Why Didn't Gossip Girl Dare to Dair? Is Revenge Hiding a Sibling Secret? And More TV Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows such as Nikita, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Revenge, Bones and Community!

1 | Has frequent Nikita guest star Devon Sawa been promoted yet to series regular? And if not, why?! The guy steals each and every scene he’s in.

2 | Is there a more thankless role on an otherwise superb piece of television than Homeland‘s Mike? Even when they give Diego Klattenhoff something to do (Advise Nick! Persuade Jessica! Dribble a basketball!), they don’t give him anything to do.

3 | Are Boardwalk Empire‘s Gillian and Jimmy the creepiest mother-and-son duo since [suggest names in the comments section]?

4 | Did Kalinda’s pre-Lockhart Gardner alter ego, Leela, spend some time in Britain? How else to explain the increasing presence of Archie Panjabi’s native accent this season on The Good Wife?

5 | Is Colin Hanks the most cartoonish villain in Dexter history?

6 | Does anyone else find themselves screaming at their television every time Chef Faulkner proclaims she is already The Next Iron Chef‘s next Iron Chef?

7 | ABC has promised Vanessa Williams a plum role on a new or existing series as payment for imprisoning her in an increasingly superfluous role during Desperate Housewives‘ final season… right?

8 | Which line of Castle fans do you think would be longer: Those volunteering to be handcuffed to Nathan Fillion, or to Stana Katic?

9 | Forget who the mother is! What is going on with Robin’s clothes on How I Met Your Mother? Thank goodness for her black dress this week because the blouse/trousers at the beginning of the episode were dreadful.

10 | Dear Gossip Girl: Couldn’t we have had at least a little Dan/Blair romance before the inevitable Chuck/Blair reunion?

11 | Why are more people not watching (and obsessing over) HBO’s hilarious and transcendent Enlightened?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ana muller says:

    I’m glad Gossip Girl stopped trying to push Dair down everyone’s throat. I was hoping they kept it that way, but they probably won’t since sites like TVline keep bringing it up.

  2. Al says:

    seriously Robin’s clothes lately have been horrible!

  3. Adam says:

    10. Don’t worry, we will get Dair! :) The buildup is huge, the result will be awesome :)

    • kelly says:

      OMG, DB are terrible. Just keep going in the Chuck and Blair direction. Blair with Brooklyn? GROSS!

    • Naomi says:

      You really think so? I was hoping that would be the case! Blair still has no idea he has feelings for her so that could definitely change something…I can’t wait! Awesome definitely seems to be the word for it.

      • kelly says:

        No, Blair clearly chose Chuck and when she isn’t even thinking of Dan as an option that screams she loves Chuck. Not gross Brooklyn Dan. I really don’t get some fans. I think they watch another show or make things up in their heads.

    • Steph says:

      We’ll see it soon! They’re too good a pairing to not explore!

  4. Kate says:

    I am ABSOLUTELY on board with making Devon Sawa a regular on Nikita. Owen’s a fantastic character. Maybe he’ll get added if Nikita gets enough viewers to get a third season. It’s certainly no guarantee with the current ratings. The move to Friday may have been a deadly one.

    I’m with you on the Dan/Blair thing, too. The end game will always be Chuck/Blair, and I love them, but watching Dan and Blair struggle to make something work would’ve been fun for a little while.

    As far as your Castle question, Nathan Fillion would win by a landslide. Stana Katic is lovely, but Captain Tight Pants would carry the day for sure.

  5. Camille says:

    Nice to see the same Chair commenters are still out in full force. If you weren’t threatened by Dair you wouldn’t feel the need to comment on every single article about them. I don’t comment on pro-Chair articles because I DON’T CARE. Lol. Maybe you should do the same?

    • Diane says:

      News flash: there are blogs and twitter accounts dedicated to stalking and trashing Chair and its fans. Sending messages and tweets to CB shippers who are just minding their own business. Comments are one thing but creating online identities and graphics about the things you hate? Look who’s actually threatened and pathetic now.

    • Lisa says:

      SCAB people have nothing better to do bb ;)

  6. GG lover says:

    Umm ok. Once the show threw Chuck under the bus by have him do terrible things, isolated Blair from the original cast, all for the purpose to prop up Dan and Dair, ratings took a dive. These are facts. Majority of fans are CHAIR supporters and they are fleeing in big #s. Lowest rated episode in GG history was Dan related with full on Dair kiss. Nobody cares.

    • LOL says:

      Do you watch the show? Chuck tried to rape 2 girls in the pilot? That wasn’t a hint that he’d do terrible things in other episodes? LOL.

    • Camille says:

      Lol no, the facts are that the general audience does not really care about ships and that will go with whatever ship the show is promoting at the moment.

      Oh yay, the baseless ratings argument. I’ll play along with you. Based on your point, the last 2 episodes of GG should’ve gotten 2 or 3 million more viewers with those Chair promos. Hmm, wonder why that wasn’t the case…

      • Sally says:

        You should really look into sample groups and demos if you really think people in the general audience don’t care about ships and couples. People do care about the, only when they don’t like whats happening to their couples or other options happening, they change the channel, and its really hard to get the audience back once the have.

        Obvious its what happened in mid S4 when there was the huge drop off. You don’t get those people back because they are invested in other shows, but the trending twitter subjects are a good indication of what the fan base wants. You should learn about TV trends before making blanket statements.

      • Lauren says:


  7. Sara says:

    I love Dair. I used to ship Dan and Serena but Blair and Dan have chemistry that is fun. Do I think they will be anything more than a blip on the show? No, I don’t. It could not be more clear that Chair is endgame. I’m just enjoying the Dair while we have it. I don’t understand why everyone has to get upset with one another. People like what they like. I personally find Dan to be the most interesting and best looking male character. I know that there are MANY who would completely disagree with me on that. But that’s how I feel. My two cents wrapped up in a much too long paragraph.

    • LOL says:

      For real. I don’t get why they are so angry. Dan and Blair are not even an obstacle for Chuck and Blair right now and if you hear them talk about it, they never will be so why the constant anger and angst?

  8. DrewH says:

    I have a question. What’s up with splitting your questions in two pages? It’s annoying and pointless.

  9. Slappy Jones says:

    I really hope the all television writers and show runners base their story lines on what trends on twitter. That sounds like a great idea.
    (just to make sure you get it yes that is sarcasm)
    But I hope Blair and Chuck get back together and the show and we get to follow their ups and downs as a couple. We haven’t seen that yet. (see bracketed information above)

  10. Isaac says:

    I’m a long time GG fan, and a 34 yo male. Truthfully, the whole show has become somewhat boring. It’s all about Blair, and Chair, and Dair, and WHO CARES?! Ever since the focus pulled to Blair and Chuck, and away from Serena and Blair, the show hasn’t been the same. I continue to watch because I’m invested, but the whole Chair/Dair internet fanwar is tedious, trite, immature, and a waste of time. I wish the writers would make up their minds and put Blair either by herself or choose Chuck or Dan, and MOVE ON.

  11. GG lover says:

    GG is not a quality show that relies on coherent storylines or character development but rather a huge sex circle of different “ships” so yes people who watch it have nothing else to argue or discuss about. Sad, I know.

  12. lisa says:

    I don’t even watch Gossip Girl anymore but if I had to choose by the youtubes scenes I looked up yesterday I’D say Dan and Blair is where it’s at .They seem written well and have great chemistry I’ll watch when the show comes back just for them.The whole CB thing never attracted me ,it was too over the top and corny to me that’s why I stopped watching there was no coupe for me to root for since Nate and Jenny in S2 lol.

    • jenkins says:

      LOL! You stopped watching but you want Dair. That’s hilarious and proves the point- DB fans only watch DB scenes, therefore are not seeing the story is Chuck adn Blair. God, you guys are delusional as hell.

  13. Laura hertel. says:

    #8 I would go for Stana Katic, because she is my inspiration! I want to be a cop like she plays in #Castle. & because she is so beautiful & talented!

  14. GG lover says:

    Newsflash! Ed was cast as a VILLAIN! Do you know what that is? Google it. Audience loved his chemistry with Leighton who is also a VILLAIN so he became major character. They both evolved thrughout the show. Dan hasnt. Same ol boring judgmental Dan.

  15. Jane says:

    Dair, yes. Nobody likes Chair beside Chair fans. It’s just gross and boring.

    • Eddie says:

      OMG that logic, nobody likes Chair but their fans? Well, DUH! Just like only Dair fans want Dair. LMAO Too bad for you that Chair fans outnumber Dair.

    • diane says:

      it’s that kind of brilliant logic that makes DB fans so superior, they really are smarter than the rest of us aren’t they?

  16. Eddie says:

    #10 – Because despite of what the Dair fans want, the majority of the audience is invested in Chuck and Blair’s story. The casual viewers were the ones who made them trend wordlwide on the last episode and because no one is forced to reciprocate someone else’s feelings! If that was a rule or something I would’ve dated a 17 y/o who was after me when I was 22!

    • Lisa says:

      I don’t get this argument. So you’re saying that writers shouldn’t be allowed to use their creative license, because it might upset a few viewers? Better take the chance and try something new, rather than live in mediocrity, which, if we’re being honest, Gossip Girl has been displaying in spades for the last few seasons.

      • sandy says:

        how exactly is making random characters suddenly have romantic feelings for each other would be something new for this show? It’s all they ever do!

  17. anja says:

    the only two people that aren’t related and still hadn’t dated/slept together on GG are Blair and Dan. please, leave it that way.

  18. GG lover says:

    Dair pimping pushed them away and they never came back. Audience knows when ita being manipulated. Chair moments in S5 were almost non-existent, like throwing a bone to a dog. And ratings deal is not baseless. Look at episode for Dans book and his kiss with her. Lowest in HISTORY.

  19. LoveIsAllAroundYou says:

    #16… I think Charlotte in reality is Amanda/Emily’s sister!! She wasn’t born when Victoria had that affair with Amanda’s dad… the only thing that is not fitting is why Victoria ‘doesn’t love’ her own daughter!!

    #19… yes he is!! Plus there aren’t a lot of kids/toddlers on TV!!We don’t see enough of Clara (Chuck) to judge her cuteness!!

  20. Kimmie says:

    I don’t even know why people like Chuck Bass. He’s so ugly and the actor looks like an old man with a beer belly and a receding hairline. Dan on the other hand is on the skinny side but very cute :D

  21. Stella says:

    Sadly we are probably getting some Dan and Blair in the second half becauae TVLine shills for the writers. But it won’t be what their fans want. Not even close. I just hope GG gets a Season 6 because this is sure to kill an already very weak show. It’s amazing how hard they’ve tried to shove St Dan and Dan/Blair down our throats and hurt Chuck and Chuck/Chair. But the writers are determined to live out their creative “vision.” They knew no one wanted Chuck to sleep with Jenny but they still did it anyway. Meh. The only winners once all of this is said and done with be sites like TVLine that have exploited this crap for site hits. Dair fans will be disappointed. Chair fans will be frustrated by another obstacle. The ratings will decline more. The online buzz will die off since the mot invested onlners are Chair fans. The writers will have the dishonor of being remembered for ruining their show’s breakthrough iconic couple and character to promote a cliche character and couple. Whoever was the genius that thought the show should devote so many seasons to this crap should be fired.

    • Camille says:

      Ha, sorry, but the iconic couple is already ruined. So people should really just stop living in the past and move on.

      And do you have a crystal ball or something that allows you to see exactly what’s going to happen? Probably the same one who said that Blair was having Chuck’s baby, right?

      • jenkins says:

        Oh, honey, Chuck and blair are endgame or what show are you watching. You anon jokers are seriously delusional.

        “i’ve only ever wanted you” Blair Waldorf to Chuck Bass.

      • Sally says:

        They are so ruined that they trend world wide and make lists of top moments in TV, and get excellent reviews. Yeah…another logic fail.

      • Stella says:

        I don’t know what exactly will happen on Gossip Girl but there was no need to have Chuck and Blair have yet another reunion, Chuck grow so much as a character and become the man Blair needs him to be (he was more rootworthy in S5 than even St Dan), Blair declare Chuck is the one she really wants and loves UNLESS the writers wanted to signal that Chuck and Blair is still the root for love story. So that’s why I’m so certain Dan and Blair fans will be disappointed with what they get in the second half. So many of them are invested in the idea Dan and Blair are the true root for love story and that Chuck will be regressed again or start dating Chivy, or even better killed off, etc. I think it’s pretty clear Chuck and Blair are going to get another huge obstacle that gives the writers wiggle room to play with Dan and Blair soon while still protecting Chuck and Blair as one another’s one and only.

        As for Chuck and Chair already being ruined. It’s truly incredible how popular both remain given what has been done to both. Chuck and Blair are still the most popular couple and Chuck the most popular and iconic male character. All the attempts by TVLine, TBrick, etc to shill Dan and Dair won’t change that. They tried and failed.

        • MSC says:

          :shrug: They al tried to push DB last year and it only killed the ratings. That’s why this year there are more positive Chuck and Blair articles than ever before.

      • leigh says:

        Camille is making me laugh with her stupidity. Sorry, I try to be nice to people who are crazy but this one takes the cake.

  22. Jacob says:

    Yeah, #17 bugged me too. Obviously, the card was a fake and Phil was an idiot for buying it in that condition.

    Also, I’d be shocked if Charlotte and Emily aren’t sisters. It makes perfect sense.

  23. Gg lover says:

    Yes because everyone should think and like the things you personally love and do.

  24. JJ says:

    The only people who care about Dair are the three losers responding to their own comments on this article, and maybe you, Matt. Dair is dead, deal with it.

  25. philana L3naP says:

    Comment #1 -obviously pointed as number one mind boggling question for tv veiwers …. Yes Devon does steal the show and theres already two girls headling the show with a sidekick ms clarke …. Why can we have two leading males with sidekick computer nerd. Makes the show very leveled.

  26. MSC says:

    I just think it’s funny DB fans have to insult Chuck and Blair or Chuck and his fans to pretend they have a case for Dan and Blair. Blair has always and will always love and want Chuck. No matter obstacles Chuck and Blair will get back together.

  27. Katy says:

    In response to #16 about Emily and Nolan being half-siblings. I never really thought about it, I kind of see it now. However, something that I’ve been thinking of since, the first couple episodes of the show. I actually think Emily and Charlotte may be half-sisters. Victoria had a relationship with Emily’s father and the timing seems about right.

  28. Ed says:

    Love Vanessa Williams, and she has been great on DH. HOWEVER It was like they moved the exact same character from Ugly Betty to DH only changed her name.

  29. Tanya says:

    Okay I must admit, that I’m a hardcore CB shipper and don’t like Dair at all.. but the thing I can’t get – why is the show all about Chair&Dair? C’mon!! We have Serena and Nate!! Why can’t you give us sth on them??? I know, that CB/DB are most discussing things in show, but I miss Serenate!

  30. Gg lover says:

    Maybe now but he was cast as a VILLAIN.

  31. Tanya says:

    same Serena. Believe me, I ship CB very-very-very hard. Harder than any couple evar. but I miss good storylines!! Okay, Serena grew up this season! So she deserve a storyline not connected with boys!

  32. Kim says:

    Yes for #15! That was so sad, watching Annie’s face when Auggie said he wanted someone else. He usually picks up on her emotions, so I was a little surprised when he couldn’t tell she was upset. It was a little jarring when she realized she had feelings for Auggie, but I don’t think she has even really thought it all out yet. Auggie doesn’t seem to have concsiously thought about it yet, but there have been moments. I hope they get together in the end, they are very sweet and cute together.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    We didn’t have Dan and Blair romance, because Blair doesn’t think of him that way. Dan needs a copy of She’s Just Not That Into You, stat.

  34. Lisa says:

    No thanks to any Dair. That is the fastest way to get me to stop watching GG. I find them so boring, give me the worldwide trending couple Chuck and Blair any day.

  35. Elin says:

    #10: Stana. Nathan may have a few male fans but I haven’t met a girl yet who doesn’t have a girlcrush on her :P

  36. Kikki says:

    I’ve been wondering for awhile if Revenge’s Emily and CHARLOTTE are half siblings…the timing seems to fit, and it would explain a lot about Victoria’s sometimes weird behavior to her daughter…

  37. em says:

    8: I don’t think most fans would mind either Nathan or Stana ;)

    9: I’ve been thinking the exact thing. Robin’s clothes weren’t great before, but it’s like with Lily’s pregnancy, the wardrobe team is making them share clothes or something.

    10: They were probably testing the waters last year, and when such a big uproar over Dair happened, the writers held off on a real romance. Depending on the number of seasons GG gets, I think Dair will happen though. I just can’t foresee the writers having actual stable relationships on the show. Maybe Blair gets amnesia this time. LOL.

  38. meg says:

    Dan and Blair <3 I still believe, tvline!

  39. Margaret says:

    No to Nolan and Emily – they have too much chemistry. So adore Gabriel Mann.

  40. Sami says:

    8# DEF Nathon Fillion!!!

  41. po_coya says:

    wow! dair and chair bashings are starting to get ridiculous, not to mention crazy. c’mon guys grow up.

    however, i am so tired of people so focused on their ships that they forgotten what the show is about. GG is about UES , not chair or dair. i think the decline on ratings is because the writers failed to maintain the whole essence of the show, i am not sure because of the demands and pressures of the viewers that they lost track of it. but since s3 it went downhill, it felt they have ruined the dynamics of the relationships of the characters on the show – and is beyond repair.

    tbh, i only started watching d show again because of the DB storyline, i found it refreshing. however i want d gg writers to create and focus on an interesting story and find a way for d viewers to appreciate it, not d other way around, the situation now is viewers are dictating / influencing what d outcome of d show should be, and it has become confusing.

  42. Alberto says:

    “Has frequent Nikita guest star Devon Sawa been promoted yet to series regular? And if not, why?! The guy steals each and every scene he’s in.”

    That would be amazing… I love him!!

  43. joe says:

    loved Vanessa Williams On Ugly Betty ,Was Thrilled that she was going to pop up on D.H. but they have wasted her since she has been on

  44. Sims says:

    DAIR! Man I wish with every tv fibre of my being that Gossip Girl would let these two hook up. So so so so much better than Chuck and Blair.

  45. MD says:

    As someone who has been suffering thru GG’s drawn out romantic relationships, I thank them for NOT doing Dan/Blair and hope they never do. I care about several relationships on GG: Chuck/Blair, Chuck/Nate, Nate/Serena, Blair/Nate and several others. One of the most important ones is Serena/Blair. If Dan/Blair ever go romantic, it would destroy Serena/Blair and that is not worth it to me.

  46. anonymous says:

    #16 – Nolan and Emily as siblings? No, I’m thinking Emily and Charlotte as half siblings. The age difference makes sense, and it would explain why Victoria and her have so many problems (Charlotte reminds Victoria of what she did to David). Further, what other explanation is there for such a meaningless character like Charlotte getting so much screen time?

  47. Nina says:

    I’m sure the line for Nathan would be longer (simply because his fans tend to fangirl a lot more), though personally I’d prefer being handcuffed to Stana. ;)

    But I also think I’d be having the time of my life being handcuffed to both of them for a day (I do have TWO hands, so why decide? :) ), because they seem to be really fun to be with. :)

  48. Audrey says:

    #1 – Devon Sawa is amazing. I would like an answer for your WHY too! WHY?!

    #8 – I’m pretty sure Nathan’s line would be longer since he has a huge cult followers, plus the show attracts female viewers more than males viewers. With that said, and the fact that I’m a straight girl, I wouldn’t mind being handcuffed to Stana though (maybe because she’s as awesome and it’ll be least likely that I’d be trampled by other crazy fangirls in Nathan’s line?)

  49. rachel says:

    Devon sawa on any show would be great

  50. Karissa says:

    Yeah but you know that secretly inside you’re rooting for her. She keeps busting out kitchen magic. Although I’d like to see Z and C battle it out in kitchen stadium.