Fringe Winter Premiere Sneak Peek: He's Baaack!

Friday the 13th of January is a lucky day for Fringe fans, because that’s when the Fox drama resumes its fourth season, following a too-long holiday break — and we’ve got some photos from that first episode back, including a peek at a returning ne’er-do-well.

As revealed in the official synopsis for “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” (which was designed as a cliffhanger-y fall finale capped by a most ominous encore, but got pushed back by the World Series), “In an effort to find a way home, Peter journeys to the Other Side to confront Walternate, and his venture proves more dangerous than expected. Meanwhile, Olivia receives a dire premonition from an Observer.”

Is Fringe In Its Final Season? Studio Boss Surveys the Far-Out Series’ Future

So yes, this will mark Season 4’s first appearance by Walter’s nefarious counterpart, and it could be interesting to see what he has been up to in this tweaked timeline. As Fringe EP Jeff Pinker said during the fall, “Walternate, despite all promises to the contrary, is still a bad guy manipulating things behind the scenes.”

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  1. Mary says:

    Fringe is amazing!!!!!!
    I miss Polivia.
    Can’t wait!!!

  2. Janet says:

    *fourth season*

    Can’t wait! Friday the 13th needs to come faster!

  3. Lore says:

    Did you notice in the fourth picture, there´s a picture frame with Kennedy, and he is old!! like he never was murdered OMG, Friday 13 you better get sooner!!

    • Alice says:

      That picture has always been in Walternate’s office. That was when I decided i was OK with the “OverThere” episodes in season 3.

  4. karl says:

    zzzzz snore. Wow, FOX really sure know how to keep us interested.

  5. e says:

    OH OH OH Bolivia and kick-ass-Lincoln <3 can't wait!!

  6. Mrflamethunder says:

    God how I miss Fringe. It’s been too long since the new episode of Fringe. Hopefully it will turn out better than I’ve expected.

  7. Miffy says:

    Does anyone really watch this show? The Dawson’s Creek guy can’t act worth a lick – he’s like a surfboard. Maybe if they had cast a different lead, the show would be more successful.

  8. Dunham says:

    We are going to get another round of two Olivia’s in one episode, great. Hopefully Overthere will be a bigger part of Fringe the rest of the season.
    With the cortexiphan it is the best storyline.
    And if you want to see some great acting, watch Fringe, especially Anna Torv and John Noble.

  9. Peter Bishop says:

    Wow Fox with some Fringe promotion a whole 2 weeks before the episode airs! Imagine they do something really crazy and air 4 new episodes in a row?!

  10. Liana in San Diego says:

    Will someone please right the travesty of John Noble’s never having won any kind of award for the incredibly outstanding job he is doing as two very different characters on this show? I’m not saying Anna Torv hasn’t been extraordinary, but John Noble is the heart of this show, and he delivers consistently. The man deserves an Oscar, and Emmy, a Golden Globe and any awards that are out there – they belong to him. Someone make it happen! PUH-LEEZE!!

  11. Cas says:

    We need more Over There because Charlie is alive…

    We need more Charlie period.

    • Matt H. says:

      Now that Prime Suspect is no longer filming new episodes, the show will not need to work around the actor’s schedule and Los Angeles shooting for Charlie Francis to come back.

  12. panda says:

    Can’t wait. :)

  13. JM says:

    can’t wait for my 2 olivias to meet again

  14. Liz says:

    Oh I love bug Charlie. He has quite sexy voice actually.

  15. mari says:

    Oh I can’t wait!!

  16. Bob OHara says:

    Just sat here and thought; it’s still on I thought it got canceled? Then it dawned on me I’d actually watched it this year…..meaning time to take it off the DVR list if I can’t remember if it’s canceled or not

  17. Hemo_jr says:

    I have been curious as to what this Walternate knows about the kidnapping of his son. The old Walternate only found out about it after young Olive came back to the Jacksonville facility in the 1980’s. We know that in this timeline Olivia ran away and stayed away. So she did not come back and confront Walternate, giving a clue to where Peter had gone.

    So it Walternate just now finds out that Walter kidnapped Peter (in this timeline), things can get even more interesting.

  18. Donna says:

    Oh, please. To anyone out there who poohs-poohs Fringe because it has low ratings… give me a break. Star Trek (the original series) had low ratings too. Star Trek didn’t even last for more than 3 seasons!

    Viewership does not correspond with quality.

    And this show has a perfect cast – Joshua Jackson included, whose low key charm is much needed to balance out John Noble’s commanding presence! They are great together!

  19. dflorida says:

    my husband and I have found Fringe to be one of the few inventive, creative telivision shows that always expanding your imagination, your views, and what might actually come to pass one day as fact. not saying we have two worlds but the technology they explore and use like all well crafted sci-fi, it was fiction long before it became fact. I love the technical side of the show as much as much the human interactions, but that just coould be because I am a Electronics Technician and get off on any new and interesting gadget. A bit of a geek you might say, don’t look like it but suredo actlike it when I am around new stuff or interested in new concepts and that is what Fringe does. Intoduces us to new concepts all the time. Amazing new concepts. Things we can talk about, discuss, can it really happen? If so how? What would be our affects here? How would we cope? That to me is as much as the thrill of the show as the people we have grown to love on it. Like how could they just eliminate Peter like that? Erase him? What is it was you? What effects woould that cause? Have you ever thought of that? It is like the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” I always loved that movie. Why? Because it let me understand wile I was a child the value of just 1 life. I hate seeing how Olivia is now without Peter and his love, and his father not knowing that he saved his life and had his love all these years. One person makes a difference and I believe that is why the mysterious bald man, you know the ones in the hats that eat the hot sauce on everything would not erase Peter completly, because he knew deep down it was wrong and the world may be set back to right with Peter not in it but it was notworth living in it for those he came to observe and care for. Just my opinion and feelings on this awesome show and the writers and actors who play their roles. I hope Fox keeps them on or they at least sells they to another franchise that will keep them on the air if they are not willing because I know we will follow where ever Fringe will take us.

  20. Nambi Ruth says:

    Wow! At long last we a gona wach fringe ! Am so excited, i lav de characters,peter, olivia and doc.Bishop, thanx guys best show ever.