Ratings: Fringe Returns to Series Low, Grimm Plunges, CBS Dramas Dip

Fox’s Fringe, despite knock-out performances by Jasika Nicole and Jasika Nicole, dipped 4 percent week-to-week to draw 3.2 million total viewers and match its series-low 1.1 demo rating. P.S. It looks like the Observers have the iPhone 5 already, lucky dogs.

Of Friday’s other genre fare, both Nikita ( 1.5 mil and a 0.5) and Supernatural (1.63 mil/0.7) held steady. Grimm, however — despite having a better-watched lead-in (Who Do You Think You Are? and its 6 million viewers vs. Chuck, RIP) — dropped 20 percent this week to 4.73 mil and a 1.4.

Elsewhere on the night:

8 pm | A Gifted Man, with 8.4 million total viewers and a 1.2 rating, dipped 4 and 8 percent from its last fresh outing. Who Do You think You Are? Season 3 premiered to 6 mil/1.1. Shark Tank held steady with 5.2 mil/1.5. Kitchen Nightmares (3.85 mil/1.6) surged double digits, easily leading the hour in the demo.

9 pm | CSI: NY (10.2 mil/1.6) dipped 4 and 8 percent but topped the hour on both counts. ABC’s What Would You Do? placed a distant second with 5 mil/1.4.

10 pm | Blue Bloods led all of Friday in total viewers with (11.3 mil, down 7 percent) and tied 20/20 for the night’s best demo (1.7, down a tenth).

What were you tuned into this Friday night?

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  1. kirads09 says:

    Huh? That episode of Fringe was no less than outstanding. Definitely in the top 10 Fringe episodes EVER imo. Sad the ratings aren’t reflecting that!

    • tarc says:

      Agreed. It was absolutely fascinating to see how the individuals form the two universes mesh and clash. The two Astrids could be sisters (and kind of felt that way becuase of their instant connection and empathy) whereas the two Olivias do not connect at all. We discover Walter, after frequently professing his anger and disdain for Alt-Olivia, was probably masking his hurt – and that he might just like her better than his universes Olivia. It was teriffic mind bending sci-fi, and magnificent acting. I simply do not understand how this show doesn’t have piles and piles of awards.

      • elr says:

        I agree it was an outstanding hour of television and if the Emmys weren’t such stick-in-the-muds Jasika Nicole would have a nomimation for her portrayal of both Astrids.

    • Leo says:

      It’s so unfortunate — EVERYONE knew bumping Fringe to Fridays would put them in jeopardy, and it will really suck if it costs them their final season. I wish there was some way to counter the Friday Night Effect, because clearly airing outstanding episodes isn’t enough for them :(

    • Anne says:

      Yep, I loved it. However, I think every episode of “Fringe” is awesome. Any TV or sci-fi fan who isn’t watching this show just doesn’t know what they’re missing out on. It’s some of the best writing on television. Great acting, compelling storylines, humor, heart. You name it and the show has it.

    • Emily says:

      I know! Fringe was fantastic! Jasika Nicole gave her best performance of the SERIES last night. I don’t understand why the show keeps slipping in the ratings. Come on, people! Tune in!

    • Cooper says:

      Am I the only one who absolutely loves alt. Olivia. She’s everything I wish our Olivia could be: smart, effective, personable, outgoing, redheaded, fun, humourous and so very confident.
      I think we should be able to swap them permanently please.

      • VaultD says:

        Oh I have come to absolutely love alt.Olivia as well! With our dear orig.Olivia out of the picture, she has become the cornerstone Olivia for me this season. I really like her character a lot this season. Obviously it helps that to a certain extent we have had more exposure to her than the new “our Olivia” in previous seasons. And I really like her interactions with all of the other characters on the show as well, loved her in the “thirdverse”.
        Astrids were both awesome as well and really made an amazing episode, definately the episode of the season so far.

  2. kevin says:

    With CHUCK already gone, looks like I won’t be watching any of these shows on Friday nights. :( :(

  3. Toto says:

    To put it bluntly, Friday night TV stinks. The assumption must be that the 18-49 demo has better things to do on Friday evenings, so what airs doesn’t matter. I’m so fed up with the networks on Fri. & Sat. that I automatically go to the cable channels.

  4. tvaddict says:

    Fridays do still have great shows-Supernatural, Fringe, & Nikita!

  5. panda says:

    Fringe :( :(

  6. Bailey says:

    I’m so disappointed in the drop for Fringe – that was an absolutely outstanding episode. I just don’t understand. Friday night is really the worst for television, especially genre shows that generally already have enough trouble finding high viewership. Awful, awful. I’m so sad.

  7. Dwayne says:

    The Fringe ratings depress me!! Last night was another epic episode!! I don’t know if it’s the timeslot, the day, or something else!

  8. Drew says:

    I wouldn’t read the low ratings as a failure on the part of Fringe itself, but the network’s inability to put the show’s online views into consideration and profit from them.
    The show is geared toward tech savvy people. They make the show available online (not to mention DVRs). They air the show on a night when a lot of people aren’t home… this all adds up to the bulk of the show’s viewers (myself included) probably watching the show later. It’s Fox’s job to learn how to capitalize on that fact.
    Though I’m sure that Fringe will be taking the blame for the network’s inability to do their jobs.

    • Kiki says:

      The internet views will never count with Nielson, they don’t care. So while the method is convenient for viewers, it is a death knell for shows. The only way to make your interest in the show count is to watch it live or on dvr. I wish the viewers of Community would get this, too.

      • Drew says:

        That’s just a failing of the networks. With online viewing, they could put the same commercials as they put on live broadcasting, and they could make those commercials impossibly to skip over… They don’t. They got into online streaming, viewing it as a fad rather than the growing norm.
        The network needs to find a way to make those views count. Otherwise, they should pull the series from online streaming sites entirely. It’s silly to make the show available, yet not have a method of making those views count. From a business perspective, it’s just stupid.

        • Mikael says:

          Internet viewings SHOULD count! I don’t know about Fox’s website, but anything you watch on the CW’s site has just as many commercials, if not more than watching it live. If it’s really all about the ads and people seeing them, well, people are still forced to see them because you can’t fast forward or skip the online commercials and now On-Demand doesn’t let you fast forward at all! Nielson is totally OUTDATED and America really needs to look at online viewing, DVR & On-Demand, and not to mention dvd/blu-ray sales to see how popular its shows really are. Music has begun changing its method of identifying #1 songs by taking downloads into account instead of just radio play, so TV needs to do the same

      • amanda says:

        You do know that your views don’t count either because you don’t have a Nielson box? (unless you do, but most don’t)

    • TrulyRoxie says:

      I have several episodes of Fringe on my DVR right now. I just haven’t had the time to watch them. I’m really looking forward to getting caught up, though. It sounds like they’re really awesome!

  9. Jules says:

    Seriously, nobody cares anymore!
    FOX is disrespectful to (all) his veteran shows
    But the problem with fringe, every time I watch in every episode,have the impression of watching a old episode of xfiles without the same special chemistry,but some weird & great sci-fi….
    Anyway, they can at least try to move them /paring with a show like Touch or even my favorite addiction and another target of let down by network…[H]ouse
    Honestly, the only reason I’m watching FOX
    [H]ouse-Bob’s burger-Simpsons-Raising Hope
    Fringe… The others can dissapear…
    But, if the network think they can survive with boring comedy and reality tv, their going straight towards the same path of NBC…

  10. Paula says:

    There are so many amazing shows on Friday. What kind of idiot watches the garbage on CBS?

  11. Jules says:

    Me again,
    Plus, nobody watch tv live anymore..wait to be online or tape/TiVo and watch them later…
    No wonder that the ratings are not the same like 2/4yrs ago approx….the good old days!!
    Honestly, I’m glue in front of my tv every Monday’s and even tape(yes tape)every [H]ouse episodes/promo…a true fan!
    Maybe I’ll be consider like dinosaur..but I think “old” stuff(shows)it’s always better than new..
    Like wine..tv is the same…but the technology is eating us and the main reason of the low ratings…but the network need to respect more the shows that put them”on the map” great credibility…

  12. diane says:

    A shame that both Fringe and Grimm did not do well in the ratings. They were both great episodes. Next week’s eps look awesome too.

  13. David says:

    What is wrong with America? Seriously!!
    Pregnant teens, mental midgets in Jersey, absolutely brain dead unfunny CBS sitcoms (outside BBT), etc. get viewers and demo’s. While a smart show with absurdly good acting like Chuck and Fringe are greatly ignored. Absolutely makes me sick.
    The dumbing down of America is in full effect and its seriously starting to affect our status in the world. I am afraid for our future as a brain dead TMZ country.
    Yes, that’s overreacting and generalizing at its finest. But damn its scary.

    • elr says:

      It is scary and an antiquated ratings system is as much to blame as what airs on the channels. And the networks are to blame because not only do they fill the airwaves with these stupid programs but in how they promote them and all the good shows and in how they place them on the schedule. I sometimes think that there are too many programs produced also which means all this shifting needs to happen to make room for everything. Maybe a Less is More mentality needs to be addressed.

    • champmav says:

      Completely agree with you David; to my great sadness. Maybe I need to lose 30-40 IQ points [become “average”] to understand why HIMYM and T&HM are considered good while Fringe/Chuck/Firefly (yes, I went there) can’t find enough audience to remain viable. Yeah, I know I sound elitist. Maybe someone with a high IQ should disdain TV entertainment, but I don’t. I just watch what I like and feel great sadness when it (inevitably) gets cancelled. It happens over and over again.

    • Stef says:

      I could not agree more. I am glad that I am not the only one out there that thinks this. I feel like I am surrounded by unimaginative TV. Plus, you mentioned my two favorite shows.

  14. Renee says:

    Awww Grimm. I loved the dinner conversation between Nick and Monroe. I LOL. I would really like it if Grimm would continue on a more Buffy-like trend and build a TEAM with Nick at the center. They seem to be doing that with Monroe actually working w/Nick now and them talking about Nick telling Juliette about being a Grimm.

  15. Snapy says:

    Glad to see Supernatural’s ratings holding up. Eight seasons and a movie!!!

  16. Marie says:

    Grimm is a good show and last night’s episode was a good one. Maybe NBC should move it to another day and/or time? Or do they should do for Grimm what they are doing for Smash and The Voice right now, promote it constantly.

  17. Tania says:

    I’ll never understand why networks (which commissions new programs) continue the practice of sabotaging new series. Take for example Grimm, how does NBC think that it will garner more viewers if it is aired in an infrequent basis. You’ll get four or six new episodes then its taken off the air or reruns abound. Then it comes back with two new episodes and then its off for a month. Seriously, this has been going on for so long. CBS’s Gifted Man is a favorite of mine and imagine that, I got to see a fresh episode after what feels like eons since the last new one. This has become too common a practice.
    Little by little I’m straying away from the local networks and going over to cable. The seasons may be short, but the fresh episodes are always running.

    • Aprilcot26 says:

      THIS. I was really into ‘Ringer’ on the CW, but it’s been so long since they aired a new episode, I completely forget what’s happening. It’s a show with a LOT going on, and to go more than a week or two between episodes is like the kiss of death!

  18. Kira says:

    I always DVR Fringe and watch Supernatural. Blue loose does so well so it’s geared for an older audience who probably will watch it live. It’s a decent straight-forward show as well. I love Fringe but I do think FOX killed it by putting it on Friday nights with Grimm and Supernatural.

    • glinda says:

      I’m with you- I faithfully watch SPN and DVR Fringe. At least SPN is holding steady, even though the ratings have declined overall since the season started. Fringe and Grimm seem to be in free fall. I think FOX and NBC execs thought they were being so smart in trying to tap into the Friday night genre viewing pool and instead, there’s a 3 way split where no one’s really a winner.

      • Geordiegirl1967 says:

        SPNs ratings haven’t declined since the start of the season. They have been absolutely steady as a rock between 0.7 and 0.8.
        People who say things like ‘why were Fringes ratings bad? That ep was great’ or ‘no wonder ratings fell. That ep stank’ are on the wrong track completely. No one who sits down to watch an ep of any show knows in advance how good it will be. So that eps ratings have nothing to do with the quality of that weeks ep (unless it’s so bad people turn off almost straight away).

  19. Justin says:

    I’m quite surprised by the dips in my Friday night shows. Pretty much all six of my shows had great episodes last night, but Fringe, Grimm, and Nikita were freaking amazing. Merlin, CSI: NY, and Blue Bloods were great, too.

  20. chris says:

    First of all I haven’t seen one episode of SMASH and hate it already!
    GRIMM kicks ass and has that yummy eye candy David Giuntoli.

  21. Eddie says:

    Nice spin on the ratings, media… again. Fringe: 3.1 million watched. NOT a series low.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The DEMO RATING is a series low, as clearly indicated above — and reaching the 18-49 crowd is by and large what advertisers pay for.

  22. danielle says:

    NIKITA was sooo good last night, a total game changer. It’s really a shame more people don’t tune it. Great talent, comedy, drama and action! And who doesn’t love a good gun fight?

  23. Suhara says:

    This is ridiculous. Fringe is absurdly good and last night’s episode was nothing short of phenomenal. Before Fox chickens out and cancels Fringe, they need to move it to another night, even for 1 week and be amazed as the ratings fly off the charts. It pains me that people might think that the reason for Fringe’s low ratings is because the show isn’t good; the show is freaking phenomenal and it is one of the best shows on TV, bar none.
    If Fringe is cancelled, there truly is no hope left for American TV standards. Go ahead and cancel those silly shows Fox has like Glee and I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Just keep Fringe.

  24. Dewsterling says:

    DishNet added an NBC affiliate last night that took over DVR schedules, recording a blank screen. As such, this Nielsen household missed the episode of Grimm.

    • FringeFandom says:

      You! Nielsen Household! Please, please, please watch Fringe! Or at least leave your TV on during Fringe (Fridays 9/8C). You will be forever loved!

  25. J2 says:

    Dammit!!! Good episode of Supernatural xD yeaaaaaaaah!

  26. pv says:

    One of the things I don’t get is *why* Fringe’s ratings keep fluxuating.
    Do Neilson viewers actually just watch this show sometimes? How is that possible? Its not a show designed for casual viewing.
    So really it should be a steady number or a slow decrease (with people no longer chosing to watch the show). This constant up and down makes zero sense. And the fact that the network values transient viewers more than die-hards is a slap in the face

  27. Lidya says:

    I always enjoy my Fringe Friday!!

  28. Cheryl says:

    I watch Supernatural and DVR it along with Grimm which I watch after Supernatural, while downloading Fringe which I watch the next day.
    Supernatural will always be number one in my heart and to watch especially now that its finally getting back to being the story of Sam and Dean again.
    But I love Fringe (not thrilled with the storyline arc it led off with this season coming right on the heels of the switch with the Olivias) but Fridays episode was outstanding (as was Jasika Nicole) as have been some of the previous ones.
    I agree with many here there is some absolute garbage on the air most notably reality shows. Some which have defyed logic and managed to linger on for over 10 years

  29. sc says:

    Speaking of the drop in Grimm’s ratings, if lead ins truly still matter, I could see why that show would drop. Chuck was my favorite show and I did tune into Grimm for awhile.
    But I am going to go out on a limb and as far as a lead in, the people that are willing to sit down and watch a ridiculous show about searching through someone else’s relatives (I still don’t get it) would not watch Grimm.

  30. FL top dog says:

    I supported Grimm at 9, DVR’ed Fringe to watch at 11 and spent time with Blue bloods at 10. Would have watched Who Do… but wasn’t aware it was back yet. On a positive note, watched the pilot of SMASH on demand and it has WINNER written all over it. Loved the show and love me some Kathryn McPhee

  31. Nancy says:

    I watched A GIFTED MAN and CSI:N.Y. and I am PROUD OF IT!!
    I have nothing against the other shows, I just LOVE these two better!I sure hope that CBS will renew A GIFED MAN & CSI:N.Y. GREAT SHOWS!

  32. jen says:

    Fringe is such an awesome show, it’s the only show I watch on
    tv nowadays.

  33. SheWhoLovesRandomJokes says:

    If only we would have known in advance that Dean takes his shirt off I’m pretty sure the ratings would have had been more than just steady for SPN…. lol!

  34. sarah says:

    Sad that CSI NY lost viewers. CBS dose not need more reasons to give it the boot…we will already have a short season and after this Friday will be repeats for a few weeks…..I have read on various sites that CSI NY is the only of the 3 that alot of people like me still watch
    Happy that Blue Bloods is still doing well…

  35. Brittney says:

    Not really surprised by Fringe’s lower ratings. The last few weeks when it was up it didnt have a new SPN to compete with. This week it did. I know a lot of people including myself who usually watch SPN live and watch Fringe later but didn’t last week because SPN wasn’t on.
    Great to see SPN holding steady. SEASON 8!