2012 Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Getting Axed? What's on the Bubble?

TV’s uneasy season is upon us. From now until late May, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW will determine which shows will be back next fall and which will be join Lie to Me, Brothers & Sisters and Ghost Whisperer over at the MIA Network. (For the last time, MIA is fictional people; stop scouring your on-screen channel guide now.)

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To help you monitor what’s staying, what’s going and what’s anxiously riding the bubble, we present you with our annual easy-to-browse cheat sheet. We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel, so I strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates. And for the record, the eight levels in TVLine’s reliable renewal index are as follows:
♦ Officially renewed
♦ A sure thing
♦ A safe bet
♦ Could go either way
♦ A long-shot
♦ Essentially cancelled
♦ Officially cancelled
♦ Too early to tell

May Sweeps Scorecard: Who’s Getting Married, Dying, Breaking Up, Etc!

The BachelorA sure thing. Officially renewed.
The BacheloretteA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Body of Proof: Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Castle: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Charlie’s Angels: Officially cancelled.
Cougar Town: Could go either way. Officially renewed… by TBS!
Dancing With the StarsA sure thing. Officially renewed!
Desperate Housewives: Officially cancelled; series finale aired May 13.
Don’t Trust That B—– in Apartment 23: Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Officially cancelled.
GCB: Too early to tell. Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
Grey’s Anatomy: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Happy Endings: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Last Man Standing: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Man Up: Officially cancelled.
The Middle: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
MissingToo early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Modern Family: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Once Upon a Time: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Pan Am: A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Private Practice: A safe bet. Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Revenge: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
The RiverToo early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Scandal: Too early to tell. A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Shark TankA safe bet. Officially renewed.
Suburgatory: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Work It: Too early to tell. Officially cancelled.

2 Broke Girls: A sure thing. Officially renewed
The Amazing Race
: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
The Big Bang Theory: Officially renewed.
Blue Bloods: A safe betOfficially renewed.
Criminal Minds: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
CSI: A safe bet. A sure thingOfficially renewed.
CSI: Miami: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
CSI: NY: Could go either way. A long-shot. Officially renewed.
A Gifted Man: A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
The Good Wife: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
Hawaii Five-0: A safe betOfficially renewed.
How I Met Your Mother: Officially renewed.
How to Be a Gentleman: Officially cancelled.
The Mentalist: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
Mike & Molly: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
NCIS: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
NCIS: Los Angeles: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
NYC 22: A long shot. Officially cancelled.
Person of Interest: Could go either way. A safe betOfficially renewed.
Rob: Too early to tell. Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
Rules of Engagement: A safe bet. Could go either way. Officially renewed
SurvivorOfficially renewed.
Two and a Half Men: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Undercover Boss: Could go either way. A safe betOfficially renewed.
Unforgettable: Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially cancelled. Plucked from the ashes and renewed!

Alcatraz: Too early to tell. Could go either way. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Allen Gregory: A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
American Dad: Officially renewed.
American Idol: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Bob’s Burgers: Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Bones: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Breaking In: Too early to tell. Could go either way. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
The Cleveland Show: Officially renewed.
Family Guy: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
The Finder: Too early to tell. Could go either way. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Fringe: A long-shot. Could go either way. A safe bet. A sure thing. A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Glee: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
House: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
I Hate My Teenage Daughter: A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Kitchen Nightmares: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Napoleon Dynamite: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
New Girl: A sure thing. Officially renewed
Raising Hope: A sure thing. Officially renewed
The Simpsons: Officially renewed.
Terra Nova: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
Touch: Could go either way. Officially renewed.
The X Factor: Officially renewed.

30 Rock: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Are You There, Chelsea?: Too early to tell. A long-shotOfficially cancelled.
Awake: Could go either way. A long-shotOfficially cancelled.
Bent: A long-shotOfficially cancelled.
Best Friends Forever: A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Betty White’s Off Their Rockers: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
The Biggest Loser: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Celebrity Apprentice: A sure thing. Officially renewed
Chuck: Already canceled; two-hour series finale aired Jan. 27.
Community: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Fashion Star: Officially renewed.
Free Agents: Officially cancelled.
Grimm: A safe bet. Officially renewed
Harry’s Law: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
Law & Order: SVU: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
The Office: A safe bet. A sure thing. Officially renewed
Parenthood: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Parks and Recreation: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
The Playboy Club: Officially cancelled.
Prime Suspect: Officially canceled.
Smash: Too early to tell. Officially renewed.
The Firm: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Up All Night: Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially renewed
The Voice (Season 3): A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Whitney: A long-shot. Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Who Do You Think You Are?: Officially cancelled.

90210: Could go either way. Officially renewed.
America’s Next Top Model: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Gossip Girl: A safe bet. A sure thing. Officially renewed.
H8R: Officially cancelled.
Hart of Dixie: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Nikita: Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially renewed.
One Tree Hill: Officially cancelled; series finale aired April 4.
Remodeled: A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Ringer: Could go either way. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
The Secret Circle: A safe bet. Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
Supernatural: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
The Vampire Diaries: A sure thing. Officially renewed.

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  1. fotreya says:

    ONCE UPON A TIME need second season, and thrid, and fourth, and a movie…. :D

    • Claudia says:


      • Kristen says:


        • uhyeahright says:

          I agree about The Firm. Really well written, with great acting. Good character development, suspense, and law stories.

          • Nora Gomez says:

            NBC is so lame. Both the Firm and Harrys Law are great shows…no wonder NBC is in last place. They do not know quality when they have it.

          • Linda Jones says:

            I agree aboput the Firm. I loved it. Great acting. NBC please reconsider.

        • Brittany says:

          I LOVE this show….The reason shows are cancelled is because people are to scared to watch a new show because they know it will ultimately be cancelled by idiot networks that could just do some advertising or media coverage.

          • Darryl says:

            Exactly! We used to watch a lot of shows, but it has dwindled down to a few because we do not want to get attached due to how easily the networks cancel things. Remember the good old days when networks would move shows around in the schedule to find the right time slot? Now the just cancel them.

          • Barbara Darlin says:

            So true. Everytime I commit to a show it gets cancelled. Yet crap like Whitney and 2 Broke Girls (which I stopped watching) get renewed.

          • Matt says:

            Even worse for us, we get a show in Australia months after America, and we start liking it and then we find out its getting canceled. Which leaves us with no point in watching it :(

          • Brenda johnson says:

            Not true new shows don’t get watched because they do not have strong openings

          • sharona says:

            I agree. My current strategy with any new show that sounds interesting is to wait for a season 2 renewal then I will go back and watch season 1 over the summer. I’ve been burned too many times by shows canceled after I’ve gotten attached!

          • Laura says:

            very true!!!! this stinks, everytime i get into a show and really enjoy it gets cancled, But for some strange reason they keep these stupid shows on like the office really to me anyway i just don’t find that show funny or do i find that it keeps me interested in watching it. But i guess everyone has there on ideas.

          • annie's gun says:

            So not too true.

            Shows get cancelled/unwatched because not enough of the actors wear hats.

            Even if people like the plot of a show or the characters and it gets a high rating if the actors don’t wear hats in at least half the scenes the second show usually has a big drop off in viewership.

            Then in the third episode an even bigger drop from the viewers who were thinking, “hey, maybe they’re saving the hats for future episodes”. But no one can wait for ever for the hats.

            Hence cancellation.

          • Heather says:

            YES YES YES you are correct!!! I know I do, I am afraid to watch a new show and invest my time to see it cancelled, or risk falling in love with a show only to see it get cancelled.

          • carina says:

            That is exactly why I wait until season 2. I get that I’m taking away viewings, but nothing is worse than getting attached to a show and they toss it after 1 season. This year I decided to get into 3 new shows during their first season, and now they’re all cancelled.

          • Marilyn says:

            I loved this show! I am so disappointed that this wonderful got cancelled. Great story line and excellent acting,

          • Sharon McArthur says:

            I am really dissappointed with Ringers cancellation.It is a very good show!!!! C.S.I. Mami to!!! If all we are going to get now is reality shows and dance shows I will be cancelling my cable.

          • NoL says:

            I agree. I think I am the curse. I watch it gets cancelled!

          • Joyce says:

            I agree. That is why I am not watching ABC, NBC, CBS and other channels. I limit myself to movies and older television shows using streaming. Why these guys get the big bucks I don’t know, nobody can be that stupid, I have to assume they do this on purpose, well I have a choice, I can not give them any ratings.

          • Padi says:

            I loved this show too, and cannot not figure how reality shows continually keep going and good shows with a plot are cancelled….

          • Jess Holmes says:

            I agree I LOVED this show I am so SICK and TIRED of these so call net works
            think they know what real working people like to watch I don’t think that they
            even think about even asking an real person who enjoy watching an really
            GOOD TV SHOW. I wished I knew who too write to and tell them to leave
            the SHOWS up to the regular person.

            Too decided weather to watch or not and take an survey or something
            because I didn’t know it was canceled.

        • Cheryl C says:

          I agree. I am so tired of the same thing on all the stations! Typical

          • T. GUCCI says:


        • Jarrod Sinclair says:

          I couldnt agree more. The Firm was one of my favorite shows this season. I cant believe NBC didnt really give it a shot in the Saturday night time slot.

          • Jan says:

            I LOVE the Firm!! It is one of the best shows on tv. The Firm was so well written! Give it another chance!!!!!!!

          • Andrea says:

            The Firm is the best. Suspense, smart characters, great writing…what is wrong with NBC anyway!

          • Cheri Spence says:

            So true – and harry’s law – one of the best shows – i just don’t get it. I just hope one of the cable or premium channels pickup these two as well as Missing and Touch. All are awesome shows!

          • Scarlett says:

            The Firm is one of my favorites and if NBC had given it a decent time slot it would have been one of the big winners of the season. That is why they are loosing viewers because they cancel everything that is good.

          • Cheryl Cloutier says:

            How can the firm be canceled and they keep Two Broke Girls??!!

        • Joe Swithers says:

          I agree damn good show NBC has no clue

          • Louis Thomas says:

            Par for the course – cancel the best show on the network and keep all the dumb idiotic shows.

          • Kelly Payton says:

            NBC stinks. Awake was original and they didn’t give it a chance. I don’t know why they don’t give different time slots before pulling them. I am tired of REALITY SHOWS!!

          • Nancy says:

            Harry’s Law is a great show- Nbc Cancelled because it was only watched by oldeer folks- so are chopped liver that do not deserve good shows?

          • Nona W. says:

            And what is with ALL those ridiculous reality shows versus all the well written story lines?

          • roxanne says:


          • John Doe says:

            It is horrible it was one of my favortie shows ever now there’s only garbage on tv!!

        • jaycie says:

          I think you’re right. I absolutely cannot get enough of The Firm and yet here I see it going off the air. I’m so sick and tired of enjoying these shows and then they disappear!

          • Joyce says:

            I agree, lets give them a taste of their own medicine. When new shows start, just don’t watch, I wonder if this will help, ratings will go down substantially. Try it, problem is, we the consumer have more power than we realize. In the mean time enjoy streaming and movies. At least it won’t leave you disappointed.

        • Lisa Marie says:

          I love The Firm. I don’t understand why they are taking this one away. It is the only show I like in their lineup. I won’t be watching NBC anymore .

          • Nancy Sable says:

            My husband and I agree… We loved the “Firm”.. If you don’t bring it back we will not be watching NBC anymore..What is the point in learning to enjoy a show.. if you are just going to cancel it…What more do you need than a great script and great acting???All we have left is tripe!!

          • Carmen L Mercado says:

            YES, I AGREE. LET’S BOYCOTT NBC!!!

          • Cathi says:

            I think The Firm was awesome and the acting was great. What a waste not to give it another year. Awake was so different I literally could not wait to see the next show every week. It kept me thinking and wondering. What a shame NBC doesn’t give it another year. And Harry’s Law was great too. It had that feeling of Boston Legal a show I still miss.

          • jaejae says:

            The Firm & Harry’s Law-both great shows! Why did they get cancelled? Because only us “older” folks like them, so cancel for something the younger audience will watch. They forget that we not only watch tv, but we also are consumers who buy products. Maybe they ought to remember to target some shows for the retired set that have money to spend also. We are not dead yet-we like good tv, & we spend money with the advertisers’ companies.

        • Stacy P says:

          Completely agree 100 percent.

          • Hanna W says:

            Harry’s Law and the Firm were terrific. What is wrong with TV these days? So tired of the reality show. I don’t want to believe that they are preferred by most viewers- what does that say about our society?

        • Anna Karina says:

          You are so right! I can´t believe that it’s over!

          • WakeupNetworks says:

            The Firm is great, they finally solved the one problem and the original reason they were in protection is starting to steam up.. This was another show where they moved it all over the place so you could not get into a pattern watching it or they put something else on for a few weeks and brought it back.. It would have been great all winter on Wednesdays … that and Harry’s Law both well acted shows dumped but hey give us another garbage reality show.

          • LUCKY LADY says:

            I really enjoyed Harry’s Law guess we get old we get cancelled also

        • Terry says:

          The Firm was a good show and we looked forward to every episode! So was Harry’s Law and The Finder, None of these were given the chance they deserved. I think they need a new way to score the shows. The Nielsen’s are not working. They only use ages 18-49. I guarantee that the numbers would change if they used the ages of the people who watch the most tv and have the most money to spend…ie…the baby boomers.

          • Debra Ricker says:

            Amen! We love the Finder and the Firm. And a lot of other shows on the chopping block. WHY are they going away!!! AT LEAST GIVE US AN APPROPRIATE ENDING! A Gifted Man. OMG, we loved that. Unforgettable, yes, loved that too.

          • joyce says:

            i agree with everything you are saying another show that was really good was the missing, with Ashley Judd. if they would have put these show(The Firm, Harry’s Law, The Finder and The Missing) on week nights instead of weekend nights these show would still be going. The next thing they will cancel will be Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck. I agree that some of the trash that they are putting on this season will not make it pass Christmas

        • Lori says:


          • Cheryl Cloutier says:

            Don’t even say that ! Blue Bloods is the best – I will boycott the network.
            As it is now, we only watch recorded shows. The commercials are getting rediculous!! I get so aggrevated, the shows are shorter and shorter and the ads longer and longer. It’s sad – its all about money

        • The Firm is great I think the cast is well suited and fits together well and the writing is well done. I thought that was the hardest 2 parts of a show. At least we know one of the other networks will pick it up and run with it. They have no need for a development department, they just pick up shows not given a chance to succeed elsewhere. I will be watching for the Firm later in the fall.

        • Donna says:

          I love this show! I can’t wait for the next weeks show. I agree with the comments by all who say they leave junk shows on and cancel shows well written with a great story line.

          • Elaine says:

            I agree. I could not wait for the next show each week. It was such a suspenseful drama. It kept you on the edge of your seat. Unlike the always predictable, stupid reality shows. Learn from CBS. We need more shows like NCIS. You had one and threw it away.

        • Lisa says:

          What’s wrong with NBC? They finally have a well written show and then they go and cancel it. Who and in the heck is making these decision? Let me guess! they will replace it with a realty show. Maybe if they put it on at a better time and actually did some advertising for the show it may have helped. I originally found it on HULU, I had no idea it was on network television. PLEASE wake up and put The Firm back on.

          • Ken Wolfe says:

            Unfortunately people watch those stupid reality shows. Beats the hell outa me why, but they do. The reason these shows get cancelled is cuz they are not getting market share. To many dimwits out there like what they think is “reality”. But are just as scripted as any other drama. I’m really gonna miss Harry’s Law. Dumb asses!

          • Johnna says:

            Whats wrong with NBC? My first thought is a heck of a lot! Most of you are probably to young to remember NBC’s biggest mistake of all time —- canceling STAR TREK and look where that could have taken them. I’m just hoping against hope that doesn’t happen to GRIMM. And lets don’t forget CBS canceling Moonlight, the best Vamp show ever. Johnna

        • Dannielle says:

          I agree NBC cancels all their good shows and keeps the awful ones ever since a couple yrs ago when they gave Conan late night and took the 10 alot and gave it to Leno they went down the pooper cancelled good shows cause they had no time slot for em now they can’t seem to keep a show to save their life I don’t get it?!? I’m shocked that Grimm survived I’m glad but shocked! I miss chuck and harry’s law, medium, chase, Mercy and many many more WTF happened NBC

          • Hope Saoiff says:

            bring back Harry’s Law – great show!! enough with the reality shows. would rather watch the reruns of M*A*S*H, thats how bad tv is today.

        • T. GUCCI says:


          • Pat says:

            Why why I ask myself? Who are these people making such bad decision cancelling series as The Firm, Harry Law & Prime suspect. Good by NBC! Boy cot this station.

        • Vyctorya says:

          What’s up with cancelling the best of your shows??!!! “Kings”, “Outlaw”, “Law and Order” (all except “SVU”…), “Prime Suspect” and now “The Firm”. All these dramas were intelligent, written with well rounded characters, and suspenseful, which has left many of us wondering when and why they were cancelled, and what idiot is at the helm of your company that made these THOUGHTLESS decisions? Whomever he/she is…FIRE HIM/HER!!! I am tired of you folks assuming that we are all brain dead drones who can’t/won’t watch any show that actually has some thought and intelligence to it! Shame on you for thinking we all want mindless drivel (comedies…) for up to three hours every night! Back to ID for me!!! (For you brain dead drones, that’s Investigative Discovery Channel, a television station that actually realizes that some of us out here like to learn and use our intelligence!!!)

        • Jan says:

          I read somewhere another network could possibly pick up the show

        • Pete says:

          NBC doesn’t have clue !!!!!!

        • Terri says:

          I can’t believe that NBC is canceling The Firm. In my opinion it was the best show on your network. I don’t usually watch NBC because they don’t really have good shows. Now I guess I’ll be watching it a lot less since you are canceling The Firm. Whoever made that idiotic decision?

        • Barb says:

          The Firm and Harry’s Law were excellent. I’m sick to death of the stupid reality shows
          It’s a good thing that USA and TNT have good to take the place of some of those boring network shows.

          • M.A.X. says:

            Barb, I TOTALLY 100% agree with your comments about “The Firm” and “Harry’s Law”. I have also turned to watching the USA Network and TNT Channels for good programming. The networks, (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC) seem to be hell-bent on losing viewers and screwing up their networks….especially NBC.

        • bodie seibert says:

          i couldnt agree more the networks already ruined tv for me with all the crappy reality shows

        • lulu says:

          Honestly though, this sucks The Firm is cancelled. Coming all the way from St. Maarten fan. :(

        • Red says:

          They cancel the firm yet they still have new shows going on…sure i am watching them but really what is the point we dont get to see what happens after the last one…rather stupid to waist the time NBC!

        • Lee says:

          The firm WAS a great show!.One of the few GOOD ones…Cant believe they cancelled it…Bye bye NBC!…Wont watch any more of your channnel just so you can cancel what i may watch.

        • Melanie Ingram says:

          I absolutely LOVED The Firm!! So upset to see it go….Come on NBC!!! Glad the rest of my favorites are on CBS and were renewed for another year. Bye NBC.

          • Gillian says:

            so agree NBC don’t know what they r doing, as for CBS cancelling CSI Miami really what the hell this was one of the show i look forward to every week. why cancel miami and keep NY and the original CSi should have just cancel all three or keep all three, idiots

        • Patricia says:

          I agree. I liked the Firm

        • Kim ALcione says:

          You know what…..all these networks that cancel awesome shows only to replace them with stupid reality tv is BS…….Lie to Me = awesome, Harry’s Law = awesome…..to replace with american idol and other stupid reality shows that depict a bunch of idiots wanting to be in the limelight. NBC, CBS, CW, and FOX need some new brains running their operation and jump off the reality tv train already and the train wrecks that they are.

        • Brian Pitre says:

          I know what you mean. Only thing is, knowing NBC, I was afraid to get too hooked on this show. I am surprised that it wasn’t cancelled before the end of the season and we would have all had to just wonder what happened.

        • They should leave The Firm on T.V. It’s a good show. How about another station pick up
          both-The Firm and Harry’s Law.
          At least until we know what happens with the mob. Also, Harry’s Law was really good.
          We want Drama and Comedy shows. Enough of these Reality TV shows.

        • M.A.X. says:

          Couldn’t agree with your more, Kristen. I always watched “THE FIRM”, thought it had good plot lines, good character development and enjoyed watching the show. NBC clearly has hired a Programming VP that has the attention span of a gnat, the mentality and maturity of a 10 year old with a freakish blood lust. I, too, am over with NBC. They continue to screw up big time.

        • Unhappy Viewer says:

          I agree The Firm was an excellent well written and acted show but shows like 2 Broken Girls, Whitney, stupid reality shows like bachelor and bachelorette get renewed. NBC needs to listen to their viewers for once!! No wonder they do so poorly in the ratings. At least Grimm, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time, Blue Blood, Bones, /Body of Proof are among the ones returning!

        • Cheryl Cloutier says:

          We love the firm. What a great show! Good story line without a lot of swearing and violence.

        • Dell says:

          cannot believe it!!!! the Firm, Harry’s Law, MIssing, the Killing were all good drama all killed off so we could enjoy (barf) reality like bachelor or +ette…..garbage ARGH!

      • Thomas M. says:

        Too bad Chuck got canceled…loved that! Same with Terra Nova. Happy that parks and rec got renewed!

      • Jeanne says:

        OMG. I can’t believe that Harry and CSI Miami is cancelled. Harry was a great show. I looked forward to it every week.

        • Lainey Bell says:

          I looked forward to Harry too, but they move these shows around so much, that you can’t find out when they are on half the time. Harry was moved 3 times. I was lucky to find it since they put it on Sundays or was it Fridays, I lost track of it. When I finally found out when it was on, they cancelled it!
          I loved CSI Miami too,it helped CBS climb to the top of the pile, but since they put it on Sunday nights, it was just a matter if time before they cancelled it. It was up against Trumps show, and that was a hard one to go against. I liked it better on Monday nights. As for Harry, maybe one of the cable channels will pick it up. Katy Bates was wonderful in that role.

          • Harriett says:

            I am so sad that Harry’s Law has been cancelled. TV is geared to reality shows. I hate reality shows and would much rather watch shows on the movie channels or read a book. I thought Harry’s Law this past season brought up some good topics one which made you think. . no big surprise guess people don’t want to think when they watch those thought provoking reality shows. Yes, I am very disappointed. . .

          • Dawn says:

            I loved CSI Miami, it makes me sick that they cancelled this show I watched it every Sunday, They need to put these Shows back on and get rid of all the shows that suck.

          • I completely agree. When a show moves to either Sat or Sunday it is the death bell tolling for them. On Sunday night it is a guessing game to determine what time to set your dvr for due to sports always running over & making it almost impossible to see the entire episode. I also really hate NBCs” method of deciding what shows to cancell & which ones to renew. I really dont believe it has anything to do with ratings. i actually don”t know if the programing director evens looks at the shows before making their decisions. I really am going to miss csi Miami & as far as NBC, they really missed the boat when they moved & then cancelled the Law & Order series. And you know they really have no clue when all networks cancel current trends such as Moonlight, Jericho,Missing & so many others.Possibly someone decided they were not PC enough. Thank goodness for Netflicks & hulu.And bye bye to network & cable lineups. Maybe when Apple finally brings the correct tv box to market, we will be able to choose which channels we like & not be stuck with bundled programing which we are forced to buy thru either cable or satilite companies at unbelivable high prices.
            comment by S. Waddell Aug 17, 2012

        • I am with you Jeanne Harry and cis are my two favorite shows. I am so tired of these reailty show I could scream. I do not watch them and never will.

        • Evelyn says:

          I’m sick and tired of all the networks removing good shows to put this REALITY JUNK on because it cost them less to produce. We the people should stop watching all this FAKE REALITY SHOWS and demand some good programming shows such as the ones that have been cancelled., Good shows like Harry’s Law, GCB , Missing are cancelled for junk like Shark tank, Body of Proof and although the world loves Betty White, her show does not out shine HARRY’S LAW. These network administrators have lost their minds showing bad programming and we should stop watching the junk and watch the PREIMIUM CHANNELS (HBO, SHOWTIME). ABC is the worst with all that bachelor or bachelorette FAKE junk., Who wants to marry someone who is sleeping with several women in your face (FAKE). We should demand better programming from these networks or just watch the HBO and Showtime series, they have some great shows, True Blood, Dexter, Episodes, Weeds. There is also good shows on TNT. I’m tired of the networks jerking us around…..

        • Misty says:

          I KNOW! They cancel CSI: Miami, yet keep CSI: NY. Really? What the heck is WRONG with you people? And JUST when the original Law and Order started to get good with the new actors, you cancel it and keep SVU. You truly are not the brains of television. Geez…

      • Tina says:

        Harry’s Law is a Damn Good Show as well. Take out Big Bang Theory and their you go.

    • Sourabh says:

      Or…six seasons and a movie?

    • Rob Snyder says:

      I personly think that Once Opon A Time has to be renewed,Alcatraz I hope gets renewed but go either way considering the ratings on the season ender.

      Overall I give Once Opon A Time 4-5 seasons:)
      And Alcatraz 2-3-4 seasons I hope;)


    • Amber Amlie says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • T. GUCCI says:


      • Sophia Zannis says:

        me too. I love Ringer and am so afraid they are going to cancel it. It’s such fun. Great escapism.

        • Dawna Downey says:

          i have to see if He does love Bridgette, He knows he does, even though she pretended to be Sibohn.

        • Heather says:

          I LOVE Ringer and I am so sad that more people didn’t discover it. I personally like it more than Revenge.

          • admiral says:

            shocked about Ringer. I was so worried that
            the ratings might bring on the “TV reaper”.
            I still watched, lovin’ the plot twists. Sadly, my fear came true. Story arcs are hard to keep up with if you don’t see first fe episodes. I went on-line and you tubed to catch up on Revenge. Glad it did not get cancelled.

          • Diane says:

            So sorry Ringer got cancelled. I was keeping my fingers crossed, but I can uncross them now and wave goodby to Ringer, The Finder, Awake, Alcatraz………….

        • Monica says:

          Totally agree! Ringer was a good show and well written.. I know several people who were fans of the show and are very disappointed it was cancelled. Worse shows are going on and on and on!

      • Like Alcatraz.. Aaargh!! Worst ending ever!

      • Angie Waring says:

        AMEN!!!! The writers and team have to have some clue what is coming. Why not give the fans SOMETHING!!!!

      • R MacAfee says:

        I totally agree…. maybe they don’t realize their ending or something when they shoot the season or last few episodes. I wish that it was mandatory for them to have to make at least one more eipsode, if not a season just to end it proper and not leave us hanging trying to figure out what supposed to have happened…

      • G. Chamberlin says:

        I agree. This past winter / spring was the first year that I wasn’t looking for movies to watch. It seemed that there was so many good shows. The firm, unforgettable, ringer, harry’s law, awake and a few others that have been cancelled were my top shows to watch. I am so tired of the bachelor and shows of this nature. If anything they should have one show to says how many are still together. I can’t believe that they invite the same people on all these reality shows – I am sick of looking at the same faces from one reality show to another. Are there no other people that want to compete. I would like to see their polling results for these.

        I am really disappointed with this line up.

      • Misty says:

        Me too, and Alcatraz would have been ok, but they left us completely up in the air as to what happened… Maybe THEY didn’t know what happened so they had to cancel it to save face…which they didn’t….grrrr….

    • Enough! Enough! I have watched the crappiest show ever called LOST. I don’t think, this is gonna be any different from that garbage. 3 seasons is too much for this Cartoon network show.

    • Applesauce says:

      im sorry OUAT is one of the worst shows i have ever seen, i can not find a single redeeming value in it.

    • missdee1976 says:

      THIS IS WHY I WATCH CABLE!!!!!! Everytime I get into a show they cancel it. I loved the Nostalgia of Pan Am and the over the top craziness of GCB and just like that…gone. Thank God OUAT is coming back or I probably would’ve boycotted ABC all together. It’s a shame good T.V. gets axed while all these stupid all about me reality shows keep coming back.

    • patricia says:

      I can’t believe that they are keeping two and a half men Ashton Kutcher SUCKS maybe they shuld get rid of him and keep the show with berta evelyn rose allen the show would be just as funny!

    • I don’t watch NBC anymore except for The Today Show and Grimm. ABC I can count on two hands how many times I watch them. CBS I watch all the time at night. Fox I watch often. I thought the Finder was a good show. I do not like the un-charliesheen show at all.

    • Rosalyn says:

      I have enjoyed this show. However I think it would have been better as a miniseries. I do not think they can keep it going for longer than two seasons.

    • Pat Dallas says:

      I am really ticked off that Missing and the Firm were cancelled. Both were very good shows with a terrific concept….. Why don’t they give these shows a chance????

      • Cathy says:

        Missing is the best!! Ashley Judd was awesome as a strong smart female character, and she did her own stunts! ABC didnt even give it a chance. Not to mention they ended it on a cliffhanger!! ABC, you suck.

        • Kate says:

          Missing was one of those shows where both my husband & I would get excited to watch and anticipate what happens next week. I just can’t believe they cancelled it; that crew actually filmed over in Eurupe too!!! Loved it, along with Ringer. So sad/mad.

          • I am with you kate , I looked forward to missing, I just love ashley.I also like ringer, I would miss one of my shows to watch that and i am so sad they are getting canceled, shame on you.

        • Nancy says:

          I totally agree, what a way to end a show, a really GOOD show.. And FOX…cancelling Terra Nova and Alcatraz, two really good show; what were they thinking? The River, another really good show.on ABC. Why do they have to have So Many REALITY SHOWS? They are going over board with them!

    • Hallie says:

      I love the show,greatful the cancel gods did get it like other shows I love!!!!!!!!!

    • OR12 says:

      HELL YA!!!!!!!

    • d says:

      Every time I get invested in a new TV series (Alcatraz, Missing, Awake, etc) the networks cancel them. I am so fed up with this!!!!!!

    • Mary says:

      I’m with the majority, won’t watch new shows and find I like them only to have them cancelled. Actually NBC is easy to ignore as the quality shows are gone, as am I. Loved Flashpoint, they dropped it, and lo and behold, ION picked it up, so I watch it there.

    • Carol says:

      I Agree! Love Once Upon A Time!

    • Donna says:

      I think we need more good shows and less reality shows. If end up with more reality shows I will tune in elsewhere

    • 0976 thats my number says:

      napoleon dynamite was brillliant i loved it

    • connie says:

      here here

    • kasandra says:

      very lame to cancel the best csi show
      i am very disappointed with the desision you make to cancel csi Miami

      horacio i love you


      • Cheryl says:

        I thought I was one of a very few that liked CSI Miami – I love David Caruso and I also like Emily Proctor. I hope we’ll be seeing them in something else!

  2. Lambsilencer says:

    As always, very early. Looking forward to see how many times the current status of a show ends up being corrected, and how many times the first guess was what actually happened in the end. :)

  3. Jamie says:

    Why is “90210” a safe bet when it’s higher rated than “Gossip Girl” and “Ringer”?

    • Drew says:

      90210 may get better ratings than some CW shows, but it doesn’t have the draw of shows like GG or Ringer. Gossip Girl has given the network at least two stars which are building mainstream film careers, thus legitimizing the network with their presence. Good PR. Ringer is chock full of name recognition, which means that it brings attention to the network, usually from people who won’t be talking about Gossip Girl or 90210. Ringer hits a demographic that the CW’s other shows do not.

      90210 is generally regarded as a disaster that will not stop getting worse. The actors are not highly regarded. The writing is seen as a joke by the mainstream. The location is nothing special. Simply put, there is nothing about 90210 that people care about or talk about after it’s over (talking mainstream here. I’m sure it has an audience of its own). There is no Blake Lively or Leighton Meester to draw attention, even from people who have never seen their show.

      • Know it all says:

        I’d be shocked if 90210 didn’t come back to get to the 100 episode mark.. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

        • AnnClau says:

          The O.C. never got to 100 episodes but it ended before people began to get tired of it like what’s happening with GG. So I’m thinking doing less seasons but still having your fans when you leave is better than losing them while you keep the show on too long. In my opinion these kind of shows shouldn’t be on for more than 4 or 5 seasons.

          • cluciana says:

            I pesonally think that GG started out very strong. up to it’s 3 season it was the cw’s number 1 show… sadly during season 4 and 5 the writtings became crap and now they resemble nothing to what GG was at first! I mean there was an episode in which SERENA was writting the GG blog… Thy continue to renew it with the hope that some day it will bring in the ratings it did at first and do not want to dissapoint the remaining viewers. IF however a show like 90210 was renewed instead of GG it would cause a great distress because the plots are somewhat alike, and the actors from 90210 are not heard of, while the ones from GG seem to be all the time in the press. The CW is trying to keep the memory of it’s old number one show and cancelling it would then create a great inestability to the other shows.

        • tvnewsplus says:

          I dont know why 902010 is still on the air. As soon as they got rid of the reason I was watching, Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty and Mister Matthews and Debbie (dont remember their names right now) then I flushed that show so fast. If they return, I might watch again. But they definalty made a mistake in getting rid of the Beverly Hills connection.

      • Meg says:

        It is true that Ringer and GG do have bigger stars, but it is ratings that ultimately matter to the network. Ringer started out strong, but I wouldn’t say it’s drawing people to the network. It’s midseason finale rating was horrible. GG has been getting absolutely atrocious ratings this year, whereas 90210 has been more consistent (it mostly gets 0.8’s) and has always had more viewers. This is why it makes no sense why 90210 ‘could go either way’ and GG is a ‘safe bet’. Basically all other TV ratings websites have 90210 as a likely renewel, and considering it’s doing better than Nikita, GG, & Ringer (and usually ties TSC in demos), it will be back.

        • Drew says:

          If the ratings were the answer to this riddle, Gossip Girl, 90210 and most of the network’s shows would have been canceled years ago. If we’re basing the decision on ratings, 90210 is no powerhouse, even on the CW.

          The CW needs to hit certain demographics as they move forward. They need a show which will appeal to the audience they have now (teenage girls) while opening up the network to a wider range of viewers. Like Supernatural, Ringer appeals to a demographic that 90210 and Gossip Girl do not. It’s been a high profile show, which means free publicity. The same is true of Gossip Girl.

          90210 is not talked about. Their stars aren’t talked about (not in a positive way anyway). If we’re going by ratings, all three shows are probably doomed. If we’re going by what the network needs moving forward, Gossip Girl and Ringer bring more to the table. They’re the seeds for the demographics that the network needs to grow. They need to take those seeds and develop new shows around them… preferably stronger shows.

          The same is true for Supernatural. The show is getting up there in years. The network failed to develop a series which would hold onto Smallville’s audience. They can’t afford to make that mistake with Supernatural’s audience.

          • john says:

            90210 was hemoraging viewers before last season when it was learned the trevor donavans character teddy would be coming out. which attracked alot of veiwers who were interested in gay characters and storylines which helped to stabalize the ratings; last season and this. But with the end of the storyline and the loss of that character; as well as one of the few performers on the show who can actually act; I believe the downward spiral in rating in bound to begin again. and this could explain why most feel it is on the bubble

          • Meg says:

            I completely agree that if ANY show on the CW was on any other network, it would be cancelled. But the CW does not renew its shows based on the ratings shows from other networks get. If it did, all its shows would be cancelled because in comparison to shows from FOX, CBS, ABC, etc, their shows tank. Therefore, the CW looks at the ratings of its shows, and goes from there. Renewing/cancelling shows IS based on ratings. Networks don’t keep shows on the air when no one is watching, because then how will they have the $$ to produce the show? Look at all the shows the CW has cancelled in the last couple of years: The Beautiful Life, Melrose Place, H8R, Hellcats…they all had the lowest ratings on the CW.

            The fact is that 90210 is doing better than many shows on the CW, which is why most sites have it as likely renewel. I do see them sticking with GG, probably to give it a final season. But I don’t see how you can say that GG is a “seed for the demographics that the network needs to grow”. It’s in its fifth season and doing horribly, so it’s doubtful it will get any new viewers. Knowing the CW, they might renew Ringer as well, but they are probably diasppointed by the ratings, and it probably will not find a noticeably larger audience.

            What the CW needs is a show like TVD, which started strong and still pulls in respectable ratings for the network.

        • Smallville944 says:

          maybe in A18-49 and viewers Gossip Girl has been doing terrible but its still above average for The CW in W18-34 beating out shows like ringer,Nikita, Supernatural, Secret Circle (Sometimes) and sometimes 90210 plus i think they will renew it because all the stars are contracted to season 6 so will just run the series through there contract and season 6 will be the final season if it gets renewed which is why its probaly listed as a safe bet

          • Doreen Theobald says:

            Supernatural beats out any show on CW or the other networks. There is more talent on that show than all the other CW shows put together!!!

          • rowan77 says:

            You tell’em Doreen! Preach sister!

      • James says:

        “Ringer hits a demographic that the CW’s other shows do not.” I’m sorry. Is Supernatural “The CW’s” bastard child or something!!

        • Drew says:

          Supernatural is a completely different demo than Ringer. Supernatural is a guy show, which appeals to dudes who like cars and guns. Older, yes… but not the same demographic as Ringer, which likely appeals to older (as in not teen) women and less military personnel than Supernatural.

          Truth is, the CW desperately needs to create shows that appeal to both of these demos and gets away from the teen girls that they’ve been targeting since they went on the air.

          • Katy says:

            Well, I’m a 25 year old woman and I watch ALL of those shows, GG, 90210, Supernatural AND Ringer.

          • Ariel says:

            Supernatural is a guy show? Seriously? It’s cool scifi with two very sexy men as the leads. How is that NOT a chick show?

          • Carrie says:

            On the surface, SN does appear to be a ‘guy show’, but it actually appeals to all kinds of people. I only know women who watch the show, but I’m sure there are plenty of men who watch as well. I hope both SN and “Ringer” are renewed (and “Nikita”).

          • Eric says:

            Spn is the only show on CW which has an equal men and women fanbase. I actually know more men fans than females. Its popularity outside US is staggering and quite surprising. I don’t see the reason CW would want to cancel the show since the ratings alone don’t reflect on this show, much like GG.

          • Winchester says:

            Ita. Spnl is one of the best shows to air on network tv! There’s no way CW can cancel its only show other than Ringer which doesn’t cater to teen girls.

          • Lisa London says:

            I agree with Ariel. People tend to think that sci-fi shows (and their derivatives) only appeal to men – yet, look at the hotness of the male leads in BSG, SG1 and SGA, TVD, Supernatural, Buffy and Angel, Firefly… just to name a few. Plenty of eye candy there for us ladies!

          • Ava says:

            If you think that SPN is a “guy” show, then you’ve clearly never been to a convention, which are usually 95% female fans. I’m a girl, and I think that Supernatural is the best show on TV.

          • Charles says:

            I completely agree with people who say Supernatural is a guy show! Just because girls shout more at cons, doesn’t mean they are the primary viewers for the show. Its the most badass guy show on network tv other than Person of Interest! For heavens sake, two guys roam around in a classic Impala hunting and hooking up with random chicks along with awesome music! How can that not be a guy show! In what definition isn’t that a guy show? Even the family relationships and hardships touch a guys heart to the core! It is a guys show with females who love their handsome guys just being more vociferous!

          • melissa says:

            Supernatural a GUYS show!? Um, no. It took me years to get my husband to watch it because the cw has never really promoted the show correctly. He finally came around at the end of season 4 because I was so into it I took my laptop all over the house w/ me so I could watch over and over while doing laundry, dishes, etc, and pretty much making it impossible for him to ignore. shows like gossip girl, the vampire diaries and 90210 get more hype than spn, but few shows have the kind of following it does. And it is a mostly female following. The shows writers, producers and actors have all acknowleged that over the years.
            All I know is my husband and I both dig the show because it’s a good show. I don’t stare at the screen and think “yummy” until the 4th or 5th time I’ve watched an episode.

          • Kate says:

            I think the success of Supernatural is that it appeals to a broader demographic than a lot of the other shows on the CW and to both sexes. Also, it has brilliant writing and a cast that continually delivers flawless performances. It’s quality drama. The success of the program outside of the US, in licensing, syndication and DVD sales etc. makes it more than just a show that requires the high ratings numbers.

          • K42 says:

            Supernatural a guy show? Man, that’s very funny! :)
            I agree with all those who say that it’s able to appeal to both men and women, but of course it’s more of a “chick show who appeals to men too” than vice versa. The fandom is utterly dominated by female fans (which is good, because it proves that girls like horror just fine)

          • Leisa says:

            Are you kidding? I have a group of women in their 20’s that work for me and they have to have their Dean and Sam fix each week! Being 52 and relating to the cars, music and a nice looking man or men in this case, Supernatural is very strong among women. Plus “Most” of every horror movie buff that gives the show a shot get’s hooked. This end of the 7th season has renewed our faith in the show because they have had the good sense to bring back both Bobby and Cas, hats off to supernatural!

          • Dannielle says:

            i disagree i think supernatural while it does appeal to men is still a show for women who doesn’t love to watch sam and dean every single week plus it’s funny and I think the ringer is great as well and is something the cw needs they can’t just have all teeny bopper shows and expect to survive the people that watched the cw when it was dawsons creek and stuff have grown up into adults and the cw needs to take that into account

          • someone... says:

            Surprinsigly, there’re actually more SPN female fans then guys. I think they like the hot brothers think, fighting evil and stuff..

          • Liz says:

            Haha are you kidding me? Supernatural is a “guy show”? Right…I don’t know any guys who watch it, but lots of girls who do. I’m sure it has a wide range of fans, because yes, on the surface it seems like a guys shows, but anyone who actually watches an episode will see it’s a show for everyone. I think it has something for everyone. Attractive male characters, action, adventure, tension, emotion, and of coarse, bad guys. The only thing I think it lacks is any central female characters. They’ve had some in past seasons, or at least recurring female characters, but they’ve all been killed off.
            However I was prepared to hate the show forever when they killed off Bobby, but I stuck with it (although every episode without him felt like it was lacking something) and it looks like he’ll be coming back, at least for now, so I’m prepared to forgive the writers for killing him off. I think if neither Castiel and Bobby had made a comeback, this would’ve been the last season. No offense to Sam and Dean, but they need backup. At this point, the show really couldn’t survive with just the 2 of them. And I find Garth obnoxious so he really didn’t help the show at all.

          • Kathy says:

            Sorry Drew but you’re off the mark! I am a mid forties professional with no kids and a very nice income and the only CW shows I enjoy and religiously watch are Supernatural and Hart of Dixie. I can’t stand Ringer!

          • Supernatural is a guy show? Damn, nobody told me. Guess I better stop watching now. …. NOT! Supernatural remains one of my favorite shows on tv right now. I will keep watching it til they cancel it and then I will keep watching old episodes on DVD. lol. Maybe I’m weird, though, because I also watch GG, TVD, and will be devastated if they cancel Ringer.

          • I think the fact that there is a debate about whether or not it’s marketed for women or men means that it is marketed for anyone who likes supernatural, I think it’s very similar demo to people that watch superhero movies, Buffy the vampire slayer ect.
            And btw people, I’m pretty sure every die hard buffy fan is now watching the ringer and bones, and all 3 of those shows are watched by men and women.
            And I think what a lot of you are failing to realize is that women are starting to watch “guy stuff”. So what used to be considered a “guy show” is fair game for anyone. Also, I think that men are starting to watch more girl shows too.

          • Alex says:

            ummm…. no. Supernatural is DEFINITELY not a guy show. Everyone I know that watches Supernatural is a girl. Getting two hot guys with guns fighting demons? That draws a LOT of females. But it also attracts guys because of the fighting, guns, car etc. I started watching the show in 7th grade and have been watching ever since. (I’m in college and I’m a girl.) Also, the thing about Supernatural is that it’s all about heart and family. The creator, Eric Kripke has said a hundred times, that the show isn’t about monsters and fighting. The show is about doing the right thing and sticking by your family. It’s about two brothers who would go to the ends of the world for eachother. That makes it inspiring and heartfelt (and hot) to girls and fufills the (typical) guy’s need for violence, weapons, and monsters. (Which I also love btw.)

          • Alexis says:

            Supernatural a guys show?! The only guys I know that watch it are gay. The whole draw of the show is two beautiful and hot guys, the relationship between them and protecting everyone they meet along the way – which part of that is not designed to bring in the female viewers, there is almost nothing for guys to get attached to.

          • Mrs. Peele says:

            I most strongly say that Supernatural is far from a ‘guy show’. I’m a cougar and proud of it and I would love to cuddle all those gorgeous men of Supernatural! The scripts are outstanding; the characters amazing – even the ones who have very small parts are great. I have enjoyed watching this show and hope to continue to do so for a while longer. I love BABY since I almost bought that model back in the day. As far as Ringer goes, I watched the first episode and the one that had Misha Collins in it because I don’t think this story line can last too long. It’s been done already in movies. I like Sara Michelle Geller since her Buffy days. But I cannot get into this show. I have always been a Sy Fy and horror fan and the ghosts, vampires and all the other lore they spring at me is a delicious meal of weekly terror. The story surrounding the brothers and family, faith, trust and humor in the face of gruesome evil makes for a great night of tv viewing. The conventions are packed with people who are just crazy over this show, here and in other countries. I want to keep seeing ‘the road so far’ for a long time.

          • V says:

            Guy show?!?! I know 1 guy who watches it and that’s it. I do however know LOTS of girls who do.

          • Iris says:

            Just change that to “Supernatural is a guy show, which appeals to dudes who like cars and guns, AND to gals who like dudes who like cars and guns”, then we’re golden.

          • Supernatural has both male and female fans of all ages and nationalities. Check out face book and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I didn’t watch it when it debuted because I dismissed it as a show for young people because the stars were too good looking but then I saw a rerun of Supernatural on TNT and I was hooked.

          • Doreen Theobald says:

            Well, I’m a 61 year old woman and I’d watch Supernatural before I’d watch any show on T.V Its always exciting and I love those boys!!

          • Charlie says:

            Well, I’m a 23 year old male and I watch. Gossip Girl, 90210, Supernatural, Ringer, Hart of Dixie, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, One Tree Hill, Once Upon a Time, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Missing, Community, Criminal Minds and more. Just because a series has a demographic doesn’t mean all kinds of people don’t watch it.

          • Amber says:

            I couldn’t agree more I will be a 30yr old women tomorrow and OTH is my favorite show of all times and 90210 is second..I love all the CW show’s but not a fan of Nakita really..Doesnt mean its not good just not a fan.. But I watch many different types of shows..

          • I love supernatural, and so do alot of girls :) it’s so well written, and it’s a plus Sam and Dean are hot!

          • Mickey says:

            Geez, both guys and girls like the show! It’s not an either/or proposition, it’s both. If Drew is a guy who knows a lot of guys who are into the show too, then to him it’s a guy show. If you’re a woman who knows a lot of girls who love the show as well, then to you it’s a woman’s show.

            The fact is, we experience it differently, so we tend to share it with our own gender. I saw a documentary on fandoms that showed how fangirls experience it communally, by sharing the experience with other fangirls, and will go to conventions together. Men tend to enjoy these things more on an individual basis, they don’t feel the need to share it with other people. So just because women dominate the fandom and the con doesn’t mean there aren’t a great many male viewers.

            And the kind of guy who likes muscle cars and guns and classic rock is probably not the kind of guy who wants to go squee at a con. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, just because you don’t run into them, or don’t know any personally. I do know guys who are into Supernatural, and they would never set foot in an online fandom and would never even consider going to a con. But they exist nonetheless.

            And btw, with only three exceptions in recent times (24, Chuck and a third I can’t remember right now) EVERY scripted live-action has more female viewers than male viewers. Sports and animated series like The Simpsons have more male viewers. And Supernatural has more male viewers than the other CW shows.

          • Heather says:

            I am a 40 year old woman and love both shows, Supernatural and Ringer!!!
            As for “Truth is, the CW desperately needs to create shows that appeal to both of these demos and gets away from the teen girls that they’ve been targeting since they went on the air.” I agree, too many teen shows and terrible ones at that!

          • Mac says:

            Supernatural DEFINITELY appeals to straight guys. To question that would be similar to questioning whether guys like buddy cop shows and movies. Guy like kick ass shows with characters who they could see having a few beers or shots (as in whiskey) with after participating in the hunt. It’s not all about eye candy, so the attraction is NOT limited to females or gay males.

        • Julia says:

          Have to agree with the demos of Ringer. I love the show but most of my friends haven’t heard of it – it clearly appeals to the 25-45 female audience, most of whom have never watched (nor ever would) Supernatural. I love Ringer – and SMG is fabulous in it, as is the guy who plays her mock-husband – but it needs better scripts and a higher profile. As for GG, they lost me mid-Season 2. 90210 – I watched the original and had zero desire to watch the remake.

          • Dannielle says:

            i love supernatural it’s one of my favs and i also love ringer so i wouldn’t say that someone who likes one doesn’t like the other

          • Melanie says:

            I agree that SPN is for both men and women. If I had to pick I would say a chick show that men watch, too. I am a 41 y/o woman who has watched SPN from the beginning. I also love Ringer, which has gotten so much better since the pilot. It’s a much watch for me (not DVR). I never watched GG, 90210, TVD, or TSC. I did watch Smallville and I think that whomever said that audience wasn’t fully captured after the series ended was right.

          • Amanda says:

            I completely agree with the 90210 thing. I loved the original and I have seen every ep. But as far as the “remake”, I havent seen one ep, nor do i have the urge to.

            As to Ringer, I am in love with this show. havent missed one episode. I do hope they bring it back.

            And I think SPN is for both men and women. I love, love, love Dean. I also love and miss seeing the Impala :(

          • Iris says:

            Whew. Guess it’s a good thing for me I fall beyond that age range for female Supernatural viewers, or I’d have to hand in my Female Target Audience Viewer Card.

          • desdeguate says:

            Well, I’m 43, and have been watching Supernatural from the first season. I got bored of GG after one season, of 90210 after two eps, never watched Ringer but I’m certainly gonna keep watching Supernatural even after the show ends. I’ve got all the DVD’s and make regular weekend marathons for myself. So sorry if I don’t fit the demo ;o)

          • Jeff says:

            Well said Mickey. Guys dont go to work and gossip about tv shows…doesn’t mean we dont watch them. All of you women out there saying you only know women who watch it….that’s because you all gossip about things like that all the time. And Mickey’s right….most straight guys will not show up to a convention acting like teenage girls. With all that said…I’m a 33 yr-old male and I love the show.

        • Alex says:

          Supernatural was on the Wb for a year before the CW existed. When the two networks merged it was brought over. Supernatural came before any of the other shows that are on now. It’s just the only one that has lasted that long. The only other show that survived on the cw as long as supernatural was one tree hill and that’s ending this season. (Thank god)

    • dee123 says:

      Ooh? It now says could go either way, interesting.

    • Jake says:

      I would assume that Gossip Girl gets more views online and has higher DVD sales than 90210 which I’m sure factors into this.

    • Alexa says:

      90210 may be above gossip girl but the secret circle is above 90210 AND gossip girl and heart of dixie and ringer in ratings yet here they could go either way? That makes no sence!!! THE SECRET CIRCLE SEASON 2!!! :) make u eat those words ;) hehe

  4. eric murphy says:

    I squee’d a little when you made Community a ‘safe bet’ for NBC. From your lips to the ears of the people at NBC who make these decisions. #sixseasonsandamovie!!

    • Eliza says:

      Same here. Please, NBC do not let this creative and completely awesome gem go!

      Also very happy to see Parks and Rec listed as a “sure thing”….

      Poor Cougar Town hasn’t even gotten out of the gate yet. It’s one of my favs and I hate what ABC has done to it this year. I mean, Work It over CT?! C’mon.

    • Ari says:

      Agreed. While I would love Community to go on forever, I think a 4th year ending would be totally fine. They could graduate and that could be it! I am braething a little easier for Community and have now turned my worry and stress to Cougar Town. At least CT isn’t listed as a long-shot. Obviously TVline does not see the Cougar Town situation as dire as I do, which makes me think that maybe I’m just totally freaking panicked for nothing?

      • Lisa London says:

        Agreed on the four year run. They can’t be students forever so it would be a perfect ending!

        • brianch says:

          If Bart Simpson can be in the fourth grade for 20 years the community gang can be in their second year of Community College forever. IMHO

    • Watt DeFark says:

      Me too. Community please.

      NBC, embrace the niche of “quality”.

  5. Kendal says:

    Not really concerned about anything besides Body of Proof, Up All Night and Cougar Town. All my other shows seem to be sitting comfortably. I hate this part of been a TV fan.

  6. fernando says:

    ABC I hope Revenge get a season 2, I am praying Pan Am gets save and moved to a better night,(THURSDAY), I will be so mad at ABC if they let go of Body of Proof and Private Practice should get at least one more season, i don’t want ABC to just cancel it this year, just give them one more season.

    The CW: Hart of Dixie is their best show this year, it has heart, its funny, its cute, it has every thing a show should have. But maybe CW should rethink about one of their old pilot they never picked up Body Politc, now that Minka isnt doing anything, they should pick up the show.

    NBC:Parenthood should get another season and I hope Smash becomes a hit.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Out of the new CW shows, I actually enjoy Hart of Dixie more than Ringer. So, I was happy to see that Team Tvline has HoD with a greater chance of renewal.
      Not surprised that The Secret Circle has a good shot at getting renewed.

      • Lisa London says:

        Loving Heart of Dixie. Was not sure at first but glad I stuck to it. It had a great heart and puts a smile on my face after every episode. Plus, the Levon and Lemon storyline is heartbreaking.
        Not a big fan of the Secret Circle – characters are unlikable so far and the plot is fairly boring. Will give it to the end of the season but not a favourite like TVD.

        • Ella says:

          I’m the same Lisa – wasn’t sure around the pirate thanksgiving episode but SO glad I continued to watch because they chemistry and sweetness of the show is too good to not watch!

      • Ella says:

        Exactly the same Elizabeth – big fan of Hart of Dixie! :)

    • Myrthe says:

      I am also praying that Pan Am gets a second season. I really love that show. Hart of Dixie is definitely also one of my favourites!

    • Teresa Stewart says:

      I agree Revenge is good and should at least get a season 2, it and Person of Interest are two of the better shows that you have come up with lately. Also if you want to bring Funny back to life, bring Charlie Sheen back to Two and a Half Men. That is the funniest show with the original 3 actors I have seen in many many years and my husband and I watch the reruns 4 times a night and we don’t even like comedies! Also Suburgatory is great! I hope it gets another season. The Good Wife, and The Gifted Man are two more great shows. Give us more of these. They are good, funny, and mostly clean shows.

    • Mandy says:

      Agreed about Body Politic. That was the most interesting new possible show last season and then nothing ever came of it.
      And they need to cast Jason Dohring in it, so that he is in something watchable (not even he could keep me watching RInger).

  7. Shazza, UK says:

    Hating that Fringe is in the ‘long shot’ category. Smarter scheduling is surely the answer for this show? Its consistently good storytelling and excellent performances never fail to disappoint – if it must be the beginning of the end, at least do what happened with Chuck and announce one final season. Also surprised at House’s ‘could go either way’ status – this season has, on the whole, been a huge improvement on last.

    • brandy says:

      While I agree that this season has been good, I kind of hope that House decides to go out on a high note instead of clinging onto a ninth season and possibly slipping again. And I would really hope that this decision would come from the creative team rather than the network, but I’m not so sure that’s going to happen.

    • Vicki says:

      I completely agree. Poor Fringe is always walking that tightrope. I wish Fox would air a marathon of the entire series to try to get people to catch up and become a regular viewer. It’s too good to lose.

    • tropolite says:

      Fringe needs to stay…

      If Network Execs relegate a show to be put on Friday nights (when people enjoy going out, esp in the demographic Fringe is targetted toward), it must have a longer leash.

      The show has a great mix, ‘Walter’ with his off the cuff remarks, excellent story telling with episode story and underlying arc threading everything together. In my top 4 shows!

      Keep it going, change airing nights and market it as Vickie remarked.

      • allen says:

        fringe to me deserves better than long shot status, i finally had the privelege to catch up on the show and i find it very good, what might make people mad is you have to pay attention to it because it does become a juggler based on how the show has gone, not gonna spoil it for non viewers who haven’t seen it yet but i offer 1 piece of advice for fox and viewers and potential viewers. have patience and the privelege of watching a great show which i think deserves to be reconized as one of the last remaining good shows on tv. my advice for next year is put it on monday nights along side touch with keifer sutherland and i think u’ll have a deadly combo. jmo

        • MattS says:

          That is great scheduling advice. Fringe is just too good of a show to let it go to the wayside. Listen up Fox Execs!

    • Ariel says:

      I’m with you on that. I think it has a decent chance of at least a partial fifth year since I remember reading that they were watching TiVo ratings since they’re actually a good part of the show. I think they realize that if they can get a 5th year out of it, it can get more money from syndication. It’s probably going to be one of those inexpensive syndication slot fillers on networks that don’t want to put a lot of money into filling slots. The longer they push it the more money they can get in syndication. There are probably a lot of networks that would grab it. They could even roll it over to FX. Fingers crossed that Fox sees the wisdom of giving it renewals.

      • Doug-H says:

        Fringe is a tough watch at times even for hard core fans… I think Fox has given up and will let them end it this season… Lets hope they can write a decent finale… Not every TV show lasts forever… even Law and Order, which should never have been cancelled BTW… Fringe has had a nice run for a cult show…

        • Jo Marsh says:

          I think Fringe gets better and better each season! You have to think, and think hard while watching to work out what is going on.

          And how come The Firm could go either way? It’s only just started! Give it a chance!

    • Whaa says:

      I want them to renew Fringe for just one more season. Why can’t they just give them that to finish it out right? That’s all I ask.

      Also, I’m concerned that Up All Night is “could go either way”

  8. Ryan says:

    Community is a safe bet?!? I’m ecstatic to hear that, but a bit surprised with its whole ‘hiatus’ situation. But you have that and Parks & Rec listed as safe bets, so my starts out on a high note!

    • Lindsey says:

      I thought the same thing! I was surprised to see that. I figured it would be “could go either way.” Let’s hope this will be correct!

  9. Poppy says:

    FRINGE: ‘long shot’ – kills me inside :(

    • Natalie says:

      It definately hurts to hear about Fringe but I can’t say I’m shocked. It’s an amazing show that never hooked an audience like it should have. I still say it would’ve gotten a better audience if it had been on FX or SyFy. I’ll be sad to see it go and just pray that Fox will let it finish out the season and the writers attempt to wrap it up in some way is successful.

    • Saracen Riggins says:

      That’s exactly what I was going to say :\ a little something died inside me when I read it as a long shot. Here’s hoping for one final season to wrap things up in an intentional, WELL DESERVED way.

    • Paul Penna says:

      I will be absolutely gutted if Fringe does not return.

      It’s the best show on television at the moment.

      I kinda wonder if it’s renewal might depend on how well Alcatraz does (in which case Alcatraz, sorry, but I hope you die a quick death). Fox really needs to give Fringe at least one more season.

      • Mikey says:

        Fox needs to do away with some of the stupid animated crap that used to be reserved for saturday mornings

    • Jenny says:

      No doubt, Poppy. I feel the same way. It seems that it’s time for a SAVE FRINGE campaign.

    • WWP says:

      It makes me sad that quality mental nutrition “fringe” is a long shot and yet useless junk food like the “the bachelor” is a sure thing.

      • Carly says:

        WWP, you are su bloody amazing. I cant believe the drivle that is ‘a sure thing’ and yet shows like Fringe, who are amazing, and make you think, and have you on the edge of your seat for half a year are long shots. I wish I lived in America, I’d GLADLY be infront of the TV on a friday night to support fringe =)

  10. Lina says:

    Not Nikita!!!

  11. Jen says:

    House: a long shot
    My opinion :)

  12. Beth says:

    You really ought to change “A safe bet” to “A good bet.” People hear the word “safe” and get the wrong idea sometimes. When it’s just one step above “could go either way” I’m not sure “safe” is really the right word to use.

  13. Renee says:

    Person of Interest: Could go either way. :-(
    Terra Nova: Could go either way. :-(
    Grimm: A safe bet. :-)

    • allen says:

      i think person of interest is safe. it is a great show. i do have 1 curious question though, anyone know if a gifted man is safe or in jeopardy?

      • Renee says:

        They have it listed above as a long shot so I would say definitely in jeopardy.

      • Amanda says:

        they have it listed as a long shot which is sad i love Gifted Man more then I love house!!

        • Carol says:

          I totally agree with you! I was beginning to wonder if my husband and I were the only ones watching Gifted Man. The story line is great and the acting is superb!

          • Emily says:

            You’re not alone. Best and only medical show I will ever watch. Most of them are just too… ugh. I dunno. Not to mention I’ve had too many actual medical experiences to enjoy most medical dramas. I hope it comes back. The think that hooked me was the supernatural element along with the medical.

        • calistoga says:

          We are devastated to hear “A Gifted Man” is in jeopardy! The acting and the ensemble are superb. Writing and direction is smart and quick, without shallow gimmicks. The locations of an upscale hospital AND a contrasting low-end clinic is very clever, allowing the storylines to run the gamut of average life situations. Then there’s the introduction to new innovations in medical technology! Foremost, there’s the yummy Doc (Patrick Wilson) and his assistant (Margo Martindale). Putting them together was a great coup! CBS usually gives us the drama we want, but if they refuse to keep “A Gifted Man”, I pray FOX or USA or (?) will pick it up. We would easily watch 200 episodes!!!

          • Dee says:

            I agree Gifted Man is a great show, I CBS usually give their shows a chance so hopefully they keep this one.

          • Rachelle L has already signed on to a new show, so I doubt the show comes back. I loved AGM though. One of the only shows I kept up with this year.

          • Kris says:

            Love the gifted man. I am getting so sick and tired of these networks. You get a few new shows then a bunch of reruns then just a couple of new shows. What happen to giving a show a chance. I am so sick and tired of reality TV. I get hooked on TV show such as The Secret Circle, Terra Nova etc… And then it’s cancelled. I really do miss the old days where a show would start in September continue thu Christmas then take a short break and resume after the first of the year and continue thru summer without a lot of reruns in between. Isn’t summer time when all the reruns would play? Remember the good ole days with FRIENDS AND ER, All My Children, etc…. I am so done with TV. I wonder what would happen to all of these networks if we all quit watching TV. what’s the point of watching a new show when just after a few episodes they cancel it. I am happy with reading books and watching reruns of my favorite TV shows ER, Friends, threes company, etc…. Good-bye to cable and TV. Should be able to save a lot on my money by not having to pay those high cable bills.

          • smalltownmiss says:

            Loved “A Gifted Man.” Sorry to see it go!

    • Claudia G says:

      I know! Person of Interest could go either way? I thought it had done quite well… Hope it comes back! It’d better come back! Mr. Reese!!! Mr. Finch!!!

      • joybrennan says:

        Yikes! What happened with Person Of Interest! It’s been doing well all year! I HOPE NBC keeps AWAKE. It’s in a juggernaut of a timeslot, but it’s REALLY good. Totally deserves another season – in better timeslot. I swear, what’s happened to counterprogramming. Thursdays 9-11 has major drama overload!

    • Debra says:

      Grimm a safe bet……….this is a good thing!!
      SPN renewed……..oh ya baby!!
      Once Upon a Time renewed…………..!!! 5 seasons, a movie and definitely a theme park (lol)

  14. MSC says:

    GG is a piece of crap. If the lowest rated show on TV can get renewed then that tells me the CW is garbage too.

    • Aysh says:

      I agree GG needs to end this season all the stories are being done to death and its like hanging by a thread.

    • Drew says:

      They’ve gotten by on the buzz appeal so far. At the beginning, people were talking about the show itself. Now, they’re mainly talking about Leighton and Blake. The network probably liked the amount of attention the show brought them… but yeah, the network really needs to move on.

    • AnnClau says:

      GG wouldn’t be such crap if Gossip Girl was actually doing something. It’s as if the writers forgot about her. Just find her and get it over with

  15. Lisa says:

    Any mid-season replacements announced?

  16. Jo says:

    Am so worried Fringe will get cancelled, i really love the show. I’m not sure why it’s not doing so well in the US but i hope they do either show it at a different time or give it one last season. This show needs a satisfactory conclusion, not a rush job! Also totally chuffed that NCIS will be getting to season 10. WooHoo!! :)

  17. Chandra says:

    Pan Am sucked, way overblown beyond the hype and the commercials got on my nerves. I tried watching one episode and turned the channel.

    • Eli says:

      Good for you, now go back to watching Terra Nova and Two and a Half Men…

    • fernando says:

      I mother always said, if you dont have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, I understand you don’t like Pan Am but I and at least 5 other million do love Pan Am and we want to save the show, its sad that 5 million is not enough now a days in my eyes 5 million is alot.

      • Michael says:

        5 million has never been enough…

      • NotsoDarling says:

        Not Pan Am!! I don’t get it..what went wrong? Can’t a smart show live to see a second season at least :/ IMO, Pan Am was one of the best shows last year..This brings back the pain of The Black Donnellys and Kings *sigh* Cancelled too soon :(

      • Myrthe says:

        I think 5 million is indeed a lot of people. And than you don’t count people who watch it online, or people in other country’s like me. I’m from Holland and I really like the it. I’m really hoping they give it a second season

      • Dee says:

        Yes Keep Pan Am they haven’t given it a chance yet!

  18. Geordiegirl1967 says:

    How can GG be ‘a safe bet’? It has the lowest ratings on CW by some margin.

  19. Steph says:

    Bones!! Ahhh<3

  20. Aiswarya says:


  21. Luz says:

    I hope you’re right about a Community we need #sixseasonsandamovie
    It’s an amazing show I can’t believe it doesn’t have a return date yet.

  22. GIL says:

    I still don’t understand how crappy GG can be a safe bet and Body of Proof or Fringe are not. Please, somebody!!!!! What is going on????????

  23. Isabel says:

    I wish more people were watching Fringe. This show is so incredible.

    • Ari says:

      I am the type of person who usually loves shows like Fringe (judging by what I’ve heard about it) but I never started watching it because I know Fox likes to meddle in the production of shows like Fringe. I sitll haven’t started watching it because I don’t want to start now only to have it end in a few months! I want to wait until the show is over and see if the fans were satisfied with the ending.

      • Drew says:

        Regardless of how Fringe ends, it has provided some of the best scifi to ever grace television. No unresolved cliffhanger would ever make the show unworthy of watching in the first place. If you like shows like this, I say that you should watch. You’re probably picking up bits and pieces of information that are going to take away the thrill of experiencing the story unfold naturally. Things that shocked and amazed us when they happened will be old news to you. I can’t speak for you, but I would have hated to know where the series was going when it started.

        • James says:

          ITA! Fringe is one of those shows which is naturally appealing and satisfying even though we don’t know where it might end up.

        • MattS says:

          I totally agree with you on this. It doesn’t matter what happens at the end of this season, because the show has been simply amazing from the get-go. Fringe has some of the most brilliant writing, acting, production and special effects of any show to ever air on network TV. I highly recommend it to anyone who may like sci-fi and hasn’t yet tuned in. Well worth the time!

          • Dee says:

            True a great show, I have watched it from the beginning but so many people won’t watch any scifi shows and never understand how good they can be, here’s to many more seasons of Fringe.

      • irishrose says:

        I didnt start watchign fringe until last year. I actually watched it at first didn’t like it but then caught a late season 2 episode and then marathoned the whole series to watch season 3. Its so worth watching even if we only get 4 seasons(please don’t happen!) It’s one of those shows that would benefit from a straight through run. We’re only 8 episodes in but i think more time has been spent on hiatus b/c of baseball and scheduling . It should be like the lost and 24 model where it airs in january straight to the end. This year scheduling was even worse than usual. Also the fact that all 3 science fiction type shows air at the same time on fri night cant be helping. I jsut keep hoping fringe will be like chuck where it gets miraculous renewals and can finish the story on their own terms

      • Alex says:

        The “White Tulip” episode in Season 2 was by far one of the best episodes of TV overall that I have ever seen. It hit an emotional core that blended sci-fi with spirituality that literally left both me and my husband speechless (and he doesn’t even watch Fringe with me on a regular basis). It would be a travesty to not follow through on this series.

        • Claire says:

          My husband and I totally agree! At the ending our hearts just burst, it was so beautiful and so deftly played by John Noble. My husband actually said, “That might have been the most perfect television episode I’ve seen in years.”

      • Jenny says:

        You should still watch, Ari! I didn’t start watching until this past summer (on DVD of course) and now wished that I’d watched it a whole lot sooner.

  24. Drew says:

    Well, the only good thing about it being the final season of Chuck is that I won’t have to keep checking this list.

    • Aiden says:

      Yup, that’s usually why I used to check this list everyday. No need for that anymore. This fifth and final season for CHUCK has really been a gift.
      Only thing I’m super concerned about is the fate of COUGAR TOWN now Glad that COMMUNITY is a safe bet. These 3 Cs are always the ones I root for so hard to survive.

  25. Jess says:

    I’ll be bummed if body of proof gets the axe and private practice gets renewed. Don’t they have similar ratings numbers?

  26. John Grose says:

    Fringe is a “long shot”?! Crud! I just finished watching season three. Go ahead, FOX, give me another reason to hate you with the fury of a thousand suns. I double dog dare you.


    • Carly says:

      As if i need another reason to hate them after Firefly =(

      • Emily says:

        Agreed. That show didn’t have near a long enough run. It’s possible to keep space shows running indefinitely there are so many possibilities. Example: Star Trek. It never dies. Unfortunately for Firefly, the Serenity movie sort of killed the biggest plot device they had at their disposal, so it’s pretty much dead.

      • Mac Breck says:

        Only Firefly? I have that reason and 11 more:

        The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (FOX, 1993-1994), May 1994, 27 episodes.
        Strange Luck (FOX, 1995-1996) February 1996, 17 episodes.
        Brimstone (FOX, 1998-1999) February 1999, 13 episodes.
        The Tick (FOX, 2001-2002) January 2002, 9 episodes, 1 unaired.
        Titus (FOX, 2000-2002), August 2002, 54 episodes.
        Firefly (FOX, 2002) December 2002, 15 episodes, 3 unaired.
        John Doe (FOX, 2002-2003) April 2003, 21 episodes.
        Keen Eddie (FOX, 2003) July 2003, 13 episodes, 6 unaired by FOX.
        Wonderfalls (FOX, 2004) April 2004, 13 episodes, 9 unaired by FOX.
        Back to You (FOX, 2007-2008), May 2008, 17 episodes, 3 unaired.
        Human Target (FOX, 2010-2011, Feb. 2011, 25 episodes)
        The Finder (FOX, 2011-2012, May 11, 2012, 13 episodes).

  27. Carol says:

    FRINGE needs a final fifth season!!!!

  28. Thari says:

    Shouldn’t Bob’s Burgers be ‘too early to tell’? Season 2 hasn’t even premiered yet..
    Also I’m really excited that The Good Wife is a sure thing!

  29. SparksNight says:

    Fringe is the best show out of all of these. Yet, it’s at the same position as ‘Whitney’. Looking just at FOX, it’s better than New Girl, Bones, freaking GLEE and every other show whose renewal is a ‘sure thing’. PLEASE RESCHEDULE! It’s such a fantastic show, and FOX is letting it waste away by showing it on a Friday. It’s so unfair. :/

    • Jennifer says:

      I totally agree with you that Fringe is the best! Bones hands down was my favorite until Fringe came along! I don’t read too much into this because after all it is someone’s opinion & not the actual network’s also Fringe is about to show the episode we all have been waiting for that is going to prove why when a show begins to feel this real, is it a wonder that the line between television and reality blurs? Which will then have everyone AS ALWAYS blown away! I don’t understand why people say such negative things about Fringe when they ALWAYS prove their brilliance!Science fiction is an enigma in and of itself, yet FRINGE makes it look effortless and exciting and I have NEVER been a SciFi fan because no one has ever been able to convince me enough that what I am watching is challenging enough in my mind to where it makes me question whether what I’m watching could possibly be true, until this show came along.

    • Anna says:

      Bones and New Girl star the lovely and talented Deschanel sisters. Fringe stars a man faced cow, and a nausiatingly pervy looking old man.

      • James says:

        Your comment disgusts me.

      • Katarzyna says:

        Could you please don’t offend extremely talented and EMMY worthy actor John Noble? He alone, although I stopped watching Fringe because of too crazy stories, is ten thousand times more worth than both Deschanel sisters… BTW, if you think the Bones actress is pretty, you obviously haven’t seen Castle’s Stana Katic…

      • s says:

        Spell much, you nauseating cow?

      • Jo Marsh says:

        See, this comment says it all. That “pervy looking old man” is actually a fine actor. Did you know he is Australian, for a start? He plays the one character in several completely different ways, as do the rest of the actors in Fringe. But hey, of course that doesn’t matter, does it? Another example of looks being more important thant talent, eh? No wonder the shows that get the nod are of the Two and a Half Morons type.

      • will says:

        Something wrong with you?

  30. Robert Zich says:

    Prime Suspect was a good show,maybe it could get picked up by a cable network.

    • dwain says:

      very , very, sad this got cancelled
      I thought Maria Bello deserved an Emmy for her work

    • Todd says:

      I think the problem with Prime Suspect was that the first several episode were only okay and really didn’t make people want to continue watching it. By the end the show got really good. Unfortunately, I think people had already given up on it.

    • cjs mommy says:

      i SO AGREE!!!!

  31. Julie says:

    Glad that a few of my shows are already renewed so I don’t have to worry about them. As for Once I do hope that they don’t stretch the story too long. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with 22 episodes already (and I want Mary and David together. Period).

    As for Supernatural, I might get my head ripped off by saying this but don’t you think it’s about time they finally set the show into a final season? I love the boys but what will they do after those whatever Levis are gone?

    I’m still sad that Up All Night got farther than Free Agents… So whatever happens to that show I’ll be “meh” anyways…

    I thought Glee had already been renewed? I must be off with my news and gossip about the show, but it doesn’t matter much since I haven’t seen much of season 3.

    • Ines says:

      Agree with Supernatural. As a fan since season 1, I feel that season 6 and the current season 7 have been very disappointing (except for rare notable episodes).
      I know many won’t agree but I’d rather see this show get canceled now so they have time to do a proper ending.

      • Brad says:

        No! Hell NO! Even now, Supernatural is better than 90% of the crap tv networks air!!

        • Neha says:

          Agree with Brad!

        • Sally says:

          90%? Let’s be real, that is exaggerating way too much. Supernatural is not THAT good.

          • kerinda says:

            your kidding right? its 100% better than they crap better then the other s#@T I see on tv its the only good thing that is out now I know 7 season is really sucking right now I loving season 6 more and more right now but season 8 could be better or let just say F it and can the show so the guys can do movies that what I want but hell season 8 all the way.

          • silver says:

            I have to agree. Supernatural used to be good, but by the middle of season 5 the quality started going down hill. Season 6 was a disappointing mess, season 7 is better than season 6, but it’s still far from what it used to be in seasons 1-4. These writers, and this showrunner, are lazy, clueless and Gamble is as myopic of a showrunner as one can get. Plus, she’s not as talented as she thinks she is and fails to give credit where credit is due. I miss Kim Manners. Ever since he died, the show has lost its quality.

        • Alex says:

          Thank you!

      • Alex says:

        They already said that they’re ending in a cliffhanger. Meaning, if it gets cancelled we won’t get a solid ending. I’m actually pretty sure the ending has already been filmed. They have to be finished filming a while before they air and even earlier, the writing has to be done. Their’s only a few episodes left in the season anyway. Cw hasn’t renewed anything oficially yet, which is holding series back from producing closed endings, because they already have to be filmed by (and most likely aired) by the time cw makes up its mind. I agree, season 6 and 7 haven’t been that great, but there was a change in the show runner so hopefully they can get back on their feet. Personally, I’ll be happy when this leviathon crap is over with. I think that has been their most lacking big shot monster overall.

  32. HoldOn2Smallville says:

    Once Upon A Time :)
    NCIS :D

  33. Matt, UK says:

    90210 rates better than Gossip Girl, it’s a sure thing for me. Gossip Girl will get a renewal for a curtain call season of 13 episodes like One Tree Hill.

    Very glad that The Good Wife is a sure thing, great series which deserves better ratings.

    Fringe could go either way. After the shocker of last seasons renewal with its already hideous ratings, anything could happen. Helps that Murdoch owns the company that makes it and a member of his own family is in it I guess.

    • Jose M. says:

      I was thinking the same about GG. I mean, Leighton already stated that she plans to leave the show after season six, and GG without Blair isn’t GG, so they’re probably renewing the show for a last season.

  34. Kevin says:

    What about a Cable TV Renewal Scorecard?

  35. Robert says:

    Desperate Housewives was not cancelled. They just are ending it. Huge difference! Its not cancellation if they announce the end before the season starts.

    • Mico says:

      True. It’s ending on its own terms. It is by no means cancelled. “Final season” is the only appropriate label for the show. The same goes for Chuck.

  36. Jenn says:

    How is Parenthood only a safe bet??

  37. Naisha says:

    My heart hurts about Fringe. :-(

  38. Scott says:

    Fringe need to get one more season to wrap everything up. I’d be perfectly happy with a 5th and final season. Please FOX!

    • Aiswarya says:

      The creators say they could even keep the show going for around eight seasons. It’s such a good show. It’s so unfair that it’s not being given a solid chance.

      • Ariel says:

        I’m in agreement there! I’m hoping they are satisfied with TiVo ratings because that what something I read that they were looking at more so than straight ratings. They realize that TiVo/DVRs count for quite a lot of viewers these days.

        • MattS says:

          From what I understand, the networks actually sell the live viewing numbers plus three days of DVR playback to advertisers. They look at (but don’t sell) live plus 7 days of DVR playback. I think the networks even look at online viewing like iTunes and Hulu when looking at the big picture of a show’s popularity. Maybe someone in the industry can correct me on this, but this is what I read.

  39. Jenn says:

    I agree. Same goes with Chuck.

  40. Jason says:

    Castle :), Happy Endings :), Suburgatory :), Revenge :):):), Blue Bloods :), The Good Wife :), Fringe :(:(:(:(:(, House :(, New Girl :), Community :), Parks & Recreation :), Nikita :(, The Vampire Diaries :), The Secret Circle :), Supernatural :). Sucky shows that need to disappear: 2 Broke Girls, A Gifted Man, Two and a Half Men, Up All Night, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Grey’s Anatomy, Last Man Standing, Pan Am, Work It (preemptive opinion), The Amazing Race, Mike & Molly, Pan Am, How I Met Your Mother, Rob (preemptive opinion), Rules of Engagement, Survivor, Undercover Boss, Allen Gregory, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, GLEE(!), Raising Hope, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Terra Nova, The Office, Parenthood, Kitchen Nightmares, The X Factor, Are You There Chelsea? (preemptive opinion), Celebrity Apprentice, Harry’s Law, Private Practive, Grimm, The Voice, Whitney(!), America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, Ringer, 90210, and Hart of Dixie. You’re welcome.

    • Too Much Time On Your Hands, Jason says:

      Geez, Jason. Why not just go back to the Stone Age when there were only 3 channels to choose from?

    • Elley says:

      I am curious Jason, since there are ALOT of shows that you think need to be cancelled you could give some reason why. Ex… to much of a chick show, don’t lie sci-fi,….. An explaination would be good,(Not trying to sound bitchy but,)especially if you’d like someone to take your post seriously.

    • kaytee says:

      If you actually watched all of those shows to be able to give a valid opinion, then you watch way too much tv. My guess is you’ve only seriously watched maybe ten. So please don’t try and tell America what’s good or bad according to you.

    • Alicia says:

      I disagree with your sucky shows list……

    • Nancy says:

      I agree with all the shows that suck but, Private Pratice, Harry’s Law, Terra NovaGrimm and Hart of Dixie were good shows.

  41. Kelly says:

    I’m confused why The Good Wife is a sure thing with its terrible demographic numbers (hovers at 2.0) yet Hawaii Five 0 which consistently wins its night (demographic) and hovers at 3.0 is not a sure thing.

    • Sally says:

      Because The Good Wife wins awards and is CBS’s most prestigious show. Also because they are only one season away from syndication.

      • Ashley says:

        I kinda love you for being someone who actually gets it. Even if it’s demo ratings were bad (which a 2.0 is not), all the acclaim it receives (and duly so) would most likely save it.

      • Bluejays says:

        Yeah but HFo has already been sold into syndication. They can’t sell The good Wife. And it’s not a show that will do well in syndication. Don’t get me wrong I bet they will renew it for the Emmy Kudos but no way is it a safer bet than THE number one ten pm show on any net so far this year. That’s just stupid.

        This whole list is stupid. The CW list especially so.

        • Tom says:

          Agree Bluejays. H50 is already sold for syndication and internationally. Its already making more money than The Good Wife will. For the record – 2.0 is NOT a good demo, its not even mediocre. Emmy wins and Julianna is what keeps the show on the air. And, since CBS has so many hits it can afford an award winning under performer like The Good Wife on its schedule.

          • joybrennan says:

            The demo rating of 18-49 have been off for over TEN years now, and advertisers KNOW IT. It’s not the be-all end-all number that it used to be, even though networks and media sites still push it like crazy. The demo advertisers are looking ALOTat is 25-54. The population has aged, and thus the population SPENDING THE MONEY is older. So a show with Emmy nods and a solid audience outside that demo isn’t quite the disaster to consider keeping.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      How dare you… The Good Wife is FLAWLESS.

      • trish says:

        I’m sorry but the Good Wife is boring. Should not be a sure thing. CSI Miami gets better ratings plus syndication…it should be a sure thing.

        • Marion Major says:

          I agree writers don’t seem to have a clear picture of where the show is going……getting boring.

        • ELLEN says:


          • Sharon says:

            If your going to Dump one of the CSI Shows get rid of the Miami! CSI NY is much better! If may not have all that pretty scenery but Gary Sinise crew is much better then the Miami crew.! And you the networks were smart they would just leave both shows alone!

  42. Kelley says:

    Flashpoint has been renewed on Ion for it’s 5th season. Still feel that CBS missed out on a great show.

  43. stef says:

    lol. “Happy Endings: A sure thing” thats what she said

  44. E says:

    Fringe is the most amazing show ever. Just watch it people or I’m having a freaking breakdown.

  45. Maggie says:

    God I really hope Community gets at least a 4th season so that we can see the characters graduate. I really really miss it. I beg NBC to bring it back ASAP.

    • LC says:

      Technically they should have already graduated since it’s a Community College, but I don’t think they are too concern with the reality of the school aspect but with awesome stories.

      • Clayton says:

        Some Community colleges do give 4 year degrees and in the pilot of the episode it was mentioned that Jeff was there for a 4 year degree.

      • Brendan says:

        According to the trivia section on the show’s IMDB page, Colorado (home of Greendale) is one of the 11 states in which community colleges can grant four-year degrees.

  46. mh says:

    Gossip girl shoulnt get renew i gave up on that show 4 eps left 4 the season finale. Season 1 n 2 were better. I alrealy gave up on Ringer its dull .Gave up on the secret circle too. Nikita n TVD r the only 2 worth watching on the cw.

  47. jasper says:

    Person of interest has to be renewed, by far the best show on cbs and its consistantly entedrtaining. Also gotta love that community is a safe bet

    • James says:

      I agree completely. POI is the best new show by far! It has to have a second season!

      • Dee says:

        Agree its a great & a different show, & sometimes people don’t get different, so tired of the cops & lawyer shows, keep the different ones on like Fringe, POI, The Gifted Man its not just a medical show, also Hart of Dixie is fun show, Once Upon a Time is very interesting, Touch is very interesting. Of course I like a variety of shows except reality shows.

      • Tracy Comito says:

        WHEW!!!! I thought I was the only one who LOVES “POI”. It totally needs another season.It’s the best new show,along with Scandal,The Killing ,and according to alot of people on this page,I must be the only one who thinks Ringer is an awesome show.I hope it gets another season as well. HOD is one of the stupidest shows on CW.Rachel Bilson can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag!!I can’t believe they would keep the Bachelor and “ette or Survivor or even SPN and let go of BOP. CSI:MIAMI is still great and that includes CSI:NY Iis better than HIMYM and it may be on the chopping block.Who makes these decisions??? A deaf blind mule??? Keep POI and i will be HAPPY!!:)

  48. Lynnette says:

    Community is a safe bet – really?!?!?! I mean I hope it is, it should be, but it’s not on the schedule right now…

  49. Sally says:

    Once Upon A Time definitely needs to be renewed, this show is amazing.
    And so does House, I haven’t been so fond of it for season 6 and 7, but season 8 is great!

    • Bea says:

      Hugh Laurie wanted out after 8th season so this one isn’t down to the network. They knew a good thing when they saw it! In February a press release quoted in the UK’s Daily Mail stated:

      “In a joint announcement, executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs and series star Hugh Laurie said: ‘After much deliberation, the producers of House M.D.have decided that this season of the show, the 8th, should be the last.'”

  50. Miriam says:

    Happy for The Good Wife :) but CBS need to change the time slot NOW Worry about Fringe as allways :( Revenge need a second season already !!!!

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Precisely, give TGW back it’s Tuesday night slot and move Totally Forgettable to… doesn’t really matter.

      • flounder says:

        The Good Wife’s rating are too horrible to go back to Tuesday nights. The ratings were even bad when it was on Tuesdays.

      • Teena says:

        I agree – move The Good Wife back to Tuesday night at nine CST. Tuesday night was my TV night I could watch all my favorite shows, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and then The Good Wife. Now that The Good Wife is on Sunday nights, I don’t get to watch it. Really Sad!

        • tvisfun says:

          I’m still pissed that chicago code was cancelled it was a great show just like alcatraz, and awake was actually the best show on network telivision, those shows should remain on the air, gone are the days of X FILES and 24