American Idol: What Did You Think of Day 3 of Hollywood Week?

In many ways, Hollywood Week on American Idol is like a battle scene in Lord of the Rings. Going in, you know and care about approximately 0.724% of the combatants, and yet you can still experience the oohs and ahhhs and “that had to hurt!” exclamations of watching the pawns get picked off.

American Idol: The 10 Best Hollywood Week Performances Ever

The third Hell Week telecast of Season 11 gave us the group performances that we longed for last week, the final pre-Vegas solos, and the dreaded “holding rooms of doom” shenanigans. Summing up the action in four acts…

* A lot of people get booted who you knew all along would go home.

* A teenage girl repeatedly collapses, bleats out a few reasonably good notes, wobbles like a drunken sailor, and is forced to walk the plank by J.Lo.

* Approximately 146 people cover “Georgia on My Mind.”

* The judges dig a mass grave for the people in Room 3.

As for me, I’m gonna get working on a full episode recap that will post Thursday morning right here at TVLine. Until then, hit the comments before heading directly to MORDOR. And for all my Idol news, views, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Annie says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that this crop of contestants lacks diversity? I’m really scared about how this is going to look when we get to the top 24. Right now the lack of diversity is really turning me off.

    • Heaven says:

      I think it’s too early to tell

      • I agree. We didn’t get to see a lot of really great voices tonight. The ones featured tonight were either directly or indirectly involved in drama. They didn’t focus on a ton of just regular people, that just ya know, sang. That would be too crazy if American Idol focused on that. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get a sense of what’s going on and who has some potential going forward.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      What I saw of the groups and the solo’s, I think many of them are too young! Not enough 20-somethings. Seems to be a lot of teens who can’t hold up to the stress.
      It was a good show!

    • Ben says:

      I made this exact comment about this season. There is plenty of talent, its just same-y. Last season the best singers were so diverse. I think this season may be more dull overall as a result of the best singers being a lot more similar.

  2. Jill says:

    Please get Heejun to join you on Idology!

    • Erica says:

      is that the passive-aggressive guy who finally admitted that he’d been talking behind the cowboy’s back for the last 11 hours? he’s very odd in how he always sought the camera to make blank faces, and complaints left and right. at some point, it’s like, “okay, we get it, but this isn’t all about you and your impression of someone you don’t like”.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Yes, that’s him. One thing is for sure – either you love Heejun or you find him annoying. I think the younger crowd loves him. Us old fogies have spent a lifetime working with or otherwise dealing with the passive-aggressive Heejuns of the world and we don’t find him the least bit amusing – at least as he’s being portrayed on the program. Perhaps he’s a perfectly pleasant guy – who knows?

        • CharlotteWebb says:

          Speak for yourself. I’m an old fogie who thinks HeeJun’s deadpan delivery is hilarious. Personally, I find Cowboy utterly obnoxious.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            In statistics that’s called “The Bell Curve”.
            But, again, I’m violating my vow not to make determinations about people’s personalities based on the edit they get (or don’t get). Yes, “Knowitall McBootscoot”, as Mr Slezak hilariously called him, does come off at pretty obnoxious and I was a bit stunned the judges put him through last night.

          • Sookie says:

            I am another old fogie who wants more HeeJun commentary. I thought his apology to the cowboy was hilarious. “I want to apologize to your parents”. He might even have been sincere. At least HeeJun wasn’t whiny like most of the other contestants.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I have a sibling just like Heejun. I’ll send her to live with someone. Please provide a mailing address. ;-)

        • KJ says:

          Fogie. 30 years in the work force. Don’t find him passive aggressive at all. I think he was pretty dead on about that kid. And I think he is hilarious. I am guessing your antipathy has more to do with the sibling aspect than age.

      • chistosa says:

        I don’t believe it is a case of him always catching the camera as the camera following him regularly. This is most always scripted. It is far too early to know what he is really like.

    • Anna B says:

      Yes! I was thinking this. Would be surprised if Heejun made the final cut, but he’d be great as a recurring commentator on Idology. I think he’s spot on, and hilarious.

  3. chessguy99 says:

    I don’t see a winner so far in this group of “featured” contestants. They are entertaining, but nothing stands out as star quality. we only have three more shows before we get to live shows and voting. Hopefully in Vegas we’ll find Nigel has been holding an ace or two up his sleeve.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      It’s too early…enjoy the journey.

    • Gorm says:

      The ace = Deandre Brackensick. He was cut to make room for Brett Lowentien in the life shows, I guess they only had room for one dude with the same hairstyle. Regardless, the dude can sing and they have been hiding him away, we didnt even see his audition on the aircraft carrier. He’s a hawaiian kid with a smooth voice and fearless falsetto. Nigel is playing games by keeping him off camera.

      • sarah says:

        I totally agree with you about Deandre! Nigel why are you hiding him??

      • AG says:

        AHHHH he is amazing…for some reason i thought he was booted already this season…but i guess i made that up!!! I remember seeing a brief clip of him singing during group rounds last year but I loved Brett too..wish they had both made it last year!

  4. Tom says:

    I had Georgia on my mind for most of the episode. I mean, is that really the only song most of these contestants know? Or is it the best ‘showboaty’ one available? I mean, it’s a classic and all, but seeing it sung so many times, you’d think the list of cleared songs was on a single, double-sided page or something.
    Nevertheless, at least we saw some singing. Even if we only saw a select group perform more than once. That had me wondering – are people like Creighton Fraker and Shannon Magrane REALLY that great that they deserve to be featured so much? What about people like Erika Van Pelt and Elise Testone, for instance? I shall hope there’s a little more diversity tomorrow.

    • Tom says:

      Oh, and might I add: I can’t believe that they’re not showing people like Deandre Brackensick and Hollie Cavanagh, who both almost made the Top 24 last year. I could’ve sworn I saw blips of them tonight. I remember their voices, and they’re fantastic singers! They deserve some acknowledgement, no? It’s always nice to see some returning faces.

      • Billy says:

        Hollie was turned away at her first audition last year. No problem with her singing – the judges thought (probabely wisely) she wasn’t mature enough emotionally for the battle to come.
        I hope this season she shines.

        • Carly says:

          No, they accepted her after she did a second song. She was a close top 24 cut not an audition cut.

          • Billy says:

            Oh, you’re right – thanks Carly.
            I think Nigel is keeping her and Deandre out of the spotlight for now as a pair of aces up his sleeve, so to speak.

      • Grace says:

        I agree! Also Janelle Arthur who got slashed in round 1 of Hollywood last year but whose audition was so stellar I actually picked her out of the crowd tonight. All three of them are through to Vegas, maybe we’ll get to actually hear them sing tomorrow!

      • Darcy says:

        I’m fairly certain they had to choose from a list of songs, which is why we got so many Georgias.

    • Tim says:

      I would imagine the list is fairly small so that the band doesn’t have to learn and/or brush up on a hundred different songs.
      I agree about Erika and Elise, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of them tomorrow. They can’t show all 98 or whatever singers on one show so they have to focus on just a few at a time.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Except the band is professional musicians and I’m betting they have a huge repertoire. Maybe we should let the band choose some new songs. Several people posted to Facebook last night that they never wanted to hear “Georgia on My Mind Again” – I told them heck, I felt that way LAST year. At least we haven’t had to suffer through several painful renditions of “God Bless the Child”. Yet.

  5. Andrea says:

    First hour of the show was horrible. So depressing and uninspiring. Even the so-called good groups didn’t impress me as much as they seemed to impress the judges.
    The second hour was much better, but only because people weren’t passing out left and right and forgetting all the words to their songs… okay, some of them sang really good too ;) But is it just me or are we headed for a growl-fest Top 24 or whatever? It seems like too many of them are going for frogiest throats, and the most vocal gymanastics they can possibly do. Some of it’s lacking genuine soul, and that may be part of why I’m not quite connecting to some of these people. There’s definitely talent there, but not enough that I’d want to hear over and over again on repeated listens…

  6. Is this American Idol or ER? I can’t tell. My goodness, can’t they feed or hydrate these people?

    Honestly the voices are decent, dissapointed we didn’t hear Baylie Brown, Jessica Phillips and Lauren Grey. Hopefully tomorrow night. Shocked about that Cowboy getting through, he was terrible. It’s definitely an interesting mix this time around. Tomorrow night should clear things up.

  7. RTW says:

    And the Lord doth say, “Woe unto the man who sayeth, “There has never been a more talented season of American Idol.” WOE UNTO HIM, for he shall appear as an ignoramus in dawgs’ clothing!”

  8. Pat says:

    I hate Adam Brock, Reed Grimm, Phillip Phillips and Creighton Fraker more than I can express. How do you think I liked it?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Pat – you get a “Made Me Laugh” :-)
      I don’t care for Adam Brock or Dave Matthews, Jr. either
      However – Reed Grimm’s performance of…wait for it…GEORGIA ON MY MIND was one of the better ones of the evening. But holy cow, he reminds me of Casey. I hate it that I said that because Randy made the same comment.
      Creighton Fraker is in the wrong genre. He needs to be singing Country with that nasal tone of his.

      • Miscelaneopolan says:

        Reed Grimm came off like a crazy person. He was looking at things that weren’t there, he was fidgeting, he was acting on impulses that seemed to come out of nowhere… And then he gave a really good performance of Georgia on My Mind. I agree that it was a bit Casey-ish, but I definitely enjoyed it. I hope he sticks around for a while to crazy the place up a bit.

        • Gorm says:

          Reed Grimm came off like a neurotic starlet. You can chalk a lot of behavior up to exhaustion and pressure, but he was beyond excuses. He has talent, but he got the same well-deseved edit that Jermaine “Who is Michael?” Sellers got on Season 9, looking like a prissy high-maintanence poodle.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I don’t disagree with the observations here about Reed Grimm’s behavior but again, after last year and the edit Lauren Alaina got – only to discover she was a delightful girl when interviewed by Mr. Slezak, I’m trying to reserve judgement on anything but singing. Trying hard…….oh heck, yea, Reed struck me as a bit OCD.

    • Seven Types Of Ambiguity says:

      You may hate them, but they aren’t going anywhere for quite a while.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Would the employees of Miss Cleo’s Psychic Hotline please go back to their day jobs and stop ruining this for the rest of us? Thank you.

    • Phoenix says:

      I honestly don’t know what the judges see in Phillip Phillips. I don’t like his voice at all, and was very surprised to see that he made it to Vegas.

  9. karenb says:

    Can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but Phil Phillips or what ever his not-very-original name is-well, he’s starting to grow on me. At first I thought he was Scotty II, but he seems to be pretty versatile. Anything NOT country is good for me! Kinda liking Johnny Keyser, too. Would have loved for the Original Falling Girl to make it through though.
    On another very important note: Sleazak, can you please tell me what in the world JLo was wearing tonight?! Was that her bath robe?!

  10. Sushirox says:

    Can anyone tell me if Emily from the glee project made it through? I thought she left way too early on that show and I would love to see her go through on Idol.

  11. Evelyn says:

    LOL @ Jennifer’s convenient need to take a phone call during the stage jam. Very cleverly orchestrated JLo, not having to sing and show how terrible you actually are. Also, the bath robe??

  12. Who me says:

    Bailey Brown will be the heavy and overwhelming favorite to win once the live television rounds begin. She’s clearly the class of the group and way ahead of the person most likely to come in second.

  13. Clarissa says:

    “I’m really sorry. I talk a lot of craps about Richie. I’m sorry. To your parents. Check season 11 of American Idol”

    • Scarlett says:

      I so thought he was going to say something like ‘Uh, man, now that group is finished I never want to see you or listen to you ever again’ and then walk away.

  14. Lo says:

    Can we talk about the fact the Johnny Keyser KEPT SINGING while the girl in his group fainted?? I’m praying that that clip ends up on Idology this week.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Yeh, I noticed that and Randy had to shut him up. He was DESPERATE after blowing the lyrics.
      That was an interesting & very good segment. I think these “kids” don’t know or haven’t experienced stress in their lives. They’re so desperate to be singing stars….I fear for some of them.

    • Jewels83 says:

      OMG, yes! This guy was border lining cockiness but that did it for him

    • Shana says:

      Um that was the other guy Bryce. He messed up his lyrics at the beginning of the song and then proceeded to sing while his group member had fainted.
      It was NOT Johnny. In case you didn’t notice, he was the one who caught her when she fell..
      but yes, Bryce was entirely insensitive (though probably out of desperation than anything else).

      • Jewels83 says:

        I’m 99% sure Johnny continued singing after he caught the girl. I noticed it when they replayed the clip.

        • Louie says:

          I thought it was Bryce at first too.
          But when they replyaed the segment after the commercial and changed the angle, it was Johnny who stood apart from the group with the mic still up to his mouth.
          What a douche

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      I don’t know which of the guys kept singing after the girl in his group FAINTED BEFORE HIS EYES, but it was definitely one of the more memorable moments of the night. A should-I-laugh-or-be-concerned moment for me.

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you! I totally saw that and my mouth fell open.

    • Sookie says:

      It was Johnny who kept singing but I don’t blame him. I could just hear Randy asking “What’s up with the stopping singing Dawg? Did you forget your words?”
      Honestly, I felt bad for that group. The sick girl (who looked like death warmed over)leaves and they rearrange the song only to have her come back at the last minute making them try to remember the original arrangement. No wonder they forgot the words. There should have been some sort of time limit for her to decide or at least let the group say no.

    • janie says:

      Yes but he did catch the girl who fainted. I think he just didnt know what to do

    • Leticia Prado says:

      The boys kept singing because the band kept playing. Simple like that.

  15. Jewels83 says:

    I don’t really pay attention to the contestant’s commentaries cause it’s mostly repetitive bull crap “i want this so bad” wah wah wah
    However, this Heejun kid has made me chuckle a bit especially tonight’s episode. AND he has talent! maybe needs to work on his pronunciation a bit or could be his accent, I don’t know but he’s not bad.
    Can we stop the screaming, though?!? way too much!

  16. JimmyJ says:

    Anyone else think Adam Brock looks like Slezak’s younger brother?

  17. darcy's evil twin says:

    Holy cow, there was a whole lot of screaming and hollering going on tonight. Folks, can we just have some good old fashioned singing? It’s a SINGING contest. It’s as if nearly every constestant is trying to replace Whitney Houston – even the guys! I agree with Jewels83’s observation about way too much screaming.
    Please go to You Tube and watch Adele – there’s no substitute for a good set of pipes.

  18. Tommy says:

    So much to comment on, so I’ll just cut it down to three:
    1) Reed Grimm drama – manufactured or not? If things really went down the way they were presented, they should have told him the night before when he didn’t sign up for band time. But Idol claims he threw together that (pretty awesome) drum performance (with band accompaniment) in about fifteen minutes or so, which I don’t think I buy. He should have just done his original a capella performance and hit a cymbal at the end. Still, this was his best vocal thus far (and it was a real full-length song!).
    2) The judges treated Joshua Ledet as the second coming of Christ, but I didn’t think he was so good. Skylar Laine, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise, as was Jen Hirsch, who is currently one of my favorites (she’s like the love child of Katharine McPhee and Pia Toscano). Sad to see Symone Black go, sad to see Richie Law stay, and wondering why they keep showing flashes of “The Glee Project”‘s Emily Vasquez without mentioning her.
    3) Every time J-Lo shoves her arm at Steven Tyler to show her alleged goosebumps, I kind of want him to give her an Indian burn.

  19. Ty says:

    I know some people hate Creighton (read Slezak), but I honestly think he has one of the best voices out of the guys. My problem with him is his runs, they are horrible and he needs to reign them in. Johnny Keyser’s runs are inside the line of still sounding good, Creightons tend to destroy the melody and detract from the song. This is actually more frustrating for me because while Slezak and co just write the guy off, I think he has the capacity to sound great, unlike a phillips who just does not have the chops vocally no matter WHAT he does.

    • Louie says:

      Ok, granted that I HATED Haley during Hollywood Week, especially that horrendous God Bless the Child performance (which was a complete 180 from her later performance at a jazz club during the Idol tour) and then loved her during the live rounds…
      BUT I highly doubt that this Creighton Freaker character has the capacity to sound anything but that screeching trash compactor sound he releases from his piehole… HIGHLY doubt

  20. Yonofoco says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show to see who and how Peggy Blue “the voice coach from hell” will rip on. That’s the best part about the LV show.

  21. Jake M. says:

    Oh the power of editing… Last year Brielle Von Hugel got the “sweet teen with cancer-ridden father” edit. This season she gets “bratty control freak with horrible stage mom.” Looks like Uncle Nigel doesn’t want SOMEONE going deep in this competition…

  22. Brielle Von Bratty says:

    To be fair, Brielle didn’t need any help from the editing to come off like a horrid b**ch. She was rolling her eyes and talking down to her groupmates, bossing everyone and talking like a know-it-all. And then there’s the mother. I just can’t handle them. I am HOPING Brielle gets booted in the semis.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Sorry, but I like Briele’s vocals far better than some of those guys that the judges are gushing over (Heejun what’s his name, Phillip Phillips, Creighton Fraker, Adam Brock – or is it Adam Brody?, the guy that sang first last night (I think) after the group non-performances and screamed his whole song, and “Knowitall McBootscoot” – thank you Mr. Slezak.
      It is a singing competition.

  23. EMP says:

    The only things I thought were really great were Jen Hirsch’s ‘Georgia on my Mind’ and group Groovesauce. I don’t care for a lot of the guys as solo artists that were in the group but it’s obvious they do know understand music, understand harmony, and know how to put on a show and be creative.
    There are alot of weird guys they are featuring. Some good voices but really strange personalities with a lot of them coming off as cocky. Maybe it could finally be a talented female’s year to win as it should have been last year (and I mean Haley not Lauren….)? We can hope anyway…..

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      you summed it up quite well, EMP. Jen Hirsch was wonderful – one of the few good VOCAL performances, rather than just looking like a cast member from a reality non-singing show.
      I don’t care for the guys that are getting a lot of air time either, but this is what happens every year – the judges are just sure they can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. They’re living in the land of “What If” rather than “is this guy getting the job done right now”? Remember the “Casey Save” early on last season? Casey was talented but they weren’t judging him on THAT performance. You can’t go to a concert where the singer sounds awful, only to have his manager walk out on stage and say, “Wow, you should have seen him in Seattle last week. He was GREAT”. Real life doesn’t work like that. But that’s why the entire “guys group” (With Knowitall McBootscoot, etc.) all got put through. The judges are living in the land of “What If”, in my opinion.
      I think the personalities do get cockier with each year. We’re now looking at a pool of contestants that have grown up watching “American Idol” and they’ve spent half a lifetime “wanting this so bad”. Their perspective has to be considerably different than the kids that were part of Seasons one, two and three.

  24. Vetle says:

    Did I spot the vocal coach from hell in the preview? :D

  25. Brielle Von Bratty says:

    Well, she certainly didn’t showcase her voice in the group round. She was worse than Kyle, IMO. Very flat. Just something wrong. Last year, I thought she was the worst of the trio that sang Grenade. Pia and that 15-year old did very well. Brielle was…there. And while it is a singing competition, it is also a popularity contest. I can’t see a lot of people rooting for some brat. Clint Jun Gamboa, anyone? And Clint was a way better singer.

  26. Cathy says:

    Does anyone know if Alex Wong from So You Think You Can Dance made it? I haven’t seen him since the first night of Hollywood week when they showed him in the audience.

  27. Carly says:

    I hate how they spend alot of time on contestants in their first audition and never show them again, so we don’t know if they are gone or still around or when they got kicked off. What happened to Colton Dixon’s sister? Is she still around? I think she might be because of the previews for the next episode, but I would have thought they would continue on their manufactured sibling rivalry story. Also Emily from the Glee Project, they showed so many reaction shots from her but we never heard her sing.

  28. blingedup.susan says:

    I LOVE Peggy Blue (voice coach) and can’t wait to see her tonight.

  29. Devon says:

    Haleys god bless the child was great and creightons was not screeching trash. Your just a shallow cunt that’s all. Stfu hater. Creighton fraker. Ps only screeched was James durbin.

  30. Tina says:

    I am really upset they keep showing glimpses of deandre but never show him singing, I know he can sing but with AI not putting him out there I think it is unfair, how is he going to progress or if he makes it to the live shows no one will know who he is and he is my favorite i think he is the whole package, just because he has no drama he is going to suffer behind it. I hope we see him soon.