Grey's First Look: Alt Reality Features Shiny Mer, Geeky Alex, a Dead Man Walking and Others

Whereas the alt realities on Fringe tend to be eerie and scary, the one being presented on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy this Feb. 2 appears to be made of awesome and fun.

As Shonda Rhimes shared as part of our in-depth Q&A last week, the “If/Then” episode will explore how Meredith’s world — and the lives of others — might have been different had her mother, Ellis, not developed Alzheimer’s.

Why Can’t Grey’s Anatomy‘s Cristina Just Hug It Out? And More TV Questions!

For one, Rhimes noted, Meredith is “bright and shiny” versus dark and twisty, making her not an automatic BFF for Cristina Yang. And because Mer’s mom stayed with Richard, the Chief had less time to mind Bailey, leaving her to not evolve into the “Nazi” but remain meek. Also keep an eye out for Derek and Addison, who remained together, and Callie and Owen, who apparently became a “thing.”

But I don’t think anyone prepared us for what Alex is looking like in this scenario — and yet nonetheless he got the girl, as evidenced by the sparkler Mer is waving around in front of her gal pals (while Mercy West transplant Dr. Denman looks on, alive and well).

Flip through the slideshow below and visit the “alt reality” for yourself….

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  1. Z says:

    Can’t wait to see it!
    Looks funny.

  2. Meg says:

    All I have to say is that Justin Chambers is totally rocking the glasses. I think I’m in love. [Also, Sandra Oh’s hair. Seriously. Seriously.]

  3. McKenzie says:

    This is soooo weird. It’s so strange seeing Meredith so…smiley. Cristina’s hair is horrible. But Addison and Callie look gorgeous!

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Word! Addison in pearls and red lipstick *swoon*

    • Alex says:

      I also think Kepner’s hair is getting better and better. It looks gorgeous here! Callie and her both seem to be rocking a hell of a conditioning treatment and curlers – well done hair department.

  4. Will says:

    So in this alt-reality George and Izzie are still gone? cool -___- and what about burke? Shonda needs to call it quits after this season and let the show end with some integrity.

    • Eliz says:

      This is what I was thinking too. She didn’t imagine George, Denny or Izzie living? Hmmm. They were kind of foundational characters.

      • Brooke says:

        To be fair, how do you do that without the actors?

      • Amy says:

        Well it’s not like Izzie died in the real world. However it’s more likely she died in imaginary world, since no MerDer meant no drawing Izzie’s surgery on the wall to plan out how to save her.

        • Meg says:

          The drawing on the wall was for Derek’s surgery on an inoperable tumor on the janitor’s spinal cord, not Izzie’s surgery.

        • diane says:

          the drawing on the wall is not Izzie’s surgery… but aside from that I support your theory. If Meredith and Derek weren’t together, he wouldn’t have tried so hard do save Izzie, maybe he wouldn’t even be the one treating her tumor, and she might have died. Plus this episode is about what would have been like if Meredith was not dark and twisty, and that doesn’t necessarily interfere with Denny’s or George’s death. Give Shonda a break, I’m sure the episode it’s going to be great.

          • Lauren says:

            If Meredith and Alex were together, Alex and Izzie would not have gotten married. Alex wouldn’t have been by her side when she crashed, and he would not have forced Cristina and Webber to disregard Izzie’s DNR after Shepherd performed the surgery. So whether the difference is Shepherd’s motivation or Alex’s refusal to let her die, either way she dies.

      • lei says:

        ok. Izzie and George, yes. Denny was not a foundational character. He was a love interest that later evolve into hospital ghost and allucination/angel of death. I never understood why people liked him.

    • Courtney says:

      I think the show has great integrity left, and if you think it lacks it why are you still watching it? Just because issues arise on set doesn’t meant they have to end the show because they lost a few actors and a few story lines. I think they’ve got along great after they all left.
      I do think it’s odd that Mer didn’t imagine them, but maybe they weren’t friends in the AR. Izzie still would have gotten cancer and probably died, George would have stepped in front of a bus at some point because that is who he is. Denny might have still died, but without Mer in that room Izzie probably wouldn’t have cut the LVAD and Denny wouldn’t have gotten the heart and died. So many things can still or could have happened, they don’t need to bring those actors back for this… and if i can think of all those things, i can’t wait to see what Shonda came up with.

    • Kate says:

      Maybe George isn’t dead; he’s just currently deployed and serving overseas. And maybe Izzie got thrown out of the program ages ago for cutting the LVAD wire. No Meredith to understand the crazy and back her up. As for Burke, I’m guessing that whole story line still went down the same way.

  5. Bailey says:

    Looks like everyone still hates Kepner? I’m excited to see Charles Percy back again, though! I was so sad he left so early.

    Also, I’m dying at the pictures of Mer and Alex. This episode looks like it’s going to be fantastic. I can’t wait!

  6. ultimate troll says:

    This is gonna be fun.

  7. Nicole says:

    April looks pregnant.

    • Amanda says:

      That’s because Sarah Drew is, in real life. They chose not to write her pregnancy into the storyline, instead just putting her behind stuff and hoping the baggy scrubs and jackets would cover it like they did with Ellen Pompeo and Jessica Capshaw and Chyler Leigh.

      Clearly the scrubs don’t cover it well in this case. Or perhaps Alt-April is pregnant (with Percy would be interesting … there’s gotta be a reason they chose to bring him back).

      • Erin says:

        I think most people know that Sarah is pregnant, I don’t think she was questioning that, just pointing it out. The character is obviously preggers and it’s not at all surprising considering they are going with the total opposite of what the character now is – virgin April turning into pregnant April makes obvious sense. Not that they suddenly got crap at hiding pregnancies.

    • cvinc says:

      she is pregnant about 7 or 8 months along. She is due this month.

  8. Lore says:

    omg, really? i cant think about a Meredith like that, all shiny and happy and sparkly, no way!!

  9. ggny says:

    PLEASE tell me Alex and Mer are dating in the Alt reality…I really want to see that

  10. Karen says:

    I would absolutely LOOOVE it if Mer and Alex were a thing (looks like Mer is engaged). I’ve always kinda wondered about what the two of them would be like as a couple, though they’re not the same people here (and I do prefer their awesome friendship, I have to say). But Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers just have the best chemistry.
    And I didn’t think Justin Chambers could be any hotter, but those glasses are kinda working for him. Glad to see one less dead person too

  11. Lynn says:

    Ok this looks FUNNY!!! I love that Addison is back, totally miss her from this show. Burke left because he broke up with Christina, Denny would still die and Izzy would still get cancer. Plus Izzy and George move in with Mer in the beginning because she has a huge house that is her mom’s. If her mom and dad are all warm and fuzzy, then Izzy and George would never move in with her. George died because he was going off to join the military due to his talent with trauma surgery.

    All of that would still happen even if Mer was warm and fuzzy and not dark and twisted so the fact they aren’t here makes sense to me. I’m disappointed because I’d LOVE to see them all together again (I’m still sad at George’s death) but I can understand it.

    • Nicole says:

      Spoilers say that it isnt her parents that are all warm and fuzzy but Ellis and Richard! That will be interesting to see!

  12. Megan says:

    I’m trying to figure out how Meredith having a happy childhood would have had any impact whatsoever on Alex. He’s always been an angry, chip on his shoulder, hot tempered type in part because HIS upbringing was so hard. Is the conceit going to be that being with Meredith turned him into a happy preppy with glasses?

    I also think it’s fascinating that Callie looks so beautiful…is the big, pageant-girl hair supposed to signify she never discovered her bisexuality? I mean she’s gorgeous either way, but she seems so “va-va-voooom” here!

    • Courtney says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Alex… the only thing i could think of which seems radically out there. Maybe because Mer’s mom never got Alzheimers and stayed with Richard she kept working and somehow worked on creating something that would help with schizophrenia which Alex’s mom suffers from so she wouldn’t of had it and then Alex would have an okay upbringing. Like i said, waaaay out there. Other than that, maybe meeting Mer made him different. I just don’t know… almost every storyline i am stumped in some way at how it’s possible.

    • Maddie says:

      But think about who Alex (basically..almost) did end up with (well married anyway): Izzie Stevens. She was completely bright and shiny. I think this makes complete sense: why Alex is with a bright and shiny Meredith.

      • Bobbi says:

        I agree! Could be the ultimate case of opposites attracting.

      • Diane says:

        Yes, Alex fell in love with the “bright and shiny” Izzie which would explain him falling in love with a “bright and shiny” Meredith. BUT, even when he was with Izzie, he didn’t change the way he looked to be with her. The AU Alex seems to be completely different than the “real” Alex, it looks as if he got a complete personality transplant. Alex’s “dark and twisty” personality is not something that happened after he arrived in Seattle, it developed due to his difficult past (mother’s mental illness, father who was an addict and abusive, being shipped around from foster home to foster home…) so it makes no sense for him to look and seemingly be a completely different person.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree with you about Callie. She looks like she belongs in a pageant with that hair of hers. She does look beautiful though. There’s no Mark or Erica in this universe and both were extremely instrumental in Callie realizing she was bisexual. So now she’s stuck in an unhealthy marriage that probably made her parents happy.

    • Yep says:

      This already looks like it is going to be as nonsensical as the stupid musical episode. Might have to skip this one.

    • Angela says:

      Well, it is a dream. They don’t always follow a logical path. So maybe there is no connection. Meredith just dreams that everything is different, but not *why* they’re different. Most of the differences don’t really connect to Meredith. Like Callie and Owen being together. My guess is, it’s all just random.

    • Shell says:

      I reckon she imagines what it would be like if both her and Alex had supportive parents.

  13. Martin says:

    Okay, that first picture gave me a random longing for Ellis Grey. It’d be nice to have a second elder shark alongside Webber. And it may be just me, but I can’t help but laugh at Derek in the picture with Addy. I mean, he looks soooo miserable. It shouldn’t be funny but…idk. I know there’s a picture with Callie and Owen with their daughter and twin boys out there. Nontheless, can’t wait for this.

  14. Aussie says:

    Ummm that wasn’t Izzie spine picture on mer/der bedroom wall that belongs to issac the radiographer with the spinal tumor from top to bottom that der successfully did.

  15. Amy says:

    Thank you Matt. The ep looks interesting. I could NEVER accept Alex/Mer int he “real GA world” They are just too similar and too many years of brother/sister-like relationship means (ick), but in the AU GA, I’m okay with seeing it play out. But my heart goes out to Derek now. He could NOT look more miserable than he does in these photos. Disturbingly so. I’m guessing Addison is carrying Mark’s baby as Shonda Rhimes said they aren’t happy, but then again they weren’t in the GA world either. And I’ve missed Ellis. Can’t wait to see Kate Burton back on Grey’s. It all looks fun (except poor Derek that is :(

    • Casey says:

      Not saying you’re wrong, cuz who knows, but I’m pretty sure Mark isn’t in the AU episode. Which makes it slightly harder to think Addison is pregnant with his kid. She and Derek could just not be happy because they aren’t happy. Lots of people have babies to try and save marriages.

      • Courtney says:

        Ya i’m thinking that about 8 years of having sex with Derek, Addison was bound to get pregnant sometime. And if not, she is working at SG which makes getting fertility treatment super easy. And that is what she really wants, so i’m thinking its Dereks kid. They are just unhappy, at least Derek is unhappy (because really Addison was always trying to keep it together and seemed more happy sometimes when Derek wasn’t). They just really arn’t meant to be together, and its probably a key thing in the story of showing just how different things would be if Mer was bright and shiny.

        • kj says:

          Where are you getting that Adison is pregnant? I looked through the pictures twice, and still am not seeing it! If she is, I don’t get how a change in Meredith’s life would cause her to not have fertility issues, and she still would have had the abortion (Mark’s baby) because that happened in her life, before Meredith was involved with Derek.

          • Casey says:

            There are a couple other pictures that aren’t posted here, and one is a picture of just Addison by herself, and in it, you can clearly tell she’s pregnant. I agree about the fertility issues, though. I suppose she and Derek in this reality could have gone through IVF and it just actually worked, but if she just got pregnant without that, that would be weird.

          • Claire says:

            If Addison isn’t carrying Mark’s baby, that doesn’t make it any better. In fact, I’d rather it e Mark’s than to see Derek so utterly in distress (like he clearly is in those photos), and ALSO having to have a child with a woman he is do dreadfully unhappy with. How completely sad for Derek. Not sure why in Mer’s ALt U, the love of her life, her husband Der, would not only be with a woman (Addison) that Shonda Rhimes said was unhappy in the GA world, but also even worse-in the AU? I do get the Au-SLs. I watch a couple of shows that deal in Alt Universe plot lines. I guess as a Derek fan, not sure why Rhimes is torturing her character in the AU, as well as torture him all the way through season two. We get it Shonda, Addison/Derek were never meant to be, they weren’t happy in either world….She must really have a deep need to prove this point over and over again I guess..I just wish there was something better they could do with him than the total wrong choice with his first wife SL.

        • Nicole says:

          I may be way off.. but didnt Addison’s infertility have something to do with the abortion of Mark’s baby? Well if Addison and Derek never separated, then she probably didnt cheat on him, meaning there was probably never an abortion… meaning she shouldnt have fertility issues in AR-GA.. right? Just thinking… but I could be wrong?

  16. Jessica says:

    In Mer’s shiny happy world. Lexie doesn’t exist? I didn’t see her at all. I love that Charles Percy is back, he was my fave Mercy Wester. I am confused a little about that though. Why didn’t the shooting happen, or did it and Charles was spared.

    • Russ says:

      Maybe Charles Percy was spared and Lexie was killed. I also didn’t see Mark I’m guessing that he never came to Seattle.

    • Courtney says:

      Lexie came to SG because her mother died. Because Mer’s mom is still alive and has a big relationship with Richard that was bound to change Thather’s storyline outside of the story. If Mer was happy she wouldn’t have an issue with her father, and probably wouldn’t care to be in his life because of Richard, so i’m thinking Lexie’s mom didn’t die so Lexie never came to SG.
      I’m also thinking the shooting didn’t happen, it looks like Mer’s mom is Cheif (which makes sense) so that problem probably didn’t happen under her comand.

  17. Tocarra says:

    This is like bizzaro-world Grey’s Anatomy style! I mean, Karev with the glasses, Cristina w/ those bangs, and did anyone else notice Arizona looking all stern and serious and not-so-Arizona like? LOL WOW. I think it’s safe to say that I am anxiously awaiting this eppy! Already going down as a favorite of mine solely from these pics without it having aired yet =)

  18. Tocarra says:

    This is like bizzaro-world Grey’s Anatomy style! I mean, Karev with the glasses, Cristina w/ those bangs, and did anyone else notice Arizona looking all stern and serious and not-so-Arizona like? LOL WOW. Plus, I’ve seen other promo pics showing Callie toting around 3 KIDS, and her red-headed look alike, a very pregnant Addison. I think it’s safe to say that I am anxiously awaiting this eppy! Already going down as a favorite of mine solely from these pics without it having aired yet =)

    • but.. says:

      But from what S. Rhimes says, Derek and Addison both in this AU world and in GA were unhappy and aren’t meant to be together. Why can’t in at least one of the GA worlds, Addison have a chance to be with a character that really loves her instead of carrying a child by a man (presumably Derek) who doesn’t (as Rhimes has already explained to us earlier in regards to this AU episode). Makes me sad to think again, she is with Derek and AGAIN, Derek is miserable, and she’s not only pregnant but holding on to a guy who (in both universes) still is out of love and unhappy with her….

  19. mcdreamys_intern says:

    Umm, that’s too much pink for Mer, and way too much smiling!! Can’t wait to see it!!

  20. Babygate says:

    Callie looks absolutely gorgeous!!! And with kids??? Guess that’s what she had in common with Owen and they both went for it. Alex looks like Clark Kent! He’s rocking the look. Poor Bailey! She remained a minnow! And what the heck did they do to Cristina? She looks miserable and horrible! I guess Ellis Grey brought a completely different culture to Seattle Grace. BTW, I love that Ellis is back. That is one character I wish would have never left, along with Addison. BTW, love, LOVE the Callie/Addison friendship. I guess there was no shooting since Percy is still there. Derek and Addison look good together and now that I have seen Mer and Alex together, how am I supposed to root for Mer and Derek again? Mer and Alex are so awesome together… I haven’t been this excited about an episode since the music event last season. Shonda obviously still has plenty of tricks up her sleeve and Greys still has plenty of life left… Boo yah!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Alex and Meredith in the Grey’s world are like brother and sister. It’s one thing for an AU ep, but in the SL of GA, it’s just beyond cringe-worthy to me. And Addison and Derek? He never loved nor forgave her in S2 and according to Shonda Rhimes Derek is so unhappy in the AU episode – it shows (poor Derek). I’m looking forward to this episode for sure, but glad we can go back to GA’s version of reality the next week as I’ve fallen in love with Meredith and Derek’s daughter Zola, and will go down with my ship of Alex and Izzie. Alex never truly moved on since she left and there’s a reason for that.

  21. Casey says:

    I’m really excited for this episode, more so than any Grey’s episode in a long time. Not sure how Addie wouldn’t have fertility issues in this timeline, but I’m glad she’s pregnant somewhere. And I’ve always secretly shipped Alex/Meredith (and Addison/Derek), so that makes me beyond excited to see. Plus, it just looks fun!

  22. Courtney says:

    I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry from excitement. This is going to be great. It’s hard to figure out the story. There are so many things, and it is sad that it’s only going to be an hour. I’m wondering if this ep will make people stop complaining about the regular Grey’s.
    Anyways… I’m sad that this episode isn’t an excuse to get Heigl back on the show, but i’m thinking she would have died maybe from the cancer because Derek was inspired by Merideth to help izzie, and he certainly doesn’t look very inspired. I feel so bad for him, he looks down right miserable. Which makes sense. I can’t help but think Addison is evil in this pictures, i am totally getting a evil Addison vibe like we had when she first walked in to the show. Also, nothing would have stopped George from walking in front of a bus sometime in his life, he is the kind of guy who would do that, but hey… he probably wouldn’t have failed his intern test and who knows where he would be. But i am perfectly okay with Izzie and George not being in it. It is hard to believe that Mer would sit down and now think about them, but sadly in the world of television that can’t work. Poor Cristina, she looks so hilarious and miserable at the same time.
    Basically I am just so excited for this episode, February 2nd is going to take way to long to get here.

  23. meres says:

    LMAO!!!!! oh how excited am I to laught my booty off!!!!

  24. kshep says:

    Alex looks like Mossimo from when he was in the Wedding Planner haha

  25. Judee says:

    Alex and Meredith? I was hoping for Meredith and Mark! In every pic Derek looks miserable so yeah…I can live with Addek for one, never happened, episode. LOL. Meredith looks like ms. goody two shoes and Yang’s hair? Meek Mandy is back? Of course Ellis would be chief. I wasn’t on board at first but this is like a spoof or bloopers show. Should be funny.

  26. whatever says:

    Can you see how geeky Alex and Bailey are? They have glasses! If only they would take them off, 3 things will happen:
    First, they’ll become beautiful prom queens.
    Second, they’ll suddenly grown an attitude the glasses are no doubt holding them back from expressing.
    And most importantly – everyone will find out that they are actually Superman!

    • ellen says:

      are you kidding? Don’t care about Bailey, but Alex is totally rocking those glasses! He should NEVER take them off lol

    • Guy says:

      Bailey looks hilarious here. I really think i am going to enjoy this episode very much.

      I take it Meredith and Alex? are a couple looking at that but as much as i know Izzie and George are not here it would have been nice to have them pop up in this episode but i knew it wouldn’t happen. Can’t wait to see it. Addison really was great in Grey’s and is great in Practice but i still miss her regardless.

  27. Sam says:

    Meredith looks so pretty and Alex is adorable as geek. They are sweet together. Derek and Addison look miserable, Derek looks like he aged 10 years, Shonda said they’re not happy together, so I’m guessing the baby is not his.

    And Cristina’s hair. LOL

  28. Adele says:

    Yang,s hairdo MUST change, it is horrible. She is a beautiful woman, and now looks ugly. CHANGE THE HAIR!!!
    And, may the program Never End.

  29. Svenja says:

    OMG it looks so good.
    I kinda ship Alex and Mereidth.
    Cristina’s hair. OMG.
    So excited for it

  30. josephine says:

    Am I the only one thinking after having seen the picturesof April seeing Mer’s ring, and later on Mer fighting with Chris, where it looks like Chris says something which makes mer Very angry and her turning and to Alex and going off on him and when April,that Chris, told Mer to open her eys and that the baby April is having is Alex’s child. Which in this Univers, would be something Mer in no way knew how to handle, as it woud be something so off her ussually life, that she in the end might very well end up at the bar, and meet Derek and bond with him over spouses/fiances sleeping with best friends. or might sleepwith him as sort of revenge towards Alex, and that is the whole plan with the Al-Uni, that soul-mates will in the end find eachother, or something like that… really I could see it.

    • Lolo says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing! It would make sense from what I can see from the picture too!

    • Amanda says:

      You might be right. That is wicked sick just like Shamda!Even in AU Derek and Meredith can’t be happy. I’m just going to go with the flow and watch and then say…………it never happened.

      • Josephine says:

        Glad I am not the only one, because really look at it, Derek is even wearing the red shirt, that got to mean something. So really I would not be surprised if they do end up in a bar together, just this time they will both be hurt, and will be able to lean on each other for that… Really I could see it…

  31. lana says:

    Ok so in this alternative reality Alex and Meredith are getting married?! ugh, they’re like brother and sister to me, don’t know if I’ll be able to see them in a romantic light even if it is just for an episode!

  32. sally says:

    Addison looks STUNNING!

  33. Jessie says:

    I think Alex being bright and shiny with Mer makes sense!!! Alex asked Meredith out in Season 1 and she said no because she was dating Derek. If she wasn’t dating Derek then she might have agreed and he would have never been with Izzie and so she wouldn’t have broken his heart by getting with Denny!!!! 6 years with a bright and shiny Meredith would def have an affect on a guy and Mer and Alex have always been so close that I’m positive that she would be the only one to truly reach him and change his outlook on life!!!! Can’t wait for this!!! I am hoping that Derek and Meredith wind up at the bar together at the end anyway!!! He is wearing his good looking red shirt in the pictures so…. Fingerscrossed!!! Those who are meant to be together always find their way in the end!!! :D !!!

  34. Luisa says:

    I hope is Derek’s the father of Addison’s baby, I don’t want to see Addison pictured again and again as the adulterous bitch!…I think Shonda, with Callie and Owen and Derek and Addison, wants showing us that couples can be miserables even if they have kids!

    • Liz says:

      Why, since she IS an adulterous bitch!

      • Kelly says:

        Really? That’s your response? She’s far from the only one who’s cheated on this show.

        • josie says:

          Still remémber one thing (and I am saying this no matte how much I love Addison, and I really do love her, compeared to so many other SO who gets in the way of my favorite couples being together, I love Addison), she did not just have a one nights thing with someone else she had an ongoing affair with Mark, and she stayed with him after Derek left her in NY, and she was invovled eough with him not to be overly carefull with protection, so she ended up pregnant with his child. All that is IMO a lot worse than some of the one time cheating a lot of the others had invovled themself in. As far as I remember the only one else who have done the same is Derek, but that was still after he had seperated from Addison, and as many people now days views a seperation as a time for meeting and sleeping and invovling themself with other poeple in that period of time, I can’t completly blame him so…

    • Amy says:

      Okay, sure, but what’s the point in this? You can have kids, in a miserable marriage and in Addison/Derek’s case, a marriage Shonda Rhimes has said was never meant to last or be, but it’s okay, because she’s pregnant and he’s obligated? I mean, didn’t we see the Derek is “obligated and unhappy” SL in S2 already with Addison. So this time she “may” be carrying Der’s kid instead of aborting Mark’s child from her affair? Not sure where this is a big deal. Derek/Addison, like in S2, still miserable, still unhappy, still not meant to be (according to Shonda Rhimes in multiple interviews) but this time saddled with a baby? Ugh… And the same goes with Owen/Callie. Glad this is a fake AU episode, because it’s never fun to watch the couples being tortured. Callie’s been cheated on (via George/Izie) in the GA world, and now has happiness, Derek was lied to and cheated on in S2’s Addie/Der SL. Not sure what is gained by watching the misery repeated, in particular in with Der who unlike Callie/Owen, at least is a “new couple” Der/Addison? Been there, don’t that with their unhappiness adnauseum in S2. No need to relieve it even in AU world it seems.

  35. Linderella says:

    After seeing the other pictures of Callie, Owen, and their children it totally fits with them as a couple. They really do belong together!!! I never bought the Owen and Christina match at all and Callie and Owen are so on the same page about family! Christina and Arizona would be a better match. But Shonda knows that great matches do not make great drama so we have the “real” version of Grey’s and Private Practice. This episode just looks like it will be a great detour and lots of fun.

  36. Alicia L. says:

    So if Arizona is exactly the same according to SR, does that mean she is pining after Callie? It looks like a god episode, but there are things like Callie and Owen being together that freak me out! But I’m excited to see Addison back in GA for a different reason other than a medical reason.

  37. Liz says:

    OMG, Ellis is all bright & shiny!!

  38. Liz says:

    And Derek looks so sad!

  39. charlotte Jeffries says:

    On a shallow note, Justin Chambers looks delish in those glasses.

    No wonder he snagged Meredith.

  40. Destiel says:

    Hm… okay… this is… surprising… at least for me… I was pretty sure in this Alternative Universe episode Callie would so totally end up with Mark and having his kids… that it’s Owen now is unexpected. At least for me… I didn’t see THAT coming and I really don’t see it still… but who knows… maybe they manage to make it believeable… but okay… so Callie never turned Bisexual (or find out she was), but what about Arizona?
    I mean, she looks so totally different… she doesn’t look all bubbly and smiley like she “normally” does… she is still a lesbian but a Single or what?
    And it makes me sad (personally) that Mark isn’t there… I secretly hoped he and Jackson would be the “gay star couple” like Callie and Arizona aren’t and well, those 2 would have been an option, especially since Lexie was never in the picture and they DO have some chemistry and some kind of connection… it wouldn’t have changed them being friends, right?
    I just hope, the baby (if they really say April is pregnant – not sure since Addison is, too) isn’t Jackson’s… I’m sorry, but I’m not very fond of the idea of April and Jackson together..
    I still don’t really see why some people are there (like Charles) and others aren’t – like Teddy or Mark or even Reed… I understand why Izzy and George aren’t, though if the actors weren’t available, but I think I read somewhere that they will at least be mentioned, so I’m curious how this is going to work out and where they will be…

    • MaggieM says:

      In a recent interview for TVGuide, Shonda Rhimes stated that Callie being with Owen is the biggest mistake for both of them and Callie is pining for the peds surgeon (Arizona)without knowing why. The reason is that Mark never was there and Erica Hahn never came to SG as well. In this AU Callie will be the cardio surgeon. But for this AU Callie with Owen makes sense-in reality both of them have always wanted kids and very often they work together on the same case

  41. Em says:

    I know Callie and Owen are together but Arizona is still in it because I saw a picture with her in it. I wonder what Arizona’s story will be…

  42. sarah says:

    Totally looking forward to this! It will be funny to see a cheery Meredith and I like seeing what it would be like if she and a geeky Alex were a couple. I guess Dr.Percy is the only one they could lure back, no Dr Reed Adamson?

  43. Michelle says:

    WTH is up with Cristina’s hair??

  44. Donna says:

    holy buckets, is Kepner PREGNANT? She looks like she has a belly.

    Oh, wait….Sarah Drew is preggo in real life, that is probably it, huh?

    • Donna says:

      oops, I searched the comments about a possible Kepner pregnancy, to see if previous comments already addressed the topic, but apparently my search wasn’t thorough. Sorry for the duplicate comments!