Is 2 Broke Girls 2 Crude, 2 Racist? Series Creator Michael Patrick King Responds to Criticisms

Once the dust settled, Michael Patrick King, the creator of CBS’ latest sitcom success, admitted he was “very surprised” by the line and tenor of criticisms directed at 2 Broke Girls during its Television Critics Association winter press tour panel, which featured him and series leads Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs.

King had led off the Wednesday morning discussion by hailing Broke Girls as “a big ballsy comedy” that “has a bigger heart than it has balls.” Populated by an array of Williamsburg, Brooklyn types, he called the show “broad and brash and very current.”

Nonetheless, numerous questions that proceeded repeatedly surfaced the fact that characters such as Oleg-the-lecherous-immigrant-chef (played by Jonathan Kite) and Han-the-diminutive-Asian-diner-boss (Matthew Moy) were frequently offensive, at-times racist and, frankly, unfunny stereotypes.

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“It’s interesting… because if you talk about stereotypes, every character when it’s born is a stereotype,” King countered. “This show started with two stereotypes — a blonde, and a brunette — and that implies certain stigmas as well, which we’ve try to diffuse and grow [away from].”

Then, asked to confirm that CBS boss Nina Tassler had given him the directive of dimensionalizing the cartoony Han and Oleg, King said, “I don’t think the characters were one-note…. I think the characters are dimensional, but they’re seen in segments of 21 minutes, which limits the amount of dimension you can see.”

King also noted that while Tassler defends Broke Girls as an “equal opportunity offender,” he contends that “the big story about race on our show is that so many are represented, that the cast is not only incredibly multi-ethnic, it’s also incredibly not ageist.”

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As for Broke Girls perhaps pushing the early-primetime envelope with jokes about vaginas and rape and barely veiled allusions to anal sex and not-beauty-salon-facials, King stressed that the show is airing “8:30 on Monday on CBS… in 2012,” which, he said, “is a very different world than 8:30 on Monday on CBS in 1994.” He categorized the show’s humor as “classy-dirty,” “high low-brow” and “fun and sophisticated and naughty — and I think everybody likes a good naughty joke.”

And apparently so do many millions of viewers.

“People pull away from something if it’s not in good taste, and people lean into something if it’s OK. And week after week, more and more people are leaning in to 2 Broke Girls,” he said. So despite the grumblings about racist jabs and scatological humor, “there’s something there that they feel OK about.”

What do you think of the Broke Girls? Do the peripheral characters and/or “edgy” humor get in the way of you better enjoying the show?

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  1. Tink in Cali says:

    How about just 2 unfunny? I have watched it twice and didn’t laugh once either time.

    • Toto says:

      It’s crude, vulgar and not at all funny. That should be bad enough without bringing up the deeper violations.

      • Tarc says:

        I love the talented lead ladies, but that show is unforgivably offensive (and that’s really an unusual thing for me say). It’s an instant channel changer in this house.

    • John Berggren says:

      It’s definitely funny. I don’t like Han or Oleg at present, and I do hope they either go away or their characters improve. But unfunny? Not even…

      • Luciano says:

        I think the show is funnier when the scenes are not set in the diner… Max and Caroline are great, their apartment scenes are great… Oleg, Han and Carl (is his name even Carl, I can’t remember) just drag the humor down.

        • projectrevo says:

          Uh, it’s Earl. Learn to use Google. And no, they really don’t… They’re like part of a big family in ways. You probably just get confused about what’s happening or you don’t get it, unsurprisingly…

    • SonR says:

      maybe you need a sense of humour upgrade. if you want to talk about a show that depends on stereo types then talk about Modern Family. everything on that show is a stereotype recycled joke

      • KevyB says:

        You got that right! I have absolutely no clue as to why GLAAD isn’t up in arms over Cam, the most stereotypical gay man in the history of television. I have been in the company of approximately thousands of gay men and I have yet to know one who cries so much over so little.

        • SonR says:

          I Know! and Latina women either being overly sexy and prone to violence?
          i was talking to a friend who is a “Modern family” fan and he thinks its ground breaking that it has gay men raising a child. “Brothers and Sisters” did it with out horrible stereotypes.

          Every ‘manly’ sitcom makes ons of penis jokes, what is so different about Vagina jokes?

    • David says:

      Could not agree more. America is currently over flowing with mental midgets who give celebrity to no talent skanks like Kim Kardashian for being a dead lay and give ratings to sitcoms like Two and Half Men/2 broke girls. Dumbing down of America in full effect.

      • Mary says:

        You’re absolutely right…The majority of people in this world don’t have the brains God gave them to discern between trash and talent. Shows like this just go to prove there’s no cure for stupid. How 2 1/2 Men ever made it through the first episode is beyond me. Total trash and the actors just plain stink. The dumbing of America can be credited to Folleywood

        • projectrevo says:

          You don’t seem to realize you’re part of the trash, though, honey :) If you think this show is one-dimensional, either you’re just as bad as the people you condemn or you’re just plain idiotic. There’s more to the show than what you claim, but it’s understandable someone like you is unable to comprehend the complexity of what the show is. The “dumbing of America” can be attributed to dumbasses like you who don’t get where the issues actually lie in society, which is people perpetuating the offensive mindsets the show criticizes (not perpetuate themselves). You can clearly see that the show condemns those who use those stereotypical insults, but like I said, you just don’t seem to understand complex undertones. Educate yourself, and maybe go outside once in a while, it’ll show you what reality is ACTUALLY like. Hating on something and commenting on it on an article about it makes you the pathetic one, kid :)

      • projectrevo says:

        Well, considering that you’re reading an article about the show, you seem to care just as much about it… How ironic, which probably isn’t in your vocabulary because it’s pretty much the pot calling the kettle black :) Not to mention, if you think people can’t watch the show simply for entertainment and not also reinforce the stereotypes portrayed in this show, then you’re worse than people watching the show. And considering Kim is more successful and not as pathetic as you commenting on an article about a show you think is scum sitting on your a** on your high horse, I don’t think she really gives a damn what you think :) The problem isn’t the show or people watching it. It’s people like you who think this is causing the dumbing of America when in reality it’s people like you who don’t understand how the world or reality works. But nice try, you just sound pathetic and butthurt.

    • gcem says:

      How this show is still on the air is beyond me. It sucks! I couldn’t even make it through the first episode. And someone should inform the dark-haired chick that she can’t act and her timing is really awful!

  2. John says:

    Yep, it did surprise me. But now I like it. If I didn’t there’s always the channel changer or the “delete this season pass” on my TiVos.

    FAR less offensive than the various gruesome decayed/dissolved/shattered/slashed/shot bodies that Bones etc. do the zoom closeups of. Starting at what time again? 8? Oh except on the TNT reruns when it’s on starting at 6.

    • dee says:

      I will never understand why a joke about a vagina can send millions complaining to the FCC, but hour after hour of gruesome murder and rape depicted quite graphically is A-OK. This country is so screwed up.

      • Grace says:

        I mostly agree with you, EXCEPT where the rape jokes are concerned. I actually find the vagina jokes refreshing, considering how often I have to hear penis jokes on primetime, and I find the ethnic jokes perplexing – because I really think they’re better than that – but not especially mean-spirited, but rape is NEVER funny and they shouldn’t be joking about it.

        Other than that, I enjoy the show. It’s no Parks and Recreation or Community, but it’s charming and pretty funny for a CBS comedy…

        • Heather says:

          When was there a rape joke? I watch the show all the time and I don’t remember there being a rape “joke.” I’m not being a smart ass either, I seriously want to know. I enjoy the show and don’t find it offensive. I think people can be very uptight and need to loosen up a bit. But I do agree that rape isn’t something to joke about.

          • Alan says:

            There are DEFINITELY rape jokes peppered throughout many of the episodes. A quick web search found this one, and there are more you can find in the top 10 results.

            “That sounds needy, like if someone asks you to come to their one-woman show. ‘Somebody date raped me and I didn’t think I’d live through it, but I did and now I’m stronger,’ and still needy.”

        • dee says:

          I wasn’t talking specifically about 2 Broke Girls, which I’ve only seen a couple of times.

  3. Kaci says:

    I’ve been torn about this show because so many things about it offend me (particularly the racist stereotypes mentioned here), but I enjoy seeing a show centered on two female characters who pass the Bechdel test with flying colors. I’ve continued to watch despite my uneasiness because of how nice it is to see two female characters with goals outside of hooking up with guys and having babies (not that there is anything WRONG with those things, the problem lies in characterizing women SOLELY by those things, to be perfectly clear here), but now seeing the creative team’s reactions to those questions?

    It’s one thing to be unaware of the fact that you’re being offensive, but when you’re being confronted with it and you react like this? Yeah, I can’t continue to be on board with that. I’m out.

  4. Ceecee says:

    This is bogus I understand everyone has a opinion but if u dnt like then dnt watch it nd bash it its real out here dnt support or talk BS about the show it gets great ratings

  5. bmospr04 says:


    Is this consinderd career suicide by MPK? Sounds like something from Entourage or Episodes.

    • Jay says:

      Apparently not, according to Matt. Because he went easy on King in this article. Other accounts have more details on how close to a meltdown this session was.

  6. AnitaRelax says:

    The funniest bit this show has done, and type of comedy they need to focus on, is when Kat Dennings accidentally kissed the lady on the subway.

    Also, the quotes from Michael Patrick King read like he’s saying “this is what you’re seeing on the show but this is what’s actually happening.” If people think it’s unfunny, slightly racist and has one dimensional characters, then he needs to take another look.

    • John says:

      Some people see that, others don’t. Part of the reason there’s more than one channel, IMHO. I see edgy (more like live comedy than vanilla broadcast television) others see offensive.

      We’ve got enough vanilla, seems to me. Seems to be what the creators and TPTB think as well.

    • tarc says:

      Sorry, it *is* “unfunny, slightly racist and has one dimensional characters”. It’s amusing that we are being asked to ‘look beyond’ that… to see what? The boring. Yeah, no. The show blows.

      • projectrevo says:

        You clearly are incapable of seeing the beyond because OP is correct. The show, if you watched it and managed to understand the undertones of what they say, they show plenty of times that they are aware of realities in the world and what people are actually like, and they make fun of those things. Not to mention, they’re aware of their own stereotypes, but the characters are far from one-dimensional. The other characters definitely serve a purpose by pointing out everyone’s faults but still love each other for who they are. It may be cheesy, but that’s what it is. I don’t suppose someone like you would understand complex undertones though, but good luck :)

  7. Apple says:

    He co-created it with Whitney Cummings, the show was Whitney’s idea. Give the girl some credit.

  8. Beth Ann says:

    The show is hilarious. If you’re easily offended, simply don’t watch it.

    • Tarc says:

      Actually, I’m failly difficult to offend and this show manages it. And I don’t watch it (after seeing the dreadful pilot and an occasional unwilling resample).

  9. Nikki says:

    I’m sorry, but i’m going to bet that all those people stating that it is too racist are white people. I have friends of all nationalities, and none of them find this show the least bit racist. It’s currently one of my favorite shows. They are just saying things that everyone thinks about saying, so don’t get mad just because they actually said it. Plus, they are playing off the stereotypes to make it funnier, like people do in real life. people just need to stop thinking of themselves so highly, pull your nose down some and smell the roses.

    • tarc says:

      Well, I work in a highly international environment and no one will watch the show (because it’s bad). Of course, these are highly intelligent folks. I also find it ridiculous to suggest lowest common denominator thinking – if you’re happy to settle for garbage, fine, but don’t suggest people that have basic standards are somehow snooty. Clue in.

      • Cari says:

        I consider myself a highly intelligent person (and can quantitatively back that up). I’m a television snob and an avid watcher of such “high brow” shows as The West Wing (because, let’s face it, no fans were snootier than West Wing fans). And I adore this show. 99% of the time, I find it hilarious, racial stereotyping and all. I never even expected to watch it, let alone love it, but I do. I find it offensive that you would suggest anything about my intelligence or standards based on my enjoyment of this show. So, yes, you are snooty for implying that your standards are the same thing as basic standards. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it, but don’t rag on those of us who do.

        • Amanda says:

          This ^

          I am a well educated human being, and tend to watch the “high brow” shows because I enjoy them. This show cracks me up week after week. I watched one episode and was hooked.

  10. archie says:

    I do think it comes off offensive and slightly racist, but more boring than anything. I really like Kat Dennings but this show just didn’t grab me as anything interesting, not a single laugh when I watched the first few handfuls. Really tried but meh, not worth it. MPK’s justifications are weak at best, but I’m sure there’s a niche who like gritty humor so cheers to them.

  11. Kevin says:

    Oh, please. Give it a rest with all of the “it’s offensive!” remarks. Funny is funny! And this is one of the few programs that make me turn the channel to CBS (HIMYM and Criminal Minds being the others). Is the humor for everybody? No. Of course not. But as someone above posted, that’s why there are different channels. I personally like the type of humor on 2 Broke Girls, and with more time, I’m sure characters like Oleg and Han will eventually become more rounded. I hope they don’t make any changes to the show’s humor.

  12. Abby says:

    I’ve seen the show a handful of times. I think the racist and ethnic stereotypes are unfunny, and yes, even offensive. But most of all, I find them to be lazy. Can’t come up with a witty, original joke? Write something that perpetuates Asian stereotypes–those are always hilarious! It’s disappointing, mainly because the two main characters are pretty well fleshed-out. I’d just like to see the writers put the same effort into the side characters.

    • Agreed – I watch the show and enjoy the interactions between Behrs and Dennings, but the stuff in the diner simply isn’t funny. It’s lazy, writing, like tossing the word Vagina in every time there’s down time between actual jokes.

      Seems to me critics are annoyed because they see a good or maybe even great show in there, but by refusing to acknowledge that portions of it are problematic, it will never become more than the mixed bag it is now. Which sucks because Behrs and Dennings sell their roles and deserve a better caliber of jokes.

      • John says:

        When she abuses the hipsters in the diner it’s hilarious. The flash dancing mob? Throwing out the hipsters and keeping the homeless?

        Good stuff.

  13. Christina says:

    I think of boring and trite when I think of 2 Broke Girls. Watched it a couple times and really thought that the jokes have been done before and it didn’t feel fresh or funny. Crass humor has been around for decades and it can be done well. Just because it is all of a sudden on network television rather than in a movie or a stand up performance doesn’t make it fresh and new. I personally think it is “ballsy” when you have shows like Arrested Development or Community that go a completely different direction with comedy rather than sticking to the same formulas of previous comedies.

  14. Scogge says:

    The good part about this show is the friendship between the two girls. I wouldn’t mind if they completely skipped the diner.

    It would be even better if they inched towards a more than friendship between them but of course that wont happen, sigh.

  15. Robert C says:

    I watched this show a few times when it first came out. It had a few funny moments but the unfunny greatly outweighed the funny. I think the only people still watching are pervs that like girls with huge boobs or skinny blonds.

  16. kaydee says:

    I’ve watched this show and find it funny and I don’t find it racist. Sure there have been a few times when it sits on that fine line but I think people need to lighten up. Granted I don’t think people have everyday conversations like this w/friends, but I know when I do w/my friends we’re rolling! It’s entertaining and entertainment. Just my opinion.

  17. Alyssa says:

    I’m not easily offended. In fact, I tend to like those shows that push the envelope and I’m a fan of humor, yes even racial jokes can be enjoyed.
    But I tried watching this show and just simply find it unfunny to the point of unwatchable. I wanted to like this show because I love Kat Dennings, but I feel like they’re trying too hard.

    • Winnie says:

      Alyssa, your explanation perfectly describes the reason I gave it a chance but didn’t continue to watch. Humor is subjective, so I wish the show well when so many others (quality, but admittedly lacking in ratings, etc…) have trouble being picked up or staying on the air.

      For the record, many people stating why they don’t care for the show have “changed the channel” or stopped watching. Still, each person has their right to constructively state why they don’t care for the show if they gave it a try, just as those who enjoy it have the right to say what they like/lobe about it. it’s when a comment (on either side) is juvenile, presumes the reason(s) one side or another “must” or dislike it with opinion-as-fact statements, or adds nothing constructive (or at least funny) to the discussion where I see the need for comments complaining about other commenters and how they spend their time.

      I’m not a fan of modern day laugh track shows in general, but the funny has to balance out the unfunny.

  18. Tori says:

    Personally, I think the show is hilarious. It’s one of my favorites. I’m not a pervert – sorry Robert – but I do appreciate good humor. I hope people keep watching, because I’d love to see it continue. And nothing is really THAT offensive. It’s comedy. If you don’t like edgy comedy, go watch your box set of Golden Girls.

    • tarc says:

      And I’d suggest that there is nothing funny or ‘edgy’ about the show. It’s just bad.

    • Christina says:

      I would argue Golden Girls is edgier that Broke Girls. Golden Girls showed women being smart, active, and sexual well past there 20s and 30s. Some of the things Blanche would say are quite racy. For the time, Golden Girls was definitely pushing the envelope. Broke Girls brings nothing new to the table in the sense of comedy. I find their racism even out of date because it just reminds me of the stereotypes in sitcoms during the 60s and 70s.

  19. Jill says:

    I think this is one of those shows where either you get it or you don’t. Like when The Office first aired. I hated it. I don’t work in and office, never have. I’ve warmed to The Office, but I don’t relate. I relate to 2 Broke Girls & find it hilarious!

  20. The WB Frog says:

    Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. People are too dang sensitive.

  21. Davey says:

    If King can’t see that the character of Han is portrayed in a racist way he is delusional. I started watching an episode and was appalled by the treatment of the character. But then the whole show is unfunny.

  22. Ned Tugent says:

    Love the show and it’s 2 leads. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. But quit griping. Surely there’s reruns of My Little Margie on somewhere.

  23. Jenn says:

    “The big story about race on our show is that so many are represented.”

    Right, that is the story. I’m glad you represent so many diverse groups on your show in such an offensive way.

    I loved 2 Broke Girls. I gave them an entire season with the hope they would develop the characters in a way that did not promote negative stereotypes, they didn’t.

    The writers of this show are capable of developing their characters in a way that doesn’t rely on negative and harmful stereotypes. They are capabel of doing so, why not just do it instead of making excuses.

  24. kelly Roman says:

    Amen John…I think this show is very funny…if you don’t like change the channel…

    • John says:

      Yes, and probably to one of the endless formerly great procedurals that have devolved into some variation on a soap opera shipper-fest. With or without the dissolved body parts.

  25. Cshifty says:

    My favourite thing about the show is the music. That’s it. Unfunny show watched by millions. Fits with the rest of the CBS comedies.

  26. LNR says:

    I watch for Kat Dennings’ and Beth Behrs’ characters and their chemistry but I cringe at the Han/Oleg/cashier scenes. I really hope they’ll ditch them and just focus on the 2 girls. Not really sure how much longer I can hold on otherwise.

  27. E.J. says:

    I’m more offended at how unfunny it is than the fact that it’s racist. I really wanted to like the show because I like Kat Dennings a lot, but I’ve watched it a few times and I have yet to laugh at a “joke” on the show. For the record, it is racist and lowbrow humor, but that’s not why I’m not watching it. I’m not watching it because it sucks.

  28. mawhi says:

    Frankly I stopped watching after the joke in the pilot about Kat Denning’s vagina drying up because hipsters were staring at her boobs. I mean. A) Ew. B) Even I was staring and I’m a lady – calm down Kat Dennings! C) Rude!

    I didn’t even get to the racial stereotypes. Thank goodness! I do enjoy Weeds and It’s Always Sunny and Shameless etc. so I dunno… not my cup of bad taste, I guess.

    • dee says:

      Uhhh, you do realize you’re talking about a fictional character named MAX, and not about the actor who portrays her, Kat Dennings, right?

  29. Tarah says:

    People need to chill out. In the days of hundreds of channels and internet streaming , as well as plenty of those cable networks and streaming services providing original programming, I find it hard to believe that people have nothing to do but bash a 30 minute show. If you don’t like 2BG, there’s plenty of other shows you could be watching that are better ways to occupy your time. Move on, jeez.

    • Tee says:

      The post says: What do you think of the Broke Girls? Do the peripheral characters and/or “edgy” humor get in the way of you better enjoying the show?

      So people are answering. People will have different answers. This should not be surprising.

  30. Nicole says:

    “Oh, I’m so offended by this show. But I can’t change the channel because I’m being strapped to the chair.”
    Give me a break. If you don’t like a show, change the channel. I don’t like Jersey Shore. So do I watch it? NO.

    Everyone is so sensitive now. Obviously the races are played up. But it’s an equal opportunity offender which is what makes it work. There are just as much shots at Beth’s character then Olegs.

    This show is hilarious. It pushes the envelope. I don’t think its meant to “teach a lesson”. Its for entertainment! Which is what we need more of on tv.

    • Marx says:

      ^ Seriously!
      If you are getting your daily fix of morality from 2BG then something is wrong with you.
      Its a tv show. Chill out.

    • murley says:

      except that it doesn’t push the envelope. it relies on tried and true racial stereotypes that stopped be edgy or funny a long time ago. when i watch the show occasionally (because i quite like the 2 leads) every time han comes on screen i just flash to mickey rooney’s character in breakfast at tiffany’s. and the creator’s response, “all characters are based on stereotypes” so basically why bother coming up with a fresher or more clever way of creating these characters and mining humor from them, only confirms just how lazy it is. anyone can take advantage of the inherent jokes in racial stereotyping, whether that is crass and offensive is one thing, but the idea that it is edgy or anything short of phoning it in creatively? please.

  31. lethargic says:

    When comedy is no longer allowed to be offensive, we no longer live in a free society.

    • tarc says:

      1) Nonsense, and 2) who is ‘not allowing’ a show to be offensive? If it’s offensive junk, you just vote with your viewership, and the garbage will (hopfully) sink.

  32. Tee says:

    I watched a couple of episodes but didn’t like it very much. I liked the idea of it, thought the total of their savings at the end of the episode was cute, and thought both of the main characters were well-cast. And I like the idea of the whole modest living thing. But I really don’t like any of the side characters and a lot of the humor. It’s just not my style.

    Like the joke about the crusty white stain on the waitress uniform, the whole “oh she’s COMING” while the waitress moans in the background, etc. It’s not offensive and there’s nothing wrong with thinking that’s funny, just not my thing. I had to google My Little Margie or whatever was mentioned above because I had no idea what that was, Golden Girls was a little before my time. Onoes people can like different things and it doesn’t mean someone is “wrong” or that the world is going to end!

    Even if I don’t watch it I’d still rather see it and other scripted shows succeed. Down with reality garbage!

  33. Deb says:

    I like the show, if you don’t change the damn channel. I will not watch criminal minds or law and order svu. They are graphic and gross so I just don’t watch them.

  34. Eli says:

    Frankly, most people responding here are completely missing the mark. The real problem is not with any of it being offensive. The problem is with the supporting cast (Oleg, Han, Earl) simply not being funny or interesting enough.
    They are not interesting because they are one-dimensional charicatures and they are not funny because they simply aren’t. Also the chemistry that exists between Kat and Beth is lacking between them and the supporting cast, in particular Oleg.
    As for Mr. King, everyone who follows the world of tv/movies closely knows he has a serious blind spot towards the failings of his own shows/movies.

    • LNR says:

      Thank you. This is exactly right. It’s not that they’re offensive it’s just that they’re not at all funny and just about everything involving them feels forced.

  35. sari says:

    This show is the funniest thing on TV. The humour highlights the incredible heart of the show and I really don’t understand the overly sensitive people who whine about the jokes. If you are that hyper-politically correct, you must not watch much TV

  36. Kira says:

    I think Oleg’s jokes can go to far, but Denning’s Max’s sense of humor isn’t so far off from my own. I never really saw a problem with much of anything on the show. It’s brash, but in the best ways.

  37. susela says:

    Nobody mentioned the horse. I stopped watching because I couldn’t stand the thought of a championship horse living in an alleyway. I kept hoping someone would arrest the two leads for animal abuse.

  38. Brandy says:

    I love this show and find it very funny &good, love the chemistry/friendship between max&caroline. I can relate to being broke. This show is the best new comedy (&i only have watched 2 sitcoms in reccent years, 2 bgs being one of them, im not usually into comedies) &one of the best new shows this fall.

  39. lara says:

    Speaking as an Asian woman, I actually don’t find the show to be racist. I do have a problem with the rape jokes – there have been quite a few and they are honestly just tasteless and awkward. I don’t think that’s something to ever make fun of. I do think that the concept and the two leads (especially Behrs) have a lot of potential. I don’t mind vulgarity and pushing the line (The Office, HIMYM, and Happy Endings, my fav shows, all do this – but, with class), but I do mind when a show with two strong female leads makes jokes about women being raped.

    Also, I have to wonder how much of its ratings are due to having a REALLY good lead-in?

  40. Josh says:

    Offensive? Give me a break – people need to learn how to take jokes. Love the show and we watch every week, including the repeats.

  41. Liz says:

    Yes it employs stereotypes (as every show) but is quite open and conscious and at times sarcastic about it – the discomfort of people seems to be that we have become so PC-trained that we automatically reject instead of listening in – because the show actually deconstructs and criticizes these as much as it accuses. why is it people here only are offended by the stereotypes we have been taught to despise (and very rightly so) but not against other instances of hate speech (like against hipsters?) why is it ok for Earl to be racist, just because he is black?!? I think this show is great at actually shwoing that we all constantly goof off at type-casting, we don’t make the effort of really getting to know anyone, and we find it scarily OK – except, of course, for the areas social movements of the 20th century taught us to be ‘bad’. By consciously crossing the PC line on all subjects, the show has an honesty. And yes it may not be the most subtle of intelligent humor, but it is also honest about that.

  42. em says:

    I can watch Family Guy and still find it funny, and I can even tolerate fairly bad comedies like ABC’s Work It, but I can’t enjoy this show even though I really wanted to. I find that the peripheral characters are like caricatures, but at times, the leads are almost caricatures themselves. That said, because the focus is on Max and Caroline’s relationship, the writers have been able to flesh out their characters, while the supporting characters are left to be the same stereotypical characters we saw at the pilot. There’s nothing really wrong with that. I mean, I was never turned off by Oleg and Han because they were poking fun of their own races – I was turned off because Oleg was a disgusting creep and Han was incredibly annoying.

  43. s. says:

    “Classy and sophisticated” Oh please! It’s trashy and nasty humor. You want classy and sophisticated humor go watch what Tina Fey has done @30 Rock or P&R! I tried giving the show a chance but the one line-lets be offensive zingers just wasn’t appealing or funny. Plus, this is beneath Kat! She is talented, beautiful and intelligent! KD could do so much better than this show or character.

  44. pv says:

    Personally, I love this show…but!! Oleg and Han are very racist characters.

    I watch for Max and Caroline; they are two fabulous female characters and I love their friendship. They are so damn funny.

    I love the type of humour on the show (specifically the latest ep about tampons). As a woman, I like seeing funny women make jokes about women-specific things.

    I don’t mind the jokes about race, it can be funny. But its the way in which Oleg and Han are presented – as stereotypes that are never allowed to move beyond that.

  45. David says:

    I love the show and I will keep watching it. It’s funny how people find the time to post about a show they don’t watch or they dislike ’cause “it’s offensive” and blablabla (after they watched one episode or few minutes) why don’t you get a life? ooohh.. right.. you have an opinion.. and I presume you have even a remote.. it hurts so bad using just THAT one..

    • Pot Meet Kettle says:

      I love to post and will keep posting here. It’s funny how people find the time to post about opinions they don’t like ’cause dissent is offensive or blahblahblah (after they read one post or article) why don’t you get a life? Ooooh.. Right.. You have an opinion.. And I presume you even have a back button on your computer, phone, or tablet.. It hurts so bad using just THAT one..

      • David says:

        for a moment there.. U almost had me Waldo! now go back in ur cage with the other parrots. and no internet for the next month.

        • Chris says:

          Wow, you came off as a total tool and troll right there just for that comment alone. (I am not even counting the first one ether but that makes you even more like a tool and a troll)

          On to another matter looking at the adverts for the show on Channel 4 and E4, (UK here) I find this show unfunny, unwatchable and just trying too hard. Just from looking at the ads I can see that the characters are just one dimensional, show no emotion or are trying to force the emotion when they speak or act and you can see the jokes coming from a mile away which ruins them and that is just from the ads alone. Please take into account that I find lots of things funny and watch a lot of comedies both from the UK and the US.

  46. dianna says:

    yes it’s crude and racist, but I watch it anyway for the two ladies!!! they’re awesome! -shrug-

  47. Christy says:

    There have been at least three or four. I always notice them because my friends and I don’t joke about rape so it feels really unnatural to me. Not saying women don’t joke about rape, I just dont really know any cause my friend groups are all pretty consistent with the national average in that about 1/3rd of us have been assaulted (that I know of).

  48. godzilla's_foil says:

    Screw it if it’s “offensive” to these here and “racist” to those there. It will always be. The real problem is “unfunny” for everyone.

  49. MichaelV says:

    I don’t find the stereotypes offensive, I just find them lazy (King needs to watch Parks and Rec if he doesn’t think it’s possible to develop more than two characters in a 21 minute show). And the fact that he defended the racial stereotypes by saying he’s an “equal opportunity offender” is all you need to know.

    If you can’t even defend your hack cliches without using one of the biggest hack cliches, then you are clearly a lazy, lazy writer.

  50. David says:

    Still… I haven’t heard about the “infamous” rape joke.. when do YOU hear that and what was about?? ’cause I can’t remember it.. do you?