TVLine Items: General Hospital Jilts 'Jolie' Fans, Jesse Stone Returns, Secret Circle Scoop & More

Fans of One Life to Live‘s “Jolie” (aka John/Natalie) may want to sit down for this: Michael Easton apparently spoke way too soon at a recent fan event, where he teased a May Sweeps appearance on General Hospital by his longtime leading lady, Melissa Archer.

“Despite us loving [John and Natalie], there are no immediate plans to bring her to Port Charles,” a rep for GH told ABC Soaps in Depth, in response to the reunion rumor. (But what about baby Liam?!)

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• CBS will debut its eighth Jesse Stone TV-movie, Benefit of the Doubt, on Sunday, May 20 at 9/8c. Tom Selleck, of course, returns as the titular police chief.

• Australian actor Tim Phillipps — who on Once Upon a Time played Cinderella’s prince — has booked a potentially recurring role on The CW’s Secret Circle, E! Online reports. He’ll first appear in Episode 16 as a wealthy, spontaneous, mystery man who sails into Chance Harbor on his yacht.

• The Paley Center for Media has added Bones to the lineup of its 29th annual PaleyFest. The Fox drama will be honored Thursday, March 8. For a full schedule of the festivities, click here.

• American Horror Story spookster Azura Skye will play a mild-mannered bed and breakfast owner on an upcoming episode of NBC’s Grimm, per The twist: She’s actually a bird-like creature known as a Seltenvogel.

• ABC has picked up White Van Man, a comedy pilot based on the British sitcom by the same name. The potential series, which centers on a man who is forced to take over his father’s business, is written by former My Name Is Earl executive producer Bobby Bowman.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Anon says:

    Looking forward to seeing Tim Phillips appear on The Secret Circle. I still remember him from Once Upon A Time. I wonder what sort of trouble he’s going to bring on his fancy new yacht.

    This show just keeps getting better!

  2. Beth Ann says:

    I think it’s possible they were not happy that Michael Easton spoke up about it at the fan event. It’s a little early to be talking about what’s happening in May sweeps, when they still haven’t gotten the bang for their buck for the February ratings sweeps period when the OLTL actors return. I’ve read that Michael Easton is going to be on GH longer term than DePaive and Howarth, so I’d think they would have to at least wrap up his storyline with Melissa Archer at some point. Even if it means they break up, Melissa may show up again at some point. I also would think Trevor St. John would turn up for at least a limited run, too, if Roger Howarth comes back. Even if Roger is arrested and put in jail, OLTL fans who will hopefully help pump up GH ratings a bit (the few that weren’t already watching GH to begin with) will want to see that soap opera justice is done and poor Roger Howarth (Todd) will be exonerated for killing the actually-alive Trevor St. John (Victor).

    • Shyanne says:

      I personally think that Michael Easton is not happy with his part on GH, I mean come on, John is suppose to be a man with merits, a man who has been in love with Natalie since the very first day that he meet her, and now he is finally engaged to Natalie, living with her and they are raising their Son that the two of them have dreamed of for years together. But the writers at GH decided that John is a dirt bag cheater who chose to cheat on the woman that he loves more than life and in the process not give a dam about his Son Liam. They have John as a pathetic piece of trash who is acting like he is the one who was wronged and that Natalie was the one who just stole Liam away from him for no reason. I think that Michael Easton thought that GH was going to bring Melissa Archer and the child they had as Liam onto GH either with him or within a few weeks afterwards, but GH didn’t, and now he isn’t a very happy person, because he was lied too. So therefore I don’t know if he will decide to stay unless GH fixes their screw-up and decides to make it right by bringing Melissa Archer as Natalie and baby Liam onto GH within the next couple months. Well Michael, I will not be watching GH because I hate the story lines, but I will be listening to hear if GH writers have come to their senses and brought Melissa Archer as Natalie and Liam onto GH to be with John McBain, until then well don’t count on me to boost GH’s ratings.

  3. Traci says:

    Sorry to hear about Melissa Archer not going to “General Hospital” anytime soon, but relieved because it means I have no reason to start watching that show again. Bottom line: I didn’t like John on “OLTL” without Natalie, but I’d watch Natalie in just about any storyline because Melissa is that compelling of an actress. Never liked Sam McCall on “GH”, and I’m sure they’ll head down that road, so…I’ll continue enjoying my soap-viewing-free existence.

    • Rosalie says:

      I will not be watching GH. Especially without John and Natalie together. That show is horrible now having a few OLTL characters will not help it.

      Plus I dont like to be use to up someones income. When they should have left OLTL alone. It is way better than GH.

    • Shyanne says:

      Right behind you, since GH refuses to bring Melissa Archer on as Natalie and put her with John and also bring baby Liam on then GH can count me out too!!!

  4. mike says:

    They had better do something to make GH watchable soon. Natalie, Dorian, and Roxy would be welcome additions.

    • Shyanne says:

      I agree, but we all know that GH sucks, because they would rather have the stupid storyline of Kate/Connie and Sonny than bring on real talent such as Melissa Archer to play Naralie with baby Liam on her hip to be reunited with John. Well until they do bring Melissa Archer as Natalie and baby Liam on, I will continue watching anything else but GH!!!

  5. Cindy says:

    Oh bull hockey. They also told us Trevor St. John wouldn’t return for the OLTL finale, among many, many, many other falsehoods.

  6. Never was a fan! says:

    As a long-time viewer of OLTL, I was NEVER a Jolie fan! I just don’t think they had that much chemistry. John had more chemistry with Vange(& why wasn’t she in the angel ep?), Blair and hell even Tea in the last few weeks than with Natalie. Basically, I was never a real John fan. Mainly because he was the reason Cristian “died” but he was better on Port Charles. Natalie was better with Jared.

  7. kaleb says:

    As a long time OLTL fan I am a LOVER of JOLIE and think its too bad GH wont get them as a couple, John does not have IT with anybody BUT NATALIE. Its a reason JOLIE was one of OLTL most popular couples. now that John will be on GH it will be hard to watch even more. I am not feeling GH these days, but i do plan on supporting The Mannings and John. BTW Jared had to Natalies worst pairing and Vangie had to be John worst pairing.

    • Shyanne says:

      I think it sucks that GH only asked Michael Easton to come over to GH as John MicBain but didn’t have the common sense to ask Melissa Archer to come over with him bring Liam along. I think it was totally stupid of the writers. I mean, come on GH brings John McBain over to find the killer of his dead half sister, cheats on the woman (Natalie) that he is suppose to love more than life, a woman *Natalie) that has given him everything that he has always wanted, a Son (Liam). And then on top of all of that, GH kills Jason after him and Sam finally get back together and then GH has Sam realize that Danny is really Jason’s Son!!! Come one GH get with the program, Gh could have had two happy couples with their children on the show, but NOOOOO, GH has to break up John & Natalie with Liam being without his father, and kills Jason leaving Danny never getting to know his father. Is this show sick or what????? I hate GH and refuse to watch it until they make it right by bring Melissa Archer on GH as Natalie with Liam, and doing whatever they can to get Steve Burton as Jason back from the dead, and don’t dare say that they can’t do that, soaps are notorious for bring back the dead.

    • Kathryn63 says:


  8. Jessica says:

    I wouldn’t believe ABC if they told me rain was wet. That network is flailing, cluelessly. As for Melissa Archer specifics, the truth is that I don’t care. In real time, it would be hard to consider the character of John without her, given how tortured and prolonged their reunion was. I positively despise Melissa Archer as an actress, although her brassiere should be nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy, but I could see her showing up with baby Liam in her arms just as Caleb was about to bite Livvy on the neck. Oh, right, John and Sam. At any rate, GH is a mess, and given how right daytime fans have turned out to be, ABC brass would do well to listen to us about what we want. For once. If fans want Melissa Archer, give her to them. GH can’t get any worse.

    • Kathryn63 says:


  9. TD2 says:

    I for one am happy to not have to see Jolie, again. Don’t understand why everyone is sooo crazy about this couple. She was NEVER a match for John. The writers just kept reconnecting this couple to try and make them a supercouple but it never happened which was proof in the ratings. Frankly, John/ME look like he was barely there for those scenes on set with her, almost like his candle burnt out and he was just there to get a check. I rewatched JoVan episodes and you can’t believe it’s the same guy. Van matched John mentally and physically and there was mutual respect that shined on screen. Blair did this too and so did Kelly. John/ME needs someone that challenges him otherwise he’s a wet noodle. Leave the Baby Mama in LLanview and GH writers find SOMEONE to relight his flame!

  10. Dan says:

    Holly Sutton, Anna Devane, Robert Scorpio all coming back to GH in the next couple of weeks… check. The Mannings hitting town with John for what’s definitely going to be an AWESOME story (the guy wrote for One Life to Live… and if you didn’t watch every day, especially since the cancellation was announced, you missed out). He loves GH… and he loves the characters. Even though we have to deal with this dreck of “she used to be my sister, now she’s my MOTHER” BS from the old headwriter, I can’t wait to see what RC brings to Port Charles. And especially the old faces. I’m back in Port Charles… to stay. :)

  11. Trista says:

    That will just be wierd. John just got his son back and unless they kill Nat off – there is no way to have one without the other for long. This is the kind of half-**** storyline that GH is known for. For years now – we’ve been expected to believe that Felicia went off and abandoned her two daughters to be with Frisco. I love that the pair are together off screen, but GH could have found a way not to make Felicia a dead beat mom. Now they are probably going to do the same with McBain because it is easier.

  12. aim says:

    i am sooo glad natalie will not be joining john, she also was annoying on oltl and john deserved better. although i was never a fan of sam, but hopefully with john she can get more interesting

  13. Emilyher says:

    I HATE, Natalie, she is the most disgusting despicable character I have ever viewed in films and she exceeds nausea provoking for any character I’ve read. ME/John McBain is tolerable to watch as long as MA/Natalie is not included.

    The one good thing about OLTL cancellation is I would never again have to see the face of MA/Natalie nor dread how long JoLie would air, that required more of my labor of FFwarding. JoLie, a nauseously boring so-called romance but affected me more like putting jelly on raw fish to pretend it is delectable!! I’m very glad if JoLie nor Mellissa Archer never appear on General Hospital. GH has a lot of good actors and should not get rid of any of them to pay the salary for MA nor JoLie, it would also be such a desecration to airtime.

  14. jooollliee says:

    jon mcbain SUCKS without natalie im sorry but you cant have jon without natalie and the fact that there thinking of ruining it ny ruining sam and jason its ubsurd i think there making a huge mistake and watching jon and sam on screen makes my stomache turn.

    • marla says:

      only want to watch GH if Jon and Natalie are together with their baby!!!!! Bring Melissa Archer on GH……

      • Shyanne says:

        Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am so glad you said that and agree with us sane fans, GH refuses to write what the fans want, so in my opinion GH writers are stupidly insane. Also, why is GH bringing back all the old characters such as Holly and who knows who??? Does GH really think that by bringing these characters back that GH’s ratings will go up??? The only way that GH’s ratings will go up is if the writers stop being stupid and clueless and do what the fans want such as bringing on Melissa Archer as Natalie and baby Liam to be with John McBain as a family and then doing what soaps are notorious for, bringing back Jason Morgan from the dead to be with Sam and his Son, Danny. I don’t plan on watch GH until the writers do so, I hope others will follow, then maybe the writers will get the point and a clue!!!

    • Shyanne says:

      Thank you for saying what I and a lot of others are thinking, I feel the same way and I refuse to watch GH until they bring Melissa Archer as Natalie and baby Liam onto GH to be with John McBain, because you are right John without Natalie and Liam is like a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly and bread.

  15. Joanne Baker says:

    I’m so disappointed that Melissa Archer will not be joining General Hospital.