'There Will Not Be a Glee Spin-off,' Says Fox Boss -- So What About Rachel and the Other Seniors?

“No spin-off. Characters graduating. Cool season next year.”

That is how Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly sums up the future for Glee, which will not be shuttling several characters off to a New York-based spin-off, an idea that had been bandied about.

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“Here’s whats going on with Glee,” Reilly told the press at the Television Critics Association winter tour on Sunday. “We are graduating the characters that are [due] to graduate, and what’s come out of it is [series boss] Ryan [Murphy] and the guys have come up with a really cool idea.

“There will not be a Glee spinoff,” Reilly continued, “but those characters will graduate and it’s led to a very interesting idea that I think is going to really give us something cool to dig into next season.”

Reilly offered no further details other than to say that the retention plan for the graduating characters will be laid out this spring, toward the end of the current season. Curiously, although Reilly confirmed that Lea Michele would definitely be back next fall, he later hedged when asked about co-star Chris Colfer.

“What I said before is creatively, we’d want everybody back,” he clarified. “I’ve got to look at the contractual situation for all of those. And we will.” When reminded that the original Glee cast initially signed long-term contracts, Reilly said, “Yeah, I don’t want to, again, get into details. I’m just trying to whet your appetite. But I think it’s going to be a good thing for the show. … It’s cool. It’s different.”

What do you think, Gleeks? Were you looking forward to the Rachel and Kurt-centric NYC off-shoot?

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  1. Cookie says:

    Aww i feel bad for Lea :( still stuck on the show

    • lola b says:

      I feel bad for Chris and Cory too. They need to GTFO of this sinking ship and do other projects. Chris needs to write more and I’m sure Cory will get more film offers or TV shows based in Vancouver. Sucks to be stuck in Glee.

    • kel says:

      all I care about is Cory – he is the best.. and belongs with Rachel. Finn and Rachel are the best on the show…

      • Bethany says:

        Cory is my favorite too. But I don’t really care for Rachel.

      • yep says:

        Cory is my favorite also. Just love the show and watch it just for Finn and Rachel. Kurt is my next fav. I’ve always wanted the spin off with an adult theme about these three and their lives you know get away from high school subjects and actions. Tackle broadway rejection, long hours, the competition, social pressures, lack of jobs, money issues, adult relationships and all that comes with it. Leave the kids behind in school.
        I feel the cast and all of them are grateful for the opportunity the show gave them to become stars which led them to be household names. If it weren’t for the success of the show many would still be unknown today. I think Lea and Cory express that in public all the time. As much as the show has changed in subject matter and direction it still is a megahit even with less viewers. Still in the multimillions. So as the two spokespersons of the show, Lea and Cory have said they would stay as long as the writers would want them. I haven’t a clue what kind of idea Murphy has for them for season 4 story line but I’ll be elated just to keep seeing them.

        • rita says:

          Cory has mentioned many times he’d like to live in NY, and he doesn’t live in Vancouver anymore, why would he care if it’s too far, he fies home all the time, what’s the difference if it’s from NY or LA. Love is such a powerful emotion, that once it envelops you it does not depart. True love is eternal. If you think that you were once in love, but fell out of it, then it wasn’t love you were in. There are no ‘exit’ signs in love, there is only an ‘on’ ramp. (( b_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_p_l_a_n_e_t. c_0_m )) Lots of my friends found their lovers through the se’rvice. You may have a try… ;)I totally agree!!!!! I would rather there be no Lea Michele on the show and Rachel gets her Broadway dream than her stay on the show and fail. Her story is the one I most invested in, and if they make her become a has-been or a failure like Shelby I will be so annoyed.

    • gleek says:

      Actually, Lea Michele has said countless times that no matter how much glee would ever want to be rid of her, she’d ALWAYS come back. Because she loves the show and its message.

      Just fyi.

    • Not Excited says:

      There was a time when I got excited reading about Glee. Now all I can do is roll my eyes and hope they (as in RIB) don’t make it any worse. Too bad for Lea Michele. I was hoping she’d get a chance to move on to bigger and better things. Such a shame! I was so fond of Glee and its characters! Sigh!

    • HeresTheGleeScoop says:

      They will flash-forward the show 4 years ahead when Rachel and Co. will return to the school as first year teachers. Colter is unlikely to return because he’s one of the few of the actual age and they can’t make him look old enough.

      Wait and see

    • Christie says:

      lmao at those fangirls thinking those glee actors will be a-list stars once they leave the show.


    • Amy in Toronto says:

      So the story arc needs to have a fantastic end considering the overall effect of the character developmaent is based in a highschool situtaion ones does question if Rachel becomes a T.A. for Shuster until she can clean her academic record. As for Kurt he will get into the NY arts program and make special appearances, and not surprising that the garage will be run by Finn. You must realise that the options to hold back students is a possible story idea especially if they need to bring up there GPA. As for a spin off I think that as long the character deelopment is still present that remains an option for fox. Let’s be honest though, the probability that the writers actually have the time to write for this show and American Horror is unrealtic. It is not as though there are enogh hours in the day to push out creative hits more often the writers and creators whom are spread too thin often have the work suffer for it. Just my own thoughts. Cheers!

  2. Kate says:

    If they keep Rachel with finn in Lima instead of making it to NYC and Kurt with Blaine, just to keep fans happy I will scream! Kurt and Rachel should be going to NYC when they graduate dont make them stay in the state!

    • rolling my eyes says:

      LOL Fox said they’re not doing a spinoff. It’s because they’re not sure if a spinoff with Rachel and Kurt is going to be financially successful or viable. And Blaine is a JUNIOR. He’s not even going to graduate McKinley.

      • Sari says:

        I think that (sadly) you are right. I would watch the Kurt-and-Rachel-Take-Over-NYC spinoff it they made it. Actually, if they left the show I don’t think that I would watch Glee anymore except that… Blaine is not graduationg and that was absolutely WTF?!. Not that they mentioned anything but I think we all assumed he was a senior just like Kurt and it turned out he was a just a junior… weird. I’m sure they did that because Darren is so popular that in case they felt they had to go other popular characters, they could keep Blaine and retain much of their audience. I hope they understand that most of us do NOT want to see Blaine dating anyone but Kurt.

    • Ashleah says:

      They’ll probably still send Rachel and Kurt to NYC, and have the show flip between NYC and Lima.

      • Victor Hugo says:

        I thought the same!! It would be very sad and lame if they didn’t go to NY, after all what happened with one of the show’s message: Go after your Dreams?

      • Guy says:

        Was about to say the same thing. I think they have to go to NYC but they will just do it inside Glee.

    • Kelly says:

      Finn is going to NYC!

      • Captain says:

        I doubt it. I’ve heard during the original spin-off talks that Cory was very against relocating to New York because it’s so far away from Vancouver.

        • Sadie says:

          Cory Monteith, December 2011 in New York, “I want to stay here”. He’s previously said that he wants to live in New York.

        • lol says:

          Actually it was Chris who didn’t want to go to NY since his family is in Cal. and he bought a house there. Cory has mentioned many times he’d like to live in NY, and he doesn’t live in Vancouver anymore, why would he care if it’s too far, he fies home all the time, what’s the difference if it’s from NY or LA.

    • Lauren says:

      I totally agree!!!!! I would rather there be no Lea Michele on the show and Rachel gets her Broadway dream than her stay on the show and fail. Her story is the one I most invested in, and if they make her become a has-been or a failure like Shelby I will be so annoyed.
      I was really looking forward to the spinoff because I was so happy she was going to be in New York and working toward her Broadway dream. Ugh I’m so annoyed they aren’t doing it.

  3. Jarrod says:

    Oh God! I heard the good news of no spin-off, but to hear that frog lips is going to be back saddens me! GET RID OF RACHEL!

  4. Seanna says:

    Sounds like a Degrassi take. We’ll still see them in college or they’ll somehow wind up teaching at McKinley. brilliant. -_-;;

  5. Lauren says:

    As a Gleek, I’m SMH at Glee. Let the kids graduate. Let the actors move on to greater projects. I hope this doesn’t cause the show to jump the shark.

  6. Josh says:

    So instead the show is going to have characters in New York and characters in Lima? That’s what it sounds like. This show is enough of a mess without having characters in two different states.

  7. A says:

    RIP Rachel Berry if they keep her in Lima and stuck to Finn. She was made for bigger and better things, like New York. I can’t imagine watching the show next season if they find some “cool” and “interesting” way to keep Rachel away from the dreams they’ve been talking about and planning for her character since season one. Talk about a slow building character assassination.

    • Kendal says:

      I understand what you’re saying but in another respect we need to be realistic here – not everybody’s dreams come true so why should Rachel’s?

    • kateline says:

      Don’t pin this one on Finn. You know the decision not to do a spinoff comes before writing the show’s storylines.

    • Helen says:

      Rachel Berry is the writers’ creation and if the writers want Rachel Berry to stay in Lima, she’ll remain in Lima for Season 4.

    • Michael says:

      Have you spent any time in the Broadway Theatre Community? There are people singing off-off-Broadway who are as talented or more talented than Lea Michele/Rachel Berry. Even with that voice, Rachel is not guaranteed bigger and better things.

      • Meghan says:

        Well given that she has already been on broadway and her name associated with any stage show would guarantee large audiences and ticket sales I think it is safe to say that Lea would be able to work on the stage again any time she wanted to. As for the character of Rachel I think the only thing that would keep her from NYC would be illness in the family or something like that. There is no way that she wouldn’t go to NYC after the end of Season 2.

    • John in Toronto says:

      Really? I guess y’all don’t see how they attempt to keep the characters development continually expanding even if it is not growing in the way you the viewer see it. Hey can any of you really say that the job you wanted as a child is the one you hold today? Be honest with yourself they are extremely loosely based on real life occurances and as such you should be able to see the evolution that life brings including a change of heart. Moreover I think that the development that the characters have thus undertaken has been a natural course. TV is excapisim and when it makes you talk about it then you have reached a social strata that results in either failure or success. As we can all agree success seems to be mantra of the creators. Just a thought.

  8. Kendal says:

    In one respect I’m happy for them to stay because saying goodbye will kill me but in another respect they are going to be held back from what will be INCREDIBLE careers. But they can’t keep some and not others, unless they choose to go.

  9. gleek says:

    I’m really dissapointed. There were plans for a spin off in the works and I feel like because season two was just so awful and that the ratings for Glee arw lower than they’ve ever been, FOX pulled the plug and forced the creators to come up with some other idea to keep the beloved characters on. How is this going to work? RACHEL BERRY BELONGS IN NEW YORK. Is it going to be normal Glee at high school and then pop over to the city to see what the big kids are doing? Are they even considering keeping them ALL in Lima? I wish I could say I was more excited, but the Glee creators have demolished any trust I have in them. I don’t think this is going to work out.

  10. Jarrod says:

    The best option to get rid of the characters AND make an interesting plot for next season is to see Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Blaine on a plane going to NY and it crashes and they die. Open season four: The students at McKinnely Glee club are grieving the death of their friends, but get over it 10 minutes later by singing happy songs and then the bullies throw slushies in their faces, because hey, who cares if they’re being picked on even though their friends have died. The teachers prefer to chill in their lounge and talk about the school budget.

  11. Kristen says:

    Why couldn’t they have the spin-off idea within the confines of “Glee”? Like show Kurt, Blaine, and Rachel in New York and show life at McKinley? Seems like a great idea to me.

  12. abc123 says:

    I know Glee was never in trouble ratings-wise, but should we consider this an official season 4 renewal on Reilly’s part?

    • Stacie says:

      Of course. Despite the ratings drop, Glee is one of their top scripted program on the entire Network. Not only do they draw in decent ratings, but they make tons of money off of CD sales, Itunes, merchandise and their concert. Season 4 was a no doubter, it was really what will the format be in Season 4 that was the question. FOX hasn’t renewed anything, I’m sure that will happen soon, along with New Girl.

      • yep says:

        I agree that Glee has been very profitable for the creators and the network. Has made household names of the cast. So it could be whatever the premise Murphy has for season 4 it’s going to be inventive. That’s his gift. And Lea and Cory have both said they would stay with the show as long as the writers would want them.

  13. Jos says:

    I don’t want to watch a show with Rachel stuck in Lima. If she doesn’t get to finally win and go to NYC I don’t see why I’d watch her stuck in Lima in a small supporting role. They’ve already been reducing her role and Glee’s been sucking.

  14. Melissa says:

    You know why this is happening? It’s because Fox is afraid Glee will tank if Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer leave the show.

    • jen says:

      MTE. The irony is that their careers will be on hold to prolong the life of a show with terrible writing. Poor Lea, Chris and Cory.

    • Nicole says:

      And Fox is right. With those 3 gone the only ones left who can actually act are the adults, and they’ve pretty much become irrelevant.

    • lisa says:

      Those three make the show. Fox doesn’t want to take the gamble on new actors and they know they can’t recreate the magic with the best ones gone.

  15. Jadine says:

    I just hope that they are going to stop wasting the acting talents of the main actors like Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera. The series is suffering greatly because of it. They seem to be wanting to give the mediocre actors more screen time and are certainly trying to force back stories onto one or two of the characters which is dire to watch. Stop wasting your real talent Glee. I dread to see what kind of scheme they have thought up to keep the four most talented actors on the show. If they just keep them to do the odd cameo appearance and especially if they just keep Chris Colfer on the show just so that he can be the fawning boyfriend of the blandest character on the show, then it’ll be unforgivable. Chris Colfer and these other three actors have amazing careers ahead of them and Fox certainly should not hold them back from that.

  16. Stacie says:

    I think something has to happen with this group that enables them to stay together. Something like they get noticed by someone at Nationals and it allows them to continue on together. Or they win and they get to go somewhere else. I don’t know. But something where everyone gets to stay around, the seniors and the juniors, and the format wouldn’t change dramatically. They can still come back to the school, but they also get to focus on the Glee club pursuing their dreams as something else.

    Honestly, now that Lea Michele is confirmed its only fair to confirm the others, Naya, Dianna, Cory, Heather, Chris, Amber, Mark. That’s a huge part of their cast and knowing what happens with them is only right. We’ve watched the group for 3 seasons, and if they aren’t part of Season 4, just as they have been in Season 1-3 then a lot of us probably won’t stick around. It’s not quite fair to dupe us at this point.

  17. STW says:

    I was looking forward to the possibility of a spin-off with Rachel and Finn and Santana (and maybe Kurt) next year, but as long as Rachel, Finn & Santana keep on as a major focus of the regular show next year in a successful “we’re in NYC starting our new lives” type of way, I’ll be happy. Although I’d really like the show to go back to a 9:00 p.m. viewing slot so that we can see them as college students acting like college students with adult humor, not sanitized pablum for 8-year-old viewers.

    • yep says:

      My same thoughts. I wanted the spin off too about them with adult story lines- even better if it were on HBO. It was nice about them growing up and facing kid issues but season 4 I wish would be about their adult issues. Lack of jobs, the competition is exceptional, money issues, peer pressures, social pressures, adult relationships and all that comes with it. Subject matter best not for regular programming at 7 or 8 oclock.

  18. Troyenne says:

    I love Rachel, she’s my favorite character, but come on, she needs to go to NYADA and pursue her Broadway dreams. For the sake of her future and for the sake of what the show inspired: you can make your dreams come true.

  19. Celty says:

    Is this really news? Did we not already know this?

  20. STW says:

    And Matt — the original plan was for a Rachel-FINN-Kurt centric spin-off. Murphy, Falchuk, Brennan, Di Loreto, Reilly, and Walden ALL confirmed that. Please stop promoting the “Rachel-Kurt” stuff like it is all that was ever thought of or mattered.

  21. kimmy says:

    Maybe Glee should go to NYC to follow Rachel and Kurt there. I really hope the plot will leave McKinley to go to NYADA next year.

  22. bayth says:

    Damn. I was hoping to watch a show with just Lea and Chris in NYC and not have to watch the sadly titled “Glee” anymore. I’m tired of watching the Blaine show and the other less talented actors being the focus this year. I want the fabulousness of Rachel and Kurt to shine. Throw in Santana and I’m there. And now we know it won’t happen. Oh well. I’ll just have to fast forward through most of the show (like I do now) to watch the musical performances, Kurt and Burt, Kurt and Rachel, and Santana. The rest of the show? Waste of time.

  23. mhlvsfinchelmonchele says:

    People think outside the box!! Most of you are only thinking within the confines of McKinley. The cast that is not graduating is not the driving force of the show…..aka FINN and RACHEL and KURT! I can’t wait to see what they come up with. The writers, producers,actors are genius’ at bringing these stories to life in their facial expressions, body language and music. I was worried early in the season because there was so little Finn and Rachel and the shows seemed flat, but I think they have finally laid some plans and turned a corner in setting up this season. Analyze with a critical eye, watch each character unfold each season and fast forward through the b.s. to see where the writing is headed. I would love for them to give us more show each week. Hopefully they have some great ideas for these characters. Remember with Hollywood trickery they can give us Lima and NY. They will weave us a wonderful web. mh loves finchel monchele and glee.

    • stw says:

      Totally agree — staying on “Glee” does NOT mean the characters are staying in Lima! Rachel will get to New York, as will, most likely, Finn and Santana and Kurt if they all continue on the show, and probably Mike (remember that Tina sent his college application into NYU’s arts program). They might not go to NYADA, but guess what — that’s NOT the only school with arts programs, and all sorts of other college programs, in New York City. In fact, there’s probably no other city in the United States with as many different colleges and college program opportunities, making it plausible that several of the students could go there for school and be doing things that fit their passions.

      • yep says:

        So true. And since Burt was elected to be in DC for six years could be Finn and Kurt(if things at NYADA don’t work out) could live and go to school and still be apart of Rachel’s life. This is my speculation of what could happen. I love Carol and Burt too. Still want their interaction with Kurt and Finn.

  24. Lorraine says:

    I would only watch Glee in any format as long as Cory, Lea and Chris stay on the show. They are the actors who can actually, you know, act. I would probably include Naya in this too. But without the BIG THREE, Glee will be reduced to nothing.

    • leila says:

      I agree. This show has good singers and some terrible actors. I know Cory gets flak for being less talented in the singing and dancing department, but he’s a fantastic actor so all is forgiven. I’d much rather watch the actors who can act well and embody their characters.

  25. lisa says:

    I suppose Fox isn’t confident a glee spinoff will be successful – financially wise since i think viewership has dropped over the seasons.

    I would like to see a spinoff in NYC that would have included, Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Brittany. I’m curious to see what the write as plans for Santana & Brittany after high school, no mention for them to date.

    Did anyone else notice that the wording was that the graduating characters would remain going into season 4. That doesn’t mean they’ll be in every episode, or even be in the show by the end of the season. That frees all the actors up to pursue other opportunities, as everyone is saying, some very talented actors who deserve to go onto bigger and better things with their careers.

  26. Andrea says:

    I don’t care for Lea and Cory, but Free Chris!!!

    • chris fan says:

      If they free Chris, it will be because he’s irrelevant to the success of Season 4 of Glee. Nah, I don’t think that’ll happen to any of the big three.

  27. Torah says:

    well there goes lea michele’s career. such a shame too, she’s actually really talented.

  28. Pam says:

    Well, I guess I have to watch next season if Lea and Cory are staying. Ughhh, I was hoping to be able to drop the show. I need to know what these “cool” ideas are. If they have the main 3 stuck in Lima as Lima losers then I will be very disappointed!!

  29. Sarah says:

    I really wanted a spinoff. And this sounds awfully like Degrassi. I really don’t want the old characters to end up teaching or something at McKinley. That would suck :/

  30. Beca says:

    lol am I the only one who is excited that they’re staying for another year?

    All of the cast says all the time how much they love the show and would hate to leave it…it’s not like they’d be doing it despite them not loving the work…

  31. Jasmine says:

    To me, I’m glad Lea’s coming back. I hope Naya and Heather do as well, they’re amazing actors, and their storyline is one of the best on the show. If they confirm Lea, they should confirm the rest, but it’s all up to what they want to do.

  32. marie says:

    Chris Colfer is the only reason that i watch Glee, without him and his character Kurt the show is a holly deep hole of nothing.

  33. Heather says:

    What if they do a “summer” season? That would give all characters one more season, whether they have graduated or not. They could have all of them performing at an amusement park as a summer job or maybe have someone try out for American Idol (great tie in with another Fox show with the potential of lots of cross over cameos). It would also, potentially, be a great way to introduce new characters and/or rivals (other people they work with or other shows at the park they “compete” against for viewers). That would be one more solid season with the entire cast without screwing up anyone’s dreams.

  34. Bobby says:


  35. Sandy says:

    I won’t watch the show next year if Chris isn’t on it.

  36. Pearl says:

    Hey, they said that wont be a spin-off, BUT, there will be something nteresting with the graduates.
    I’m thinking… Tv-Movie.

  37. meredith says:

    F*ck my life as a Cory Monteith fan. I’ll have to keep watching this show. I had hoped he’d go on to other projects.

  38. larissa says:

    Well.. I’m not sure if they should leave, i mean like… Kurt (chris colfer) and blain (darren criss) should defenatly stay together. chris MOST stay in the show!! As for rachel (lea michelle) i think it would be great if she will stay in the show. (I think so as a fan) and she realy likes doing it, so why can’t she? I mean if there would be another way for her to make a big career i would be happy for her to! But as a fan i say; LET THEM STAY IN THE SHOW! (Aspeccially CHRIS TOPHER PAUL COLFER <3!!)

  39. lau says:

    they need to keep the strongest actors (lea, cory, naya and chris) because the others can’t carry a show by themselves, at least not yet. I really can’t imagine a show without rahcel, kurt, santana and finn. I just can’t. Maybe they won’t have as much screen time as the others, but they have to be there.
    they will also want back those who give them more money..because in the end everything moves around the money…
    I would love to see all these kids move onto new projects…lets see how it goes

  40. ken says:

    FOX needs to grow a pair of balls and just say what’s going on… if they want them gone, just get rid of them. all this speculation and double-talk, is obnoxious and probably just their attempt to keep Glee in the headlines since this season’s viewership has rapidly declined and the concert tour 3d movie bombed.

    • bette says:

      Fox can’t afford to get rid of the only actors on this show who can…you know really act? If they graduate Finn, Kurt and Rachel, they’ll be left with Singing-Cardboard-Blaine, Need-Subtitles-Rory, Dull-As-Dishwater-Sam and Mumbling-Brittany. I have a soft spot for Artie and Tina, so I won’t call them names…but they can’t carry the show.

      • yep says:

        It totally agree about Blaine, Rory, and Brittany and your descriptions. Heather was great as that part called for. S2 Sam was boring but so far s3 he is better to me. I do like Tina and Artie as well. I need an interpretor when Rory speaks.

      • Sloane says:

        Your pretty much doing what the show is trying to stop. Your bulling their characters. Obviously you don’t watch the show or you wouldn’t be insulting them and pretty much backstabbing the shows meaning.

      • Carmen says:

        Bette, I agree with you about Rachel, Finn and Kurt, but strongly disagree about Darren Criss’s Blaine. I think Darren’s acting is exceptional, very nuanced; he’s able to communicate even the most subtle and/or fleeting thoughts and emotions (watch his scenes closely, please). His voice is not extraordinary (something he admits), but his singing/dancing performances are, in my opinion, also exceptional (he didn’t end up in Broadway for nothing!). I think it is unfortunate that the character of Blaine has had so little development. Maybe that’s what makes it seem a little one-dimensional sometimes. I watch Glee essentially for these four characters and might stop watching the show if they were not central characters in season 4. I think Naya is also a very good actor, singer and dancer, but her character of Santana is so stereotyped that I, as a Latina and a lesbian, often feel embarrased for the actor.


  41. Buddy says:

    I wonder if they might split the story telling with a week in Lima, then a week in New York. That might also allow them to film more episodes for the season. Each location could accommodate 13 episodes, making for a 26 week season.

  42. Dee says:

    Lol @ you all acting like Lea, Chris and Cory are the only people who have fans. Just because Glee marketed those three a lot, does not make those three who make or break the show. And that’s not a dig at Lea or Chris at all – because I know how huge they are. Cory on the other hand…

    • lol says:

      Don’t underestimate the popularity of Cory Monteith lol My ears almost became deaf at the screaming fangirls in Westfield Sydney in Australia when Cory came over for a Glee promotion tour.

    • kate says:

      Lol @ you thinking Fox cares a damn about anyone else besides Lea, Chris and Cory.

      • lo says:

        right now who has big fanbase? rachel, kurt, finn and santana (that’s why they are pushing her) those will be their priorities to keep in my opinion

    • Matthew says:

      Don’t just look at the internet fandom. I’d say among the general audience, Cory is as as popular, or even more popular than Chris. Lea trumps them all in name recognition, obviously.

      • yep says:

        I agree. Even though fandom propelled his popularity, Chris shines on his own now. But with the fandom for the respective characters IMO Lea and Cory have the most fandom. Chris a close third.

  43. Sam says:

    I like how a lot of you think the following things.

    1. Rachel not getting to NY is not really that important to the storyline.

    2. That the show would actually be able to pull off showing the characters in NY and McKinley in one show format.

    First of all, if you think it’s not important for Rachel to reach her NY dreams then you haven’t been watching the show for the past 2 and half seasons. you just haven’t. Being on broadway and getting to New York has pretty much encompassed Rachel’s motives and ambitions as a character since the PILOT. She’s sacrificed her likability as character to the general audience AND her peers to further along that quest. It’s just always been that way. She wants broadway and NY. To not give her that is just an insult to the character they’ve built up all this time. If she stays in Lima she won’t be the same person and quite honestly I won’t even want to watch that person.

    Secondly can we just remember that this is a pretty big ensemble show with many characters? On a good episode we’re not able to hear lines from EVERY kid in the glee club. What makes you all think it would work to have some of them in NY and some of them in McKinley? They wouldn’t be able to pull it off. They’d have to learn how to have effective continuous storylines that involve the whole cast and give them all something to do before they divide themselves between two different places.

  44. S says:

    WHY?! Damn it! I wanted Lea, Chris, and Dianna as far away from those restraining contracts… I don’t even get why they want them back when they have nothing to work with this season, other than the plain boring high-school relationship drama. They should be free to explore other projects.

    • Jane says:

      They’re still able to do that if they’re on Glee. Look at Darren Criss, he has a three week run on Broadway going right now.

  45. Sheema says:

    I think instead of a spin off they’re going to split the show between introducing the newcomers& following the original cast. 2 shows in one.

  46. Jack says:

    *[series boss] Ryan [Murphy] and the guys have come up with a really cool idea.*
    –because Glee is such a 3 dimensional, unplumbed goldmine of ideas already.

  47. Amanda says:

    This is silly. I don’t understand why the writers are spending all of this time this season on characters that may or may not be leaving. They ought to focus more on Wills character (you know, like they did from the beginning) so that way if the seniors of the group do graduate there will be enough of a connection with the other characters to stay for the show. The series started out with Will as a major focus (his personal life, him starting the Glee club, his relationships with the members, etc.) and they need to return to that. He is the main character that would stay (ie not graduate) so he should be the one with the most continuity. Just an opinion though…

    • suki says:

      They should not focus on Will because no one likes him and his acting and singing are very obnoxious like his stupid hair and stupid face.

  48. Danielle H says:

    Who. Cares.
    I have never seen a person put their foot in their mouth as much as Ryan Murphy. He needs to just stop talking.

  49. Lauren says:

    I think that is a great idea smh to all u haters of glee

  50. Charcus says:

    Happy Klaine are staying together, i couldn’t imagine them broken up.