Ratings: Person of Interest Draws Big Numbers

The compelling fall finale of CBS’ Person of Interest, facing all repeats and an ABC year-end special, drew 12.8 million total viewers this Thursday to net the freshman drama its largest audience since its premiere, while holding steady with a 2.8 demo rating.

A highly entertaining episode of The Mentalist led out of that with the night’s biggest audience, 13 million total viewers, and a 2.7 rating (flat versus a week ago).

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Elsewhere on Thursday:
* The X Factor results show (9.65 mil/2.9) was flat week-to-week.

* Leading out of a Big Bang repeat, Rules of Engagement (9.7 mil/2.7) dipped 10 percent in the demo.

* ABC’s Katie Couric special mustered just 5.5 million total viewers and a 1.5 rating.

* NBC’s Prime Suspect, with 3.6 million viewers and a CW-like 0.8 rating, dropped sharply from its last fresh episode and delivered just half of the demo rating Grimm got here a week ago.

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  1. Renee says:

    It was a good episode (POI). How many weeks before we find out how Reese/Finch deal with his shooting?

  2. El S Boy says:

    Bridget Regan !!!
    All i need for watch any show on tv, last night: Person of Interest !

    Someone give her a job ASAP !

  3. Cynthia says:

    Great episode of the Mentalist last night! Can’t wait for the show’s return!

  4. Tikkanen says:

    great ending, again! Person of Interest keeps getting better.

  5. Saint Alicia says:

    The word “epic” gets thrown around a lot these days, but dare I say last night’s The Mentalist was EPIC. :D
    With a smart case, hysterically adorable hijinks, and a heart-breaking resolution–it has slain me! Damn, the dialogue alone was my undoing…
    Patrick: “Are we sleeping together?”
    “Please don’t take it personally; I’m sure you’re quite memorable.”
    Teresa: “No. We are not sleeping together.”
    Patrick: “We’re working toward it though, right; so I haven’t missed anything?”
    (spread my ashes over the ocean)
    Mentalist writers, keep killing it!

  6. Mikaylah says:

    The Mentalist was amazing last night. That ending was so sad, but necessary. I’m interested to see how Jane reacts and if it changes his relationship with Lisbon.

  7. s, says:

    POI was great last night, I had no idea it was the fall finale :) It’s great to see their numbers were up there with the Mentalist(the rip-off of Psych!).

  8. Plum says:

    I’d never seen Person of Interest before last night but I’m glad I checked it out. I’m not a Jim Caveziel fan but I like the rest of the cast, I didn’t realize it was a Bad Robot joint.

  9. nitemar says:

    CBS was a killer for me last night. Loving POI more every week, and let alone The Mentalist..many revelations on both shows, too bad we need to wait a month to see how the writers will turn the storylines.

  10. GK says:

    CBS killed last night! Damn POI and Mentalist were both astoundingly EPIC!! I didn’t know it was fall finale for POI. Its the one of the two new shows I am really into. With American Horror Story ending next week. I’ll really miss POI.

  11. Brandon says:

    My favorite episode of POI yet!

  12. Isabelle says:

    Person of Interest was so good. I’m a big fan of everyone on the cast, especially JC. He is pretty scary being that quiet and reserved. Last night’s episode was so good I had to see it 3 times. The writers and actors are knocking it out of the park. I cant wait for it to come back. I hope they get s2 too, they deserve it.

  13. Girish says:

    Person of Interest was so brilliant that I watched the episode twice. Christopher Nolan really knows his stuff. The actors were top notch as always and the music is so perfect in this show. My fav episode yet. (Funny I say that everytime after a new episode. That shows how awesome POI is)

    • S. says:

      Sorry, it’s not Chris it’s Jonathan Nolan but hey anything done by a Nolan brother is money! Plus with JJ Abrams involved its aways gold.

      • Girish says:

        Whoops. I knew that it was Jonathan. Momentary slip up. And yeah, anything done by a Nolan brother and having JJ Abrams will be great.

  14. Dontfailmenow says:

    BRIDGET REGAN!!!! I watched it just because she was in it!

  15. carol says:

    POI was fantastic last night. The writing and acting were terrific, the story was twisty and unpredictable and every character skated in the gray area between good and evil. It is great to see such an intelligent complex drama like POI building an audience like this. Can’t wait for its return in January!

  16. Samara says:

    I enjoyed last night’s “Mentalist” episode immensely. The writer did a good job balancing the line of unlikeable Jane but still charming Jane characteristics. And even with even the secondary characters of the week were all nicely nuanced. Jane hitting on Lisbon was hilarious-definitely one of the best moments of the episode. My mouth dropped open when he asked her if he hadn’t missed the best parts yet and when he palmed her bum. I liked seeing Lisbon, who typically tries to play certain vulnerable emotions close to the chest, have the moment when it looked like Jane might be dead to reveal how much she really cares about him. It was a very moving scene-I’m talking written and played. In fact, Simon and Robin and the writer rocked it last night. From the comedic to the dramatic they owned their scenes. The whole scene with Jane and Lisbon in the hospital at the beginning was excellent and in a different way the one where he tells her he’s done, and to let him be happy and her reaction to that statement was just so perfectly played. Also, I knew the heartbreak was coming when he remembered everything but even knowing it, it was so well-done too. An excellent episode from a very good show.

  17. Sg.Grant says:

    Wow, no ridiculous run-on sentence from Kevin yet. I hope he is ok.

    • kevin says:

      Can’t you at least stop making fun of those ridiculous run-on comments about me and don’t ever come back on this website again.

      • Sg.Grant says:

        Can’t you at least learn proper grammar? Don’t you know a question ends with a question mark? Don’t you know how to use a period to split two distinct thoughts into two different sentences? I encourage you to get a proper grasp of the English language before you “come back on this website again.”

  18. sarah says:

    I love Person of Interest

  19. kevin says:

    Last night’s PERSON OF INTEREST was quite a “shocker”.

  20. sam says:

    Who sang the song toward the end of the episode? Beautiful manly voice.

  21. TMZ says:

    POI has building good steam these last few episodes. I’ve finally come to appreciate what JC is doing. Great to see Bridget Regan again although someone needs to tell her that she’s much hotter as a brunette. That natural red hair has got to go.

  22. jonathon says:

    The Mentalist had another great episode mixed with comedy and drama last night. the writers blend it so well on that show. I never watched Psych, had no idea this show copied. did someone on that show have their wife and child murdered too. Is there a villain as complex as Red John on that show? Does that show get as serious as this one does when it needs to? I had no idea. I think they both may be good for their own crowds but my opinion this show is way different than psych.

  23. ROGENE says:


  24. Loren says:

    Well, first off, to everybody else who hung on while other people said that Person of Interest was a boring piece of mediocre entertainment and endured Big Bang(it really is hilarious) and Rules of Engagement(watch it only because of Patrick Warburton’s voice) just so that you wouldn’t miss POI’s beginning every Thursday, cheers! You’re so not alone.
    Sure, the show has flaws, such as the review below titled “Number Crunch” elaborates, but we still come back each week for more and if we miss an episode, hurry off to the CBS website to get caught up. The double duo, or Fearsome Four team of Reese and Finch-Fusco and Carter is wonderful and the tension spent on wondering if Carter will ever catch Fusco spying on her is great. Finch and Reese are slowly but surely figuring each other out while trying to look as if their not actually trying to figure each other out is amusing, especially with the whole time continuum scene from the latest episode.
    Number Crunch started off rather straightforward with the whole drug loaded, wrecked car plot and my parents and I jumped on board rather quickly, but we enjoy figuring stuff out ahead of time just so we can say that we did. The machine spits out four numbers this time though, giving a little diversion to the monotony of just one number. Honestly, New York is a big city; surely more than one person is in danger in the same moment. (One of the aforementioned flaws is that ALL of the people of interest are in New York. I know it’s a good point to one of the points that the writer’s need to address for a greater realistic feel, but really, I don’t care, haha.)
    When Reese had to call on Finch to help with the leg work, I found myself enjoying the fact that Finch had to roll up his sleeves for a change, but then the his person of interest (no pun intended) dies and Finch gets a taste of how Reese feels almost all the time. Seeing how concerned Reese was for his… I won’t say “friend” because we’re not that far along yet… how about “comrade in arms”? Anyway, his concern for Finch’s safety is touching, along with a great stare of panic from Jim Caviezel.
    Even with the commercial for this episode, I had a hard time believing that Carter would betray Reese, even though the CIA was all “we know everything”. He did save her life and so even when he’s standing in the parking lot with a sniper trained on him, I’m thinking, “Naw, Carter is gonna save him.”
    But then all Hades breaks loose, and Reese is finally shown to be mortal. The conversation with Finch was touching and my whole family was teetering on the edge of our seats, pressing the imaginary gas pedal to get Finch to wherever Reese is. His total disregard for his own safety in order to safe his friend, yes they are officially friends now, is a good thing and the way Reese thanks Finch for his “second chance” is very touching. Then Carter FINALLY comes through and lets Reese get away. Better late than never, I guess.
    On the whole, give us more CBS!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring this show back next year and don’t leave us hanging for too long!

    • SavhCaro says:

      Love your ‘review’! You picked up every scene/moment that hit home for me! I’ve come late to the “Jim Caviezel Fan Club” but I am a full fledge member now! I think pairing Jim Caviezel & Michael Emerson, two such dissimilar actors, was pure genius! Both are macho loners who are struggling to re-connect with life, using each other as an anchor. The hints dropped every week about their back stories is what brings you back week after week. Saving a new person every week is cool……but it’s the characters that bring you back and bring you along for the ride.
      Love the comedic one-liners that drop into the conversation so effortlessly. Both actors deliver their zingers with such straight faces, you almost wonder ‘what did he just say’?
      Does ANYBODY know what date this show comes back with new episodes? Seen lots of ideas floating around about how Reese gets taken care of….have to go with the idea of the female ER doctor he saved….

  25. Doug says:

    POI and The Mentalist are my two favorite shows on TV

  26. William says:

    Well I do believe Reese will need the Dr. to help. I bet the CIA guys will be looking for him still. He should get them somehow on Elias case.

  27. william says:

    where were the men Finch had in Pilot to bring Reese to him? They could have helped shadow the 3 people, and at end when Reese was shot.
    Show maybe back new in first week of January?

  28. Monique says:

    I love Tariji P. Henson and I especially love happy endings!

  29. Frank says:

    Person Of Interest is one of the best shows yet , Best success for Caviezel and Emerson .