Glee Exclusive: Find Out What Blaine Gave Kurt For Christmas!

Klaine ‘shippers everywhere are shouting “Bah, humbug!” over a missing scene in Tuesday’s Glee.

Among the publicity shots Fox released for this week’s Christmas-themed episode was an image of Kurt opening a present from Blaine in the halls of McKinley High.

But when the episode aired Tuesday night, the scene was missing from the telecast — leaving fans wondering both why it was cut and what the heck was in the box!

Well, TVLine has an answer to both burning questions.

First off, the sequence was trimmed because the episode was running long; it will, however, be included in the Season 3 DVD. (Another MIA sequence, Santana’s big “Santa Baby” performance, will be made available online as early as next week.) Second, and most importantly, sources confirm that had the present been opened in the episode, viewers would’ve seen Blaine give Kurt a… promise ring.

And not just any promise ring. A homemade ring made of gum wrappers. Blaine explains that financial issues prevented him from giving Kurt what he really wanted — an item from the Elizabeth Taylor collection — but something tells me Kurt was hardly disappointed by the no-frills offering. After all, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” ultimately emphasized charity and selflessness over consumerism and flashy gifts.

As for how that ring will affect Klaine going forward — or whether we’ll see Kurt sporting it in the halls of McKinley — we’ll just have to wait to ring in the New Year.

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  1. Jessica Oliver says:

    Really Aus? Aired Wednesday?

    • Elena says:

      Ok, Blaine has financial issues?!? Then how in the hell did he afford to go to a Dalton Academy, an PRIVATE, very upscale, school?? They have been so inconsistent with his character this season. The season 3 Blaine might as well be a whole new character, as he has nothing in common with the season 2 Blaine.

      • Zach says:

        I’m going to guess that he, himself, had financial issues. I don’t think his parents (because of his dad, of all people) would pay for a necklace from the Elizabeth Taylor collection. And Blaine hasn’t shown any indication of a job, so he probably doesn’t have a ton of money to spend.

        • Marlene says:

          Plus, I just feel like one of Blaine’s parents, probably his dad, isn’t the most accepting of his sexuality, so therefore wouldn’t want to buy his son’s boyfriend a gift.

      • Natalie says:

        I’m starting to think that people only watch Glee these days to gripe about anything remotely unsound about it. My goodness, this isn’t Breaking Bad. Did no one get the memo that Glee is not meant to be taken dead seriously? They’ve always suspended belief when it suits them because it’s the impact that they’re after. You are taking this show way too seriously if Blaine being too poor to buy Kurt (whose wardrobe probably costs more than his dad makes in a year) millions of dollars worth of jewelry is what you choose to latch onto. Which, by the way, is absurd for most people, even those who can afford private school. Huh, guess it’s not so far-fetched after all.

      • James says:

        Read again – Kurt wanted a piece from the Elizabeth collection – meaning unless Blaine has an allowance of a million dollars or so, he definitely could not afford it.

        • Kat says:

          Still, he probably could’ve gotten a less expensive ring–not the homemade gum wrapper one. However, I like this one better, because it really shows how much Blaine cares, that he would make the promise ring himself for Kurt.

      • Dalana says:

        I completely agree! WTF

      • Jodi says:

        Yeah but if you think about it, Burt and Carole gave their honeymoon money to Kurt to go to Dalton it doesn’t mean they are rich so something a little bit like that might of happened to Blaine, it doesn’t mean he is rich.

      • anonym says:

        well maybe this nonsense is the reason why they cut it.

  2. Dany says:

    This is the only cut scene you mention?

    Hey Ausiello, remember a few weeks ago when YOU spoiled Santana helping Finn pick out earrings for Rachel?

    The Santa Baby performance is the one people are really clamoring for. It was even featured in Fox’s promos, and Naya Rivera looked stunning. So infuriating. Hilarious that it was trending on Twitter, when it didn’t even air.

    • Captain says:

      I love Santana but I’m not really mad that her performance was cut. I just don’t understand why they included it in the promo and are releasing promo stills from scenes that they know aren’t going to be in the episode.

      • Megan Oyer says:

        They probably didn’t know at the time that they released the photos that it was going to be cut. You would be surprised how late the final episode gets cut together.

    • gcem says:

      I’ll bet Lea Michelle’s scenes are NEVER cut. She’s the sole reason I seldom watch Glee anymore. Can not stand her!

  3. Sabina says:

    Aww, how nice. :)
    Maybe if there wasn’t a commercial break every 5 minutes, there would be enough time >.>

  4. anon says:

    I wish they left Santa Baby in the episode… Was really looking forward to that one.

  5. KSM says:

    Wow, clearly, people pay a lot of attention to promos.

    • Becky says:

      The Glee fandom doesn’t just pay attention to the promo, the Glee fandom dissects every promo, every promo still, every preview song to the nth degree and sifts through the remaining particles for any clue as to what’s coming up next. It’s quite amazing, actually!

  6. Lynne S. says:

    Why can’t they give us a gift now and release the scene on their You Tube channel?????? PLEASE!

    • Ebony says:

      I completely agree! They should release BOTH Santana’s performance of “Santa Baby” AND the scene of Blaine presenting Kurt with a ring online. It would make such a lovely Christmas present for all us Glee fans. Oh, and releasing the “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” episode UNCUT on the Season 3 DVD would be swell too :-)

  7. lol says:

    Oh, um , gee wow. Speechless.

  8. Ash says:

    So, will “Santa Baby” be on the DVD? Because that’s all I really cared about in this terrible episode……

  9. Josum says:

    Is there any other scenes in the DVD? Like cut scenes from the whole season 3?

  10. Kate says:

    OMG can’t wait for SANTA BABY!!!

  11. Brooke says:

    Yeah, but what about Santa Baby? I hope that makes the dvd.

  12. jomfd says:

    Is there any other scenes in the dvd besides Klaine?

  13. GiuVe says:

    I only care about Santa Baby. The rest of the episode was crap.

  14. LC says:

    I hope Santa Baby makes it onto the DVD if the Klaine stuff does. Need to see that performance!

  15. GiuVe says:

    So Blaine is talking about financial issues while wearing a sweaters that cost 350$?

    • Angel says:

      I doubt the writers remember that he was loaded last season seeing as how he’s a completely different character this season.

      • GiuVe says:

        He’s still loaded. Otherwise he could never wear a vest that cost 750$, or a sweaters that costs 580$. How many 16 years old can affoard a 420$ sport jacket?
        This writers suck with people’s characterization and background.

        • Alice says:

          I’ve seen people make this comment before but just because the style department from Glee only buys really expensive clothes, it doesn’t have to mean that the clothes IN the show have to be expensive unless stated. Do you get what I mean. For instance, a lot of the dresses the girls where during competitions are in real life from Betsey Johnson, but in the universe from the show, they’re just dresses that they could’ve gotten anywhere

        • Georgia A. says:

          I’m sorry, are we really quibbling over unrealistically expensive clothing a character is seen wearing on a TV show and trying to make it that particular show’s fault? I can’t even count the number of shows in which “poor” characters wear trendy clothing all the time and are never seen in the same piece twice. Not to mention that one of Kurt’s outfits seen for *one number* earlier this season was calculated to have a probable cost of approximately $2,400 over at fashion of Glee on tumblr.

          • GiuVe says:

            I’m sorry but the costume department on Glee does a great job.
            The only characters who wear expansive clothes are Blaine, Kurt, Quinn and Santana; sometimes Rachel too. Brittany during season 2 always wore items from H&M, Forever 21 or Free People for example. Look at Brittany’s room during Duets and compare it with Santana’s, Blaine’s or Kurt’s. She dress like an avarage 17 years old girl. Same for Finn, Artie, Puck and Mike, Tina and Mercedes.
            When it comes to Blaine the way they dress him makes it so obvious that those clothes are expansive, so you’d think he’s rich enough to buy Kurt a present for Christmas, obviously not something from the Elizabeth Taylor Collection.
            Having Blaine talking about financial issues is laughable at best.

    • Darcy says:

      The items in the Elizabeth Taylor collection cost ten of thousands of dollars if not millions.

    • Jessica says:

      He probably burrows Kurt’s clothes..

    • ATLgroove says:

      I feel as if Blaine probably had a scholarship to Dalton for his part in the Warblers. I also feel as if he works for his money – particularly every summer when he sings at Six Flags or gets booked to sing Christmas tunes.

    • Laura says:

      Okay, first of all, I don’t think there is a character on Any tv show that DOESN’T have an unrealistically large or expensive wardrobe, but that is just the bizarre standard for tv, so I think we can suspend our disbelief on that one because the show would probably just look cheap and sloppy otherwise. Even Sam the “homeless” kid looks pretty sharp to me…
      we can’t assume that Blaine is rich because of his wardrobe, and he could’ve worked something out like Kurt did to go to dalton. And it’s true that a) his allegedly homophobic dad probably wouldn’t want to buy his bf a gift and b) who the heck buys their high school boyfriend a gift that would cost multiple thousands of dollars at the least? His homemade gift is just as sweet and thoughtful, and serves the purpose of outlining the morals of glee.
      I know I just wrote this huge thing so it might be kinda hypocritical but really I don’t think people should be THIS hung up on it :P it makes sense! Just enjoy the show and hope the ring scene is released at some point ;)

  16. Jett says:

    Why are they always cramming or over filming so many things. Sigh..but awesome to see the Klaine and most importantly Santa Baby scenes. Yes!

  17. JS says:

    I really want to see “Santa Baby” instead of whatever this crap is.

  18. Jess says:

    Really, Glee? Really? Though LOL at a thousand Blainstans hearts breaking for their woobie.

  19. mofo says:

    Any Finchel scenes?? Klaine scenes are unnecessary!

    • abc says:

      Not sure if troll or poster was asleep during the Finchel scenes that made up half the episode…

    • Rose says:

      Oh please! There is has been some form of Finchel in every episode for 2 1/2″ seasons. They lie and cheat on one another. They’ve been together for 5 whole months now? Woopie.

    • kay says:

      FINCHEL is shoved so far down our throats every week that it’s gag-worthy.

      • mofo says:

        Sorry to say but Klaine is unrealistic. Finchel is so much better

        • charlotte says:

          How is Klaine unrealistic? They have one of the most developed relationship storyline in the whole series. Unlike many couples on the show, they didn’t suddenly happen. They were friends first and it showed Kurt’s crush on Blaine and the realism of the world; the person you like doesn’t always like you back straight away, people try to find themselves through experiencing new things, and that sometimes one little thing can make people think in a completely different way. So you just missed all of the episodes that showed Klaine’s meeting, friendship, first kiss, relationship, prom, duets, just being together? -.- Yeah, so unrealistic that it took more than 2 episodes for them to get together. xD Finchel’s fine, sure, but it’s boring and not a healthy relationship. They cheat on each other, lie, act like jerks and are just irritating to a lot of people. If i had my way, Faberry would be on and Finn could just go be alone forever to be honest. No offense, but maybe think more about your arguments before you go around calling Klaine ‘unrealistic’.

      • Captain says:

        I don’t think it’s possible to “shove” the central couple of the series down your throat. Does House shove Dr. House down your throat? It was established in the pilot they were “the” couple of the show. If you don’t like that, don’t watch. Finn/Rachel are always going to get more sceentime than the other couples, that’s how television works.

        • Katie says:

          Yea and Ross n Rachel were the couple on Friends but we still got episodes and relationships dedicated to the other characters its called “ensemble”

      • hah says:

        Finn and Rachel are the main characters on Glee. There will always be Finchel.

    • Ash says:

      Ummm… I’m sorry but Finchel gets like 20 scenes an episode. They never cut those. :/ (No offence or anything. I just kinda hate Finchel because Rachel always manipulates Finn and Finn can be a jerk once in a while)

      • Joshua T says:

        Klaine only happened because most people who ship Klaine comes from Starkid and are Darren stans. No offense but it’s true.

        • Lois says:

          Yeah…that’s not true. I didn’t even know who Darren was before Glee. I ship Klaine because they’re a wonderful couple and totally adorable. I became a Darren fangirl AFTER he started on Glee. I am not a Starkid.

        • Jessica D says:

          It’s not all about Starkid you know, people didn’t know about Starkid before Glee, shocking as it is, but people devoted to glee just happened to come across Darren and love his character as well because he was so good to Kurt, and we wanted Kurt to finally have his way.

        • gfdg says:

          I love Klaine, and I do not care about Starkit… Think before you speak.

        • annie says:

          100% wrong. I love Darren, not Starkid.

        • lauren says:

          No offense but I loved Glee before Darren joined. I loved Blaine and Klaine before I discovered Starkid. Yes I love Klaine and Starkid now but I was a huge fan of the couple before Starkid.

        • Rhiannon says:

          I was a Starkid before a Gleek, I admit. But I actually loved Blaine before I found out it was Darren – I didn’t recognise him at first. The Klaine relationship is beautiful and more realistic than most of the other relationships on the show – especially Finchel, which actually has a lot less supporters and many people are getting bored of it being shoved down their throats. Darren was cast to be Kurt’s future boyfriend in the first place – it had nothing to do with the fans. They told us all that Chord Overstreet was meant to be Kurt’s BF, meaning to tease us, as they should, keep us on our toes, etc.
          I understand that this is your opinion, but it’s not true. Sorry to disappoint.

          • You says:

            Finchel is the most popular ship. Whether you hate them or you love them. You are still talking about them. Popularity.

    • DY says:

      yeah, other 4 scenes talking about the pig for sure.

  20. Angel says:

    I couldn’t care less about Klaine, but wouldn’t they have to actually include things we want on the dvds like cut scenes and bloopers for this to actually appear? Instead it will be another feature about how “hilarious” Brittany is.

  21. Nicole says:


  22. Cassu says:

    THANK YOU! i was so sad that we weren’t getting SB and most importantly the gift scene. it makes me so happy to know that we will get it <3

  23. Oh says:

    I pray to god that there will be no Finn in the Santa Baby scene.

    • STW says:

      The complaints about too much Santana talking to Finn probably led to the scene being cut bcs he was in it, so in a sense those having fits about Finn are the ones who caused “santa Baby” to be cut. So how about just being thrilled & grateful that Glee–which NEVER shows deleted scenes–is responding and showing both of these and easing off of the small-spirited demands?

  24. AndyLuvr says:

    Blaine has financial issues? Don’t we already have Trouty Mouth as the poster boy for the economic downturn? That’s interesting.

    Maybe if they cut on the Finchel stuff, Naya Rivera’s number would’ve stayed in the broadcast episode.

    • James says:

      Can any of you read?! ELIZABETH TAYLOR collection! Now unless Blaine has a few million tucked away in his piggy bank I am pretty sure that no family, no matter how well off would give that amount of money to him to buy Kurt a ring.

  25. Kim says:


    My engagement ring was silver with a garnet. We were college students without a lot of money, so I’d guess it only ran about $20. It wasn’t about expense, it was about the thought and meaning.

  26. zogs says:

    how do they explain blaine’s obnoxious and entitled rich boy attitude tho?

    • Marcus says:

      You don’t need to be rich to be obnoxious and entitled, lol.

    • Ravanne says:

      My guess is that Blaine’s family might be very well off, but he may not have much money of his own to access. Maybe a trust fund that he won’t get until he’s done with college, perhaps. I’ll guess that he’s probably got an allowance for daily expenses and not much else as far as ready cash goes.

      And if his father is at all resistant to his son being gay (as had been hinted back in season 2), I can imagine that he wouldn’t exactly be receptive to the idea of giving his son money to buy jewelry for his boyfriend.

  27. David says:

    All I saw was Santa Baby being released next week and then I died. Yes! So glad we’ll get to see it. I was so bummed it would never surface. Excited. :D

  28. Jen says:

    So we get Santa Baby this week but have to wait for the DVD for the Klaine scene?

    Any confirmation as to when Volume 3 part one comes out so that we can finally see it?

  29. STW says:

    Will the cut scene with Santana helping Finn with his shopping for Rachel be included in the S3 DVD or online as well????? It’s one of the things I was most looking forward to in the episode–they’re doing such a great job developing that friendship–something 3 years in the making–as a parallel to the Rachel/Kurt friendship. I hate to think that they cut it because a small group of fans have been making very loud, and very cutting, comments about not wanting Finn to go near Santana.

    • Monkeyrat says:

      Yeah… what a great “friend” Finn is, outing her in a crowded hallway without having a second thought about whether or not it could ruin her life. Or blackmailing her into bringing the TT in the choir room just so he gets the opportunity to throw a butchered “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” in her face while she’s dealing with the aftermath of the outing. Or fist-bumping Blaine during the TT performance and being all fair-play (well, it’s not like the TT where dancing and supporting their friends when ND performed, right? What a bunch of brats, really!) I definititely see the foundations of a wonderful friendship there. You’re right, they do such a GREAT job *double facepalm, because one is not enough*

      Unpopular opinion, but I think it would be better not to release Santa Baby. As much as I love the song and Naya, even I can see the sh**storm coming miles away, basically for the same reasons I’ve outlined above. Santana and Brittany can’t have any interaction whatsoever (well, besides looks and hand-holding… yay. Brb, gonna shed a tear because of truly awesome PDA), it’s already infuriating enough. And why on Earth would Santana help him anyway?

  30. kono says:

    Yuck Klaine, more Finchel please!

    • Jessica D says:


    • Andrea says:

      Yea because there isn’t enough of them already. Finchel fans annoy me because you guys are spoiled brats. You get EVERYTHING (kisses, first-times, conversations [clear reference to Brittana never talking]) and all you do is beg for more and disregard that there are other couples on the show!

      • Klaine. No says:

        If you are a klaine fan, then you need to shut up now.

        • ME says:

          I just want to say that while I am a Klaine fan, that is NOT why I don’t want more Finchel. I was tired of Finchel BEFORE there even was a Blaine. Finchel is just shown so much that I’m tired of it, and I actually LOVE Finchel. I really do. I just think they are given a little bit too much screen time. I wish we got to see the other couples and other characters more. I also do not see why being a Klaine fan automatically cancels out what people are saying because I have been wanting a little less Finchel screen time since before Klaine. I am not saying that you have to agree, just know that Klaine fans don’t automatically hate Finchel (because we don’t- a lot of Klaine fans like Finchel) we just want to see other characters too and think Finchel is shown a little too much.

  31. E says:

    There was enough Klaine (or more specifically Blaine) in the episode already but I’m happy for Santa Baby

  32. Bob says:

    Klaine is nauseating. The less of it, the better.

  33. Marcus says:

    Blaine’s bedroom and wardrobe certainly don’t mesh with this financial issues nonsense… But it’s Glee. Blaine has never been a consistent character for longer than half an episode. /kanyeshrug

  34. Darcy says:

    Thanks for getting the information about the missing scene with Kurt and Blaine. I was really looking forward to it the entire episode. Too bad we have to wait until September if we want to get the full season DVD. They should put the scene on-line too.

  35. Aurdinalynn says:

    It’s a shame they cut it, it gives context to the campy jokes about the Elizabeth Taylor collection in the black and white special.

  36. Amanda says:

    I really really hope there’s no any Finn/Santana interaction in Santa Baby.

  37. Alanna says:

    Will there be any other cut scenes from season 3? I know some Wemma shippers are pretty heartbroken, because every promo has a cute clip of them – resulting in anticipation for the actual upcoming episode – and then it gets cut. Just saying, just because there are more Klaine shippers than Wemma, doesn’t mean the cut Wemma scenes should be ignored, either.

  38. Sarah says:

    Will the scene where Rachel says Happy Hanukkah to Puck be in the DVD as well?

  39. Muireann says:

    I’m so over the sappiness that is Klaine. Brittany and Santana are a much more interesting and engaging example of a gay couple; wish they’d focus more on them.


  40. Cody says:

    Hopefully the relationship will unravel just like a ring made out of gum wrappers would. Klaine is a horrible and forced couple. Kurt deserves better.

  41. Ashley says:

    I don’t understand why they didn’t just do a two hour special? They obviously had plenty to use and then we wouldn’t have had to see these scenes cut. I really was looking forward to the Klaine scene. I think it is cute that Blaine gave Kurt something he made instead of bought. The whole financial reason does seem a bit silly but maybe he gets his vests second hand. Somehow I don’t think the costume department spends that much on Blaine’s wardrobe but I could be wrong. His character is different because we get to see more of him, and why do you have to be rich to go to a private school anyway?

    • Captain says:

      Because private schools cost money, lots of it.

    • Micuko says:

      “The whole financial reason does seem a bit silly” Really? Do have any idea how much money a piece from the Elizabeth collection costs? Besides it’s not Blaine who has the money, it’s his parents and I doubt his father would be happy to give him money so he could buy his boyfriend something expensive. And yes, a two hour special would have been great. *sigh*

  42. Liz says:


  43. Sarah says:

    MORE KLAINE PLEASE!!!! Am I the only one that loves them? I wish they would show them as an actual couple like Finchel and not like awkward best friends. I was waiting for this scene all episode :(

    • Carmen says:

      I’m with you. Straight couples on the show are always there for the viewers, freely displaying their affection both in private and in public (in this program and in every program). Not the case with the two gay couples in Glee; it’s all so constrained between Santana and Brittany and specially between Kurt and Blaine. Holding back in real life is challenging enough. Even in times of gay marraiges LGBT people have a rough life (both out in the world and within their own beings; it isn’t easy being different in this way. Obviously the producers of Glee have a commitment to accurately representing the experiences of gay youth to a television audience, but they have not gone nearly far enough. Not nearly far enough at all. The black and white tv show (episode 9) was campy and fun but no substitute for the kind of intimacy that goes with the offering of a gift, especially a ring (even one made out of gum wrappers). A ring one boy lovingly gives to his boyfriend. I’m a lesbian, not a gay guy, but watching this would mean something to me.

      • Carolyn says:

        I’m straight and have a lot of gay and lesbian friends and i love them all like family so I watch every episode and pray that things change in the future for all these very loving people and I don’t care who you are you have to root for Blaine and Kurt as they have put it out there and the rest is up to the world,as for me a big fat yeah

    • Jessica D says:

      nope I love them too :)

  44. Jackson says:

    I want my Santa Baby!!!

  45. Scarlet says:

    I don’t think Blaine is ‘poor’ as some of you are saying. As stated in the text, there were financial issues surrounding Blaine’s character. It also states that Kurt wanted a piece from the Elizabeth Taylor collection, so it was obviously going to be expensive. How many 16-17 year olds do you know could afford such a piece? Blaine did go to a private school, and he does wear nice clothes, the ring Kurt wanted was probably just too expensive.

  46. annie says:

    Who cares? It would only be interesting if he gave him a dildo.

  47. Joey W. says:

    THANK YOU Michael for the answer!! My fellow Gleeks and I were about to lose our minds here. Waiting for the Season 3 DVD set is so far away. Perhaps they’ll release a “Producer’s Cut” on Hulu like Park’s & Rec. often does … ?

  48. Ma'at says:

    They could have cut that whole silly BW Christmas special. I love Glee. This Season a major improvement over last. But this episode was D U L L. The writing is still uneven. How on Earth can you cut Kurt getting the ring and Santa Baby and leave in that utterly useless Christmas special?


    Oh well. This season HAS been better.

    • squirrel tail says:

      I agree totally. Big Glee fan here, but I HATED this episode, all because of that black & white Christmas special. It simply wasn’t good, funny, or interesting to watch. What happened in the special added nothing to the plot or character development. It was like a bad SNL sketch that wouldn’t end. They could have cut it in half and had time for these two deleted scenes, and it would have majorly improved the episode.

  49. Babygate says:

    It is a travesty they cut Santa Baby out when it was the most anticipated number of the episode and when they had so much unnecessary crap going on. I mean, how much do we have to know about a pig? And that awful River number. Yuk!! This episode just regressed the show. And the lamest parts were all Finchel. And that black and white mess… Santa Baby please. We need that pronto!!!
    BTW, if the writers are going with the notion that Blaine is having financial difficulties, it was best to leave the scene out since it would contradict everything we know about Blaine. I mean, he could have just skipped the $5 cup of coffee for a couple of weeks or sold one of his sweaters and he could have gotten Kurt something inexpensive. But whatever.

    • Olivia says:

      Seriously people. Elizabeth collection? That’s a few hundred thousand dollars or even more than a million. So yeah, I am sure Blaine had financial difficulties to get that amount to get Kurt his present.

  50. Holly says:

    I just can’t believe all the good looking scenes were cut… i mean it’s horrible how they believe to tease us with a load of pictures and promos to go ‘ahahaha you aint getting that scene!’ they are doing it all the time! But i liked the episode… :D