Boardwalk Empire Finale Fallout: What's the Real Story Behind [Spoiler]'s Shocking Exit?

[The following story contains spoilers from Sunday’s Boardwalk Empire finale. Proceed at your own risk.]

Back in October, our sister site reported that Boardwalk Empire co-lead Michael Pitt was fired by his longtime agent “because he’s really difficult on set and otherwise.”

Cut to this past Sunday: Empire fans are reeling from the shocking death of Pitt’s character, Jimmy Darmody, in the show’s Season 2 finale.

Is there a connection? Did Empire whack its second biggest star because of backstage problems? Or did the storyline simply demand it?

Exec producer Terrence Winter says it’s the latter, maintaining in an interview with that Pitt’s ouster was a creative decision.

“[It’s] absolutely not true,” he says. “Michael is a total professional. He’s intense, of course, but I don’t think you can do that job without being intense.”

Winter said the decision to kill off Jimmy was made “at the beginning of Season 2,” adding, “The idea was to try and push things to their absolute limit, even if it makes it difficult for yourself and your writing team. If you take things to their logical extreme with the situation we created, Jimmy has betrayed Nucky, he tried to have him killed. You want to be honest about the storytelling… Anything short of Nucky [killing Jimmy] wouldn’t feel real, it wouldn’t be real. And it would be a cheat for us to say, ‘We want to keep our beloved character Jimmy Darmody alive.'”

For his part, Pitt shrugged off the rumors surrounding his behavior on set. ”I’m confident that I will be judged by my performance,” he told, “and not by the ‘he said, she said.’”

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  1. MJ says:

    I was shocked that Jimmy was killed but more upset that Manny was left alive and Eli gets off scott-free. It WAS Eli’s suggestion that Nucky be killed, and he survives with only a year in prison?


    And the worst thing? Gillian gets to raise another boy. That poor kid is screwed.

    • Pm says:

      I totally agree with everything said here.

    • vicki says:

      Blood is thicker than water. It makes total sense that Nucky would of killed Jimmy.

    • Alex says:

      I expect that we will see Nucky take care of his brother after Eli’s prison term is up, remember Nucky needs Eli to do the time so he can beat the conspiracy rap. Nucky’s dispatching of Jimmy clearly took a toll on him, and I think he will have some problems that crop up from that (Richard, obviously, and I’d wager Chalkey as well, Jimmy really did right by him) and I agree it was the only logical ending to Jimmy’s story.

      • Patrick says:

        I disagree that it was the only logical outcome. It was *A* logical outcome, but I still think it would have made more sense for Eli to die. Nucky knows the whole thing was Eli, and Jimmy basically fixed ALL of Nucky’s problems at the end. Nucky would be going to prison if not for Jimmy.

        As far as blood being thicker than water, Jimmy was like a son to him. Eli was just his whiney idiot brother.

      • Joe Public says:

        Logical Outcome? Sure; if you wanted to ruin the entire show! That did that nicely!

    • wes says:

      The way Richard looked after Gillian told her grandson would be the leader of the city one day.. something tells me Richard won’t let that happen.

    • Vanessa says:

      See that’s the one thing I don’t quite buy. I get that he was traumatized, first by his mother and then by the war. He pretty much dug his own hole double crossing Nucky, and I could buy him essentially committing suicide by going to that meeting if he didn’t have his son. I do not for one minute believe that Jimmy would leave his son to be raised by his deranged mother, no matter how dead he felt inside. I’m pretty sure that next season will play out something like this:
      1. Nucky will try to off Margaret for double crossing him.
      2. Owen will run off with Margaret because she apparently has some magic up that skirt of hers….
      3. The new guy they’re hiring as Jimmy’s replacement will step in as Nucky’s new boy wonder.

      • David says:

        He didn’t leave her alone with his son,, he knew he was walking into a death trap and he left the masked guy there with his son and mother, either to take care of them or take his spot

    • CKDexterHaven says:

      It was Eli’s suggestion, but Jimmy was in charge and ultimately responsible for the decision. He was saying as much to himself at several points, and to Nucky just before the hit.

    • dalmo says:

      I think in teal world Jimmy would not go alone for being killed. Richard Arrow could be covering him with a sniper. And I think Richard Would took revange on Nick…after all, he Is a killer and Jimmy was his Only friend…

    • Sherry says:

      I am disgusted they killed off Jimmy. All that is left are ugly tough guy characters that are boring. Jimmy was handsome, sexy, mysterious. There is no one else like that on the show. I thought of Jimmy the entire time I watched the first of season 3. I felt his presence missing. Getting rid of Jimmy after all that build up of his character was a HUGE mistake! I am so disappointed. I am left with feelings of frustration.

    • don’t worry, it will ALL come back to bite eli in the ass…

    • Natalie Griggs says:

      Since Jimmy was killed off, I do not watch Boardwalk Empire!!!!! I LOVE MICHAEL PITT

  2. Lanah says:

    Cant believe Jimmy’s dead! :'(. I totally knew the second that he and Gillian (his mother) drunkenly started taking their clothes off that they’d sleep together. My boyfriend was traumatized to say the least. He just kept muttering, “No, come on. That’s his mom!” But who could really be surprised though.

  3. Lisa M. says:

    Perhaps Richard’s storyline for season 3 will be raising Jimmy’s son, and offing that horrible woman. I am not sure what Richard’s place will be in the show if he doesn’t have Jimmy, so maybe he takes it upon himself to raise the son. I just hope Gillian doesn’t try to manipulate Richard somehow by giving him the illusion of the family he desires.

    • Dana says:

      Oh heck yeah Gillian is going to manipulate the heck out of Richard to seek revenge on Nucky! Dang I wanted Jimmy to live he was my favorite character. Jimmy knew Nucky wasn’t going to forgive him at the end he just wanted peace.

  4. Laurel says:

    Boardwalk Empire just shot itself in the foot.
    I disagree with the “honest storytelling “angle the producers are trying to sell.

    I think that the writers could of made the storyline where Jimmy killed his father as contrition for his betrayal of Nucky work , if they REALLY wanted too.
    After all Jimmy’s father is the person who orchestrated the betrayal and had the power to put it into motion.

    • Tania says:

      Laurel, the writers know what they are doing. You can always participate in those dreaful fan fiction groups. Just knock yourself out with whatever fantasy that you wish and satisfy yourself needs that way.

    • Beth says:

      Yes, they probably could have made that storyline work. But why should they have to? The writers felt this option was the best and most organic. Why would they instead choose to use one that wasn’t as suitable and needed work to make it fit?

    • gina says:

      I agree the writers could have created a honest storyline without getting rid of Jimmy. He was the most interesting character! He could have sought refuge with his pal Capone and taken on Nucky. There was a lot that could of been done without killing JImmy.

      • Lisa says:

        I think with the help of the Superior writers of Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy ,Jimmy’s character would of had a better storyline.
        So would the entire show for that matter.

        • Joe Public says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more. Killing of Jimmy was plain stupid! I hope Margaret gets whacked and that silly Irish replacement-again stupid part of the story line.

    • Elveebee says:

      Totally agree w/Laurel. Memo to BE producers: you don’t off your best actor, no matter how difficult he may be, no matter how much you think you need to shake things up, no matter how much you want to shock your audience, no matter how much you want to be talked about.

      Michael Pitt was crucial to this ensemble. I don’t care how good your writing, direction, bleahbleahbleah are…the real reason we watch film is to see great acting.

      Sorry, producers, but this is another example of how you guys don’t quite get it, and you will never be in the category of The Sopranos or The Wire. On so many levels, this show is good — even VERY good — but it falls short of great.

      • Joe Public says:

        They ruined the show. I could care less to see the show ever again. It is dead to me. Killing Jimmy was the show’s death nell!

      • Kat says:

        I agree with everything said here. Killing off the Jimmy character just ruined the show. As far as I am concerned this show ended for me. Won’t be watching next season.

  5. Moriah E. says:

    Killing Jimmy was bad enough but the fact that it was Nucky who did it was the worst part for me. I don’t think I can get past that to keep enjoying the show. I think this season is gonna be it for me.

    • Tania says:

      Nucky doing it is what shocks the most. Remember when Jimmy in season one told Nucky that you can’t be half a gangster? Well, there you go. Like I said, Nucky has crossed a very BIG line. He is a true gangster now.

      Moriah, you need to get over it. This is a world full of nasty gangsters. You shouldn’t be liking anyone and this includes Nucky. This was a very strong, shocking season finale albeit a very sad one.

      • Biatch says:

        Tania ,if you could manage to comment on an article without insulting others you wouldn’t be such a troll.

      • Moriah E. says:

        I don’t think I need to get over anything. I’m not telling anyone else what to think or for them to stop watching the show. I get that these are bad guys but FOR ME I need to find at least some redeeming characteristics in the main character in order to be invested in the show and Nucky killing someone he practically raised like a son ruined that. For all his faults I was invested in the Jimmy character. I wanted to see his story even though he was doing bad things. That’s how compelling the actor was. I’m not saying Steve Buscemi isn’t compelling also but there is less and less about his character to root for and this heartless act took away for me any reason to be invested in the character of Nucky. If you don’t feel the same and will continue to enjoy the show than that’s great. Good for you.

      • Joe Public says:

        Blow it out your toot Tania! The show is ruined because Jimmy got killed off-end of story!!!

    • Dana says:

      It was better for Nucky to kill Jimmy out of respect than to have some random goon kill him.

  6. Dryden says:

    Nikki Finke is the worst. Yes, worse than Britta.

  7. Amanda says:

    So sad my eye candy on this show is dead. They should’ve killed off Margaret.

    • macca says:

      Margaret is really annoying. Her storyline actions make little sense. Maybe it’s the writing, but whatever, I think they’ve killed off or gotten rid of the wrong characters. Jimmy was the most interesting dramatically, not to mention eye candy. At least Pitt got to show his acting chops this last episode.

      • gina says:

        Jimmy family life with the commodore and Gillian were very interesting. And that wife of his! but Margaret is very annoying and they should of killed her and Eli, instead of Jimmy

        • MJ says:

          As someone who unfortunately dated a devote Catholic for a year, let me say, the character of Margaret is realistic.

        • Joe Public says:

          I agree! The show would have been better off without their stupid characters, Margaret and Eli, and the boooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnngggggg storlines that went along with their characters.

      • Shroud says:

        Definitely agree. Hate Margret. It makes me angry when they make a female character this misogyny magnet. She contributes nothing and constantly is stealing show time whining. She gets everything and ruins it. She is made to be hated; I can’t help it.

        She actually reminds me of the mom off Malcom in the Middle, everything she does is baseless antagonism and everytime she speaks I wish death upon the character. I hope Margret gets tortured to death soon.

  8. WHAT says:

    Why in the world would you guys put these spoilers on the front page of your website? You have ruined this for me and I would have never read that article prior to watching the episode – but you took that option from me. Not cool!

    • AJ says:

      I tried to make the same comment and it wouldn’t take it. Why put a spoiler tag in the title and then PRINT the spoiler right below it??? THANKS

  9. Clint says:

    Jimmy had to die. If Nucky was ever going to be taken serious, he had to kill Nucky. Now people will know that he is not one to be messed with. Had he not killed him and had either Manny or Eli do it, people would still try to test him. As for Richard, I have a feeling that him and Owen will become close. They seemed to respect each other in the scene where Owen stopped Richard from selling liquor to a shop owner. Owen is going to need some friends once Nucky finds out about him and Margaret. That will come to a head pretty quickly next season as Katie is on to both of them. I’m excited about season 3. I almost gave up on the show after season 1. I’m glad that I stuck with it, because season 2 was outstanding.

    • Joe Public says:

      Totally Disagree! If he wanted to prove a point to not mess with him killing off his own brother and his wife would have sent that message with an exclamation point better than killing off Jimmy. The show will suck now!

  10. Selbs says:

    All of what precedes my comments are right on the ball. Which ever way you’re leaning. I’m just furious that, if I read Margaret’s betrayal of Nucky correctly, is so infuriating. Would have loved to have seen her offed and hope it takes place next season. The writers have provided us with the most outrageous hypocrite to come along in a long, long time. You can expect “evil” from these guys because that is their way of life. But she only benefited from her husband’s murder and she turns out to be the real heavy in this piece. Way to go Terrance!

  11. kat says:

    Was this the blind item about someone who wanted to leave, then wanted to take it back?

  12. lorie says:

    i am still despondant over jimmy`s shooting….i`d like to think that the writers are having their way with us and jimmy will survive the shooting. After all, he`s survived WW1, getting stabbed by the commadore and being sexually absconded by his mother. He`s one tuff cookie and i don`t think we`ve seen the last of him. Honestly, i don`t think i could watch another season without looking into those baby blue eyes. :(

  13. marvbay says:

    You are all wrong!!
    This was just a dream sequence, a common ploy of writers.

  14. Fdfsdf says:


  15. JR says:

    I was very negative on this show for most of its run because of the Jimmy Darmody character. I couldnt stand his constant moping and boorish manner, I thought the season really picked up mid season and am now thrilled that Jimmy is dead. It totally makes sense and helps to finally develop Nucky’s charcter. Great job with the finale as it was a most pleasant surprise.

  16. Anne says:

    My main problem with the ending is that they killed off the shows only ambiguous character. This leaves a hole that none of the others can fill. It will take very extremely gifted writing to fill the void.

    • Beth says:

      The show’s only ambiguous character? Does anyone even pay attention? There’s plenty of ambiguity in almost all the characters. Despite all the talk, I’m convinced that the reason so many people liked Jimmy is simply because he’s hotter than Nucky. But Nucky is a bundle of contradictions and a fascinating character in his own right. I’m sad for Steve Buscemi that so many are overlooking the job he’s doing on this show.

  17. ty says:

    It was bs…i didn’t but that ending at all…killing off the must emotionally invested character…. And was I the only one who thought nucky telling Margaret that Jimmy reenlisted was not something a smart human being would do? I’m not interested in season 3… Wet don’t even know Nucky … Not like we knew Tony soprano

  18. kp says:

    smh wow …man they really killed off jimmy…i dont know man….i dont agree with it at ALL

  19. vicki says:

    I think they should create a twin of Jimmy that was taken away at birth where only Nucky knew. The twin should be a priest.

  20. Diane says:

    I my family and friends will not watch Boardwalk Empire again without Jimmy. The remaing charactors are boring except maybe Richard, and now we all hate Nucky.Unless he somehow survives or it is a dream sequence.

  21. Jess says:

    I don’t care about spoilers, but what’s the point of “hiding” the spoiler if you just list the story right below it? I’m confused about the editing on TVLine’s part. weird…

  22. Dana M says:

    I have to say when Jimmy died i literaly screamed!! within 20 seconds I was on my iphone texting all my friends who watch the show and we are all amazed and the writer and producers for offing the best character on the whole show!!! I loved Jimmy, Michael Pitt is a great acter and really gave us something interesting to watch. Nuk is alright and all, but he’s ni Jimmy. Gillian grosses me out (lol). As for Margaret I did like her but knows shes on this holy rockers kick and i’m like “alright, we get it your kid got sick, your upset, brake something and lets move on”, but i did like when she signed over the land to the church that was good. But ya who will take over Jimmys sceen time, Owen?? No. Not cutting it…

    • Vanessa says:

      See that’s the one thing I don’t quite buy. I get that he was traumatized, first by his mother and then by the war. He pretty much dug his own hole double crossing Nucky, and I could buy him essentially committing suicide by going to that meeting if he didn’t have his son. I do not for one minute believe that Jimmy would leave his son to be raised by his deranged mother, no matter how dead he felt inside. I’m pretty sure that next season will play out something like this:
      1. Nucky will try to off Margaret for double crossing him.
      2. Owen will run off with Margaret because she apparently has some magic up that skirt of hers….
      3. The new guy they’re hiring as Jimmy’s replacement will step in as Nucky’s new boy wonder.

  23. R says:

    Really? They think killing off arguably the most compelling character on the show is a good idea? I’m done watching.

  24. Drake Nyte says:

    I think they could of kept Jimmy for another season. Like this. When Jimmy asks Nucky how to make it right. They should of had Jimmy killing Eli. Since Eli is one person who could put Nucky away if he testified and he was the one that wanted him dead. And Jimmy should of Killed Manny and the stupid neck brace guy. And it could of ended with a hand shake from Nucky or Jimmy. So people would get excited about them maybe being back for season 3.

    Then season 3 They could have Nucky and Margaret fighting a lot until he tries to kill her. Then Nucky’s Irish body guard guy tries to stop him and tries to kill Nucky. Jimmy and Richard are outside hear a fight run in and see the Irish guy on Nucky choking him. Jimmy pushes him off and goes to help Nucky, then the Irish guy attempts to shoot Nucky. Jimmy jumps in front to save Nucky. Richard shoots the Irish guy. And Nucky finally forgives Jimmy. And Richard becomes Nucky’s body guard. haha.

  25. J says:

    There was just so much more that could have been explored with Jimmys story line…they didn’t let him get revenge for his wifes murder or ever get rid of his freaky and sick mom…there was so much more that could have been…I think it was a BIG mistake to axe Jimmy…I know for me I’m done with Boardwalk…I literally stared in disbelief when he got shot…what a waste of such a complex and original character….R.I.P…Jimmy Darmody….for me Boardwalk died with you!

  26. R1PJimmy says:

    When I saw that final scene in the rain, I was really hoping Richard would come and snipe Eli or something. But when Jimmy was shot, I was so upset I hammered my fist on the table with a loud ‘F#ck’. I sat with a anger and disbelieve till the end.
    Jimmy made the series so interesting, he was the main reason I watched. Now there is nothing and no one for me to care about. I was waiting till he could get his revenge on Manny, but he gets of? It’s not going to satisfy me that Richard is going to kill him. For season 3, IF I’m going to watch, I can’t look at Nucky the same anymore. I hope all of them get killed, but by who!? There is no one really interesting that can make it right. I’m still in disbelieve. The show was on its way to being on par with The Wire and The Sopranos, but imo; No chance in hell!

  27. Gavin says:

    I’m sad that nobody is going to miss agent Van Alden!! He could come back as a criminal, but you don’t murder a federal agent and shoot another in the knee and return to law enforcement. Goodbye Crazy Treasury man!!

  28. Ang says:

    Wow. Talk about a season finale. I had no idea that ending was coming. I must have sat there with my mouth open about 5 minutes. I’m sorry Jimmy was the show. Wow. It should have been Margaret’s little sneaky tail. She’s a liar, a cheater and a thief. I’m tired of looking at her and her crazy facial expressions.

  29. Seth says:

    HBO has a history of doing this. Was it a surprise that Tony shot Big Pussy after learning of his betrayal? Same here. Didn’t seem to ruin the Sopranos. Why would it ruin this show?

    • R1PJimmy says:

      Pussy wasn’t as vital to the show as Jimmy was. Pussy wasn’t the reason you watched the show, for most/many Jimmy was. The Sopranos was all about Tony, that was very clear. Boardwalk is about Nucky but Jimmy’s role is almost as big and interesting as Nucky’s.

      I still can’t believe he won’t be in the third season. There really is no one to watch the show for. If that irish sidekick of Nucky moves up, i’m giving up on the show. He is nearly not as interesting as Jimmy, he’s quite annoying really. The only way I can see them saving the show is if they give Luciano, Lenksy, A.R. and Capone more airtime. I really hope that’s why they killed Jimmy, to free up airtime for those guys. Otherwhise; to hell with it!

  30. Joe says:

    If they really wanted to shock the audience, they wack Nucky, I know, it would really throw the history book out the window, the reality for me, Jimmy and Richard were the best characters in the show and one is gone. I can’t stand the newly Mrs. Thompson, she isn’t a good actress, sorry. For the show really to be at its best, Nucky should have had her and her kids wacked and his brother killed too. I will give season 3 a shot, but right now, I feel betrayed by this show and its writers. I don’t like the direction they took it. It would be like killing of Jax in the second season of Sons Of Anarchy, they took a gamble and I don’t see it paying off.

  31. Cailey says:

    I like how the writers say it just wouldn’t feel real if you kept jimmy around after everything I say bull it’s a tv show it’s not suppose To be real you cater to your audience if they want one of your main characters to stay alive you keep him alive.

  32. Chris says:

    I was sorry to see Jimmy go, but it was great television. Let’s be real though folks, he was killed off because the actor that portrayed him was a nightmare during production.

    • Patrick says:

      It was great television, and would have been a great end to the show, but the show is already renewed for a third season. I don’t see much point watching a show beyond what was its logical conclusion.

  33. Ralph says:

    My Jaw just dropped when Jimmy went down, and even then I thought, no way, they cannot eliminate the most interesting character in the entire show. But once Nucky shot him the second time, I swore I would not continue watching the show. Jimmy could of been saved and Boardwalk Empire, (I believe), would of towered The Sopranos, but, the writers totally got this one wrong. Not sure if I will watch season 3.

  34. Lisa says:

    I’m so bummed that he was killed off. His son will be raised by that nutjob of a mom and what will happen to Richard? This sucks!!

  35. kfps says:

    I agree with most of you! Boardwalk died with Jimmy’s character! How upsetting to lose one of my favorite shows! :( Why do i feel this sad!!

  36. Ryan says:

    As far as Darmody I hate seeing him go but Knucky is but the tip of the iceberg, if anyone saw Rothstein just sampled Luchiano’s heroin these boys will be the giants of America soon enough. I feel very uneasy just to follow Rex’s life…lay with mom, kill thy father, take over kingdom , blind one self … Or purposefully get shot so close then kaput … To the lost

  37. TheFinalMan says:

    They literally killed off ALL gay catnip on the show in the last 3 episodes. Not cool. Now my main reason for watching is Chalky White and face-mask dude. I want Face-Mask Dude to go H.A.M. on Nucky’s empire to get vengeance for Jimmy and the lesbian/bisexual woman that both he and Jimmy loved.

    • Hellyeah says:

      Damn dude , its so right , richard is my fav char of the show and jimmy was one of them too, so now that i didn’t see jimmy get revenge I WANT RICHARD TO GO MEGA SUPER GIGA HHH AAA MMM on those mofos :)

      But let’s be real a sec , to me jimmy ‘s not the only good char , I really like dunn purnsley , chalky as you mention it , and some others (like the irish guy that take controls of the I.R.A. the moment he spoke to nucky in the car was epic !
      so i’d still watch the show, but THEY BETTER NOT F*CK UP AGAIN or i will not =)

  38. MuyMala says:

    I think the 3rd season will bring back the children as young adults and taking over where Jimmy left off, I see a love triangle with the young women, daughter of Nucky’s ex flame and Margaret’s daughter, wouldn’t that be the best 3rd season, so much material for the writers, I honestly think that will be the new twist to make up for taking Jimmy out of Boardwalk, just my idea.

  39. Arlene says:

    The story did not call for Jimmy to die, it was Eli’s idea and it makes no sense that he gets to live when he’s been betraying Nucky ever since the show started, jealous, lying, insignificant, racist twerp. Jimmy loved/hated Nucky.

    If Winter doesn’t find a decent storyline for the suicidal vet Jimmy was taking care of — well, I really might stop watching.

    And Manny getting away with this, maybe that really happened, who cares, the creep should die.

  40. Shana Westhoff says:

    They have to bring back Jimmy!! How can we write to Terrence Winter?
    Please, there was so much more they could have done. Micheal Pitt was brillant. TERRY FIX THIS!!! Love the rest of the cast but Jimmy was it. He represented the youth of his time. The reality of war etc etc.. Please bring Jimmy back.

  41. john mazzola si ny says:

    wow scorcese terry whalberg .. you all dissapointed me .. you all obviously lost your touch yu guys shudnt even make a third season or any other show or movie for that matter retarted cud u be to kill off the best persn in the show .. you will not be able to replace jimmy .. i live in ny .. i clled everyone of my frends and family they all said the same as me .. we wil never watch this show ever again thats it !! im done you fukin morons wen he died i literaly cried for like 2 mins ..yu will not be able to fix this unless you bring jimmy back and make that all a dream and jimmy wakes up as the fone rings and nucky is on the fone and says we got manny come getem and it goes down the right wait jimmy gets his revenge and richard is right with him … if not you will loose 99 percent of the peple that watch this show .. trust me ..i thought this show was 100 times better then sopranos until jimmy died .. now you have no chance .. you fukin morons

  42. Kelsey Smith says:

    Has anyone thought through the entire episode? Has no one seen this as a prelude to season 3? When Jimmy asked Nucky to his house to talk, he plainly stated that it didn’t matter what he said, but maybe there was something he could show him…he asked Nucky how he could help. Obviously that was with killing the witness…but Jimmy asked for something in return. He asked that Nucky kill him. He wanted to make things right, or as right as they could be, and he 1) killed the witness, 2) set up Eli to take the fall for Nucky – plead guilty and serve 1 year before new charges are brought, and 3) provided Nucky with extreme power by letting him kill him – all the while soothing him while he was doing it.

    There are many tell tale signs throughout the episode…he ensures that his father’s will is destroyed, providing his son with security, he gives his dog tags to his son, he tells Richard that “this is something he needed to do alone” when going to the meet, he went to the meet unarmed (come on! Anyone who has just been tipped off of the whereabouts of his wife’s killer and doesn’t bring a gun for revenge), then at the meet the simple line of “of that is what this is?” In response to Manny’s snark about this being Jimmy’s chance for revenge. He knew he was going to die, and he went there to die. He wanted to die at the hands of his psuedo-father and repay him for betraying him. Excellent storyline. Tons of hidden tones and keypoints.

    • Patrick says:

      If you are right, why did Manny need to be there set up to look like they were turning him over? I think Jimmy knew he was going to die, I think he probably wanted to die, but I highly doubt he asked for it.

  43. breana says:

    Very intense episode I understand that jimmy betrayed nucky but seriously jimmy saved nucky from a prison sentence that should make it even

  44. breana says:

    Maybe they will bring back jimmy as a ghost real life story is that al capone was haunted by a ghost of a man he knew while he was incarcerated at eastern state penitentiary and supposedly the ghosts name was jimmy look it up

  45. Grace says:

    My mom works for HBO. She says that the real reason he got fired is because he was difficult on set and that not even the agents wanted to work with him. Don’t believe the crap that says it was all part of the storyline. My mom says the guy was a jerk.

  46. Shroud says:

    I’m really mad at Boardwalk, but of course I’ll keep watching just because I’m involved. I really can’t see how the show will be good though. I’m sad that Jimmy died. It seemed really forced and unnatural to me. I also heard that they’re going to skip forward a year in the next season. WTF! The only redeeming aspect of Jimmy’s death is Harrow going insane in the membrane shooting everyone. Jimmy and Harrow and Nucky are the only ones I can feel anything for. And Jimmy was top o’ the list. Chalky is okay, but not very entertaining.

    Really hating Margret a lot. Want her to die constantly; she is going to pollute the next season with religious garbage. I just want to fast forward through Margret. Maybe Nucky should start beating her. From now on every time time she spends a chunk of an episode talking about divine retribution I want Nucky to jump on top of her and just slap her bloody for an equal measure of time.

    Margret belongs to this class of characters who are designed to be hated. She has no redeeming qualities. She’s horrible and unjustified at every turn. Please stop making me hate her so much.

    Why couldn’t they have killed Eli? I couldn’t care less about him.

  47. Sicily says:

    Maybe everyone who is as upset as me about the stupid writters killing off Jimmy should boycot BE so that next season’s their rates hit the floor.

  48. Lisa Rose says:

    I thought they could not kill Jimmy Darmody, but when I saw Nucky pull the trigger I had to look away. I cried. Seriously I have never been upset over a TV character getting killed off. But killing him killed the show for me! I don’t care how difficult he was to work with they need to somehow bring him back! They could continue the story with Jimmy waking up from a heroin dream sequence were he thought Nucky shot him. Isn’t his character based on somenoe close to the real Nucky Thompson who was addicted to heroin. I would accept heroin Jimmy, mother f*cker Jimmy, crazy gangland Jimmy. But not dead Jimmy. To the person who said if we could write to Terrence Winter I am in I will flood him with emails to bring Jimmy back without him there is no show. I will not be watching next season if he doens’t come back! :(

  49. John says:

    Jimmy dying is a shame but it’s hardly a shock. He has been on the wrong road basically since he split from nucky and everything has been leading up to this. I think it’s more realistic he died. If you think about it for me Jimmy was in total mental agony and could not carry on. He was never going to kill his mum and he could never talk to anyone about these things. He was a tortured soul and wanted the pain to end. It would of been good if he had revenge on Manni and Eli but as often happens in real life the baddies get off scot free. Who knows perhaps nucky will realise later on. In saying that he is hardly innocent himself as are most of the cast. In fact is anyone apart from the children decent haha. I think we should stick with boardwalk and see how it progresses. For me the natural progression would be to move on to the rise of Capone lucky and Meyer once everything with nucky is dealt with. Everything about boardwalk is very good and it seems there are many ways it can go.

  50. james says:

    Same here. Shows over, no need for season 3, it wont be watched.