, as your comment “I’m glad the alternate universe Astrid is gone. She was creepy.” came across as very insensitive and discriminative towards a wonderful portrayal of a character with Asperger Syndrome.

    • Linna says:

      “I don’t want new people. I just want everyone to come home and be normal again.” THE H3LL? Where’s the story in that? smh. If you want to watch a series where things never happened then you should stick to comedy, just sayin. Fringe is a complex story, not just soulmates and monster of the week. Why there are more and more tweens in Fringe fandom aaaaarghh.

  20. dolemite says:

    i’m intrigued, anyone knows 4×19 episode title? i speculate a crazy opening scene will involve these 2 with a memorable wtf moment.

    and i agree with previous posts. enough with lincoln lee i been sick of that guy, lol stop wasting screen time on nonessential characters

    • Jay says:

      You do realize Seth Gabel is a series regular…right? I don’t get why everyone hating on him…I think he’s a welcome edition.

      • Looploo says:

        That’s not the point, you don’t give JOSHUA JACKSON 5 lousy of minutes of screentime while giving seth gabel 40 minutes of Josh’s well earned screentime.

        • RKron says:

          What are you talking about? Josh has more screen-time than ever. Sure he was missing for 3 episodes, but now the how season is built around him.

          • Fringe says:

            Seth Gabel has been hired in May 2011 as they did not know then if Jackson would return, he as beinh difficult, hence the first 3 episods without him.
            And although the entire season has been made around Jackson, and with that using the brilliant Anna Torv and John Noble to serve him, and sacrificing their characters, shortly after Jackson returned to Fringe he signed a filmdeal, in october/november 2011, for a film to be shot while he should be working on Fringe. So the writers had to rewrite and reschedule this season.
            Jackson has been doing that film during the shooting of 4.17,18,19 and no doubt they will pretend he was there, but Seth Gabel will have a bigger part to replace him.

            So if any Josh Jackson fans are going to complain about him not being anough on Fringe, blame Josh Jackson himself.
            If he wants to be on Fringe he should doing the hard work for it, like the rest of the cast does.

          • LoopLoo says:

            Shut up, Fringe. Unless you haven’t noticed, since you are so obsessed with John and Anna and NOBODY ELSE, Josh DOES NOT HAVE A DOUBLE TO PLAY
            and Josh wasn’t in the first 4 episodes because it was ALL PART OF THE DAMN STORY, you idiot!

            Just shut up you annoying freaking anna torv lover! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

          • Annon says:

            Fringe, Seth Gabel being made a regular had NOTHING to do with Joshua Jackson. Seth Gabel has his own story this season and the writers wanted the end of the third season to pay off, hence Peter being absent for the first three episodes. Jeff and Joel have said that in interviews. Josh Jackson hasn’t been difficult, so I don’t know where you got that from.

            Actors are told in advance if they are needed for episodes or not. They would of told Josh well in advance. If he is not needed, then they can do other things. Josh was away all of two weeks for his film, when they shot 4.18, which is the one that has lots of the altuniverse and part of 4.19. Lance has been away shooting a film and setting up production companies as well. So, are you going to have a go at Lance as well? I think John Noble did his narration for his sci fi show at the beginning of the season as well.

            Josh was available for the first three episodes of the season had they needed him, but they didn’t. The writers plan the whole season before they even start it.

            While Peter is the driving force behind this season, as in we have different characters because Peter was never in there lives, this season is not about Peter. It’s about what these characters are and how he is slowly influencing them, as well as what it is like in this timeline now that there is a bridge and the two worlds not being at war.

            Last time I looked it’s the writers/producers who write the show and decide what characters get what screentime. The actors don’t even come into that and that’s the way it’s all ways been.

  21. justin says:

    I love how half the people here think they know how to write a show better than the current staff of Fringe writers. As far as I’m concerned, shut up, sit back and enjoy the ride. It may be over sooner than any of us want.

  22. Pat says:

    Unfortunately, when programs become too complicated, I think they lose viewers and get cancelled. “Fringe” is my favorite program, so I hope this doesn’t happen.

  23. EyeStallion says:

    Please let there be Season Five. This is my favorite TV series.

  24. shaddoe says:

    Im gonna go out on a limb and agree that these characters might be from an alternate future. Whether this Etta character is Olivia and Peter`s daughter, i think so. It makes sense, in a way. Last season introduced the concept of alternate futures and time travel.

  25. Andrew says:

    Sounds to me like she’s possibly Olivia & Peter’s child grown up in some look at the future.

  26. samuel says:

    i love anna torv..nd john noble…pls dont change them,has season 4 been completed

  27. Nelson Cooke says:

    Remember, episode 19 is suppose to be the WEIRD One!

  28. Luther says:

    Some of these comments make me embarrassed to be a Fringe fan. People jumping to wild conclusions just bc the female character might be reoccurring. That same term was used for the actress that played Ella last season, only for her never to be seen again. It’s just something they put in contracts on the off chance that they might need the actress again. So, relax your nut job heads, no one is replacing Anna Torv and really at this late stage in the season do you honestly think they’d have time to introduce another love triangle. Use your brains, for crying out loud. I hope the showrunners don’t read the comments on sites like this. Some of the weird obsessions with the cast is cringeworthy to say the least.

    • Mina Blak says:

      Thank you for injecting some much needed sanity into this discussion! :)

    • Anna says:

      IKR?? I think there are more 12yrs old watching Fringe now. It’s embarrassing to read these comments. I feel like I’m reading a Glee article. Ugh.

    • Rae` says:

      I love this post! You and Mina share my thoughts exactly. :) Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  29. jeanster says:

    Just bring us an alterverse Mark Valley to finish off that story line — or was he a shiftschanger?

  30. Monica says:

    I am also tired of the bizarre timeline mix up story. This timeline has interfered with the chemistry of and history of interaction between the core characters I love: Olivia, Peter, Walter, Astrid, Broyles & Nina. However, I may be in the minority but I LOVE Lincoln Lee! For this fan, having Lincoln hang around is the only positive this season. Give us back “our” timeline, please!

  31. zarine says:

    Announce the renewal already, Fox! Please?

  32. Hemo_jr says:

    She (Georgina Haig) is obviously going to be portraying baby Henry (you know, Fauxlivia and Peter’s child who the Observers screwed up the timeline to destroy) daughter and therefore Peter and Faulivia’s granddaughter.

    She is there to kill her grandfather (Peter)before he can impregnate Faulivia and cause a paradox which will destroy the possibility of the future where the Observers come from impossible.

  33. pandajean says:

    i think them hiring new actors is a good sign that they will be heading into a new season,but in all honesty they are going to have to step it up this season if they want a 5th. focus more on the evets that are happening and less on the alternate universe. i can see georgina being cast as another love interest for peter. and to be even more honest i like that, there is no chemistry between peter and olivia. i didnt get any chemistry from her and john scott either. its better that the team is the team and peter may or may not take another lover, but i think if it does go that way he will be going after her because he knows he cant be with olivia for some reason.

    • passing says:

      so what you’re saying is that anna torv doesnt have chemistry with anybody?
      even not with her husband mark valley on screen?
      just blame anna for everything, and while you at it blame her for the ratings too?

      anna made fringe, she is the queen!

      after fringe, she wil be the ONLY ONE with a career.

      john noble? too old
      joshua jackson? LOL! dont get me even started!
      seth gabel? well…….he has a famous wife and father in law. so that will keep him in the spotlights instead of his acting abilities.
      lance reddick and jessica nicole? hollywood could care less about this two.

      nobody can replace anna torv

    • bon says:

      In the last 3 episodes, i really enjoyed the effortless chemistry between Olivia and Peter and i’m not a shipper. But please no more love triangles, this is Fringe not Grey’s Anatomy.

  34. Kastel says:

    Etta –> HenriETTA?

  35. Mauricio says:

    Give us at least two more seasons!!

    I can’t believe how are they are thinking in a 15 episodes 5th season.
    Fringe deserves more than 20 episodes per season, and more than 5 seasons.
    Come on FOX, let’s do things right!

  36. rebgrrl says:

    i also agree with other commentary herein that the original cast of olivia, peter, walter, broyles, and astrid is a remarkable combination of skilled actors who have really brought this show to life. i also feel strongly that this core cast should be highlighted the most in each episode…. these actors are the real reason that the fans have come to love “fringe”… and, although i do enjoy new additional cast members time and again, the real substance of the show should be carried by the core cast…. just sayin’.

  37. AngelMoonGirl says:

    I’ve seen a few behind the scenes pictures from episode 19 already – they’re floating around on the internet – and my theory? This is Olivia and Peter’s daughter from the future, or an alternate version of the future (where Observers have taken over?). Because in the pictures there is this girl… and Nina. With silvery white hair :O And LOTS of Observers, who seem to have pictures everywhere in the city? Whhhhat? Oh, Fringe… you bend my mind so much! :D I CAN’T WAIT!

    • Kevin says:

      This show needs another big sea change to get me back. This timeline change has been a waste of talent and pissed me off. Season 3 was soooo damn good, then this dragged out waste of a season. Of course these producers come from “LOST” so they like jerking their audience around only to disappoint them in the end. However, a daughter from the future and lots of Observers would be the kind of big change that would lure me back, as long as Olivia doesn’t disappear now!

  38. nicole says:

    If only they would move the shooting to Australia. I live in Anna’s home town of the Gold Coast, would love to run into her here!

    • Kelly Varnsen says:

      “If only they would move the shooting to Australia”- that would just complicate this show’s budget issues even more! And wow, so you live in Anna Torv’s hometown and would love to run into her – thanx for sharing this stupid and entirely useless comment!

      • treib says:

        @Kelly Varnsen

        you don’t like nicole’s comment? don’t sit and gripe about it. don’t you have better things to do? geez.

  39. Nicholas Paul Smith says:

    Check it:

    The show is gripping. Truly gripping. It appears not as a make believe world of Fringe events, but an hopelessly engrossing and endlessly fascinating depiction of a more interesting life in contrast to what ACTUALLY happens on earth…

    A fifth season? Why should the show EVER end?

  40. fringeolivia says:

    Olivia and Peter is not a love story, it is using Olivia as an object to be the Olivia Peter wants to see, and with that every Olivia has been made a needy and dependent on Peter girl.
    Olivia started in Fringe as a strong independent woman, a fighter, and she was abused by her stepfather, Walter, Bell, shot or killed her stepfather at the age of 8, lost her mother when she was 14, was in the Marines and is a trained FBI agent. that is a woman running her own lfe, making her own choices, who does not need a man.

    The entire Peter crap has first reduced her in season 3 to his girl and now the ultimate soap with the only storyline falling for Peter and begging him to be with her, whatever Olivia Peter wants her to be. Oh and giving him his Son.
    Nothing to do with Olivia’s choices, but all thansk to the cortexiphan of Walter and now Jones, men abusing Olivia.
    Fringe where men are Gods and scientists and women are objects and used, even Meana and Nina , but most of all Olivia.

  41. Ben says:

    I think that Peter is going to jump in the machine again and go to the future like the last episode of season 3? That making Georgina there daughter..but if she becomes a season regular, the i dont know?

  42. sarah says:

    where do you find episode spoilers i have no idea ??
    I cant find episode photos of 4.19

  43. Sandra says:

    Hey, wasn’t William Bell dead? Why is he in amber? I’m sure that they’ll explain how that happened.



  45. dennis says:

    the one and only obnoxious Peter/Josh fan girl who trolls every Fringe related forum,who now pretends to be anto,passing,input etc. pathetic,just pathetic.,

  46. pandajean says:

    peter IS fringe, olivia isn’t. this whole thing started when walter took peter from the other side, olivia is just an agent. yes her character is important, just like peter and walter and astrid and broyles. every single person on that show is a wonderful actor in their own way.

  47. Fringe says:

    I read the comments of Input and Passing, that is very much an ANNA TORV fan, very much an admirer of Anna Torv the actress.

  48. babygirl says:

    oh yeah and guess what,she’s back for more today lol

  49. babygirl says:

    oh yeah and guess what dennis,she’s back for more today lol

  50. Fringe says:

    It seems that this Josh Jackson /Peter fangirl aka Patty aka Pearsmile etc, is taking over names of people who post something positive about Anna Torv.

    So now the fans of Anna are getting a bad name because of this Patty/Pearsmile.

  51. bon says:

    Olivia, Walter and Peter are Fringe. Their storylines is what Fringe is about.Plus Olivia is just an agent? Really? With all her powers? Are you even watching the show? ;)

  52. bon says:

    My reply was for pandajean.

  53. nemo says:

    You’re exaggerating. First of all, the fringe crew got president’s day off, followed by ep. 19 which for all intents and purposes looks as though Anna and Josh have a reduced presence in. So, if anything he only missed a few days, a week at most. Which, if you think about it, is great for you since you obviously don’t like him.

  54. panda says:

    Oh nemo, don’t bother with this troll.