Exclusive: American Idol's Lauren Alaina Set for Fox's Countrified New Year's Eve Special

Cowboy hats and 2012 spectacles will be in fashion when Fox rings in the New Year with a country-themed telecast starring Lauren Alaina and Rodney Atkins, TVLine has learned exclusively.

American Country New Year’s Eve Live (11:00 ET live) will focus on festivities from the Las Vegas strip and New York City’s Times Square; additional performers and a host will be announced soon, according to a Fox spokesperson.

Alaina was runner-up on Idol‘s tenth and most recent season; her latest single, “Georgia Peaches,” is a Top 40 single at country radio, and she’ll join Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan on Aldean’s “My Kinda Party” 2012 Arena Tour when it kicks off in January.

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  1. Marcie says:

    Sometimes I think TPTB forgot who actually won Idol.

  2. Templar says:

    Not really a fan of hers. Love Scotty. But in any case, New Year’s Eve doesn’t really say “country” to me. So, I’ll pass with best wishes.

  3. theo says:

    WooHooo!! Great gig for Lauren :)

  4. debbie says:

    and sometimes people forget that doesn’t matter who won idol, its all about talent. Did Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson win their seasons? I don’t think so, and they are successful right now. Lauren has what it takes, and IN MY OPINION, she is way better than scotty. she’s been working really hard to put her music out there and scotty is in his hometown, going to school. Idol is over, get over it. Doesn’t matter who won or who came in 7th place, the american idol winner title won’t take you places, the talent will. She’s talented and deserves to be there.

    • Tess says:

      Not to crap in your Cheerios or anything, but Scotty has already passed going gold on his album. Outselling Lauren more than two to one. Yes, he’s at home doing his senior year because he has his head on straight and knows that those memories can only be gathered now. Lauren is a sweet girl, but she has a stage mother pushing like crazy and living vicariously through her. I wish Lauren well, but doubt she will have a long term career.

      • rdd says:

        Scotty fan stop crying everybody knows over 70% of his sales are his little girl fans!!!country music doesn’t support female artist like it does male artist…so lauren”s album on pace to go gold maybe platinum thats saying something in today country music for a new female artist.. and for the record scotty fan your boy is way overrated!!!!

        • Pam says:

          Jealous are you?

        • gigi says:

          Geeeesh!! No need to get so upset over Scotty’s success. For the record, if 70% of Scotty’s sales are little girls, then these little girls sure do have ALOT of money….to the sound of almost 700,000 cds sold!!! lol! (btw..i’m 22 years old and bought 1 copy of his CD and 2 copies of his ZinePak)

          • Bonnie says:

            It’s well known that women in country music are not getting the high sales right now. Lauren is doing very, very well in sales compared to the women in country music. She’s right behind the Top 3 (Carrie, Taylor, and Miranda). Lauren’s in it for the long haul.

      • Lou says:

        I agree about Lauren and her mom. I’m sure they are nice people, but daughter needs to grow up and think about the future without education. Good for McCreery to graduate,staying grounded, thinking about college and enjoying a great singing career to boot.
        No, I’m not a little girl, but a mom of 2 and granny of 3

        • shaun says:

          There are things called tutors and GED…..actually available to us humans.

        • Kathy says:

          Lauren has not quit school for her music career, she is completing her education online through her high school. So, she is keeping up one heck of a performing schedule while in school. She has also given thought to which college she would like to attend. She wants to make the most of her opportunity while the iron is hot. She’s talented, smart, motivated and determined. These are excellent mature qualities, especially in a girl of 17. She’s frickin’ amazing! Petty comments like yours and Tess’s are what give women a bad name. And I’ll tell you what, I feel sorry for any girl that Scotty takes a shine to. She better be one strong lady, because the attacks are unfounded, incessant and merciless.

      • janice says:

        Lauren is better then Scotty sorry to inform you she has a stronger voice and her album is great especially in the middle and locket.

  5. GingerSnap says:

    You know, this might be a news story if I cared about Country music. But I don’t.

  6. Jillann says:

    I’m sure Scotty will be there as well:) I like both Lauren and Scotty. I love that Scotty is attending as much of his senior year as possible while keeping up with his career. Actually think he is gaining more fans because of it,,,I know I have a lot of respect for his decision. I wish the best for both of these kids:) I doubt FOX would miss the boat and not feature Scotty; the artist who has sold almost 7K in just a little over 2 months and helped return AI to a powerhouse for the network:)

    • r.d.d says:

      Jillann only problem with scotty sales its little girls buying over 70% of his sales..im not all that impressed with his album really!really have to laugh at some of you scotty fans you really think he is god to be honest he is flat out overrated..

      • Rick says:

        I’m not a little girl, but a grandparent and Scotty McCreery is awesome.

      • gigi says:

        r.d.d. you are very brave taking on Scotty’s fans!! We are not little girls. Litle girls would never take the time to reply to you. Scotty will be do just fine without your support, so just move on. :-)

  7. Dawn says:

    Would love to see Scotty as well but I have read that he may be in the Dominican Republic passing out Christmas gifts for Operation Christmas Child. Admire his humility and his decision to tend to the welfare of others as well as spend time with his family and friends instead of promoting himself at this magical time of year.

  8. Cal says:

    And you’re definately wrong if you think Lauren won’t have a long lasting career. She’s doing great now and you can no longer compare her to Scotty. Idol is long over and both are going their separate ways under completely different circumstances. I am so proud of Lauren for everything she’s accomplished and I’m so happy that she’s getting this gig. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. I wish Scotty the best too but he doesn’t have to appear at every gig Lauren is at. I think he will probably appear on here too though.

    • rdd says:

      cal you can say same thing about scotty not having a long career!He being carried right now by his little girl fans lets see how he does in the future when little girls grow up…you don’t know much about Lauren do you?…oh scotty boy having a eary splash but being a artist is marathon not a sprint when its said and done in 10 years its Lauren that will be bigger I promise you that!!

      • Tico says:

        @rdd I have to laugh that you are the only sour grape here maniacally trying to tear Scotty down. I don’t know what your personal problem is, but you most assuredly have one. I am not a teenaged girl. I love Scotty. My wife is not a teen either. She loves Scotty. My parents and in-laws love Scotty. And for the record, we are not southerners. We live in Oregon.

  9. slick says:

    that is so true this is going to be a great gig for her would of loved to seen her in atlanta for new years though

  10. Jim says:

    I have been underwhelmed by the 3 or 4 Scotty appearances I have seen the past few weeks. His performance in Atlanta for the Macy’s tree lighting was really bad and his CMA perfromance not much better.

    Is anyone working with Lauren to improve her personal image (i.e. the transformation of Carrie Underwood to a slimmed up, hot, sexy super star) as well as her vocals and song selection/direction)?

    Haley was my first choice of the top 3 followed by Scotty and then Lauren.

  11. May says:

    I like Scotty, but I hope Lauren does this event without him making an appearance also. If he performs more attention and advertisement will be on him the teen country hearthrob who won, and not enough on her. So far she hasn’t gotten any televised gigs where she was able to promote songs off her album, so this is an opportunity for her to shine. Also she has been working her tail off, so this gig is long overdue. Hopefully this gives her an extra boost in sales.

  12. kelly says:

    I am actually a fan of both Lauren and Scotty, and I don’t like it when a fan of either of them tries to tear the other one down. They are both talented, and the competition is over, they are both just trying to build their careers, and each will receive different opportunities to do this. I know some people, me included would love to see Scotty as well at this event,but I think he might not be able to do it because he is going to Dominica on 28th December to hand out Christmas presents to the children, with ‘pack a shoe box’project, which he has been doing since he was a child. Scotty decided to go back to school and Lauren decided to leave school and finish her education on line, that’s their decision and nothing to do with us. Some are putting Scotty down, and saying that most of his fan base are teenage girls and grandmothers, well I am neither I am in my late twenties,and I love his music and performances.If you look at Lauren fan base a lot of them are pre teens and teenage girls as well,which she herself recognises and is trying to be a positive role model for them. So I wish everyone would just stop arguing and just except the fact there are going to be shows that Lauren is going to be on and not Scotty and visa versa.

  13. j c m c says:

    oh what is the world coming too i for one would love to see scotty and lauren just enjoy everything thats happend to them they cant even be friends any more the judges are out there wont leave them alone american idol is over lauren works hard scotty is doing what he thinks is right for him lauren is 17 and doing what she thinks is right for her. They were so happy was nice to watch them laugh and enjoy each other now its all gone the judges seen to that and scotty is a mamas boy so why cant lauren have her mother well done lauren god will look after you dont listen to the judges their day will come hold your head high keep loving everyone forgive them judges for they know not what they are doing

  14. Debby says:

    Why all the hate these are two nice kids both have great parents who have sacrificed so their kids can live their dreams. Man you all need to get a life and let these two live theirs. I hope they both have giant careers and you all learn to keep your mouths shut.

  15. Bonnie says:

    No two kids are the same. And if you are a mature woman, then you shouldn’t be criticizing another Mom’s decisions. Lauren is attending high school online. I WISH I had had that option when I was a kid. I would have missed out on all the horrible bullying I went through in my senior year. Unfortunately I went through high school pre-internet. High school is only a beautiful experience for a handful of kids, and a painful time for most everyone else.

  16. Ilovelala says:

    Haters, haters, you all wish you could he 1/10 as talented as she is!