Ratings: Smash Hits a Lower Note in Week 2, Alcatraz Dips Once Again

NBC’s Smash played to a smaller audience with its second performance, drawing 8.1 million total viewers while scoring a 2.8 rating among the coveted 18-49 crowd. That marks drops of 29 and 25 percent versus the musical drama’s debut.

Has Smash Really Cast Its Marilyn? ‘It’s More Complicated Than You Think,’ Says Exec Producer

Leading into Smash, The Voice spoke to 16.1 million while doing a 5.9, dipping just 10 and 12 percent week-to-week.

Michael Slezak’s Voice Recap: Cat, a Rising Star?

House, in its first outing since announcing that this will be the final season, held steady with 7.2 million total viewers while dipping a tenth in the demo to a 2.4. (P.S. Poor Chase.) Fox’s Alcatraz (6.2 mil/1.9) however dropped another 10 and 17 percent in Week 5, and is now down 38 and 42 percent from its debut.

Elsewhere on the night:

8 pm | Placing a distant second behind The Voice, CBS’ sitcombo of How I Met Your Mother (9.1 mil/3.4) and 2 Broke Girls (10.5 mil/3.7) each dipped 8 and 14 percent. The Bachelor (8 mil/2.5) slipped just a few percentage points, while Gossip Girl (1.17 mil/0.5) was down 7 percent and a tenth in the demo (to a series low).

9 pm | Two and a Half Men (12.35 mil/3.8) dropped 12 percent in the demo, while Mike & Molly (11 mil/3.3) was more of less flat. Hart of Dixie (1.6 mil/0.6) charmed a few more viewers while steady in the demo.

10 pm | Smash led the hour in the demo, while Hawaii Five-0 (9.5 mil/2.6) held steady to draw the most viewers. Castle, matching last week’s 8.9 mil/2.0, was No. 2 in audience and third in the demo.

What were you tuned into this Monday?

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  1. Cassie says:

    So much for The Voice overtaking idol, eh?

    • cathy says:

      Yeah, I guess people would rather watch other people fainting and vomiting into bags than actual singing.

    • jonathon says:

      The voice is trying but it did miss the point about the stories that lead to success. instead of the judges seeking the talent they send Carson Daly, lol, yeah that guy, to say hey we pick you to sing in front of us. Get 2 minutes of story and lets fight over you. sorry, not quite the type of singing show i want. Yes, Idol had an hour of kids getting sick and falling but that builds the drama and the singing will show as it does every season, the best part is coming up, this week we get our final cuts and then the competition comes next week. Until american idol loses Seacrest or has no talent on there this show will succeed above all other singing shows.

  2. apor says:

    Can we say collapse? With The Voice as a lead in and 30 Million in advertising behind you, it must be a disappointment to tie H50 in the demo and come in third in viewers behind H50 and Castle. Way to go NBC, LOL,

    • Katt says:

      Totally agree with you…they musta poured more money into this trainwreck than anything I have ever witnessed……the dialogue, the acting, the forced characters and unreal premise of ‘this is the way behind the scenes of Broadway’ is are just too hilarious…I predicted this show would go down as well as their two other “brilliant” offerings, Whitney and Chelsea………..lol, a ten year old could program better!

  3. kirads09 says:

    Shame about Alcatraz. Hope it evens out. Last night’s episode was great!! Having a hard time understanding exactly why it isn’t doing better, along with Fringe.

    • Roger says:

      exactly! It was a great episode. I hope the numbers increase

    • Girish says:

      I agree! I think viewers must start watching from the last episode (5th) to see that this show is getting really good!

    • jj says:

      because the first couple of eps sucked. First, if you have a new show, you really should show it on demand WITHOUT advertising throughout. Just have it at the beginning. Because by the time i got halfway through the third episode, i turned it off when i reached the next mandatory commercial. I was so bored that it wasn’t worth me sitting through three minutes of commercials to see the end of the ep. If it had gone straight through, i probably would have stuck with it. I can’t seem to make myself go back for more without the ability to fast forward. i found the first few episodes dull, expected, and unbelievable. (really, they just happen to be one person a week that they are looking for. there are no other people looking for these folks other than a civilian, an ex cop, and two shady feds?) perhaps these questions will be answered later on (or already have been), but the fact that this supposedly smart woman cop has not asked the questions that many of us would have? i just can’t suspend disbelief anymore. i can’t believe it is a shoo in for pick up. I actually enjoyed Terra Nova more, even with it’s inconsistencies and flaws….

      • Ariel says:

        Alcatraz lost me at the third episode. Haven’t seen it since. If it takes five episodes just to get me into it then that’s five too many. Especially for a JJ show. He generally has me in two.

  4. Emily says:

    How did Castle do? And I hope Alcatraz either bites the dust or starts surging, because this indecisive teetering is driving me nuts.

  5. kevin says:

    The Voice still rocks. Alcatraz and Smash better keep it up by the time these two get picked up for another season.

  6. Jesse says:

    I’m still enjoying Smash. It started out slow, but got better as it went. The ending was awesome.

    • jj says:

      I am too. I am not a Marilyn fan and was worried/disappointed when i heard that would be the subject of the musical, but so far I’m pleasantly surprised with how much i’m enjoying it. And i loooove the music so far. (That’s how you do original music, Glee!)

  7. Mam says:

    Embarrasing for House. People don´t want to watch the show without Cuddy. This season is such a waste of time. One good episode and all the others painful to watch.

    • lauren says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. What WILL the L.E. internet trolls do with their free time once the show is over? Extra needlepoint?

    • Jake says:

      By “people” you must mean YOU don’t want to watch the show without Cuddy. It is called House for a reason. Not Cuddy. I couldn’t stand the character although I like the actress just fine. Get a grip and get over yourself. You do not represent all the people who watch or don’t watch House.

      • J says:

        I think the ratings clearly show just how many fewer people watch House now….

        • Michael says:

          But you can’t claim that it was because of the loss of Cuddy. Most shows lose audience from year to year. Greys, Desperate Housewives, CSI(all three of them) were all powerhouses 3 or 4 years ago. It’s just what happens. Conspiracy theorists would claim otherwise.

          • Ariel says:

            It was bound to end. After so many interns and so much crazy along with the cuddy fiasco – well, no where left for it to go but down.

  8. Elle says:

    I don’t understand how Hart Of Dixie gets more viewers than Ringer,90210,Gossip Girl and Nikita yet still will get cancelled over all of them The CW baffles me.

    • Rebecca says:

      Nikita and Ringer are more likely to get canned than Hart of Dixie is. Their ratings really, really suck. Gossip Girl might stick around because it does great with the 18-34 age group. 90210 is a stronger overall performer than Dixie, too. So the show is right in the middle of the pack of the five you mention.

      • ChrisGa says:

        I’ll be shocked if Ringer, Nikita, or 90210 make it to next season. Would’ve said the same about GG, but the show’s execs seem to think they’re safe based on what they’ve been saying in interviews lately. I couldn’t care less about Nikita or 90210 but, despite the fact that it’s an up-and-down rollercoaster of inconsistency, I’d kinda miss Ringer. That said, the premise of the show never seemed to be one that lent itself to multiple-season storytelling so at the end of the day I’d be ok with it gone if they got a chance to wrap it up with some sort of resolution.

  9. Linda says:

    I am really hoping Castle will come back in a huge way.

  10. Ethel says:

    The only show I watched last night, and most Mondays, is Castle! Love Nathan Fillion and the bromance with the male detectives

    • Renee says:

      The bromance between Castle, Ryan and Espasito(?) was by far my favorite part of Castle. I just lost interest in the middle of last season and stopped watching the developing romance cause I just didn’t care, but the guys were fun.

  11. Jules says:

    I’ll admit (being a true [H]ousefan) last night episode was a bit weak…but was ok…and kind of closing the chapter on Chase’s faith.
    Even if the episode was a bit predictable & not was good as the Wilson’s Epi. And less dizzy as Cuddy…in general, JSpenser deliver a good performance..
    But there a reason the show is call [H]ouse,
    Because even playing a bit secondary in this installment, HLaurie shine..and the prank war between House&Taub was priceless..the best part /make me laugh…And of course, the Face/off with House and Chase where they kind of lash out at each other…and at the end, with everything they been through over the years,they respect each other,with a simple nod/look..and that’s why the episode didn’t drown to much and Im still hook (with 10 episodes remaining) until the end.(sadly!)
    As for Alcatraz…well, not the best one, but was interesting…my only problem with that that show…is, I can’t stand the actress(who I forgot her name) & jGarcia…cannot feel any chemistry..But, I’ll continue watching just for Sam Neill, who is the main reason I got interested by that show…
    As for SMASH, well, sorry NBC but you just lost me…I try, but even If I respect AHuston, this show make me snooze(zzzzzzzz!)

  12. Jake says:

    Ugh that sucks about Alcatraz, i hope if it does get renewed it gets treated like Dollhouse and get a second season and then it ends.
    As for Smash last night episode was great! sad to see the ratings go down that much. hope it steadies next week.

  13. Midori says:

    Fox is in some serious trouble.
    Fringe doesn’t make any money, the show is DOA.
    Bones has maybe two more seasons left, it’s getting old and the actors might want to move on.
    The Bones spinoff The Finder isn’t finding decent ratings.
    Glee’s cast will be changing so it will be interesting to see how that does.
    House is ending.
    Terra Nova costs a lot and doesn’t do that well… to put it nicely.
    Alcatraz is falling faster than a rock.

  14. TinCan says:

    I like Jennifer Coolidge in “two Broke Girls” will she be a regular? I think she is a great addition to the show.

  15. sarah says:

    So happy Hawaii Five 0 is getting more and more viewers

  16. Fernando says:

    Smash is still good to me n 8 million is great for NBC. I hope Hart of Dixie lives for a season 2.

  17. Pam says:

    I kind of sort of like Alcatraz. I am not a fan of the procedural aspect of it but the mysteries about what happened keep me watching. I am not sure how much longer that will work.
    I like Hawaii Five-0 because it is escapist fun, especially in the cold of winter!

  18. chistosa says:

    I did like the first Smash but it is up against Castle and Hawaii 5 0, two of my don’t miss shows of the week. And my dvr doesn’t let me view one and tape two. So I view Castle and tape Hawaii 5 o. There is no place for Smash. If it were on at 8:00 or 9:00 I would watch it as I don’t the tv on until 10:00 because I don’t watch any of the 8:00 or 9:00 programs on Monday. Bad placement up against two highly popular programs.

    • Agree says:

      I agree with you that I would love to see Smash moved, but at least keep up online. It is a really great show and though the non-live viewership does not count as much, it does count. Don’t give up on it yet. There is bound to be more good stuff on the way!!!! (Weak link to me is Ivy Lynn, and the biggest troublemaker-to-be is Ellis – Tom’s asst.)

      • resighed says:

        HATE HATE HATE ellis!!! I’m sorry, but as someone who has always done the right thing by her employers, and who would never do the stupid and intrusive things that he does, it makes me mad that Ellis has such an awesome job. I know it’s a tv show, but if reality tv has taught me anything, it’s that bad behaviour gets your riches and fame and good behaviour gets you unemployment and living in your mom’s house typing on a tvline message board at 4 in the afternoon!

    • jj says:

      It’s on demand if you have that with your cable system. And if you have a second television than you can tape two on your DVR tv and go to another room to watch the third show. I don’t get your love of H50. Nothing I’ve seen or read of it makes me want to go check it out again (i saw a bit when it first premiered). I love DDK but not enough to watch yet another bad cop show.

  19. Templar says:

    I was so bored by Castle last night that i barely looked at it while I surfed. The plot seemed a bit cliche’. On the plus side, Fillion looked slimmer than he has in a while, so kudos to him.

  20. Kat says:

    I like Smash but think it is on too late. The same people who watch Glee will watch Smash but only if it is on earlier in the evening. Put it on at 8pm and see how it does!

    • jj says:

      It’s a little mature for 8pm. there was a brief, but relatively tasteful sex scene last night. it was definitely not little kid friendly.

  21. Larry says:

    Regarding the dip in Alcatraz’s ratings, when will the networks learn. People are generally creatures of habit. Sure, they are going to try something new but they always go back to their previous shows. What the networks have to do is learn to stand by shows that show “promise” and growth. If they do that and a creative emergence happens on the show -the audience will return. You can’t just keep dropping shows just because they don’t deliver stellar ratings in their first season. You don’t get anywhere with that philosophy -just loads of good shows dieing before they should.

    • J says:

      Uh they get the bottom line taken care of, which is really all network tv is about.
      Sorry but shows with lousy ratings that lose advertisers should be cancelled, no matter how good they are.
      It’s about the money, and while I hate a show I like being cancelled, I understand and support a company wanting to make money ie the reason they exist.
      Gotta pull your weight or you are gone. Much like any of us. “hey boss, ya know I got potential and everyone likes me, I realize my productivity is half what it should be, but if you keep me around for three years, I might improve for you!”
      I also find it ironic how watchers are allowed to stop watching a show, but they scream when a network cancels a show. If watchers can top watching any show at any time, then a network should be able to do the same, and without everyone screaming t them.

  22. Sue says:

    Sorry Smash but you are up against my 2 favorite shows Castle and H50. If you were on a different night then maybe. Hey NBC, I watch absolutely nothing on Wednesday, can you switch Smash to that night? Castle ratings will pick up more when it’s lead in Dancing with the Stars returns. But I’m glad H50’s ratings stayed steady. Alcatraz, my poor Alcatraz. What happened? I love that show. Come on people, watch Alcatraz, it’s far more interesting than people singing.

  23. GK says:

    Castle was good last night, though I hated the cliffhanger! It was such a cliche. They had done this better last season. I still like this show, but they have to move the plot forward!
    I didn’t start out liking it, but have to say Alcatraz is getting better with each episode. Hope it gets picked up for a second season.

  24. I thought HIMYM was terrible last night. :\ I feel like the show is just going for drama and shock value instead of creating stories that actually go with the characterizations from the past 6 years. Robin never would have accepted that proposal. And while I wasn’t paying much attention, at least someone else finally knows about Emma’s secret on The Lying Game!

  25. Debbie says:

    I’m sorry but I watched the free preview of the pilot of Smash on iTunes and it was bad. The writing was really poor.
    While I’m not surprised by the strong opening numbers, I’m not surprised by the dip. Hawaii Five-0 and Castle have very strong and well developed bases. Both of them have been Monday’s number 1 show so I think it was kind of premature on NBC’s part to have those promos this week saying that Smash is the number 1 show on monday nights. Give it more than one episode before you go there.
    This was a poor move by NBC to put Smash in this time slot. While it does have a strong lead in with the Voice, the best thing they have going is that Katherine McPhee and her on screen rival can sing their butts off. I love Katherine McPhee and I really wanted to like the show and I’m also a gleek so I wanted to like the show.
    I was glad that H50 was able to hold steady because it was a great episode but people missed a great one last week. I’m glad that Castle is still holding its own.

  26. Kaibosh says:

    Man. I started to watch but literally had to stop during the conversation with the teenage son (I’ll call him Tyler because that kid from V set the standard for annoying angsty kids). So when Tyler starts in with “you said I was getting a sister. you said she was in China! don’t I get a vote in this” (or whatever the exact line was) That was literally the worst piece of dialogue and delivery of a line I have ever seen on screen. Simply awful. Its recorded so I’ll probably finish watching it later but seriously if the writers don’t get rid of this kid; send him to college or explain that he’s mentally challenged or something. I don’t see myself sticking around with a show that has stuff that bad in it.

    • jj says:

      i like the show. but, i started doing something else when that scene began and i choose to pretend it didn’t happen. i suggest you do the same. fast fwd the scene, you didn’t miss anything and just enjoy the rest of the show. Seriously, seriously bad scene there.

  27. Steph says:

    The Voice is way better than Idol. All of these people can actually sing. Idol on the other hand purposefully puts horrible people through auditions so we have to see them on tv. Smash was fantastic also. I liked this episode better than last week. It’s way better than Glee. Castle used to be a show I would not miss but now if I miss it I’m not that bothered. I haven’t watched since the episode before Halloween.

  28. Ally says:

    Cbs better stop that ” Monday CBS strongest night” ASAP. NBC owns Mondays now. Big drop for CBS comedy block, and Hawaii is doing awful considering how CSI Miami was dojng in the same slot for years, 9.5 million viewers?? Ouch. That has to be the lowest number in 10 years for CBS on 10 pm Mondays.

  29. Mandy says:

    Love The Voice. Best show in TV.
    Smash is a good show too. I think it works very well after The Voice.
    I am so happy those terrible CBS comedies dropped. Except for HIMYM. The rest are hideous . Bad night for CBS, and the numbers for Hawaii five0 were God awful, the show is not even able to crack 10 million viewers, not that I am surprised, the acting is one of the worst I have watched on TV.

  30. Joseph says:

    I like Smash , but it is very much a niche show , will probably settle around 2.4 give or take .2 , well probably take. But even with those numbers NBC should back the show for at least 2 seasons if only to establish an audience.
    What ever it costs will be paid back as the NBC brand gets some needed quality again.
    PS , they really need to clean up the adoption story line.

  31. cat says:

    Im really loving Smash. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised. Would for sure like to see how it pans out!