Bones Winter Finale Scoop: The Most Diabolical Baddie Is Unleashed! A Love Nest Is Revealed!

This Thursday at 8/7c, Fox’s Bones will (temporarily) go out with a bang, as the seven-year-old procedural’s perhaps most sinister villain ever is introduced.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TVLine that this new baddie — named Christopher Pellant, played by Andrew Leeds (Dirt, Nip/Tuck) and described as a “genius hacktivist” — “will fundamentally change the direction of the show by the end of the season, even though he’s not going to reappear that often.”

Specifically, the EP warns, “Brennan will find herself in a situation she never thought she’d be in — and [Pellant] will be instrumental in that.”

Speaking with assorted cast members, the consensus was that this new recurring adversary will chill the Jeffersonian team, as well as viewers, to the bone.

“This guy is, I think, more diabolical than anyone we’ve dealt with before,” Tamara Taylor (aka Cam) told me. Summing up Pellant as “creepy-scary,” she says, “He’s super-smart — maybe smarter than all of us combined — he leaves riddles, and he dismembers bodies and leaves the parts all over D.C.”

Pellant’s modus operandi, Michaela Conlin (Angela) attests, “is really gross” — no small praise given the icky-gooey fare Bones regularly bubbles up  His Jan. 12 debut, in particular, “is a disturbing episode, for sure,” she says.

On the lighter, much less-gross side, Thursday’s winter finale will also unveil the living quarters that Brennan, Booth and Baby B will call home.

“We’ve been playing that [arc] through these first six [episodes] — where they can live, what they can afford — so we’re setting up and giving them that life,” says Nathan. “We’re going to go [into the break] knowing what the new threat is, and where they’re go to be living.”

And when does said break end? Though no official date has been announced by Fox, elsewhere during my one-on-one discussion with Nathan, he mentioned “the end of March” as being when Bones will be back.

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  1. Marcie says:

    Can’t wait for Thursday and can’t wait for the end of March. I’m really enjoying Bones this year, and I’ve always loved it, but it’s just wonderful now. Go Brennan, Booth and Baby!

    • linda says:

      I have been loving bones too, and i do not know how my dvr missed taping the birth of their baby,,I do not care for finder nor am i interested in a bad villain guy..I can get that from some where else..we have waited too long for this to happen between the two Booth is great Dad..hope to see more of them growing together..

      • missboon says:

        I must have missed the shows birth because the last new episode i wathched brennan was very much stil pregnant….bet the creep kidnaps her as she goes into labor… that would be diabolical! surly the writter would not taint such an event with the new bad guy…

      • Nicole says:

        The baby hasn’t been born yet and won’t (supposedly) until after the hiatus.

    • Donna says:

      So agree with you Marcie but im in Australia so ill be waiting , its going to drive me crazy the wait lol .

  2. Barbara says:

    March won’t come soon enough!!!

  3. ALEXIA says:


  4. Vanessa says:


  5. Sherry Jordan says:

    I could watch every night. In fact, I do watch all reruns when they are on. I also tape them. Love it!!!!!!!

    • Audrey Sherrill says:

      I watch every episode, i bought all the seasons on dvd also, i love brennan and booth…. And I agree with Barbara, March wont come fast enough

  6. Bob L. says:

    I love the direction the show has taken of late. But one REALLY BIG mystery that I’d like to see solved is whether “Parker” will ever be seen again. I can’t even recall the last ep. that he appeared in. My fear is that Ty Panitz (the current “Parker”) will either have a sudden growth spurt, or the role will be unceremoniously recast.

    • Lisa says:

      Exactly! What about Parker? I mean, Booth was so determined to throw Hannah and Parker together yet, we haven’t seen his love for Bones or the baby introduced to Parker.

      • Sharon says:

        Booth doesn’t have to put Brennan and Parker together, they already have a relationship (That episode “My daddy needs a girlfriend so that we can have a pool”) and Brennan was the one who got Parker to accept Hannah (Gave Hannah pointers, then attested that she was “cool” to Parker) Parker has always liked Brennan as Booth’s friend (and in that particular episode, tried to make them together too) so her changing from “Daddy’s friend” to “Daddy’s friend who’s living with him and having my sister” isn’t too much of a jump, especially given the amount of time he’s known her

  7. Jean says:

    I am so excited for March. I hope Booth delivers the baby. That would be the icing on the cake.

    • Carol says:

      What a fabulously excellent idea!!!!

    • mary pearl says:

      i agree booth should deliver the baby, i love that idea.

    • mothers blessings says:

      it would be cool for the mother of parker to have to leave him with booth and brennan for a number of weeks and bones gets the true attitude of a child living with you and gets scared right before her time of delivery for the fear of the inability to be a good mom because parker at some time says somthing like she sucks as a mom it would help to introduce more emotion to the charactor i also think that the probability of the child having both genetalia apon delivery would give a bit of edge to the boy, girl, healthy child hiatus it would be cool if something like this would happen because brennan is a little to cut and dry with how things will happen and the matter fact attitude will be hard to keep up with mom in her title.

  8. Karen says:

    We need more seasons.”I LOVE BONES”

  9. Fronethi says:

    can’t wait! Thursday, hurry up!
    why this freaking winter finale?!
    we didn’t have Bones until November, and now we won’t have Bones until March? what’s wrong with Fox?

    • jessica b. says:

      They were kind working around Emily’s pregnancy, and that left them with a season with less episodes, so this winter finale is to open up space for The Finder, this time, we can’t blame all on Fox.

      • megan says:

        Though I couldn’t be happier with the whole Booth/Brennan baby-thing, I feel we were COMPLETELY jipped when the consummation of their love FINALLY happened. I can only guess that Boreanaz (sp?) felt weird making out with a pregnant chick, so we were left with a hug that apparently turned into more with nothing but a brief mention later. Grrr!

        • sandy says:

          I don’t think David cares whether Emily is pregnant or not with on-air PDAs, I don’t think Emily is that fond of it…or at least that is how they seemed in interviews.

  10. Al says:

    Wow, I am so anxious for end of March.. Bones comes back, the Hunger Games gets released, and my birthday is in March! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

    • darklady65 says:

      same here man XD i have my B-Day in March so just like you I’m super pumped for it now =] March is going to be AWESOME!!! =]

      • JustAnnW says:

        I’m pretty sure Baby Bones will not be born until the last ep in May. They will just return with more eps in March. With Bones being so sporatic this season, it’s hard to follow.

  11. Guy says:

    Can’t wait till Thursday but also can’t believe we have to wait because of The Finder. Stupid FOX.

  12. Mooshki says:

    We go from “will they/won’t they” to arguing over house buying? Worst sexual tension payoff EVER.

    • Heidi says:

      RIGHT!?! I was SO upset about that. I didn’t even realize they slept together until she was talking to Angela, and then I was like “Wait…did I miss something?!?” I can’t BELIEVE they didn’t show the hookup that they’ve been building up to for 6 years. What happened, writers!?!?

      • TerrestREEL says:

        If you show too much you run the risk of losing the mystique as so many other shows have…House being the most recent that comes to mind. It’s not important to see it… it happened. Keeps your mind ticking in te direction of imagination and interest. Real life pregnancy made it possible to test a new approach for the writers…”Let’s not and say we did.” Results? “I’m pregnant Booth.” Makes you wonder how someone so pragmatic and cautious like Brennen could or would allow such a thing to happen. I like the subtext. Excellent writing…. just hate having to wait so long.

      • Turbs says:

        I am so glad someone else is sharing my opinion! I scanned through the replies and was startled that there were mostly positive comments! I used to love Bones, the TV series had this chemistry, it was something special. Brennan’s character, the way she learns to “live”, show her emotions, trust someone, ect. and then suddenly, they mess everything up. She seems so out of character now, the way they let Booth and Brennan get together was so cheap and then, adding up to everything, they let HER of all people get pregnant? She is one of the most intelligent people, she knows how to use contraceptives! I hate the sight of her pregnant, it just doesn’t suit her, at least not at this point, so I stopped watching now. My personal advice: Change to CASTLE, that show rules! :)

        • Ruth says:

          They didn’t “LET” her get pregnant. Emily made that desicion all by herself and they were forced to write it into the script. “They” didn’t have any choice!!!!

        • Lindsay D. Peterson says:

          If you were a true fan you’d remember when Bones wanted to have booths sperm. I feel bad that you won’t be watching anymore but it’s your lost.

    • Stacia says:

      I am still thinking it is all going to end up a dream sequence like they did on Dallas when Bobbie Ewing “died”. That will really suck.

  13. Molly says:

    The hiatus (winter finale through March) is to allow Emily Deschannel maternity leave with her REAL life baby. You want her to miss that time just because you’re impatient?? Jeez!

    • Cher says:

      Emily had her baby in September 2011 so what maternity leave? The cast has already been back to work since December 2011 filming the episodes that will air in March.

      • Lori says:

        You do realize that episodes take time to edit, right? They don’t just film them and put them on TV the next week. She may have had her baby in Sept, but they only stopped filming literally days before she had the baby and came back to filming in Dec. It will take until March to edit and add graphics, etc to the episodes they just started filming again.

  14. Annie says:


  15. Annie says:

    I LOVE BONES♥♥♥♥♥B&B♥♥♥♥♥

  16. Rachel says:

    BONES is the best program on tv.

  17. sue says:

    Bones is my fav show ever! I can’t wait til March…would be nice if the season ran a bit past May then to catch up??? Bringing back Zack, especially now with a new super villian might not be a bad idea and his return would be welcome, I’m sure.

  18. Jerri says:

    Why air one episode and then go on a really long hiatus? :(

  19. Lisa says:

    I seriously, hope “Bones” got rid of that fake countrified intern. He was terrible.

    • Lisa says:

      Finn is not gone-he’ll be back in another episode.

      • Angie says:

        i wouldn’t mind if Finn came back periodically like the other interns did last season (?) but to have him on all the time is just a little too much *country* that it may get to sound like a redneck–so to speak (no offense meant). Also I sure hope Tamara (aka Cam) has been able to gain some weight, last picture I saw of her she was wayyyy to
        skinny (appearing sick-which I hope not). Can’t wait for Thurs. & the end of March.
        I forgot I really like Wendall & Zack–bring them back PLEASE!!!

    • Karen Jenkins says:

      I really liked him,but then I am from the south.I hope they bring him back,along with Zack

  20. Jewels says:

    I MISS ZACK! :( But love the fact that both Booth and Brennan FINALLY got over their cold feet and became a couple as it should be :)

  21. Kathy says:

    I have had the same question. They talk about Booth going to be a good father but they don’t mention Parker. What happen to him?

    • Christina says:

      They’ve mentioned Parker at least twice in the five already aired S7 episodes. Maybe you should listen more carefully.

  22. Louise says:

    I’m thinking hacker vs Brennans fortune…if she’s put in a position shes never been in then my thoughts go to that being an obvious thing to do first and to also outdo her on a case.

  23. Becky says:

    Why is this season so short? I missed something. Starting in November, then after yhe holiday break, taking another mod season break, what is going on!?

    • julianne says:

      This season is so short because of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy which numerous people have mentioned ad infinitum. Where have you been? The weird schedule is necessitated by working around her giving birth to her child and the new premiere of “The Finder”.

  24. joyce blunt belt says:

    love this show a new creepy sounds inticing…….

  25. Donna uk says:

    Why has bones been taken off a couple of weeks before Christmas in the uk and not back on yet, I’m gutted love this programe best ever xx

  26. Debra says:

    SO agree about the country intern. Hope they come up with some new ones next season. How about more female interns???

  27. firefly says:

    Can’t ever get enough Bones. Best crime show and crew in many years.

  28. vicky Darnold says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. I have all the Bones Dvd and just finished watching the last season so I’m ready to venture on

  29. Serge says:

    I agree bring back Zach PLEASE!!!!!! We can only hope, well at least I can only hope they put Cam into a situation similar to the Gravedigger one that Booth, Hodgins, Brennan were in, not that it would ever happen. No offense FOX but, my own personal opinion of “The Finder” is well ho hum – wake me up in March….It may a nice respite on occasion, but personally I just couldn;t get into the episode at all. Wonder of we will see the Brennan’s little lady on the show at some point. As a side note – Tamara and Michaela – WOW you are two unbeleivably gorgeous ladies. You ladies are two of the main reasons I watch Bones, ok so I like the show but WOW to me you both make it….

  30. vicky darnold says:

    And I record every current episode

  31. ashley says:

    I think we haven’t seen Parker cuz we already know how he feels about Brennan. He tried to hook them up 2 seasons ago when he thought his dad was lonely. But I agree he needs to be on more.

    • ANNIE landry says:

      yea and he will bve a big brother so theyll prob bring him back after she gives birth. I agree

      • Lindsay D. Peterson says:

        It would be nice to c Parker carry the wedding rings for his dad and Brennen. The engravings for the rings should read Parker and Christine that would be so fantastic also the baby should have Booths moms name as her middle name. Named for both grandma’s. Just food for thought

  32. dani494 says:

    I love bones but I havent got the right channel so I cant watch this season til the dvd comes out gutted x

  33. Amanda says:

    YAY!!! thursday is my b-day best bday present eva!!!! plus it’s going to have a more “gross-out” factor makes it so much better….I think that the crimanal mastermind mite b the one to bring the baby in the world… the article did say…Specifically, the EP warns, “Brennan will find herself in a situation she never thought she’d be in — and [Pellant] will be instrumental in that.” aka Spoiler alert…

  34. sharon says:

    I cant wait for march but why so long a break its gonna seem like forever.

  35. Dawanna says:

    I agree !

  36. Gabrielle says:

    Coming back on for one episode & then Bones isn’t going to air again until the end of March? LAMEEE!!! I can’t stand it when big gaps fall between episodes. I don’t like trying to remember all of the details from the previous episode that aired a month and a half before. GET IT TOGETHER,ITS STUFF LIKE THIS THAT CAUSES PEOPLE TO STOP WATCHING THESE SHOWS. #whatabunchofbooty.

  37. Dawanna says:

    I love Bones its my favorite show, and it just came back on tv now we have to wait until march. That’s too long for me. But I understand we all have familys.

  38. Darren says:

    Great show. ;0)~~~

  39. CarlagUK says:

    Looking forward to more Bones here in the UK. I wonder if this new villain ( Hacktivist) will rid Brennan of her fortune. I think someone else has mentioned this already. It certainly would be a situation that she never thought that she would be in.

    Love the show. Love what the powers that be have done with B & B’s relationship. It works! I do feel though that Season 8, if it is approved by Fox, may well be the last one. Maybe it will be time for the couple and their little girl to go off into the sunset together.

    In the meantime I wait patiently (NOT!) for more Bones. We won”t even be seeing episode 6 here in the UK until spring. Boo Hoo!!

    • Wendy says:

      A hacker could potentially rid her of her fortune temporarily but she would begin to amass it again. Between her writing and studies she wouldn’t stay broke for long. Not an overly interesting sub plot when you really consider it.

  40. Tamara says:

    I absolutely love this show. Sometimes I can’t stand reading the spoilers because I want to be surprised. This is the first tv series that I have ever purchased. I watch the reruns and my dvds and Netflix. I know that is a lot but I am hooked.

  41. samantha says:

    OMW!! End of march?? Dats way too long but super amped for thursday! I also want to see parker back and maybe even sully just to make it interesting…Bones n Booth 4eva!!!

  42. Joanne says:

    I love Bones, especially this season with the baby etc.

  43. nikki says:

    end of march!!?? there hasn’t been a new episode in three weeks!!! LAME. still love the show!!

  44. bevelyn says:

    Parker should resurface that’s all i’m asking for!

  45. Wendy says:

    Can we get Bones back sooner if we kick the stupid March Madness to a sports network where it rightfully belongs??? PLEASE??

  46. barbie says:

    They did… When nigel (misp) died! Booth was at bones place the nite they sent him back 2 his mother.. That’s when they slept 2 gether!! : )
    Then she told him b4 the last season was over she was pregnant…

  47. Genie says:

    Can’t wait for Thursday! I was so excited where Booth and Brennan finally got together, now I can’t wait for baby to arrive. They are perfect for each other!

  48. lorie hernandez says:

    awesome, ,can’t wait for the new season, lav yah Bones, , , , ,

  49. lorie hernandez says:

    awesome!, ,can’t wait for the new season, lav yah Bones, , , , ,

  50. lorie hernandez says:

    i’m so excited for the new season, i can’t just get enough, , , ,lav yah Bones.