American Idol's Season 11 Top 13 Guys Perform: Who Was Your Favorite? Take Our Poll!

joshua ledet idolGreetings, Idoloonie Nation! Now that Season 11’s Top 13 guys have finished their performances, it’s time to begin your annual American Idol speed-dialing shenanigans. Please vote thoughtfully from the Piperlime Accessory Wall, and keep in mind you’ll be 866-ing your way all to the end of May. In other words, this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Before voting commences, however, please consider a quick call to the FCC: We cannot let Randy casually/accidentally/publicly insert himself into Steven Tyler’s bawdy sexual fantasies without making Fox pay the requisite fine, right? (Yes, I speak of Steven telling Ryan that “dark” is his favorite kind of “chocolate,” and Randy standing up and bellowing, “I like to consider myself milk, but dark is cool!” Ugh.)

Anyhow, I’ve got a full episode recap to write — look for it early Wednesday morning right here at TVLine — but until then, I thought I should offer my briefest first impressions on the evening’s 13 performances. (Yes, 13: The judges added Jermaine Jones to the standard Top 12 lineup in what was referred to as a “dramatic” twist.)

Reed Grimm, Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”
This…is American Lounge Singer!

Adam Brock, Aretha Franklin’s “Think”
Nice guy, didn’t miss a note, but felt a little too Season 3 to break on through to the other side of the semifinals.

Deandre Brackensick, Earth Wind and Fire’s “Reasons”
Heard some nerves percolating through that vocal, but still, he’s different enough to stand out, and could be a true contender with the experience under his belt.

Colton Dixon, Paramore’s “Decode”
He’s got a radio-ready voice; I just wished he’s put it to use on a better song.

Jeremy Rosado, Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity”
Buttery smooth, and mercifully light on the R&B affectations. The first fully realized performance of the night. He’d better get through!

Aaron Marcellus, The Jackson Five’s “Never Can Say Goodbye”
“It’s a very strange vibration” — in dude’s voice, maybe. I wanted to like that better that I did.

Chase Likens, Hunter Hayes’ “Storm Warning”
Came off like a Kia showing up for the Indy 500.

Creighton Fraker, Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”
Wasn’t a fan before tonight, but have to admit he made some great choices. What was with Randy hinting his backstory’s gonna hurt him? Doesn’t he always say it’s a singing competition?

Phillip Phillips, Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”
“Stick with the melody is I think what he’s saying.” –J.Lo, translating Randy’s critique, and expressing my thoughts. That shot of him waking up all scruffy-like in bed = a lot of votes, though.

Eben Franckewitz, Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”
And just when I was about to say there weren’t any real train wrecks tonight. :(

Heejun Han, Robbie Williams’ “Angels”
Mostly in tune, but he really clipped a lot of his phrases. On a positive note, I hear X Factor is looking for a host!

Joshua Ledet, Jennifer Hudson’s “You Pulled Me Through”
Dayum. Did he just out-J.Hud J.Hud? (And did I just use J.Hud as a verb?)

Jermaine Jones, Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father”
Pimp slot + adorable mom + “dramatic twist” backstory = automatic berth in the Top 10? Big bass voice, but still not convinced he’s ready for this jelly.

Your turn. Post your reviews in the comments, and take our poll below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Zach says:

    Eben was bottom.
    Deandre was top.
    The rest were karaoke.

    • Eben was horrible and that they didn’t mention the fact that he was singing Adele, probably the greatest voice out there, and that he brutally tried to sing her song was ridiculous. He was horrible, but I guess them saying that he sounded a little “pitchy” is as bad a comment that any of the judges will be making this season.

      • Jacob Dolan says:

        I was as embarrassed for the judges as I was for Eben. How do you retain credibility after not calling BS on THAT performance? Especially when you’re ostensibly supposed to be a judge on America’s most-watched SINGING competition? I did junior high theater with people who could sing better than Eben. And really, that’s what his voice screams out to me: Junior High Theater. If they put him through on the Bieber Factor, well, they probably missed the whole part about Bieber actually being able to sing really well. Or at least the kind of mainstream pop stuff they’re looking for. Because any record Eben puts out is going to be about as marketable as a punch in the face.

        • TheBeach says:

          “Junior High Theater”…just what I was thinking but you put it perfectly.

        • vivi says:

          The whole thing was a train wreck I don’t think this will be the top singing show for much longer. Giving the girl’s a chance tonight but if it’s as bad as last night I’m done.

        • DebsBlueLily says:

          If you don’t have soul, don’t attempt to sing Adele. Period. Eben has a ‘pure voice’, one that can hit notes with clarity, but not much feeling. When he started singing Set Fire to the Rain, I thought, “No. Just No.” He has a future in a Boys Choir, but I can’t imagine him bringing the raw feeling needed to really perform the heck out of anything.

      • JoMarch says:

        I stopped watching last year because of the poor quality of the judging. I thought I would give the show a chance last night, but I was very disappointed, again, with the comments of the judges. Whenever I hear them, I think WWSS (what would Simon Say). He would have advised Eben it was a horrible song choice. After listening to Jermaine, I was wondering how Eben made it through first pass and Jermaine was eliminated. I didn’t see the tryouts; maybe it was more evident then. Simon would have told Deandre that falsetto should be used judiciously and not used for an entire song. Instead, the judges acted as if her was fantastic.

    • DL says:

      Deandre at the top? Really? My entire family thought he did not do well at all. None of us liked him. Rather surprised at Mr. Slezak’s optimistic view of Deandre too.
      Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. /shrug

      • Marianne says:

        I think maybe Slezak is giving Deandre some points for prior performances (Vegas). Song choice and mentoring (if they ever did mentoring properly on Idol) would benefit Deandre. He shouldn’t rely so heavily on his falsetto. It needs to be used sparingly in nice doses imo.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        Take into consideration that it’s their first time out — nerves. He may have rehearsed something else, but got on stage and did something different. See my comments above — the girls love him, he had control once he got his voice in line and he has stage presence.

        • cathy says:

          Sorry but he was horrible.

        • karenb says:

          @Sally, I totally agree with you about Deandre’s nerves. That was the first thought that came to my mind. He looked very scared. Honestly, I give anyone props for being able to stand up in front of millions of people and sing. Yikes.

        • DebsBlueLily says:

          Agreed about his nerves. Did you see the look on his face when he was going in for that high note? Instead of really pulling into it, the look in his eyes was that he was totally uncomfortable before the camera panned back.

      • Sookie says:

        I have to say the falsetto kind of irritates me although I loved his last note. He was much better in the audition rounds.

    • AJ says:

      EASILY the worst group of guys ever, and I really didn’t think it could ever get worse than season 9’s sorry bunch of fellas. Unfortunately I was wrong. Girls better be amazing or I’m done with this season. No way I’m sitting through another season 9, especially when The Voice is around now.

      • ChrissieK says:

        Well go and watch The Voice (you can’t watch both?) So many viewers threatening Idol to change it up or “I’m going to watch The Voice”…wah wah wah. How do you want Idol to change it up?

        • cathy says:

          I want them to fix the voting. I want them to hire half decent judges and that would mean getting rid of the three that they have. I want them to get rid of Nigel. That wild card stunt last night was stupid. Nigel thought it would bring in more people to watch the show because everyone would be talking about who was coming back.
          Everyone I know thought the same way as myself. Who cares. They need to get ahold of some half decent songs. Every year I sit through the auditions and Hollywood week and see some good talent. Then the top 24 gets picked and most of that talent has disappeared.
          This show has been going down hill for years now and the only thing that Nigel has to say is to call people who criticize him on Twitter morons. Oh…..and his decision to have one of the Hollywood weeks for people throwing up and falling off stages. Dumb dumb dumb

        • Craig says:

          Michael, I love ya but I hope nobody really complains to the FCC. What happened to freedom of speech or in this case making a bad joke on live television. The world is already way too PC and people should lighten up. I’m pretty sure you were joking but not everyone will “get it.” Just like you had the right to call Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scurvymonger in one of your X-Factor recaps, dumb Randy can let loose with his milk chocolate. Lighten up America. It wasn’t offensive just stupid.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      For me, Deandre (started very shaky, but he’s a chick magnet! and he has stage presence and confidence on the stage); and Philip Phillips, although we don’t need another WGWG that sounds like David Cook. Deandre’s stage presence reminded me of Stefano’s stage presence last year. Very confident on the stage.
      I swear these judges pick clones year after year. I give XF credit, at least they go for the “different”. But I saw Danny Gokey in the group, Joshua=Jacob, and more clones. Reed Grimm is clownish in my opinion jumping around with the drums.
      And what’s with the judges? Too nice too nice….come on!

    • Leslie says:

      I really wish the judges would get more honest with their critiscms for these contestants. It seems like they dont want to hurt anyones feelings. How are these artists going to get any better if every time you hear “that was great, that was beautiful”. Im still dissapointed Eben made it over David, I dont get it. All in all Phillip and Joshua were my favorite of the night. I will say on a positive note that out of all the seasons I think for the first night of the top 24 this was the most polished. Usually the first night sounds like a Karoke night in your local hometown bar.

    • Shari says:

      The two things at this level you need to do is not forget the lyrics and sing in tune. Deandre hit his high note, but if you are going to sing in falsetto it needs to be dead on and his was pitchy.

    • Jennifer Grayson says:

      I couldnt hear a word Deandre was singing, boys got an awesome falsetto, but only sounds good acoutic, it was literally PAINFUL to watch, better not get through, Eban was dreadful, I like Heejun as a person, hes actually my fave personlity wise, but its a singing competition. Reed was bad. Adam was bad. Joshua gave my favorite gospel performance ever on the show and ive seen all 10 seasons up until now. Jermaine is very unique and awesome. Im addicted to Phillip. Creighton really won me over, wasnt a big fan till now but that was awesome. And words can not describe how much i loved Coltons performance.

  2. Maryanne says:

    Lordy me Chase Likens is sexxxxy! Got my vote!

  3. Pat says:

    Aaron and Joshua were the best.

  4. Aaron and Joshua killed it tonight. Bringing back Jermaine Jones was ridiculous. X Factor did it with Melanie and American Idol wanted to do the same, it’s a ratings stunt, nothing more nothing less, well maybe less. Jermaine did not deserve the special treatment of making it a Top 25, there have been plenty of people in the past that deserved a shot but didn’t get one, bringing him back was pathetic on Idol’s part. There were people this year that deserved another shot, like Lauren Gray from the female side, but she didn’t get it. This was just a silly stunt, and it didn’t work, I don’t see him making Top 13.

    • Annie says:

      Completely agree. Honestly, even out of the four guys I think Jermaine was the worst choice. He has an interesting voice but doesn’t have full control of it. I feel the same way about Eben and really wish the judges would’ve given constructive criticism and told him to try again next year. Instead they put someone clearly not ready through and made it impossible to ever have another chance on the show.

    • rafrap says:

      I think it was harmless, he’s a nice guy, he had his second chance, and it’s hardly a ratings gimmick, the top 24 was so white my eyes were kinda hurting, and again really nice guy who truly seemed excited to be there, completely harmless “dramatic” twist, more power to Nigel for it.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        The top 24 was so white your eyes were hurting? Let’s see, there’s Heejun Han, Jessica Sanchez, Deandre Brackensick, Joshua Ledet, Aaron Marcellus, Jeremy Rosado, and I’m pretty sure Colton Dixon’s hair qualifies him for some sort of minority status.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        I believe and this is a guess — when they start the auditions they have a “quota” to meet – one Asian, at least 2 Blacks, one White guy with a Guitar — see where I’m going with this. I don’t think they got the BEST to audition. Therefore, they gotta take what they got.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I call it the “Gilligan’s Island” casting approach, but this year they have a whole lot of female singers (mostly blonde) that kind of sound alike to me. Maybe I’ll change my mind tonight.

        • cathy says:

          They must have missed that quota for the girls. It seems that the only females that can sing in the USA are white, brunette or blond and weigh under 130 lbs.

  5. nich says:

    None of them were my faves. They all were lacking a little something. Joshua was arguably the best but I’m not a fan of the gospel style, though he did it well.
    I resent the return of Jermaine. He had a complete breakdown over the judges cutting him. If America doesn’t vote him through what will he do then? Of course he will get voted through, he got the sad story, the comeback, the pimp spot. But he’s no Melanie Amaro.

    • umbrella says:

      Surely you could tell it would be Jermaine just by the chit chat the judges were having just after they told him he was cut. They felt so bad. He has to survive the public vote anyway.

    • Delirious says:

      “They all were lacking a little something” – and I think it didn’t help that they seemed to choose a quite low register for ALL the songs, except for Heejun and Joshua (and well, Jermaine, but we’re talking about “too low” here). They all sounded so “comfortable”, I think it even hurt them, because they were a bit wobbly without any true high-register risks, or even a bit of that feeling of walking the line when the song is a bit higher than their ubercomfort zone. Dunno, was I the only one who thought they went too much for a safe register for their songs, harming them eventually?
      That said… Reed was a little too “lounge”, Brock was too “blackwomanish”, Deandre abused the falsetto far too much, Colton was a bit too over the place with the melody, Jeremy was too bland, Aaron was a bit too comfortable, same with Likens (although I don’t think he can take the risks Aaron could), Creighton was too theatrical, Phillip(s) was a bit too obscure, Eben was a bit too inane, Heejun was a bit too nervous, Joshua was a bit too excessive (but not too much), and Jermaine was too low. And I guess my top 6 would be Reed, Colton, Aaron, Phil, HeeJun and Joshua, with Jeremy and perhaps Chase and Eben following them.

  6. Jacob Dolan says:

    This show DESPERATELY needed a Simon-type to call a spade a spade (just put Jimmy Iovine in a judges chair and have it over with!). Because I can’t imagine any judging panel for a singing competition, save for this one, not calling Eben’s performance out on being the complete disaster that it was. I’m surprised Randy didn’t at least break out his “but you’re singing a song from one of the best singers IN THE KNOWN WORLD” spiel (like he does when anybody sings Whitney Houston or Stevie Wonder below par). Seriously, how did he make that song choice (if he did in fact make it himself) and have nobody talk him out of it?
    How did the judges pick Eben to go through in the first place without anybody talking them out of it? Man alive, he’s a really great kid and all, but sheesh…

    • TheBeach says:

      I,too, was flabbergasted by Eben’s song choice. This is a painful, bitter and heartbreaking song…not something that should even be considered for a 15 year old that looks and sounds like he should be on The Mickey Mouse Show.

    • Dark Defender says:

      Eben is Beiber adjacent.. and for that (and the tweens who make up huge voting blocks) he might make it far… like Sanjaya far.

      • duranmom says:

        You are totally right. I watched my 14 year old squeal with delight when Eben was on. Needless to say, she’s also a Bieber fan. Coincidence? Uh, NO.

    • PC says:

      I think for this round the judges shouldn’t blast anyone. With only 5 singers going through out of 13, let American vote for who they like.
      People should be smart enough to vote for the good singers. Besides if they rip Eben, then people will vote for him. You know people like to vote for the worst singer, especially if the judges rip them.

  7. Andrea says:

    based on the recap, Chase seemed like one of the more natural performers along with Jermaine, while many others seemed either too cheesy or too desperate or just crazy. Joshua sounded good, but I’m worried that every performance from him will be the same thing all the time. Let’s mix it up, people!!

    • Marsaili says:

      WHAT?????? Were you watching the same show as the rest of us? Seriously? Chase is a cutie and has an ok voice but he did NOTHING to Hunter’s song—no feeling, no energy—Hunter Hayes KILLS that song and he’s young, I expected more from Chase. And Jermaine? The guy is great, he’s got a unique voice—but Joshua BLEW him out of the water! Joshua was more than good—he was American Idol Winner good–and I’m not a huge fan of R&B.

      • Andrea says:

        I said based on the recap, lol. It’s a limited amount of the actual performance to really know what the full performance was like. I also commented on who seemed more natural as a performer, not who did the best. Did that all escape you?? The recap of Joshua practically showed him singing a few words at the top of his lungs… we’ve seen that many times from him already. I want to see something different from him. I’m sorry if you don’t want contestants to mix it up, but I’d like to see them do this to show that they aren’t a one-trick pony. Colton at least looked as if he tried to rock it this time.

        • Marsaili says:

          Yeah, it did escape me–I was just so shocked that anyone had anything positive to say about Chase, poor guy. I still disagree about Joshua, he had the whole room on their feet–singing at the top of his lungs is what he does and he does it well. Yes, I do want them to mix it up—that’s why I’m excited about Phil, he’s already doing it—Creighton was a pleasant surprise tonight–he was very restrained and it worked. Colton has videos of himself doing this song on Youtube, it was a safe choice for him, he sings it often. I do like him, however, but I don’t know if he’s in my top 5.

      • NedPepper says:

        No. He is not a “cutie.” He looks like just some regular schlub. There are probably at least three or four other guys who, looks alone, can beat out the lame country boy, Chase. I don’t understand this, “He’s so dreamy” crap. Really? If you’re going to vote for superficial reasons…vote for Heejun. Dude’s at least entertaining.

        • Marsaili says:

          Did you READ my post—looks like I’m not the only one missing the full meaning of things. I would NEVER vote for someone because they are cute—and if you actually READ my post, you would know that I have no plan on voting for Chase, at all. I’m a 46 year old married mother of 6–not a teeny bopper looking for the next dreamy guy. Yes, Chase is a cutie—but I don’t know how he got into the top 24, his voice isn’t strong enough or unique enough to deserve to be there. I don’t do superficial, you’re preaching to the choir—stop it NOW.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Marsaili – just having six children gets you my vote for Woman Of The Year! Reading comprehension is not always a strong suit here. I’m totally impressed that you have time to not only watch “Idol” but post comments here! I agree with what you wrote and I’ll tell you how Chase got into the Top 24. Country Music. It’s huge, the fan base is huge, and that’s one segment of the industry where the fans still spend massive amounts of money on CDs and concerts. The judges put him through to appeal to the country music fans. And I pretty much agree with everything else you wrote about the contestants!

          • Marsaili says:

            LOL, Thanks D.E.T! 3 of my kids are grown but I still have to DVR Idol and watch it later—and then stay up late to post things about it, I’m a night owl anyway so it works ;-) Chase does have an ease on stage and a charisma—he just made that song so boring—I love the original, I was hoping he’d kill it. Having said that, I’ve barely seen anything of him beyond Vegas so I really don’t have enough information to form a valid opinion of him–but I don’t think we have another Scotty in the making here. Actually, I think the winner is going to be nowhere near country this year (Phil Phillips for the win! ;-)

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      @Andrea – I get it and I agree with your comment about Chase. Although the vocals weren’t 100% there they weren’t bad. He absolutely had stage presence, he “performed”, and it seemed natural – not contrived. If you’re going to be a country singer that just stands on the stage you’d better get a hat and a guitar (George Strait). And, he’s cute so he’s going to stick around for a while. Deal with it, people.
      I’m still watching the DVR. I liked Aaron Marcellus’ vocals well enough but the performance struck me as a little corny, as did Adam Brock.

  8. Annie says:

    Joshua was amazing. Everyone else was very boring, and over matched. Hopefully they’ll get better as the season progresses.
    I’m sad that DeAndre picked the wrong song, and then proceeded to botch the falsetto. I hope he makes it through, but based on that performance, he doesn’t deserve to make the top 13. He has to realize that he should use the falsetto sparingly.
    Creighton was good, but only in comparison to everyone else, excluding Joshua.
    Eben was horrible. I wasn’t expecting him to be so bad, even though he’s not ready for this type of competition.
    Bad song choice for Heejun. He’s still cute though.
    Good song choice for Phillip Phillips, and the band helped him by masking his flaws. He’s overrated.
    Aaron Marcellus has potential, but he over did it. A LOT. He should take notes from Joshua.
    Country guy was okay, but he and the others were forgettable.

    • Tee says:

      He didn’t overdo the falsetto. The original song is all falsetto – i thought it was wild and he deserves to make it through.
      I wasn’t a fan of Phillip until tonight. That was fantastic.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        I agree with you. What’s with the not understanding that REASONS is sung in falsetto all the way through? You guys need to listen to the original song!

    • Marianne says:

      I think double P is overrated too. Something about his vocals – – he seems to try so hard to give that D. Matthews grit/growl/rasp, that it doesn’t feel like it’s is legitimate voice. And – – I didn’t care for the song so slowed down. He’ll have to show me a lot more before I’ll be a fan.

  9. James Malnati says:

    Eben is sooooooooo hottttttttt.
    why couldn’t God have given Eben’s looks to Jeremy or Adam. It would make them “the total package” and in return make Eben completely useless.

  10. jb1583 says:

    I guess Phillips was going for a Chris Cornell/Billie Jean-style rearrangement; nice idea, but the drum machine needed to go.

  11. Tom says:

    This was a rough, rough night. I could barely sit through it all, and even now I’m truly unsure as to how the voting will go down.
    My top five of the night (in order of performance): Jeremy, Aaron, Creighton (I can’t believe I’m saying this…), Phillip and Joshua. DeAndre almost made it, but I couldn’t get behind his song choice, and despite the great note at the end, it wasn’t what I was hoping to hear from him.
    Worst of the night? Easily: Reed, Chase and Eben. Did I say Eben?
    Just a’ight? Adam, DeAndre, Colton, Heejun and Jermaine.
    Who should make it? IMO I’ll give my heart to Joshua, Phillip, Jeremy, DeAndre and Heejun.
    Who will make it? It pains (PAINS) me to say it, but: Reed, Colton, Phillip, Heejun and Eben/Jermaine. Yes, that’s how America will probably vote, and it does not make me happy.
    The wildcard(s) could very well be from DeAndre, Joshua, Jeremy and Aaron, if none make it. That gives me some solace.
    Overall: ladies, I’m begging you – bring your game tomorrow!

    • Lindsey says:

      Totally disagree with your predictions! There’s no way Reed is making it!! America may be good for picking the cute quirky guy in most situations, but when there are this may cute quirky guys that are better than Reed, he doesn’t stand a chance. And I’d be shocked if Eben made it too! My predictions for America’s vote: Colton, Phillip, Joshua, Deandre and Heejun, though I really hope I’m wrong, as Deandre’s falsetto and Heejun’s personality drive me a little crazy!

  12. Andrea says:

    I’ve been a huge Idol fan since the beginning,and will keep watching because I’m loyal, but that was the WORST episode I’ve ever seen. It was so boring. Why did the judges pick so many boring easy listening singing guys who just stand ther and sing ballads? Are you kidding me? Where are the current artists? Why did they pick such boring slow ballads. And WHY did the judges worship the first like seven guys who were al boring and NOT current? Then they criticize Phil and Heejun, who are the only two I don’t find completely boring. I like Deandre, but that was also boring. Joshua is good, but boring. AGGH! Colton at least did something different, but he’s so annoying with not wanting to audition and that stupid hair. I want to love you Idol, but what are you doing??? Does anyone else think this is intentionally bad so a female can finally win the show again????

    • Anna B says:

      Totally true – I was so excited for the show tonight and found myself distracted and texting and playing games on my phone for most of it!!

  13. Anna B says:

    There were no truly bad performances tonight, just a lot of mediocre, with Eben at the very bottom end of mediocre. Thought Joshua was the clear winner tonight. Beautiful voice, clearly no Jacob Lusk (phew). Actually, he reminds me a fair bit of the singer from Antony and the Johnsons.
    Hope Deandre makes it through, as well as Philip. Even though his performance wasn’t perfect, it was interesting, something that this crew of guys could really use.
    Just like Slezak, was very surprised at how much I liked Creighton! Have been hating him since the beginning, but I thought the song choice and restraint and performance was great. He gets the Haley Reinhart “I reserve the right to change my opinion of a contestant” award!

  14. Scarlett says:

    Why is it that they can never fix the sound issues? The band overpowers the vocals almost every time!

    • Christina says:

      The sound was horrible. It sounded like someone needed to flick a switch to give the mics more power all night

    • Sookie says:

      I agree, this happens every year. Especially noticed it with Colton. I could hear him great when he was at the piano but once he got up the volume went way down.

    • Wendi says:

      Oh, thank you for saying this. I had the HARDEST time hearing vocals over the band, and I wasn’t sure if it was my hearing (I hear with cochlear implants).
      I had to keep turning to my daughter (with normal hearing) and asking her how each guy sounded…everyone’s voices just drowned under the loud music. Ugh.

  15. Johnny says:

    They were all pretty horrible. Since no one stood out, voting will likely be based on fan bases we’ve already seen build up, so I’m guessing Phillip Phillips, Heejun Han, Colton Dixon, and Joshua Ledet are in. Who is the fifth? Maybe Jermaine for the whole “spectacle” of re-entry, even though I think he is terrible. My vote would be for the four aforementioned guys plus Creighton (or possibly Chase, who was rather entertaining). If people vote for his “musician ship,” then the fifth spot could go to Reed even though he is unstable; really, twitching and musicianship /passion are not the same thing.

    • Johnny says:

      Oh, and I say the judges will put through Deandre for sure as a wildcard, and if another guy goes through, it may be Reed.

  16. Justin says:

    Reed Grimm = Stripped all of the energy out of the song. Hokey. My guess: He’s history.
    Adam Brock = Competent but dullsville; absolutely no star appeal with echoes of Gokey. A goner for sure.
    Deandre Brackensick = I like what he brings to the table. Not the best performance but I hope he makes it for variety.
    Colton Dixon = Emo, bland, utterly unoriginal. Will probably stick around (unfortunately) to get the Twilight fan girl / Hot Topic shoppers vote.
    Jeremy Rosado = In tune, but incredibly boring. Might make it. Nice guy, eh?
    Aaron Marcellus = Typical mid-level performance that gets someone sent packing. 100 percent sure he’s toast.
    Chase Likens = Obvious fodder. County fair level talent at best.
    Creighton Fraker = Meh. Pretty uneven vocal.
    Phillip Phillips = I personally liked it.
    Eben Franckewitz = Please go home and don’t come back til your testes drop. Probably got the granny vote going for him.
    Heejun Han = Expected more from him. I think he’s a shoe-in though.
    Joshua Ledet = They saved the best for last, for sure. Oh wait…
    Jermaine Jones = Uneven but a nice guy. He might make it.
    Prediction to make it: Joshua, Phillip, Heejun, Colton, Jermaine
    Judges will stick in: Deandre and Jeremy

    • Carol says:

      I completely agree with your pick for the top 7 guys — those are the ones that I think will make it as well (although I think Deandre may get voted in rather than being a wild card pick).

    • Evan says:

      WOW- 7/7 on predicting who’d get in, plus you guessed correctly who’d be voted in and who’d need the wildcard. Good job!

  17. Predictions says:

    Chase, Adam, Eben, and Deandre (tragic, but he blew it tonight) are done. Everyone else has a shot at either getting voted through, or getting picked to sing for a wild card spot. If Heejun doesn’t get voted through, he won’t get the wild card shot (judges didn’t love his performance), and same for Jermaine (already got one second chance) and Reed (if audiences aren’t into him by now, it’s just not going to happen), but at least two of those three will be voted through along with Phillip, Joshua, and maybe Colton (if not, blame the song, but then he’ll sail into the top 13 anyway via the wild card round). At least two of Aaron, Jeremy, and Creighton will be picked to sing for the wild card (or all three if Colton’s safe), and any could make it through.

  18. Rilain says:

    The only ones tonight that gave me hope were Deandre, Phillip, and Joshua… and even from those three there was nothing that really blew my mind. As for the judges – after listening to their comments for the first 2 singers and realizing they sounded the same, I fast-forwarded through them. I can form my own judgments, and have better things to do than listen to “beautiful” thrown out 39 times. Hopefully the girls are better tonight and the boys improve next week!

  19. Christina says:

    Joshua is easily the best guy they have. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring that out as a coronation song come May.
    I’ll take a wild stab and say the 5 voted through are Joshua, Phil, Colton, Eben, and Heejun. The last two shouldn’t make it but we all know that talent doesn’t always equate into votes at this stage.

    • Vetle says:

      Swap Eben with Reed, and you have what I think. Unfortunately, I think Reed will make it…

    • SallyinChicago says:

      The whole point is to find a “star” and among this bunch, none of them are star material IMO. We will see in a few weeks. It’s still a good entertainment show, but I hate to write this — wish Simon was on board. I hope the XF fails, so they can bring him back. He would have slaughtered this group.
      Heejun is dull and boring. Nice personality. That’s all.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Not a star among the bunch? Really. Carrie Underwood was like watching paint dry at this stage on Idol. I think it’s a little too early to make that declaration.

  20. DDB says:

    Johnny Keyser was robbed.

  21. ladyhelix says:

    First night on the big stage is ALWAYS rough. It probably will be for the girls too. I’m looking forward to massive improvements in the weeks to come. If only they could muzzle Randy…..

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I agree. One of the things that’s fun about this program is watching the contestants grow and improve. At this stage of the game last year many of us weren’t Haley fans.

      • john says:

        Watching the contestants grow and improve, while the judges become catatonic (Steven), duplicitous (Jennifer) and imbecelic (Randy). Sort of like the 8th, 9th and 10th Dwarfs.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Made Me Laugh :-)
          Except for last season when they saved Casey Abrams and actually offered some contructive criticism – which he eventualy ignored.

  22. JimmyJ says:

    Luckily I started watching the show about 5 minutes later and was able to forward to Eben’s performance once he got to the chorus. I felt embarrassed for Eben and AI.
    I felt Deandre started off pitchy but ended well, and hoping he gets put through.
    I’m always excited to see Phillip perform solo, but was a little disappointed in the song overall, maybe because of the background music drowning out his guitar.
    Ledet was def the best of the night.
    Bringing Jermaine back completely baffles me. I thought it would be the short ladies man (who should have gotten in over Eben) or even the guy who sang when the girl fainted since he at least had a voice.
    And finally, as bad as Eben was, I can’t stand to watch Reed Grimm. Everything from his personality, dancing, facial expressions, and lack of a v-neck t-shirt under a nice dress shirt bothers me. He may have talent, but I’m not sure anyone on this show has irked me this much since Todrick Hall.

  23. Vetle says:

    I want Colton (I loved his performance. I loooove Paramore), Deandre, Aaron, Joshua and Jeremy/Phil/Heejun to stick around. Rest was blah.
    I do fear for Deandre, but I think he could get a wildcard. If Jovany can get a wildcard, Deandre most certainly can too.

  24. dan says:

    They need to put in more girls than guys this season, this is a weak lot. I liked Reed Grimm for some reason, but … unless they paid him off to embarrass the Voice, that was not good. Also, that poor child, Eben would be an exaggeration, but I was wrong, it really was that bad.

  25. Carly says:

    Knock his song choice if you want, but Colton is a smart dude and he knows his audience. He knows who votes and he knows that he is going to get them.

  26. Carly says:

    P.S. Colton’s hair is stupid.

  27. Brigette says:

    Oh my GOD, when Adam Brock was performing, I specifically had season 3 flashbacks playing in my head. Not season 2, not season 4…WTF Slezak? You are my everything.

  28. Owen says:

    Oh, if he is not voted through, the judges will save Reed. Who I (and the great Melinda Doolittle) actually like a lot. He’s their Casey save (who Melinda and I also loved). I love Medlinda for many reasons, but mostly when she disagrees with Slezak.

  29. Dani C says:

    Wow, that was pretty dismal. Aside from Jeremy (my fav of the night) that was the most boring semi-final boys show I can recall. Adam and Joshua were in tune and sounded good; but these guys should be striving for more than just good. Everyone else was either meh or downright awful. I have even higher hopes for the girls, so here’s hoping they really bring it tomorrow!
    On a side note, I wanna f#$*ing kill Randy! How is it possible for a person to get EVEN MORE ANNOYING?!

  30. Jamie says:

    FYI — Adam sang “Think”, not “Respect”.

  31. Lo says:

    Top 5 for me are Colton, Joshua, Phillip, Heejun, and Chase with Deandre hopefully getting a wildcard. I’m seriously hoping the judges don’t wildcard Reed or Adam but I think they might.

  32. greg says:

    i dont think i can even stand to watch this season after tonights love fest. the judges give no criticism, this is the top 24, you cant tell them all they are perfect right out the gate!
    what is the point of having judges if they just are there to give generic praise. least simon and la reid gave negative comments, even if they were off base sometimes.

    • Al says:

      Agreed! And the ones they did criticize in-depth (Phillip, Heejun) were the ones with the fewest problems. Really, they criticize Heejun’s song choice when friggin Eben ruins a popular Adele song (BTW: that was the criticism Haley got last year for “Rolling in the Deep” too from J-Lo, although J-Lo’s real desire would have been to strangle Haley onstage, so . . .). They criticize Phillip’s reworking of the song, when Reed’s “Moves Like Jagger” put a terrible twist on a not-so-musical-to-begin-with song? Seriously? And then we include Eben’s pitchiness as a sidenote because he’s just so gosh-darn cute.
      Give me a break, I can’t stand to watch this. Will just take twenty minutes each week to watch the performances on YouTube if there’s anyone worth keeping up with.

    • Chrisvol says:

      Can you imagine the sympathy votes Eben would have received if the judges had unloaded on him like he deserved? I am thankful they didn’t – maybe he will go away because no one saw the cute lil kid cry after being tormented by the mean ole judges. On the same tip thank you judges for being a mean-ish to Heejun – he needed the boost.

    • Kathryn says:

      I second this! The judges have nothing of value to contribute… I’m tired of hearing how wonderful and perfect everyone is. Oh, and don’t forget “beautiful” – Steven’s vocabulary is as limited as Randy’s is! And sometimes I wonder if I’m watching/listening to the same show as the judges are.
      I was not blown away by anyone tonight – in fact I found myself bored. I am not invested in anyone so far and really don’t care who goes through (which is a first – normally I at least have a few people that I like). I sure hope the girls have more personality!

    • sookie says:

      Thank God for TiVo! After the first few rounds of gushing from the judges I was just fast forwarding through them. I did listen to some of the comments about Eban since they did show Jlo at one point shaking her head.

  33. raftrap says:

    There is no Lusky Stank there, Jacob Lusk 2.0 is just better in every way, I couldn’t believe it, the judges had every reason to stand up. I had no idea there was a Chase Likens in the top 13, but there he was, I just wish he would have sang Adele too, so that people would know exactly who not to vote for. I just felt bad for Heejun who was good (OK he wasn’t perfect), yet had to endure the full wrath of the judges (i.e. Baby pick a better song, one that’s more beautiful…dawg). To be fair, they were all pretty good, there really wasn’t that much to complain, which is just a great way to start the live shows.

  34. Rihanna says:

    Only watched for him. What a disappointment to get jermaine, who was totally not worth the hype. David or Johnny deserved it.

  35. Ruby says:

    SO disappointed that it wasn’t Johnny Keyser they brought back instead of crying guy. :( Joshua killed it, the rest of them were eh. Love Phillip Phillips though. Otherwise the boys are pretty weak this year.

  36. PhilJun HeeLip says:

    I will be power voting for Phillip and Heejun until my fingers fall off! They were solid tonight.

    • Chrissy says:

      Heejun is just so awkward it’s too funny not to watch. And I didn’t even pay attention to Phillip until tonight, he was great.

  37. Candice Glover says:

    Deandre needs to stop singing like a castrated cat. And stop whipping your hair around! If it bothers you, cut it!
    Eben. Poor girl.
    Joshua. You are not a girl. Or maybe you are. Stop Lusk-ing.

  38. Dark Defender says:

    Phillip Phillips is not original. He is a Dave matthews copycat.. his vocals, phrasings and even the way he moves on stage (and holds his guitar) are signature Dave Matthews moves. I can’t believe the Judges ignore this..
    Most of these guys are a rehash of the past seasons:
    Colton (Durbin 2.0)
    Deandre (Sanjaya with vocal range)
    Chase (the male Lauren Alaina)
    Reed is SO not like Casey – way to beat that dead horse Randy.
    I just hope the girls bring it tomorrow…

  39. darcy's evil twin says:

    Wow! I haven’t watched Idol yet because I had a meeting (DVRed it, though) but I decided to check out the comments here first. I am SO disappointed. There seemed to be several good vocalists among the men and I was expecting all sorts of rave reviews.
    They didn’t bring back Johnny Keyser as the “surprise save”? Seriously? Well, there go all my jokes about him singing shirtless from the hot tub. Darn. Some people have commented the first night on the big stage is a little rough. I hope they’re right!
    One thing I know for sure, even though I haven’t watched the recording – I knew Eben was a mistake. No surprise there. And WTH is it with all the guys singing songs by female artists?

  40. TheBeach says:

    Reed: I kinda like his jazzy voice. I want to listen but not watch him.
    Adam: generic R&B with zero charisma
    Aaron: not bad but there are too many others with more air time,a goner
    Deandre:nice chest voice, please use it and save the falsetto for accents.
    Phillip: I actually liked his rendition of an over-played song.
    Joshua: Amen, brother !
    Heejun: Sorry, judges. I liked his song choice and voice.
    Chase: Very cute but kinda boring.
    Jermaine: pleasant old-school Luther but it shoulda been Keyser.
    Eben: a travesty. May the ghost of Adele haunt you throughout your teen years.

  41. Chrissy says:

    I wasn’t a fan of Phillip at all — I just didn’t like his voice, until tonight. I kind of really liked it even though I didn’t want to. The guy sold me. I also really liked Josh and Jeremy!
    Eben really stunk it up tonight and I don’t see the appeal of Deandre at all.
    And Jermaine, I don’t get why they brought him back.Ugh.

  42. Josh says:

    I really think Phillip Phillips is the only safe bet at this point in terms of vote and Joshua Ledet in terms of wildcard…So we at least know 2 of the 13…It’s up in the air for everyone else but I think Jeremy, Aaron and Deandre are in trouble…Chase is country so…you never know…The other 7 are anyone’s guess.

  43. Gail says:

    Just when I thought I was through with Idol……Loved that it wasn’t a bunch of little kids! Love Deandre and Philip!

  44. BeachBum says:

    I really don’t see Adam Brock making it through unless his ploy of the gold towel gets all the Steelers fans voting.

  45. darcy's evil twin says:

    Watching Reed Grim singing “Moves Like Jagger”. Remember when they would only show Elvis from the waist up on TV?
    And Adam Brock is singing “Think”, not “Respect”. I believe someone mentioned that. His voice sounds good enough but everyone is right – he reminds me of Danny Gokey.

    • marie says:

      No. Reed Grimm should be shown only from, oh, I don’t know, maybe from the hairline up. His hair is innocuous enough. The rest of him – from his idiotic mangling of that song into a quarter-baked lounge-lizard warble to his silly facial mugging to his not-so-smooth moves (nothing at ALL “like Jagger”!) is just annoying.

  46. Molly says:

    Too funny – I said the same thing to my husband about Heejun hosting the X Factor, already thinking about his post-Idol opportunities to use his sense of humor. Of course I had to complete the thought by quoting good old Steve-bot: “Popular!”

  47. Shawn says:

    Can we please replace Randy with Jimmy Iovine, and replace JLo with Peggy Blu aka the vocal coach from hell. I just wanted to smack the judges this evening with their “beautiful” comments. They get on Phil and Heejun, but Eben just has “pitch problems”? And Reed was “great” while his vocal was alright I was disturbed by his body language.

    • Marsaili says:

      Reed probably should just stay behind the drums—but I do like his singing and how he changes up songs. I don’t know what was up with their coddling of Eben—I really didn’t like this performance and I really didn’t like his singing in the group round in Vegas, they were killing it up until he sang. He needs a few more years to mature—his voice is too girly in the upper registers and squeaky in the mid range—the kid needs to go through puberty all the way! I think he has the potential to be good–but this was just too soon. David Leathers Jr.—while cocky, his voice was much more mature—I didn’t get why they told him to wait another year and they put Eben through. The only think I can think of is that there were already some heavy R&B contenders in Aaron and Joshua and Deandre–maybe they wanted him to wait to let his voice become more on their level and give him a better chance?

  48. Margo says:

    My favs of the night was definitely Aaron, Joshua, and Eben. I enjoyed Jermaine Jone’s rendition of was beautiful but I don’t know if the 12 year olds are ready for a heavy baritone like him, so I don’t know how far he’ll go.

  49. Frankie says:

    Did anyone get the not-so-subtle indication that randy’s criticism of creighton’s “backstory” relative to the other contestants was a jab at his sexual orientation? Felt like that was his point, but then regretted it and tried to skirt around it. Creighton’s vocal was petty great, especially compared to the dreck everyone else brought, so the fact that he alone was criticized for his backstory, with randy indicating that it is part of the package, was odd.

    • donie says:

      After he sang was also the first time of the night the judges said anything about the voting — along the lines of, good job, but half the people are going home. Tonight was the first night I’ve liked C.F. at all, and I felt bad he was getting that line from all 3 of the panel.

    • Tusk says:

      I don’t know how you equated Randy’s comment as a jab at sexual orientation, unless I missed something. I thought his back story was that he’s kind of a drifter who just met his dad…or something like that. I don’t remember his ‘orientation’ was ever mentioned.
      Jennifer said she didn’t want him to go as if, it was a forgone conclusion he was gone, and Randy’s comment seemed to say, if you need to be saved you won’t be. That’s all I got out of that interaction. Still it was a crappy thing to say after all the effusive praise scattered everywhere for everyone else (except Heejun :P)
      I agree that was his best performance, but, unfortunately for him, the bar was set pretty low. Still didn’t deserve that little “Oh by the way…” from Randy. :(

      • Sookie says:

        Well I was also thinking that Randy was talking about his sexuality. The “back story” that Idol was pushing was very sweet, preachers adopted son and finding his rocker father later on. Unless some other story is circulating on the internet or something. Doesn’t matter to me, I thought “True Colors” was amazing.

    • Victoria says:

      I got the same vibe. Creighton had a perfectly nice backstory, but randy seemed to be skirting around whatever he was really trying to say. The rainbow backdrop only made it clearer. The judges seemed to be saying goodbye to him already, as though they didn’t believe a gay man could make it though. I guess they have sort of a point, because when Adam lambert got through, his sexuality was ignored, and many of his fans still thought he was straight by the end. Sexuality shouldn’t matter, but it can play a role, and I think the judges were almost alluding to that without actually saying. Which is crap, because Creighton was one of the nights best vocals. They should have been praising him instead of repeating that so many people are going home.

      • Dave in Hollywood says:

        I have no question at all that this is what they were referring to, i.e. Creighton being gay and probably “turning against” his preacher family. I mean they had a rainbow backdrop and rainbows all over the set as well. Geez, why not just show porn or something if you want to get your message across. ;-)
        Anyway, I was irritated enough that I voted for Creighton and the other two potential gay boys as well: Joshua and Deandre. Take that, American Idol!

  50. jw says:

    1. Not a big Deandre fan
    2. Interesting that Maroon 5 released a song for use on Idol after the garbage spewed from Randy’s maw
    3. Loved Phillip Phillips…change to the melody worked for me, not karaoke, he made it work for him