Revenge First Look: [Spoiler] Is Handcuffed (and Arrested?) for the Big Murder

Revenge will waste no time pinning the murder of you-know-who on one of its own, when, in the next new episode (airing Feb. 29), Daniel Grayson is ‘cuffed and brought into custody for the crime.
With his fiancée Emily by his side (he must not remember the bombshells he learned about her in “Chaos”), the cops haul the most obvious suspect away — an event that Queen Victoria seems none too happy about.

Revenge Plans All-Flashback Episode: Exclusive Details

Take a peek at these scoopy shots from “Scandal” below, and then hit the comments with your snappy judgements on the pivotal episode’s  killer aftermath.


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  1. Robert says:

    Why put spoiler in the title? We saw in the next week`s preview at the end of the episode that Daniel was being arrested and in handcuffs.
    Other than the pics which are really close to the scenes that we saw in the preview, there is nothing new.

  2. Maddie says:

    I really really miss Nolan. I hope he has something interesting to do in the next episodes.

  3. lauren says:

    Thank you much for not putting the spoiler in the title, Megan. I saw this earlier, remembered to catch up on my dvr and watch Revenge just now. TVline wins for being super careful with spoilerage! And what an episode!

  4. dee123 says:

    I really hope this storyline is going somewhere good.
    Tyler was a raving loon and held up a whole table full of people at gunpoint & assaulted Nolan. Given this & his history all Daniel has to claim is self defense. I really don’t get where this is going?

    • Brooke says:

      Just because Daniel claims self defense does’t mean they’ll let him go. He killed someone; someone bad…but he killed someone. They’ll most likely have a trial. And prove his intent.
      Also it Tyler was using Emily’s gun so that means that Daniel shot Tyler with Emily’s gun.

  5. Goodbye says:

    Takeda got the box by calling Emily’s phone that was left with Amanda when Tyler went to go meet Emily. Amanda stayed with Tyler to find out his plan to tell Takeda so that he & Nolan could take care of things with Tyler. What Takeda will do with her, I don’t know. Who saves Jack since his keys are missing? Probably Nolan. All part of the plan between Nolan & Takeda again.
    Daniel has amnesia because he was SUPPOSED to be dead! I think his character was already brain dead, so they should have just kept the script the way it was originally written.
    The Tyler story was no surprise this episode. See, they changed it all for pretty boy Josh & there were no surprises with Tyler. This is what happens when writers are swayed by public opinion. It simply ruins their flow, nevermind their desire.
    Overall, I didn’t care for it. The episode did fly by, but in a sense it was too much nonsense. No one cares that Tyler is gone, no one wanted him back in the first place. He was probably supposed to die earlier, but they had to resuscitate him since he had to now be the dead guy. So, episodes ago you knew he wasn’t really gone to begin with. What a drag the show has become. I stuck around to see if they’d redeem themselves & make all the previous contrived added episodes actually part of the story, but no, they caved in & now you feel like you’ve been had. See you Revenge….you’ve lost your luster.

  6. Drew says:

    I’d like to know how Tyler got out in the first place. I hope they show someone pulling those strings, because a suspected murderer who is in an institution for the criminally insane probably can’t just sign himself out.
    And yeah, Daniel has a pretty solid self defense claim. Tyler tried to kill him before. His presence alone is a threat.
    Now, if Takeda pulled some strings to get Tyler out and manipulated the situation, that could be interesting. Because he got rid of Tyler, Amanda and potentially Daniel, all in one move. That would fall under the “getting Emily’s plan back on track” plan, which is why he came back in the first place, right? So, I have questions about how this played out and all of that, but I think it could work out. So far, the series has been really good.

  7. kbooga says:

    Sooo… It was really Amanda that killed Tyler, right? Thats why she went there? To stop him from killing Daniel. Because Tyler gave her a gun, or didn’t get that one she got from the trunk back from her?…. Daniel looked as though he was really confused by everything, like he had been knocked out (bleeding ear) and missed all the fun. Is this theory what other people are thinking happened? Or am I crazy?

    • kathy says:

      Betting you are correct and I agree with Drew – the whole Tyler showing up –really, his brother has him medicated and hauled away, knowing the crap he was doing and he not only gets away, but gets info and Amanda and a white jacket to wear — how did he know what to wear and what was going on…
      Yep, should have stuck to the original, Daniel dead. His character is so bland.

  8. jennie says:

    Nah.. I think Tyler got a shot off on Daniel (obviously not fatal), then Takeda comes up behind Tyler and shoots twice in the back, and probably moved Daniels body (where he eventually wakes up and stumbles onto the scene) Amanda shows up, sees the body and thinks its daniel… Jack comes up, tells her to leave … and we know the rest. But I don’t think Amanda shot anybody, it seemed like she really thought that was daniel.
    Hopefully they will explain what really happened next episode! Also, didn’t someone from the creator/writers team already say that they stuck to the original storyline and not changed it? Or do we just not believe them?