Scoop on Bones' Delivery Date and Baby Name, 'Intense' Season Finale Teases, Season 9 (!) Talk

Bones SpoilersBones fans attending PaleyFest 2012 Thursday night had a ringside seat to a most blessed event: The birth of Booth and Brennan’s daughter!

Prior to the Q&A (moderated by TVLine’s fearless leader Michael Ausiello) with the show’s cast and producers, attendees were treated to an exclusive screening of the show’s April 2 spring premiere, an action-packed, super-eventful episode that culminated with the arrival of tiny Bones.

Not surprisingly, the delivery was anything but smooth. Let’s just say it started in the midst of a prison riot and ended in a… well, not a hospital (to view the hilarious set piece, click here and scroll down to question No. 13.)

Later, Emily Deschanel insisted that her real-life delivery — son Henry was born in September — was far less dramatic than Brennan’s. “The experience was completely different,” she laughed.

The episode’s emotional high point came in the final minutes when Brennan revealed the name of her and Booth’s bundle of joy (hint: the wee little one is named after two very special women in Brennan’s life).

And how will Booth’s son Parker react to his new half-sister? “You’ll see,” said executive producer Stephen Nathan. “That’s a pretty interesting episode, and not what you’d expect.”

Other topics covered during the PaleyFest panel:

GRAND FINALE | Perhaps the most tantalizing topic was the Season 7 finale, which is being directed by Boreanaz himself. Though the shortened, 13-episode season didn’t allow for many appearances by big baddie Christopher Pelant, “He will show up in the finale and change the course the series for a while,” says Nathan. How so…? “It’ll be a really, ‘Oh my God, how could that person do that?!’ moment,” Boreanaz told us. “That’s all I’m going to say. And it’s pretty intense. It’s not happy.”

BABY + BONES = ??? | Regarding the setting for Brennan’s childbirth  — OK, we’ll say it: she delivers in a stable! — Deschanel was on board with the unconventional venue, as she personally could see Brennan “going to some tribe and having some ritual [during labor] with some women around her.” As for how or if the baby will change the show, “It’s still Bones,” Nathan promised. “We’re not gonna do Parenthood. There’s still going to be someone dead and something revolting… but this baby informs their lives in a completely different way. The show takes a very different turn from a character point of view.”

THE DOC IS STILL IN | “Booth and Sweets [in the field together] is really amusing and works for us,” so look forward to more of that even after Brennan’s back on her feet, Hanson said. 

NO MONDAY BLAHS | Hanson called Bones‘ move to Monday nights a “good” thing. “I know we’re supposed to be so upset, [but] we’ve always wanted to be with House and we’re a good match with House. So, we’re up for it.”

ZACK ATTACK? | Fielding an audience member’s inquiry as to whether Eric Milligan might appear as Zack again, Hanson explained that the trick is to find a return story that satisfies longtime viewers but doesn’t alienate new fans. “We have to juggle whether to pick that scab or not,” he said. “If we find something that makes it worthwhile, and Eric is available, then we’ll do it.”

BONUS BONES | Asked about the four “bonus” episodes Fox tacked onto this season… or in front of next season… or somewhere in between… Hanson said the scheduling was still TBD and that the hours would be extremely standalone, yet presumably cover a time period preceding the season finale. “They exist in their own separate universe… so they literally can go anywhere.”

BUT WAIT, THERE’S EVEN MORE? | At one point, Hanson freely referred to Season 9, inviting the question of whether he believes the show will be renewed past next season. “In many ways, Bones is Fox’s most successful hour-long scripted drama,” he contended. “So I’m very confident we’ll be back for Seasons 8 and 9.”

THE PRODUCERS’ TO-DO LIST | The significance of the numbers 4-4-7, which are occasionally sprinkled into scenes (including at least one more time this season), will be revealed “in the last episode of Bones,” Hanson promised. But before anyone gets talking series finale, there’s all this on the bucket list: “Hodgins’ brother, Angela’s mother, Booth’s mother…. These are all places we have to go.”

And how about going to the chapel…? “If they ever get married,” Hanson hedged, “we’ll see a wedding.”

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  1. Shannon says:

    It’s gotta be her mother and Angela! They are the most important women in Brennan’s life!!

    • Chloe says:

      Brennan’s mother is DEAD. READ this sentence again: “”OK, we’ll say it: she delivers in a stable! — Deschanel was on board with the unconventional venue, as she personally could see Brennan “going to some tribe and having some ritual [during labor] with some women around her.”” It’s hypothetical Bones delivering according to some tribe; it has to do with Bones delivering in a stable.

      • kenny says:

        Doesn’t mean she cannot use her mother name. In fact this well beautiful to do this.

        • Jessi says:

          What does the ritual have to do with the baby name??? I always knew her mom would be in the babys name but i never thought it could be someone else. Yes, Angela is very important to Brennan… so maybe its Christine Angela? Or Angela Christine? Maybe Ruth since that was her moms real name? oh the possibilities!!! lol

    • BethAnn says:

      Angela Christine Brennan Booth… ya, that’s got to be it.

  2. Kate says:

    Two special women? So… Angela. And Brennan’s mom? Or Brennan’s “real” name? Joy?

  3. Moe says:

    Thanks for the spoilers! A little unhappy that Brennan seems to be naming the baby on her own. These
    Tired of her taking over every thing in regards to the baby. Its beyond annoying

  4. Kay says:

    I mean, its not like there are a lot of significant females in Booths life. What is he going to contribute? Besides, he named Parker for someone significant in his life. Whats the difference?

    • remmi says:

      I am getting a big kick out everybody speculating on the name of the baby when they should be concerned about more important things. Think really about will they get married or not (hope not). Also look what they have done to Booth’s role. He has almost become a blithering idiot. 1. He knows Bones better than anyone. By now he should know that she never says anything to deliberately hurt. Yet he still gets offended. 2. For a college educated man he uses very grammar “this here is my partner” (this one sets my teeth on edge). 3. He always has to handcuff people EVEN WHEN COME INTO HIS OFFICE. 4. Sorry David by a true marksman never blinks his eyes when he shoots. All in all I think bones should sailed off with Sully. Maybe he will be back. David as a producer rise up and say I’m not going to continue playing the role as it has been write. Booth is intelligent let the audience see it.

      • vic says:

        Oh, the illiterate and delusional fangirls…..
        When you spell “even when COME into his office”, “sorry BY a true marksman”, “as it has been WRITE”, you make a fool of yourself, hereby losing every right to criticize anything (not to mention insulting a fictional character). Go back to school!

      • SILLY – he is just PLAYING dumb – like all of us brainiac blondes, to get his way, or find out things that he wouldn’t get otherwise – BOOTH – YOU are perfect the way you are – GO HE MAN !!!

      • Samar Samy says:

        To a person complaining about grammatical errors in a comment then writing this:

        “k. David as a producer rise up and say I’m not going to continue playing the role as it has been *****write*****.”

        In the same comment….get off your high horse before someone knocks you off!

  5. Christina says:

    All I can say is that the baby’s last name had better be Booth, or else it’s going to look like the baby’s actually just hers, instead of theirs.

    • Mindy says:

      I totally agree with you on this.. It sounds like Brennan is naming the baby on her own, and we all know it would totally hurt Booth is the baby doesn’t have his last name.. Besides.. Brennan isn’t really her last name..if you really think about it

    • Theresa says:

      How is giving the baby only his name, when he isn’t even the one who went through pregnancy or had to give birth to her, show that it belongs to both of them? That makes no sense! She has an equal right to have her name on her own child. Excluding her last name just to boost Booth’s ego is ridiculous! Why would he strip Bones of that honor when she carried the baby inside her? That’s not a man and it’s not fair. The baby should carry both names. She has TWO parents, not just one.

  6. BonesFringeFan says:

    Ohmygod. Pellant’s going to do something to the baby. Ohmygod.

  7. Heather says:

    13 episodes? Did I read that right? THIRTEEN?!?! How can they do that to us??

    • Danyelle says:

      Yeah, that was announced a while ago, but I share your frustration!

    • Alex says:

      There was talk of there being an extra four episodes over the summer as a mini-season or something…I don’t know much though, we haven’t heard much about that for awhile.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        The SIXTH bullet point in the above story now features the latest on the four “bonus” episodes. – Management

  8. anti says:

    Please don’t let the baby’s name be Christine. That would so boring. I expect more from this show

    • BonesFringeFan says:

      Oh it’s going to be Christine… I kinda felt that way too, but I came to terms with it. Especially after learning her middle name!

    • darklady65 says:

      blegh who cares what name they choose XD lol i’m just ecstatic that we have a baby coming from them =D that alone makes up for everything else well at least for me it does XD lol Christine or whatever name they choose will be fine with me personally =D

  9. Kim says:

    Angela Christine or Christine Angela.
    Angela for obvious reasons and Christine as in Christine Brennan. Her mothers name, the one she buried her as and knew her as. I’ve been telling people this since the beginning of the season.

  10. darklady65 says:

    can’t wait for April 2nd to get here already XD so freaking excited for the rest of this season =)

    there are suppose to be some extra eps coming our way but those are either for the summer or added extra to the next season … but as someone said a couple of posts above there hasn’t been any more info on that … hoping we get them for the summer personally =]

  11. Amanda says:

    I guess the baby’s name is Chistine Angela Booth – Chistine: Brenna’s mom; Angela = duh! Booth: something for the daddy. Okay! Or even bigger, Christine Angela Brennan Booth – Here in Brazil that would sound normal, our last names, usually, are made by the last names of mother and father, in that order.

  12. stevie says:

    it’s ridiculous what this procedural show turned into.
    delivery dates & baby names, half-sisters and wedding cakes. they’re starting to do the same on CASTLE now just to keep the female fanbase at bay.

    • John says:

      It’s significantly less fun finding scoop on the standalone procedural stories (and more fun to actually be surprised by them, actually), so these teases, along with the overarching “villain” teases, are the ones readers of sites like this are most interested in. At the end of the day, though, you tune in for B&B solving a fun case.

    • Nikki says:

      Please don’t blame all the girls. As a female fan I’m disgusted by the current route of the show.House hunting and baby names is so not the show I signed on for, and Bone’s attitude over the whole thing- sickening. Please go back to the way it was or I know a lot of people not tuning in for any more seasons

      • Mandy says:

        Do you two REALLY watch the show??? House hunting? They did that in the first episode and never went back to it. Baby names? The kid needs a name and my guess it won’t take a whole episode to name the baby. Geez…..does no one read and understand what they are reading? The show is NOT changing!!

      • Delle says:

        Nikki, I am SO with you on this! Bones’ attitude throughout the pregnancy puts her emotional development right back at square one… as if she had never learned one thing from either Booth Or Angela. I don’t expect her to be all “huggy” about it, but even as a genius anthropologist, she would do better than behave so selfishly. I don’t mind the pregnancy (marriage would be out of character still), but I expected MUCH better from the writers.

      • RENE' O'CALLAGHAN says:


  13. says:

    HER MOTHER IS SO ALIVE!! That is the bomb the dad is going to drop!

    • Miranda says:

      Remember season one, where Brennan’s mom was a skeleton and there was the whole case on who killed her? I’m pretty sure she’d dead.

      • Mandy says:

        Yes, she is dead. I remember that episode. And there were a few after the fact focusing on her death. IF she was still alive, Max would have told her by now.

    • Mic says:

      She’s been dead for years. S 1 finale is where they find out who the jane doe is. She’s been there in storage, as a jane doe & Brennan identified her on Angela’s hologram machine.

  14. not the same shows anymore says:

    Stevie, I agree with you-I won’t be watching Bones anymore when it returns. The show has is changing too much for me. This whole baby thing will turn off some fans. Also,you’re right that Castle is beginning to change. I still watch Castle,but,if it starts to get way overboard & ridiculous-I may eventually stop watching it also. One thing though: on Castle-the change doesn’t seem as extreme as Bones. I enjoyed Bones much more before this baby storyline.

    • stevie says:

      agree with you. used to be a huge bones fan too.

    • dane says:

      I think it’s important to humanize the characters on any show. I want to connect to them, know more about them and therefore CARE more about them. The books that the series is based on have a lot of ‘personal’ storylines mixed in as well. The core of the storylines revolves around a crime and the steps to solve the crime, find the killer, etc.. so it still remains true to the procedural format.. but it also allows us some insight into the characters – creating more depth to the stories themselves.

      • Angie says:

        i agree with you 100% Dane, I also believe we should know more about their characters. Thanks for posting this:)

    • josie says:

      This was the last strew for me as well. I had a hard time before the break 7×01-06, but this is just bahh I don’t even feel happy just more please stop this before taking it out any futher… and the whole deal about learning about thier personal lifes and how it is in the books. the books are way more darker and has always been darker than the show, so the personal stories don’t stand out as much as it kind of just lower some of the tension, however Bones is turning into a rediculous comedy, with babies and pooping and love trouble at best. It has nothing to do with those personalstories there are in the books, where most of those are really troubled and hard as well. No baby things instead it is daughts drug problems, unfaithfulhusbands, ex alcoholic that is in the book. This however is more things which you would expect to see on some tv-comedy where everyone has babies andmake a life around it.

      • Jillian says:

        The TV show is not based of the books. The show and the books have nothing in common, except for the name, Temperance Brennan, and the job, forensic anthropology.

        • Shelley says:

          Amen Jillian – someone who has read the books and you are absolutely right, the Temperence Brennan in the books is nothing like the one in the show.

      • Sue says:

        Nothing like females who don’t like romance in their TV shows.

        I’m a female and I LOVE the romance they’ve given us and many, many Bones fans were waiting for Booth and Bones to get together, and we’re very happy they did.

        There are plenty of shows you can watch which have no romance, so go watch them. No loss.

        And by the way, Josie, learn to spell ridiculous if you’re going to complain. There’s no “e” in the word.


      • Barbara says:

        Of course there are babies and newly formed relationships on the tv show. Brennan and Booth are a lot younger than Reichs and Ryan. Also you do get backround in the books. We know about both of Reichs and Ryans daughters, and they still keep up with the dark side of life and death. This is what they are trying to achiever on the tv show and I think the writers have a good balance going. Keep it up! Bones is my favorite show.

    • Jeff says:

      Big difference between Bones and Castle – Castle is written about and around the two lead character’s relationship, the crime stories come second. Castle is really only hanging around the police station because of Beckett. No Beckett, No Castle.
      Bones is the reverse of that – the crime first, the relationship second.

      • Stacey says:

        I love BONES because we know so much about the supporting players. We basically know very little about the supporting camp on Castle except for Castle’s mother and daughter. It’s all Beckett and Castle. But on BONES, I feel I know so much more about the other characters. And is able to root for Angela and Hodgins. Know Cam, Sweets and the various Squint-terns.

        They showed in the first half of the season that they could balance the show and the relationship. Sure it’s going to be different with the baby. But babies are famous on television for at times not being shown. So I am sure it will be fine. It will just make things more complicated due to baby Brennan-Booth’s parent’s day jobs!

    • Sarah says:

      I’ve been very disappointed in this season of Bones. I was also disappointed in Season 6. It’s just not the show that I loved. Lately they’ve been focusing way too much on B&B and the baby. It used to center around the whole team, now it’s just about the cute little couple. The cases have been poor and even Angela and Hodgins are getting on my nerves a tad. I find B&B to be boring and could honestly care less about their romance. I mean, I used to be a shipper, but I got tired of being jerked around and stopped shipping them in season 6. Brennan has become a joke, she used to be a great character. Now she seems brain damaged or something.

      But, I have to diagree with you about Castle. Castle does focus on “Caskett” more then the supporting cast, and that’s something they should fix. I actually think they’ve been doing better about that this season. I’ve loved the 4th season of Castle so far, it has changed, but I think in a good way.

    • anglomyn says:

      I agree with both of y’all. I watch Bones and Castle and lately it feels like its turning into a chick show…and I am a chick! I think the baby should have ended with Bones getting preggers like they used to do in shows. If at all. But I guess because Emily is one of the producers (i read somewhere she had a lot in the decision making of the new direction) she got her way. I wold rather have seen the tension build between her an Nooth over the next few seasons and fall in the sack a few times than all this suburban life they have going now.

      • Ashlee says:

        I agree, they should have built the suspense up to the pregnancy & even after. Although with the way they did it, I was so disappointed when we went from the “I’m pregnant with your baby” season finale to ‘we’re a happy family’ season premier. I mean seriously what the heck happened in between? None of my disappointments means I’m going to stop watching it, I’ve been a fan since season 1. It’s real simple for those who don’t like it anymore, don’t watch it, don’t need to complain about it. And for guys who complain, I didn’t even know this was a guys show or ever was.

        • Delle says:

          Agree! That was my biggest disappointment so far! When we learned that Brennan was pregnant, my first thought was what great opportunities it presented for their relationship. Then after waiting SO long, they come back and there’s nothing? No angst, no second guessing about keeping it, just “okay, here we go!” What a cheat.

    • Pam says:

      I disagree. I am a huge Bones fan and loved it since the show began. I love the story line now. Life changes, people grow, fall in love, and yes they have kids. I think they are making the transition really well and I will continue to watch until it is cancelled. That is a true fan, they grow with the show. I also have had two kids since watching the show and my life has changed completely with the birth of my children. My kids are 3 and 4 yrs old and they love the show. I think it is cute that my little girl has a crush on Booth.

      • Diane says:

        I totally agree with u i’ve been waiting for them to be a couple its great and i hope they get married that would be awesome. Keep the shows coming

        • Patricia Gaywood says:

          I agree keep the show growing I live in spain and I only get to see 2 episides a week my husband says he has never seen me look forward to a programme so much keep it going
          pat in pain

  15. May says:

    Was anyone at the Paley Fest and could tell us what the name is? I’m now very curious. Amanda, in the US, if they decided to go with both names, they would make Christine Angela Brennan-Booth. I think it sounds good.

  16. ila says:

    can’t wait…but 13 episodes too short. please…give me more episode of bones. i’m so addictive.

  17. lau says:

    The season 7 finale is being directed by David Boreanaz as we speak!!! It’s gonna be fabulous!
    The Boreanaz episodes are always a big event but THIS will top everything else: a DB-directed cliffhanger, shocking, course changing finale – in the immortal words of Farscape’s John Crichton: hell yeah! :D

  18. Liz says:

    Can we have a video of this please?

  19. DEW says:

    I too immediately thought of Christine or Angela as well, however, you have to also remember that this show is based on the books by Kathy Reichs. Based on that I don’t think I would throw Kathy or Katy (Dr. Brennan’s daughter in the book series) out of the mix quite yet.

    • Jillian says:

      This show is NOT based on Kathy Reichs books. This show is loosely based off Kathy Reichs herself. The show and the books have absolutely nothing common except for the name Temperance Brennan and forensic anthropology.

      • jennifer says:

        She could possibly do Kathy since she is a well known successful author. Her books focus around the character Kathy Reichs, the incorporated it nicely and quite humorous if you have read the original Kathy Reichs series. Those book mean alot to her but I think the two most important people are Angela and her mom ( Christine or Ruth). I think its sweet to name the baby after people but ready for the drama cases again. I know they had to take a break and focus on pregnancy and BB new life due to Emily’s real life pregnancy. That was very limiting for tv cases.

  20. Lisa says:

    Having more Sweets out in the field with Booth does not work for me. The idea that he will continue to do that even after episode 7-just wrong. It’s bad enough that he’s in the interrogation room almost all the time now. Brennan is practically never shown there anymore. Sweets is best in small doses. They do not need more of him.

    Dew-the baby is not names Kathy or Katy. Her name has already been shown in the comments several times.

    • Spider3tattoo says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. This has to be the second worse thing they’ve ever done, right behind the Hannah debacle. Sweets has single-handedly done more to destroy Booth and Bones’ relationship than anything other than Bones herself. They made the most rapid of us shippers hate him, and now he gets more screen time. All I can think is the actor must be the newest golden child of HH. I don’t want to see Sweets in the field with Booth. I want Booth and Bones back the way they were, as partners. I’ve waited patiently until the disater that was Season 6 was over, but it’s looking like it’s time to find a new favorite show.

      • Reashelle says:

        Sweets had to be in the field more, well somebody had to. you have to remember that when the first 6 shows were being filmed Emily was REALLY 8-9 months pregnant. In fact after they shot 5&6 she went into to labor within a week or so. They probably felt having Emily on her feet and walking over unlevel terrain plus all the other stuff like carring her tools bags would be too risky. Emily seemed to be pretty game for anything, but this was her first baby, no need for risky or tiring scenes.

  21. Marnie says:

    OMG – you people are frikking hilarious. I like the show, I like to read the spoilers, etc. because I’m an A-type personality and I always like to know what’s coming, but I can’t believe how INVESTED you guys are. Arguing about what they’re going to name the baby FGS. Again, hilarious. Or sad. I’m not sure.

  22. bad kevin says:

    Season Nine of BONES? Who cares.

  23. Ceylan says:

    I thought the name would be a mashup of Cam’s and Angela’s names like Camilla or something

  24. Karen says:

    I cant wait for april 2 Baby bones I am so ready

  25. suzi says:

    I watched the Paley panel last night via a live stream, and they are all quite funny together. I do disagree with HH’s belief that a Zack-centric story line would “alienate” new fans. Most new fans of an established show will seek out past seasons, and reruns are available on TV and the net. Mentioning Zack or having his friends visit him in no way takes away from the new squinterns, and would be rewarding to those of us who’ve been around since the beginning.

    • Delle says:

      I’m a fan since the first episode and I just DO NOT GET the interest in Zack. The one time he did come back was only interesting because of the ploy they used to make it happen. Can’t stand the character except for his relationship with Hodgins. He was just a baby boy version of Brennan and her character is all we need. Was glad to see him go and make room for new squinterns. Will NOT be happy if they bring him back into the show.

  26. BonesForever says:

    I was at PaleyFest, and the episode was totally fun and the “body” was really gross, particularly one bit with Cam–too gross/funny. I loved the episode from beginning to end.

    Yes, I am a shipper, so I love what they are doing this season–how boring it would be to stay static and just stay the same for 8 or 9 seasons! I think this season has given new vitality to the stories and more development to the characters. About the baby’s name, I’m not confirming or denying the names being bandied around either….You’ll just have to wait.

    When the panel is available on Hulu on the 15th, if you weren’t able to see it–watch! They were all wisecracking and were really funny, especially David! I laughed till my sides hurt…

    Sorry the rigid ones want to quit watching–I love the series more than ever! I would love to have Bones go on forever!

    • Megan says:

      I went to the panel too! (It was an AWESOME way to celebrate my birthday!) Thanks for saying everything I wanted to say :)

      Honestly, I watch for the relationships and the humor, much more than for the cases. I guess it all depends on why you watch!

  27. Jay says:

    Ah you went!?!? Lucky!! I saw it on livestream and it was hilarious! And the way Emily and David floated off to their own little world was just adorkable! Lol…

    And also agreed about the nay-sayers and haters. Let them go, its not hurting the show and Bones has an extremely loyal fan base. The Facebook page has over 10 million likes! That’s equal to ratings! Lol…

  28. Philly says:

    Lol, I always like seeing the haters come out because the show changed or this and that, well duh.. what did you expect?? Shows change and people change! Otherwise what’s the point of watching the show?? Example, NCIS… its both procedure and personal stuff. But its changed over time. But it still retains that it that that brings you back. If you want procedure stuff, go look at csi… I’m pretty sure its still on.

    Also fans stop and start watching shows at any time. Just because 20 or 50 people say them and their friends are gonna stop watching doesn’t hurt the show, y’all forget that there is a lot more people watching.

    Okay, mini-rant over lol.

    • Mandy says:

      Another show that stuck around with many cast changes was Law & Order. NCIS, I think, has improved from the beginning. I never watched the show that much until recently and I started with reruns and watch the first run episodes. Total immersion in dead bodies and how they got that way gets boring. You need your characters to grow and that’s what NCIS has done. I liked Jamie Lee Curtis’ turn on the show and there is talk she may be coming back for a more episodes as GIbbs’ love interest.

      I noticed these “haters” obviously have not watched one episode of Bones this season!! And if they don’t want to watch anymore, big deal. Also, TIRED OF THE PLEADING about bringing Zack back. Talk about a step or a few steps backwards. He does not fit into the show any longer. And Hart Hanson put the pleading to rest already.

  29. JV says:

    Seriously, this season is a pure train wreck…
    Sorry if I offend the hard core fans, but it’s true…(and used to be one)
    But, this season…is boring! With the longest delivery and baby drama &predictable storyline I’m pretty sure & predict that Bones will give birth in the car on their way to the hospital or in the middle of a field digging their nxt cases
    Seriously…after that, what’s nxt… A bunch of storylines where she cannot connect with the baby or tired be at home and prefer to work and Booth became Mr.Mom, stop working and stuck at home and take care of the baby…
    Well…they seem going in that path…but I’m not sure I want to watch that..and rather to destroy a full season, I’ll prefer they end it now…but that’s my own opinion..

  30. Bones fan says:

    I find it very amusing to read all these posts from people that no longer are fans of the show or say they will stop watching the show, but are making the effort to look up Bones in the Paley Fest, read through all these posts and bother making comments. If you’re not interested in the show anymore then why come on here at all and read about it? Go watch a show you are interested in. Those that do like the show will stay and watch the characters change, will watch the story change and will still appreciate it.

  31. AngelMoonGirl says:

    I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED! The birth is the most anticipated moment for me! I think Emily and David will just knock it out of the park. I absolutely LOVE Bones and this baby storyline. Ahhh.

  32. Gina says:

    LOL Fun to see all the haters who claim to hate the show now. LOL Then go. Why bother looking up articles about the show?

    anyway, I like SO MANY people cannot wait for April to get here! It is going to be amazing!

  33. Charlotte says:

    I’m excited for the show’s return and love the sound of the next few episodes. Am nervous about the finale now though! Great that David is directing the finale, he’s an absolutely brilliant director.

    The relationship between B&B has always been the main point of the show for me, it’s the reason I watch. The fact they carry out their relationship over a series of grisly cases is just a bonus :)

    In fact, I’d go so far as to say they haven’t shown enough of their relationship in season 7. It’s what lots of fans waited 6 seasons to see, so I’m happy to see as much as possible of it!

    Roll on April 2nd! :)

  34. natalie says:

    they should call the baby chrissie or christie!

  35. Cat says:

    So excited for the birth but I’m so nervous about this big cliff hanger!!

  36. Eli says:

    The baby’s name will be Christine Angela after Brenne’s mother & her BFF Angie

  37. thermal avalos says:

    Can’t wait til April 2

  38. April says:

    BONES has been a big part of our lives over the years. It has inspired my daughter to become a forensic anthropologist. I think that the storyline is right on track. Looking forward to the new shockers that I know will blow us away. Everyone is mad about the baby, but lots of viewers were rooting for Booth and Brennan to finally fall in love, and they did. Next step is children, but that wont stop all the crazy and unusual deaths that we will watch get solved by the best forensic team ever. As for the baby name, I think she should be named, Angela Christine Booth. And I also think that Brennans mother is alive and will be found.

  39. Tor says:

    I love this show personally. All three of my siblings and I all watch this show and enjoy it. I mostly watch for the cases but the various relationships haven’t detrered me either.

    I actually like the relationships. The show has spent their pervious seasons building me up to this point I’m glad they’re actually doing something with it.

    I’m glad they also went and built a watcher-character relationship. I don’t like shows where I don’t know anything about the characters. This way I know who I’m rooting for and which person I like best. I think the personality behind the characters gives the show an extra flare that csi an strictly case shows don’t otherwise offer.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen with another baby on the show but Bones hasn’t let me down yet so I’m sure they’re going to keep up the thrilling good work.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Its interesting to see all the posts, but for those who were upset by the change in storyline, Emily was actually prego and that had to be written into te story line or the series had to go off till she had her baby. I enjoy all of it, just glad when I get to watch.

  41. Nicky t says:

    Anyone know what’s going on with the Uk scheduling? It’s been all over the place in different channels(living at the mo) but episodes are not being shown in order or at a set time! V v frustrating! Thanks

  42. Kate says:

    Since its moving to Monday, what time will it be on?

  43. Liz says:

    Apparently you do. Enough to read the article and comment.

  44. Kathryn Meyer says:

    OMG!I’M SO FAR BEHIND!!!! Like I knew she was pregnant but that’s it!! Between have a baby of my own and moving into are new place and not have tv idk what’s going on anymore :X !!!!!!!!!

  45. Nicole says:

    I can’t wait for Bones to return, it’s been far too long and I will watch it over anything any night of the week! I am really excited to hear that there may be another 2 seasons of the show.

  46. Lynsey Hutsby says:

    They name the baby CHRISTINE BOOTH!

  47. Janey says:

    I can’t see them doing anything to the baby in the finale. I LOVE this show, but honestly if they did something bad to the baby I don’t think I could go on watching. That would be a really stupid move, to build up the storyline and then end it like that. I think that would really turn off viewers. Brennan had such a sad childhood, and Booth has demons of his own, so I think viewers really want to see them have happiness.

  48. kenzie says:

    I dont care what the name is,they are just so perfect together!!

  49. Liz says:

    I agree. They say it’s been a disaster since season 6. Well, it’s halfway through season 7 and they’re still watching. They don’t care ’bout the show anymore, yet apparently interested enough to dig up this link, follow it, read the article and the comment on it. Yep, no interest.

  50. Johnette Woods says:

    Why Mondays? What time Mondays, Central Standard Time? Does anyone know? Will it conflict with Castle? Why couldn’t they leave it where it was on Thursdays?

    • Mic says:

      Almost all of the shows are changing or have changed from one time or another. No it won’t interfere since it’s on much earlier, 8 pm Central Time Zone. Besides Bones has dominated EVERY time slot so no worries.