Madonna's Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show: How Did She Do? Take Our Poll!

After 2011’s “Black-Eyed Peas in Christmas Lights” Extravaganza, this year’s Super Bowl halftime show had nowhere to go but up. Or did it?

For Super Bowl XLVI, pop music’s longest-reigning provocateur, Madonna, took over as master of ceremonies, and if I’m being honest, the results were electrifying. I’m not sure how much of the singing was live, but the choreography and spectacle of it all were stellar, and yoga’s never had a better champion.

Her Madgesty entered via gladiator-drawn chariot to the opening snaps of “Vogue,” wearing a gold sequined robe that she quickly shed in favor of a black gladiatrix miniskirt, thigh-high boots, and gold headdress. (Leave it to Madonna to break the nation’s football-fueled reverie with a ditty about a style of dance popularized in gay club culture.)

After some energetic posing and a danceoff with a futuristic Cupid type, Madonna easily segued into one of her all-time greatest singles, “Music,” bouncing up and down a set of makeshift bleachers flanked by b-boys in Adidas tracksuits. There was a weird interlude where NBC’s camera crew threatened to upstage the main act by lingering on an Afro-sporting foolio doing a jig on a tightrope, but Madonna threw in a series of rapid-fire squats on a rising platform that returned the attention to where it belonged.

The next 30 seconds or so went to a collaboration (and some awkward calisthenics) with LMFAO that had too much “Party Rock,” and not enough “Sexy and I Know It,” but was nevertheless entertaining. Yet it was all more or less a bridge to the Material Girl’s saucy new single “Give Me All Your Lovin’,” complete with cheerleading costumes, pom-poms, a drumline, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., and some mesmerizing leg-ography. The message seemed to be clear: Radio needs more fiftysomething fierceness. Respeck. Booyakasha.

The set ended with the appearance of Cee Lo Green, tiny snippets of “Open Your Heart” and (swoon) “Express Yourself,” and then the sounds of a Gospel chorus leading into “Like a Prayer.” (Breathe easy, FCC hotline: No religious statues were used sacrilegiously in the making of this halftime show.) Madonna and the Voice mentor were lifted skyward on a platform as they delivered the rousing anthem while clad in black sequined choir robes, and suddenly a map of the world (or a Risk boardgame) lit up on the field below them. Madge took one last swing at the chorus — actually singing live (and well), I believe — and then was swallowed whole by Lost‘s Smoke Monster, while the phrase “World Peace” appeared on the ground of the stadium.

All in all, I’d say this is the happiest and least self-important Madonna we’ve seen in a decade or two, and while there were definitely portions of this stadium performance that were lipsycned (or aided by a backing track), I’d still say the old gal delivered the kind of spectacular spectacular that could be studied by future generations in How to Rock a Halftime Show 101. Experience, 1; youth, 0. Then again, this could just be the rantings of a guy who still owns Madonna’s self-titled debut on casette tape.

What about you? Re-watch her performance, take our poll, then hit the comments and expand on your thoughts!

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  1. McScotty says:

    there’s no “I thought I was having a stroke” option…

    • Sandi says:

      LOL. You hit the nail on the head. This was an over-the-top, sad showing of a woman who should know better. Yes, her music is great but if you talk to anyone under 30, they were at best, underwhelmed by his show. Who was she? Why did she matter? Why are they playing all those songs my mom likes? Yes, that’s it. It was your parent’s superbowl halftime. Last years show? So much better.

      • abby says:

        awe your such a foolish little one. Even Fergie who is younger could not hold a candle to Madonna. Just acknowledge this was the best half time performance EVER!!!

        • viv eden says:

          Never been a huge fan but credit where it’s due. Being an Aussie don’t really understand the fuss, couldn’t tell you who played that sport, but I saw Princes performance a couple of years ago I think and he blew me away. Go Madge! – try that Elton, you couldn’t get thru the first song.

      • Kira says:

        Madonna broke the age barrier a long time ago. Her generation was one of the first to give ageism the finger (and I think that is what MIA was also giving the finger to). Anyone out there, young or old, who thinks a 53 year old should retire is retarded. Madonna rocks and should keep on rocking ’till she can no longer move. I will watch anyone, any age as long as they are good. Now, having written all this, Madonna was a bit slow compared to some of her recent concerts. I kept thinking, “Is she injured?” Reports are now out that she pulled her hamstring before the show. But she was still able to perform like she did with that injury. Love Madonna and will keep buying her albums and watching her shows!!

      • John R. says:

        I would have been pissed if she didn’t sing a bunch of her classics. I hate it when an artist who has been around forever sings new crap no one knows. Kudos to Madonna for putting in mostly classics we all know – yipppee! And she threw in a new tune as well. Didn’t think the new tune was all that great but it wasn’t bad. Who was Madonna and why did she matter? You are an idiot. Educate yourself. She is an original and millions of us love her and her music – old tunes and new tunes…older people and younger people alike. Keep on keeping on Madonna!

  2. deedacia says:

    Omg Madonna sucks. It’s totally obvious she is lip syncing…it’s not okay. I just want someone at who sings live and doesn’t have a perfect sounding cd playing. That is what she sounded like 20 years ago. Be proud of what you sound like right now….not years ago…..ugh!!!!

    • Jess says:

      she only lip-synced parts of it, which is normal when your moving on stage as much, and dancing as much as she is. She still did live vocals on most of it.

      • deedacia says:

        I’m sorry it is never a good excuse because you are moving too much. Don’t dance around horribly then. Any concert I have ever been to they ACTUALLY sing live. I don’t care that’s what always happens at these type of shows….maybe get someone to perform that doesn’t have to “dance” to make the show good. It should be about the quality of music not so called dancing.

        • Redd Penny says:

          It’s not just because she was dancing. She sings and dances in concert. It’s because the acoustics in a football stadium suck for musical performance.

          • MMCronin says:

            Yeah but concerts are done at stadiums too and they are live. The fact is that people are willing to forgive the acoustics because they know they are never going to be perfect. And acoustics for a lip synced show vs singing live are not going to be THAT different. She should have sung live, IMO. I’m disappointed she didn’t.

          • @MMCronin says:

            she did sing live, just not every record-skipping word on all of her performances. You guys always bitch about every little thing and make it look like any lip-synced means that every word was lip-synced! You do realize that you can’t sing two parts of the song at the same time live, right? Some of you just don’t even think when you speak, as long as you can harshly judge people with the upmost high standards that no one will live up to, that’s all that seems to matter to you.

          • rob says:

            thats because football stadiums are made to play FOOTBALL IN! not for washed up old hags to bring in other idiot performers to perform.

          • jold.webb says:

            I am going to start by giving my credentials i have worked on sound for over 10 years I have worked on live sound for 12 years and i can tell you without doubt that everything that she did was done with out lip-syncing its called special fx she used things like delays which repeats what you said repetitively and other things like that, what shes doing is just very well choreographed split timing hard work, while there is also the greater chance that she has a backup recording that plays everything but her parts, her parts would be everything that COULD be done live, everything else like the delays that would be hard, impractical, or impossible to do live were taped and played in the background. it is very rare for any artist to do lip-syncing as it is bad for their reputation.

          • Delirious says:

            “It’s because the acoustics in a football stadium suck for musical performance” -> Then why have all previous halftime show acts performed live? And how come none of them did bad enough for it to be an issue?
            And I honestly can’t understand how people use “she was dancing”, “she lipsynced only at times” or excuses like that, and feel good about it. Doesn’t she dance in her live shows, or don’t other artists (both older or younger and in better or worse shape) do it? As long as you don’t do it constantly, it’s ok? And worst of all, she has problems staying in tune in her live shows, so she thinks it’s ok to give her true paying fans her underachieving real self, but not for those passing in front of the tv on their way to get a halftime snack/toiletbreak/etc? Seriously disappointing, no matter how you put it.

          • casey m says:

            @jold.webb hahahaha
            Thank you for sharing your credentials to prove that in 22 years you have learned nothing.
            Fact: When Madonna hands her mic to LMFAO (joke band) while they help her with her moves, the guy from LMFAO mistakenly sings into Madonna’s mic instead of his own. You do realize that the only way his vocal effects could be applied is through his mic exclusively. Right?
            Come on everyone. She lip synced the whole thing. And so did all the other singers.

        • Elijah says:

          Except chances are, any concert you’ve ever been to live hasn’t had quite the audience pull of this one performance. With so many variables at play for the 12-minute act, I’m not surprised she lip-synced – so many things could potentially go wrong, why leave that to chance? It’s a 12-minute slot for spectacle in the middle of another show. The only pop singer who *might* perform that type of show live these days, with such spectacle, would be Lady Gaga. Anyone else would’ve been lip-syncing with a lot less moves. And even then, she did sing parts of the show live.

          • Richie says:

            Why leave it to chance Elijah? Because it’s a live performance! If she can’t sing anymore then don’t do the show. If she can’t sing very well while moving around a lot then she has to move around less. Just put a music video up on the stadium screens if you aren’t going to perform a live show. I’ve already heard her performance on her records from many years ago. So tons of money was spent on costumes and a 1000 extra performers. Anyone could have looked like a star lip syncing with all that money spent on the production of the show. If you are truly a star, act like one and don’t cheat the public. Yes I am a singer, less famous than Madonna, and think that performance was a disgrace to anyone that is a part of the music profession. She should be ashamed.

          • tarc says:

            It’s clear that you’ve never sung in a stadium (and I’m guessing you never will).

          • rob says:

            they need to take all that crap out of the super bowl and let the game callers analyze the first half and thats it, what grown man that was at the super bowl actually enjoyed seeing or hearing friggin madonna sing?

        • Captain says:

          1) She was lip syncing the entire time. 2) Everyone lip syncs at football stadiums because the accoustics are terrible and it would be impossible to hear yourself and stay on key. Does everyone remember Ashlee Simpson at the Orange Bowl?
          I don’t mind that she wasn’t live, I mind that she was a terrible dancer.

          • @Captain says:

            1) She was NOT lip syncing the entire time. 2) she’ll be glad to know that you thought she was when she wasn’t. 3) her dancing for the last decade has morphed into a yoga-limbo style dancing that is unique to her. Call it terrible if you want, but how many other 50-year olds dance the way you’d want them to? I mean, it’s silly even being critical of her, unless you just found the dancing to be vulgar or something.

          • Genny says:

            Bono from U2 did NOT lip sync at the Superbowl in ’02. That much was clear. The band was 100% live. So I guess they are the exception.
            Madonna was…meh. I was expecting something more out of her.
            That said, props to her for being in such great shape.

        • tarc says:

          Having been a couple hundred concerts, I think that’s a load, deedacia. Pretty much all live acts (especially the small and the very large acts) use sampled, looped, and pre-recorded parts. Second, it pretty much IS required to create a true spectacle show. Other than Gaga, pretty much every pop act on stage today uses pre-recorded *parts* – if they can carry a tune live at all. The comment that ‘it should be about the quality… blahblahblah’? Nonsense. Not all shows are about optimizing singing at the expense of everything else. If you want a perfect ovcal – but a record. It’s not what stadium shows are about.

          • rob says:

            are you crazy?! you’re gonna sit there and say that especially all the large acts are lip synching? i’ve seen mettalica, judas priest, iron maiden and hundreds of other bands perform and not once was there any lip synching, they would have been booed off the stage

          • Lyndsey says:

            Tarc, you may have attended “a couple of hundred concerts, but you’ve obviously never been involved in any of the setup work, sound checks, etc. I was a bartender at a rock bar where we hosted numerous big bands, including 30 Seconds to Mars, and I can assure you that none of them ever once used pre-recorded vocal tracks. That is a HUGE no-no in the music business…at least for real musicians, not the Biebers & Ashlee Simpsons of the world. In fact, I’ve only seen one rock band do it and the rest of the bands on the tour constantly complained about it (I know because I was backstage with them).
            That being said, the only genre I’ve seen engaged in the widespread use of pre-recorded tracks would be “pop” acts! Why? Because they care far more about the “spectacle” than the music…and many of them sound nothing like they do in the studio (you wouldn’t want to hear them sing live). It’s pretty sad & pathetic. Now, not all such “spectacle” performers lip sync (I’ve never heard Usher do it) & they’re easy to spot because you can hear the effect of all that dancing & running around on their voice. Personally, I don’t go to concerts for light shows & costumes, I go for the music. I find it appalling what these pop acts are doing to the music industry & how easily fans like you buy into crap like them!!!
            By the way, while ‘mt’ below is right that trying to do such a show without a proper sound check is difficult, it had been done many times before. Heck, the Black Eyed Peas sang live last year. Sure they didn’t sound great at all but at least they didn’t ‘cheat’!

      • Rose says:

        you can go to Broadway shows and see people actually singing and dancing at the same time. The fact that performers have to move around on stage is no excuse for not singing live. Needing studio sweetening to make your wobbly voice sound good, is an excuse for not singing live.

        • mt says:

          I am a live singer and I have to say you are not comparing live singing in a theatre with playing in the middle of a stadium fairly. I repeat….the middle of the stadium. There is echo everywhere. You can hardly keep track of which echo is really your live voice. With eight minutes to set up a stage in the middle of chaos, there is no time to set up and place monitors. It simply is too big an endeavour to go live with no time for a proper sound check. When acts play stadiums in a regular concert, there are extensive sound checks and monitors everywhere so you can hear yourself. Your judgements are simply unfair.

          • Michele says:

            You are right mt.
            The majority of people don’t realize what it takes to put on a “normal” concert in such a stadium, where setting up can can take a a few days, and sound checks hours at minimum.
            Setting up such a stage, in 8 minutes, was an amazing undertaking.
            I thought Madonna, and everyone else did a fabulous job.
            No I do not care if it was lip synced. Singing live in that type of venue isn’t easy, even when you have done sound checks. And doing sound checks in an empty stadium is completely different from doing a sound check in a packed stadium.
            Madonna et al were half time entertainment. They entertained very well. I thought it was choreographed brilliantly, and was a wonderful professional performance.
            It was a credit to everyone who participated in putting the show together.

          • rob says:

            thats why these halftime shows need to stop, madonna made around 2 million dollars for doing an eight or ten minute set! thats insane!!!! i wouldnt give her 20 dollars to play a thre hour set in my living room.

          • LaurenMC says:


          • syl says:

            Stop it mt – you are just making too much sense. And rob – you just sound jealous and petty. Time to stop before you make a complete a$$ out of yourself.

          • MG says:

            Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones etc… play stadiums and they don’t lip sync. I will admit I don’t get it. If you cant dance and sing…dont do it. If your songs are strong enough why do all the bs for? Just get up there and sing your songs. The problem is they have turned concerts into broadway productions. That is why she is charging around 300 a ticket which that is a different argument.

      • mmcronin says:

        No she didn’t. She sang Like a Prayer live. And maybe the new song, I don’t know as that’s the first I’ve heard of it. But everything else was lip synched. I mean I get that you want to have a great choreographed show and all that, but she’s proven she can sing and dance at her concerts, so why she had to lip sync tonight, is a mystery to me. The choreography was amazing, but we want to hear her sing. We know she won’t sound perfect, it doesn’t matter. Maybe she felt she won’t be as good live as the amazing Kelly Clarkson. Personally I would have loved for her to have done the halftime show!!

        • pate' says:

          I believe the accoustics have alot to do with the choices the performers make. Think about all the flubs of the National Anthem…She did great and I kind of thought for a moment “This is America!” Really!

      • SaintJohn says:

        This is true. I appreciated much of her performance as live. Bits of music was not and parts of vogue usual, and with no apologies from Madonna, are playbak, but most of her performance otherwise was live…..loved it.

        • Damian says:

          You people crack me up!! Do you ever go to live shows? have you ever been to Madonna live when she does in fact sing live? THis whole Super Bowl performance was lip synced! Get your hearing checked!!

      • Damian says:

        You need to get your hearing checked………the whole performance was lip synced…… her defense the acoustics stink in the stadium so a lot of performers do this. She hardly dances anymore ….more like sruts and yoga moves.

      • jake says:

        And with a pulled hamstring..I would love to see some of these fat butt hates up there dancing like she did.. Oh wait, they were sitting in their recliners chowing down on hot wings and guzzling beer…enough said.

    • pawel says:

      at Super Bowl there is NO option for live singing! NEVER EVER! check info…

      • rob says:

        you’re out of your mind!!! they need to knock off all the bs halftime shows and let it be about the game. i would have rather seen the bears come out and do the super bowl shuffle than watch madonna strut around stage like a fool.

        • Sandi says:

          Me too! Especially the original guys. Or, the Saturday Night Live guys (who are still alive) to do “Da Bears” gig. Thanks for the visual.

    • Steph says:

      Show me someone who hasn’t lip synced at the Superbowl. It was obviously pre-recorded. It’s not like they stuck the CD in from 20 years ago and played it. Madonna is an entertainer. She always puts on a great show. Like a lot of people said some of it was live. MJ [the greatest entertainer on the planet] even lip synced a few times. Even someone with a voice like Beyonce has lip synced. It’s hard to control your breath so you can sing and move at the same time. Madonna did a fantastic job. Try doing cartwheels in those heels at 53.

      • Neillyboy says:

        People who have’nt lip synced at superbowl. What about Paul McCartney???? The Who. Bruce Springsteen U2…………Basically People who have real talent. And the who thing was lip synced from start to finish. And the dancing etc i founf it all rather sad.

        • rob says:

          dont forget ella fitzgerald! hahaha

        • Steph says:

          They barely moved on stage. Not to mention not many people remember their performances. Not to say they weren’t awesome but not many people remember it. If you think Madonna has no real talent than that shows your lack of knowledge about music. The woman changed the face of pop music…especially for women. Madonna isn’t stupid. She knew she wouldn’t be able to put on a show like Beyonce for example which is why she had the dancers and those other performers on the stage. The show was entertaining and fun to watch.

    • SM says:

      Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, U2, the Who, hell even Fergie, didn’t lip sync. This excuse that they’re in a stadium is BS, they wear earbuds so they can hear themselves. Madonna clearly lip synced, and although it’s not a problem for some, one has to be able to acknowledge it. When your lyrics sound exactly like the record, she’s having help. Maybe she wasn’t just mouthing the lyrics, but I guarantee what was going into that microphone, is not what you were hearing on your tv’s at home. It’s called Pro Tools.
      nicki minaj was just noise, 20% of viewers even knew who MIA was. half time show wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t nearly as good as everyone’s making it out to be.
      Madonna is talented and it wasn’t showcased last night. When will people realize that most modern pop stars are utterly talentless?

    • mm says:

      They invented autotune & lip syncing for Madonna. She never could sing.

    • chiana says:

      She was bad 25 years ago, she’s bad now. Who listens to Madonna (other than the writer)? Who would want to watch her? Just can’t fathom her appeal whatsoever.

  3. Jennifer says:

    She’s too old for pom-poms but other than that, it was a great improvement over last year’s screech fest by Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas.

  4. Andrea says:

    I thought she did great! It was very inventive in parts, energetic, and overall quite a show!

    • Agreed says:

      I enjoyed the Madonna half time show. Even liked the transitions. Could have done without her gold pompons for the last number (a new song, really? Ugh!), but it did really sound like a cheerleading chant so I get that the pompons underscored the sound of the music. Did not think Nicki Minaj or MIA added anything, but really liked the varieties of dance, LMFAO, the drumline, and also CeeLo. Amazing stuff and it really was always moving – quite a lot put in there for a 12 minutes half time show. I would be very curious to know what they spent on costumes and special effects along. Thought Vogue was really a great starting point to kick the whole thing off. Loved, loved, loved!

  5. Xavier says:

    If only she didn’t lip sync everything it would have been better. The show was good her performance was disappointing.

  6. dawn says:

    Not ok to lip sync!!!

  7. Scorpo says:

    THAT is how you do halftime!!!!

  8. Brea says:

    I think Vince Fontaine needs to tap Madonna on the shoulder to let her know she’s out. No more hand jive for her!

  9. João Amaral says:

    meh. but better then last year. BEP was really bad.

  10. lisa says:

    5stars!!! Loved the show! Well done!

  11. Grace says:

    FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Michael says:

    Loved it. And having my girl Nikki there made it even better.

    • rob says:

      dude! grow a pair will ya? minaj sucks! m.i.a. (or however she spells it) sucks, and madonna sucks, the only good thing was cee-lo

  13. Carrie says:

    I liked it. I don’t mind lip synching here because I’d rather have a good show and it’a rare to do that kind of dancing and sing live

  14. Jess N says:

    The best part of that was the guest stars.

  15. TigerNightmare says:

    Hate her and no amount of choreography and support from people more talented than her will change that. The end.

  16. Robert Villeneuve says:

    Last year, it was a light show, not a music show. The few times we heard music, it was mostly off keys while this year we had a better show. Hopefully next year, we will have a rock band or artist to really get us into the mood for a halftime show.

  17. J says:

    If you make your living as a singer, when performing live, you should be singing live, not lip-synching. Period. Fail.

    • tony gamino says:

      madonna has never referred to herself as a singer. She is a performer and an artist. And what she did tonight was perform and the what was going on around her was easily art.

      • Steve says:

        if she is not a singer, she shouldnt be performing…maybe next time hire somebody who can mime to her songs!

        • @Steve says:

          She’s a performer who sang at the Superbowl! Haters get so worked up over the dumbest things sometimes. I’m sure someone could find something to criticize all your favorite “singers”, but they’ll probably never be asked to perform at the Superbowl, because they are entertaining enough, and don’t have a catalogue of hits like Madonna. Keep dreaming though Steve.

        • chiana says:

          They should have borrowed the kittens from the half-time show at The Puppy Bowl. Certainly more entertaining.

    • mt says:

      I am a live singer and I have to say you are not comparing live singing in a theatre with playing in the middle of a stadium fairly. I repeat….the middle of the stadium. There is echo everywhere. You can hardly keep track of which echo is really your live voice. With eight minutes to set up a stage in the middle of chaos, there is no time to set up and place monitors. It simply is too big an endeavour to go live with no time for a proper sound check. When acts play stadiums in a regular concert, there are extensive sound checks and monitors everywhere so you can hear yourself. Your judgements are simply unfair.

  18. aftvjunkie says:

    it was AWESOME !! if i disbarr the miming … the dancers, the guest singers … everything was freaking GREAT !!

  19. scorpo says:

    To all the haters about lip synching: EVERY artist that plays halftime lip synchs!!! It is not logistically possible given the short amount of time to do it otherwise. As far as the comments of wanting to hear what she sounds like now, listen closely, those vocals were re-recorded. That IS her now.

    • MMcronin says:

      Not true. Paul McCartney didn’t. Steven Tyler didnt. Justin and Janet didn’t. BEP definitely did not lip sync since they sound way better when they record their music vs singing live.

      • Rhino34 says:

        I would just like to add Bruce Springsteen to the list of performers who did NOT lip synch.
        And he did a GREAT stage slide!

      • tarc says:

        And none of them put on as good of a show because of it.

      • CCNevil says:

        Youtube the Janet Jackson performance. I would bet that she lip synced! Janet lip sync’s at her concerts. She is never live. BEP also did lip sync. When The Who and the Rolling Stones didn’t lip sync, they were ripped on for sounding off key.

  20. Daisyj says:

    It wasn’t bad, for me, but the lip syncing was really irritating and seeing Nicki Minaj up there briefly made me think how awesome it might have been. Also, bummed that LMFAO didn’t get to bring along Hok for their part.

  21. anon says:

    Can you Guy dance, move around and sing at the same time? No. So shut up and sit down.

  22. Tim says:

    Lip syncing means the show is better. Sure it may not be as organic but honestly I don’t care.

    • Annie says:

      If someone is going to lip sync, then they need to make sure that the visual show is amazing, and this one was not, at least not on television.

      • @Annie says:

        I thought some of it was stunning! What were you wanting, the Beijing Olympics in the middle of the Superbowl?? The visuals were some of the best the Superbowl has ever had. All things considered, the show was pretty damn good.

        • voiceofreason says:

          Frankly, yes. The Bejing Olympics would have been great, even any 12 minutes of it.

          • @voiceofreason says:

            so it’s the Beijing Olympics or the washed up Bruce Springsteen? You trolls are funny with your inconsistency and all…

  23. Annie says:

    I gave it a C, but only because Cee Lo was amazing. Madonna moved like she was in slow motion, which made the whole thing look boring. I understand why she was lip syncing, but that just didn’t sound good. I wonder if she’s lost her voice as well as her moves. At least she looked nice.

    • mmcronin says:

      and her moves were not that complicated that it would have prevented her from singing. Stamping and stomping around and doing Egyptian moves is not that complicated to warrant lip syncing. She did it because her voice is not strong and because she probably wouldn’t remember the words.

    • tarc says:

      She reportedly fell during dress and pulled a hamstring. I’ve seen her live within the last year, and teenagers could only wish for her dance moves.

  24. Lauren says:

    Im not sure the largely heterosexual demographic of the Super Bowl was the right place for this disco-fied lip-sync-fest

    • Carmichael says:

      Hit the nail right on the head. They were trying to bring in people not interested in football.

    • Rose says:

      A lot of people who ususally don’t watch football watch the Superbowl. It’s a holiday celebration like New Years Eve.

    • tarc says:

      Every heterosexual at the party I was at thought Madonna was amazing.

    • wrong says:

      Enough with the tired, revisionist crp that Madonna isn’t for straight people and never was. Everyone listened to her in the 80s and early 90s, male and female, gay and straight. Then just because she did a lot to help that community suddenly some people became uncomfortable and had to make up all sorts of stories about how she never much had any popularity other than among the male, gay community (really? you have that many sales surviving on just some fraction of 1/40th of the population?). Unfortunately they took on a bit of a life of their own.

  25. Csmac says:

    Boo, she could hardly walk and the whole show seemed random.

  26. Meg says:

    The most tolerable part was the drumline. I’d love a Superbowl halftime with a collegiate drumline performance/showoff. It’d be awesome. Much more awesome than some lip-synching.

    • Erin says:

      My son was part of this drumline, so I thank you for your comment!
      The drumline was made of 100 kids from our local high schools.

      • Michele says:

        Oh congratulate your son (and all the kids). They did a superb job. You must be so very proud of him!!

      • Meg says:

        It was pretty awesome. They did a great job! (From one marching band family to another.)

      • Sandi says:

        You, and your son, have every reason to be proud. I think a marching band at halftime would not only be amazing, it would be APPROPRIATE.
        It’s a football game. It’s what marching bands do best.

    • rob says:

      thats what they used to do for the halftime show, the university marching bands from the area where the bowl was played would come out and do a five or six song set.they need to go back to that, and instead of paying these lame ass performers millions of dollars, they could donate that money to more needy schools in the area.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree about the drumline comments! How cool would it be to see local kids doing the WHOLE halftime show. There are some really talented young performers out there. Or at the very least have some real music during half time. Do NFL fans really like bands like BEP and Madonna? Van Halen just released new stuff, they would make more sense than pop/dance music people.

  27. Booger says:

    It was awesome and tasteful.

  28. hann23 says:

    She rocked it! She brought such a high level of professionalism to what’s been a mediocre show in the past. Lip syncing is a must for the half time show….she gave it her all.

  29. Linda says:

    I liked it.

  30. amazz says:

    i thought it was cool, da lip syncing is necessary.. try singing live in a huge stadium and stayin with da music. the show was awesome.. i coulda done without da pom poms but other than that it was good :)

  31. Christine says:

    For those complaining about lip-syncing, NFL/Superbowl does not allow “LIVE” performances after the Janet Jackson incident, best they will let you do is pre-record a rehearsal and then use that as the lip-sync. Stinks, I know.

  32. naternot says:

    They should have some rock bands play. They know how to run around and sing live.

    • hmm says:

      they definitely know how to yell… sing? Not always… some of the rock singers they’ve had in the past grunted and yelled their way through the show. You may like that, but there’s always going to be a segment of people who don’t. go figure.

  33. Carmichael says:

    Couldn’t tell you, yet another halftime show I didn’t watch. Go back to the days of The Who, Bruce Springsteen, or Tom Petty

  34. Dustin says:

    The whole half-time show did not make sense. The theme and all the different singers together made it a complete train wreck

  35. Robert Weber says:

    overall quite a nice visual show, some lipsync, but so what. She is still great at 53. Nice LED’s

  36. Toni says:

    I thought she moved like she was afraid of falling off those boots and breaking a hip…boooorring half time show

    • Gorm says:

      She moved like an old woman. No matter how many surgeries and workouts she is still 53 years old. She looked it, but since she wasnt singing, she didnt sound it. I found the entire thing sad. She has always taken chunks from new artists & communities in her vain thirst for relevance, thats accepted and known, but under the glitter and not being able to keep up, not being able to manage her breath enough to sing live, the whole thing came across with an odor of the pathetic underneath the spectacle.

  37. rox says:

    I enjoy the half time show. Great entertainment!

  38. Rjrtist says:

    Beginning and ending was very good. The middle was just plain awful.

  39. Nancy says:

    I was BORED to DEATH!

  40. Edward Plettl says:

    My wife Adrienne and I thought The Material Girl – Madonna rocked the house and with Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Greene and Mia-can’t go wrong…

  41. Rob S says:

    Looked her age. Much more unsteady in the beginning than her younger days. Notice the slip when she was at the top of the bleachers? Course I couldn’t do much better if I a wearing the heals she was wearing.

  42. cheryl says:

    Hard to hear the lyrics. Had to keep turning up the volume. Springsteen was better!

  43. Elle says:

    Loved it!

  44. Jeff says:

    Boring boring boring. Dubbing was really bad. She’s done better on MTV…Oh, did I say boring?

  45. robin says:

    Madonna is a lovely person on stage. I’d like to be her friend.

  46. mw says:

    So what’s the verdict – was that ceremonial head gear Madonna was wearing a hat or not? My prop bets depend on it.

  47. J says:

    try singing live in a huge stadium and stayin with da music.
    Um, well, it used to be that all rock bands did that on their concert tours Every.Single.Show. I would rather see people performing real, singing real, than see a bunch of choreographed slow-motion hoo-ha like this. although I agree with Meg – a drumline show would be awesome!

  48. Gabbie says:

    Drumlines were the best part. They should have got more time up there.

  49. jen says:

    My first though was that she seemed a bit weak. We’ve got to realize she’s not the dancer she once was. She let the boys do the real work. Ah well… tbh I never was that impressed with her, and found her interviews swayed my opinion, not in a good way.

  50. Rolfe says:

    A pop star was lipsyncing! Who cares! It was amazing! Best half time show ever! LOVE LOVE LOVED it!