Bones Buzz: Is Season 7 Growing Bigger? And How Confident Is Show Boss About Renewal?

Bones may soon and sadly be heading into a winter hiatus, but good news for the show’s fans is in good supply.

For starters, Fox president Kevin Reilly told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that while Bones Season 7 is currently programmed to air just 17 episodes, “We ordered as many as they could produce with Emily [Deschanel, whose maternity leave dictated the split season]…. If they can produce 22 when she comes back, that’s what we’ll make. [T]hey may end up making 22.”

But as of right now, the four “bonus” episodes that were ordered in September and took the Season 7 tally to 17 will “either move into next season,” Reilly said, “or play into the summer.”

Looking ahead to the fall, series boss Hart Hanson said, “Hell yes,” that he is quite game for as well as “very confident” that Bones‘ producers and studio will reach an agreement with Fox to deliver Season 8.

“Putting [Brennan and Booth] together and having a child reinvigorated our series,” Hanson explained. “We still have very good stories [to tell].”

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  1. Lore says:

    there you have it!! youu f@#@%$ moonlight curse!!!

    • Nonnaru says:

      Not to nit pick, but it’s Moonlighting…not Moonlight. Moonlight was a short lived series about a vampire private eye starring Alex O’Laughlin who is now on Hawaii 5-0.

  2. Darklady65 says:

    Oh please don’t be ridiculous what moonlight curse lol anyways all this is great news to me and I don’t doubt for a minute that we will have a season 8 =]

  3. gina says:

    music to my ears!

  4. Jules says:

    Seriously, their going to the predictable boring path…..that kill/drown the momentum of any series,who try to unite the main caracter to have a relationship+happy ending…
    Dosent work…
    Ex: moonlighting,xfiles,House(sadly)
    Anyway, let them try! Good luck trying to survive to kept the storylines/duo interesting enough to not get the axe/cancel later…

    • maria says:

      Part of the problem with Moonlighting is that Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis didn’t like each other very much.

    • carol says:

      Did you graduate elementary school/high school? Your grammar indicates you did not, which would account for your lack of insight into the show as a whole.

  5. Jean says:

    I hope this doesn’t fall through. I love Bones and want to see as many episodes as possible. Come on FOX, show us some love :D

    • bonescrazy says:

      Oh ,I do agree with you 1000 percent!! Your comment has made me feel so much better. Right now I’m suffering from a severe case of Bones deficiency and the and only cure is more Bones!!!!

  6. Kristoffer says:

    Problem is the folks that believe in the ‘Moonlighting curse’ will fall back on that no matter how many more seasons Bones get.

  7. Marc says:

    This smells like a business move by Fox: produce as many episodes as possible under the existing Season 7 contracts, since costs are likely to rise, not fall, for Season 8. I just wouldn’t be surprised if the Season 8 is short by the number of holdover episodes.

  8. renate says:

    I’m from Holland, i love the show Bones. I love to here that there maybe will be a next episode! The serie is WOW. Even when the sexual fiber is gone they still are the same!

  9. shaun says:

    Wow,Boreanez sure loves his long term roles!!

    • Lisa says:

      It is amazing how many hours of David Boreanaz I watch daily/weekly. and I never get tired of him – Bones, Angel, Buffy.

  10. Jack says:

    YES!!!!!!!! Love bones! The whole cast chemistry is awesome. They feel like my friends. lol. So sorry for Mr. Nigel-Murray though. Looking forward to the Finder too. Like Bones, but not. GOOD MOVE KEEPING THE SHOW TV EXEC’S. One of the only good moves exec’s seem to make!

  11. Ingmar says:

    Thanks! I love Bones so more episodes = win win.
    I really hope we will see all the 17 episodes, and that there will be a S8. I do think that S8 should be the last one.

  12. Lisa says:

    I am all for Bones year-around. I would love new Bones in the summer.

  13. Lisa says:

    David Boreanaz is one of the kings of syndication with a huge following.

  14. chase says:

    I’m wondering if Zach Addy will ever show up again. He was fun in his own strange way although he did get fooled and ended up in the psych ward. :-/

  15. Robin says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard this season so far! Bring on those new episodes! I’ll gladly watch them all summer if they produce them! I adore “Bones,” and I agree with the assessment that bringing Bones and Booth together just re-invigorated the show. There are LOTS of stories left to tell! I can’t think of another crime procedural where the two main characters had a baby together and had to juggle their careers and family life together so publicly, and were so different in temperaments. There is lots of “grist for the mill” left for this show! I don’t watch “House,” but from what I understand, it’s a whole different premise…

  16. Kat says:

    That’s great news! I love Bones and hope it stays on air for many seasons to come!

  17. Lindsey says:

    I have followed Bones from season 1. But not gonna lie, im getting bored with it. I still wacth every week but I wouldnt be to sad if it didnt get renewed for another season.

    • bonescrazy says:

      I’ve watched from Season 1, Episode 1, and I’ve never missed a single episode. The way feel about Bones is like reading the wedding vows. Laugh if want, but this is the way I feel!! I love Bones and will never get tired of it!!

  18. Valerie says:

    I started watching Bones in the middle of season 5 (I’m only 13) and I’m completely in love with it! I believe in the moonlighting curse for others shows… but Bones is different. Theres so much tension and mystery, and of course fighting even when they are together. As a real couple sure there will be a large component of the shows content filled… but then it leaves some empty space. Not to mention Boreanaz and Deschanel’s relationship (friendship) off camera :) I’m all for more episodes of Bones in the summer! Usually I just watch all the seasons on Netflix until break is over! Bring on season 8! We have to at least get to episode 187 so they can tell us what was on that page in Brennan’s book :)

  19. Ros says:

    As David B. would say, Bring It! Love that man!

  20. Morgan says:

    the difference in bones is that even though Booth and Brennan are FINALLY together there is still a lot of chemistry, tension, and undecideds. The writers are doing a pretty good job at keeping the show interesting without delaying so long that fans get bored.
    ~a devoted bones fan :)

  21. rachel says:

    Yay! Relieved that there is good chance for a renewal, david scared me on twitter recently.

  22. Annie says:

    I think the show should bring back Vincent Nigel-Murray as a twin brother that the team didn’t know about. Somewhat as an evil twin revenging his brother’s death. Focusing his sights on Booth who was ultimately the cause for his brother getting shot. I got a lot of good ideas to keep the show going.

  23. Angela Cronin says:

    I, like everyone elso miss Bones…Surly There has to be a spot on the TV so we can get back to the story line.. Did Bones have her baby? Did Booth get the house put together? Angela has an adorable little boy…Can not wait to see Bones and Booth,s little girl…Come on Fox settle and get the show back…David don’t leave….

  24. JOY says:

    Cant wait for return of Bones – keep on making those episodes….. something I wont ever tire from.
    Emily and David + baby – this leads to many interesting prospects and a good few laughs…. cant think of anything better.
    Many, many stories left for Bones – Thank God!