TV's 20 Biggest Disappointments of 2011

Just as TV can exceed our expectations by, say, taking what felt like the umpteenth couples comedy and parlaying it into wonderful, weekly Happy Endings, gripping us tight with Homeland drama or reviving the primetime sudser with a delicious serving of Revenge, small screen fare can also let us down.

With 2011 drawing to a close, we reflected on 20 instances over the past year when, for one reason or another, the TV gods didn’t quite smile on us. Review our picks, then share your thoughts in comments.

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Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. spikesgrl says:

    Have to totally disagree. Now that they have finally gotten rid of Castiel, they are back to what makes this show great – two brothers and their awesome father-figure fighting the MOW.

    • nicky says:

      Exactly. No offense to Misha Collins or his acting abilities, but for those of us who were SPN fans from the start and remember what the show was originally about, losing Cas was the best development ever.

      • Erie says:

        Um. I’ve been a fan from the start and the show has always been about what it’s originally been about. Adding more characters does not change the fact that it still centers around two brothers, so yeah. I don’t see how the removal of a character is necessarily ‘development’. It hasn’t done anything for the storyline.

        • Imzadi says:

          Agree. Supernatural was ok in the first season but it wasn’t enough.

        • Jenn says:

          I agree! I feel like getting rid of good characters moves the development backwards. I too, have been a fan from the start. I feel that Castiel was a great addition and increased the depth in the whole scheme of things. Having Cas there never jeapordized the “Two Brothers” it actually broadened the the idea of “Family” (Family isn’t always blood, according to Bobby) And it’s not just about Cas, it’s all the other Characters that I feel were crucial in the show such as Ellen & Jo, Ash, Gabriel, & Chuck that they kicked to the curb. They made the show so much richer. And now it’s just so flat and monotenous. These writers need to smarten up and stop catering to all the winers that ONLY want Sam & Dean. BORING. Kiss goodbye to hopes of Season 8 if that’s the way it’s gonna be.

          • Emily Way says:

            wow great comment, you really know what your talking about and i totally agree! the characters really added depth and more emotion and i wonder why they keep being killed off, but i still love the show.

          • SupernaturalFan4Ever says:

            I don´t see an eight season in the future, and I believe that many agree that it should end in a bang, but a good one. No one that really loves this show wants to be like : “Enough already, kill them all…”. Not me, that´s for sure! But the way that this storyline is going (really? Bobby?? You idgits!!!), I don´t see much ahead, but a final statement and a all or nothing finale. Oh, and a little word to the writers: why the HELL all women kick the bucket?!?!? Aren´t there any women that can defend the world as well as the boys? Jeez…

          • Lou says:

            Exactly, well said.

      • Jayne says:

        Speak for yourself. I’ve been a fan since episode one and getting rid of Castiel was one of the dumbest moves by a show ever. The show has totally gone downhill without his character.

        • selene says:

          I’m always shocked when I read people complain about ONE single character just because he ruins their masturbatory fantasies about two brothers. I watch the show since episode one, I call myself a true fan ’cause I love the boys and I recognize that their being all alone in the world is a freaking catastrophe.
          They’ve got to have friends other than this “me and you, alone against the world”, I hate to see them suffer ’cause one thing is risk your life, another one is being always miserable and unhappy, unable to catch a breath. Sam himself forgave Cas but there’s always some fan saying Cas has done the most horrible things and he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. Talk about a “I’m holier than thou” complex.
          Also, Kim Manners himself wanted the freaking angel, Kripke wanted it and so on: they’re the creators of the show, the pulsing heart of it and if you can’t accept that, YOU are not a true fan.
          Season one was good, but it didn’t have much layers in it (Kripke said it several times): what transformed Supernatural in a great show was the development started in season 3, what gave the show high ratings and praise from critics for the first time was the story arc in season 4.
          DEAL WITH IT.
          You can love a show and its main characters and still have space in your heart for other secondary characters, it’s the same way it works in real life: first there’s family, then you meet friends and people who love you even if you’re not related with them.
          I know it’s hard to understand for people who don’t have friends and obsess over a show but yeah… it’s the way of the world.
          Again, deal with it.

          • Jackie says:

            Can I kiss you? You’ve said what a lot of us feel! Sam and Dean are great but just like people in real life, they need others they can rely on, chat with or even just have around. And as a SUPERNATURAL fan, I agree that the killing off of every character lately is ridiculous. And I am bored with season 7 enough that I honestly don’t know when I’ll watch the post-break episodes. I’ll have access to them but I just don’t know if I’ll be sure to make the time to watch them. I have tons of books to read and a whole set of DVDs to get through that frankly, even though it’s an older show, are more appealing than the constant Dean/Sam angst that’s going on.

      • Clare says:

        Oh please, there aren’t even that many of you judging by the ratings. The show sucks like a Hoover these days and I take such satisfaction in the fact you vile, spiteful haters have lost and Cas is coming back.

        • Jen says:

          Perfect response!

          I don’t understand Cas-haters’ rationale. Though for that matter, I don’t understand Sam-haters’ rationale either. This show needs all four of Team Free Will to move forward. Before any bros-only fans jump on me, Dean and Sam will ALWAYS be the center of the show, of course, but why can’t they get support from two other characters they love and who love them?

          Season 7 sucks not because of Sam or Cas or Dean, but because the writers are not doing their best, and because they keep wanting to kill people off for no reason.

      • xan says:

        Nope. I’ve been a fan from the start but I stopped watching when Cas left because the show has become unbelievably /boring/. Don’t act like everyone who has watched this show from the start agrees with your opinion.

      • Kate says:

        I love Dean, Sam and Cas. I’m very happy to have Cas back in the show and I think the show will be much improved by his presence, as it was in the past. Supernatural is about family, forgiveness and redemption. I’m hoping to see Team Free Will reunited and to see the brothers welcoming their friend back. :-D

        Down with the haters.

        • Dilys says:

          Exactly. Loving Sam and Dean does not mean I could not open my heart and start loving more characters. And just like Dean said – Cas is family. He enriched the show. He added to the Sam and Dean dynamic. He didn’t take away from it. Episodes with Team Free Will – SAM, DEAN AND CAS – are wonderful. So the original poster at the top of the page is very, very wrong. And since ratings have dropped and reviewers are all stating that Supernatural is lacking, I think it’s VERY CLEAR that losing Misha and the character of Cas was a horrible mistake. I want Cas back. I want Team Free Will to fly again.

      • Jenn says:

        Even my Husband, who HATED the first Season, became more a fan in the 4th and 5th Season. (Angel story arc) And even though he was insanely jealous of my love for Cas (and Misha) He was P.O. when they killed Cas. His exact words were “They can’t kill Cas!!!! .. that was stupid. the show is gonna suck now”

      • Jenn says:


        • Jackie says:

          That’s the ONLY thing I’m looking forward to… Though I’m ready to turn off the TV the if it takes a turn for the worse… lol

      • Emma says:

        I’m so fed up of the whole “us SPN fans from the start” nonsense. I’ve been a fan since the start thanks, and think losing Cas and Bobby sucks the life from the show and is crappy development. As in, no development at all. I think the description you are looking for is “those of us who wanted two brothers to shag from the start” versus those that didn’t. This whole, the shows about two brothers crap is dumb too- Harry Potter is about Harry Potter, but it would be pointless without Ron and Hermione. Supernatural is about family. The family you have and the family you make for yourself. Cas was family.

        • skepticalinquirer says:

          Precisely, Harry Potter was all about Harry but having literally hundreds of characters made its world rich and interesting. I can’t imagine the place without its teachers. Even the ghost in the bathroom served a purpose in the story. All we got left is Sam leaving Dean for a Ruby-clone again as a storyline. I end up thinking Rufus, Castiel, and the like were sacrificed for THAT? Bobby would say, “Balls!”

      • Jay says:

        WTH? You don’t speak for everyone, sister. I’ve been a fan from day one and it is possible for the brothers to have friends. Castiel is family – it’s CANON.

    • Drew says:

      I have to admit, this season has had some bumps as far as writing goes. The last act of the season premiere seemed like it was cut and pasted from an entirely different episode. Sam and Dean are apparently not smart enough to dress even a little bit differently or try to keep a low profile when they’re the most wanted men in America? And the scene where they went back to rescue Bobby, only to leave without him and then Bobby runs out of the building and finds Sam and Dean already in the van and driving off… it was so oddly edited/written. First of all, Sam and Dean would never have gone in there without borax AND axes/knives/chainsaws to take off some heads. Second, they wouldn’t leave without the guy they went to rescue.

      That said, I have enjoyed a lot of this season. The only thing that bugs me is that the show went so long without having these types of writing blunders (most shows would have had them all along) that they stick out like a sore thumb when they occur.

      • Marcia says:

        Drew overall I agree with you. Although I still really enjoy watching Supernatural and hope to continue to do so the episodes you mention bugged me as well. Your comment about not trying to disguise themselves was exactly the same one I made to my husband when the show aired. The writing has been a bit lazy. When this happens it makes me wonder if they are deliberately trying to kill off a show.

        • Jackie says:

          My dad is not a fan of SPN but I watch it over at his house so he’s in the room (though usually napping or on the phone and he’s not a multitasker) and the Evil Clones ep was the only one he’d actually seen all the way through at that point and even he was like, “Um, shouldn’t they cut and dye their hair, or do something about their appearence since they’re wanted men?” Then when a couple episodes pass and it seems like the whole “most wanted” thing was just forgotten he actually asked me if this show was a comedy and that’s why it was forgotten. :)

    • Kalie says:

      “Supernatural” hasn’t been perfect, but I don’t see this season as a disappointment at all. I still enjoy the show as much as I ever did. The writing is still sharp and I’m still totally invested. The last episode before the winter hiatus was absolutely heartbreaking.

      • melissa says:

        Kalie – I totally agree…I was sobbing!

      • Jenn says:

        I’m still invested in the show as well, however I don’t feel the writing is sharp, but rather dull.

        • Ann says:

          If you don’t think the writing is sharp, just take a look at 90% of the other shows on television. I’ll never understand why people complain about a show as good as SN.

          • skepticalinquirer says:

            Actually, Fringe’s writing and Grimm’s writing is better. At least it’s OK for Nick in Grimm to have more than one person to work with and it’s OK for his partner to be able to do things he can’t.

          • Sammi says:

            … Really? Supernatural is my favorite show but I can admit it’s not one of the best written out there right now. It used to be, yes, but not so much anymore. You can still love a show and admit it has flaws.

    • Snapy says:

      Agreed! I’m thankful Castiel is gone. The show is about two brothers: Sam and Dean. Finally, Supernatural has gone back to basics.

      • skepticalinquirer says:

        Then why don’t you just watch the Season 1-3 DVDs and stop screwing it up for people who want something new and interesting.

    • charlotte says:

      Supernatural has become Seasons 1-3: The Redux…and it’s starting to get a bit stale. I used to love how Supernatural embraced new ideas, new stories and introduced new characters – including Castiel. Now all the writers want to do is remain stuck in a 2005-2008 timeloop..going round in circles and going nowhere. The show needs to re invent itself again a la 2009 when season 4 started. At the momnent everyone is acting as if season 4 never existed.

      The show needs to be rejuvinated otherwise it will not last another year.

      They also need to keep their best assets and that includes Misha Collins. Just because a few vocal people online don’t like him the writers should not compromise the quality of the show.

      They also need to come up with new stories other than Sam and Dean angsting over each other. Done that for seven years now, time for something new.

      They need to expand the universe and keep any decent characters, not kill them off.

      Supernatural still has the potential to be great television, the producers just need to provide what the “majority” of the audience wants and stop catering for the hardcore minority – and I’m not talking the Misha fans here, since the episodes he appeared in last season and this season had the better ratings – I’m talking about the Misha haters.

      • Brynn says:

        I agree with Charlotte here. The current season lacks anything.. “new.” Season 1 – 5 was so great because it had a story arc that spanned five years and we got to see the characters grow through those years. They made mistakes and they learned from them. And their actions had world encompassing consequences.

        Now? I feel like the show is doing the same thing Dean is doing, trudging day to day, just surviving, getting to the next episode. Where is the arc? The character growth?

        Castiel’s death would have been okay by me if it served a storyline purpose. Ellen and Jo’s death were heart breaking and it left a mark , most notably on Dean. And I was in tears watching their final scene. Cas’s death? I was kind of bored. And Dean’s reaction in the episodes following? Pretty non-existent.

        The writing in season 6 and 7 have so many inconsistencies and holes, and the characters just seem flat. There have been some golden moments, the French Connection, Dean’s reaction to Castiel’s betrayal, and Bobby’s last episode, but they are few and too far in between. The show as a whole has been very inconsistent.

        SPN season 7 is one of my biggest TV disapointments in 2011.

    • Jenn says:

      Might I just remind you that the reason they were fighting “Monsters of the Week” was because of their Dad. Let’s see.. He started hunting because his wife was killed by a yellow eyed demon. why? because she made a deal way back when. Yellow Eyed Demon- Sam- Demon blood- Ruby- LUCIFER -Angels – appocolypse. Everything was a domino effect. It was never meant to stay MOW.

    • lulu says:

      You Cas-hating Wincesters crack me up. It’s like you wait online day after day after day just so that you can jump in first and work your agenda the minute Supernatural is mentioned. Even more hilarious, you’re not convincing anyone except Sera Gamble apparently, and the few CW Lounge refugees, who share your Sam Show obsession and screwed up a great show in the process.

      And yes, I too, have watched the show from day 1. But unlike your myopic, brother-cesting vision of the show, I appreciated how it grew and evolved over the years.

      The show, and Sam and Dean, outgrew the notion of two psychotically codependent on each other to the exclusion of any other relationship, by the end of the second season and Gamble desperately trying to shove the genie back in the bottle this past two seasons, has almost destroyed the show.

    • Jenn says:

      hahahahaha just look at this thread. I think the Cas supporters far out weigh all of you “back to the boring basics” bunch. I’m so tired of hearing “It’s a show about two brothers”

    • Ella says:

      I disagree. The addition of Castiel did wonders for the show and the character’s development with those other than their immediate family. It allowed for growth and the realization that there is someone out there they can depend on and that gives a crap about them other than themselves. To drag a beloved character through the dirt that way just to repeat the same old crap is bad writing. I love the Sam/Dean/Cas dynamic. I miss it terribly.

    • angel_kink says:

      Disagree with you. Shows should move forward, not backwards. I don’t want a repeat of the first few seasons. I don’t want to go “back to basic.” I want new and fresh ideas.

    • Manz says:

      I have to agree with those that have said that Supernatural’s writing has been sloppy this season. There have been plot holes galore, something that has never happened before. Where was Bobby when his house burned down (no explanation given), Dean’s leg healing in supposedly four weeks. I’m pretty sure a compound fracture takes eight weeks to heal, then therapy. Losing Castiel has been a huge loss to the show. Yes, I know he is coming back, but I’m guessing it will be a return, only to be killed off for good. The show is supposedly going back to the two brothers, fighting for the good of mankind. We’ve been there done that :( The addition of Misha Collins to the cast was a resounding success, and his loss has impacted the fanbase. I know you will say that people who stopped watching the show because of the loss of Cas, are not really fans. I think it was the way the character was treated that got people really upset. The show is NOT the same without him. I think the storyline so far has been okay, not outstanding as in other seasons. I am not a Sera Gamble fan, I think since she has taken over the show has started to nosedive. The writers need to stop throwing rubbish at us and just expect us the except it. Supernatural has always been straight down the line, writing wise. The writer’s need to pick up their game.

    • Evyn says:

      I couldn ´t disagree more the show hasn´t been the same without Cas and now that Bobby is gone it´s only going to get worse. If I wanted to watch episodes like season 1 and 2 I´d watch those, I didn´t start loving the show until season 3, season 6 was bad but season 7 is proofing to be much worse.

    • Janna Balthaser says:

      Yes, TVLine got it really wrong here.

    • Cassgirlnumerouno says:

      What do you mean “gotten rid of Castiel” more like “lost Castiel because Sera Gamble dosen’t know what the heck she’s doin'” Castiel wasn’t some kinda burden to the show. He actually helped us see how caring and sweet Dean could be. Having Cass their showed us that Dean sticks by his friends. Plus I hate how everyone was like, “Oh this guy is driving a wedge between the 2 brothers, if we get rid of him we can go back to season 1 when the show was awesome!” Uh O.K. guys lets give that a go, Oh look Cass is gone and the show is still running out of ideas!! Seriously, get your heads on straight and realize a good character when you see one!

    • spikesgrl says:

      I don’t have a problem with the other characters that they added along the way like Ellen, Ash, Jo, Ruby, etc. I just had a problem with the way the whole show changed once they added the character of Castiel. I am glad to see it go back to the original concept since I didn’t feel it was lacking anything in the first season (except maybe Bobby).

      • lyn says:

        New and interesting characters make the storyline richer. If you can’t see how the on screen chemistry between Cas/Dean/Sam, and how the Angel story arc demanded your attention in every scene, then you just don’t know good TV. Castiel was the first character that made Dean realize that you don’t always have to sever your ties. Friendship was possible. It started to go south at the end of Season 5 when they killed Gabriel. That started the whole “let’s kill all of our interesting characters off!” BIG MISTAKE. And Castiel’s exit was very sloppy. Cas was such a loved character and I think the writers did him a great injustice in the way he was written off. Much of the story that was written for him (and Sam & Deans interactios with him) was completely out of character, and that is such a shame. I also feel like alot of Season 7 has character flaws all over the place. Sam, Dean, and Bobby in many scenes saying or doing things out of character. I really hope Sera is reading all of these comments and taking it all in. Or at least realise how she and her team of writers is killing this show. I really would hate to see it go out on a bad note like one of “those shows” where no one really remembers the final season because they stopped watching.

  2. CJ says:

    These “slideshows” would be less irritating if there were all the Facebook and Twitter ads stuck in the middle. And the motley gallery of Facebook friends stuck between the body and the comments.

  3. Stormy says:

    Newton Minnow was an optimist.

  4. booboo says:

    Man, you forgot the worst one yet: Meloni leaving SVU after 12 years and leaving millions of EO shippers with broken hearts :(

  5. SmallvilleFan2001 says:

    Okay saying Smallvile was disappointed for 2011, not cool. I’ve watched every season, and have been a fan since the very start. I just don’t agree with you choice here. Sorry. Have you guys seen the entire season? To understand the ending?

    • SnazzyO says:

      See I totally agree with their choice. 9 months post SV, after daily (for years) following all the dramarama of what the finale was going to be, the ONE thing I remember is that they really blew the suit. The CGI Superman was uber lame. I’m not sure why they went this way but I got more our of the opening up the shirt than the bitty CGI Superman. I think I would have rather they skipped that bit than to do it so poorly. JMO, of course.

      But, at the end of the day, the lameness of the suit reveal is the thing that sticks.

      • TayMads says:

        You do know that the creators of the show did not have the rights to show Tom Welling in the Superman suit which is why they did it the way they did it. They have said it numerous times during the show and they said it numerous times during the final season. That is why it was done the way it was. They can’t show him in the suit and can only really show the S on the suit. They don’t have the legal rights to do that, DC Comics wouldn’t allow them.

        • Danyelle says:

          I’m curious, link me to a single interview where that restriction was admitted to, especially in recent years. I’ll be waiting here….

        • Fiona says:

          I’m with Danyelle. I did hear them saying repeatedly that Tom refused to do it. Honestly, suck it up and be a good sport, dude.

    • Drew says:

      I watched every episode. I own every season on DVD. That said, the final season as a whole was a disappointment. First of all, the strange political jabs at the Tea Party and the right in general felt awkward and out of place on the show, especially in the context of the story being told. Anyone who knows politics would have to cry foul.
      The flow of the season was completely off. You would have major plots left dangling for weeks while they went off and did something with another plot.
      The finale made no sense. Darkseid is bringing a planet here for what purpose again? Do thy really publish a comic book with Clark’s entire story when he’s trying to lead a double life?! The whole thing felt very poorly executed and lacked the logic that I was hoping for when it came to the finale. They tried to go really really big, but didn’t know how to do it. The part where Clark flew was cool though.

      I think the season would have been better if they took the elements that they had, but re-edited the entire season to flow better. They could probably cut out entire chunks without losing much. But I think they could have tacked the finale on right as the VRA was voted down and it would have played better.

    • Carrie says:

      I agree. The entire finale/final season was not a disappointment just because we didn’t get to see a good shot of Tom Welling in the full suit. That’s silly. The show was never about Superman, it was about Clark Kent before he took on the persona, and as someone who watched the show from the beginning and stuck with it for 10 years, I was completely satisfied with the ending. Jonathan got to hand him the suit in the fortress, he flew out of the fortress, saved the planet from Apokolips and then flew over to Lois in the airplane. Awesome. The final shot of him ripping open his shirt to reveal the suit underneath was perfect. People also need to consider the fact that they probably weren’t allowed to show Welling up close in the full suit because another Superman movie is coming out.

      • Luca says:

        Well it was a disappointment to some perhaps but not to you, I and perhaps more folks than those that were waiting for the suit and the flight to appear.

        I remember in the early days when the writers were asked about the suit and such and their comments were always basically ‘no’. I knew from the beginning that the final shot would be something like what happened. After all the story was about the boy becoming Superman, not being Superman.

        • Ann says:

          The writers, producers and Tom Welling always admitted to the ‘no tights, no flights’ rule, so I’m not sure why anyone expected more than what was shown in the finale. I always assumed that we wouldn’t actually see him fly off in the suit and cape until the final moment. I just envisioned that red cape flapping in the wind behind him as he leaped off the Daily Planet roof and that would be the end. I was actually surprised that he flew before that and that we even saw a faraway shot of him in the costume. Because the producers, etc. were so dead set on this being a show about Clark Kent, not Superman, I never pictured Welling in the costume at all. It’s not like they promised the fans something they didn’t deliver on. There were always restrictions from DC Comics and that’s why they couldn’t even bring certain characters on the show, like Wonder Woman or Batman. I don’t think they’d allow Welling to wear the suit when a new Superman movie is being made.

  6. Renee says:

    #9 Exploitainment TV – Absolute truth!

  7. the girl says:

    My number one disappointment of this year has been that the entire fall season has gone by with not one new episode of Cougar Town. The fact that it is still not properly scheduled totally kicks ass. And yes, I LOVE your ah mah zing “no corking this whine” line.

  8. Sam says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the “Exploitainment TV” pronouncement. Every time I saw the promos for this show, I thought “eew, sick!” Basing a “reality” show on the subject just brings this creepiness into our homes, worse than the black humor movie that gave rise to this show. The show should end and the practice of these pageants should go back in the closet!

  9. jen says:

    I just don’t know how you can say the office was disappointing. I think it was a fantastic season so far. Much better than last season. And as for Supernatural, you either love it or you don’t. Take it for what it is. Guilty pleasure tv with a story that’s last seven years and still manages to not only entertain, but still makes you love the characters.

    • Carrie says:

      I don’t even consider “Supernatural” a guilty pleasure. It’s not a silly soap opera. It’s a solid, well-written show with good acting. I never feel embarrassed in the least to say that I watch it and love it.

  10. jen says:

    I did love the friendship that developed between Dean and Castiel, but I agree they are getting back to the show’s roots. The brothers are back together with the only real man thats been a good dad to them.

  11. Justin says:

    How could you fail to mention the American Horror Story finale?

    • Annie says:

      Um, because everybody else loved it? No, seriously, it’s like you and five other people whining. (Seriously, I think it comes on too late for you — shouldn’t you be in bed on a school night by ten? ;) Just kidding, don’t go all nuclear now.)

  12. Saint Alicia says:

    Wow, color me shocked. TVLine actually acknowledges that Cuddy’s exit was a terrible thing. Maybe David Shore doesn’t own you after all?
    And completely on board with TGW’s assessment too. It’s a travesty CBS gave their best show a death slot to make room for a totally predictable, sub-par crime procedural.
    Maybe the new year holds positive change for both shows…

  13. kay says:

    Of the shows that I do watch, I agree with ALL of your picks, Smallville and Supernatural included.

  14. jill says:

    How can the THIRD SEASON OF GLEE not be on this list.. the whole season has been a MAJOR disappointment.

    • reny says:

      GLEE season 3 hasnt been all that bad. Rory is a great new character and they’re giving Santana a big storyline that has surpassed everyone’s expectations. And the music has been very good this year.

      Sure they dont show Sue a lot anymore, yes the Quinn/Puck/Shelby storyline was kind of irritating, but it hasnt been that topsy turvy 2nd season

      • Amiee says:

        But see the dragged out Santana storyline and over-exposure is kind of the problem, and its not helping the ratings. Now that she’s came out to her parents, they cast Gloria Estefan to play her mom, so we can see how she reacts to her lesbian daughter. Back peddling. She came out, the end. Santana was great as a supporting character but pushing her into the lead just isn’t working. She has a nice voice and all, but I don’t see the lead power. I still say one of the biggest mistakes Glee ever made was making Santana a lesbian, it was out of the blue and unnesscary and everytime Santana tackles her lesbian issues, it makes that mistake very clear.

        I agree that this season is a lot better than Season 2 and the music is a lot better. Not a dissapointment but not a jump for joy either.

      • Sean C. says:

        It has not surpassed everyone’s expectations; “I Kissed A Girl” was atrocious and taken as an insult by the lesbian viewership.

  15. Lis says:

    The disappointment in Supernatural for me started in the beginning of 2011 (the fizzling, underdeveloped Mother plot wiped for The Apocalypse 2.0? Really? The show needed to move on from the heaven arc when Sam and Dean stopped being relevant to it.) They seem afraid to stray from already-tread ground, and hearing the spoiler of who’s coming back again doesn’t give me hope they’re not just planning to walk in more circles next year. :(

  16. Robert J. Wilson says:

    CORRECTION: Clark/Superboy fought Darkseid, who lives on Apokolips…

  17. Jen says:

    SPN so deserves to be on that list. Such a disappointment and for the record Nicky and other bastards, I was there from the beginning. I’ve been fan since the beginning and that doesn’t change the fact that Misha Collins as Castiel saved this damn show and made it ten times more awesome. I freaking miss him and I hope the show’s good again when he returns.

    • katie says:

      I completely disagree. This season has been much more enjoyable to me without Castiel being used as a crutch and a deus ex machina. Misha Collins’ departure is no great loss.

      • Jo says:

        LOL, the suits at WB seem to disagree with you in view of the half-million or so live viewers who’ve walked so far in season 7. And Bobby has been more of a deus ex machina than Cas ever was this season. But of course he’s too old and ugly to interfere with your Wincest fantasies ins’t he, so he gets the pass…

        • Diego says:

          When you say “half-million or so live viewers who’ve walked so far in Season 7” you do realize that BEFORE Season 4 (BEFORE Castiel was a character) the ratings were MUCH HIGHER. Right?

          • Leeeleee says:

            Wrong moron. The ratings were so bad in season 3 that everyone expected season 4 to be the final season. Then they sent Dean to Hell which lead to the show’s highest ratings since the show was on the WB and the angel storyline brought the show higher ratings than the previous two seasons and finally, some mainstream critical attention. Now the ratings are a good million viewers below season 3. Of course, The CW is in much worse shape now than it was back in season 3 so what would have been considered abysmally poor ratings then, are touted as hit ratings by the network’s spin doctors. So the show probably will get another season but it won’t be because of the quality of the show, as it was with season 5, but because the network is desperate to hang on to any show that has a loyal constituency. However, that loyal constituency went from 3 million to below 2 million, so yeah, the show is bleeding viewers and I think it is largely because of the uneven quality of the writing and the killing off of side characters. Regardless of which character you favor, Gamble cannot afford to alienate any part of the already-shrinking fanbase and she has royally pissed off both Dean and Cas fans because of her obsession with her Marty Stu, Sam.

          • Amelie says:

            Actually, you’re wrong. Ratings rose in season 4.

          • Ann says:

            The ratings were highest in Seasons 1 and 2. They rose again in Season 4, but dropped in Seasons 5 and 6. I don’t think Castiel makes or breaks the show. It’s no surprise that the ratings have declined. The show is in its 7th season. Just about every TV show there is sheds more and more viewers the older it gets. That’s just the way it is. Not everyone is going to stick with a show throughout its entire run.

          • angel says:

            You are wrong. Ratings spiked in Season 4.

        • Hali says:

          Seriously, can we just stop this ridiculous in-fighting? It’s stupid, pointless, and downright mean. I miss when the SPN fanverse was united in loving the show :/

        • anne ryan says:

          lol this is hilarious XD great comment

    • Jo says:

      Misha Collins as Castiel saved this damn show and made it ten times more awesome.

      Heck yeah! Looking forward to 7.17, and this show being worth watching again!

      • Grace says:

        I want CASTIEL back on SPN and also THE TRICKSTER/GAB. ONLY THEN will the show be perfect!!
        Also, I was not at all disappointed in Lisa E.’s departure from HOUSE. But I blame that more on the writers than her.
        One bright spot so far for me is A GIFTED MAN. I really like it.
        Hope more of you will try it!!
        I hope all three shows get another season or two or three or four.

  18. don says:

    I have to add Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV in Ringer. I’m a big fan of SMG, but almost everything about Ringer has been a disappointment – from the plot lines, to the acting, to the terribly fake NYC.

  19. SnazzyO says:

    Agree on the Huddy issue. What was FOX thinking? I find that I DVR House and then don’t watch it. It’s not out of protest or anything. It’s worse than that — it’s apathy. They needed her on the show — with or without the “relationship”.

  20. Ray says:

    I’m kinda happy that Cuddy is out, cuz that means no more Huddy Crap any more. Sorry LE, no offense, blame DS for giving you such a crappy storyline.

    • Sally says:

      I agree. And I hope they won’t bring Cuddy back. I don’t want to see her and this awful “relationship” ever again.
      And I think season 8 is amazing, a lot better than season 6 or 7. Not as good as the first seasons though, but still good enough to get me hooked again.

      • Smoothie says:

        I hope too! writers in this show don’t know how to write female characters and love story, they are horrible and boring.

        • Flor says:

          I agree that they don´t know how to write female characters or love relationships, but I disagree that this season is amazing. Actually I find it boring as hell. The male characters and their “relationships” are now sucking big time too.

  21. me says:

    why would you want Cuddy back? They wrote their relationship horribly all throughout season seven, do you really think they could do any better with it now? I highly doubt it. This season has actually been pretty good, let’s not ruin it.

  22. Nick says:

    I too have to agree about supernatural….I was a huge fan of the first five seasons, but once they brought Sam back from hell the show just started to fall flat for me. Not only do I constantly get a sense of deja vu watching current episodes (seriously, haven’t we done all this before??), but it has fallen victim to Heroes syndrome (I mean we all know 100% that the main characters won’t die, and if they do they’ll magically come back to life).

  23. Sandra says:

    Couldn’t agree more about Supernatural.

    Dean and Sam relationship is somehow dull and half of the storylines are from previous episodes. Plus Leviathans are dull as well.

  24. Jason says:

    As much as I love it, X-Factor should have been on that list. I’ve been a fan of the UK version for years and the US one just fell flat this time. Mostly because of the bad panel and hilariously out-of-his-element host.

    Cheryl needs to replace Nicole. Dermot needs to replace Steve. And for the love of God, get a better voice over guy.

  25. Jessica says:

    I stopped watching my 2 favorite shows this year–House and Bones. House just got boring without Cuddy and Bones got Booth and Brennan together behind the scenes–which blew the whole reason I was watching for. Special Victims Unit did the same as House with Stabler. Geez all my favorite shows are ruined now!

  26. Valerie says:

    In my opinion, Smallville’s entire S10 was a disappointment, and should’ve been so much more then it was. And I definitely think we deserved a better flight in the finale, though I could live with just the glimpse of Tom in the suit at the end. When the finale flight doesn’t even hold a candle to Clark’s first flight in S4, nor measures up to the multiple flights of other characters, you know you didn’t quite deliver on a 10 year series finale.

  27. stacey says:

    I don’t think Supernatural belongs on this list. Season 7 has been so good…so thrilling. I give them credit for eliminating beloved characters because it is a risk, but it is either the character stays and forces the story to go a certain way which doesn’t feel right or eliminating those characters to make the story different…I give them credit for being bold.

    • lulu says:

      How has the story been different this season? Sam angsts about Sam and Dean angsts about Sam. After 6.5 seasons, that is so beyond REDUNDANT.

      • trina says:

        So I am assuming you haven’t actually been watching this season. Because Sam certainly hasn’t been angsting about anything at all, while Dean is angsting about everything under the sun (his guilt complex, his trust issues, the list goes on). But hey, don’t let what’s actually happening on the show get in the way of your views of the characters.

        • lulu says:

          Well I have only just caught up on the season, and I agree that it does indeed suck. But to address your point. From my recollection Sam is so full of himself that he no longer feels any guilt and/or responsibility for anything. I guess he’s more like soulless Sam than he likes to admit. He certainly doesn’t seem too concerned about his brother’s apparent depression since he snuck out on him while he still had a broken leg and was heavily medicated. Then leaves him twisting in the wind for weeks while he runs off to lick his wounds and angst over his own angst over Amy. Meanwhile, Dean continues to be held responsible for everything including his own guilt. Apparently Sam believes that its Dean’s fault that he is still hunting rather than the manipulations of Azazel and his own desire for revenge. So from my perspective, Sam continues to be the most self-absorbed character on TV and Dean is now a shadow of his former self so that Sam can look oh-so-strong for handling his own problems for once.

          • trina says:

            Oh I see. You are one of those. Are you still angry about the EMF detector from season 1?

          • Anon says:

            Until Sam crashes and then somehow I suspect that will be Dean’s fault because Dean wasn’t there for Sam enough.

            As for the EMF detector, I guess that hurt Dean too because we haven’t seen it since Phantom Traveler.

          • skepticalinquirer says:

            I also can’t believe this is the so-called bond I’m supposed to root for. Sam announces he doesn’t feel guilty or care about any of the crap that happened while he’s souless but still won’t let Dean off the hook for anything, even killing a monster that was freaking killing people just because she’s so perty and they snogged once. I can’t believe TPTB want me to invest in a relationship where it’s obvious even monsters count more to Sam even though Dean’s the one that got him out of the cage, not Amy.

          • ladydeath says:

            Yep, it’s you, hermitme. You continue to make no sense whatsoever.

          • lulu says:

            @trina, apologies for the late response, since I actually have a life.

            But in response to your question about being “one of those”, if it means that I am interested in Dean as a character in his own right rather than just as an appendage/dorrmat for Sam-the-Snowlflake, then yeah I guess so. You’ll get no apologies from me on that score.

            But by your hypocritical hostility, I guess you are one of those who think that Dean’s only purpose is to be Sam’s butt monkey and if the show gives Dean anything else to do, then they are being meeeeeean to perfect wittle Sammy-Whammy.

            By the way, are you still mad that Sam only got to be in ITB for 40 secs, even though the entire episode? You still filling out those spreadsheets to see if Sam (not JP) gets enough face time per episode?

      • melanyrose says:

        Shut up, hermitme. Still flinging your Sam hate around?

  28. Ana Muller says:

    “Community’s MIA Status
    Seriously, NBC? We’re still in Dean-ial.” ABSOLUTELY, NBC TOTALLY BRITTA’D IT!

  29. Steve says:

    But isn’t said character coming back like they always do? Sigh

  30. Nikki says:

    I disagree about Supernatural. Yes there have been some major differences this season and yes I miss Castiel but I still love the show. Nobody really dies forever anyway…they manage to bring back certain characters whether it’s in a flashback or a strange twist of fate. They’ve introduced some dynamic new characters who bring a lot to the show. Plus…they still have some of the best one liners I’ve heard :)

  31. Davi says:

    Thirded here. I actually think the quality went way up after Cas died. There was danger again and the show became interesting. They’re taking an actual chance with the writing which doesn’t usually happen with a show as old as Supernatural. For the most part all I’ve seen is very positive reviews of the direction the show is going. Far more pleasant surprise than any disappointment.

    Misha and Cas are well lived and missed, but the show’s story arc has been far better this year than the past two seasons. This is the first time that I think TV Line made a bad call.

    • Eleanor says:

      This season’s story arc? What story arc would that be that has been so compelling? Ooh evil leviathans that like to eat people and dip them in cheese that can be disabled with some cleaning material. That was more exciting than stopping Lucifer and the apocalypse, a civil war in heaven, and the Mother of All monsters and purgatory?

      Season 6 had a TON of flaws, but at least there was a lot of interesting things going on that was fun to speculate about at the time (even if the resolution to all those plots was a huge letdown at the end). It’s funny last year in three different forums I was a member of there were pages and pages of people speculating about what would be happening next for Supernatural. Now this year with the riveting season 7 story arc? Those threads are dead.

      Until Castiel’s return was announced, what exactly was there of interest to speculate about? How much Dean would drink in the episode? When the angst over Amy would end? How long would they be ignoring Sam’s broken wall? *yawn* There’s no suspense with the leviathans. We know Sam and Dean will find a way to kill them. Just a matter of time. At least if the leviathans still have Castiel alive, there might FINALLY be an interesting emotional stake other than the boring and predictable revenge motivation for Bobby’s sake.

      I’m glad some people are enjoying season 7. I wish I could be one of them.

      • Jolie says:

        I think you need to take your Castiel blinders off and maybe you would see how amazing this season has been. I’m so sick of Cas stans bitching like this, it’s getting old. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and don’t offer your two cents either.

        • Sammi says:

          Oh, look, there you are again only able to reply to people about liking Castiel. Doesn’t that ever get a bit boring? Your lack of being able to bring up anything else to support your “argument” is giving me a bad case of secondhand embarrassment, and I don’t even like Castiel all that much myself.

        • Jo says:

          Oh Mandi, you’res so obvious! Maybe you should take your Sam blinders off, huh?

        • lolz says:

          Oh hai bitter Sam girl. Cas is gone and your guy still doesn’t get enough attention to satisfy you. There’s only one other character left on the show, but you just keep on bitchin’ and no doubt, Gamble will knock off Dean as well, just to please you. How many polls do you think Sam will win when there are only a dozen viewers left to watch the show?

      • mobiusklein says:

        Not for me since I don’t care whether Cas lives or dies. SO the emotional angle won’t be there. How many times has Cas died anyway? Yawn.

  32. Michael says:

    I am REALLY tired of people bitching about reality TV. These things aren’t made for charity they’re made because they get ratings and they DO get ratings. Half the people who bitch about them run home and watch them. There’s really no reason to direct so much ire at the shows themselves because whether there’s a camera there or not the toddler beauty pageant is still going to happen.

  33. John Berggren says:

    I would not call V’s cancellation disappointing. I would call V’s run disappointing. Much as I love Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin, they were wasted on a reboot that never quite lived up to the original. Their wasteful abuse of Jane Badler made it even worse.

    The worst thing about the cancellation of V is that nobody will revisit this property for another 20 years or more.

  34. Flor says:

    I agree that Cuddy´s exit from the show was a complete disappointment -as was the way the whole Huddy relationship was “handled”. But if we look at what they did with her character and what House (the show and the character) has become, I think LE made the right decision when she walked out (even though it must have very painful and scary for her), for the show is a total mess now, and Heaven knows what crap would they have given her if she had stay.

  35. bruna says:

    I don’t want Cuddy back, ’cause they’ll ruin her even more and she doesn’t deserve that! Hope LE back to us soon, but on her own TV show or as Celeste on TGW!

    and i want COMMUNITY in 2012!!!

  36. kevin says:

    The bearer of bad TV news continues but I hate to say it that 2011 was even worse than 2010 a la the cancellation of shows like LONE STAR and UNDERCOVERS but I hope that can all changes in 2012 and we can’t wait until May when all five broadcast networks unveil their new Fall schedules. We never imagine how bad one TV season can be but I think the saddest TV news I’ve seen all year was of course the demise of the Charlie’s Angels reboot but it really wasn’t the show overall, it was the ratings that didn’t have a bigger audience than it used to be and I was in tears when the news broke about the cancellation. The other big reason is that CBS spent all those years of being the number one network and I don’t know if NBC is going to end this nightmare once and for all while ABC and Fox have mixed reaction for one another. Let’s hope I can do much better in 2012 and we can barely think that it’s going to take huge risks when new and upcoming shows would rise above it.

    • Kiki says:

      “I think the saddest TV news I’ve seen all year was of course the demise of the Charlie’s Angels reboot”

      Do you realize that the show was terrible and it deserved to be cancelled? I was on the verge of tears when I watched it! What a way to piss all over something that people had such a fond memory of!

      • kevin says:

        I really don’t know which side of the story you’re on and I don’t care if Charlie’s Angels deserve to be canceled and the only reason that was part of it was the “ratings” and Minka Kelly is the real reason she got the part and unfortunately she still maybe looking for another TV gig if she’s done with PARENTHOOD or she will continue to have a huge movie career and I totally disagree on a lot of people who thinks Minka can’t act and BOO on them.

        • Kiki says:

          Oh, boy. I wish I could argue with you, but… whatever. You gotta learn how to write in the first place, and while it’s okay to be a fan, don’t be delusional.

        • JonnyB says:

          If Minka Kelly was good, she’d be doing something better than Charlie’s Angels.

          • kevin says:

            I’m with you on that and I really don’t want to see her on Parenthood anymore ’cause her character Gaby is one of the weakest in the series not exactly the same as Michael B. Jordan’s role as Alex but both actors were on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS at one time in their big breaks.

  37. Kelly says:

    Cuddy leaving House was the end of me watching the show. It had gone downhill for awhile now, but I always hoped it would regain it’s previous draw for me. As long as LE, HL & RSL were still on the show I believed that “some day” the creator & writers would get their “crap” together and give us more interesting stories between these three instead of Wilson’s stupid pet cat,boring Fourteen, Thirteen,Tauband his harem of willing good-looking women(?),the godawful musical number (cringes), even more stupid PI/Cuddy relationship, House going to a nuthouse and learning nothing in the end..before of course finally putting House & Cuddy together after while Cuddy’s character (finding a baby in a crack house…reallly? having her date that dufus Lucas?)while suceeding in this exploration of House & Cuddy to TOTALLY snuff out any spark these two once had and replacing it with with tooth brushes and toddler poop. Afte the laughable break-up, House sank to a new low IMO, changing into some pathetic excuse for a man who needed to bang hookers, pop pills and MAYBE solve a case once and awhile…if of course he wasn’t jumping off balconies, hosting a green card marriage or driving monster trucks in front of a lame green screen. It’s such a shame these fine actors got fed such slop instead of the smart, edgy scripts that would have kept this show on top of the ratings for years to come.

  38. May says:

    Oh, Cuddy. :( She was like my idol or something in earlier seasons, her scenes cracked me up every time and then at some point something went really wrong. It was like writers just couldn’t write her anymore. When I watch season 4 Cuddy and then season 7 Cuddy, they are not the same character, so lazily written. They forgot she was an administrator of the hospital and therefore House’s boss. I don’t even start with House himself. So messed up, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I miss her, but I would totally accept it if she decided not to return.

  39. Smoothie says:

    I want Lisa Edelstein back on my tv but not in House, this show is old now and her character was destroyed by crappy storylines that looked like Grey’s Anatomy.

  40. SW says:

    What are you talking about, TVLine? This season of Supernatural has been the best it’s been since S1&2. The majority of fans are ecstatic over this season. There hasn’t been one episode we haven’t loved. You can go check the fandoms if you don’t believe me. The only hate you’re going to find is from Cas fans who are just sad about him being gone (nothing wrong with that, it’s just that they’re the only ones who have been disappointed this season). You guys need to go back and rewatch S6 if you think this season is bad, and that’s coming from someone who liked S6.

    • pickle says:

      Are you kidding me? The only ones complaining are Cas fans? Dean fans are pissed because as usual he has nothing to do but rehash the same old storyline for the past 7 years without resolve and the Sam fans are pissed because not everything is about him so far this season ( I expect that to change in the second half)
      This season has been a mess story wise with the big bads not really all that bad and both guys not having anything to do to move the plot.
      So yes Supernatural so deserves to be on this list.

    • Amelie says:

      … You sound ridiculous saying that only Cas fans dislike this season so far, just FYI. I’m not a huge Cas fan and I think this season is disappointing based off the sloppy storytelling, inconsistent plot, and plethora of filler episodes. Yes, some episodes have been fantastic (such as the last aired episode) but together they aren’t meshing well as a season, in my opinion. But, hey, way to generalize an entire group of the fandom.

    • Jo says:

      You people are so pathetic. “Ecstatic” – you keep smoking whatever you’res smoking sweetie! The show sucks, face it. All the critics think so and so do most of the fans, to the extent a lot of them aren’t even bothering to watch live any more. 1.5m live viewers: that is pathetic and can only be spun positively by people as desperate as you are or the idiots who used to post at the CW Lounge. Cas is coming back: suck it.

      • Jolie says:

        You’re an idiot. Nielsen rating system is flawed and shouldn’t be counted. The DVR ratings and internet viewing ratings are through the roof and that’s even with your precious cas gone. Also, Cas isn’t coming back MISHA is and he’s probably not going to be Castiel. And adding suck it really shows how mature you cas stans are. lmao. seriously y’all are the downfall of this fandom.

        • Sammi says:

          Actually, it’s been confirmed by both Misha and Gamble that CASTIEL is returning. Do your research before attempting to insult others. And, haha… Castiel fans are the downfall of the fandom? And people like you who feel the need to go around insulting other fans for literally no reason is an example of what fandom should be? Please. You keep tossing out that people like Castiel as if it’s an insult of some sort, but sweetheart, I’d much rather be the type of fan who welcomes every character than be the type of fan who’s pathetic enough to insult others simply because YOU don’t like a certain character. How old are you, 12?

        • Andrea says:

          DVR ratings and internet viewing ratings are through the roof

          Hate to break it to you, but actually they aren’t. And the Neilsen ratings, as “flawed” as they may be, are the only ones that count for advertising. Any increase in the +7 days figures are meaningless.

          Have to also say I just cannot wrap my mind around fans who don’t accept that there are Deanfans, Samfans and Casfans and that surely catering to all of those groups is the best way to keep the show going for as long as we all want it to. It’s undeniable that the ratings have suffered in the wake of Misha Collins’ departure. Undeniable. Since I’d like the show to stay on air, I’m very happy he’s coming back.

          • Karen says:

            Hear, hear. The denial is mindboggling. Even the critics are saying this season is crap and that writing Misha out was a huge mistake. Newsflash: if the show was still as good as it used to be people would still be watching it live. They aren’t – because it’s no longer must-see TV thanks to the inept Gamble and her crushing lack of vision and imaginnation.

          • panthera says:

            What, darling Dean isn’t enough to keep the show on the air all on his own? I’m shocked.

          • skepticalinquirer says:

            Dean would be enough if he was actually given a role worth watching instead of being beaten over the head for killing a monster that needed to be killed just because Sam threw a hissy fit.

            Maybe Sera should just make Sam into a sparkly vampire and consider that her happy ending. It’s not like her writing is any better than Twilight.

    • lulu says:

      Dude stop trying to speak for everyone when it’s perfectly clear you only speak for a very small but incredibly loud minority of Cas-haters who try to shut down any criticism of the show. That group of fans seem more invested in Cas’ absence than anything actually happening on the show which explains the blinders they are wearing about the precipitous decline in the quality of writing on the show this year.

      • Karen says:

        Yeah, these idjits are lining up to say the wedding episode and this season’s boring bad guys and gigantic plotholes are quality viewing and that the show is as good as ever? Seriously? It’s an insult to S1-4 to say the show is as good as it used to be. It’s crap, to all but the Limpest of Samstan Wincesters, who are the only people still watching if the lousy ratings are anything to go by.

        • Jackie says:

          Ugh… that wedding episode…. It had its moments of mild humor but really, I was embarrassed for Dean and Sam as i watched it!!! >_<

  41. JJ says:

    Still don’t understand what ABC is thinking! Cougar Town is the best comedy on TV and they keep messing with it! And…their treatment of the soaps is ridiculous! Way to treat shows that have been part of people’s lives for 40+ years. They better treat General Hospital better!

  42. Amy says:

    I miss Community so much! There’s a void in my life that can only be filled by Community’s return. I hate NBC so much

  43. MK says:

    Cougar Town and Community and their MIA status are a HUGE disappointment…all the other shows on the list have disappointed viewers with their content. These are two shows that have great content and loyal viewers that just aren’t there. ABC and NBC need to realize the difference between good and bad tv and put these shows back on the air!!!

  44. Captain says:

    I somewhat disagree about Charlie’s Angels. Minka Kelly was perfect casting. I COMPLETELY agree about 90210. It’s just pointless now. The storylines are stupid, the new characters add nothing to the show (Holly?????) and the writers seem determined to make everything about Naomi yet give her no worthwhile storylines. Seriously, Naomi’s quest to become Sorority President? They’ve also completely ruined a fan favourite couple (Naomi/Max) because they’d rather have an actor they can get shirtless as much as possible. All the progress 90210 made in Season 3 was stomped on this year and I doubt I’ll be tuning in in 2012.

  45. Linda says:

    House doesn´t make sense anymore without Cuddy. She was the heart of that show. I´m still watching but just because i´m a loyal viewer and this season is a huge disappointment. I hope she is back at some point and there is some nice House-Cuddy reunion.

    • Sara says:

      The heart of the show is House, the mind of the show is House, the soul of the show is House, the show is House! Got it?
      And during the first seasons when House MD became a worldwide hit Cuddy was only a background characters with few lines for episode. Things went down the hill when Cuddy and huddy became more prominent

      • Andy says:

        Couldn’t agree more. In some great episodes in the first seasons (like House vs. God) Cuddy was merely a background with a few lines.

        The show is all about House, not Cuddy, you huddy fan girls should know about that.

  46. shiremaid says:

    Edelstein is gone from “House” because she got too big for her britches! “Negotiations fell through.” was the official reason given to press, but anyone with half a brain will know, she thought she was as important to the show as Hugh Laurie and demanded the same salary. Execs said No can do, (a very wise decision), so she hit the pavement. Good riddance, I say! As for their relationship ending “badly”; blame that on the character Cuddy. Women like her have made it almost impossibe to convince decent men that there are some women out there who mean it when we say “I don’t want you to change.” Leave Lisa where she is; GONE!

    • Cathy says:

      “decent men”….as in Greg House? I’m sorry but that is laughable. As far as the negotiations, you have no more insight then the rest of us do on the subject, and even if Lisa did ask for more money, she has every right to do so. As far as House MD, look at the ratings. Not even HL can save the show from the crapfest it’s become. As far as blaming Cuddy for the relationship ending badley….I can’t blame a fictional character, I can hoewever blame the writers for destroying the strong woman she once was.

    • Becca says:

      This post is a joke isn´t it? Because if you are not joking you´ve got a serious mental illness and you are in danger.

    • Marissa says:

      Shiremaid, you need to spend a time in Mayfield!!!

    • lol says:

      Awww, poor LE, all she got is a role in a lifetime movie, lmao!!! I’m afraid she’ll return to House, the ptb are her friends and she’ll ask them to take her back because she won’t have other options, damn

      • get a life says:

        Awww… Poor bitter Hamerons. Hating on people just because a fictional character didn’t get the love story you wet your panties for. If she does come back, that’s because they begged her good enough, paid her everything she asked for, and gave her a storyline with which you won’t be happy, to say the least. And by the way, in that “Lifetime movie” she plays Kelly Siegler – a character Jennifer Morrison or any other actress could only dream of. Get a life.

        • lol2 says:

          Because only hamerons dislike Cuddy/LE, don’t they? Lmao, poor bitter LE fangirls, lifetime movie are just crap, everyone know it but if you’re happy…
          And I’m not a JM fan, I don’t watch her new show but I’ve heard only good things about both the show and the actress.

          • to Hams says:

            Seriously? Ginnifer Goodwin stole the show, she is the one the critics are raving about. I’ve read different opinions on Lana Parilla, but at least her presence engages and stirs up conversations. Jennifer Morrison is just… meh. Not outrageously bad, but nothing exciting either. The show creators themselves moved her to second billing when promoting the show, that fact alone speaks volumes.

            There is a line between NOT LIKING somebody and PURPOSEFULLY “HATING” them, you can pretend all you want, but we all recognize BITTER DERANGED HAMERONS when we see them. As you’ve been already adviced – GET A LIFE.

          • poor_huddytards says:

            Bitter Cuddy/huddy/LE fangirls are bitter! Get a life morons

        • Jason m. says:

          Do you have any prof that he/ she is a Hameron fan, is completely immature to assume that just because she/he doesn’t like cuddy , all you need to grow up and move on & stop been petty ,cause in the end no LE or JMo really don’t care what you think .

          • to Jason says:

            Read her message again, slowly. Where did she say that she didn’t like Cuddy? Nope. Her entire post served one and only purpose – to spread hate towards Lisa Edelstein personally. Of course, it was a lame and laugh-inducing attempt, haters are generally morons, but it’s the intention that matters. She is a bitter delusional Hameron fangirl who can’t let go of a fictional storyline, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. GET A LIFE!

  47. K.P says:

    Thank you for including the cancellations of All My Children and One Life To Live on this list. Two shows with incredible legacies that my grandmother introduced me to were spit on, along with talented actors/actresses, cast & crew, and incredibly loyal fans. It’s amazing how much disrespect was shown to such a groundbreaking, historical genre that’s entertained for decades. ABC’s earned my eternal loathing and as far as Pathetic Park, the Spew, and the Revulsion…don’t even get me started. :(

  48. Jen says:

    I miss Cuddy on House, but I do not want Lisa E to go back. She made the right decision to leave. Whether it was for money, creative differences, or whatever the writes and creator of that show have ruined it beyond repair in my opinion. I enjoyed seeing Lisa E in TGW and hope to see her soon on my screen again. As far as Hugh L..I hope he finds another show or movies to act in after House is over, he really is amazing.

  49. Edenheart says:

    NBC has a good thing going with their Thursday night line-up. Ratings-challenged, perhaps, but there should be high hedge put up around their comedy block to protect it from all their bonehead programming decisions. Reboots, remakes, knock-offs and inspired-bys insult us all. Renew yourself with original, risky ideas and then give them time to grow. The answers are all around you, NBC.

  50. brasil says:

    eu sou fã de house m.d daqui do brasil,sempre foi nos passada a ideia que house e Cuddy ficariam juntos e se completam ,não que fossem felizes para sempre ,pois nenhum relacionamento é assim,mas ficassem juntos,mas Cuddy era a minha personagem predileta pela sua história e brilhantemente a frente do hospital a 15 anos,como isso pode ser real nos E.U.A um médico que tripudia em cima de todos e ainda mantem seu cargo e da emprego para outros isso virou história para adolescentes,House está mais fantasioso do que Once Up Time ou qualquer seriado de genero não é um drama médico,virou um absurdo ainda mais sem minha atriz predileta LISA EDELSTEIN que brilhantemente deu a vida a drªCUDDY