American Idol Recap: The Day the Music Died

Heejun Han American Idol Hollywood WeekHas a recurring problem with kidney stones? Send him to Hollywood! Lives in a tent and prone to exhibit flu-like symptoms when cooped up inside cold and dusty auditoriums? She’s on to the next round! Believes she can subsist for an entire day on a can of Red Bull, a piece of toast, and the occasional whiff of Jennifer Lopez’s Glow perfume? That was a trick question: Jennifer Lopez doesn’t wear Glow! Ha!

If you happened to miss Thursday night’s installment of American Idol, you’re probably wondering if I’m hopped up on cold medicine, or maybe got a little overzealous with the sauvignon blanc at dinnertime. But nope, I am of sound mind and carb-loaded chassis as I write this recap. The problem is, after enduring the second Hollywood Week episode of Season 11 — which contained not a single musical performance, but plenty of vomiting, weeping, and huffing from the 185 contestants (¡including Ashlee “Joy Hop” Altise!) who’d survived into the Group Rounds — I don’t have a frakin’ idea how to get this particular recap party started.

American Idol: Top 10 Auditions of Season 11

I guess we’ll take our cues from Maria von Trapp and start at the very beginning. We kick off with yet one more replay of Wednesday’s cliffhanger of Symone Black falling face-first off the Idol stage — it’s okay, Symone, we black out every time Randy speaks, too — which prompts her rival contestants to form a prayer circle while secretly thinking, “This #&@^% has the voice of a meadowlark, and now she’s got the most dramatic Hollywood Week footage of anybody in the competition!” Symone recovers enough to ask her dad, “So does this mean I get a yes?” Of course it does, Symone; that’s the standard consolation prize when the show’s producers cravenly exploit the health crisis of a minor on the altar of Nielsen ratings.

After Symone’s happy fate is revealed — and Symone’s father G***ge (Google Alert denied! Burn!) reveals how he doesn’t want to be a stage dad, but rather a famous mentor (ugh!) — it’s time for the rancor, anxiety, and tears to flow like wine at the bacchanalia: Contestants must sort themselves into groups of four or five — making sure there’s a mix of Day 1 and Day 2 people — and then choose and rehearse a number from a pre-set list of 20 songs. (This part is supposed to be exciting? I think? All of my sentences on the subject will end in a question mark perhaps?)

There’s a cop from St. Louis who’s convinced nobody likes cops, but maybe they just don’t like people shouting into microphones and refusing to even consider anything other than “Joy to the World” (Three Dog Night, not the Christmas carol) or “Stuck Like Glue.” (For a second, I think girlfriend is referencing Nikka Costa’s “Stuck to You,” which would have made up for everything. Seriously, click that link, minimize the window, and enjoy some funky retro-soul while you read the next few paragraphs.)

There’s also Tent Lady Amy Brumfield. “I feel like crap,” she says with sheer desperation, shortly before Ryan Seacrest refers to her as “Patient Zero.” Suddenly, I’m struck by the horrible idea that some super-intense 15-year-old is going to leap out of the wings and beat Amy over the head with a baseball bat — 28 Days Later-style — to stop the spread of the contagion. “I don’t want to get eliminated because I’m sick,” Amy says ominously. Relax, future Katie Stevenses and Thia Megias, it’s just the flu!

Next on deck are Heejun Han and Phillip Phillips — both of whom made my list of the Top 10 Auditions of Season 11 , but only one of whom may have passed a kidney stone in his hotel room — and they’re paired with a bossy guy in a cowboy hat whose name Heejun hasn’t even bothered to learn. Heejun probably has the right idea, since Knowitall McBootscoot is the kind of kid who boasts that he’s the only one in his group who knows anything about harmonies and chords, and that he has some grrrreat ideas for box-step and salsa choreography. “Now I have a very bad perspective toward cowboys,” says Heejun. “Even Dallas Cowboys. Freakin’ cowboys.” Speaking of which, whatever happened to Idol‘s Littlest Cowboy?

And while we’re on the subject of blasts from the show’s past, here comes Brielle Von Hugel — who sang “Grenade” with Pia Toscano during Season 10 Hollywood Week. Instead of celebrating the teenager’s focus and committment to excellence, the producers choose to use Brielle’s mom as a character witness: “She’s bossy. We have to keep our eye on her,” the woman says, snapping her gum. (Note to Mama Hugel: If Brielle makes it to the live rounds, I hope you don’t up the ante by holding up hand-made signs for somebody else’s daughter.)

Finally, there’s a group called The Bettys, made up of Weepy, Sleepy, Sassy, Worried and Cannon Fodder. They get plenty of screen time — and the episode ends with them about to take the stage — but I care more about the excess milk in my morning cereal than I do about how their performance turns out. Two members of the quintet stay up rehearsing till 5:11 a.m., and I can feel my blood beginning to boil: Don’t these kids study their Idol history? Most of it’s on Wikipedia, for heaven’s sake!

Ah, but let’s go back to Patient Zero. She’s feebly performing some choreographed dance moves, trying to fit in with the general population. “I’m not lettin’ the devil play with me!” she grins. But first, she’ll have to survive until morning. Tune in for the exciting conclusion next week at 9/8c on Fox!

What did you think of the second Hollywood Week episode of Season 11? Was I the only one who felt like it was a total waste of time? Did you miss the actual singing? And are you at least excited for next week’s group performances? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nicole says:

    I actually really enjoyed the episode (gotta love the drama!) and didn’t even realize we hadn’t seen a single performance till I came online.

  2. Zoey says:

    This was maybe the most tedious episode of Idol yet. Although I will say Heejun’s commentary on Cowboy Hat was rather hilarious.

    • Manola says:

      I agree with you 100%! He was so funny! I hope they keep him in. His self-deprecating style is a breath of fresh air among the alpha personalities

    • milly says:

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    • Owen says:

      It was the same old Idol, the only difference is Hollywood Week is usually a two hour episode and now the second hour is next week.

    • bethie says:

      …and perfectly understandable! Not sure why the producers felt that he warranted subtitles.

    • Mia says:

      Heejun made the whole episode enjoyable for me. That guy is awesome! Slezak, can we get him on an episode of Idology? Please? Pretty please? I just love everything that comes out of his mouth.

  3. darcy's evil twin says:

    “Finally, there’s a group called The Bettys, made up of Weepy, Sleepy, Sassy, Worried and Cannon Fodder”.
    Hilarious. HOW do you manage to write an entertaining recap about….absolutely nothing????

  4. DJ says:

    You hit the nail on the head as usual, Michael. Sometimes I feel guilty watching the exploitation/torture of young people for my entertainment. I felt like walking up to a group and saying, “I can barf. Can I join your group?”

    • SallyinChicago says:

      The funny thing is they SOOOO want to be singing stars and they think they are the ONE….but they don’t have the stamina to go all the way. That’s why you have Hwd week to separate those who are cool out from those who are delusional.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Good point, SIC – It also separates out the kids that have not grown up singing in a church and/or school choir.
        Remember ‘the kids’ group from last year with the Stage mothers (which, I’m sure, was part manufactured drama). Those kids got right down to business and did a fine job with no drama – their mothers were there because all the contestants were minors but I guarantee you every one of those kids sang in a church choir twice a week and they were used to working with a group rather than just wanting to be a “star”. Plus, their mothers would have boxed their ears if they acted stupid on TV.

      • Tom22 says:

        Hazing (contrived hardship is my definition, belittlement isn’t necessary) is an important vetting process.
        The work-weeks and pressures to “be on” 100 hour weeks during the show and the rigors of a performer’s life on tour and after are not something 99% of the population can take on without cracking.
        Being a star takes more than 1 out of 1000 level singing ability but also 1 out of 100 work-load/pressure coping ability.

  5. Lauri says:

    I love you Michael. Your recaps are more exciting than the actual show, which was a total bore by the way. Thank God TVD was on at the same or I would’ve had to watch the entire episode instead of little snippets during commercial breaks.

  6. Swansteel says:

    I don’t know, I kinda liked the episode. I may in the minority here, but I was pretty entertained by the hour. I really got a kick out of Heejun, too.

    • Lunakit says:

      …said Nigel

      • Owen says:

        Please. Its reality TV. Why do you insist on it being better than it is or ever was and just enjoy it? Good on you Swansteel.
        It was the same old Idol, the only difference is Hollywood Week is usually a two hour episode and now the second hour is next week.

  7. Eliz says:

    Tonight’s episode was absolutely terrible!! I kept waiting for the performances to start and at around 7:50 I realized it wasn’t happening tonight. Lame!
    Also, I just watched the latest Idology and it was fantastic! I love Melinda, she’s hilarious. However, I missed the clips of Downton Abbey being mixed in; they’re pretty great.

    • KWise says:

      It was exactly the same for me – it was around 7:50 when I realized we’d be getting no performances, and I was SOOOOO mad!

      • Ideel says:

        Same here. This episode was horrible and has made my officially give up on idol. I think I’ll be sticking with the voice from now on.

  8. nchamlong2 says:

    This episode was a waste of time as far as I was concerned. It seemed more like “Big Brother” than a singing competition. I’m thankful that Symone was OK, though!

  9. Bob Dylan says:

    Let the kids be, keep your negativity out of the Internet. The show was capitalism, plain and simple. Sad, boring and sad. This news isn’t news and it’s not an “artical” but a drawn out, blown up opinion. Lemons – make lemonade I guess but don’t feel joy at another’s misfortune or another getting joy from another’s misfortune. Idol is a show but that’s all, calm down. God Bless the United States of America.

    • Kwise says:

      “Keep your negativity out of the Internet.” Hee hee. That’s a bit like saying, “hey kids, let’s keep those softballs off the softball field.” Or “Let’s not put cookies in the cookie jar, ok?”

  10. Spider3tattoo says:

    I watched the first season of AI, and was happily impressed, for the most part, about a show involving a singing competition. My only criticism then was that there were too many ‘bad’ moments/singers played up for the cringe factor/drama.
    Fast forward to tonight’s show and I have to say…wow. Just make a separate Blooper/Bad Singers/All the Drama American Idol for those that like that stuff, and leave my ears/eyes alone please. I didn’t watch seasons 2-10 until the final 24, for just this reason. It was a waste of an hour in my opinion, they should have shown us actual singing instead of this mess. If I want to watch people fainting and puking I’ll go watch the show where people are drinking bull semen and eating spiders.
    Are the producers really that afraid of The Voice and the X-Factor that they need to go to these lengths? /eye-roll

  11. Lindsey says:

    Ugh. What a waste of an episode! I figured out 20 minutes in that there would be no singing in this episode. When that cop girl was searching for a group for.ever. OMG. We better see some amazing group performances next week!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      i got so tired of that annoying, bossy cop I wanted to jump into the TV and say, “Hey, I’ll sing Joy to the World with you. that song was popular when I was in junior high school. I know every word. I even know the harmony and the background. Now please SHUT UP”.

    • Owen says:

      Once again: It was the same old Idol, the only difference is Hollywood Week is usually a two hour episode and now the second hour is next week.

  12. Vetle says:

    I’m pretty sure I spotted both Hollie Cavanagh and Deandre Brackensick during the episode. Can’t believe they decided to watch Brielle’s group and not Hollie or Deandre’s group… we’ll see if they show their group.

    • annabelle says:

      Michael Slezak – I though for sure you would have mentioned the snippets of both of these people, but you didn’t. Are you slipping?

  13. Kira says:

    I thought it was a total waste of time too. They spent so much time showing us clips of drama that was going to happen, but it wasn’t even in the episode and then NO ONE sang. It felt like watching “Inside Edition” and not a music competition.

    • Owen says:

      Okay. Again: It was the same old Idol, the only difference is Hollywood Week is usually a two hour episode and now the second hour is next week.

      • Joy says:

        Yeah, we all heard you the first dozen times — but what’s your point? For me (and probably some of the other people you’re lecturing at), the first hour is only worth watching as buildup to the actual performances. It’s worthwhile because it gives you some context when the contestants get on stage, but there’s not much purpose to it otherwise. Now, instead of bringing us the payoff right when our patience is running out, and before we’ve forgotten all the buildup anyway, they’re just like “Yeah, come back next week.” Flow and timing are crucial to good storytelling — do you really think that throwing in a six-day interruption right at the end of an hour of tedious exposition should have no effect on audience experience?

  14. Malcolm says:

    I do wish we’d gotten some singing but I was partially sated by the little clips of people singing throughout. I’m not too bummed out because I like how this episode gives you a glimpse into character traits and all that jazz. Makes me feel a bit more connected to some contestants. Hopefully next week is great.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      What I don’t understand is this — what does Steven contribute to the show? He’s catatonic and says practically NOTHING! It’s the Jlo and Randy show.

    • GMom says:

      I know what you mean! After seeing how bossy, rude, and pushy Cop Woman was, I know I won’t be voting for HER! Each year you see who the B’s and AHs are. Also, the ones who have the character (and the voice) you want to support. Or maybe that’s the way A.I. edited it to look! You never know!

  15. marie says:

    Aside from resenting the waste of an hour of my life I can never get back, I found myself rather horrified that instead of simply shutting down the Hollywood auditions temporarily with all that contagion felling kid after kid to limit the spread of disease and let everyone recover, they chose instead to let the contestants keep breathing on each other for hours on end just to create what they mistakenly saw as compelling television! A new low in a show that has seen its share in 10 seasons. Ugh.

  16. SallyinChicago says:

    What I don’t understand is why they don’t have a medic or nurse in the house. Do you think they didn’t want to pay the hospital bills?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      SIC – I think I heard something about a medic. And remember, two years ago they sent Crytal Bowersox to the hospital when her diabetes got her down. She made the comment she got good care thanks to Idol.

  17. SallyinChicago says:

    For the first time, Ryan Seacrest voiceover was too much and annoying. He didn’t have to explain anything, the camera did all the talking.

  18. yaaaaaaawwwwnnnn says:

    Knowitall McBootscoot…love it! Would also have accepted Imatool von Westerton.

  19. Kwise says:

    Bad episode indeed. I couldn’t stand the cop, BUT it did annoy me that so many people immediately associated “Joy to the World” with the Christmas song. And that’s when I realized – these kids are YOUNG. They are so, so young.

  20. Sasha says:

    I already went the spoiler route and found out who got in so i dont really much care about watching the episodes.
    However i will say that the bits I did see of Heejun…hahaha OMG i haven’t been entertained my IDOL like that in a LONG time.

  21. Michele says:

    This is my least favorite part of the contest, but not because they waste our time drawing it all out with the drama, but because if I were trying to be on this show, and I AM NOT because I am too old and not nearly talented enough, this would be hell on earth. It is like the group projects assigned in Business 101 class in college where you know the people who want the A are going to carry the whole thing. But your grade is based on participation by everyone, so instead of getting an A or B, the whole group could get a D, or worse, because someone can’t sing or dance or is an annoying cop who doesn’t want to learn a new song. Bring on the actual SINGING competition.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Michele, if they went straight to the singing competition you (and the others) would still be b**TCHING!

    • Eli says:

      I agree, Michele. I always hated group projects in school. One person can take down everyone. Even if you have a great singer and hard worker in your group, your group can still sound like garbage if they screw up, and you end up looking bad as a result. Just ask the Season 6 version of Bayley Brown.

  22. Cari says:

    I really don’t understand this love for Heejun. Personally, I wanted someone to throw him out a window.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      thank goodness. FINALLY someone that agrees with me. Why was he wearing his hood the entire time? Was he having a bad hair day or was he trying to protect himself from germs?

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Bad hair would be my guess. Although he did wear a cap during his audition so maybe he has a thing about keeping his head covered at all times.

  23. Katie says:

    You know it’s bad when after watching the whole episode said to me: “Thank you! You just wasted an hour of my life. There was ZERO singing, you realize that? It’s still a singing show, right?”
    The entire hour was really painful, and that cowboy needs to go.

    • Owen says:

      And a one-a and a two-a: It was the same old Idol, the only difference is Hollywood Week is usually a two hour episode and now the second hour is next week.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Owen – thank you for bringing this to our attention. Again.
        You know, I guess I didn’t get the memo but I didn’t realize it was only going to be a one-hour episode. I was dusting furniture during the “Marcus Welby, M.D. meets the Real Housewives of Glee” portion of the program. I was prepared to sit down with a nice glass of wine to watch the second hour and the actual SINGING, when BOOM! It was over! The closing credits started rolling. Perhaps everyone’s diappointment appears odd, but had I realized it was only going to be a one-hour program I might not have been so perturbed.

  24. Matt says:

    Loving Nikka Costa! Thanks Slezak!

  25. Jan says:

    This has to be without a doubt one of the worst episodes of Idol yet. Get to the singing already and forget these ridiculous spots offering the singer-wanna-bes their 15-minutes of drama-queen fame.

  26. blingedup.susan says:

    Holy crap, Slezak!
    I knew you were a smart and witty writer, but you’re a frickin’ genius. How in the world you can pull together an entertaining recap of that hour of drivel last night — well, that’s amazing talent right there!
    Kudos to you, my man.

  27. Sarajbl says:

    Ugh, remind me not to watch Idol until the live performances. I have always hated auditions and now I hate Hollywood week too!

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I swear you folk are whiners and cryers. This your first season watching AI? Must be, or else you would know the routine. Everybody else can’t wait for HWD week, but there are some of you who want to hear “singing”? There’s going to be singing, plenty of it, the show is 16 weeks long….give it a break!
      If AI were to be cancelled tomorrow, there would be a riot in TVland. Just grab some popcorn and enjoy it — you too Slezak!

  28. Maxwell says:

    When I turned on American Idol last evening I wasn’t expecting to see Contagion 2. That being said, I think Soderbergh has evolved his stye nicely and casting all whiny, obnoxious, self-aware younglings was a bold, evocative move.

  29. Annie says:

    I feel like shows like this one show that American Idol is shooting themselves in the foot. There was no reason to edit the show like they did. Even the drama wasn’t on the same level as previous seasons. This was certainly not an example of Kim Caldwell versus Julia Demato. It’s like these kids must have learned from the mistakes of previous group weeks, and the drama was relatively low.
    Parts of the episode were entertaining, basically anything with Heejun, but everything else was rather pointless.

  30. SallyinChicago says:

    I can’t tweet Ken, but if you read these boards: Please stop the Ryan Seacrest voiceovers!! They are annoying. If the camera would have just followed the contestants around and LET them speak and talk we know what’s going on.

  31. fela says:

    I was very annoyed with the Thursday night episode too much nonsense no performances. They could have summarized the drama in 10 minutes and given us some group perfromances. There are so many good performances they do not show us. Watch next week they are going to show us only a select group while the rest remain on the cutting room floor. We watch to see the singing.They really need to change their format otherwise The Voice will leave them in the dust. Idol needs to get to the point & show singing.

  32. fela says:

    I was very annoyed with the Thursday night episode too much nonsense no performances. They could have summarized the drama in 10 minutes and given us some group perfromances. There are so many good performances they do not show us. Watch next week they are going to show us only a select group while the rest remain on the cutting room floor. We watch to see the singing.They really need to change their format otherwise The Voice will leave them in the dust. Idol needs to get to the point & show singing.

  33. Kevin says:

    Like many commentators on here and other sites, I was annoyed that we had an entire episode without a single performance. However, I can’t help but wonder if the reason for this little exercise in unconventional editing was an attempt to give viewers a chance to get to know some of the contestants before we get down to the top 24 or whatever number their using this year prior to public voting. I recall in the past many posters complaining that they had no idea who some contestants were coming out of Hollywood week. If this was the goal, all I can say is the more I saw of the people featured last night, the less I liked them (save perhaps for Simone even though I DESPISED her father). No one featured last night came off as likable, including Hyun (spelling?)whose negative attitude I found incredibly annoying and not the least bit funny. Oh well, here’s to hoping next week is better … (fingers crossed)

    • tom22 says:

      Getting to know the contestants could have been accomplished easily by hearing them rehersing together and suggesting changes in arrangments and steps to each other etc.
      It probably would have given us a better sense of their characters than Ryan’s blather.

  34. Eli says:

    Can someone please explain to me why the AI producers would think we want to see people puking all over the place? I honestly just don’t get it. I agree with the general sentiment that this was the worst AI episode ever. I am on the brink of just looking for the Top 24 spoiler and skipping the rest of Hollywood week thanks to this episode.

  35. auds says:

    This episode was horrific. Anyone who thought it was even remotely good is out of their mind & id like to thank you for taking part in Americas downfall of good television. Id like to know wtf Idol producers were thinking when they slapped this garbage together. And to think, Fox wants to cancel Fringe but keep this? LOL mind blowing.
    BTW thank you SO much for mentioning the “patient zero” quote. Only thing worth mentioning from last nights ep. I would have loved if someone started turning into a zombie.

  36. auds says:

    I agree, the recap of the episode was actually better than the show itself lol

  37. Eli says:

    I already commented on the uselessness of this episode on the previous post, but I’ll mention some specifics:
    1) Hey, ladies! Still got that crush on Phillip Phillips (who Seacrest referred to as “Phil Phillips” last night, a likely attempt to decrease the ridiculousness of his name) after his TMI description of how he passed his kidney stone in a bloody bowel movement?
    2) Is it necessary for group formation to be so out-of-control and chaotic? Do people really have to go lumbering around a giant theatre to form groups with both Day 1 and Day 2 members? I feel like this could have been a billion times easier if the contestants wore color-coded name tags or were separated into Day 1 or Day 2 sides of the room so that it wasn’t such a crapshoot in terms of finding people from the other day.
    3) I wanted to smack that Alisha cop lady throughout this episode. Really? You can’t adjust your song choice in order to fit into a group? You’d rather spend a few more hours annoying the crud out of everyone else?
    4) Last year, Brielle Von Hugel got attention for her touching backstory about how she was inspired by her dad, who survived cancer. This year, her edit is “bossy, pretentious bitch with an evil stage mom.” If Miss Von Hugel makes the live shows this season, she should be pissed about her edit this season, unless the producers manage to redeem her in the next episode somehow.
    5) Heejun Han is a whacko. I can’t tell if he’s crazy or not, but with his pessimism and inability to be serious, is he actually a legit contender? And does he know any songs besides “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”?
    6) Let’s add Richie the Cowboy to the list of people I wanted to smack last night.
    7) I hope those two girls from The Bettys who stayed up all night make it through, while the rest go home. That would be a positive message for Idol to send: that hard work leads to success. Of course, they’ll probably all be sent home in one foul swoop because Uncle Nigel is evil. And on a related note, who on earth picks that horrible “Hit ‘Em Up Style” song if they don’t know the ridiculous words, some of which aren’t even real words/
    8) Amy Brunfield is sick, and yet she lets people hug her and pick her up and get close to her. Tent girl needs to learn the definition of “contagious.”
    9) Way to show Deandre Brackensick about eight times last night and yet still never mention his name. And not show his audition. And not acknowledge that he was part of a great group performance last year. Next show, maybe?
    10) Symone Black seems like the sweetest person in the world, and she has a phenomenal voice. Which of course means she’ll get the shaft so that some crazy person like Reed Grimm or that Gaga-wannabe gets through to the live shows.

    • wendy says:

      So funny how you say Heejun was pessimistic – – – in your long list of complaints …..

      • Eli says:

        Wendy- I’m not competing on “American Idol,” so no one cares if I’m pessimistic. And this was a list of comments about a TV show, not complaints about life. Please say something worthwhile next time you take the time to write a comment.

        • Kwise says:

          Who said American idol contestants aren’t allowed to be pessimistic? Just because heejun is competing on AI doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to be a pessimist. I am also pretty sure that most of heejun’s complaints were about a tv show, not life.

          • Eli says:

            Wow, people. My point is that people are less likely to vote for someone who is pessimistic and not bright and sunny on Idol. And his complaints WERE about life- he is living American Idol, versus us commenting on what is happening on our television sets. He is actually there, competing for a record deal. We are not. Not sure what the obnoxiousness is all about, I just made some observations about what happened last night. Chill.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I got it, Eli. I wouldn’t vote for HeeJun or Cop Lady.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            And, oh yea, Eli – I thought your comments were funny. You get a “Made Me Laugh”. :-)

          • Eli says:

            Lol, DET, thanks! I’m glad you got that it was intended as funny commentary and not whatever the two above are spinning it into.
            Hopefully next week’s show makes up for it with greatness and awfulness. And BTW, if I bothered to vote, heejun probably has mine at this point. He’s hilarious. That’s why I was annoyed that it was perceived as an attack or complaint when I noted his pessimism… I think it’s awesome.

  38. auds says:

    Sally in Chicago, you’re one of the dopey contestants from thr Bettys group aren’t you? You must be, considering no one in their right mind could find anything about this episode or even this season entertaining. Go away.

  39. Volcfom says:

    The one redeemable moment in this episode was the 5-second snippet we heard of an all-girl group revamping “Mercy”. Those harmonies were tight! I think that song should be retired from reality shows, but that clip makes it worth hearing a few more times!
    Also, an hour of all pre-performance would have been fine, had they featured a few more groups. It was annoying hearing from the same people over and over again. I would have loved to delve into 5-10 other groups.

    • tom22 says:

      Did we get over 90 seconds of actual singing during the 60 minute show slot ?
      I’m thinking it might have even been less than 60 seconds if you didn’t count the parts we hear over Ryan’s voice… maybe as little as 45 seconds, or less ?
      Agree with you Volcfom that the 5 seconds of mercy was fun to listen to and there must be all sorts of that creative work in progress we can see as talented young people experiement putting their twists on music.
      But…. maybe thats what the fear is ? that seeing who is talented in a adhoc setting is going to make us think that the most talented are not put through ?

  40. James says:

    Sucks that Wolf went home…Would of liked to seen him at least make it to the group rounds…ah well…

  41. Joseph says:

    I waited to watch until this week because I wanted to hear singing , and only got to hear a few bars doing the group prep , lets just say that I was not okay with this and next year might only start watching once they select the singers.
    They really need to have medical mixing with the young singers so they can make sure everyone is getting liquids & food , plus being on the look out for anyone that is sick so they can be pulled from the room.

  42. Vetle says:

    I saw a review on youtube, hotelangel, who spotted Scott Dangerfield, who had a fantastic audition last year, but he decided to ditch Hollywood!

  43. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    I had no problem with the show at all. I’ve always thought Hollywood Week should be longer and the regular audtions should be shortened. It’s interesting to see who is adaptable and who is delusional. Also the different maturity/professional levels among the contestants. I heard enough singing in the background to keep me entertained. I certainly didn’t mind giving my ears a break from all the melisma and occasionally caterwauling. ;-)

  44. syb says:

    Didn’t catch but about 10 minutes of this episode, so thanks for the recap and the warning, I’ll free up some DVR space.
    “Weepy, Sleepy, Sassy, Worried and Cannon Fodder.” That’s fantastic!

  45. Angela says:

    Heh, yeah, seemed like nothing more than an hour of people being incredibly annoying. My mom, throughout the show, kept making various comments such as, “Okay, he’s annoying”,”She can go”, “Oh, my god, shut up”, etc. I’m not all that surprised or annoyed by the lack of actual performances, I know the big drama’s a part of all of it, too. And drama’s fine and expected in a reality show. But it would’ve been nice to hear some songs simply to break up the monotony of flat out annoying people.
    Also agreed on the whole “picking groups” thing. I always hated it when that happened in school, because of the very reason that was showcased here on “Idol”-everyone runs to their friends and people get shut out if they don’t “fit in” or whatever. Whether you allow people to pick their own groups or you pick the groups for everyone, doesn’t matter, there should be a bit more organization to the process either way.
    Two members of the quintet stay up rehearsing till 5:11 a.m., and I can feel my blood beginning to boil: Don’t these kids study their Idol history?
    Nope, they never do. My mom noted that at one point as well-she was watching contestants obsess over their choreography, thinking, “Maybe they should focus on actually learning the words to their songs first?”
    I also liked the people who acted like they were world-class music teachers all of a sudden. Just because you sang in choir in school, or practice a few hours on your own time, or whatever, doesn’t mean you’re automatically some sort of know-it-all expert about the right notes and harmonies and such.

  46. Hee! Jun says:

    I wanted to smack Brielle Van Huge and her mother so badly! Such annoying, overbearing people!
    Cowboy kid is extremely annoying. What a pinch-faced know-it-all.
    Heejun, honey, most people would worry about getting through each round for a shot at a music career, not whether their friends will laugh at them for dancing stupidly on TV.
    Phillip Phillips, Jr., I will be your nurse and have your babies. But I’m not so sure about your singing.
    Reed Grimm: go to hell and never come back. Your schtick is tired.
    Symone’s dad: gross.

  47. ladyhelix says:

    Some people watch reality TV for the drama, angst, and showcasing people who simply need to be in front of the camera. This was their week. I’m hoping we get back to the talent quickly – and stay there.

  48. Steve Z says:

    Please tell me you picked up on the fact that J Lo learned about key changes between season 10 and 11.
    She may not have had the skill to call out Lauren Alaina last season when she missed the key change on “If I Die Young” but she was able to pick it out during the Lauren Mink’s version of Hearts “Aone” during Hollywood Week.
    I guess I special education activity coordinator isn’t as heart-warming as “Idol’s Youngest/Cuddliest Contestant EVER?”
    Or maybe the producers just realized Lauren Alaina’s cheerleader pals probably could dial the phone faster than Lauren Mink’s supporters?

  49. Bored In Denver says:

    This episode only confirms that Idol is a tired old machine. Lots of footage of self-centered, narcissitic kids who THINK they have talent & drama, drama, drama around what is probably a case of Norovirus running through that hotel.
    Next up, the groups sing, some do well, some don’t, some get through, some don’t, some cry, some yell & scream (“It’s not fair”, “I’m the greatest singer here!”) Scenes of Randy, JLo & ST sorting through the pics of whose left to determine the top 60. Haven’t we seen this humdrum all too many times before?

  50. RealityCheck says:

    I loved Hejun! He has a dry sense of humor and I knew not everyone would get him, but I did and was ROFL! The cop was bossy, don’t think that was just the edit. Most of all the fainting girl’s dad freaked me out when he gave her group a group hug! Inappropriate!