Recap: Once Upon a Time Spins a Golden Twist

Warning: The following contains spoilers from this Sunday’s episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

This week on Once Upon a Time, Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin played plucky Belle, but the real beauty of the episode came from a big reveal about a certain beast.

First, a bit of set-up: While a bit more of Rumpelstiltskin’s backstory unfurled in fairytale land — specifically how he almost let Belle’s love rid him of the curse that turned him into a gold-spinning imp, only to send her back home to her father, who ultimately ostracized her — Storybrooke’s Mr. Gold engaged in a war with a local florist named Mr. French (aka the counterpart of Belle’s father, his name a nod to the Beauty and the Beast tale). After Mr. French stole from Mr. Gold (it’s sounding like Reservoir Dogs now), the latter kidnapped the florist, only to get pinched for the crime and thrown behind bars.

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But it was there, in jail, that Once Upon a Time set free a secret, albeit one that had been speculated since early on.

“Tell me your name,” insisted Mr. Gold’s visitor, Regina.

After some dodging, he soon fessed up, half-hissing: “Rumpelstiltskin.”

And then it was time to revisit a very old score.

“So, now that we’re being honest with each other, let’s remember how things used to be, shall we?” Rumpel taunted. “Don’t let these bars fool you, dear — I’m the one with the power around here. I’m gonna be out of here in no time, and nothing between us will change.”

His majesty’s response? “We shall see.”

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Oh yes — this is what we’re talkin’ about. (Yes, I perhaps audibly cheered here on the sofa.)

Again, Mr. Gold’s awareness of his true identity is not a massive surprise — it has been inferred here and there, but only Regina thus far had been 100-percent confirmed to know her magical past (in “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”). Now the question becomes: What is his endgame? And did all that talk of “true love’s kiss can undo any curse” apply to the spell that banished the fairytale characters to Maine? If so, exactly whose liplock will unlock the trapped Snow White, Jiminy Cricket et al?

Plus: Belle is actually alive, and being held captive by evil, evil Regina. So we just may one day see Emilie de Ravin again.

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Some fun “Easter eggs” from this episode: The shout-out to a certain “mermaid” the Evil Queen needs Rumpelstiltskin’s help with; “Chip” (from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie) scored some screen time; and as one TVLine reader noted via Twitter, Mickey Mouse’s hat from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was spotted in Rumpel’s castle.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Skin Deep,” as a whole? Were you glad or surprised that de Ravin got to brandish her Aussie accent?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Beth says:

    Love this show. Love the layers. Love the acting. It’s a gem.

    • Tarc says:

      Can I just mention that the acting in this episode was exceptional? Awesome.

      • Meg says:

        Agreed. Every time there’s a Robert Carlyle-centric episode, I just can’t help but hope the Emmys will recognize, acknowledge, and award–this guy is brilliant. Any other actor would turn Rumpel/Mr. Gold into a one-note stereotype.

        • Templar says:

          There is only one word for Robert Carlyle: Superb! As for Easter eggs. did anyone else notice Lumiere from Beauty&the Beast and the harp from jack & the beanstalk in Gold’s house?

          • JJ says:

            Yes! Also spotted an antique rocking horse. “Ride a cockhorse to Banbury Cross”, I’m wondering if they are going to venture into nursery rhymes and Mother Goose. Since Emma Swan is Henry’s mother, Swan/Goose. Seems likely if the show runs for several years.

          • Adrien says:

            Cogsworth too, on the table beside lumiere, as well as mrs Potts. The wizard Mickey hat is also on display. I hope they do Peter pan.

  2. Karen MT says:

    Thank you! I kept staring and staring at that hat, wondering if that was the Sorcerer’s hat!

  3. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    You left out the fact that Belle is in fact still alive, Regina has her trapped in the asylum in Storeybrooke, implying that the Evil Queen actually lied to Rumplestiltskin in that scene.
    But this was probably my favorite episode of the series, I loved the backstory for Rumplestiltskin, it’s becoming increasingly clear that while often the villain of the story, he is a redeemable character.

  4. Sharie says:

    I enjoyed it a lot. I really liked the twist—-and how everything is coming together as well. Thanks for the recap!

  5. Darth Pablo says:

    One of the best episodes. Also loved how the flower company was called “Game of Thornes”. Cant wait till April 1!!

    • Ben says:

      It’s moments like that which show that Kitsis & Horowitz are really making an effort to give this show the kind of pedigree that Lost had. Attention to detail, even ones as simple as this, can be the difference between a good show and an amazing show.

  6. Jeff Gardner says:

    This was a beyond awesome episode. I love any episode that gives us significant time with Mr. Gold but to actually weave him into Beauty and the Beast was great. I was skeptical of Rumple replacing the beast but now I have no idea why I didn’t trust the clearly genius writers who haven’t led us astray yet. Their willingness to honor the fairy tales that are the source material while still being brave enough to make them work within the world they’ve created is great. I also love how the writers have learned from the mistakes of lost and answer questions/move the story forward now, rather than once the audience has already left or grown tired of asking. I loved lost but i never begrudged the viewers who didn’t have the patience to see it through. Anyway I look forward to the days when the show revisits belle, and hopefully bases an episode around that mickey sorcerers hat that made me beyond happy to see.

    • Kara says:

      The writing could use a lot of improvement. The dialogue often sounds like something written by an eight year old. Way too much cheesy, cliched lines bringing down the actors.

  7. Jayne says:

    Incredible, simply incredible how the story pulls all kinds of details together. I don’t know how long they can keep this up, but so far it’s been an amazing show on an amazing ride. Love it! :) My favorite episode so far.

  8. Christy says:

    LOVED this episode. I am glad they have finally addressed that Mr. Gold remembers his storybook life. Can’t wait to see how he escaped the curse and what his plan is. Also since I LOVE Chip in the Disney version, I was thrilled to see that the writers included him in the story making the chipped cup the thing that Rumple valued most and desperately wanted back.
    Will we be seeing a “certain mermaid” anyime soon?

  9. Eric says:

    Mr. Gold knowing who he was obvious episode 2 explained it all. plus, it’s his curse why would he wipe his memory away also. favorite so episode so far. I just really can’t help to know who the stranger is and how is he going to help Emma.

  10. Leppard says:

    Love the show. Love this episode. But……..the terrible special effects. Please. Do something. It’s beyond distracting. :(

    • Julie says:

      Thank you!!! The green screen scenes are what I dislike the most about the show. It sometimes even pushes me out of the fantasy itself… I hope that they somehow get a better budget next year for better effects

  11. Andrea says:

    Definitely not one of my favs, but it was an enjoyable enough episode. I did like the twist at the end with Mr. Gold and Regina. Overall though, I thought the parts with Belle tended to drag. I thought the special effects were cheesy as well.

  12. Daniel says:

    Somehow, I think Rumple will be a good idea in the end.

  13. Kelly says:

    I loved this episode. One of my favorites. I loved Emilie de Ravin as Belle and adored her chemistry with Robert Carlyle. That really have IT. Cool to see Psych’s Buzz as Gaston. Oh and I think the chipped cup is Rumple’s son.

    • prish says:

      Oh, I didn’t think of the chipped cup and the son possibility. Now, I am torn. It’s a good thought.

    • Cherise says:

      I thought the same thing (about the cup being his son).

    • Templar says:

      How could Chip be Rumpel’s son? Belle broke the cup after Rumple became The Dark One. He’d hardly be using his son as part of a tea service. I believe he reveres the cup because it represents a moment between him and Belle.

      • Julie says:

        She broke one, but she didn’t break the chipped one. Well, not that I remember at least…
        I do like the theory though.

        • lil jo says:

          She dropped a cup and it was then chipped. Or at least when she picked up the dropped cup, the chip was in the exact same spot as the one he had at the end of the show.
          The chipped cup reminded him of her and that Belle really loved her.

      • Sue Zahller says:

        Agree totally. Belle’s the nicest probably anyone has been to him since he lost his wife and son. Belle brought him hope, but not enough for him to throw off the power he wields. Still, there’s a ‘chip’ now in his armor.

  14. Janice Epstein says:

    Great episode. I agree with many of the previous comments. I love this show but I’m afraid they will never be able to tie things up in a satisfactory manner. Will this drag on forever?

    • ladyhelix says:

      Fear not – they have people on board who have proven experience with long arcs and lots of characters – and who have successfully been a part of wrapping them up (at the end of every season).

  15. Rain says:

    Did anyone else notice that the name on the florist’s van was “Game of Thorns”? I love all those little touches! Great episode!

  16. Spencer says:

    Does anyone else think that there could be more Fairytale characters locked up in that basement?…….

  17. Alicia L. says:

    I so would not be surprised if there were! The one little tidbit I couldn’t help, but notice, I think it was on accident, when they he pulled the curtain off the glass I notices a curtain in the background that looked like the one used in Harry Potter to hid the entrance to the Room of Requirement!
    Overall the episode was darker than I expected, but I loved it because of that! I can’t wait for next weeks.

    • Lime says:

      I’m pretty sure that was one of the Unicorn Tapestries. They are hanging in the Gryffindor Common Room and other places in the castle. They’re pretty famous, actually!

      • April says:

        The tapestries ARE famous, and I’ve seen them in person. I almost went nuts when I saw them in the episode. They currently hang in Stirling Castle in Scotland. Do a Google image search for “Stirling Castle Unicorn Tapestries” and they will pop up instantly! Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed them! Good eye, Lime.

  18. DT says:

    Some questions I have after this episode…
    Why did Regina ask Mr. Gold his name from fairy tale land?
    Who is the nurse Regina gave a rose to, in fairy tale land? She seems to have a little too much screen time to just be an extra. And what about the guy mopping outside Belle’s cell?
    And if true love’s kiss can undo curses, why hasn’t Mary and David remember anything yet?

    • Tarc says:

      I think it is a technicality: David is married to someone else. I think I saw that when David breaks up with her, she then ‘disappears’ – which might hint that Regina is trying to keep then from getting divorced (and thusm preventing their ‘true love’s kiss’.

    • prish says:

      I assumed that Regina was not sure Mr. Gold was R. On the other hand, maybe he had to say his name to her, in order for some kind of magic to work on her end. Maybe, it was like how you have to invite a vampire into your home. The fairytale did have saying the name as important.

      • Karen MT says:

        She knows who everyone in town really is. She was trying to get Mr Gold to say his name to force him to admit that he remembers.

        • Justin says:

          If you remember- from the previous Rumple-centric episode- he had to know the Dark Ones name to summons him to do his bidding. Regina now knows the name of the Dark One- that’s on that dagger.

    • kirads09 says:

      You must have read my mind, because those were nearly the exact questions I came away with as well. Especially, David and Mary Margaret have already kissed. You would think if any couple’s true loves kiss would break the curse, that would do it.

      • candee says:

        I truly beleive that the true loves kiss must be the with the person who cast the curse aka the evil queen/regina. BUT having said that I also believe Mr. Gold/Rumple is a good guy and he needed Emma’s name to bring here to Storybrooke to break the spell. And Henry is with the queen bc that is the only motivation strong enough to get Emma to stay. Now who could be the Queen’s true love that will bring her down….of course that can’t happen until the last episode.;)

    • Templar says:

      Have you forgotten that Regina/Evil Queen is the miller’s daughter from the original Rumpelstiltskin story? Maybe she was making sure Gold remembered Fairytale. now she is sure that she isn’t the only one who knows.

    • Sarah says:

      Knowing Rumple’s name is an important part of his fairytale. Originally, to break his curse, you had to find out is name and repeat it to him. In this mythology, everyone knows his name and he keeps the object that has his name on it that holds his power. By calling someone by their name, you acknowledge them and hold awareness of who they are on some level. Notice he doesn’t say his name is John Gold or Bob Gold…it is Mr. Gold. He is still apart from everyone, even in Storybrooke. Except to Regina. She holds what he wants and forces him to name himself, not as his fake self, but his true self that she knows him to be. She is gaining power with knowledge of her enemy. he was pulling strings and now she knows for sure why. He bites back with “Thank you, Your Majesty” to acknowledge her and prove she holds no power…until they show Belle.

    • jbee says:

      Since seeing this episode I have always thought that the man mopping the floor is a reference to the identical man in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest and have been searching for evidence or theories to support this.. If they would name a flower shop after another popular series, I don’t see why they wouldn’t touch on other literary stories, but we will see I suppose..

      • Madison says:

        THANK YOU! I I beginning to think I was the only one that noticed. I figured it the second I saw the nurse. She looks exactly like nurse rachet from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  19. oliver says:

    i think the stranger is in fact mr. gold’s long lost son, he wrote the fairy tales down cause he remembers them and he is back to break the curse.. i think he has to kiss emma

    • prish says:

      I hope the writers are reading your post. I want your insight to be true because i loved Eion Bailey’s acting, and I want him to stay in the program. Your understanding is the best!

    • kirads09 says:

      Oooh. I love that theory! Hope you are right.

    • JD says:

      i’ve been thinking this since he appeared! i also think Rumple knows about it and that it was his son who found the abandoned Emma on the side of the road in the first place. He would be about 15 years older than her if he disappeared from Fairytale world and came to the real world before she was born. also, since Rumple knew the way to save Emma, he probably also knew that was the way to save his son. Which makes sense since when he gave the queen the curse, he made sure that he would retain his own memory when it was cast. he’s always been looking out for himself.

    • clc7 says:

      I agree. Emma is the savior, it will be true love’s kiss for Emma that breaks the spell. Love the idea of the stranger being Gold’s son!

  20. kstew says:

    Basement? that was a ward of the hospital….her father was sitting outside the door bandaged up…Regina cautiously looked back at him before entering….then asked has anyone visited….it’s a mental ward of a hospital.
    The chipped cup …his son…huh , what…Belle chipped the cup, that is why it is important. She chipped the cup because of the quip he made on skinning children…she says sorry and he responds ..its just a cup….then she leaves and it is on display in cabinet…then he thinks she dead and he finds a more prominent spot to display chipped cup….
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show and cast :D very original idea great actors …whats not to love…except I am beginning to wonder if the can tie it all together…I watched Lost and was soo bummed over the last season of that show…the smoke monster…need i say more….
    Just hoping they have plan to tie things together, so far they are doing great
    Mermaid…ooooo….cant wait

    • laura says:

      umm it was definitely the basement originally, the furnace was there. she also went through a fire exit to get there, and needed a code to get through the door, which would be odd if it was just the door to a ward.
      This episode is absolutely my favourite so far. it was deliciously dark, something i’ve been wanting it to do since episode one. i’ve been enjoying it, but it’s been a little too childish rather than adult so far. i loved the twisting of the disney version, whilst still giving plenty of shoutouts to it. Belle was my favourite princess and i’m glad they didnt tarnish her any more than Disney has already done with their editing of her in the BR version.
      I am also glad that i’ve seen RCs amazing acting on this show. previously all i had to go on was SGU, and i had thought him a terrible actor. clearly it was just terrible scripts.
      hope to see Ariel pop up soon, with some similarly dark twists to the story.

      • Madison says:

        Even if it was a basement originally it was entirely meant to be a mental ward. Especially because of the references to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  21. Jennifer says:

    My absolute favorite episode so far. Rumple/Gold is officially my favorite character!! Loved him before but this dude rocks, he has never bored me. LOVE Rumple and Belle, great together, great chemistry!! I actually enjoyed those scenes more then girls night out crap. David better get his s*** together….those two are getting boring as is Emma.

  22. Hillary says:

    Did anyone else notice Gepetto’s parents hanging in Rumplestiltskin’s castle? I appreciate the thought put into moments like that.

  23. Pogue says:

    Emilie de Ravin can’t act her way out of a paper bag. There was absolutely no chemistry between Belle and Rumpelstiltskin. Disappointing, as it was otherwise a pretty good episode.

    • Tarc says:

      Apparently you saw a completely different episode than I did. I think the Rumple/Belle acting was outstanding without qualification.

      • Linda says:

        No,I agree with Pogue. I thought the exact same thing when someone else earlier suggested there was “chemistry” between her and Robert Carlyle. Absolutely not!! Personally, I still don’t get what everyone sees in Emilie. I don’t think she’s that great an actress. Glad she’s not in it anymore than need be.

  24. Jaylyan says:

    I actually disliked episode! Beauty and the Beast is one and my favourite fairy tales and is easily the one the best Disney movies ever made. How can they go ahead and completely ruin it like that?
    Not only did they completely missed the point of the story and diminish Belle’s character; but they completely got rid of the Beast! Which is very disappointing because this show lacks interesting characters, why would they take out such a fascinating character and replace him with the over used Rumpelstiltskin?

    • Tarc says:

      It sounds like this is not a show for you. Reverse everything you just said, and that’s what I’m seeing.

      • Cameron says:

        While I do love this show, I have to agree with Jaylyan. Why screw up such a good story and its characters?
        And yes leaving out the Beast is MASSIVE waste!

    • prish says:

      The Beast is Rumplestilskin, and I see the plotting as pure genius. I thought the episode fantastic! The Belle/Ru-Beast acting had depth. I see this story emphasis as building up Belle not diminishing her. I’m into it for the long haul, now. Our charming snow was melting my interest away. Now, I thank the cosmos for Disney owning ABC and having the copyright on so many fairytale animations, as backstories and built-in happy endings. Robert Carlyle is the main reason I watch the show, so they cannot use him enough, especially, since he is the Beast that gets a happy ending. Strictly IMHO, of course.

      • Jaylyan says:

        First of all making Rumplestilskin the beast is completely moronic for three reasons. For one it completely changes the fairy tale and the point of the story. Two, the Beast was never really a bad guy (he is a lot more complex than that) and he learns to become a better person, while the same cannot be said for Rumplestilskin who is a baby stealing sociopath! And third and most importantly (which I said my previous post but clearly didn’t understand it) is that this show lacks good and interesting characters. Emma is too dumb to live, Henry is the load/Karma Houdini, David is a scumbag (yes, he is confused, but he is still a scumbag), Mary Margret is bland and like most of the other characters on this show forgettable. The only interesting characters on this are interesting are the evil queen and Rumple. The beast would have been an amazing opportunity to add a good character. And nobody is stupid enough to deny that!
        And yes, they did diminish Belle’s character. While I love the rest of the Disney Princess, Belle is one of the few you can admire for being kind, heroic, brave and really intelligent. Here she has glory complex and allows herself to be manipulated by the Queen way too easily.

        • Templar says:

          And you’re watching this show you can’t stand ….. because ……?

          • Jaylyan says:

            Did I say I can’t stand it?
            I watch it because it has a lot of promise and there have been a few solid episodes. It’s just a show that hasn’t reached its full potential yet.

  25. beth says:

    Did anyone else think that the old mental hospital where Belle was being kept looked like it was from the 1940s or 1950s? So how long have they all been living in Storybrook? And who was the creepy guy with the long hair that was maybe a janitor? More questions that need answers – love it!

    • jb says:

      They have been living there 28 years. The curse came into effect the day Emma was born.

    • Pam says:

      I thought that the mental ward may have been intended as an homage to ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. The nurse Regina spoke with definitely had a Nurse Ratched vibe about her, and my husband pointed out that the guy mopping looked a lot like Chief! I hope this was intentional on the show’s part…just love all Easter eggs (Lost-related and otherwise) they throw in to each episode. I usually watch a second time and pick up things I missed. Also really loved the fact that Maurice’s Storybrooke counterpart was named French, as the Beauty and the Beast story has its origins in France.

      • KMG says:

        I thought it was obviously a Cuckoo’s Nest nod. As son as Regina started talking to the nurse, I made a crack about Nurse Ratched comment… and then when she walked past the long-haired guy with the mop, there was no other reason to even have a character in that hallway, other than as a quick Easter Egg. I roared when I saw him!
        I agree with others – best ep of the entire series so far. LOVED the update on the Disney BatB movie… while keeping many elements and characters from that film, they still managed to add several new twists on the tale.

        • clc7 says:

          I thought the same thing about Nurse Ratchet…and when the guy in the hallway appeared, there was no doubt about the Cuckoo’s Nest reference!

        • Al says:

          I’m assuming the “S Glass” on the door was poor Sydney. Interesting to see where Regina decided to put him. Let’s see, that’s Belle, Sydney…anyone else she’s got stashed away down there?

      • Beth says:

        Of course – don’t know why I didn’t see that! She had the same hair as Nurse Ratched and the janitor as Chief – makes perfect sense. Thanks for the feedback!

        • Rumple says:

          I think the nurse has to punch 4 8 15 16 23 42 into the computer every 108 minutes or the hospital will blow up.

  26. Allen Azeke says:

    Interesting story.

  27. Cloudy Knight says:

    It doesn’t have anything to do with fairytales, but the only thing I could think of when I saw that big guy mopping the floor in the psych ward where Belle was being held was Chief Broom in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

  28. Patti says:

    Emilie de Ravin is awesome. Belle&Rumple are my new favs.

  29. Rob says:

    I’d almost be willing to bet that the Big Guy mopping is the father of one Pocahontas. He looked like an Indian chief in a hospital gown.

  30. Louise says:

    I loved Emilie de Raven and her Aussie accent so much in this episode. Hopefully we’ll see her again soon. Didn’t think I would ship Rumpel with anyone, but Rumpel/Belle are so cute! Rumbelle FTW!

  31. kirads09 says:

    One of the best episodes so far. Robert Carlyle is awesome.

  32. Pam says:

    I was so disappointed that MM never looked at the card David bought for her. When Mr. Gold was speaking to David about buying two cards in the store, it appeared that the one he was buying for her had a prince and princess and a castle on it. I was so looking forward to seeing her open it, and so let down when she opened the envelope and pulled out the card with the dog on it!

    • prish says:

      David must the the character representation of CLUELESS in the story. I wonder why. Maybe it is some kind of inside joke among the writers.

  33. Julie says:

    This show’s storylines keep getting better and better! I love that Rumple is so involved with everything going on and I totally fell for the story that he could be the beast in the tales. Beauty and the Beast is totally my favorite fairytale and I like what they did with it for the show. I wonder if Belle remembers or if she’s just hidden so that Rumple thinks she’s dead.
    The only little flaw I found though was the little accent thingy Belle had when she spoke. Sometimes it seemed a little off from what she was trying to do. But nonetheless Emily did a beautiful job as Belle and I sure hope we get to see her soon.
    As for David and MM I am SO happy that they are getting more screen time! They are the reason I started watching this show and I just can’t wait for the moment they’ll finally be able to be together!!!!
    (BTW, David was stupid with the card thing… I mean the enveloppes were two different colors, man!!! I wanted to slap him on the wrist so freaking bad!!! *angry face*)
    I can’t wait for next week’s episode!!! I want more more MORE!!!

  34. Meg says:

    Has anyone else noticed that on the title card, there’s some object that will usually indicate the “central” story for the night? Last night it was the spinning wheel. I’ve also seen the white horse (Charming/Snow) and the black knight (Regina/Evil Queen). And there was a unicorn once…

  35. candee says:

    I truly beleive that the true loves kiss must be the with the person who cast the curse aka the evil queen/regina. BUT having said that I also believe Mr. Gold/Rumple is a good guy and he needed Emma’s name to bring here to Storybrooke to break the spell. And Henry is with the queen bc that is the only motivation strong enough to get Emma to stay. Now who could be the Queen’s true love that will bring her down….of course that can’t happen until the last episode.;)
    I am anxouisly awaiting the Red Riding Hood episode, I think the girl who plays red looks fun. I believe Rumple needs Emma to bring about as many happy endings as possible to thwart the queen but I do not believe that when they find their happy ending they will remember the past like the huntsman. But he might not believe there could EVER be a true loves kiss with the Regina.
    I also believe the cup meant so much bc it was the cup Belle chipped. Fav episode so far, the writers are really getting into the spirit.

  36. Justin says:

    Great episode! Emilie de Ravin did a very good job as Belle, plus I loved the different spin on the whole Beauty and the Beast take. So refreshing! This episode was a definite game-changer! I love it!

  37. Rachel says:

    I thought this episode was a little too heavy-handed at times. The chipped cup was kind of funny, but on top of that & the teapot being the only things he didn’t break, her fiancee being named Gaston, him screaming something about being a beast…it was all a little too much.
    That said, I was really excited about the modern story in this episode – SO psyched that she’s alive! I can’t wait to see what happens when Rumple finds out! And I’m wondering how much time Regina will force Emma to keep him locked up

  38. JAO says:

    Love this show… one of the best episodes. Hated Carlyle in SGU, but he is absolutely brilliant in this show with his acting. Anyone else would make Rumple a clown, but he manages the dementia and evilness with the giggling. And his calm assurance counterpart is dynamic! He and John Noble from Fringe deserve special Emmy’s for their roles!!

  39. Isaa says:

    Best episode ever!!!

  40. NAS says:

    As for the “true love’s kiss will break any curse”, I firmly believe that it needs to be Emma’s true live that will need to kiss her. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Rumple has already said that Emma will be the only who can return things to how they were. We already got a glimpse of that being true when Graham kissed her. He realized who he really was. But he wasn’t her TRUE love, so it didn’t break the curse on the town, just him. I’m excited to see what’s next! Great job with the twists on Beauty and the Beast. I thought it was done so well.

  41. Lindsey says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show! Last nights episode was fantastic. I cannot wait for them to bring belle and rumplestiltskins storyline back into another episode! amazing all around

  42. Pam Lipscomb says:

    I love this show and wait every week to see it. I tvo it so I can see it again incase I Missed something important. And I can hardly wait until everything resolves, but let it take a long time. Loved this episode as I love Beauty and the Beast and have a chipped cup of my own.

  43. Mel says:

    How were the ratings last night? I was worried bc of competition.

  44. Mitch says:

    I also though it was funny that the side of the flower truck said Game of Thornes

  45. Peng9803 says:

    Isn’t Prince Charming Snow White’s one true love, so why hasn’t David’s kiss awaken Mary Margaret a bit? Her kiss got him out of the coma. And Emma’s woke up the Huntsmen.

    • Templar says:

      Because MM and David are both under the spell. It only works when one isn’t. In the forest, when Charming kissed Snow, she was under a spell but he wasn’t. In Sleeping Beauty, she is under a spell, Prince Phillip isn’t. When Sheriff Graham kissed Emma, he was under the spell, she isn’t.

  46. Lint says:

    I think last night’s episode took a giant leap into giving OUAT more validity as a “good” show, IMO. I’ve also been watching since the beginning, but I’ll say it’s walked the line between being slightly mediocre/cheesy to being a show of some caliber. I probably had the same reaction as you did last night at the end of the show; I was like, “now we’re getting somewhere.” As someone who loves intrigue and power struggles (AGoT fan since ’98-’99), I felt we were finally getting some more substance to the show.
    There’s a lot of potential for OUAT to be great, I hope the writers continue to insert more of the power struggle into the show. It makes you wonder what Emma and Snow can possibly do to pry power away from those two when they don’t even believe yet. Right now the Queen seems to have everything firmly grasped, how are the good guys going to win?

  47. Ace says:

    Also, Mr French’s business was called “Game of Thornes”.

  48. The Squatch says:

    Probably my favorite episode so far. Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin is probably my favorite character in the entire show. I like the fact that we now know that he and the Queen definitely remember who they actually are.
    As for the cup being his son… I didn’t get that feeling at all. I believe Belle said to him when he banished her that some day he would regret it and be left with nothing but a broken heart and a chipped cup. I think that is why it means so much to him.
    I was wondering if the reason(s) that Belle is locked up is two fold. Perhaps not only is the Queen / Regina keeping her there to use as leverage against Mr. Gold at some point in the future, but maybe Belle somehow remembers her true self as well and that is why she can’t be out amongst the general population and would be considered insane for believing herself to be a fairytale character.
    I am also wondering if the Queen’s endgame will be to try to get her hands on that dagger with Rumpelstiltskin’s name on it so she can either control him or take his power for herself. To that end, I am wondering where the dagger is. For some reason, I think his son has it. I can see the “Stranger” perhaps being his son. He may have sent him here ahead of time to keep him safe from the curse, so he may remember everything as well and has had time to adapt to this world better outside of Storybrook. Rumpel may also have told him where to find Emma as a baby. Not sure why, but I do think his son, wherever or whomever he is, has that dagger with him. I hope Regina never gets ahold of it.

    • The Squatch says:

      Also, I forgot to add, when he was in the cell and he knew she had the teacup, instead of saying his name couldn’t he have just told her to “Please” give it back to him and she would have had to comply. Or “Please don’t ask me my name” or some other thing along those lines. Ahh well…

      • Templar says:

        I’m not sure the “please” would work with tangibles. It only works with actions not objects. And since he was incarcerated, the cup was a bargaining “Chip’. Now the field is leveled with each knowing that the other is fully aware of what and where.

  49. D. Marie says:

    Don’t forget the Easter egg of Sneezy The Dwarf/Pharmacist!

  50. TVDIVA says:

    I just had a marathon of Once Upon a Time episodes to date having never watched the show and all I can say is WOW! It makes the Grimm series look like a low budget second rate show. The casting in Once and the writing is exceptional. And the production sets and costumes are fantastic, I am so glad I downloaded this series from ITUNES. It is worth every penny.