Revenge Recap: Relive the Killer Fire & Ice Ball, Plus Scoop on What Follows that Big [Spoiler]!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Wednesday’s Revenge, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…]

Now, that’s how you do a murder mystery.

Wednesday night’s Revenge finally brought viewers back to the Fire & Ice Ball, the fateful night that kicked off the addicting ABC series and seemingly found Daniel shot outside the party. But did the eldest Grayson offspring really meet his maker? And if so, who pulled the trigger?

Here, we break down what went down in Revenge‘s hotly-anticipated “Chaos,” and reveal what’s ahead for those still alive and well-ish in the Hamptons.

THE BIG REVEAL? | Color us devastated shocked when in the first few moments of the episode — with Emily Thorne’s signature voiceover lingering in the background — Daniel Grayson, the man we’d all hoped and prayed was not actually the body from the pilot, was shown toppling forward in slow-motion and hitting the sandy floor… face first! Of course, that was just a glimpse of what lied ahead in the hour, and thus the installment officially commenced…

INFINITY BOX BANDIT | The episode wasted no time unveiling who was behind the theft of Emily’s box o’ revenge, and it was not the obvious choice, Amanda. The sick and twisted Tyler — who was last seen being carted off to the loony bin — was the culprit, and in true psycho form he wasted no time educating himself on each and every one of Em’s secrets. He had also taken Amanda hostage as another form of leverage over his enemy, and, ever the gentleman, took it upon himself to fill her in on Emily’s actual motives — further alienating the onetime juvie pals. Upon contacting Emily, Tyler made his demands known: tons of money in exchange for his silence and Amanda’s freedom.

FAUXMANDA FTW! | Miffed by what she’d learned about her so-called “sister,” Amanda teamed up with Tyler to take Emily down a peg (or 10!), and ambushed her pal during their ransom swap. The two got away scot-free, but Tyler continued his reign of terror and insisted Amanda crash the Fire & Ice Ball with him. The plan: Kill Daniel, frame Emily. But homegirl quickly realized that she wasn’t up for a murder — Em, after all, had saved her from being pinched for Frank’s murder — and successfully escaped her captor.

SETTING SAIL | Jack decided to leave the Hamptons for an opportunity to do some good in Haiti — a trip secretly arranged by Em to get him out of town safely. But just as he was about to set sail, Amanda showed up. She begged him to take her back, and, while he did agree to give her another shot, he confirmed that Em was actually a cheerleader for their relationship, not the manipulator Tyler made her out to be. After giving him a long kiss goodbye, Amanda (bleeding?) once again bailed on her man to save Em.

SHADES OF GRAYSON | Daniel found himself sickened by his family’s drama and made a unilateral decision to escape to Paris with Emily following the ball. Queen Victoria quickly caught wind of the plan and planted seeds of doubt in her son’s head, telling him that Emily will decline his offer because it would mean losing out on the chance to inherit the clout that comes with the Grayson name. And, unfortunately, Emily did burst her fiancé’s travel-abroad bubble (though we know the real reason was so she could continue to exact her revenge). Daniel was understandably distraught by her choice and took a walk — alone — on the beach, setting the scene rather nicely for a murder.

SANDY SHOWDOWN | With the aforementioned scene set, Tyler arrived and held Daniel at gunpoint while revealing to him some of Emily’s secrets — and by that, we mean he still had his grubby little mitts on Em’s red X-covered Grayson Global photo and was waving it about frivolously.

MAYBE MURDER | In hot pursuit of Amanda, Jack hauled butt to the beach, only to find his honey hunched over what looked to be a dead body. So, he sent her away and attempted to cover it up, officially bringing us back to the same scene in the Revenge pilot.

SAVED BY THE SENSEI? | Emily’s adviser Takeda returned at a most opportune time — with Em’s secret-keeping box in tact — and seemingly joined forces with her right-hand man, Nolan, in an attempt to take down both Tyler and Amanda. It’s unclear what actions he took to save his mentee, but in the end he drove away with Amanda by his side. Might he have gotten rid of Em’s onetime cohort for good?

THE BIG REVEAL! | As was shown in Revenge‘s premiere, Charlotte and Declan happened upon a body on the beach while Jack was in the midst of moving it, and they for some reason assumed it was a dead Daniel. But lo and behold — dun, dun, dun! — the body (dead or alive) belonged to Tyler. A stunned and bloodied Daniel soon joined the congregated partiers, but not before Mama Victoria embraced him and eerily warned, “Don’t say a word.” Oh, and then there’s the matter of the mysterious hand that plucked the X-ed photo from Tyler’s lifeless body….

AND EVERYTHING ELSE | Charlotte, clearly in a state of emotional turmoil, swiped some of Jack’s highly-addictive pain pills and began to take them at the ball…. Victoria agreed to Conrad’s divorce terms (she gets the manor, but zero shares of Grayson Global), only to reveal to the audience that she still has revenge on the mind in the form of a call to the SEC about some (alleged?) illegal affairs going on in the family business… Grandpa Grayson proved a worthy schemer himself when, upon learning that Charlotte was going to speak to a therapist about their family woes, he blackmailed his granddaughter into keeping quiet in exchange for her boyfriend Declan’s acceptance into private school.


• “This is all really the lead-off to the series,” a contagiously enthusiastic Gabriel Mann tells TVLine of this week’s big murder reveal. “Now we can really start to have fun — and not that we weren’t before, but [Revenge] has taken on a different kind of depth for all of us.” Mann adds that while showrunner Mike Kelley “wanted to deliver on his promise to have answers” in Episode 15, what we got “really just cracked the egg shell.”

• Contrary to what you might have heard, Tyler’s murder mystery is not the main arc for the rest of the season. “What we see [at the end of ‘Chaos’] only continues to unfold over the next couple episodes,” Mann reveals. “And then we jump back into this wider world that has actually been happening and led to this summer.”

• As for what went down between Nolan and Takeda, Mann teases, “There might have been a knowing look between the two. I would say that some of the things that people pick up on in this episode will raise some new bombs down the road.”

• Christa B. Allen says the pill-popping is “just the beginning of a downward spiral for Charlotte. She definitely has to look to Declan for support, and the future of their relationship depends on how he responds.”

• When it comes to Emily and Charlotte’s major sibling secret, Allen teases, “It’s got to come out at some point! Right now someone just died, so they’ve got to figure out the ‘whodunit,’ and once that’s all out of the way and the storm settles a bit, they can get down to brass tacks and find out who is related to whom.”

What did you think of Revenge‘s big episode? Are you happy Daniel lived to see another day? Who do you think pulled the trigger? Hit the comments!

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  1. Carmen says:

    Daniel falls because I think he gets knocked out by the real shooter. Possibly the Japanese man. He looks all confused and says he doesn’t remember anything in the preview for the next episode.

  2. Aussie says:

    Agree takeda is the one who took care of everything, look back at daniel ditches him at the restaurant as he wants to leave town, takeda knows the truth about Emily so he will help her before daniel.
    So takeda would of knocked daniel out hence the falling to the ground and memory loss a gun would be a handy weapon for that, he would of worn gloves (the black gloves you see) smart enough to clean up after so he would of grabbed the photo in the process.
    He then would of shot Tyler point blank several times before faux amanda and jack even arrived.
    He has then collected faux amanda and taken her away and out of site and away from trouble.

  3. Ikitty says:

    Why hasn’t anyone said “if the gloves don’t fit you must acquit” yet. really? No one?

  4. Devon says:

    Revenge fans! I read an interview with the screen writers for the show and creative directors. It turns out the actors didn’t receive the script for this episode until less than 3 weeks ago. They did film those scenes for the opening season of the show but found they really liked Daniel’s character, and his chemistry on screen. The original plan was to kill him off, but they planned something different after seeing how the characters developed and interacted and came across once the show started. So that is where the change in gloves. It’s not LOST, just a first season with writers who are flexible to the creative process and declared that they had changed their minds in an interview a few times about whether or not it would be Daniel who ended up dead. Hope this helps!

  5. Sb31 says:

    The hysteria is kind of sad. People need to chill for a variety of reasons, the biggest being the episode deliberately didn’t show us things to keep us wondering. From the pilot, Revenge has omitted things to make us wonder how something happened, only to fill us in later. Remember the flashback to Emily impersonating a waitress at South Forks so she could poison Conrad’s food?
    Also, this is a “game changer” because it sets off a whole chain of events Emily isn’t in control of and can’t control. If she needs Daniel to be out of prison to satisfy her ultimate agenda, it forces her into alignment with her greatest enemies. Emily’s ultimate plan is majorly off the rails, she’ll be in uncharted territory. For someone like her who schemes and plots, and had this all planned out apparently for years, that’s *huge.*
    And really, what’s with people judging things they haven’t seen yet? It strikes me as dumb and short-sighted.

  6. Rjrtist says:

    Winner,winner, chicken dinner! ! ! Someone other than me on this board in older posts knows exactly where this series is going.

  7. TheObservantEye says:

    Guys, you have to watch the episode more closely.
    Tyler’s killer is not Takeda. It is not (fake)Amanda either. The killer had a black jacket (blazer/suit) on and it was definitely a male because u can see the shirt under the suit. Every guest at the party was wearing a white suit, including Tyler and Takeda. (Fake)Amanda was wearing gray gloves and no suit.
    The only people at the party that were wearing black suits were the security guards, who were selected by Nolen. So that is always a possibility. Or it can always just be another character.
    In the end, it was DEFINITELY not Takeda or (fake)Amanda.

  8. TheObservantEye says:

    And, who is John McGowen, field director of Securities & Exchange Commission?

  9. El says:

    So glad the writers did not kill Daniel. I personally like the character but it’s not about that. I think it would have stopped the great momentum the show has.
    Kill off Emily’s main & strongest connection to the The Grayson’s when there’s much more story to be had?….no, thank you. Glad Daniel is alive & very excited to see the fallout from Tyler’s death!

  10. Michael says:

    Thank God.
    I thought it was Sammy who died.
    I kid.
    Okay, I am glad Daniel is alive. I thought the twist would be that it was Conrad who gets killed (I forget he was doing the slo-mo run to the beach.)
    With all the talk of the divorce and Devane on the show now I thought it would be a good time to lose Connie.
    I’m reading a lot of people are disappointed by it being Tyler, but I think Daniel still being alive sets up more story.
    I’m still hooked and tonight Revenge showed us that you can do the slow burn and build to something.

  11. alexjones says:

    I’ll admit I was a bit dissapointed with the end of the episode but I trust that the writers had their reasons for doing it the way they did, I look forward to see where things go from here.

  12. John Smith says:

    Really where suppose to believe that no one checked to see who died. Seriously Charlotte just assumed it was her brother? Declan did not even flip over the body to see the face once. Besides its not like Tyler and Daniel have similar body shapes, Daniel is clearly smaller and I think their hair colors different.
    Bait and Switch, Writers did not have the balls to go for the kill and drop Daniel.

  13. John Smith says:

    Sorry Tyler is clearly smaller.

  14. ariana says:

    I’m not asking any questions, I just thank the heavens and the writers that Daniels alive!!!! Love this show!

  15. Dominique says:

    Isn’t obvious that someone took the gloves off of Tyler? The writers of this show aren’t that careless, they did that on purpose. I think Takeda took Tylers gloves, shot Tyler and made it appear that Daniel did it by knocking Daniel out(that’s why he was confused coming back to the tylers body)
    and too remember that Takeda told Emily at the party that he was there to put her back on her righteous path. Setting Daniel up and then picking up Fauxmanda to also take her out of the picture

    • TheObservantEye says:

      Guys, you have to watch the episode more closely.
      Tyler’s killer is not Takeda. It is not (fake)Amanda either. The killer had a black jacket (blazer/suit) on and it was definitely a male because u can see the shirt under the suit. Every guest at the party was wearing a white suit, including Tyler and Takeda. (Fake)Amanda was wearing gray gloves and no suit.
      The only people at the party that were wearing black suits were the security guards, who were selected by Nolen. So that is always a possibility. Or it can always just be another character.
      In the end, it was DEFINITELY not Takeda or (fake)Amanda.

  16. anonymous says:

    Totally predictable. Very disappointing. Not sure if I care whodunit and not sure if I’ll keep watching. I was bored.

  17. Valerie says:

    Oh Revenge, I’m disappointed in you. You wussed out, and I don’t believe for even one second that you didn’t change your mind as the season went along.
    Tyler’s dead? Oh yeah, who cares? The “Big Murder” ends up being a fizzle not a pop. And TV writers again show their reluctance to really push the envelope.
    It wasn’t a bad hour of TV, and this show is still better then 90% of the other shows out there. But its sad that this show isn’t gutsy enough to be what it could be.

  18. Davey says:

    I really see no reason why having Daniel killed would make the show better. I still find the show compelling and I will keep watching. But by burying her box of secrets, which seems a bit unnecessary, does this mean Emily has given up revenge?

  19. Bya says:

    Anyone notice Nolan being the only guy to wear a red jacket? hahaha funny guy

  20. Lb says:

    I just watched it again and the killer is not Daniel or Sensei since they were both wearing white tux’s and the shooter’s is black. That means it is likely a member of the security team, though Nolan’s guy is the most likely option he is African American and the shooter was not.
    My best guess is that it was Conrad’s dad because we never saw him at the party and thus have no idea what he was wearing.

  21. lb says:

    I was just thinking that!
    I am going for Grandpa Grayson because we never saw him at the party.
    Additionally, the only security guy who said anything in the episode was African American but the killer’s arm was white.

  22. mh says:

    Nolan’s security team took care of Tyler. Sensei got the done nod from Nolan. I think Nolan’s plan for revenge is to take out Grayson Global and behind the disgruntled investors. He is most likely pulling the strings and the real puppetmaster.
    Daniel, too bad he wasn’t shot, will try to pin the blame on Jack, and hook up with Ashley..

  23. Drew says:

    The game changer in the episode is the nod between Nolan and Takeda.
    Also, in the very first episode that Tyler appears in he borrows Daniel’s suit, and Daniel comments that it is a perfect fit. (It’s called foreshadowing.) Granted, the actors are slightly different sizes, but considering they are also a decade apart in age I don’t think it messes up the story.

  24. Ronnie says:

    It’s so funny how passionate people are about this show and when something happens different from how they hoped, they want to walk away. We are only at episode 15. And if you watched the preview, you know more answers will be coming (although not for 2 weeks). I personally love that they are taking their time and making the show less predictable. Isn’t that what we want from our shows?

  25. Carl says:

    it was a great episode

  26. Cait says:

    I was late for work for the first time this morning because I had to watch Revenge! Definitely worth it!

  27. Jessica says:

    I was very disappointed with the episode, but I’m not “too cool for school” or raging that I’m going to stop watching. haha Personally, the episode didn’t live up to the expectations I had after all the comments made by the cast re: this episode. That being said, I’ll still watch Revenge. The episode didn’t infuriate me; I just didn’t care for it and was let-down.

  28. Brendan says:

    So glad that Daniel is alive! :D He was far more interesting to the story overall and the love triangle that is developing with Emily, Daniel and Jack is too good to break up.

  29. Pia says:

    “waving it about frivolously”
    “with Em’s secret-keeping box in tact”
    Did you type this on your iPhone?

  30. barbara says:

    I really hoped it was Daniel that was shot. I hate sappy storylines.
    I like to see more creative, and daring writing.
    I love the show, but this was a real disappointment.
    Having Daniel die would have really given the show some oomph.

  31. kessa says:


  32. Juan says:

    I totally loved it, it moved fast and loved the connections, though I’ll miss that psycho, awesome show

  33. Leila says:

    This episode totally pissed me off to the highest. I kept waiting and waiting for Daniel to be dead and when the body is rolled over, it is Tyler?! Then a moment or two later out walks Daniel looking all bloody lost and confused. I kept waiting for his ass to drop and kiss dirt, but no he just keeps standing there. There was no dramatic fall; no hand clutching his chest and no dirt sandwich. BrotherTucker is still upright and apparently not even shot. To quote Charlie Brown AAUGH!! I must admit that I suspected those SOB’s would pull some BS like this and surprised I might not be, highly pissed I am. Yes, I know the body was face down so therefore, identity unknown and I have watched TV long enough to know to not take anything at face value. It was an obvious ploy that worked and I understand the reasoning behind it, but I still don’t like it. Will it stop me from watching the show? No, because I find Nolan irresistible, Madeline Stowe is one hot mama, and Hiroyuki Sanada(Takeda) is one sexy, sexy man. Having said all that, I am still mad because the viewing audience got played. That was a dirty rotten trick you producers of Revenge, dirty and rotten indeed.

  34. Barrak ibama says:

    People are far to quick to judge, all of you watchers that are quick to jump the gun will be eating your over hypothetic words after next weeks episode.
    Your pathetic attempt to transform a series episode headliner, into simple bit of “i am the FBI” will backfire and leave you looking like little boys who have wet thier pants in front of the teacher.
    Grow some balls.

  35. Blub says:

    Many of the plot devices in Revenge have been inspired by the novel, the Count of Monte Cristo. This incident is sort of like the Caderousse/Benedetto plot in the original. Caderousse, one of the minor villains in the novel and a character with a jealous, psychopathic personality not unlike that of Tyler, had discovered part of the Count’s revenge plot as well as the real identity of Benedetto (an apparent rich kid). Benedetto was really the illegitimate son of one of the three main conspirators (a prosecutor named Villefort) in the original plot to frame the Edmond Dantes for high treason, and a tool in the Count’s plan. Thanks to the Count’s machinations, Benedetto was engaged to be married to a prominent socialite and daughter of another of the main conspirators, Baron Danglers.
    Caderousse had earlier served jail time with Benedetto (I guess jail in 19th century France is sort of like Harvard Business School), and Caderousse was bitterly jealous toward Benedetto who had, thanks to the Count’s bribes, gotten an early parole, leaving Caderousse behind in the prison. The Count had to get rid of Caderousse, who could have exposed him, so he orchestrated an encounter between the two on the eve of Benedetto’s engagement with Baron Danglers’ daughter, leading to a fight and Caderousse’s pre-arranged death at Benedetto’s hands (the Count had made sure that the latter was well-armed for the “chance” encounter).
    Benedetto was promptly arrested for Caderousse’s murder and Villefort, Benedetto’s father (although ignorant of his son’s identity) and one of the Count’s main enemies was assigned as the prosecutor. The Count, disguised as a priest, visited Benedetto in jail, handing him a dossier with his real biography, telling Benedetto that if he repeated the contents of the dossier in court and accused the prosecutor of a crime, his case would probably be thrown out. Benedetto did so and exposed the fact that Villefort had once plotted to murder his own bastard son, Benedetto (with Benedetto presenting the evidence of that crime, as dug up by the Count’s agents). As a result of the obvious conflict of interest, the case against Benedetto was dismissed, and Villefort’s career was destroyed. As a bonus for the Count, Baron Danglers’ reputation was collateral damage, since the public trial exposed the fact that Benedetto, an ex-con and fraud, was engaged to marry his own daughter.
    I could easily see Tyler as Caderousse, Daniel as Benedetto and Victoria as Villefort. In this case, the “secret” that might be outed is that Daniel’s sister, Charlotte, is the illegitimate daughter of Emily’s father and Daniel’s mother. Perhaps Emily plans to out this relationship in Daniel’s trial.

  36. Songbyrd86 says:

    Okay – so here’s what I think happened. Don’t kill me if I’m very close to right later on down the line….
    Daniel and Tyler were hashing it out over Emily and the truth of who/what she really is. Blah blah. Not really important. NOLAN goes down to the beach (as Nolan was watching and aware of everything that was going on, except obviously that Jack did NOT go to Haiti as planned). He comes up behind Daniel, Tyler shoots at Nolan, the bullet grazes Daniel, and Daniel passes out – falling face first into the sand on the first gunshot. Takeda comes up behind Tyler, taking him out to the ground. Takeda drags Daniel off so he doesn’t wake up while Nolan (in an act of his own revenge) removes Tyler’s gloves, either puts them on or had put on some of his own, grabs the gun and shoots Tyler twice in the back (which is less than Tyler deserved in my opinion). Nolan had every reason to want Tyler dead, and with what Tyler had already done to him, I wouldn’t be surprised at ALL if he pulled the trigger. PLUS he was the only one wearing a dark colored coat, did anyone notice that? All the women were wearing red and all the men were wearing white EXCEPT Nolan who decided to wear a red jacket which in the moonlight looks very dark. ALSO the gloved hand that removed the incriminating photo was pretty obviously a man, BUT it had a very “Nolan” flick of the hand.
    What I can’t figure out is why they would continue to use Emily’s gun that Tyler stole. The only thing I can figure is that Nolan will cover for Emily seeing as he knew her gun had been stolen the day before and had hired Nolan’s security company for that reason.

  37. lol says:

    Watch the new episode it explains it all!!! This show is amazing :)

  38. Nerdista says:

    Wanna go on a date?

  39. Nerdista says:

    Aw, that’s not nice Snapy! I was really beginning to have feelings for you, you’re such a sweet talker and soooo sophisticated! Xoxo

  40. omg omg says:

    Go out and get some fresh air!

  41. Nerdista says:

    You might actually be the MOST important viewer because you’re super classy. Tell me, are you a Nielson household? If not, you probably don’t matter. Sorry to shatter your ego.

  42. Snapy says:

    Actually, yes. We are a Nielsen (not Nielson) Family. With this cop-out and Paget Brewster leaving Criminal Minds yet again, my Wednesday nights will be TV-free starting next week.

  43. Captain says:

    Do you have a Nielson box? Cause if you don’t, you don’t provide them with anything.

  44. Dude says:

    Uh, neilson families aren’t allowed to tell people they’re neilson families so either you’re full of it or you deserve to get your box taken away. Which one is it?

  45. tarc says:

    And you only get to be a Neilsen family for a couple weeks… not that Neilsen means anything anymore.

  46. KCatty says:

    Awww…. cute, really. Your indignation is almost as adorable as your constant repeating of your position throughout this discussion. Hate to tell you, sweetie, but repeating yourself over and over again makes you neither persuasive nor correct.
    “Jump the Shark” is perhaps the most overused phrase in television commentary, and you’ll notice that 99 times out of 100, it isn’t the people being paid to write these stories bantying it around, but rather clueless fans who simply throw the phrase out anytime they personally don’t like a storyline decision made by show runners.
    The idea that anyone would equate a freshman series chosing not to kill off a likable character that provides a key link between the show’s main character and the family she is seeking to destroy to a long-time television show’s decision to have a favorite character known for his “edge” to literally jump over a shark… on WATER SKIS is even more laughable than the original Happy Days episode.
    But bless your special lil’ heart for being the first person in this discussion thread to pull the trigger and go there.

  47. Billl says:

    Through many probable coming flashbacks,including for the glove-go-round,the mystery of the photo grabbing hand, ‘conversations’ confrontations’ and scenarios not previously yet seen or heard by the viewing audience which will be in new flashbacks. What we got from “Chaos” by its definitive nature could have been a random skip-jimp-jump edited time line, with scenes shown not in linear ABCD order, but in a CADB sequence. And any character could develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or still be someone else than they purport to be by choice or circumstances. (Nolan is David’s son, Emily’s bi brother)
    Etc Etc. Etc.
    When all is accounted for
    Maybe The Shark Jumps “Revenge”.

  48. tarc says:

    Boy, that tantrum is something. Somebody fetch him a bottle and a blanket!

  49. tarc says:

    Actually, it was awesome. There were plenty of tiny clues (some blowhards say holes, but nope), lots of players in motion… it was very clever. Too bad some people can’t follow along.

  50. tarc says:

    Hardly. A baseless temper tantrum makes your comments so effective.