Parenthood Post Mortem: Find Out What the Finale Has In Store After 2 Major Game Changers!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s Parenthood, avert your eyes now! And we repeat, if you have yet to watch Tuesday’s Parenthood, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…]

Tuesday’s episode of Parenthood gave us the moment we’ve been not-so-quietly dreading for months: Upon giving birth to a baby boy, Zoe opted to keep her child instead of giving it to Joel and Julia to adopt.

“My first reaction [upon learning the resolution to the adoption storyline] was that it’s brutal and so heartbreaking,” Erika Christensen (Julia) tells TVLine. “The way that it goes down — it seems impossible and then it just happens.” The actress adds that while Joel and Julia “can’t hold it against Zoe because it is her child,” it’s not something they’ll easily forgive.

Christensen says that, obviously, the bond the couple shares with Zoe — baby aside — will be, for the foreseeable future, irreparable. “Zoe changing her mind about the adoption is something, long-term, that you could possibly get over, kind of like a breakup,” she muses. “But at this point, Julia feels very betrayed [because] she knew this was going to happen and gave Zoe every opportunity to back out.”

But the Braverman clan’s most determined duo won’t be down (or out) for long. Teases Christensen’s leading man, Sam Jaeger, “Thankfully, the end of the season… is somewhat distracting for Joel and Julia, who just immediately start on a different path. They’re open to anything at this point.”

“Our story is sort of wrapped up tonight, and then [next week’s] finale just goes — boom! — into the next season for us,” Christensen adds. “It’s pretty broad and open where Joel and Julia go from here, but we’re definitely moving forward.”

As one couple coped with crushing disappointment, another celebrated long overdue bliss. After years of dancing around their soulmate status, Crosby and Jasmine (once again) decided to make it official and became engaged while on Jabbar’s school camping excursion. “The trip symbolized a crossroads for Jasmine, where she could either go down this road with Dr. Joe (D.B. Woodside) or that road with Crosby — and she decides to go with the one that is more exciting and unexpected,” Jasmine’s portrayer, Joy Bryant, tells us. “She just realizes that what [she and Crosby] have is greater than whatever happened between them in the past.”

And this time around, they’re foregoing a lengthy engagement and proceeding directly to the wedding.

“They’ve already planned a wedding once, so they just decide to get married [in the finale] and have a party,” shares Dax Shepard (Crosby). “But of course, the rest of the family wants more than that.”

Enter an exquisitely-decorated Braverman backyard and a Joel Graham-whittled alter, and — voilà! — you’ve got yourself a ceremony!

“Expect a lot of dancing at the reception,” Shepard tells us. “Our director let us pick out songs so we were comfortable dancing… For the slow dance, I picked out John Legend’s ‘Again.’ It’s a good one, but also it’s about a couple that keeps breaking up and getting back together… See what I did there? And also ‘Teenage Dream’ by Katy Perry, which was a mutual pick among the cast for our fast dance.”

Gushes Bryant, “For something that is planned in 72 hours, it goes off without a hitch. It’s beautiful and its fun… Crosby and Jasmine finally did it!”

Now, about those other significant others… Reveals Bryant, “Dr. Joe takes [the news of the engagement] very well and is really understanding — what a cool dude!” And what of Crosby’s lady friend, Lily (Courtney Ford)? “Yeah, I haven’t shot those scenes yet, but I’m not looking forward to it,” Shepard tells us with a laugh, noting that he’d read the script and her dialogue conveys a less-than-civil reaction.

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  1. Maddy says:

    I really wish that they hadn’t gone that route with Zoe and the baby. That was just too cruel.

    • robinepowell says:

      Me too!

    • Ari says:

      Me too. I mean, they’ve been setting it up that way from the start but it was still brutal. Julia, Joel and Sydney show up to take their new child home and Julia turns a corner and BAM! She has to be the one to tell Joel it’s not happening. I have to say she took it better than I did. I was curled up in a ball on the couch, crying for her. We adopted our daughter and I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to get so close and have it fall apart!

    • Justin says:

      Wasn’t it? It was heartbreaking to watch Julia fall apart in that empty hotel room. I knew that was going to happen.

    • Shellie says:

      I would love for Zoe to find parenthood overwhelming and bring the baby to Julia and Joel in 6 or 9 months.

  2. Kathrin says:

    Nothing about Sarah??? THAT’S the one I’m interested about.

    • Jhuff says:

      Me too. I hope she is done with Mr. Cyr. There is just something about Jason Ritter that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know if it’s his acting, facial hair…I just don’t care for the guy. That aside, didn’t Drew cry in a burger shop Just last week? While he was crying didn’t he say it was because he felt like Cyr and his mom were just going to run off and start their own family? Didn’t Cyr insist that was not going to happen? So what is his first line in this episode? Trying to talk Sarah into running off with him and starting their own family! What???

      • Amy says:

        Jason Ritter* has a new pilot called “County” with the EP of Parenthood/Friday Night Lights. I’m thinking he’ll go to NYC and Sarah will realize, as she started to last night when Amber came over, that her kids aren’t ready for her to switch to a different coast.
        * I understand your feelings towards JR. I think he has creepy facial hair, but I do like him. Something about Mark Cyr is very off putting though

  3. Laur says:

    Love this show! I’m predicting this now…and have been for weeks, Drew will get his girlfriend, Amy, pregnant. Mark my words.

    • Jessica says:

      I really really hope not. I definitely think Drew and Amy will do it (as the couple who has sex for the first time, a spoiler leaked in this week’s AA) but I hope it’s not another pregnancy cliffhanger. We had it with the is it Haddie?!? last season. I hope they make it cute and awkward, just like Drew is in the show.

    • Fan says:

      ya same. i have a feeling amy will get pregnant. not surprised about jasmine and crosby and the whole zoe leaving with her baby. i absolutely love this show tho! BRING BACK ALEX!!!!!

    • Angela says:

      I Feel the same way! at least i know im not alone in this!

    • Alyx says:

      You were correct…only a year later lol. Good call though! Makes sense that they would have SOMEONE go through this. I thought it would of been Haddie.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Jasmine & Crosby!!! FINALLY!!! I’m glad jasmine is the one to make the move. Also, completely heartbroken for Joel & Julia.

    • Stacie says:

      I loved the Jasmine and Crosby scene. It was perfect, they set it up where the 2 of them finally decided to move on,away from each other, and then it was only then that Jasmine luckily figured out that she loves Crosby and only Crosby. This is my favorite pairing on the show and I am glad I stuck by it through all the crap that it’s been through. Really great acting by both actors tonight.

      • Marilyn says:

        Agree! Love, love this show! I llove ever character, “So Real”‘ I wait ever week, for show to come on, better ea h time! Wish Zoe didn’t change her mind, she should still give baby up, keep up good work on show, Llove love show,,,,,

    • cj says:

      i did like Lily though. she was kind of quirky and OCD and i dug it. in the end though its gotta be crosby and jasmine though, can’t argue with that.

      • DL says:

        Yeah, I also liked Lily, and I thought she was so amazing with Jabbar during the concert. Jasmine seeing that was probably one of the things that set the dominoes falling in her mind to get back together with Crosby, I’d bet.

  5. Dave says:

    Who is the actor who plays the prospective buyer for the luncheonette?

  6. Booger says:

    EC nailed the reaction. Poor Julia and Joel… And Jasmine and Crosby… Wow. About time. Adam’s betrayal is still coming.

    • tanner says:

      ohhhhh adam… what have you done sweet summer child…

    • Jhuff says:

      Yeah, Adam was wrong for that. He was being sold the whole time and never should have agreed to meet in the first place. Wish it showed what the second offer was. Honestly with the first offer, they would have only cleared about $300,000 each after taxes. That would have gotten them through a couple of years, then what?

  7. TV Gord says:

    I didn’t think they’d do it, but they went and did it! CROSBY and JASMINE! YES!
    I was Crosby’s biggest critic when he cheated on Jasmine, but I really wanted them to get through it and reunite. I was SO sure they were never going to get together, I was resigned to just watching how they dealt with being co-parents…but now, they’ll be PARENTS! I am SO happy!
    I agree with Maddy that I wish they hadn’t gone this route with the baby, but I have complete trust in the creative forces behind this show. I will follow them anywhere. I can’t wait for the season finale!

  8. Amanda says:

    I love this show. My heart broke for Joel and Julia. I wasn’t completely surprised, but what a terrible situation. I would be devastated. But the story was done well without cheesy dialogue and unnecessary drama.

  9. sonyetta says:

    love love love THIS SHOW!

  10. Kelly says:

    I love this show but…Since when are season finales in February???

  11. Kayla says:

    Poor Julia that was heartbreaking! So excited Crosby and Jasmine got back together!!!!

  12. Doris says:

    It was heartbreaking to watch Julia come to the realization that she will not be adopting the baby..cried a few times during the episode. The moment when Zoe told Julia she loved her was touching…she has really been a surrogate Mom to this girl.

    • Leah says:

      Your comment got me thinking that maybe Julia and Joel will end up with an older or foster child b/c of this? They were so good with Zoe that maybe they start working with struggling teens or something?

  13. Coleen says:

    Love the show tonight! Can’t wait to see how it all plays out. So sorry Zoe changed her mind though. I was hoping she would do what she promised.

  14. watch n learn says:

    SO EXCITED for Crosby and Jasmine! It’s about time! I feel for Joel and Julia…but the writing was on the wall for quite some time. Julia just chose to ignore it. I still feel awful for them, though. I LOVE this show and what it does to me. Totally makes my Tuesday nights!

    • Jhuff says:

      Julia chose not to see it? She was paranoid and terrified at every turn this would happen, Joel was constantly having to talk her down. She knew this was going to happen, but Joel and Zoe kept insisting it wouldn’t.

      • watch n learn says:

        Actually last week, because of the way Zoe had been acting, Joel told her to cut ties with Zoe. Julia chose not to.

  15. jessica says:

    Am I the only one who thought the Julia/Zoe situation was really confusing? I actually didn’t know they weren’t going to adopt the baby until I read this article.
    I can’t wait for next week’s show, but I was pretty disappointed with this episode. All the situations were just too unrealistic/confusing trying to build up to the finale.

    • Amy says:

      Had you watched any of the other episodes this season? Zoe was the coffee girl at Julia’s law firm, Julia asked her for her baby, Zoe said no but then came over for dinner and saw what a great family they were and said yes. Then her boyfriend wanted Julia and Joel to pay for the baby and when they said no he refused to sign the adoption papers. Zoe changed his mind he signed the papers. Zoe moved out of Julia and Joel’s, Julia thought that meant she wanted to keep the baby, she said no it was to make it easier to give up the baby.
      It’s been a whole season of Julia going back and forth regarding adopting Zoe’s baby.

    • melissa says:

      I agree, I didn’t realize that the adoption was dead until I read the article. I know it was back and forth for a long time. I just didn’t get that Julia could tell that Zoe was keeping the baby, just from the looks they gave each other.
      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.

  16. Heather says:

    I’m probably the only one but I hate that Crosby and Jasmine got back together! They have never had a good relationship, even before he cheated she seemed to treat him badly imo. I had a feeling Zoe would back out but so sad that she did it this way to them!

    • Jhuff says:

      Im with you. I cannot stand Jasmine! She treated Crosby awful, her family treated him even worse. When he finally started to stand up for himself, she walked out on him and said she needed time to think about things (like whether or not she was willing to be with him if he wasn’t going to let her walk all over him). I still disagree with what he did, but you can’t walk out on someone after treating them like crap and expect them to sit around pining for you. It seems like most things she’s done since we’re to intentionally hurt him. Even my wife would scream,”why does he want to be with her!?!”, the entire time he was trying to win her back.

      • maryb says:

        I’m with you and Heather, Jhuff. I really, really despise Jasmine.
        I’ve found it hard to be sympathetic to her from the beginning.
        I would have preferred watching her and Crosby learn to co-parent. I don’t think they’re a good match together AT ALL. I’m so disappointed they went this route. Way too predictable and easy.

    • mpp11 says:

      agree, I cannot stand jasmine either/how she treated crosby since the beginning of the show.. and yes, crosby screwed up but I was happy w seeing them move on in different directions…
      so heartbreaking about the Julia/Joel/zoe storyline. Julia literally had me in tears when she went into the empty room after telling Joel… so sad.

    • Jennifer says:

      You are not the only one! I’m not a fan of Crosby and Jasmine. I don’t care that they have a kid together, it’s not enough to stay together. I just never felt they were right for each other. Lily and Crosby had some great chemistry and I was really loving this season with Crosby and Jasmine apart. Their “love” story just seems so forced. Just like this decision to get married again! C’mon now, it’s not spontaneous and it’s just rushed so neither of them have time to back out of it. I’m disappointed most by this storyline.

    • Joan says:

      Totally agree! I really liked Dr. Joe and was hoping that he and Jasmine would find happiness so Crosby would find happiness elsewhere.
      Jasmine is my least favorite character on this show!

  17. deanna says:

    Dwayne Wayne!!! You just didn’t recognize him with out the flip up shades!!!

  18. robinepowell says:

    Somehow I had a feeling the wedding would be Jasimine and Crosby. I guess because the way the two of them have looking at each other lately and the way they talk, like they’re good friends. ;)

  19. cj says:

    i always knew the zoe thing probably wouldn’t end up happily ever after, but i do really enjoy the actress who plays her. she’s fantastic. i will even look past her erratic behavior and breaking of joel and julia’s hearts if she could somehow stay. alas, that might just be too much drama to handle.

  20. Jasmine says:

    We watch this show every week, but have agreed not to watch previews. I have been wanting Jasmine & Crosby back together for a whole season. I saw the previews by mistake, and have been totally happy, however, I didn’t think they would go all the way because so many people dislike Jasmine!!!! I am over the moon, so happy. These two are so hot together, they have such great chemistry. cannot wait to see their wedding! I love, love, love my sweet Jasmine & Crosby. I cried with happy exhilaration for this best couple on tv!
    On the other hand, I am devastated for my sweet Julia & Joel. I never thought they would get the baby, but I did think they would get Zoe AND the baby. I love, love
    Julia. I cried for her with sadness,

    • candee2320 says:

      I kind of hoped that bc Julia was so focused on Zoe’s baby she would relax and get pregnant on her own. They have made if too obvious that Zoe would keep the baby, so here’s to hoping they get to have their own baby.

      • Ari says:

        That’s what I’m hoping for too. If Julia was watching, thinking this baby was coming from Zoe, maybe mentally she was putting less stress on her body and actually gets pregnant. I hope so. Sydney was super cute as a big sister.

      • Kate says:

        I actually hope that doesn’t happen. That is way too cliche. Don’t get me wrong I want Joel and Julia to get a baby, but the getting pregnant when you stop trying has been done. I’m hoping after everything they put Joel and Julia through they can come up with something better than that.

  21. Keisha says:

    So many huge moments in this show!!!!!

    I was sobbing like a small child in my living room watching Erika C (julia) in the hospital. Heartbreaking! (but I have to say amazing portrayal by Erika) I hope the season finale and the next season see Joel and Julia coming thru strong.
    As for Crosby and Jasmine… YAY!!!! It feels like we’ve been holding our breath waiting for this to happen!! So excited for their wedding!!!
    Mr Adam Braverman… i can see the confliction he’s going through but wow.. huge disappointment there. I honestly thought he’d be alot more honourable then that to his brother, given his character and his sense of family loyalty. but alas.. Plot points i guess, No one wants to watch a smooth sailing happy family!
    I agree with the comments above, I cant decide if its Richters acting I dont like or Marks character. something about (him) just doesn’t sit right. interested to see how this pans out. btw – kudos to whoever made the comment about Mark promising Drew that they’re not gonna run off and start another family/life.. i did not think about that till I saw your comment.
    i notice Not many people seemed that concerned about Ambers situation.. call it cheesy or high school crush but i thought the romance was sweet. i hope more develops there between them!
    Oh yeah and BRING BACK ALEX!!!!!!!
    im sorry for the monologue – i never comment on these things because I always have at least a couple of friends watchin the same shows but no one i know watches this AMAZING show and I just needed to vent my thoughts somewhere.
    thanks for reading ;)

    • Jess says:

      I know what you mean about not having any friends who watch this show! It’s so frustrating that no one seems to be watching this brilliantly written and acted show yet millions of people watch the crap that is The Bachelor or Jersey Shore. Parenthood hit its stride this season and is consistently one of the best hours on television!If only people (with nielson boxes) would notice.

  22. Julie says:

    What about Amber & Bob????? Does anyone else want to know what happens with them?

  23. Ren says:

    Does anyone know what song is being played during the sneak preview of season 3 finale?

  24. Terry says:

    Why such a early season finale?
    Has it been renewed for next season?

    • Leah says:

      Not yet :( I was given an address to write to NBC to tell them how much we fans ADORE this fantastic show. If I don’t hear anything about the show next week, I’m gonna write them!

  25. Fifi says:

    I absolutely love this show! I don’t understand the early finale…does that mean reruns until next Fall. NO!!!
    I totally love Jasmine and Crosby getting married, and I saw the heartbreak of Julia/Joel a mile away. I don’t know where the writers are leading us but I’m all in.

    • Amy says:

      Last year the show was renewed for 15 episodes, many because like a lot of NBC shows, it doesn’t have the best ratings. The show had a strong opening and was extended to 18 episodes. A mid season show (like Parenthood was originally) will start in March Tuesdays at 10

  26. sarah says:

    I have never like Jasmine but I actually liked her alot last night. Every thing she said to Crosby was great, from telling him the Luncheonette was his dream and to never sell and then the whole scene in the rain was great! I am glad she owned up to being bossy etc.
    So another reason for Sarah to potentially break up with Mark will be that she realizes no matter how old her kids are they still need her, evident from Amber coming to see her and saying she needed her mother. However I do not think they will break Sarah and Mark up until they now if Jason Ritter’s pilot gets a season pickup.
    I can not stand Christina, she is so rude! She would not let Sarah talk but it was find for Christina to raise her voice and say what she wanted and then as soon as Sarah tried to talk Christina told her to calm down and get out ( I have someone like that in my life and they are so hard to deal with. Then when Sarah went to try and talk to her again Christina once again did not listen to Sarah until she mentioned NY.
    DO not even get me started on Adam. He is only thinking of himself. He does not care about the fact that the Luncheonette is Crosby’s dream. Then to go and make the deal without Crosby there was pretty awful, they shook on it and Adam said he was going to convince Crosby. I hope that Crosby can get a loan to buy Adam out and Adam deserves to be jobless. Last season Adam told Crosby that he was selfish for sleeping with Gabby and was not thinking of anyone but himself. WELL Adam you are doing the same think to Crosby you are not thinking about how this is Crosby’s dream and no amount of money would make him want to sell and that Adam is being selfish…
    I am looking forward to next week
    I think that Erika Christensen is a great actress, my heart broke when Julia saw Zoe with the baby, she new right there that the little boy would not be hers. I did like when Zoe told Julia she loved her, I had hope that all would work out but from day 1 I never thought Zoe would actually give up the baby and looks like I was right

    • mpp says:

      totally agree about Adam. I liked him the first 2 seasons but this one he seems pretty insufferable. I can’t believe what he did to Crosby after he knew Crosby didn’t want to sell his dream. so sleazy..esp to your own brother. I understand where Adam is coming from about finances/etc w his family but the luncheonette is not just his business, he has a business partner and he was wayyyyyy out of line shaking on that deal w/o crosby there or even telling him. have a feeling things are going to blow up next wk b/w them and leave it open for next season how things work out b/w Adam & crosby…

  27. jan says:

    Next week’s episode may just as well be a series finale, not just a season finale. PH’s ratings have declined, so a fourth season is not guaranteed.
    And a new reality series (Fashion Star) will replace PH on March 13, so NBC won’t even air repeats.

  28. Ruth says:

    A lot of people like Jasmine anc Crosby together, but I don’t. I can’t stand that they are getting married again and I have no desire to watch their wedding next week. I swithed the channel every time they were on. Crosby and Jasmine are not suited for each other at all. They had a child together, but that’s it. I liked it better that they were exploring new relationships.
    My favorite story this season was Julia and Joel’s and belive it not I liked Julia the best. Sad ending, but you saw it happening. The only story I liked in last night’s episode was Julia, Joel and Zoes. I didn’t care for the other stories at all especially Adams’s decision to sell the luncheonette especially knowing that Crosby was against it.
    I think that next week’s episode is the final. When the announcher gave the previews he said the final episode of the show not the season ending.
    What a disappointment. I don’t care for the way they are wrapping it up at all and I don’t know if I’ll even watch it.

    • Jennifer says:

      Ditto!!! (re: Crosby & Jasmine) I think this was a quick boring resolution. Maybe they are doing this in case there isn’t another season. That is the only reason I can think of to ruin an amazing season where these two finally went off, explored other relationships and had interesting stories!

  29. Ariel says:

    I also wish that they had not gone this route re: Zoe and the baby. However, from what we saw on Tuesday’s show I totally did not get that it was a sure thing. All we saw was Zoe with the baby. She could have still gone along with the adoption.

  30. kevin says:

    Missed out on last night’s Parenthood even though I was watching Southland on the exact same time slot. Happy to see Crosby and Jasmine getting back together after what they been through the entire season leading up to next Tuesday’s “season finale”. Hope the family drama gets another shot at renewal just like it did last year. If it gets renewed, let’s hope they won’t bring Minka Kelly back next season because her character Gaby was one of the weakest in the series despite what went down last season during Crosby’s affair with Max’s behavioral aide.

  31. Jhuff says:

    Yeah, but it wasn’t like, “shes not going to give us the baby, we need to cut ties with her”. It was more about not being able to save her and that they couldn’t get personally invested in her life, because after the baby came they were going to have to go their seperate ways. Thats actually what Joel said, (something about not being involved in each others lives after receiving the baby) although Julia did ignore that.

  32. Maryann says:

    Adam did not agree to sell the luncheonette, he said that he would do everything he could to convince his brother to sell. Since they own it together, Crosby would have to agree to the sale, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  33. Jessica says:

    Yeah, I’ve watch the whole season (religiously!) but just last night’s episode was confusing for me. Just because Julia saw Zoe bonding with the baby in the nursery doesn’t mean they can’t still adopt him… Idk, I was super disappointed with the way the writers chose to communicate that scenario.

    • tripoli says:

      I think it was pretty clear just from seeing the looks on both their faces that Zoe had decided to keep the baby. PTrhaps it was subtle, but it seemed pretty obvious from that scene. The unspoken moment between them, just making eye contact, said it all.

  34. Jhuff says:

    @watch n learn. I responded to your post, but somehow it ended up on the 4th page. In summary: Joel did not tell Julia they needed to cut ties with Zoe because they weren’t getting the baby, they needed to cut ties because they were. He said after she handed her baby to them they would all have to go their seperate ways, and that she needed to start cutting ties with her now.

  35. Lela says:

    All you saying the adoption route was too cruel – note this happens every day – I have friends who lost three babies in a similar way – the money, the time, the heartbreak – it was all too real!!!

  36. Tami says:

    As I watched the scenes with Julia & Zoe I was crying rather hard. I said to my husband, “Why did they do that? They didn’t have to write that! They could have written this so differently but instead tore our hearts out!”

  37. Tami says:

    If you watch closely Zoe sort of mouths the words, “I’m sorry,” and the look on her face clearly says, “I’m so sorry but I can’t do it. I’m keeping him.” You can see Julia realize her saying that, despite lack of dialog. I actually thought it was brilliant because instead of verbage it was just feeling the pain of the loss mixed with Zoe’s wonderment at her son and it all cut our hearts out.

  38. Sonia says:

    I have loved PH since the beginning! With all the reality tv crap on, it has been nice to treat myself to a family ensemble drama that has no gimmics, is not overly sexualized (pick any other show), relying on overly faked dramatics (again, pick any other show) or heavy on religion (7th Heaven). The story lines are realistic, the characters believable, and the family dynamic inviting. THIS is good tv, shame on NBC if they cancel one of their only watchable shows, why must everything be about ratings? I for one will boycott NBC if PH gets cancelled, please get rid of Celebrity Apprentice, Harrys Law, the Firm, etc. Their only other good shows are SVU (although not the same without Stabler) and Grimm (for it’s creativity and Buffy-like qualitities), both of which could also be cancelled. Sorry for the rant, I just think it’s funny that the network wonders why it’s struggling.

  39. Jeri says:

    I’m also heartbroken for Joel and Julia even though we could see it coming, it’s awful.
    I hope Jasmine will not be so selfish in the future, I’m surprised Crosby still wants her. I hope they can make it work.
    I love the Bravermans and this show. I don’t want it to end for the season or at all. Last year they didn’t even air reruns.

  40. kikay says:

    Tears is all I had last night especially with the last few minutes of the show. Tears of sadness with the Julia/Joel situation and tears of joy for crosby and jasmine. I was even sobbing with the scene of amber and sarah as amber crawled to bed and just wanted to be with her mom. She needed that sense of security that a parent gives her child. It was so real. Such a fantastic show . Do we already know if this show has been renewed for next season? Need that Braverman fix!!!

  41. Dawn says:

    It’s messed up that Zoe is backing out of the adoption. I don’t like Crosby’s character at all, but I’m hoping that with the wedding, this storyline will be resolved, and we can focus on other characters. I am glad I’m not alone about Mark Cyr. He just seems a little weak to me, and I don’t see what Sarah sees in him. She could use someone as strong as she is. I think Christina was absolutely right in stopping the affair. It wasn’t the best thing to happen, but she had to watch out for her candidate instead of her niece. Amber is annoying anyway. I like Adam, and I think they should sell. They would both clear enough money to start their own businesses or get different jobs. I think Crosby is being self-centered about it. I hope NBC keeps renewing this show! It’s one of the best TV shows on the air right now.

  42. Lisa says:

    I personally love Jason Ritter, but he’s just not a good fit for Sarah. He’s a better fit for Amber, for crying out loud! Speaking of whom, I hope they keep Bob in the storyline (anyone realize that’s Jonathan Tucker from Sleepers?). She and Bob are cute together. Adam’s being selfish, yes, but with a daughter going off to Ivy League and a special needs son and a baby, you can see where he comes from. Crosby and Jasmine?? LOVE THEM!!! They are yin/yang and work so well together. As for Julia – yes, we all saw that coming, but like Erika’s interview said, she gave Zoe EVERY chance to back out, paid all her medical bills, took her into her home/family and then, here’s what happens. And while you can’t blame Zoe, you have to just feel pain for Julia and Joel. Her interview makes me very curious what they’re going to do, though. Do they go with a surrogate? Do they conceive naturally, which is obviously possible? Very curious.

  43. Ken says:

    Why in next weeks previews does Julia hand Zoe a watch?!?

  44. juan says:

    way too sad.

  45. Sarah schmidt says:

    She was probably giving back the watch that Zoe gave her previously.

  46. Jessica G. says:

    Zoe must of had a really long and tough birth if she looked like that. Not that I’m judging. I’ve heard stories before of mothers changing their minds too. I’m so happy for Jasmine and Crosby. I’ve always shipped them.

  47. cdubs says:

    I totally didn’t get that zoe changed her mine. I completely understood the adoption wasn’t going to happen but in a way I thought maybe julia saw zoe with the baby (and how happy she was) that she couldn’t take him? I think Julia telling Zoe how strong she was and being so supportive on how Zoe can accomplish anything in life…built her up to think, okay I can take care of this baby on my own. :( shot herself in the foot. –I do like the idea (that someone mentioned on here) of Joel and Julia starting to take in trouble teens. I have watched all season and I was afraid the adoption wouldn’t happen but I don’t think they clearly said WHY last night. Breaks my heart, especially since my husband and I are having issues in that area. Infertility can be a heart breaker.
    Adam….All he did was shake on talking to crosby. I am kind of hoping they will strike and deal to take on Adams part of the Lunchenette. But then again in the long run Adam might be better off staying financially. I think anyone is naive to think his character didn’t know better then to meet that man a second time. He is a business man who is trying to provide for his family….he wanted to see what he could get. Crosby disregarded his feelings so now Adam is out for himself.
    Crosby and Jasmine, give me a break! Give jabbar a better home life then that. Unless they stop all their bs fighting they were better off without each other. Sometimes true love isn’t enough. They needed to think what was best for jabbar. I don’t feel they did. I hope the wedding is pretty though…lol. I do hope they squash all their stuff for jabbars sake and are cool together from now on. Toxic relationship much?
    I think sarah should dump that guy. They are in two different places. He has his own dreams and he wants her to live her old dreams. Which is great but he doesn’t understand her children still need her. Yes they are adults but they are young. Moving a few hours is much different then coast to coast. Having another baby and extending their family is different them moving away from her babies, having another one and starting a NEW LIFE. He needs to accept her for where she is in her life not try to change her so much.
    I hope drew says he isn’t ready or he doesn’t get her preggo. But i do like the impact she is having on his life.
    Amber shouldn’t be sleeping with her boss and her boss shouldn’t be hiring girls he likes to be his assistant. I hope that she goes back as whats-her-names assistant and can work things out with bob. Or doesn’t go back and works things out with bob. I do like him and I think they work. But I also think Amber would be into any dude who believed in her the way he does.

  48. shan says:

    Every tuesday I am so anxious to see parenthood. I laughed I cried And it takes me away from my own silly life. I am sure I will go through a grieving process after next tuesday. Please don’t tell me I have to wait until fall. When will the new season start? Best show on tv!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Jennab23 says:

    I was fricking pissed that Zoe is keeping her baby! Mainly bec Julia and Joel have built such a good relationship with her and gave her so much love the whole time. I was hoping maybe they will take Zoe and her baby in as their own but doubt that will happen.
    Im also disappointed in Adam for meeting with such a cheese-ball salesman. The lunchinette is crosbys dream! He worked so hard to get there and gave Adam a new self confidence and image
    . Im glad Sarah is finally giving up on the young dog. He seems too concerned with Sarah and not concerned with sarahs children. Kind of selfish. I don’t think hadie will be around much more which makes me sad bec I relate so much to her.
    Drew’s becoming a man, kind of scary. I really hope they don’t make it so his girlfriend get pregnant.
    Yeah! Crosby and jasmine!!!
    And the show really should bring Alex back!! He was such a big role and then one day, gone. That’s not how break ups go. They would have kept talking. BRING HIM BACK!!!
    Parenthood is my favorite show, makes me laugh, makes me cry, and gives me a new perspective every week!