TVLine Items: GH Promo Teases OLTL Arrivals, Fringe Scoop, PaleyFest Lineup and More!

Well, that was quick. ABC Daytime has put together an exciting new promo touting this morning’s news that One Life to Live‘s John McBain and the Manning clan are moving to General Hospital.

Check out the video at the end of this post, then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories on what life in Port Charles holds for these longtime Llanview denizens.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

Michael Massee (FlashForward, Rizzoli & Isles) will guest-star on Fringe as “one of the most memorable…bad guys we’ve ever had,” executive producer J.H. Wyman tells Fringe (finally!) returns with a new installment this Friday at 9/8c, with Massee slated to appear later this season.

• The lucky folks over at TV Guide Magazine were on set for Glee‘s Michael Jackson tribute episode, and have put together a massive photo gallery of the New Directions performing the music icon’s hits. Take a peek at the gleeky good fun here.

• The Paley Center for Media has announced the full lineup for the 29th annual PaleyFest (which kicks off March 2 in Los Angeles), and joining the previously announced featured series (American Horror Story, Mad Men, Once Upon a Time, Sons of Anarchy, Two and a Half Men, Modern Family) are Community, New Girl, The Office, The Vampire Diaries, Castle and Revenge. Further details on panel times and ticket purchases can be found here.

• Rachael Ray’s syndicated daytime series, Rachael Ray Show, has been renewed for two more seasons, through 2014.

• Will Smith will host the 25th annual Kids’ Choice Awards, airing live on Nickelodeon on March 31.

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  1. Viewing Public says:

    Fringe is to smart for me.

  2. Vanessa says:

    General Hospital needs some change and the four characters from One Life to Live should help to shake things up. There’s been a mass exodus of actors from GH, and this should help fill up the screen with some non-mob related stories. I’m hopeful that the new head writer and executive producer can fix all that’s wrong with GH.

    • Ilona Erlich says:

      Just John? He just got back with Natalie and has a son. What about them?

      • Robyn says:

        Totally agree, especially after Jan. 11th ep. of OLTL. No way John would move to Port Charles without Natalie and Liam unless they were dead.

      • Angie says:

        Thank you…I keep waiting for someone to bring up this point…what good is it to bring these characters to the GH show if they ARENT going to follow the old story line. John and Natalie JUST got back together…Starr left for Cali and reunited with Cole.. and I heard/ read, that they were bringing back my true love Trevor St John. So where is Tia and Danny? This is a crazy way to save wont last, and then I will be heart broken all over again..ABC get your BLEEP together!!! For the sake of us FANS..

      • D says:

        I agree! Natalie needs to be with John.

      • nene says:

        yes what about Natalie and his son I just don’t know maybe they will cancel this show too…what a story line uhhh

      • They need to bring Natalie and Liam!!!!!

    • betty stevenson says:

      I am so glad some of OLTL players are going to GH. I do hope some more crossover there also. I;m sure Nora Buchanan will add some much needed new blood on B&B. They need to split all young characters away from following same patterns as their parents have done. Find new people and quit inbreeding!!!!. OLTL characters will change pace of GH. Just leave Sam and Jason, Dante and LULU alone and put Starr w/Michael.

      • Holly says:

        I agree. Can’t wait for the OLTL cast to join GH. Michael Easton should be made a contract player immediately. I just don’t understand why GH is adding so many new characters other than John McBain & the Mannings. Seems like there might be room for some players to leave. Best news – John McBain proves that there can be a PC police dept that isn’t a joke.

        • lisa says:

          I hope they continue to allow him to be an intelligent, capable cop!…Warn him not to drink from the water/coffee at the PCPD!:) I have love GH for over 20 years, and I love John and Natalie from OLTL, hope she comes too! Does anyone know how long they are there for? or is it just a quick visit to wrap up cliff-hangers thanks to prospect park debacle?

      • Nicole says:

        Em breeding? Pretty lame comment…I haven’t seen any of that…but Yes they need to move Natalie and the rest from OLTL to GH…B&B ALWAYS been a Crap show…no idea how anyone has stomached it…and they writers for OLTL and GH are idiots to even consider moving ANY of OLTL cast to B&B

      • linda says:

        amen on this one!!!

    • Connie says:

      I have watched General Hospital since it started because I Love the show. I want it to stay the show it is and NOT become One Life To Live. I hate the thought of their actors coming with their story lines. Very disappointed.

    • Sarah says:

      Don’t worry he will, I can’t wait to see GH after the OLTL People get there. I MISS OLTL ,I Will Not Watch “Revenge” It pissss me off just think i can’t see OLTL because of that SH-T

  3. lilly says:

    Best move ever! GH has been so boring they really needed this!

    • Vanessa says:

      Yes, I’m very excited about this merge. We don’t need another TALK/REALITY SHOW! This was a GREAT and UNEXPECTED merge! KUDOS to who made this happen.

  4. M3rc Nate says:

    Hopefully the actor being the Fringe baddy, or at least one soon before the show is cancelled (hope not), is the Man with the X on his shirt from the drawn episode with Bell, that is supposedly going to “Be on the on that kills Olivia”. The question of who he is, and that story line has yet to play out or be answered.

  5. Snapy says:

    The promo strongly suggests a McBain/Sam hookup, going back to when the actors played lovers on Port Charles.

    Now GH just needs to bring on some AMCers: imagine all your favourite ABC soap stars in one place!

  6. shamon temple says:

    i remember john being a vampire in port charles maybe he will run into his lost love Livvie aka sam mcCall lol

  7. jb says:

    I really hope they pair “Caleb” and “Olivia”…those two are pure magic together. WELCOME BACK TO PORT CHARLES!!!

  8. Nichole says:

    If John goes, they need Natalie too! I need my John and Natalie fix. Tell someone to get on the phone with Melissa Archer’s agent ASAP. Gosh, I guess this means I have to start watching GH again.

  9. Ilona Erlich says:

    I stopped watching GH when Gloria Monty left. When I scan channels I saw how dumb GH became now with all it’s mob crap. Now I have to watch it again to see my fav OLTL actors? :(

  10. Tess says:

    Is it just me that finds it funny how GH is being taken over a bit by OLTL? What’s the count now, a producer, a writer, and how many actors/characters moving to the last remaining ABC soap? I guess we can only assume they are hoping OLTL fans who didn’t already stick around for GH will start tuning in and help boost the ratings or something. It’s really going to suck for the OLTL people and their fans to move to GH only to have it get axed this fall in favor of a Katie Couric talk show…I don’t know whether to be relieved they haven’t brought over AMC characters/actors or jealous…guess it will depend on how long GH gets to stay on the air.

  11. renee says:

    I can see where this is going as far as star and micheal hooking up,but the ramafications with sonny and well as blair and carlie should be great..and to put john up as a real police officer,but what about nat and liamas well as a lot of others..

  12. dorothy stovall says:

    I’m overjoyed that Michael Easton is joining GH. He is a fine actor and will bring new and exciting blood to a soap I stopped watching when the MOB stories took over. Looking forward to start watching again due to Easton.

  13. sandee adams says:

    I couldn’t be happier! This is the best news ever! I would like to see vicki and clint and rex and gg and of course roxy move to GH also. Way to go ABC you made my day, just couldn’t bare to say good-bye.

  14. Tay says:

    So why isn’t Natalie and Liam also going to GH Natalie and John just got back together I would love for Natalie and Liam to also be on GH

  15. Sean B says:

    I hope the new regime at General Hospital consider getting rid of the annoying Falconeris.

  16. Cheri says:

    I watched OLTL today and cried through most of it, hard to tell what the last show will do to me. I’ve been a GH fan as a young girl watching with my mom, started watching OLTL in 68 and AMC in the 70’s.
    I lost my mom in 2008, AMC in 2011 now OLTL. Please don’t take GH off. I was so excited when news of Blair Todd Starr and John joining GH and OLTL producers also.
    In September I started watching Days and will boycott The Chew forever, I have seen a few minutes of The Chew when changing back to ABC saw the big dude in orange clogs dancing and grinding up against Hugh Jackson, nice replacement for a beloved soap that many loyal fans have invested forty some years in watching. I have ruined many vcr’s over the years!
    Please ABC listen to your viewers and try to see that there is still a big demand for our soaps!

  17. Sue says:

    Agreed, agreed and agreed! I hate ABC right now. I’ve hated them since they put up commercials for The Chew while All My Children was still airing.

    Notice that ever since Oprah left, ABC has gone downhill? Bye bye All My Children, bye bye Regis, now bye bye to OLTL.

    Okay so now we do have a glimmer of hope. John, and Blair and Starr and Todd coming to GH is great news! But we are still stuck with annoying Kelly Ripa, raspy Rachel Rae, over opinionated View ladies, and now The Chew (I have boycotted that one too!) and now this Revolution?! I’m really glad that once Good Morning America ends in the morning I can turn my TV off, listen to music now while I work from home, and save electricity until General Hospital comes on :) :)

    Thank you ABC. You’ve put yourself in the ground but I’m saving electricity Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  18. Lisa K says:

    Makes no sense for John McBain to cross over and leave Natalie and Liam behind. Long time OLTL viewers are not going to follow his story on GH if they kill Natalie off or break them up. How long did it take for Jolie to reunite?? Are we supposed to develop amnesia and forget John asked Natalie to forgive him right before he told her he loved her? Ron could fill the void OLTL left if he brings MA over with ME. Would bring over more viewers for the show.

  19. jdrife says:

    star and Michael together and early and Blair sisters

  20. Sherry C. says:

    I’m happy to see some of the cast from OLTL moving to GH. I used to watch GH for a long time than got bored with it. I miss All My Children an One To Life TO Live so much. For those of us who had been fans for many years it’s a sad sistuation for ABC to stop production of these shows. I hate the Chew and I hate the show Revolution. Shame on you ABC. And shame on you Prospect Park for getting our hopes up and then breaking them. You never should have announced anything until you had everything in writing!!!! Now we are left with just a few hopes that General Hospital won’t be axed either.

  21. jeanette says:

    Yes..Natalie needs to go too! GH needs that firey readhead! John and Natalie ..they just found eachothers love agan…don’t stop that..could be a lot of different ways to play that storyline! They are like the NEW Bo and Nora!

  22. Joyce says:

    I agree totally with Cheri & her comments about the Chew. This show is not only a waste of time, but the people aren’t funny & really don’t bring anything new to daytime television. I do not watch either of the new shows & will not start. I am happy some of OLTL people are joining GH. I may start watching again.

  23. Delle says:

    I am very happy that Michael Easton is going to General Hospital. I am a fan. I must say that if they drag that tired “Jolie” mess over there, I’m gone. The worst pairing EVER. I stopped watching OLTL years ago because of it. Wishing the actors going to GH much success.

  24. Carol says:

    I’ve watched General Hospital since 1970 (I’m now 60) and I feel betrayed to have these OLTL characters joining GH while characters like Nicolas and Jax and Lucky are gone. And then to hear that GH may be cancelled by fall–so sad. I used to watch AMC and OLTL but got bored about 15 years ago. GH is my one vice.

  25. VH says:

    If GH cleans house of some of the current newcomers with no history, then I’m all in favor of bringing some of the OLTL characters on board! Seems to me that John and Dante might make good partners! GH needs a few fixes, but I don’t want it to become unrecognizable. I hope they keep all the characters true to their histories and don’t keep asking us viewers to accept story lines that make no sense. I’d also love to see JJ return. The PCPD could get out the keystone cops era with Mac, Dante, Lucky & John!

  26. OneilGeorge says:

    TVLine Items: GH Promo Teases OLTL Arrivals, Fringe Scoop, PaleyFest Lineup and More! read more m a k c a s h 4 . [c o m]

  27. Brenda says:

    I started watching GH again 2 wks ago in anticipation of OLTL characters joining the cast. McBain & the Mannings are some of my favs(loved Michael Easton in Port Charles w/Kelly Monaco). They need to bring Natalie w/Liam, Tea, Danni & especially Victor, Jr. now that we know he is still alive(I love Trevor St. John). They need some new blood, and not the old cronies & same story lines. Look forward to seeing how they will incorporate the new characters. My TV will be turned OFF before I watch the Chew or Revolution, since I am so sick of this type of show taking over on all the channels.

  28. Dawn Prewitt says:

    I have watched AMC & OLTL and GH with my mom as a girl, I was so upset that they took my soaps off the air for some cook show & what ever the other one is ! I will not watch them & I will not watch BB, that show is so dead to me…I was so happy to hear that they are bring some of our loves from OLTL to GH :) but I would love to see John with Natalie and his son Liam. I would also like to see Victor Jr. and Tea and Danni come with them…I have been lost with out my SOAPS!! (ABC)WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING ?? I CAN’T SEE HOW THEM NEW SHOWS CAN RATE HIGHER THEN OUR SOAPS ? I HAVE TO AGREE WITH ALL OF THE SOAP FANS ABOUT THEM NEW SHOWS, I WILL TURN THE TV OFF BEFORE I WILL TUNE IN TO THEM SHOWS. WE HAVE SO MANY OF THEM KIND OF SHOWS OUT THERE WE DIDN’T NEED ANY MORE OF THEM ! WE ONLY HAD ONE AMC,OLTL,AND NOW I HOPE WE CAN HAVE OUR GH !! IT MAKES ME WONDER HOW LONG WE WILL HAVE GH ? WHY DID JAX LEAVE THE SHOW ? THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE IF HE STAYED ON WITH BLAIR COMING TO GH LOL WHAT FUN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FOR CARLIE, I ALSO WOULD LIKE FOR MICHAEL AND STARR TOGETHER.I HOPE THAT MORE OF OUR FAVS, FOLLOW !! I HAVE TO SAY I DID CRY WHEN OUR SOAPS WENT OFF THE AIR, ALL MY LIFE I HAVE WATCHED THESE SOAPS AND NOW MY DAYS ARE LOST…..

  29. robert says:

    I will not be watching the crap they put to replace one life but i will continue to watch general hospital

  30. nancy says:

    when are they comeing to gh i have been watching and hopeing.i jusy about stoped watching gh becouse of the story line went back to watching when they took amc oltl off.

  31. WAHEEDAH says:


  32. vicky says:

    I just started watching GH only because of OLTL peeps were there , now i hardly see them like this week barely and im getting veryyy bored , never got into GH , found it all talk and nothing more like this week , BORRINNGGGG!!!

  33. RR says:

    Several questions come to mind. In the GH storyline, is Todd still fingered for the murder of Victor Jr? Is McBain still after Todd? I’ve missed several weeks of GH so maybe this questions have been answered already. One last thing, what happened to Starr going to Los Angeles? Why was she flying back to Llanview?

  34. sherille says:

    since victor is not dead will john go back 2 lanview so todd can be cleared of murder and then todd will come back 2 Port Charles dying 2 see how this will play out. also Blair went back

  35. mimi says:

    First few scenes with John McBain and Sam got me hooked. I googled John Mc Bain and saw every available youtube scene with the Morley triplets and Olivia/Livvie/Tess. I highly recommend that you guys watch them (Caleb’s Story 1 to 52). I then went to OLTL and watched all of John McBain scenes with Natalie. I am impressed with John’s acting abilities. I am looking forward to seeing more of him and Sam McCall on GH.

  36. FNH says:

    Why not combine all of the most popular OLTL-AMC-GH characters and bring their story lines together. The two Philly settings and upstate NY settings are not that far apart. I am sure many would like to be back together.