Chuck Vs. The Post Mortem: Show Bosses Spill Series Finale Secrets, Say There's More to Come

The following Q&A contains major spoilers from Friday night’s series finale of NBC’s Chuck.

Well, Chuck me. It’s all over.

NBC’s beloved spy comedy wrapped up its five-year run on Friday night, with a first hour that was full of thrills and chills and a second episode that, in the very end, was full of heart. Which finale scene was set in stone a while back? What hidden “Easter eggs” might watchful fans have caught? And perhaps most critically, what should we make of that closing scene? Series creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak answer those questions and others. (But wait, there’s Buy More! The show bosses also reveal how fans can count on getting extra bits of the Chuck saga down the road.)

TVLINE | What did you always suspect would be in the series finale did in fact end up in the finale? Was it Sarah losing her memory, Chuck getting the Intersect back…?
CHRIS FEDAK | When we were working on this season of the show, we knew that the beach scene, which echoes the beach scene from the pilot, would be there. And we knew that in this case it would be Chuck trying to help Sarah. We were always heading in that direction.
JOSH SCHWARTZ | And the idea this year of taking the show back to basics – in the sense that it was going to be Chuck without the Intersect, and returning the show to its roots in that first season. That beach was the place where Chuck and Sarah first forged their bond, so it seemed like the perfect way to bookend the series.

TVLINE | After screening the finale, I made a point to rewatch the pilot, which of course brought so much stuff into focus. You had the callbacks to the Mexican restaurant, the Wienerlicious, the tango and “Irene Demova,” and you did a veritable shot-for-shot remake of the Bryce escape/fight sequence. Were there more-subtle callbacks that people maybe didn’t catch?
FEDAK | I didn’t even realize this, but when Sarah wears the Wienerlicious uniform, she actually has a little necklace with a hot dog on the end of it. I only now realize that it was there all this time.
SCHWARTZ | The score that plays when they’re at the Mexican restaurant together is the same score that played in the pilot.
FEDAK | Another thing is that throughout the run of the show, Chuck and Sarah have had a cue that [Chuck composer] Tim Jones created – a very emotional, kind of warm-hearted cue that we use in scenes where its just Chuck and Sarah talking about their relationship. It’s always been an open-ended cue, and in the final scene Tim closed it off. That’s a beautiful, delicate moment.

TVLINE | Was that the same beach?
FEDAK | Same beach, same spot. Everything was the same except the weather, which was bad [for the finals shoot]. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You did a really nice job with closure for all of the characters, including Ellie and Awesome. And you turned Jeffster! from the usual novelty into the most unlikely of heroes.
SCHWARTZ | I think that in their own mind, they’ve been heroes all along, so it’s just the rest of the world catching up to the potential that Jeffster! has. Them becoming a successful rock act in Germany feels pretty inevitable, doesn’t it?
FEDAK | Having Jeffster find out about the spy base and having them save the day was something we wanted to do. And once we knew that this would be the final episode, for our fans who love these characters so much, we wanted to give them closure. Act 5 was the one we really didn’t mess around with all that much. It was the one we knew that if we were going to have to take time out of the episode, you had had to keep Act 5 protected.

TVLINE | Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the finale shoot? I have to imagine landing a helicopter on a street can go sideways fast.
SCHWARTZ | [Laughs] Well, you don’t want to mess around with a helicopter. We did a lot of amazing stuff in those final two episodes, and one of the reasons this show is possible is because of the amazing production team we had. Robbie Duncan McNeil, who was our in-house directing producer, is featured in the episode — he is the other commando inside the helicopter with John Casey. Robbie was an actor on Star Trek: Voyager, and this is his first time on TV in many years, so it was great to see him up there.

TVLINE | If I gave you an extra hour for the finale, what would you have done with it?
SCHWARTZ | The original [cut] was almost an extra hour longer.
FEDAK | It’s true. Chuck episodes sometimes come in a little long — not this season as much, but this one came in quite a bit long. We actually got it a little bit of extra time from NBC for it.
SCHWARTZ | Some of the additional scenes will be on the DVD.
FEDAK | That’s right, we actually have a longer version coming out on the DVD.

TVLINE | Simply extended edits of scenes or also new entire scenes?
SCHWARTZ | You’ll have a couple of entire scenes. It will be eight minutes longer. And there are extended scenes within Act 5. It will be nice.
FEDAK | So even after tonight, there will still be the opportunity to see some new Chuck.

TVLINE | I was speculating that we’d see Steven J. Bartowski; I was never convinced he died. Was that one of the cameos you had to let fall by the wayside, just for time?
FEDAK | We have thought a lot about, “How can we bring him back?” But in the end it was so much more important that [his death] was a real moment in the show.
SCHWARTZ | We loved him — Scott Bakula was the best — but someone’s gotta stay dead on this show!

TVLINE | Or, boom — there’s your premise for a TV-movie a couple years from now.
SCHWARTZ | [Laughs] I like it!

TVLINE | Do you have a handshake agreement with everybody that one day you’ll all reconvene, when the time and idea is right?
SCHWARTZ | I think it’s an unspoken agreement. I think everybody would pick up their pocket protectors and Converse sneakers and come back to do it all again.

TVLINE | What do you hope the show’s legacy is?
SCHWARTZ | We’ve been thinking a lot about this. First of all, the relationship that the show had with its fans is something really unique. And I think, also, it was an original story. It was a show that combined a lot of different elements and genres into something that hadn’t been seen before, and that’s a harder and harder thing to get done in a world dependent on pre-sold titles and known quantities. So for us, the originality of the show clearly spoke to those individuals out there in the audience who also felt unique and original. And the final thing I’ll say is it was the story of a guy who felt he had all this potential but never lived up to it. A guy who felt he had the promise to be something better than he was when we first met him. This underdog, this nerd, who’s thrust into this life and lives up to it and becomes a hero spoke to people. A lot of people saw themselves in Chuck, and want to believe that if given their own opportunity they could also become a hero.
FEDAK | The only thing I would add is that this show was fun. It was designed as a cure-all for your Monday–
SCHWARTZ | Or your Friday
FEDAK | Or your Friday, for less people. But we tried to make the most fun piece of television you could imagine, and it was a pleasure to do it.
SCHWARTZ | We’d hear from so many people who said they could watch the show with their whole family, that it was something they could put on for an hour enjoy and smile.
TVLINE | Now the big question: Did Sarah get her memories back with that kiss? Or is that open to viewer interpretation?
SCHWARTZ | You gotta leave it open — right, Chris?
FEDAK | That’s the way I feel about it. I think it’s certainly a happy ending, but I also think that we like a little bit of ambiguity. Leave it up to the Chuck fans to take their own individual impression away.

TVLINE | But are you braced for any moans and groans from slightly disappointed diehards?
SCHWARTZ | They’re always out there, and we’re always ready for them.
FEDAK | But I do hope they feel very satisfied. I think the ending has a bit of magic to it. People should believe in how they wanted it to end.

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  1. Brandon says:

    I’m sad. I started watching Chuck when it premiered in 2007, and have watched every episode as it aired since. What a truly wonderful journey.

    • Luke says:

      I can’t believe Chuck is over…I…I…I thought that there would be another episode or season…I didn’t know that was the last episode, I am almost crying right now…through the good times and the bad, Chuck was there, it has been 5 years and, like Chuck, I have changed so much.

    • Will says:

      i watched chuck for all 5 years and dvr’d every single show and i think the ending of the season final is cut off so i have no idea how it really ended which really pisses me off after watching for 5 years…my dvr cuts off right when she says goodbye to hime and walks away in front of their flat…is that the end? I never saw a beach scene or anything else!! can some one please tell me where I can see the ending?

      • Gin says:

        ehm… you miss a whole episode.

        • JazZPhantoM says:

          lol i did the same thing… i was so devastated and angry. But then about a week later i realised that there was still another episode!

          • Demerick White says:

            , Chuck Is A Wonderful & Successful TV Show. Might Be A Lil Old But Never To Late To Amaze The Fans RIGHT ? So Just Think About Make A New Season 👌💯

    • matteo says:

      Please , we want and we need just one more season of chuck, it can’t be over you can’t do a series like this and makes it over like you do.
      Please we want another series we love with chuck and he changes my way to think

    • khel says:

      creio q ele poderia ter mostrado o desenho que ele desenhou no trem, porque ela disse que aquele momento ela nunca iria esquecer. Mas espero que eles não deixa essa historia acabar dessa forma. Porque todos tiveram um final feliz, mas chuck e sarah não sabemos. Então eles merecem um final feliz.

    • Ron says:

      Please! Please! Bring Chuck back somehow

    • Ron says:

      Please! Please! Bring Chuck back somehow. Please

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m choosing to believe that Sarah got her memories back. The alternative is kinda depressing. Although watching Sarah fall in love with Chuck all over again does have some appeal. ;-)

    • Jenna says:

      Either way, when she asked him to kiss her, she WANTED her memories back, so I feel as though they would have ended up back together either way, memories returned or not. How lovely :)

      • wordsmith says:

        Yeah, that was what I took away from it as well. Sad, maybe, but very poetic.

        • oh for the love of subway says:

          Poetic is what they were going for. Tragic and a good idea for a horror movie is what they got. But hey, Chuck fans are diehards and we’ll all work hard as heck to explain to ourselves how beautiful Sarah’s lobotomy was.

      • cj says:

        i choose to believe sarah did NOT get her memories back, only because of what Jenna said – she WANTED her memories back, and that’s enough for me. plus, it kicks off a whole other romantic love affair between these two people that are meant to be together (and that i can fantasize about forever). it was also a CRAZY F****** BEAUTIFUL scene.

        • CARIE says:

          Don’t 4get, the scene where they tango’d in Germany, when he had 2 pull her close, the tenseness & anxiousness in Sarah made it look like SHE had an urge 2 kiss him…like her memories were THEN coming back 2 her, even tho she pretended not 2 ‘feel it’. I believe her memories DO come back.

          p.s. I thought it was hilarious what Morgan did with that invisible cloak. I laughed my ass off, cuz i woulda’ done the same thing. lol. & I thought it was kool that Sarah did the same exact routine that Bryce did b4 Casey ‘killed’ him.

        • Andrew says:

          WELL SAID CJ!

      • PK says:

        Bingo. Sarah WANTED the memories back, and that was all that mattered. The writers gave us signs that the memories were coming back anyway (the stacking of the cups at Weinerlicious, The virus to save Beckman). They’ll come back slowly.

        • KP says:

          No, getting the memories back and not wiping out the last five years for her matters too.

          Oh yay, the chuck producers are ready for the whiners. I guess the idea that they just messed up – no matter how sweetly – by removing Sarah’s memories won’t ever occur to them.

          What a stupid way to end the show.

          • MW says:

            I completely agree. Losing five years of your life is not funny. They should have wrapped it up and shown her memories coming back. If I wanted bittersweet I’d watch something else. i want happy!

          • Amy says:

            Happy that someone feels the same way i do! No bittersweet, happy ending is all i was asking for.. And i was actually expecting it! Also I think that the fifth season wasn’t as good: nothing real happens for an entire season, and in the last two episodes of the entire show they go through hell! Chuck and Sarah go through hell! To me they could have done anything else, but Chuck and Sarah should have happily ended up together!

          • Jeffister says:

            did anyone not watch Chuck for the last five years? They never ended a season with a happy way it is not the Chuck way..I loved the final scene and how they did it..the beach scene was beautiful and all the callbacks to the pilot episode

          • Fre says:

            “They never ended a season with a happy way it is not the Chuck way”. I believe that this statement, made by Jeffister, is not true because at the ending of season 2, Chuck gets the intersect 2.0 uploaded in his brain. So there you have a happy ending. Although for me it was :p
            When I saw the ending of the show, my first thoughts were: No, this is not a good way to end the show. During the final scene they should had edited some flash forwards, so we had closure.
            But now I thought about it, it’s a great way to end the show, because every fan is thinking about the ending, so the show “Chuck” lives on in every fans mind. And it’s a great start for a movie or a great pick up for a 6th season.
            So the ending gives me hope, that Chuck isn’t over yet.

          • MD says:

            Jeffister states “did anyone not watch Chuck for the last five years? They never ended a season with a happy way it is not the Chuck way.”
            He couldn’t be more wrong!! Every time they thought the series may be cancelled they gave Chuck and Sarah a happy ending. End of season 2 Sarah refused to leave with Bryce choosing instead to stay with Chuck. Half way thru season 3 was the Paris ending. After additional episodes were ordered, they finished the season defeating Shaw, Chuck agreeing to quit spying and Sarah saying it didn’t matter because she fell in love with a regular guy. The first season 4 run ended with Chuck’s wedding proposal and Sarah’s acceptance in the hospital. When again additional episodes were ordered they ended the season with their marriage.
            An ending more in line with ALL those would have been more satisfying. Especially after dragging us thru the darkest episodes of the series. I needed a bigger payoff at the end.
            Finally I don’t think SLIGHTLY disappointed is an accurate description. Have you read the comments?

          • Pace says:

            I Agree. A happy end is like a victory, and this end is like to see a soccer game and my team don´t win the game! All the family wants a happy end, because it let people hopefull and faithfull. A tragedy happened to Sarah and Chuck, and it is not resolved. For a 2 hours movie, ok, but for a 5 years amazing, lovely serie, it´s too sad, people are broken heart. My family and I, want a happy end. NBC could make an special extra episode. It´s no more the same, to watch old episodes in DVD knowing that Sarah will forget everything. With this end they will sell fewer DVD than if it had a happy end. People want to remember the complete story and be happy, because the game is over and our dear team Chuck + Sarah won.

          • iccy says:

            dats vry true

        • KDP says:

          I just hate it had to end like that.. haha i know it was most likely all becoming better, but Chuck ending and know they have to start over is kinda depressing..

      • Sue says:

        Yes, but I would have preferred a more definitive ending, one with no question as to Chuck and Sarah’s future. I wanted them walking off into the sunset together remembering all they had been through and knowing how much each meant to the other.

      • V2Blast says:

        Exactly. She wants to fall in love with him again, and that’s all that matters. Her memories will come back on their own time.

      • thea says:

        i want another season :(

      • Max says:

        If you ask me she will get them back because all they have to do is find the cards and maybe Ellie can reverse it.Then again Sarah Bartowski may just wake up from being just Sarah Walker and have her kids and red door,white picket fence house.Yes I loved the show but good things always come to a end.But they play it out perfect for a movie but a season 6 would be the best thing ever.Zachary Levi also said at the Nerd HQ with the cast that if we all help not just have petitions on it but buy Chuck items there maybe something there so maybe they will come back but for now we have to wait and watch.But thank you Josh and Chris, I wanted something more but this is what we got to live with right now so maybe some time and money is all they need they need us now more than ever.So I thank the cast and I believe this is goodbye for now. PS. You may want to watch the youtube ending of the show but believe in the people who want it back bad enough they will move Haven and Earth to get it and so i say fare well.

    • Jenn says:

      I took it as she didn’t get her memories back, in that magic rush sort of way, but they were slowly coming back a little bit as he was telling her their story, and I think the kiss probably would have triggered something in there too. Something also tells me that the spy life isn’t totally over for these guys. If the show were to go on or if it were even remotely real (haha, that’d be interesting..), it would be a real waste to have the Intersect living in the suburbs doing nothing.. lol

      It was an amazing ending and I am so sad to see this show leave, but all good things must come to an end someday.

    • rf says:

      It wasn’t just that Sarah asked Chuck to kiss her. It’s the way she did. He starts his familiar Chuck-spiral analyzing Morgan’s theory and Sarah stops him cold, decisively, and tells him to kiss her. They have always had those moments: Chuck, out of anxiety or excitement or whatever talks and talks, over-analyzing, and Sarah stops him with a word and pulls him out of his loop.

      It doesn’t matter if she got all her memories back. It was never about the missions or the Intersect or all the crazy stuff they did. It was always – always – about the person underneath.

      • Keith says:

        Wow, I was feeling pretty cynical about the show’s end until I just read your very well written analysis of Sarah and Chuck’s relationship. “It was always–always–about the person underneath.” They always had a connection and it probably would have been there no matter what in the world they were doing (Buy More, Wienerlicious, etc.) There would still have been that attraction. Granted, I think Chuck always adored Sarah, while Sarah was moved by how sweet Chuck was. Regardless, thank you so much.

        • KP says:

          I’m feeling cynical about a lousy decision by the writers. Someone’s memories and experiences are all they have and they thought it would be romantic to have Sarah lose five years of her life? what the subway sandwich kind of thinking is that?

          And rf’s post wasn’t well written it was delusional. But still I’m jealous. I wish I could be satisfied making up my own nonsense to explain a bad move by the show’s producers.

          • Eurydice says:

            But, in the world of Chuck, memories and experiences are not all a person has – they’re not even the most important things people have. In the world of Chuck, you can have memories uploaded and erased over and over (like Chuck), you can grow up with multiple lives and names (like Sarah), you can abandon your old life and name and become somebody else (like Casey), but that doesn’t change the essential person. In the world of Chuck, what matters is what a person feels, that’s why Chuck’s overemotion ends up being the reason for his success.

            Now maybe you don’t agree with this, and when it comes to real life I don’t either – but it’s logical within the rules of Chuck. Sarah didn’t have a problem accepting the truth of her lost memories, she had a problem because she couldn’t feel the truth of their love. At the end, Chuck’s storytelling was like uploading an intercept of feelings – Sarah became more animated and emotional with every story – and the final kiss was the final bit of feeling.

      • V2Blast says:

        Brilliantly stated. Their experiences may have made it easier to lead to their love for each other, but from the moment they met, they both admired and cared about one another.

    • Starsaber says:

      It doesn’t matter whether the kiss worked or not. It’s clear that she was already breaking through to get her memories back. The kiss would save time, but it wasn’t essential.

      At least that’s my take on it.

    • Brendan says:

      I’m convinced that she had the emotional memory regardless of the memories of moments.
      The simple version: When she first accepted that her past was real, she said ‘I just don’t feel it.’ Laughing and crying on the beach looked an awful lot like ‘feeling it’ to me. Regardless of how quickly/slowly her memory of the events of the past 5 years were coming back, the emotional memory was there in the final scene. Plus she clearly wanted to be with him watching the final moments before the fade to black.
      The long (admittedly more speculative) version: I think the emotional memory was there the whole time. She was denying it because she thought of herself purely as a spy and didn’t want to give into it, a nice parallel to seasons 1-2 when she didn’t want to give into her feelings for him the first time around. She spends the rest of the time battling the concept of being the spy she sees herself as vs being in love with Chuck, hence the line ‘I have to go find myself.’ Again a nice parallel to the first time around, when she faced the same issue. Then reconsider the final scene under the context that she does feel the emotional connection: Sarah has an ’emotional intersect’ in her head, and she’s unfamiliar with the emotional world, just as Chuck had the spy intersect and was unfamiliar with the spy world on that same beach in the pilot. Now Chuck comes along to help her transition into that world and ‘use her intersect’ the way she did for him.
      I am convinced that this is the way Fedak intended it to be interpreted because I think he’s a great writer, and this interpretation makes the end a beautiful piece of writing. Obviously this is only my interpretation and others of course are valid, but I choose to believe this is how it was.

    • Mike says:

      I believe Sarah’s request for the kiss seals the deal. She was beginning to remember small things & she WANTED to remember. So, yeah, & her feelings were there. Just needed to wake them up.

    • Brandon says:

      i wish we knew how they ended up for real i think they owed chuck and sarah there happy ending

    • Dave says:

      I believe she did, or at least started to. If she wasnt feeling anything, she would have stopped the kiss at a simple little peck. She was kissing back so I feel she had to at least remember something.

  3. Lauren says:

    Great interview! Aw man…..I’ll miss this show :(

  4. Michael says:

    It’s way less depressing if I just imagine that Sarah gets all of her memories back.

    So that’s what I’m going to do.

    It truly does suck to see Chuck go. I will miss it, and they could always bring it back in comic book form or something.

    • ed says:

      even if she didnt get her memory back its still nice to think that chuck and sarah are going to fall in love all over agin…… But im sure she got her memory back :D

    • Andy says:

      The ending was obvious. Chuck felt insecure that he could get Sarah back without her memories. His friends convinced him he could, and he did. She began to fall in love with him again. She asked for him to kiss her. Her memories would come back slowly, but she would be with Chuck when the do.

  5. Matt says:

    As far as I’m concerned she regained her memories. I like my series finales with ambiguity but my imagination always takes it in a positive direction. Luke and Lorelei are just celebrating their first child’s 2nd birthday.

  6. Becca says:

    5 seasons and a movie!

    • Martim says:

      Movie, Movie, Movie, Movie, Movie!!!

      • Lisa says:

        I really hope they will make a movie for us to know more details. Did anyone realize that both Chuck and Sarah have intersects in their heads? They need help and they need to get hers fixed. Maybe Chuck’s mom could be their handler. It was the only show my husband and I watched together! I’m so sad and will really miss seeing the great cast.

  7. Valerie says:

    I thought the ending was perfect. Left so much potential for a future where Chuck would be like Sarah’s handler just as she was to him in the beginning. Thank you Chuck and goodbye *grabs more tissues*

  8. Joe says:

    Totally 100% satisfied, loved the finale so much!! now let’s get to work on the devin and elle spin off aka The Awesome’s!! lol

  9. partisan says:

    Are you KIDDDING!!!! 5 years and we go out with Sarah not in love with Chuck???
    Sucked! I know we’re left to “decide for ourselves” what happened. That is, always has been and always will be a cop out. Cheap shot, worst ending since Lost.

    • Brandon says:

      Lost had a wonderful ending. I think you’re the type of person that’ll never be satisfied with any ending, because your expectations are far too great.

      • Snapy says:

        Lost had a crappy ending. They didn’t resolve any of their mysteries. I wasted 6 years of my life on that show.

        • Tee says:

          LOST had the best ending ever. And LOST was never about the mysteries if you understood the show at all. And they did resolve most of them. And CHUCK also had an amazing ending.

        • Pan says:

          “I wasted 6 years of my life on that show.” I tried rewatching Lost last year so that maybe I would feel better about the finale but I couldn’t even get through the first 5 episodes because I knew the ending was so disappointing. I liked the Chuck ending. If you believe in Sarah and Chuck then it doesn’t matter that you weren’t told that they got back together. You know they are together because you believe in them.

        • Tee says:

          I didn’t feel like my time was wasted or anything by watching Lost, but I agree about the crappy ending. It felt like a lazy/rushed way out.

      • Ruby says:

        You said it. It always baffles me how many “fans” get mad when a show doesn’t meet everything they expected it to. Like the show creators are supposed to reach inside every fan’s mind and create the exact perfect ending for each person. Are they kidding?! Yeesh.

    • allison says:

      YOU suck.

    • Tim says:

      You don’t know she doesn’t love him anyone. She sure was planting one on him there at the end. INTERPRETATION!!!!

    • kev says:

      yey totally agreed on that.. im so sad and disappointed that sarah hasnt gotten her memory back. The Show is all about Chuck and Sarah and their relationship and now they’re messing up with all of her memories.It was all about what they’ve gone through together and now..kiss me chuck… its ok but i would have been much happier if that scene was 5 minutes earlier and we would have been able to see what that kiss have done to them.. how they are happy together again :(

    • Jessica says:

      I completely agree. I mean, the ending could have been worse. I’ll take it because I have to, and it leaves the feeling that, as Morgan said, Chuck will make Sarah fall back in love with him, and she seems like she’s already in the process. BUT, Chuck was 5 seasons of magic, especially between Chuck and Sarah, and to have her forget all that, and it’s not confirmed that she remembered, is depressing to me. The hints that her memory was slowly coming back help a bit. But ultimately, the reason why the end falls short to me, even assuming that she does fall back in love with him, is because it’s depressing to me to think that even if they stay together and fall back in love, she may have lost the last 5 years and will never get them back. I don’t want to believe that Chuck and Sarah make it despite her memory loss. They can have a long happy life together in that house with the kids but if she can’t remember the first 5 magical years of their lives together, then I’m not happy! I need to know she remembered. I really really really really really hope they get to make a movie and resolve that part of it.

      • rachael says:

        I agree with what your saying but also i feel like if she has forgotten everything its not just her relationship with chuck which is a lot more than slightly tragic but everything from her becoming a more natural comfortable person has been wasted. chuck vs the baby and her dealing with her past and parents is now gone as well.
        i feel a bit like her forgetting is doing a disservice to the 5 amazing years in a way. i did love the resolutions for everyone else and my heart broke in the first part for chuck but also a bit sad for yvonne strahovski that she couldn’t be the sarah she had built up over the seasons..so with that i choose to believe in fairy tales, the prince’s kiss woke the princess from her deep sleep :-).

        also unbelievable acting by all involved especially zach and yvonne boy did he sell the heartbreak.

        • Eurydice says:

          The writers have been playing around with memory since the pilot. Chuck has had memories implanted in his brain, then removed, then reimplanted, then removed, and so on and on – and through it all, he’s still the same guy. And Sarah didn’t need 5 years of memories to love Chuck, she was drawn to him from the first moment.

        • Jessica says:

          I totally agree and can’t believe I didn’t think of that angle as well! Even without Chuck, Sarah has had so much growth over the past 5 years, and for her to lose that with her memories is so sad for her. You know, I think that was bothering me too last night, and I just didn’t get the nail on the head like you did. It’s heartbreaking for them as a couple and her as an individual. I will say, I rewatched the last 5 minutes last night, and I see a look on Sarah’s face right before they kiss that I took some comfort from, that she’s still in love with Chuck. But I really would have preferred to know that she got her memories back. I feel that in their fictional future, she would get them back anyway, she was already slowly getting them back, and maybe they would go spend some time with Ellie and work on recovering her memories.

          • Stephen Thornton says:

            Completely agreed. A lot of fans are satisfied with “oh but she still loves him” but she was her own character not just a love interest or ultimate prize for Chuck. Since season 3 particularly have we seen some serious character growth and development like you mention. I loved the changes she went through and how she grew. I feel like her growth was just as important as chuck’s. Now everyone received a proper send off, said heartfelt goodbyes based on how the last 5 years have changed them. Everyone except for Sarah. That is tragic for the actress and for the show. I really don’t see how people are satisfied with that ending. Reminds me of Smallville’s treatment of Lex with the mindwipe (though Smallville was much worse).

      • Richard says:

        I agree. I would of been happier with her saying “Chuck, I remember everything” with them staring at the ocean. I predicted they would end up on the beach like in season 1. It seemed the most logical and romantic ending him telling her to trust him.

      • cem says:

        I am mostly agree you for your comment we need clearly final for 5 years for sarah chuck magical love history and for us

    • Ruby says:

      You posted this same thing on the E! Online board and you were a killjoy there too. It’s not the show’s fault that you’re a negative nelly dude.

    • ultimate troll says:

      I enjoyed the Lost ending. I do not enjoy “it was all a dream” endings. Or “and they never knew what really happened” endings.

      And I really don’t care for producers saying “We left it open.” for a light action comedy romance where the two options are –
      Sarah remembers her life with Chuck
      Sarah doesn’t and never gets that part of herself back.


    • Kerry says:

      sadly I agree=( its like the pick your own destiny books.
      for a season finale the ending would have been great BUT its the end of the end and they give us a we’ll let you decide? my favorite show of all time has been ruinned been ruined by the last 3 minutes? A flashback of masseffect 3 just reemerged

  10. Brooke says:

    THANK YOU!! I’ve watched every single CHUCK and have loved them all. The finale was perfect, I laughed, I cried. It was fantastic!

  11. Madje_Knotts says:

    I will miss this show! Mondays and Fridays will never be the same again. Thank You Chuck cast and crew for five AWESOME seasons!! Still in shock that the show is actually over, but I loved the wrap up. I’m going to believe, vehemently, that Sarah got her memory back with that kiss. Thank you so much!!

  12. Brendan says:

    Everything that was great about this series embodied in 2 absolutely phenomenal hours of television! I loved every minute of it, and it was the perfect way to end one of the greatest series in the history of tv.

  13. Sarah says:

    I loved it! When Casey hugged Chuck, I just lost it. Made me cry, and I never cry watching tv.

    • Sam says:

      Yep, that was the point that I lost it too. I was staying strong until that moment. Casey has always been my favorite character and seeing that, oh man, it was just too much. After that, I didn’t stop crying until like 10 minutes after the episode had ended. My eyes were filling up with so many tears it was getting hard to see my TV clearly.

    • Lindsey says:

      I cry at TV, but I’ve never cried like this. I think I first really lost it when Chuck was telling Sarah about their first real kiss. It didn’t stop much from there. I thought the ending was amazing. I like that it’s open to interpretation, and I choose to believe Sarah remembered her feelings for Chuck with that kiss. When he was telling her the story, you could tell she was starting to remember or show interest in him too. I will miss Chuck so much!

    • Ruby says:

      That was the part that really got me too. And all of the Chuck/Sarah montages, of course.

    • Yep says:

      That was what broke me too. There was this part of that thought, is this the last time I’m going to see John Casey on my TV or will we get to see what he plans to do next? I was crying. I started crying again now just remembering it. I loved the ending. It was perfect.

    • Lisa says:

      Casey hugging Chuck was when the tears started here also, and here they come again just thinking about it the next day. I am going to miss Chuck so very much…

  14. Christina says:

    Goodbye Chuck!
    I’ll let myself believe that Sarah fell in love with Chuck again. The alternative doesn’t even cross my mind.

    • squander says:

      Obviously it already did otherwise you would be all like, “obviously Sarah fell in love with Chuck again! What else could POSSIBLY happen???”

      But now – great idea producers, what reason could you possibly have for giving us a happy ending when you could have a Happy OR Tragic never to be resolved cliffhanger.

  15. Kayla says:

    I’m soooo upset that Chuck is actually over i’m still crying all over my keyboard. There will nvr be a show as great as Chuck at least not for me :'( i can’t even express how i fully feel right now i’m too choked up ilu Chuck!!! <3

    • Lisa says:

      I agree!!!! Chuck was a fantastic show. It gave us laughs, made us cry, scratch our heads and just relax and enjoy the ride each week. I’m very thankful for the people who put the show on each week. They did a great job :)

  16. Mark says:

    I hated Sarah losing her memory. It ruined the finale for me. I thought it was a terrible finale!

    • partisan says:


    • kelsey says:

      Yay, thank you, someone agrees with me. her loosing her memories made me feel like those five seasons of great memories just meant nothing.

      • V says:

        I don’t know, I saw it as a great way to see how far the characters have come – I also rewatched the pilot, which further emphasized that. Over five years we’ve seen some amazing growth from everyone – the cold alone spies became people with families who love them, the Buy More folks who have interesting futures ahead of them … Sarah without her memories was a great way to hit that point home and show the strength of Chuck’s feelings for her. And whether the kiss was a magical Disney kiss that restored her memories or not, I fully believe in Chuck’s ability to woo her all over again. :)

        • squanderr says:

          Yeah, they could have done all that great stuff without the pointless open ended ending. She doesn’t have to get it all back at once but in the final scene some clear indication was called for. There’s just no reason for a show like this, with a definitive final episode to go out with oooh, maybe it’s a happy ending.

      • Keith says:

        Thirded. I’ve thought about watching old episodes but I think it would be odd now. And as someone else said, Strahovski had to create a person (for the two final hours of the show) that was fairly different than the one she’d portrayed all these years. In certain ways, the person we’d grown to know was now somewhat of a stranger. Sadly, Alzheimers and cancer affect so many of the people we know and love. But I guess I wanted an escape from that while watching a spy comedy.

      • Jemma says:

        i know!

    • Jeff says:

      Fourthed – It cheated us out of the happy ending Sarah and Chuck deserved – it’s like everything that happened on the show was wiped away because Sarah doesn’t remember. They might as well have had Chuck wake up in bed and he’s back at the original Buy More and it was all just a dream…

  17. Jan says:

    Never missed, missing it now. Please bring it back, it was 1 of the most decent shows on. Great caricatures, wonderfully cast , great stories. Always looked forward to the show . WHY did it have to end???

    • cindy says:

      I totally agree. I looked forward to Mondays (that was a miracle in itself!).I never missed it and I already own the first 3 seasons. TV execs always fall prey to taking the family friendly, comedy action and underdog shows off for shows like oh say, reality shows that have nothing to do with reality. Chuck was a very entertaining show that had the ability to remove me from a sour Monday night (then Friday) and let me lose myself in the characters and their antics. At one time, when Firefly was taken off after a year, fans galore wrote the writers to keep it going. Then they killed off half the crew in a movie. I hope that another station exec would see what a great show this is and offer to take it up for 2-3 more seasons.

      • znachki says:

        Cindy – did you catch the Firefly shout out? At the debrief with Becker, Casey says “we’re just happy to be doing good works”. As did Jayne in the original pilot Serenity. Of couse, Jayne was talking about diverting to get rid of that stolen cargo.

    • Pace says:

      It´s so amazing, that could have 15 seasons, why not?

  18. V_s says:

    Well since LOST’s ending was excellent, that’s got to say good things about Chuck’s ending…

  19. BillAtWork says:

    How could they end the series without resolving Chuck and Sarah? Isn’t that a betrayal? Love letter?

  20. awelle says:

    This was very emotional and I loved the callbacks. I also loved the Chuck & Sarah beach scene. Can´t believe it´s over.

    There were two instances, that didn´t work for me.

    For one I didn´t get why Chuck wasn´t ready to go after Quinn himself and instead needed all those pep talks before he offered to help Sarah. Quinn had taken Chuck´s life with Sarah away from Chuck as well.

    The second thing I disliked was that the decision to use the only left upload in the intersect glasses to save everyone instead of trying to restore Sarah´s memory was Chuck´s decision instead of Sarah´s. It should have been hers. I don´t think she should have made a different decision, but she doesn´t only exist for Chuck.

    • cj says:

      did i missing something? why couldn’t SARAH have used the last intersect upload to defuse the bomb?????
      in the end, however, i liked that they got to sort of start their love affair all over again. Sarah wasn’t completely devoid of all her Chuck memories. and Chuck was so god damned genuine with his professions of love, and telling her the story of “them.” who wouldn’t fall in love with Chuck?

      • QuinnMallory says:

        Elly and Chuck would have to reprogram the glasses (and thus wipe out the existing intersect) for it to be used to save the world. They, of course, did not have the time to do so.

  21. Monica says:

    I thought the ending was perfect! I just know they are going to find their way back to each other. I’m going to miss this show so much.

  22. Jamie says:

    Ha!! That’s awesome!! Me too!

  23. Liz says:

    What was the point of watching for 5 years if they don’t end up together? Why couldn’t they just show even a look on her face that she remembered? Something? It just can’t end that way… Loss for words.

    • kev says:

      100 per cent agree!

    • Jessica says:

      100% agree! (see earlier reply post). Even if she falls back in love with him, if she can’t remember that last 5 years, what was the point of them? What was the point of watching them if Sarah doesn’t remember them? I never watched it, but heard about it…to me it’s like J.R. Ewing’s dream. Makes me feel like thanks for wasting my time. I LOVE this show, and need to know that she remembered, whether it’s a happily ever after or not.

    • Josh says:

      Well I think it’s obvious they do end up together….

      I didn’t love the ending and I hated that it was open-ending(totally unnescarry, and sort of disrespectful to the fans knowing that all fans wanted one thing the “perfect” Chuck and Sarah ending…

      But overall I did like the finale…

    • Eurydice says:

      I’m thinking of it like a jigsaw puzzle – we’ve been collecting all the pieces for 5 years and now we’ve got this giant picture of Paris or something, only we’re missing one tiny piece. Not having that one piece doesn’t mean the picture is different, it doesn’t suddenly turn into Tokyo.

      • Jessica says:

        You’re right, not having that one tiny piece doesn’t suddenly change the picture to something else, but it does leave an empty resolution for people like me, who are the type of people who need to see something finished. It bothers me to leave something unfinished. I have to complete the puzzle. I have to complete the game. I can’t stop even if I know what the outcome is. That’s why it bothers me.

        • Eurydice says:

          Fair enough. I guess there are different views of what it means to be “complete.” For me, it’s enough to know what the picture is. And the thing is that even though the writers have given us what seems to be a “complete” happy ending for all the other characters, now that the show is over anything can happen to them. Jeffster could fail miserably, Morgan and Alex could break up, Casey could be killed on a mission, Ellie and Awesome could be run over by a bus. We could imagine all sorts of horrible things, or we can imagine really good things – and we can do the same with Chuck and Sarah. At the end of the day, we’re the ones who complete the story.

  24. Kristen Eckstadt says:

    *slow clap*

  25. anonymous! says:

    she was regaining her memory back anyway. How to stock the weinerlicious, irene demova, and she remembered the chuck + sarah engraving. No matter if the kiss worked, she was coming back anyway so in the end it left an ambiguous but a happy ending nonetheless for both believers of magic and non-believers. :)

    • Brendan says:


    • Lindsey says:

      Thank you! It was taking time, but clearly, it was coming back already.

    • EXACTLY says:

      If you believe in Sarah and Chuck then you believe they will be together again. I don’t know why people are so unhappy with this ending! If anything they should be thrilled it was left open because if the opportunity ever arises it can be revisited.

    • M says:

      I don’t think she actually “remembered” the engraving, I took that scene as her recognizing her own handwriting and her seeing that she’d written that as hard evidence that Chuck was telling the truth. Pretty irrelevant distinction though

  26. Melissa says:

    Im going with this, of Sarah didn’t get her memory back from a magic Bartowski kiss, she’s well on her way to falling for him all over again.

  27. Katsumaro says:

    I loved the tension.. the suspense, the action.. all of it in both Episodes 5.12 and 5.13. I loved the comedy (the scene with Chuck, the gun, and the helicopter especially), the tango with Chuck and Sarah.. the wrapping-up with the family stuff, even Mary’s comeback with some good comedy too.

    I didn’t like the ending, and I will stand pat with that. Even if it was an extra 30 seconds, I would have given anything to at least see recognition that Sarah was slowly remembering not only the past five years, but Chuck too. She already said earlier that the ‘feelings weren’t there’.. I would have liked to see *some* of the feelings there. Instead.. we got a kiss into a fade out. I’m just so.. so disappointed. So disappointed.

    I’ll still miss Chuck, the crew of Chuck.. the fans I’ve met over the years, and everything, but I most certainly won’t miss this ambiguity.

    • LS says:

      Um, I think we can infer from the montage and her expressions as he was telling her the story, and then that ‘kiss me’ part, that some of the feelings were coming back. That was the magic of it.

      People can complain all they want about how Chuck and Sarah deserved a fairy tale ending, and I wouldn’t have minded a ‘six months later’ kind of thing, but the fact is, there was still magic there in the end. It was bittersweet, but it was there, and I think it speaks to all of the obstacles Chuck and Sarah overcame over the last five years. They’ve done it all. I think you can easily infer that they would have overcome this one, too.

  28. Mary Berry says:

    Thank you for 5 wonderful years. It was a fantastic journey and one that I could share with my grown sons – how rare that they could like a show that I watched. Beautifully done finale. Thank you again and #GoodbyeChuck :(

  29. atcDave says:

    Very underwhelming conclusion. The ambiguity is not appreciated. Not a nice way to treat fans who supported this show for so long and with so much energy.

  30. Spoiler Junkie says:

    WTF was that?!! Worst ending ever. Feel emotionally cheated

  31. Eleni says:

    I just cannot believe its over, it’s feels like just yesterday when chuck and Sarah first met, my mind is somewhere else on where Sarah never lost her memory, just had to find it somewhere inside her, I will miss this show so so much

  32. kristine C. says:

    Standing O to all Chuck cast. waaaaaah. I am crying right now. I will really miss you show. T_T

  33. JennyZ says:

    It was an awesome ending.5 seasons was not enough. An on line yearly movie or comic book would be an amazing way to bring back the wonderful characters that the show and actors created.

  34. Ray says:

    Ok please please put the whole extra hour on the dvd..pretty please!!!!

  35. A.D. says:

    I loved this show and it will be missed…NBC has nothing for me now…I hope they do movies of Chuck one day! Thanks for 5 amazing years!

  36. James says:

    Thank you for the best show on TV for the last five years, have seen every show. I will miss my fix of the nerds every week, and in my heart I know that Sarah regains her memory and they live happily in their little white cottage with the white picket fence for the rest of their lives. I can not believe it all over, it’s been a great ride.

  37. TL says:

    Speak for yourself. I loved the ending.

  38. Mia says:

    I loved the end. It had this amazing feeling that no matter what you thought (memories back or not) that Chuck and Sarah were back on the path together. Even if she didn’t have her memories back that second, you knew she…they would find them one day and that they would have more memories to make. I loved it and thought everyone did a wonderful job on these final episodes.

    • Brendan says:

      Exactly, the general feeling that they end up together regardless of whether she remembers is even more fitting than her getting everything back, in my opinion (though I did just re-watch the last 10 minutes 5 times, and I firmly believe she remembers everything).

      • Eurydice says:

        Yes, it kind of makes their love more epic – like they were meant to be together and they’ll do whatever it takes to stay that way.

  39. Ananda says:

    I confess I would really liked another scene after that kiss on the beach 9loved the call back btw), so I could be super sure, but generally I liked, it was a Chuck ending, it had action, heartfelt moments ( damn I literally shed tears), comedy – not that much but good moments, lots of call backs from previous episodes, Sarah in Bryce pilot mode, was awesome, Awesome blinding baby Clara so she wouldn’t see MamaB gun, awesome, Chuck trying with everything he had to bring Sarah memories back, well it broke my heart a thousand times, but awesome!!! and seriously I was almost trying to get into the screen with Sebastian to sing kiss the girl for Chuck and Sarah, loved Morgan with disney films idea!! generally I liked, and need to watch again, and i think I’ll be watching the honeymooners on repeat for a little while!!!

  40. Tim says:

    I have watched every show since it has been on. I am going to miss watching the show and think they should come back in a year or what not for more seasons!! I believe! Sucks it is over with!

  41. Sarah says:

    I know we’re supposed to assume Sarah fell back in love with Chuck, but it sure would’ve been a nice payoff to actually see it happen on screen. That’s all I wanted. I was a little disappointed. Still, Chuck was an awesome show, and I will miss it dearly. “Fun” is definitely the right word to describe it!

    • Josh says:

      This…I mean I really liked the finale it just have would have been nice if we saw them in that dream house together as I felt that’s what this season has been building too…and Sarah and Chuck, happy together, normal and not spies, is how the series should have ended…I just feel…I don’t know…it felt like they had ambiguity for ambiguity’s sake.

    • Brooke says:

      I think her asking him to kiss her WAS showing it on screen.

  42. T C says:

    Would have been nice if something had happened with the Intersect when they kissed that restored Sarah’s memory… some sparks flying between their lips, Sarah with her memory back, and the Intersect gone from Chuck’s head.

  43. Lorenzo says:

    I just watched the CHUCK series finale and it was both satisfying and bittersweet! A great tv show which I and other Chuck fans shall miss watching.

  44. Emster says:

    See, I didn’t think it was important that Sarah got her memories back. She was getting them back gradually enough that she believed Chuck and trusted him and was falling in love again. She wanted to love him and knew that she could. It was perfect, sophisticated, real storytelling…for a genre show.

    • Brendan says:

      So true. Above all else, I want a show to be true to itself in the big moments, and the entirety of the last two episodes was pure, distilled CHUCK. Absolute perfection.

    • V2Blast says:

      Precisely, Emster. They didn’t take the entirely clichéd route of getting all her memories back at once, but they showed us that Sarah *wants* to fall in love with Chuck all over again. :)

    • JDaddy says:

      Sarah’s intersect-induced mental trauma & resulting memory loss seems a lot like a stroke or seizure…it takes a while to recover, and not everything comes back. But over the course of the last two episodes, she went from “don’t believe it” (about her past 5 years w/Chuck) to “believe but don’t feel it” to “tell me our story” to “kiss me”.
      It was coming back, and I’m sure the kiss helped in some way. But even if it didn’t (in the way Morgan suggested), she was already on the road to recovery. She fell in love with him in the pilot (when he fixed her phone, if I remember the later reference); it’s inevitable that she would again.
      I think the point here is that memories aren’t the same as personality. Sarah will always love Chuck, even if she has to discover it all over again.
      Did anyone else pick up on the point that most everyone else has gone off and left them alone, and it’s pretty much just Chuck and Sarah [yes, Morgan’s around too] finding each other again.
      The dangling plot point I’m actually a little upset about is that now Chuck has the intersect back in his head. Even when it was the “good” intersect [did the key actually fix this one?], as long as he had it, people were trying to kill him. So maybe they won’t have left the spy life completely behind…more butt-kicking suspense/action for Chuck & Sarah in their new life together…

  45. Nicole says:

    Thank you to the cast and crew for a phenomenal 5 years that I will never forget. It’s been a great ride. Chuck is one of, if not, the absolute best show on television. I can’t wait to buy the complete series! I truly believe that Sarah DID gain her memories back after the kiss. Even if she didn’t, she was slowly gaining them back anyway.

  46. Liz says:

    The finale was perfect! It couldn’t have been better. The acting was phenomenal! They really brought these wonderful characters to life. I will miss this show more than any other.

  47. Kyle says:

    I think that was all she was lacking, that emotional connection. A good kiss always does that. I silk miss this show, it was wonderful and addicting. Great job, guys.

  48. jake says:

    After NBC stubbornly would not move this show out of the monday time slot — it would have been nice if they had aired the finale on monday.

  49. Mary says:

    I’m personally a little surprised at how bittersweet the ending was. The show always has been generally light-hearted, so I thought it would have had a more clear-cut, non-ambiguous ending. I thought Chuck/Sarah would have ended up together with kids in their house, like Sydney/Vaughn did on Alias. I never thought it would have ended so ~open-ended. If I was a diehard shipper, I definitely would have been a little disappointed…but that’s life.

  50. Jacob says:

    I think the last scene of Chuck really hits the whole point of the show, despite the fact that it was a cliffhanger of sorts. It left the viewer open to interpretations and left it open to believe in the impossible, which is what the premise of the show is. A nerd becomes a spy and gets the girl. Something that never seemed very likely.