American Horror Story Season 2 Spoiler Alert: Find Out Who Will and Won't Be Back!

With American Horror Story‘s first season resting in peace, Ryan Murphy is turning his attention to the serial thriller’s second act.

The show’s cocreator confirms that Season 2 will be “radically different” from Season 1. That means a new setting/locale and a (mostly) new cast.

“The second season of the show will [feature] a brand new home or building to haunt,” Murphy said in a conference call with reporters on Thursday. “It will also have a new overriding theme.”

And in an unprecedented twist for an ongoing series, some current castmembers will return — but they’ll be playing new characters. (Murphy confirmed that current leads Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott will not be back, at least not as series regulars.) “There will be familiar faces and some new faces,” said Murphy. “People that are coming back will be playing completely new characters… Getting to tell a different aspect of what an American horror story can be [every season] is fascinating.”

Murphy added that he’s currently in talks with a few members of the Season 1 cast to return full time, but he declined to name names. An official announcement about the new ensemble and storyline will be made in February. In the meantime, Murphy offered this tantalizing tease: “There’s a clue in the last three episodes where we say what the second season will be.”

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  1. JB says:

    Bummer! I really loved Connie Britton and Tessa in this…

    • free Connie says:

      Thank God! Connie Britton will now be free to do something worth watching.

      Now if we could find some way to free Nathan Fillon from Castle.

      • Sam says:

        Why would you want to do that castle is a great show and Nathan is fantastic on it but I’m assuaiming this is firefly related and I too would like to see more

      • Traci says:

        I echo that! Because I love Connie, I tried watching “American Horror Story” for two episodes. Bottom line: I hate horror films and television shows, and I particularly didn’t like the material given to her and Dylan.
        Hoping both go on to material much more worthy of their talents and charisma.

        • mary says:

          You hate horror but watched AHS? Go away Traci. I’m sure there is some mindless soap opera for you to watch on the tube somewhere. Don’t come to an AHS discussion just to play troll.

        • Heidi says:

          Yes Traci

          Please go away. If you don’t enjoy horror films then watch something else and leave the rest of us who love them, enjoy this spectacular show! AHS has such a great story line and there has been so much creativity put into it. If you hate them and can’t appreciate this form of art, then what exactly does your opinion of a horror movie/show count for? Seriously?……

        • Beth says:

          Just because you don’t like horror doesn’t mean it’s not “worthy” material.

      • phamster says:

        Haha! I thought the same thing. Ditto with Dylan McDermott.

      • mary says:

        Why don’t you go somewhere else? This show is the only thing I’ve ever Seen Connie Britton in. Of course, I don’t dpend my enire life sitting in front of a tv.

    • I Love Tate says:

      This is such a good show! and Tate is my favorite and not because he is played by Evan Peters but because of his character so even if he does come back just as a new character will not satisfy me! I wanted to see Tate and Violets relationship continue aswell as constance she was such a fantastic role! I also, like most people, had tons of questions that never got answered! This is a very bad idea as this show will most likely lose a lot of its viewers!

      • Keely says:

        I feel the exact same way. I fell in love with Tate’s character and upon hearing this news, I don’t know if I even want to watch Season 2. At the same time, I kep wondering how they would keep the show interesting since so much happened and wrapped up in Season 1. I didn’t think it could go on with the same ghosts and a new family each season without getting mind numbing. We shall wait and see…

      • ducky says:

        WHAT??!! Seriously, what is Ryan Murphy thinking? Questions left unanswered, plot lines hanging, and so many of us invested in these characters, for what? The only bright spot I can see is no more Tate-Violet ‘Twilight-y melodrama. Seriously, I did tire of the whole ‘he’s-so-bad-but-so-cute-and-tortured-but-i-love-him’ dreck. Otherwise, it was an awesome show and cast, which makes me wonder why they would mess it up? Long Live Constance!

        • Jason C says:

          Umm, Violet didn’t know how bad he was, there was nothing Twilight-y about their relationship. And what questions were left unanswered? What plot lines were left hanging? Pretty much everything was nicely tied up.

          • paige says:

            i agree that they weren’t twilight-y but i would like to know what happens to Tate’s baby and if Violate and Tate will ever be back together again.

          • paige says:

            also i reaaaalllyyyyyyy am dying to know who Constances 4th child was. She mentions she has four kids and only three are shown; Addie, Tate, and Beau.

          • Lulu says:

            Apparently the fourth child was supposed to be an albino and they were going to show him for a second in the pilot episode when tate runs down the stairs after ben tells him he can’t be spending time with Violet but Ryan Murphy thought that it would be too many weird characters in the pilot episode. But he should have put the child in a later episode. It annoyed me too.

      • crystal says:

        i agree…no constance…no tate and violet…no evil micheal…no moira…ect…wtf…total bs…there is enough of a story for a second season at least, to continue to tell the story of these characters…what a rip off…totally feel let down…i want to see the story of tate and violet play out…i want to see constance story play out…ect.

        sorry but there is no way that murder house was done being explored…they never finished answering all the questions…no way do i want to invest this much in a new house and character because the story will not be fully explored…at the end they will just put a sad little bow on it and call it done, even though nothing was really answered…
        i want muder house and it characters to get another season to explore them…i want tate and violet…i want constance…ect…i do not accept that stupid “happy” ending for the harmons to be the end of it…i don’t accept tate and violet just ending the way it did…i don’t accept that constance story is not told all the way and that we don’t know how evil miceal plays out…i don’t accept that we don’t know what the evil force of murder house really wanted and how that played out…ect

        we need to tell these creators that they screwed the pooch on this one and demand that murder house gets another season…and not a lousy one hour season final that answered nothing really and left tate and violet estranged…and dumped on the character of constance without exploring her more. there is so much to be explored, all i can say is how stupid this all is…

        i care about the characters of murder house…i don’t care about the new character and i am mad enough not to give to figs due to how the creators have handled things…you make sure to satify the audience before you move on to a new house…one season is not going to do it when you have great complex characters like season one of american horror story has.

        • david says:

          sounds like u missed most of the series. the last episode showed it couldnt be a new family every series.

          • crystal says:

            i watch every episode…sometimes two or three times…the final was left open ended without a lot of questions answered for good or not at all..also you expect me to believe that the “good” ghosts can keep every single family from moving in and not dying…whatever…no way…the season finale in my opinion was rushed, didn’t make all that much sense, and was lame. also, they don’t need to have a new family in the house all the time…in some episodes the house could be empty with only the spirits there and maybe an unfortunate worker or something for an additional body count…all i am saying is that murder house deserves another season or two before they throw it away…too much was left unexplored with the house and the characters…

            and if you mean that they show isn’t going to do a new house and family then read the article…that is exactly what they are saying

          • david says:

            i only watched each episode once and there is nothing i have seen i dont know the answer to. if you die in the house your spirit becomes trapped there. the house makes you crazy then it kills you. every character and ghost weas explored. there is no more story left. the last episode showed that the same things that happened to the harmons was going to happen over and over again the end.

          • crystal says:

            and what do you think will happen in the new house…people will die there and become trapped too (after all it is haunted, the ghosts are there for a reason)…there is only so much new and creative sl they can do with each new house and new characters before that becomes old and played out…also, do they really expect that the ga will be interested in each new house and new cast of characters every single time without exploring and tying up lose ends in a believable and satisfying way. plus, just because this season was a hit doesn’t mean the next one will be without the characters and the house that people have come to know and want to explore more… a lot of the ga invested in this sl and they are not satisfied, thus, they just gave a big finger to that group of fans and that may mean they don’t come back or if they do they won’t stick around for long.

            and a lot of us are not satified and to us they full story of murder house and its cast of characters have not been fully explored.

          • david says:

            if you are murdered or commit suicide your spirit cant move on thats why the ghosts were trapped. whos to say series 2 will be about a house? horror storys can be about loads of things.

          • emily says:

            uh divid, there actually was a lot left unanswered. For example; whats going to happen with baby Michael? We know that he’s evil, and that’s it? Were just left to assume that he’s going to do something bad but its just left to our imaginations. At lease carry on the “end of the world” significance of a spirit/human baby, or tell us if they could stop it. Also, it ends with Tate saying he’ll wait forever if he has to (for Violet). What does that even mean?! All that tells us is he is always going to be there for her, but i think a lot of us want to know if she’ll ever be able to forgive him, be with him, if he WILL ever find love. Also Nora just went for a rest…wouldn’t she want her baby back? I’m sorry but that was a crappy way to end a story line, they had magnificent characters that cannot be replaced. It’s not just the characters; its the actors who portrayed them that we’ve learned to love and admire. I think it’s a huge mistake to change the whole story for a different season. American Horror Story 2.o? ugh. I’m extremely dissapointed,and if Taissa, Evan, Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, and all the best characrers are not back for season 2. I’ll try, but I truely believe i won’t be able to even watch it.

          • Matt says:

            Sorry Emily but you missed the point.

            Tate being there saying that he will wait an eternity for Violet, who meanwhile is smiling (!) and decorating the tree with her family, which has FINALLY been restored, is to illustrate the point that Tate (and Hayden) are doomed to an eternity of misery. Tate was a bad person. He did BAD things. Now he’s paying the price. The girl that he loves will likely never speak to him again. He will have to deal with that forever. I think the shot of the family and Moira decorating the tree in the bright room, with Hayden and Tate looking on from outside in the dark says it all. As far as Michael, I feel like there were so many avenues to take this one down…but oh well. Hopefully season 2 is radically different. I’d like to see them take a new approach, not necessarily ghosts.

          • Phil says:

            Crystal and Emily, maybe he wants you to figure it out for yourself, not give you all the answers and let you based off of your life, your past, the conditions and situations that made you come up with your own answers. Sometimes having to use your own imagination isn’t a bad thing.

          • Trace says:

            David – you say you know the answer to all, you also claim if you’re killed in the house your spirit stays there forever – So tell me why did Moira want her body dug up so her spirit could move on? What was the elusive mural under the wallpaper, what was the origin of it and what secrets did it hold? Where was Constance’s elusive 4th child? You also state that it couldn’t be a new family every season. Did you ever consider that not every family scares so easily or that it could be a new family every few episodes?

        • Bill says:

          You are the type of fan that I feel destroys creative programming. Many intelligent people don’t need every nugget and detail of info spoon fed to them. It becomes old and tiresome for people like us. Fans like you are why we have to endure 15 seasons of E.R., 6 seasons of Lost, and more Law and Order and CSI seasons and spin offs than I can count. American Horror Story is fresh in its approach and I love it for that. If the show loses people like you I am sure that its ratings will not suffer. The great thing about a show that has the same creative team and writers but a fresh cast and story line each season is that they will retain viewers like myself because it is always a different story or a different character that I can delve into. At the same time, it will be easy to pick up additional viewers because if you are new to the show you won’t have to go back and watch all the proceeding seasons to know what is going on. I think it is genius. I think people like you should stick with reality TV or some other repetitive medium (possibly a cult) since you don’t have the imagination to appreciate this type of story telling.

          • whatever says:

            i just love rude people who think it is great to make fun of others and act superior. whatever. this type of reasoning is what kills a show. some of you want a new house and characters, fine. some of us want to explore this house and its characters further, fine. thus, why can’t this show have another season or more. and rm and company can do a spin off to please the others that want a new show based on this one.
            there now everyone can be pleased.

          • joe says:

            rm and company are not that original. just wait. this will end badly just like nip/tuck and glee to name a few that rm is involved with. it is bullies like you that make message boards a not so fun place for fans to go to either praise or vent about a show. you need help.

          • Bella says:

            I have to say, although I will miss the awesome characters of season 1 and although I feel a little let down about not getting to ‘know’ baby Michael more I have to agree with you. I feel like if this turned into an endless loop of scaring off potential buyers until baby Michael got to an age where he COULD ‘end the world’ (or whatever else he could do) I would’ve gotten bored and been more let down than I am at the thought of not seeing those characters anymore. At the end of the season finale I actually asked my self where can they go from here in a way that wouldn’t get repetitive? Is it just going to be some teen-tastic romantic tug of war between Violet and Tate? (not that I dislike them, I thought they were to freaking cute and I am heart broken for them both… but still- it would get old)Then I thought, is it going to focus more on Constance and Michael? Maybe it will focus on how Vivien is going to cope with Hayden? No matter which way I spun it, I really couldn’t fathom the series fallowing that set of characters/the murder house with out it getting old. Also because someone mentioned about what ‘force’ kept the ghosts in the house, I don’t see how any explination can be made. In real life, when we talk about paranormal situations we tend to go with the thought of: when a house is haunted it’s haunted and no one really knows why. Unfinished business, tortured souls… who knows? How could anyone have expected the makers of AHS to try to explain that phenomenon with out the series getting seriously campy?
            All in all, I am excited to see what the AHS creators have in store for us and I think it is a totally original and interesting way to go. Even if the cast/setting/characters change, if the behind-the-scenes people such as the creators, writers and directors are still the same I can’t see it going south

          • lily says:

            If you were right in front of me, I would give you a high-five. I totally agree with you.

          • david says:

            trace i know all i have seen and heard only. you answer your first question yourself yes she needs to be found in order to move on thats why she couldnt leave with her mothers spirit. the mural if you pause it shows events that have and will occur in the house like a sort of prophecy. since the house was built by the crazy surgeon i can only imagine he created it. as it wasnt fully explained i dont know who constances 4th child is. there was a theory ben was her son but that would have come out in the show. my own theories are she was too young and couldnt look after it so gave it away. or it was a lie a fantasy because her kids were disabled or nuts maybe she dreamed or wished shed had a perfect baby. if you think a 2nd series could be a new family try watching the last episode from when the new family are shown about to the end over and over and over and over and over until u realise how stupid it gets. all these little questions u have are designed to make people talk about it. its like when a magician does a magic trick everybody goes wow how did he do that? but if he shows u how he did it it takes away the mystic and the wow

        • jilly says:

          i agree so many questions not answered i really loved the show and it was weird how it jumped 3yrs later. what about tates son he seem evil already and i want to know more about him. i was confused about the other twin, bens son was he really dead and if so how could ghost take care of a human in the house?

        • Phil says:

          Crystal, maybe he wants you to figure it out for yourself, not give you all the answers and let you based off of your life, your past, the conditions and situations that made you come up with your own answers. Sometimes having to use your own imagination isn’t a bad thing.

          • whatever says:

            gee, i just love rude arrogant people who think they know everything. who think it is ok to tell people how they should feel. who think that they have a right to tell people that they aren’t using their imagination. maybe rm isn’t using his imagination and that is why he is moving on because he can’t tell a story, unless it is a short one. that is why he bails on them, each and every time. that is why his shows start losing viewers.

          • Grant says:

            Phil, maybe you need to use your superior imagination and imagine that other people have a different view point. that in their imagination these characters can be taken further. they are only asking questions, i imagine that they have thoughts about what these characters could do in a story line for a continued second season if rm was to have one for murder house. sometimes not acting like a snob is a good thing.

          • dude says:

            Hey grant, maybe he was just giving his opinion, whose the snob now.. god i regret reading all of this lol why cant people just watch a tv show and enjoy it for what it is, and if you don’t enjoy it then change the channel and move on. these shows are a work of art and the production teams are the artist, its THEIR work. if you don’t agree with the method and story than i guess its just not your taste. whining and making annoying remarks on this website isn’t going to make an impact on the shows outcome. Many of you had very good points and were actually stirring up some interesting conversation, but then you got friggin closed minded tunnel vision pricks who only see and accept things the way they want who beach and moan at every person who doesn’t agree with them. lol sorry i dont know what, but something set me off. Just watch and enjoy people hooolllly sheeet!

        • Suze says:

          The beautiful thing about fiction is: the creator gets to decide whether or not all questions get answered. Every single question we have in life doesn’t get answered, so why should all questions be answered in fictitious scenarios? Most aspects of the plot were tied up nicely, but what little was left gives the viewer something to contemplate and allows us to create our own conclusions. This is a fabulous thing for those of us who have the ability to do so. Those who lack any and all creative capabilities are obviously going to need everything pointed out to them in a blatant, ‘reality television’ style manner. It is the responsibility of the writer to entertain you, not answer every single question you want answered. It is your responsibility to watch, not decide how the show goes. This is not American Idol, you do not get to vote and decide the outcome. Get over it.

        • Rebekah says:

          The murder house is definitely over. They couldn’t do much more with those characters. Also it seems like Michael might possibly be present for future roles. If they do bring that character back in later seasons to bring the horror stories together they might show more of a few characters from the murder house but probably just bits and pieces to bring the stories together. But I really do think with Michael being the anti-christ and all that there will be things based on him later on.

      • WasabiPeanut says:

        What relationship between Tate and Violet?, I think ‘You raped my mom’ is a pretty big relationship killer. Like Ben said you can get over wrongs done to you, not ones done to others.

        Not to mention we covered nearly all the eras between the house being built to present day so there wasn’t a lot of room to add new backstory and ghosts, which means it would be the same cast of character all trapped in house, which I fear would be reduced to a soap opera/real world drama more than horror.

      • buzybee says:

        is american horror story any good? i think they answered that question by the final episode of season one and by what they plan to do with season two. the answer is no. this show is just a series of plot points and blink and you miss moments. it is not about developing the characters and the story. it is just a series of cheap thrill and omg moments. it is not about investing in its audience. it is not about investing in its characters. thus, why should we invest in it.

    • holly says:

      i really like AHS ! but in the new series i really do hope tate and violet are still in it i loved there relationship between each other i would love to see if they stay together or even what happens next between them !. tate was my favorite character and i would hate to see that he aint in the new series !!

    • jennaleigh says:

      They never said Tessa wasnt going to be in it!. I just hope that Evan Peters is going to be in it. If not I dont think I will watch it. :/

    • Beth says:

      why arent Connie and Dylan coming back ?????????????????
      Insane !!!

  2. Sam says:

    Thank God. The only way I would watch this show again is for them to start from scratch. And now Connie Britton can start her project with David O. Russell! Everyone wins!

    • Jason C says:

      When the series first started I was hoping they would do this actually. To me I didn’t understand how they could keep it going and keep it fresh if they focused on these characters still being haunted. I think they had to move on to something somewhere else.

  3. Nina says:

    I figured those two weren’t going to return. It’s a completely different story in S2 like Ryan has mentioned. I’m confused with the familiar faces but, different home situation.

  4. viznix says:

    Could have been okay, if they hadn’t had the Anti-Christ be born at the end of season 1, and built up a story around a house, then just drop it. Season 2 sounds like something you would do in season 4 or 5 to bring in new viewers.

  5. scooterbeanbag says:

    This blows. I don’t know why they couldn’t keep some of them around playing the same people.

    How could they not keep Jessica Lange? She played Constance so perfectly.

    • Sasha says:

      I’m going to assume they’re keeping her.

      If they’re keeping some of the same people but new characters I would think they would want to keep Jessica Lange as an anchor

      • maricus says:

        Jessica Lange was the reason I decided to watch the show in the first place. Although, I’m glad I did because everything else about the show was great, too. Jessica just has a reputation for being absolutely fantastic in anything and I was curious as to why a television series. I’m glad I found out why.

    • Jason C says:

      Murphy didn’t say they were getting rid of Jessica Lange, he wouldn’t talk about who’s going to be involved and who won’t. I’m sure Lange is one of the people they’re working hard to keep on the show. And maybe they’ll have her playing just as good of a character if not even better.

  6. Jon says:

    This is so LAME! I can see where they’re coming from- I never really wanted to see a whole second season about that dumb demon baby- but I absolutely love the characters played by Francis Conroy, Connie Britton and Jessica Lange. So for all of this to be thrown out the window is really lame.

    • ChrisGa says:

      As much as I loved Connie Britton(and Dylan McDermott’s body) in this, Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy made the show for me. It would be extremely disappointing if those two didn’t return.

    • Jason C says:

      Where would you take the show next though? I think they wrapped everything up pretty nicely and I don’t see them being able to take this particular story anywhere else and keep it fresh. I think the best thing for them to do is move on to another story.

  7. kalel114 says:

    So was this the Blind Item show or was it Revenge? Either way, I’m glad they are going somewhere new. It will keep the series fresh.

  8. Cz says:

    This is the WORST move ever!!

  9. Donald Pierre says:

    I have two words for the best reason to watch American Horror Story “Jessica Lange”. I haven’t seen the season finale yet, but sure hope she is back for Season 2…

    • Jon says:

      Do yourself a favor and DO NOT WATCH the finale! If this is the stunt they were going to pull, they should have left it off with the 11th episode BIRTH. It would have been WAY more satisfying then that hastily thrown-together finale.

      • maricus says:

        I respectfully disagree. I think the last episode summed up Jessica’s story-line well. I agree there were some things in the last episode that I could have gotten up and got something to drink, but in all I thought the first and last 15 minutes were great. The rest was okay and probably needed to let us know that a new house and characters are needed for season 2. I think the writers are brilliant.

      • Jason C says:

        The finale wasn’t hastily thrown together, they had that planned from day one. Afterbirth was an epilogue explaining life after their deaths. It made perfect sense and wrapped up the story neatly. Birth wouldn’t have tied up the loose ends. Their “stunt” as you like to call it is brilliant as well. I called it from the moment I saw the series because I don’t think they could have really extended this plotline without it getting tired. I had hoped they were going to do it this way.

      • Robert says:

        Hastily thrown together? Not really, they wrote all of the episodes before they started filming. The anthology format is what they were going for all along. People who don’t know what they’re talking about: 0 Smart People: More

  10. I'm Right!!! says:

    Wait, what???

    A hit show is a combination of multiple things, cast and creative included. Screwing up a winning combination? Doomed to failure.

    • Tate says:

      This is such a good show! and Tate is my favorite and not because he is played by Evan Peters but because of his character so even if he does come back just as a new character will not satisfy me! I wanted to see Tate and Violets relationship continue and also hoped many questions would be answered!!!!! This is such a bad idea and this show will lose many of its viewers!!!!!

    • bailey says:

      i completely agree. it was great the way it was. if tate and violet are gone i can’t see myself enjoying it anymore.

    • crystal says:

      i agree…right now the characters and the sl is tight enough not to screw overly much with the core elements: the house and the characters…don’t need a new house and characters yet…they should keep going for another season or two before they move on…it will be a dumb move that will end up killing this show. i do like the pace of this show but moving on this fast to another story when this season left so many things unresolved and when you had characters this wounderful to explore…the reason i fell in love with this show was because i was interested and became invested in these characters…i am not invested in rm and company…i am invested in season one story and characters period and i would like to see them explored more and have a befitting ending that leaves things resolved for more characters than just ben and vivien who i say nothing even there was really resolved…think about it, evil micheal, hayden, violet and tate…so yes, the harmon sl is not really resolved at all.

    • Jason C says:

      Where would they take the story though? They wrapped up the story line, why keep it going? I think this is the best way to keep it fresh. And Murphy did say that they are retaining some of the talent, they just haven’t finished with all of the contracts and such. So they will keep the combination, they’re just messing with the formula, which can possibly lead to even greater success. Nothing is doomed to failure until it is released and fails. Don’t count them out until you see the finished product.

    • crystal says:

      i agree…they should continue on with murder house and its characters…to please others that need a new house and characters do a spin off…that is the more logical thing to do…that way all bases are covered.

  11. Angela says:

    Not sure what I think of this. I had hoped that some of the questions I had about this season (why are the ghosts trapped there, where’s Constance’s husband whom she killed) would have been answered next season. I still hope so.

    • You Said It says:

      Yup, I agree. There are a LOT of unanswered questions and RM and Co. could’ve spent much of next season answering them. I’m not sure how this is going to play out now. RM is shaking up “Glee,” too, by “graduating” some of its most popular characters. Hope he knows what he’s doing.

      • K says:

        Glee is a totally different subject and completely incomparable to AHS. Glee is centered around a high school so he has to “graduate” the characters who are known as seniors to the audience in order to maintain reality. Unless of course in your world the most popular kids in high school remain there forever…..

      • SW says:

        In response to user “You Said It,” RM & Co. is graduating some of the students to keep the timeline in real-time. It’s been three years, which means, technically, this really is some of the kids’ senior year. It would be pretty weird if they had two sectionals, two regionals, and two nationals in one school year LOL Plus, RM has said several times, and so have cast members Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, that some of them are graduating, but they AREN’T leaving the show. They’ll be there next season. How they’re going to pull THAT off? I have no idea without that spin-off.

      • Alice says:

        I’m just going to throw this out there again- next season of American Horror story stars the Glee graduates moving into a new Murder House and getting picked off one by one, possibly mid-mashup. I can see it now “But, I’m a star! Look at me, look at me!” whines Lea. “No, I’m way more interesting, look at me!” Shouts Kurt. Then the house get’s frustrated and eats them both. Fa la la la la, la la la la!

    • Ashleah says:

      Constance’s husband showed up once, Hayden had sex with him, then stabbed him.

    • Tyler says:

      Constance’s husband is dead and we saw that she gave the corps of her dead husband to her dogs in the basement like minced meat.

    • Jason C says:

      Why the ghosts are trapped there was answered in the Halloween episode. Their souls are confined to the place where they died and only on Halloween are they able to leave.

  12. James says:

    This is a great move and using some of the actors in new roles is a bold move that will be interesting to see. I hope Ryan and FX will stick to plan and won’t change it to satisfy the usual bunch of complainers on the internet.

    • YES says:


    • maricus says:

      Absolutely! I think everyone involved in the project is brilliant. I have enjoyed every minute even when things did not go the way I wanted (such is life). I’m not a gifted writer. I am just eager to enjoy what they have in store. Whatever they decide, bring it on!!!

      • darklady65 says:

        yup i’m the same way =] whatever happens in season 2 i’m sure will be just as awesome or better than season 1 so BRING IT ON INDEED!! =] can’t wait to get started on a new story =]

    • ty says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. Don’t worry about the little bitches on the Internet though. They will ALL turn up for the second season.

    • Jason C says:

      This is what I was hoping they would do from the moment I first started watching this series. I’m glad that’s what they’re doing.

  13. kabous says:

    I hope they keep Tate, Constance and Moira. The actors were fantastic. I would love completely different characters for thede talented people. A new home, story, family. It is a good idea. Can’ wait for season 2!

    • CJ says:

      I wholeheartedly agree, they would be great people to keep around for the next season. I have one addition though: Zachary Quinto.

  14. JOsh says:

    Thank God. If Connie isn’t there, I don’t feel as obligated to be either. Bye bye horrible show! You were a chore to watch but I just couldn’t quit you. Now I really came.

  15. Lee says:

    I think it is brilliant. You have to have faith that Ryan Murphy knows better than you. He gets his concept and will deliver on it again. Think of it as an anthology show but broken down by season instead on by episode. Amazing Stories or Twilight Zone following the same story for a full year…love that.

    • I hadn't considered that says:

      Now THAT’s an interesting idea… It just might work, too, if done properly.

    • whatever says:

      based on nip/tuck and glee…no rm doesn’t know better…his shows traditionally slump in the second season and only get worse…maybe if he did the opposite of what he thinks would be great for the following seasons things would be better.

  16. Aaron says:

    So the story ends with the antichrist being born and killing people.

    So evil triumphs over good?

    • Hey There says:

      I don’t think that’s necessarily what we’re supposed to take from the series. I think the ending was purposefully left ambiguous so that you would take from it what you wanted to.

    • Duvall says:

      “So evil triumphs over good?”

      Sure. I mean, it’s a horror story, right? It’s there in the name.

      • CJ says:

        Not entirely, as all of the benevolent ghosts in the house found a way to keep new people from succumbing to the pull of the house’s power, and the evil ghosts like Tate and Hayden spent their lonely existence on the periphery of the happy Harmon’s and devoted Moira.

        • david says:

          i agree because it showed tate and hayden on the outside looking in and it also showed the harmons in death they found happiness they couldnt in life

    • darklady65 says:

      uummm yes that is correct i mean HELLO what do you think your watching its a freaking HORROR story so of course EVIL triumphs geez …. not every story will have a happy go lucky ending if that’s what you want then i’m sorry but watch something else … you will not have those kinds of endings in this genre they are very rare to begin with it is A HORROR STORY AFTER ALL

    • Amy says:

      Plus we don’t know for sure that the antichrist was born. The medium’s story about the croatoan turned out to be bull….

      • MKelly says:

        Good point about the psychic being wrong about the croatoan and therefore was probably wrong about the devil kid. Although, he did rip his babysitter to pieces. This show scares the hell out of me !!

      • stinkweed says:

        So we can totally overlook the hooves in the ultrasound and the extra speedy development and the killing of it’s own twin in the womb? Yeah, probably nothing.

  17. Ashley says:

    BRILLIANT. I completely adore and am totally satisfied with how season one wrapped up, so I’m glad that there’s some definitive closure for the Harmons. And I LOVE the idea of some season one actors playing new characters next year. Ryan and Brad are doing some really unique and innovative and daring things with their storytelling. It’s awesome. Now they just need to ditch Glee and focus entirely on AHS! ;)

    • darklady65 says:

      ITA i’m the same i have enjoyed this show from beginning to end … and for me that ending was the perfect one for this story =] … i’m totally excited for the next season to see where they take us with this whole new cast/story they will be doing =]

  18. mgb says:

    I like the actor who plays Tate. I hope they bring him back for the new season.

  19. Whit says:

    There is a GOD! Connie Britton… now, go find something quality to showcase that amazing talent!

  20. DL says:

    Have to say I’m not exactly happy about this. I was hoping to find out a little bit more about the “Murder House” and what evil forces were behind the haunting. At the very least, I pray that Jessica Lange is one of the familiar faces. She’s so phenomenal and I have a hard time imagining the show without her.

  21. amy says:

    I’m really upset how a series that is such a hit is being changed… the only good thing is that this IS a Ryan Murphy show, & the man is a genius, so if anyone can do it (keep it just as great next season, tho changed around), HE will do it…

  22. Wordman says:

    I had a feeling if AHS got a 2nd season it would take a left turn as soon as I heard Murphy was involved. Nip/Tuck went so far into left field I quit watching it. It would have been interesting for AHS S2 if they delved more into the house, Something like it having it’s own energy, persona, which they kind of eluded to a little with the medium scenes. For instance, back when the house was built all the craze was people holding parties and trying to talk to the dead, maybe something came through that holds them all there. Have another family move in, and make one of them a ‘ghost hunter’ I would have been curious to see the development of how the living and ghosties interacted, having to pick sides to battle a big bad. The house, or who ever would be influencing the house. The opportunities for creep, laughs, and scares abound. But what do I know, I don’t have a TV series. LOL.

    • Sasha says:

      I see what you’re saying but its is called American horror STORY, so my theory is 1 story per season.

      To keep things fresh i would want that to happen.

      Think of it as 1 horror movie with 12 parts.

      I think its genius. That way the story lines of the same characters wouldn’t get old.

      • Wordman says:

        Isn’t what keeps viewers watching are the connections we make with the characters and what happens to them? Maybe this is why Murphy is deciding to try to bring back some of the actors, but with different characters. I’m all for shaking things up, but not to the point of them being unrecognizable. I suppose it’s like when a singer changes things up and decide to record jazz instead of bubble gum music. They lose some fans, and gain others.

  23. Sasha says:

    My guess is they’re keeping: Jessica Lange, the people who Tate and Moira (old and young)

    Mind you those are the rest of the main characters but yeah. lol

  24. Scott says:

    I think it will involve Constance and her going to get Michael in Virginia or wherever the baby was. The car “accident” and whatever else happened in those three years.

    • Julzrael says:

      Not sure if you’re clueless or just a troll… the baby is *her grandson*, there was *no accident*, no family in Virginia in an accident. Have you been watching the show? It’s a LIE to cover why she has this child, TATE’s child, at her home at all! Try watching the show for a change! WOw.

  25. Patty Murphy says:

    Why would he change it up after building up this story from season 1..sure everyone is dead now but we need to know. I honestly don’t want another set of people and a new story line..I won’t watch it I won’t .

  26. Jarrod says:

    Can someone help me understand something?
    Vivien was having twins. Did one live and the other died? Did Constance take them both? It really confused the hell out of me, as I missed the episode where Vivien gave birth/died.

  27. Erik says:

    My guess is they keep Jessica Lange’s character but she is calling herself something different. She probably moves to a new location do to the killing at the end of season one.

    • Marian says:

      I think your right Jessica Lange will move with her grandson to a new location and assume a new life bc she has to cover up the murder of the nanny/babysitter. Maybe they will start the show with the boy 10 years later. Maybe Jessica Lange has also some kind of satanic background and this is why in the new season strange things will happen again to her and this boy. just saying…..

  28. quincy says:

    It sucks that the wife and daughter died hope the keep the house maid around

  29. Goku says:

    Hope Zachary Quinto will be back!

  30. Michael Sacal says:

    It’s disapointing that these characters won’t return for the second season (and it was kind of obvious from the start), but I rather Murphy follow his vision and do what he set out to do, than let the success of the first season turn his show into another Heroes, which changed plans for their second season because of the success of their first.

    • somebody says:

      Exactly, couldn’t have thought of a better example then Heroes. Is that really what viewers wanted this to become?

      I always thought that the only way this series would work is if it was a different cast each season based on a different horror story. Last nights episode was a near perfect wrap up of the Harmons story.

  31. Geo says:

    So next week will Ryan Murphy tell us that everybody will be back and the show will take place in the same house? He’s kind of notorious for backtracking and being 100% wrong about what’s going to happen on his shows.

  32. PISSED says:

    WERE PISSED!!! they cant effing do that!!!!!!!!!! i want the gimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres still stories to be told dumbies!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. NOOOOOO it was our FAVORITE SHOW WITH ALL THOSE AMAZING ASS CHARACTERS!!! OMG THEY CANT DO THIS. waaaaaaaaaa.

    • ty says:

      For the sake of humanity I hope you’re just trolling…

    • lani says:

      You made me lose a little more hope in humanity.

    • EMEY says:

      Nice visualisation… but I am a bad sailor ;)
      I was sure, the next season whould about the twins and the rest of the secrets:
      1. What is wrong with the house?
      (Sanatic portal? – a la POLTERGEIST,1982/KINGDOM HOSPITAL,2004)
      2. What is wrong with Constance Langdons children?
      (e.g. VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED,1960)
      3. What is wrong with Constance Langdon?
      4. Who is the “real” Marcy?
      (e.g. GOOSEBUMPS,1995-1998, Season 2, Episode 9)
      5. Was/Is Tate Langdon “mentally ill” or “possessed”?
      (e.g. THE AMITYVILLE HORROR,1979)
      6… and finally: Why THE HELL would someone introduce someone else as “The Antichrist” and then drop the subject???
      I fell in love with the WHOLE tv show: the story, the setting and especially the characters!
      To watch season 2 feels like betraying them all and the wonderful time “we spend together” – I am not ready to continue, to let them behind… BECAUSE they are still trapped in this house and can´t find peace.
      I think, there is not such thing as “evil” people – maybe something like “misguided” or “confused”.
      TATE and HAYDEN are the worst characters in the story, they killed many people and they did it on purpose – nobody and nothing will be ever able to excuse this fact… BUT I want to watch them to regret – real sorrow… and THEN to find peace = to ascend into heaven or whatever…
      Something like the end of DRACULA(1992)… don´t forget people:
      HATE is like a virus, it needs other feelings to subsist… and nothing can be more delicious than “unrequited love” or “loneliness” or “self doubt” or…
      The psycho who killed the female student and the nurse 1968 (episode 2) reminds me of the ZODIAC(2007)-Killer… he is someone I want to kick directly to hell…

  33. Michael says:

    It’s taking place in Miami? (I’m just trying to guess what the clue is from the final 3 episodes…)

    • Michael says:

      …or rather, Florida. I don’t think they stated Miami specifically.

      • Victoria says:

        I just looked at summaries and Florida and Illinois (larry is sent there) are the only states and ‘new places’ mentioned…

        • Cassie says:

          They also spoke about Harvard a lot too…

        • david says:

          its got to be florida it was mentioned loads. a lot of people say birth should have been the last episode but that would have left loads of questions. the last episode clarified everything and also showed that it cant be a merry go round of familys and death each season. it showed the house makes you crazy then it kills you.

    • aly says:

      im guessing virginia because that where the spell violate tried to cast came from and also mentioned in the last episode by constance in the barber shop, she said that the baby came from distant cousins who died in an accident in virginia.

  34. Jake says:

    Good, im going to miss some of the characters like Moira, Vivian, Violet and Hayden but i rather Ryan go with his original plan. If he changes his mind you know that he’s only doing it because all the fans are complaining. Hopefully he doesnt let the fans control the show.

  35. adiaz777 says:

    Makes perfect sense. “Afterbirth” felt almost like a series finale–leaving nowhere to go in season one’s increasingly crowded ghost motel except scaring away new couples & re-enacting The Omen, next door. The show’s open-ended title invites a multiplicity of “American” horror stories (how could there be just one?).

  36. Stephen says:

    If you’re talking about the ‘Boy Dahlia’ That wasn’t Constance’s Husband that was her New Boyfriend.

  37. Simon says:

    “There’s a clue in the last three episodes where we say what the second season will be”…WTF?

    • maricus says:

      croatoan? Virginia?

      • Liz says:

        What is built in the Roanoke area now?

      • Alice says:

        That would be way different- a season that makes up what happened to the Lost Colony! And it would be self-contained because they never did find them, so they could totally have all been killed, as opposed to gone to live with the Croatoan tribe, like most people believe. I’d watch that, unless Murphy’s 16th century dialogue is too ridiculous.

  38. Michael Sacal says:

    Next season, Lange will play the woman that moves into the hunted house and Britton will play the neighbor.

  39. Bad Breaker says:

    I don’t think even Ryan Murphy would be crazy enough to dump Jessica Lange. She is the glue that holds this show together. Besides, how do you get rid of an actress who just scored a Golden Globe nomination in the show’s first year? I could live with losing all the other characters but not Constance.

    • Jordon says:

      I actually have to agree. I watch the show for her portrayal of Constance. Not to mention, she has the baby. That is definitely setting the future potential up for her character.

      • Danny says:

        I don’t think he is going to let her go, I don’t think Jessica Lange wanted to be on the show more than a season. She said that in an interview, she only moved to LA for the show for one year.

  40. Beth says:

    Definitely a great move! Sets the show apart from most. This season was awesome. Why spoil a great season by drawing out a story that was just told? This way we get another amazing story. Instead of something like Glee… Was great the first season, but is going downhill at a very rapid pace.

  41. Jen says:

    I don’t really care for McDermott, and it makes sense that the Harmon family wouldn’t return. I’m sure Britton will find another project.
    I suspect they are in negotiations with Lange. With her critical acclaim she deserves whatever she can get to anchor the show. And I loved ‘Tate’ and the maid as well. If they get those three, I think that would be key.
    I will for sure be back!

  42. jthm777gir says:


  43. Allyson says:

    I’ve never liked Connie Britton (in anything.. yes, seriously) so losing her won’t be tearful, but the only reason why I even pay attention to this crazy confusing thing is because of Dylan McD. Oh well. I do think the kind of troop mentality is interesting. Wasn’t thre a show a few decades ago that attempted to do something similar? It failed but it was still an interesting attmept. I’m not quite sure what I mean though, lol.

    • maricus says:

      Oh? I’m sorry to hear that. I thought she was absolutely great in this show. I’m sad to hear she won’t be back.

    • Danny says:

      I agree, Connie Britton was annoying after awhile. I don’t get why people think she is such a great actress. The brain eating scene was so lame. If she would have devoured them and looked baffled by her actions but instead she just looked like she wanted to fart.

  44. nikki_sayz says:

    As long as tate is around im happy.

  45. babychick says:

    I just want to know when is it coming back on? I love that show

    • Taylor Thomas says:

      I think sometimes during the summer. The cast is revealed in Febuary so I assume they will begin filming and start airing new episodes are april or may!

      • Bad Breaker says:

        I kinda doubt they would air it in the Summer. That is pretty much a dead zone for TV unless they are just throwing some new show out there to see if it sticks. I’ll bet it’s not coming back until Fall.

    • maricus says:

      Me, too. I have faith in Ryan and everyone involved. Just bring it back on.

  46. Taylor Thomas says:

    I thought the finale was just okay. It did not really hold my attention and it moved way too fast. I felt like it should have ended with the new family moving in. I am going to miss the Harmons, Constance, Tate, and Moira. I hate how they let us get attached to these characters and then completely dump them. Oh well…
    I have a feeling that the actors who play Tate, Hayden, Nora, Constance, Billie Dean, Violet, and Moira will all be in season 2. I really hope Jessica Lange and Francis Conroy come back! Their dialogue in episode 3 was amazing.
    Anyway, I don’t think that that baby was the antichrist. Bc they left it open ended and so i just think the child was a freak, like Tate. Just because he killed his babysitter doesnt mean that he is the antichrist. Plus Billie Dean was full of crap. She taught Violet that dumb chant to make ghost go away, so I think Billie Dean is just full of false info. and that she was wrong all along about Tates baby being the antichrist. Oh well, just my little spill! I really hope that the the theme for next season is not homosexuality bc that was a theme in the birth episode.
    CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. May says:

    Evan Peters has to go back!

  48. Kristen says:

    That clue is bothering me.. Im thinking it could be aunt Jo? In Florida. They mention her and her house many times in the last 3 episodes. And it makes sense because she has a connection to the family, house and the baby. Thoughts?

    • Barrie says:

      That’s an interesting theory I hadn’t considered. Murphy’s been saying all new characters, and Aunt Jo/Viv’s sister had been mentioned many times but never shown.

    • Rose says:

      Florida is a good thought. i also thought Virginia, where Constance is from? Doesn’t she mention it?

  49. Dakota Rose says:

    I looove that they are taking a left turn. new cast would be so much fun. although, I think that they’ll keep atleast Taissa because I think that in the end of ahs it’ll be that she’s reading stories or something, and putting herself in these “american horror stories” that would be awesome. but the finale left so many strings. I really thought about constances 4th child being Tates twin (Tate/ taint) I really loved that theory. and the antichrist baby, still doesn’t make much sense with the killing people. still so many questions unanswered :/

    • Leah says:

      Now that you’ve mentioned it, you’re right we never learned anything about Constance’s other child. For that reason alone, I think we can be pretty sure that Jessica Lange will be back next year!

  50. Amber says:

    It would be really stupid on Ryan and Brad’s part to not keep Jessica Lange around. I love her as an actress so I hope they have her back next season. I’d also like to see Evan Peters back. He played Tate really well with the whole dark side but Peters made Tate vulnerable and likeable at the same time.

    I’m not sure if it’s correct, but I heard season 2 won’t be premiering until October.