NCIS' Ziva David Wins Our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament!

She faced some brutal opposition over the last month — and vanquished six butt-kicking babes in hand-to-hand combat in the process — but NCIS‘ Ziva David ultimately reigned victorious (and absolutely gorgeous) at the end of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament.

Indeed, it’s time to congratulate tough, sexy Ziva — and her portrayer, Cote de Pablo — for taking home the top prize in our 64-player, single-elimination tourney, which tallied nearly 1 million votes from start to finish. Ziva’s win bookends that of her star-crossed sparring partner/crush, Tony DiNozzo, who won TVLine’s Ultimate Male Law-Enforcement Crushes Tourney last month, proof positive that you can’t underestimate the power of the NCIS fan nation.

Over the past month, Ziva handily defeated Rookie Blue‘s Andie McNally, JAG‘s Sarah ‘Mac’ MacKenzie, and NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Kensi Blye, then picked off Criminal Minds‘ JJ Jareau and Chuck‘s Sarah Walker to get through the Quarterfinal and Semifinal rounds. In the finale, she engaged in a 72-hour see-saw bout with Castle‘s Kate Beckett, before finally surging ahead in the final 24 hours to seal the deal.

Exclusive: Hit Series Poised to Kill Off [SPOILER ALERT]

If you’re interested in seeing how the full tourney played out, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and for all of TVLine’s bracket-tourney goodness, sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

So again, congrats to Ziva! May she live long, kick butt, and continue to raise TV viewers’ pulses. Huzzah!

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  1. Nick says:

    Wow. Did not see that coming. Maybe because I don’t watch NCIS, but from pictures I don’t see the appeal, but crushing is equal parts personality which was why I voted for Beckett. So if I watched the show I might have voted differently.

    • EyesOpen says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your poor vision…

      • ziva _all_the_way! says:

        i hope this poll serves as a reason to watch ncis then… trust me you’ll love it :) and you’ll learn to like ziva too! it’s not hard to love her, you know.

        • Josh says:

          Sorry, I have watched NCIS and I have to say I don’t see the appeal. It just feels like every other procedural, though it actually reminds me a bit of Walker Texas Ranger in terms of poor acting from guest stars(not main stars, they’re fine) and a sort of lighter kind of storytelling.

          I’m not saying it’s a bad show but it just isn’t for me.

          • Mike says:

            Youre crazy. NCIS is an amazing show and is the most watched primetime show in America.

          • Scott Strohkirch says:

            So who asked you to watch? we have more than enough viewers to keep this show alive for a long time. No one is forcing you to watch.

          • markma says:

            “feels like every other procedural” – JAG had a short span (which I enjoyed) then NCIS and CSI (Las Vegas) came along as the “original” procedurals. Some might say Law and Order was first, but I think not.

          • WATCH NCIS says:

            then you just simply don’t understand the awesomeness of NCIS

          • Bernie says:

            Are you kidding me? Walker, Texas Ranger??? If the guest stars on NCIS are THAT bad, who do you deem as good actors???

          • eli dominguez says:

            I like very mich ncis, expecting everyday the time to saw it, the serie all everythings cienc, love, spy, ward investigetions, and informati. it is impossible to find other with all this things – like too Mark Harmon roll he is perfect for it. regards to all

          • Tia says:

            So…the Emmy nomination Charles Durning got for being on NCIS…fluke? Nope. Not at all. Go to “” and look for “Call of Silence” on the NCIS page. It’s Oscar quality acting from the main guest and pretty amazing support from the other guest stars. =]

          • Angelina says:

            Very true. Same for me, too. I’ve watched NCIS and I don’t really feel it.

            Neither am I saying it’s bad but honestly I’m gonna have to agree with you on that one.

            And also I’m not saying Castle is way better than NCIS, it’s just that I watch all kinds of shows, but in the Crime/Drama category I’d have to say Castle. Or even Bones is pretty ok.

          • Jim C says:

            My thought line was much the same of a lot of you….NCIS is just another procedural. But I was wrong. I caught a couple of episodes that tweaked my interest and low and behold I found myself DVRing back seasons off of USA Network. The characters have terrific back stories that from time to time play out. Are there a lot of procedural episodes? Yes, but they tie into the back stories at times and a lot of times tie into the wars and corruption not only in the middle east but in the US government as well. There is definitely is a reason why this show has been so popular for so very long.

      • Captain says:

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She’s okay, she’s not unattractive but she’s certainly not as beautiful as many of the girls she was competing against (in my opinion). Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t make their opinion any less valid.

        • KevyB says:

          NCIS guy wins. NCIS woman wins. This wasn’t rigged AT ALL.

          • ultimate troll says:

            Yeah it was “rigged” for the most popular show to get a lot of votes. Well done Sherlock.

          • loli says:

            ditto. no, no, it wasn’t rigged….

          • Delirious says:

            Dunno, considering Beckett was ahead (around 60something%) yesterday afternoon (CET), just like the rest of days the final was up… Yeah, defo not rigged. Just disgustingly altered by obsessive fans who can’t seem to understand that maybe, just maybe, people voted for who they want instead of “getting their guy and girl to reign supreme on some lesser online poll”.
            I wonder if Ziva would’ve even reached the finals if those fans hadn’t pushed things, and let the poll run a natural course. Yeah, she’d be in my top 5 (with Beckett, the Mentalist’s van Pelt, Crim Minds’ JJ and NCIS’ Abby), and as I said in the final’s comments, much more crushable with her current vulnerability, but seeing the poll clearly towards Beckett until the last evening, where it suddenly swerves the other way… It’s just disgusting. NCIS doesn’t need crap like this to stain its good name.

          • Gaara says:

            “I wonder if Ziva would’ve even reached the finals if those fans hadn’t pushed things, and let the poll run a natural course”

            ^ Lol this comment is hilarious :D uhmmm, so, let me get this straight… we fans are not allowed to vote and poll like this should die quietly? Really?? It’s so sad when people can’t lose and they give a bad name to their fandom.

          • Josh says:

            @Garara: I think he’s saying people should have just voted once(as most casual fans probably did) instead of 100+ times for one person. I know I only voted for each category once.

          • elana says:

            With the speed the last vote changed at at one point the site would have crashed if that many different people were logged in at the same time.

          • Delirious says:

            At least Josh understood what I meant, which goes to say pretty much about what I said about those obsessive fans I was talking about. Firstly, after 2-3 days with Beckett ahead at 60-something percent, suddenly, in the last evening, the poll takes a sudden (even explosive) swerve for Ziva. Funnily enough, after “NCIS fans” start calling for everyone to vote for Ziva, en masse.
            As I said, to me this wasn’t rigged, it was disgustingly altered by rabid NCIS fans who voted maaaaaany times, and went all around the place requesting everyone to vote for “their girl” as well. While normally I’d love for TVline to get a bigger exposure, in this case, I rather had seen votes (ONE per reader) cast by usual readers alone. I would’ve LOVED to see the results in that case.
            Oh, and just a note (for Gaara, and anyone else who feels like trashing my opinions): I’m an NCIS fan as well, just not a rabid one who needs to alter everything regarding it. Just like I’m a fan of other shows. And no, I’m not a Castle mega-fan, or anything, nor I’m complaining because Beckett lost. I would’ve complained just as much if it was 2 girls I don’t especially like from 2 shows I don’t particularily enjoy.

          • NCISCastle Fan says:

            @Delirious: You must not have a Twitter feed with a lot of Castle fans on it, because votes for Beckett were called for en masse as well. Do you really think both fandoms weren’t pushing equally as hard for “their girl”? Or that the same thing didn’t happen with Rick Castle when he went up against DiNozzo? Shoot, Fillion fans were all over that one, but Michael Weatherly has been around a while too. Both of those gentlemen were completely deserving, and I adore them both. The article makes a good point: you can’t underestimate the power of the NCIS fandom. Fans of both series are absolute die-hards (I am a HUGE fan of both, trust me when I say this) but NCIS still has the larger and longer-running group.

            Both NCIS and Castle are two of my favorite shows of all time, and Ziva and Beckett are two of my favorite characters. I really thought it was going to come down to the two of them, and I’m thrilled that it did. They are both deserving: Cote and Stana are gorgeous as well as talented, and their characters are the flawed, endearing, tough women who are still sensitive deep down, and we enjoy watching them for these reasons and more. We are as invested in them as if they were real people, and this was a hell of a match up with the kind of firepower they would have behind them. For me this vote was ridiculously hard, and I did vote for each of them, but I only voted twice each. It was too hard to choose, but I am not unhappy with Ziva winning, nor would I have been if Beckett won.

            So before everyone gets their righteous indignation and accusations all revved up, maybe it would be better to stop and think about some things: Both of these series are very successful, but Castle is not as widely known yet (that’s ABC’s fault); NCIS has been on the air for nearly nine full years, is the number one scripted drama on television, and regularly pulls in 21 million viewers or more; Castle is in its fourth year and usually pulls in around 12-14 million (at least for this season, which I am thankful for) so there is a difference; Both have been ignored by the elitist idiots in the award committees (NCIS has had one nod in its entire run) which to me does prove that quality tends to be ignored in the crime drama categories; The fans of each are equally loyal, the series’ are fantastic, and there’s really no reason to complain because all this does is give each more publicity. For those who haven’t seen either, maybe you should give the other a try of more than one episode before you say anything negative…they’re very different but you might find you really start to love them. I can only hope that Castle comes to enjoy the same success (or at least close to it) as NCIS has, and I want both to be around for a very long time.

          • Jules says:

            @delirious: One reason why Ziva had a sudden surge was because it wasn’t until the late afternoon of the last day of voting that NCIS on facebook announced that Ziva had made the finals. NCIS has 13+ million fans whereas Castle has 2+million fans on facebook. Sorry, NCIS is in it’s ninth season and better known. We’re simply more numerous, we didn’t need to vote more than once for Ziva to win-get over it.

          • Delirious says:

            @Jules – not sure if you noticed, but that’s exactly my point. The voting seemed more “natural/organic/etc” to me, up until the afternoon of the last day, where the 20+ million fans on fb arrived here en masse to vote.
            @NCISCastle Fan – then I’m equally disgusted for the twitter petition for Beckett. Again, as much as I’d like TVline to be über-popular, right now it isn’t, which means, this should’ve been an “among TVline readers, who’s more crushable?”, not “who stars in the show that has the most fans all over the world”, or “who can rally the most people in social networks”. And sadly, it just became that, “who has the most fans, so they can vote the most”.
            … and here I was, thinking that the American Idol voting system was screwed, and we encounter the exact same thing happening in our own votings.

          • Sal says:

            @NCISCastleFan very good post and I definitely agree. They are too incredible shows but in the end NCIS has been through nine seasons and has amassed much more fans around the world. Castle is good too I must admit I am a Fillion fan and Stana is pretty as can be but I’m not worried, it will have its due. Plus it’s just a little poll, nothing to get angry by.
            @Jules you’re right about the NCIS posting on Facebook on the last day of the poll. THat is how NCIS got a sudden push so late. I actually voted on the last day as well.

          • DiamondQueen says:

            @Delirious The voting is skewed the same way elections are skewed. We count the total number of votes for A and for B. Percentages should be used to make the possibilities even. If there are 10,000 (number used for clarification sake only) Castle fans, take the number of votes and divide it by the 10,000. Compare it to the number of voters for NCIS out of the fan base of say 40,000 fans. Anybody that is considered a Castle fan but votes for NCIS and vice versa need to be taken into consideration as well. I wonder how that would influence elections filled with Republicans versus Democrats.

          • markma says:

            All you had to do was vote…

          • markma says:

            I recall the comments section of the Ziva/Kate finals where a Kate fan boasted of voting “hundred’s of times already” and urged Kate fans to do the same….So in the end the NCIS zealots beat out the Castle Zealots

          • Neil says:

            You assume that “becket”wasn’t at 60% due to the same issue? the NCIS audience is far wider still than her viewing share. Lose with dignity.

          • John1121 says:

            How can it be rigged if its an OPEN vote.

          • Delirious says:

            I guess I didn’t explain myself properly enough… Let’s see if one last try does it.
            This voting was supposed to be “who’s more crushable”. Due to fanatism (on both sides), it became either “who can vote the most” or “who has the most fans of the show” (or a mix of both). And that’s what I don’t like at all. And people defending it doesn’t really convince me, since the original point of the voting was already distorted anyway.
            No, it’s not like how elections are skewed, because in elections, normally people don’t get away with voting more than once (right?). And as much as you wanna defend the results, in the end the whole point of the poll was screwed, and I don’t think that can really be defended anyway. Explained, yeah, but not defended.
            … my $0.02 anyway.

          • NCISCastle Fan says:

            @Delirious: I do see your point, and I think that is what it always comes down to now that we have the power of social networking. It’s great to get the attention if it ends up helping the site, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I also understand the frustration, having faced polls where the “winner” was the chosen by a bunch of teeny-boppers voting for crap stuff because they have no taste or judgement of quality (Not that I’m bitter or anything ;) ). To keep polls like this honest, it would have to be single votes. I would be disgusted if people were pushing for Snooki or someone else who is not admirable and has no discernible talent other than repeated idiocy.

            @Sal: I agree, Castle has time and it deserves its day. NCIS is still on top, and should get respect for seniority. I love Nathan, Stana, Michael, and Cote; I have a great deal of respect for all of them and they are ridiculously handsome/gorgeous people with no small amount of talent. I’m thrilled when any of them get their dues.

      • eviled says:

        Ya… I don’t see the appeal either.

    • Kate says:

      Both shows are brilliant and their main two characters are very crushable hence why both finales were Castle vs NCIS! Personally for me i love Tony and Ziva just a lil bit more but either would have been a good win!

    • Nubiesque says:

      *Putting on Shades* 8-) 8-)

      To whomever on here said they could “guarantee” that Ziva wouldn’t win…. *SSSSSMILE*

      Semper Fi, Baby.

    • doubt it says:

      Ziva’s personality is not much either. She ie supposed to be dangerous and mysterious as a former Israeli Mossad agent. She inter-plays with Tony on the show but is usually the but of communication jokes. She looks decent, but her “I will hurt you” personalty wears thin. I think the whole show has lost steps and desperate fans cling to better days thinking it makes the show relevant. You really aren’t missing much. Stick wih Becket. She would be the better catch.

      • Jules says:

        Desperate fans clinging to better days? I think 19-20 million viewers per week will disagree with you. Whether you personally like a show or not is a matter of opinion and I respect the fact that NCIS may not be your favorite. But you can’t ignore or distort facts: this show consistently averages at least 17 million viewers each week, more so than any other show on television and those ratings have only INCREASED as the years have gone by. No one is clinging to anything here.

        • orville dean says:

          its ziva who makes the show what it is without her the show would go off the air she si 1 to 10 a 20 best actris on tv an the most sexy

    • Nicole says:

      I like both shows and both girls too but voted for and rooted for Ziva. She’s awesome, I love that they give her good action like the guys in the show, not just say she’s Moussad-they back it up, she’s beautiful, cool and I’m glad she won. :)

    • Mike B says:

      No Way she is more crushable than Sarah Walker. No freaking way!

    • Well says:

      It was not a flattering picture.

      And everyone is allowed to have their own opinions.

      Both are pretty hot.

    • Girish says:

      For 2 days Kate was leading almost 70-30! Now Ziva has won. Kate is the real winner imo. Facebook fans of NCIS drove in hordes and voted for almost an entire day, while FB fans of Castle got the link only a couple of hours before the voting ended.

    • trifoi says:

      Ziva is lame, considering the competition!

    • sharski says:

      FYI – I got two posts on FB on the last day, one right on top of the other. One for Beckett, one for David. I am also a Castle/NCIS fan and agree with NCISCastleFan. I only wish they were on the same network so could do some cross episodes. That could be REALLY interesting.

    • DEM says:

      I always thought she had it all love to watch her on the show DE

    • Caolan says:

      What show is Becket On?

    • Sharon says:

      I do watch both shows and do not think the character of Ziva is as crushable as Beckett. Then again, I always preferred Sasha Alexander’s “Kate”…..

    • me says:

      The whole thing seems kind of bogus.

      Apparently NCIS fans swarmed the site since this apparently got mentioned on some NCIS fan site and the voting switched on a dime by an incredible degree and then I’d bet that far less than half the voters were straight males/gay females/bi (and if you are not one of those three how can you possibly vote, on average, as someone from those three categories might?) so as far as top crushes the whole thing turned out to be kind of ridiculous in my opinion.

      Not that guy to guy there won’t be differences of opinion, but all the same, lots of suspect stuff.

    • me says:

      Look at the last round where she went from just losing to easy victory shortly after this poll got announced on NCIS fan site. And 80% of guys think Ziva is more crushable than Sarah from chuck? What?? Nearly every single guy I know who has heard about this thinks it’s utterly laughable.

    • JAXX27 says:

      trully none so blind, as those who refuse to see!

  2. Ali says:

    Tony and Ziva whoo, clearly NCIS has the two most crushable cops on tv in :) ♥

    • Carmichael says:

      Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s got 19 million fans and the facebook people gave it the win

      • NJ says:

        Or with the fact they cheat in each and every poll ever posted?

        • Gibbs_coffee says:

          lol paranoid much? Get lost

          • paranoia? says:

            not paranoid – check photobucket for screen caps from a ‘ziva fan’ who used a voting bot for most of the weekend.

          • Tom Jones says:

            I voted about 25,000 times for Ziva using Live HTTP Headers plugin for firefox. All it means is NCIS fans are smarter than Castle fans

          • Laser Tag says:

            Using a computer to vote thousands of times for you is considered cheating genius. Beckett was leading 60-40 early on the last day of voting the fact that you had to resort this proves that Beckett should have won.

          • Haley says:

            @Tom Jones, until you went ahead and confirmed it, the use of less than honest voting methods by NCIS fans was just conjecture. You’re right, you are the smartest person in this comment board.

          • Carolina says:

            Apperantly some Castle fans do not understand sarcasm. Personally, if Kate had won the Ziva fans would have acted the same saying that Castle had cheated.

        • Chill says:

          Wow, Castle fans are total wackjobs. No wonder they harass Nathan on twitter and make up rumors about Stana and him not getting along.
          This isn’t about you guys, NCIS prevailed so move along.

          • apor says:

            Every fandom has it wackos so just ignore them.

            As a Castle fan, I say congrats. When the poll was announced, I knew it would come down to Kate versus Ziva. I was rooting for Kate, but Ziva won fairly.

          • Carmichael says:

            Never watched Castle, am a Chuck fan.

          • DL says:

            Wow, for the past couple days Beckett has been in the lead by a significant margin. Ziva fans rallied at the eleventh hour!
            I do enjoy NCIS, but Beckett is my ultimate crush. That said, kudos to you NCIS fans who helped your favorites to the top. :)

          • applescherries41319 says:

            It isn’t very fair to call all Castle fans “total wackjobs”, I’m a Castle fan AND an NCIS fan (shocking, i know) and I just thought that LOADS of the comments on this thing are really stereotypical and just mean. Even though I voted for Beckett, I didn’t mind that she lost, simply because Cote de Pablo was the winner. Castle is an AWESOME show and I love it, just as much as I love NCIS. If you watched Castle with an open mind for more than one episode, (going on the fact you’re clearly an NCIS fan) there is NO way you could hate it. The two shows have a similar blend of comedy, lovable characters, amazing actors, superb chemistry (caskettand tiva), brilliant screenplay, and crushable leads. Give it a try, I did, and I never looked back :)

            By the way, the bit about making up rumours about them not getting along… rubbish, seen as the majority (of mega obsessed fans) spend their lives trying to prove they’re secretly devoted to one another, in some sordid affair.

            And to be honest, it’s a stupid internet poll. ANYBODY getting upset about it needs to move along. I only read this article because I’m an insomniac and I’m bored.

        • Vasou says:

          In case you forget, NCIS is the most watched show, with average 19million viewers each time.

      • ziva _all_the_way! says:

        and why do you think ncis has 19 million fans? BECAUSE PEOPLE LOVE THE SHOW and they are MORE THAN WILLING to support its characters, that’s why.

    • HoldOn2Smallville says:

      Word :D

    • Brenna says:

      Love me some Tiva!!!

    • Ali says:

      I was just saying guys. To be honest, what does this poll stand for anyway? Its not like its life saving .

  3. Truth says:

    NCSI-fans cheated.

  4. Saint Alicia says:

    YESSSS. All hail Queen Ziva, praise her light, Tiva the OTP, make it canon. Namaste :P

    • as says:

      tiva – canon, when it’s really nippy down under maybe. GG has way more class (and ideas) than that.
      oh & T/z might be YOUR otp, but not for many of the rest of the fans of the shhow – take a look at most sites, many, many pairings for the show & that’s how it should stay.

  5. Love ziva says:

    Ziva won!!!!!!!

  6. Mike says:

    It wasn’t a see-saw bout with Beckett. Beckett was easily winning with regular people who visit this site, only once CBS got involved did Ziva win.

    • apor says:

      A win is win…. NCIS won.

      As a Castle fan, I give credit to the CBS publicity people. They posted the link on the NCIS FB page yesterday whereas the ABC publicity people did not post anything until this morning. Once the post was on the Castle FB page, we made a run but fell short. Had we had an additional two hours, we could have overcome NCIS 24 hour advantage.

      Congrats to NCIS, Ziva, and the CBS publicity team.

      • Zoya says:

        Thank you for the positive comment, very much appreciated by this NCIS fan… was was fair fight, and I’m sorry your girl lost, even though she gave us a run for our money in the final hours. Happy New Year!

      • Soph says:

        Thank you! :) I really appreciate your positive comment :D *Hugs*

      • ziva _all_the_way! says:

        thanks!! i wish more people would be like you :)

        • Ozzyols says:

          Let’s look at it this way. Two Awesomely great shows got good final positions in the poll. Setting aside the fact that in the guys it was old school vs new… had “Castle” not been on the same side of the ledger as DiNozzo, I have no doubt that it would have been a Castle/NCIS final for the guys too not just the semi final.

          It goes to show that good shows will get support. Shows that appreciate their fanbase and aren’t afraid to engage always do well. It also shows that shows that show more than just a storyline (ie has a heart, character development) will win fans!

          Plus… let’s face it… this is all just a bit of fun.

      • yep says:

        I love to watch both shows. It was difficult for whom to vote between Castle and NCIS. I voted for Castle til Tony was up-glad he won. I voted for Kate Beckett but so glad Ziva won also. They are both beautiful women who are very talented. Just love both when they act opposite Castle and Tony respectively. Each pair are great opposites. Congrads to Ziva.

    • NJ says:

      Yes. This is the most accurate statement. The polls should be about the people who visits this site on regular basis. Beckett was winning and she should have won.

      • honestly. says:

        Lmao no. The polls are made up of fans, not just people who troll Tv Line. Get over yourself you sore, sore loser.

      • Ashley says:

        TVLine isn’t a members-only website – it’s a public site for all TV fans to enjoy, and the networks’ publicity people posting this link on their FB pages may very well be bringing in new users to the site. If a fan cares enough about the poll to click on the link and vote then they have the right to do so.

  7. David F. says:

    TVLine sure did its best to find the least flattering pictures of Ziva out there.

    Glad she won, though.

  8. Silver says:

    All I see is a bunch of cheaters…. You really don’t know how to play fair ….

    • Belinda says:

      All I see is a sore loser, things didn’t go your way so now you’re gonna call other people cheaters. What a baby.

    • Gaara says:

      And you don’t know how to lose with dignity. Too bad.

    • Svenja says:

      We played fair. NCIS has over 13 million Facebook fans. CBS promoted them. ABC played the Facebook card as well. The female finale and the male semi-finale (Tony vs. Castle) did end with close results.

    • apor says:

      Give it a rest. We lost. Ziva and NCIS won these polls because the CBS publicity department is better than the ABC department. The CBS publicity department is proactive. It saw a chance to promote their show, and it took it. Heck, ABC’s publicity department is awful. Yesterday for example, when the Castle episode aired there was no mentioned when the show was coming back. If you weren’t a fan of the show, you would have no clue the show was returning on Jan 9.

  9. @TMDude says:

    Come on! Ziva is a l*****n. She’s miscategorized! Rizzoli FTW.

    • Carmichael says:

      if you’re suggesting what I think you are, all I have to ask is A) how is that miscategoriazation? She’s still a woman. And B) How is Rizzoli NOT one? I don’t watch but a friend of mine does and she swears she is. Still, I would have supported her winning, Angie Harmon is a very good looking woman too.

    • Dudette says:

      What a freak…..

    • Sam says:

      Never heard of girl crushes, dude? *rolls eyes*

  10. estefania says:

    ziva is the best, I love cote she is a beautiful, smart and great actress

  11. Anon says:

    glad Ziva won. But everyone who has been in these polls deserve it.
    And i don’t see how people cheated?

  12. silencero says:

    People love NCIS. People love Tony. AND YES people also love Ziva. Well deserved for both winners.

  13. Silver says:

    By using a proxy… Which allows their votes to count everytime

  14. Silver says:

    It isn’t about being a baby…. NCIS fans used a proxy… It’s cheating …. If you can’t admit it then you’re the loser

    • Meghan says:

      Go back to your forum with the other 11 haters in the fandom.

    • Bella P says:

      And you can prove this, yes? It’s very interesting that Ziva, yes ZIVA, was losing votes steadily the past couple hours as though someone might be doing exactly what your claiming but on the other side. Ziva got her big push when it was announced on the CBS facebook page and Kate got a similar boost when ABC did the same. All’s fair in love and war. I’m sorry you’re disappointed. Bless your heart.

    • apor says:

      Give it a rest. We lost. Ziva and NCIS won this poll because the CBS publicity department is better than the ABC department. The CBS publicity department is proactive, and it saw a chance to promote its show took it. They made the link to the poll available on the NCIS FB page as early as yesterday. It took the ABC people 24 hours to respond and by then it was too late.

    • Sam says:

      If you can’t prove it, you’re just sore loser.

      • Can you read? says:

        People in this comments section have admitted that they used a Firefox plugin to vote thousands of times for them. Is that enough proof for you?

        • castlefan says:

          maybe those were posted by someone PRETENDING to be a Ziva fan to cast doubt on the voting. Ever think of that? There are about 12 haters in the fandom who will stoop to anything.

          Case in point – my username for this post is Castlefan, but hey I am NOT a Castle fan- you can put any name there you want – doesn’t mean I am really what I am pretending to be.

    • mas says:

      I recognize your name from other boards Silver. You are also an NCIS fan, but you hate Ziva. Shame on you for trying to put all NCIS fans in a bad light just because she won and you can no longer claim that the majority of fans feel the same way you do.

      • tibbsshipper4ever says:


        • Cathy says:

          Take your finger off the caps key. Push away from the computer. Take a deep breath. Walk away. Come back later when you realize that you can handle a silly contest on a website.

        • Gibbs_loves_Ducky says:

          You’re as rabid as the Tiva fans.


          I ship Gibbs/Ducky but you don’t see me freak out about this pointless stuff.

        • Inevitable_shipper says:

          LMAO let’s hear it.. When and where MW said that Tony is bis-curious? In your head?

          • Svenja says:

            Don’t remember that either. LOL. Not all Tiva fans are rabid.
            I think Gibbs_loves_Ducky’s ship is pretty interesting. Haven’t read about a person who ships these two before. I kinda like it :)

  15. Bella P says:

    Ziva won!!!! YES!!! And she was up against a very formidable opponent as Kate Beckett is a fantastic character as well. Thanks to for offering folks a voice; and many thanks to those that rallied the troops to ensure we gave it our all! The majority has spoken! Now that Tony and Ziva have both prevailed, it might be time to give TIVA a go. Let’s do this!

  16. lethargic says:

    This broad is a 4 at best. Moronic outcome.

  17. Callie says:

    Yaaaay! Ziva won!
    For those who don’t watch NCIS, you should try it just to see how beautiful Ziva is!
    I LOVE NCIS!!!!!! ;))

    • JAG/NCIS says:

      I do. There’s nothing beautiful about her. In or out.

      • Really, that made me spit my drink out everywhere. says:

        Ever considered being a comedian?

        • ziva _all_the_way! says:

          LOOOOOL Really, that made me spit my drink out everywhere — cool name; well said. LOVE ZIVA WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

      • Svenja says:

        “Haters gonna hate”

        • JAG/NCIS says:

          Hater? You missed the point when I said I love NCIS somewhere earlier? Ok, I’ll repeat: I love NCIS. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I don’t hate Ziva. I really DISLIKE her. Which is not hate. She ruined the show. Kate was better. That’s it. You gonna call a hater everyone who disagree with you about Ziva? Like I said: love NCIS, but there’s nothing to love about Ziva, she’s a bitch (and you know it). Even if she wasn’t a bitch, the poll is not about the show, but about ‘the most crushable person’. How can such a bitch (and I’m not insulting Cote, I’m talking about the fictional character – which can’t be insulted, before you attack me) be more crushable than Mac (JAG), Yvonne (Chuck) or Beckett (Castle)? People ‘crush’ on people who attracts them, bitchyness hardly attracts anyone. People voted because of the show (they are more familiar with NCIS then other shows), not because of Ziva herself (well, some of you did, I guess). Hence, NCIS is the reason Ziva won, not Ziva herself.

          • Sam says:

            a) “Ruining the show” is commonly not considered ratings around 20 million viewers. You might want to adjust your perception.

            b) Apparently enough people crush on her to make her win this. you might want to adjust your perception of reality.

          • Tegan says:

            Ziva David is a lot of things: smart, beautiful, dangerous, intriguing, deadly, adorable, insecure, funny, caring… “Bitch” is not one of them.
            Sure Ziva appears quite confident and opinionated and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, which many people can misconstrue as ‘bitchy,’ but honestly who really wants to see a quiet pushover girl? There’s already too many Mary-Sues on crime shows nowadays.
            Honestly, while Stana is gorgeous, like openly stunning, I see no uniqueness or appeal in her character. Kate Beckett is way too similar to other women in law enforcement on television and really, Castle may be a good show, but it isn’t widely watched. Say all you want but it is not what is considered a ‘popular’ show. The only reason Beckett was winning is because the majority of people that troll TVLine are Castle-lovers, in the same way that the majority of people on Facebook are NCIS-lovers.
            Therefore, NO ONE, neither the Castle side OR NCIS side, cheated.
            Anyway back to my original point, Ziva is not and has never been a bitch. She has had bitchy moments, such as one of her lines in the episode “Obsession” but in my opinion that makes her more realistic. Every girl can be a bitch at times, no one is a perfect behavioral princess. But you shouldn’t let it ruin what is a brilliantly complex and amazing character.

          • Saint Alicia says:

            If it isn’t a proud member of the hate brigade; the vocal minority who would have you believe everyone agrees with them when the complete opposite is true.
            “She ruined the show. Kate was better” – Yep, 20 million viewers strong is quite “ruined.” Anyhow, Kate was in 2 seasons compared to Ziva’s 7; by and large NCIS is the juggernaut that it is due to Ziva’s presence. The show wouldn’t BE the show without her and clearly 20 million people agree since NCIS didn’t even start getting popular until season 5 (well-into Ziva’s tenure). People like the show BECAUSE of Ziva–deal with it.
            “She’s a bitch.” – Here I thought House had cornered the market on sexist character bashing, but it seems we’ve got a proud NCIS representative with us. Why not try sharing an informed critical opinion of Ziva instead of labeling her a bitch? But that would require intelligent thought…

          • arial says:

            I was stunned when NCIS killed off Kate in such a shocking manner, but Sasha Alexander wanted out of the show. I love her as Maura Isles in Rizzoli and Isles, find her character there more complex than Kate. I expected to dislike Kate’s replacement because she was Kate’s replacement. Yet the writers made Ziva so different from gentle artist Kate, that I grew to love her, too. I still love those moments when Gibbs (and Mark Harmon IS the show’s star!) or Tony warns the weekly “bad guy” that he really doesn’t want to try to go through Ziva as a way of escaping. But, as Ziva has said, she’s no longer just a trained killer; she’s become an investigator – just one with mad skills. The character has grown so much since her first season. And I love that occasionally we get to see Cote de Pablo’s own artistic skills on display – she’s a trained opera singer. Sexy has less to do with looks than with depth of personality, whether the character or the actor. For the record, I love both Beckett and Ziva, but my favorite was quirky Abby Sciutto because she’s so sweet and smart and off-beat, and Pauley Perrette is the only one of the competitors who actually majored in criminal investigation in college! :)

        • feliciacastle says:

          potate gonna potate

  18. Svenja says:

    Incredibly happy. I love Ziva. SHe’s my fav female character on TV, Cote de Pablo is georgous, talented and a natural beauty. Love that NCIS rocked bothed tournaments. I hope the news will reach Cote and make her smile.

    Besides, most NCIS fans didn’t cheat. Let’s call it the power of Facebook.Stop hating on us because we won both tournaments. CBS did a good job promoting the show here.

    Thank you for the tourneys Michael. It’s been fun (most of the time). :)

  19. NCIS'Best says:

    Awesome win! Congrats to Ziva. I can’t think of a more deserving female character in the entire tournament. It was no contest as far as I’m concerned.
    And I LOVE how CBS promotes its shows and the characters of those shows. They promoted Tony in the men’s tournament – and he won. Now, they promoted Ziva in the women’s tournament – and she won. I couldn’t pick two better winners. :-)
    Go Ziva! You rock – and the NCIS fans showed-up for you in force. Awesome show…awesome fans…awesome win!

  20. Kytivafan says:

    Well deserved win for Ziva and NCIS.

    A happy day for the NCIS fandom.

  21. Doccubus says:

    We can prove it because some people of your fandom actually posted about it …

  22. luis says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL that girl won o.o damn…the blond girl from chuck should have won. but well….19 MILLION FANS CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE i guess…

  23. IcDeadPeople!!! says:

    I didn’t saw Sidney Bristow passed away!!!!!

  24. sk says:

    I called this at the beginning of the tournament and all I can say is– WOOHOOO!!!! Tony and Ziva both winning. Way to go NCIS nation!

  25. NCIS'Best says:

    Michael Slezak – Thanks for updating the bracket with the beautiful large photo of Ziva, showing her as the winner. Now, could you update the men’s bracket with a large photo of Tony showing him as the winner? :-)

  26. lyatt says:

    YAY!! Go Ziva! I’m happy for Kate shes awesome too

  27. AngelMoonGirl says:

    WOO! Congrats, Ziva! I love her! I guess it’s offical then… she and Tony are the Most Crushable Couple! ;P GO TIVA!

  28. Rachael says:

    Who is this Ziva person?? Lame. Shoulda been Beckett or Sarah Walker.

  29. Sara says:


    All I can say.

  30. NCIS Fan says:

    lol these Castle fans are such sore losers…don’t complain because the NCIS Facebook was actually SMART enough to post this poll EARLY unlike the Castle Facebook. GET OVER IT – Ziva won.

    • Svenja says:

      Not all Castle fans are losers. Stop generalizing. NCIS fans aren’t cheaters. Castle fans aren’t losers.
      It was a poll. NCIS fandom won. Castle and NCIS are both amazing shows with amazing actors…
      Yes, CBS was smarter than ABC. ABC didn’t respond fast enough.

    • apor says:

      From reading some of the more negative comments, it seems most of the hate comes from NCIS fans who hate Ziva and cannot stand her attitude towards Tony or taking Sasha Alexander’s place in the show. LOL.

      • Sam says:

        Very, very true. *sighs*

      • Jules says:

        Seriously…First of all, while I loved Sasha Alexander’s Kate, she’s been off the show since the end of the 2nd season and second, it was her choice to leave. She was not booted I’m favor of Cote. These people need to get a life.

    • Sara says:

      And NCIS fans seem to be bitchy as all hell, evidently.

      I can’t say for sure if the Ziva fans are cheaters or not, it DOES look that way just because I saw Beckett go down like 30% in the span of about ten minutes — it looks fishy. You’re right, ABC should have posted earlier.

      Either way. You’re being a sore winner, as are many other NCIS fans. If Beckett won and we told YOU to “GET OVER IT”, you’d be pretty irritated too.

      • 2shy says:

        No, they are telling Castle fans to get over it because some of them keep complaining about cheating. I don’t see why it is hard for some fans to fathom that a series with more than 10 million more views won the poll. 11 Castle to 21 million NCIS. So, again, SOME Castle fans are being sore losers, which is why some NCIs fans are posting certain comments.

    • Fee says:

      Wll you’re the losers, bitch

      • Svenja says:

        Can we just stop insulting each other and accusing people of cheating? Seriously, this is just a popularity contest. A little more peace would be nice.

  31. FTW says:

    Yay Ziva! Of course Kate is beautiful and awesome too =)

  32. NCIS'Best says:

    I love this article’s photo of Tony and Ziva smiling at each other…with looks that say, “Oh yeah…we’re the best and we know it.” :-)

  33. MissKayle says:

    A few things:
    I think the majority of the Castle fandom will back me up on this when I say it should have been Beckett.
    Curses! As a devout Castle fan, I am thoroughly unamused.
    My theory: Slezak’s a NCIS fan, leading to both polls to result in a double NCIS win. I’m throwing that one out there. Seeing if it sticks.
    This whole poll smells like Sea World, that’s how fishy it is.
    And for all those who are going to comment how I should crawl back under my rock or shut up or whatever comment you think is quippy, you’ll be pleased to know that I don’t really care. This is my spot. This is where I stand. Castle fandom, you see what I did there? That one was for you! :-)

    • Svenja says:

      I wouldn’t blame Michael Slezak for the results. I doubt there is any conspiracy. CBS did smart moves in terms of promotion.
      A lot of Castle fans love NCIS, too. My first show is NCIS, but I adore Castle as well.

    • apor says:

      Don’t blame Slezak. Blame ABC publicity. This is the same publicity department to fail to show a promo after the airing of Killshot for Cuffed. The same publicity department that failed to air a Castle promo after Cuffed informing viewers of the second half of the season. The same publicity department that is failing to inform viewers that the show is returning in Jan. 9.

      This is where the blame lies.

    • 2shy says:

      You don’t have to shut up; you are just a sore loser. Why is it is impossible for Kate to lose against a character whose show pulls in more viewers?

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Well then you should know Roy DIED on his spot, and Kate was SHOT on her spot; so that’s not really such a great stance to take…
      Anyway, there’s no boon in TVLine/Slezak pushing some supposed NCIS agenda, if anything it hurts their credibility. I’m betting they don’t care who won but are ecstatic that nearly 1 million votes were cast and thousands upon thousands of new eyeballs graced this site due to implicit (via facebook) endorsements from CBS and ABC.
      Winners all around! :)

  34. ziva _all_the_way! says:

    hooraay for ziva!!!!!!!! she deserves it more than anyone else :) NCIS rocks

  35. havok926 says:

    This is total crap…there is no way that butter face beat Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett…no way in hell. I honestly don’t know how she beat Sarah Walker the round before(cos its rigged)but there is not universe where she is hotter or more crush able than Kate Beckett…for all of you who voted for Ziva please get some higher standards.

  36. RheDesign says:

    I voted for Ziva when she was losing and Kate when she was behind. I adore Ziva, but I think Kate is more “crushable”. Goes to show you can’t beat NCIS fandom, they’ve got their back. Plus it helps that the actors co stars tweeted in support of their girl.

  37. Michael says:

    I think we should sue CBS

  38. Amber says:

    She obviously wasn’t the best looking, but more than looks go into a woman’s appeal, so…

  39. Elizabeth says:

    I just became a Castle fan recently and had seen NCIS here and there and honestly the only reason Ziva won is because NCIS has more fans. When it comes to who’s more crushable, which was what the poll was about, Beckett should’ve won hands down!

    • Danielle H says:

      This. (Although I’ve watched Castle since the pilot). Beckett was killing her so badly I didn’t even think to check back; I get that marketing this caused a win, but I call rematch w/ equal marketing then!!!! Anyone w/ me?

  40. Michael says:

    I hope that they never have Tony and Ziva romance. Yes – they are both attractive, but it just seems sort of high school for this to be the reason to get them together. Ziva quite obviously thinks herself both professionally and personally superior to Tony in every way. There doesn’t seem to be a deep tender affection at all – more a forced competition that Ziva is always written to win. Boring and predictable really. The writers go out of their way to drive this point at every opportunity. Because this is how their relationship is written, it would completely destroy Tony to have them get together. Tony has been sacrificed too much already at the altar of super Ziva.

    I am happy that Tiva fan got what they wanted but I am sad that JJ and Emily who CBS treated like yesterday trash did not win I wonder why Ziva is the only CBS woman who get treated like a God.

    Did CBS and Facebook help in the polls Yes was it cheating Yes in a way it was and in a way it was not all in how you look at it. I pray that we can move forward from these and that Tv Line will learn to NEVER EVER do it again.

    • Tegan says:

      um. wat.

      No deep tender affection? Are we watching the same show?
      May I remind you that this is the same Tony that nearly died when Ziva was gone, that went halfway round the world on a suicide mission to get her back, that told her he couldn’t live without her. And this is the same Ziva who never let herself break down in front of anyone, but finally opened herself up to no one else but TONY, and actually let herself be comforted and held by him because she trusts him with everything she has. They have been through everything together, whether it be phone-sex, undercover missions, being trapped in a shipping container, bitchy doctors, McGee’s books, Jenny’s death, being split up, terrorist camps, piggybacks, Paris, explosions, CI-Ray and EJ.
      And finally let me direct your attention to THIS scene:
      So uhh… “no deep tender affection?” Please be sure you’re educated before you write another comment like that.

    • tibbshipper4ever says:


      • Tegan says:

        NEWSFLASH– Tony is STRAIGHT. A HETEROSEXUAL MALE. Sorry to burst your pathetic slash-shipper bubble and ruin all your perverted fantasies. :) This is just sad.

        • Nubie says:

          Tegan – you pretty much nailed it in your prior point. Do not even waste your breath in replying to antis like these. Gibbs loves his “Gibblets” and they love him. Gibbs love for Tony is as a father, mentor, not the abnormal kind this person is trying to suggest.

          If THAT’S what “Tibbs” shipping is all about…..LOL, well good luck with that. I’d rather sail on a ship that actually aligns WITH canon than one that has zero chance of EVER leaving port. :P

          • Svenja says:

            Tibbs shipping is perfectly fine. Just don’t expect it to happen on the show. Both characters are straight and have this mentor-trainee, father-son dynamic (which is beautiful). Slash-shipping hetero-sexual characters is not sad. A lot of people do it.
            But you just have to accept that it is a ship that is never gonna happen on the show for reals due to the characters’ sexual orientations.

          • Cari says:

            I’m not a Tibbs shipper, but I object to the use of the word “abnormal” to describe that love.

      • Mcat says:

        Cool! A Tiva shipper trying to make Tony/Gibbs fans look bad! How delightful! Next time, dear, you might not want to make it so blatantly obvious.

        And for the record – I’m not a Tony/Gibbs fan myself, but the great thing about NCIS (or it used to be a great thing about it) is that there is enough evidence and subtext on this show to support just about any ship you can imagine. Tony/Ziva? Yep! Tony/Gibbs? Yep! Gibbs/Ziva? Yep! Tony/Abby? Yep! Abby/McGee? Yep! Tony/Kate? Yep! Kate/Abby? Yep! Ducky/Ziva? Well… we might be pushing it there.

        • Yes! says:

          While I don’t ship Tony/Gibbs, I do ship other ‘less cannon’ ships. So these crazy Tiva fans piss me off.

          Ship and let ship.

          And Ducky/Ziva … hmm I’ll let that stay just friends in my head, but they’d both be consenting adults so ship and let ship.

    • arial says:

      While I enjoy the chemistry between Castle and Beckett, I feel little of that between Tony and Ziva; it seems forced. However, I don’t understand the “Tony sacrificed on the altar of Ziva” comment. Ziva has grown since her first season (good writing and acting!) without devaluing Tony’s importance to the team. I like both characters without needing them to be in a relationship. IMO, the real chemistry on NCIS was between Gibbs and “the late” Jenny Shephard. When it comes to storylines, NCIS writers do great things, but when it comes to romance between regulars, I’ve never seen them do a great job at that. I think Nathan Fillion does an extraordinary job of making you believe Castle has fallen in love with Beckett and I love the potential for that relationship. I also think Castle’s mother and daughter bring out his humanity to such an extent that one can’t help but root for that relationship to succeed. I was happy to see both Beckett and Ziva in the finals.

  41. Ben says:

    I’m so happy Ziva won :D I’m happy for Kate too, they both deserved to win *_* Now, dear TVline, we all agree that NCIS is very popular, so… more spoilers, please? *wink wink nudge nudge*

  42. Chelsey says:

    And here I thought Ziva was the most unattractive of the entire tournament. Awesome.

  43. bluemoon says:

    Go Ziva! Ncis rule!

  44. ziva _all_the_way! says:

    i hope ziva winning this and tony winning the other will be enough for the writers to finally put a major tiva episode soon… another undercover mission, i hope :) or better yet, the real thing!

    • Michael says:

      and Piss off their Fanbase No way Cop Darma 101 never have the two main star fall in love

      • u dumb as dirt says:


        “Castle”, even ABC’s FB page for the show hints at it.

        I am PRETTY SURE that most crime shows have a couple the writers will hint at for the fans, so you’re just an idiot.

        • Realisim says:

          Um … part of the premise of Bones and Castle is the relationship between the two leads.

          NCIS doesn’t have the same premise. It’s a team drama, not shipsville.

          Lets keep NCIS ships in fanfic.

          • Virginie_Fr says:

            Amen brother (or sister)!
            I’m a big NCIS fan since Season one, and I really enjoy the fact that none of the main characters are in relationships with one another, it’s really refreshing. And I really hope the writers will keep it that way. This show is awesome as it is, no need for gimmicks.
            Long live NCIS! Happy about Ziva’s win (and Dinozzo’s my favourite). And Kate deserved to be in the final, that’s for sure.

      • NCISfan says:

        micheal. go spit on someone else. it’s over. deal with it. if you dont like then keep your comments to yourself. we didnt cheat. both castle AND NCIS put something on their walls to vote and we still one. so suck it up and stop acting like a whiny little school girl because she won and their is nothing you can do about it.

      • Julie says:

        Sara & Grissom…?

    • notiva says:

      sorry but this doesn’t prove a single thing as far as a romance goes except for the few rabid tiva fans who see romance in every scene.

  45. Steph says:


  46. Alzira says:

    I was very, very disappointed that Ziva was the winner! She is ugly and she didin’t have the sensuality and the ‘power of decision’ that Kate has! To me, this was the last time I will vote! Argh!

  47. Olivia says:

    Congrats to Tony and Ziva! All the other contestants are stunners too, but Ziva is gorgeous! :)

    Remember, it’s just a poll guys. Just because Ziva won, doesn’t mean you can’t love Kate as much as you do. :) It doesn’t mean anything, it was just for fun!

  48. Rachel says:

    I’m disappointed that Beckett didn’t win since I’m a big Castle fan and haven’t watched NCIS, but judging by the photo Ziva is deserving, so well done Ziva :D At least Beckett got 2nd

    • :) says:

      If only all of the people on this website were as nice and tolerant as you. :)

    • Sofia says:

      Thank you! :)I wish everyone would be as nice as you! :D
      This is just a poll, people. There is no need to be bitter about it. Congrats to our ninja Ziver, my all time favourite character. So glad she won! :)

    • silencero says:

      I´m a fan of both shows and very happy about the result. But thank you for proving that not all fans are idiots, you have a very good attitude.

  49. Ribac says:

    Congratulations to Ziva (and Cote) on the win. I believe it’s not coincidence that she joined Tony. I must give credit to CBS publicity department.

    However victory feels little bit… out of place. Yes, nobody cheated, however there is one thing called sportsmanship, and involving Facebook seemed like that unspoken rule was broken.

    • Shepherd says:

      Except that facebook has been in play from the beginning, going back weeks ago to the men’s tournament. People are only sore about it now because they’ve realized the sheer size of the NCIS fandom makes them unbeatable.

      • Ribac says:

        Well, I get it, because when I voted (once!) it was about 60:30 for Beckett, then day after it was other way around and now it was almost 50:50 (because ABC also remembered Facebook). So this whole thing from ”fun” became too ”serious”, or better to say from ”who’s more crushable” it became ”who’s got bigger (fandom)” and missed the whole point for me.

        • Jules says:

          All of these polls on all of these sites, including tcline, ew, eonline,etc., are about who has the bigger fan base. This is nothing new. Personally I don’t watch “castle” so I voted for Ziva. Is Stana Katic gorgeous? Absolutely. But so is Cote de Pablo plus I like the Ziva character as well. If you tHink anyone here is purely objective and doesn’t vote for their fvavorite, then you are completely naive.

        • Shepherd says:

          I get what you’re saying but the facebook involvement upped the ante and made things more exciting (for me anyway). I was rooting for Ziva but it was super stressful when she was neck and neck in the semi-finals; then when she pulled ahead it was totally exhilarating. Come the final match up when the facebook post didn’t arrive when expected it felt like I was having an anxiety attack (lol) and finally when it did appear, massive relief.
          But then Castle posted a link and Ziva’s lead started eroding and I was worried she might actually lose! This whole thing has been a rollercoaster ride and I’m probably more invested than I should be, but it was fun. :)

        • NCIS says:

          Problem is some may have not known about tvline before these polls. i know i for one didn’t until CBS facebook advertised gibbs and tony.

          • Jules says:

            So what? Is there a rule that only tvline regulars can vote? Do you think that’s really what the site owners want? Of course not! They want traffic diverted to their site. And so by CBS and ABC linking the poll, that’s exactly what they’re getting.