How I Met Your Mother Recap: Baby Steps

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s How I Met Your Mother, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

After a shocking pregnancy reveal in the last episode, Monday’s How I Met Your Mother took Robin on yet another surprising journey. Is she really pregnant? Who might the father be? And what does it mean for Robin and Barney? Here’s what we learned in this week’s installment.

NO HANKY PANKY | Despite having been together for some time now, Robin revealed that Kevin (Kal Penn) could not be the baby daddy since they’ve never slept together. It was a surprising admission that said a lot about Robin’s feelings for her current boyfriend. Is she taking it slow because she really cares for him? Or is there something underneath the surface holding her back?

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PAPA STINSON | After learning that he was definitely the father of Robin’s maybe baby, Barney was ecstatic. “That’s wonderful!” he exclaimed. “I’m going to be a daddy!” Robin was so shocked that she fainted. We can’t blame her – Barney’s had one heck of an evolution. While he now wants a family, Robin maintains that she never has and never will want kids. Her staunchness on this matter was nice since it’s the very thing that set her apart in the pilot and eventually led to her breakup with Ted. Lily’s horrific stories of nipple cream and vagina numbing spray certainly didn’t do anything to sway Robin’s mind. In fact, the horrors of the We B Babies store and seeing his old bro as a slobby, stressed out dad actually moved Barney into the, “No baby!” camp, too.

NO BABY…EVER | Robin got her wish when her baby doc – the same one that treats Lily! – informed her that she’s not pregnant. Robin was as happy as Barney initially was at the prospect of being a daddy. That is, until the doctor dropped another bomb on her – she can never have kids. Although that should be fine for someone who doesn’t want them anyway, Robin was upset. The option to one day change her mind was taken away from her. Not helping matters, the little kids at We B Babies were now looking awfully cute and appealing. A sense of sadness enveloped her even as she told her imaginary daughter and son — Robin took over for Future Ted this week — “I’m glad you guys aren’t real. Really glad.” Ted, meanwhile, made a sweetly elaborate attempt to cheer her up with a kickin’ Christmas lights display set to ACDC.

So at the end of the day, Robin isn’t pregnant – and never will be – but she will be a world traveler, a business woman and, most importantly, she’ll never be alone, future Ted tells us. And no one, not even Barney, knows the truth about what’s really bothering Robin. And Kevin and Robin? Still together although we never even saw him or his reaction to Robin’s mood swings in the episode. There also didn’t seem to be a reconciliation in sight for Barney and Robin even when she thought she was expecting. In fact, Robin reminded Barney that she couldn’t have his baby right now because she has a boyfriend.

HIMYM fans, what’d you think of the pregnancy bait-and-switch? Did it feel right for the character or were you hoping for some little Barnacles? And what do you think it means for Barney and Robin’s on- and off-again romance?

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  1. jay says:

    I thought it a nail in the coffin for Barney/Robin, as she never wanted kids, and dosent have them according to futureTed and Barney would very much like to be a Dad.

    Great episode though.

    • Denise says:

      I agree! I feel like this was the episode that says Robin and Barney are not meant to be.

      • John says:

        I disagree. I think Barney and Robin will end up together, although it may be a wedding day bait and switch. Additionally, I think they will have kids – by adopting. There is also a decent chance that Robin and Barney both end up with someone else out there in the land of HIMYM, but I think them ending up together, and adopting, is more likely. I think there is a small chance that they end up with Barny’s brother’s kid(s) if there is another ‘Marshall Dad’ level tragedy coming up.

    • Katie Hart says:

      I didn’t think it was a nail in the coffin for Barney/Robin, though it was mean to get my hopes up that they’d end up together, and then shatter them in the end. I think room was left open for Robin to adopt.

      Ugh, if I keep going I’m just going to repeat my own review of the episode!

    • N says:

      I didn’t think it was a nail in the coffin. The fact that robin would imagine up kids and refer to barney as their father I think shows that she has very strong feelings for him. There were 2 after all, not just the one (the hypothetical ‘accident’ child) I hope they’ll end up together. Either that or Robin crashes Barney’s wedding before he marries whoever the bride is…

  2. Jellybeans says:

    I was upset! It made me really sad!!
    It’s ok that she wasn’t preg. now, and even when the Dr. said she could never have kids, I was hoping that one day they would find a way…
    But when we found out those kids were imaginary… I felt cheated!
    I wish it wasn’t so.

    • Andi says:

      yeah, but the story wasn’t told from a point far in the future (sitting on the bench with the eggnog)

      • That is true. They also didn’t specifically say she never had kids at the end, so there is always the possibility of something changing. Maybe Robin does end up with kids in the future, maybe she doesn’t. At any rate, I was mainly just upset that they played on our emotions so much with the framing device, and also that all the articles about this episode pretty much said Robin was for-sure pregnant, when she wasn’t at all.

        • Ann says:

          Well, Future Ted alluded to the fact that Robin never has kids. He said, “Robin never became a ‘pole vaulter'” which I understood to be a euphemism for she never had kids….I don’t know. I guess that line can be interpreted differently.

          • Oh yeah, I know they were definitely implying that, but I think they left it vague on purpose so as not to totally close the door on that possibility.

          • Becca says:

            I thought the whole episode was very interesting in regards to whether or not she does eventually have kids. I felt like the “point-of-view” of the episode was not far in the future (there was no date with the kids at the beginning right?) but rather her sitting on the bench with the egg nog, which left me feeling like she could have kids. The ending was also interesting, Ted’s voice over use of “pole vaulter” could imply that she never had kids, but I also thought that the closing line, which was something like…’but one thing your Aunt Robin never was’ would have ended with ‘mom’ but instead it was ‘never alone’ It was classic HIMYM confusion.

          • Brooke says:

            It was classic confusion, but it WAS also a really sweet line. I liked that Ted had her back and made sure we all knew that being infertile and/or not having kids doesn’t mean lonliness. It’s definitely a marked difference compared to the way a lot of people treat child-free/child-less people.

          • cj says:

            but since robin never actually told anybody in the episode that she couldnt have kids and used Pole Vaulting as her own personal metaphor, this leads me to wonder if ted was LITERALLY talking about pole vaulting. he listed all these things that robin got to do that were job related since she never became a pole vaulter – and i hope nobody here is ignorant enough to assume that robin couldn’t do all those things if she did have children, so i think its purposefully left open ended. was ted literally referring to pole vaulting, or at this future date in which he’s telling his children this story does he know what pole vaulting really meant? we’ll never know! or maybe just not for a few seasons.

          • Rachel says:

            I don’t think that “pole-vaulting” necessarily means she doesn’t have kids. ted never found out what Robin was sad about, so the only explanation he could give, was the one she gave.

            None of the friends ever knew what the whole mess was really about. The imagined kids weren’t imagined in the future, but on her sad walk in the park in the present, so that doesn’t mean anything.

            In my opinion, this is just one of these typical fake plays typical gor HIMYM, that will wind up twisting into something completely different than we expect. Patience is key.

            Otherwise, I loved the episode. Great acting and the right mixture of goofy and dramatic. Loved the scene in the end with Ted and Robin.

          • Brooke says:

            She didn’t tell them during this episode, but do you really think that narrator-Ted from decades in the future doesn’t know?

          • Dina says:

            Don’t forget, though, at the end of the episode, when Robin is sitting by herself in the park, she starts crying and says that she’s “happy that they don’t really exist”.
            Robin’s whole narration was supposed to be in her mind; she was imagining it and the kids.

          • Hoss says:

            well she also mentioned she was never a mum as well

        • Jonathan says:

          Yep, that was some seriously cheap storytelling, what a waste of two weeks. And the otherwise awesome AC/DC Christmas lights were ruined because of it. Hell, I was worried Ted and Robin were going to kiss (again) at the end. Yeesh. They lost a lot of goodwill with me on this one.

    • DL says:

      I completely agree with you, Jellybeans! I thought that having her pull a Ted by talking to her future children was a bit unfair, when they planned to pull the rug out from under us.

      The whole episode was so kid-centric that despite all her future accomplishments, the fact that she never gets to be a “pole-vaulter” made her prospects feel a little empty to me. Also, referring to Barney as the imaginary kids’ dad the whole time added insult to injury.

      And was it just me, or did the girl they found to play her imaginary daughter really look like she could be her daughter? That was great casting, which made me all the more disappointed that I’ll never see Robin’s kids again.

      • Stacey says:

        I feel like this show is an emotional melodrama. They tricked us in believing that Robin and Barney wind up together and have kids. The episode was horrible. They totally played with our emotions. Robin and Barney are great together, and should be together.

        • Haley says:

          Although the thing that sticks out to me is that in Robin’s imaginary children were Barney’s children, even though she’s with Kevin, which tells me that when she thinks of the future, she unconciously goes straight to Barney.

    • guest says:

      I had the same reaction.Well, here’s for hoping.

  3. Gaby says:

    Maybe this episode just made me cranky but this “recap” was horrible and left out so much!

    On another note, I think I’m officially giving up on a show for the first time. This to me is a big deal as I never thought I would do so… I put with Ghost Denny on Grey’s, Hannah on Bones, etc but everything about this episode was just too much.

  4. Asha says:

    I didn’t believe that Robin was pregnant but then I read a spoiler on this very site that said she was for sure pregnant. So mostly I feel betrayed by TVline.

    • Kristina says:

      I know which article you’re talking about, and I’m pretty sure it was a quote from Craig or Carter that said that. So I’m keeping my indignantion directed at them.

    • rachelleet says:

      Yup, I toats remember that article. But then I read some article from Cobie yesterday basically saying that a past episode has eluded to her never having kids. So, I was confused going into last night’s episode. I feel as though these past two episodes were almost a waste, HOWEVER, I still believe HIMYM is better watched in DVD form (one episode right after another) rather than on a weekly basis. The ingenuity of the show is more apparent.

      • Tuffie L'Rue says:

        I agree with you. I find the with some shows like HIMYM and Dexter, i like them so much more if I watch them back to back to back instead of one episode at a time.

    • Gabi says:

      me too!!

  5. Stephanie says:

    I was so sad. I was loving that they were telling us about the future with Robin and Barney! Then they just took it all away… It left me feeling sad.

    • Exactly. I could have handled just about anything else the episode threw at us if that narration with Future!Robin and her kids had been real. Then I would have felt like we had a light at the end of the tunnel for Barney and Robin.

  6. lau says:

    i feel sorry for them…i would love some barney and robin babys…i like this show but i think that its should end already…

  7. Rich says:

    Wonderful episode. Too bad that she can’t have kids of her own, but that doesn’t preclude her from adopting at some point.

  8. ... says:

    I thought this episode was great. This show is not always a comedy, it’s about life; sometimes it’s realistic and sometimes it’s not. This Robin part was more realistic. Sometimes people can’t have kids, biologically. Also, she was talking to the “kids” at the present time… it doesn’t mean she can’t have kids in other ways later. But even if she never does, some people never have kids and that’s okay. It also doesn’t mean she can’t be with Barney later either. I love when this show goes from funny to serious, I think it’s what makes it great.

    • Ron says:

      There is another way for them to have kids. How old is future Ted? Not that old. He only knows what has happened up to that point. At the end of the series when he says and that’s how I met your mother she can walk in and say I’m pregnant or we’ve adopted etc.

      • Ann says:

        Future Ted is speaking from the year 2030 or so…which makes Robin in her mid-40s or so. I doube that she’d have a kid after that point in life…but hey, you never know!

        • Asha says:

          They are in their 30s now. I believe there was an episode (the one after Robin and Barney slept together for the first time) that showed how they each celebrated their 30th. I think that was season 3 so they are mid-30s now, so in 2030 Robin will be over 50. I’m doubting she is going to decide in her 50’s that she wants a kid. She’s not Diane Keaton. Although, they have been taking a page out of the Keaton style handbook lately.

      • Although it’s implied she never has kids, future Ted never specifically said that. The door is still open on that possibility, if only a crack. And Robin’s narration about the kids not being real is in present time, so she doesn’t know what will happen in her future.

        • Toni says:

          I agree. I took “pole vaulting” as her getting pregnant and that she is not able to have kids on her own accord but by no means does that mean that she can’t be a mother or won’t be. Barney’s brother has two adopted children now and could give them pointers and advice. (If they do end up together.)

  9. Will Benson says:

    Um…I don’t think Ted ever mentioned her NOT ever having kids. In fact I noticed they danced around that quite well with Sagets last monologue. I can see them “fixing” this later.

    • Troula says:

      I’m with you. He talked about pole vaulting. Not about kids, cause Robin didn’t tell them. My guess is that this is just a writers trick, so that we will have a future suprise.

      • Agreed. Although it pretty heavily implies that she never had kids, it’s not specifically stated, and left vague on purpose. There’s always the change for her to actually have a kid/adopt and not contradict anything.

    • Dee says:

      I agree – he says she’ll never get pregnant but not that she won’t have kids. Big difference!

  10. Heather says:

    Loved this episode. It handled the issue of infertility and all the emotions that brings very realistically. Just because Robin never wanted kids doesn’t mean that isn’t a huge loss for her. That moment with Robin and Ted at the end was perfect. It makes perfect sense for Ted to be there for her, not Barney.

  11. wendie says:

    This episode made me sad. What bothered me more than the not having kids was the whole marshall story – that was beyond ridiculous!
    But the whole idea of the option being taken away from Robin and the children then being imaginary was a very sad Christmas episode

  12. Heather says:

    Meant to add I liked that they went on to describe Robin’s life as one full of accomplishments, adventures and that she wasn’t alone. Her life is fulfilling without children. I think they did say definitively that she never has kids by saying she never became a pole-vaulter ie a mother.

  13. Stacey says:

    I hated this episode!! The teasing about Robin and Barney, Robin being pregnant, and then not. Then finding out she can’t have kids. At the beginning it showed Robin talking to her own kids, and Barney being the father. Then poof, imaginary kids, and no Barney. This episode brought me to tears, because I can’t have kids. So, I suggest tread carefully on the baby issues, and infertility. Why don’t you just get on with it already and tell us who the mother is?

    • guest says:

      But because some people can’t have kids is not a reason to not discuss the topic. And it was discussed well. If you just want to know who the mother is,stop watching, wait until the series is over and download the last episode.

      • Stacey says:

        The plot of Robin not having kids was horrible. The show makes you believe she has kids, Barney’s the father, and then it was summed up to be imaginary. The kids disappear, and Robin’s alone on the park bench. The episode should have completely played out differently. Yeah, I agree the topic of not having kids, can have some role in TV shows, but to a certain degree and carefully. Plus it was not discussed well at all. Robin goes to the doc for a pregnancy test, and later finds out she can’t have kids. That’s completely unrealistic. this is supposed to be a comedy, that’s what TV shows are for.

    • Brooke says:

      Hey, I can’t have kids either (age 28 here). And I thought this episode was poignant and hit the nail on the head about the emotions Robin went through. How often does a comedy tackle this issue? And Ted’s words to her were sweet and I love that he pointed out Robin’s life was fulfilling and that she was never alone despite the infertility. I think they treaded carefully and that they nailed it.

      • Stacey says:

        Really? You thought they treaded carefully, by tricking us? It was ridiculous.

        • Brooke says:

          I’m not sure what your issue is, Stacey. What does “tricking” have to do with anything? They showed Robin having understandable emotions that I could identify with, and they showed her friends (especially Ted) having her back and showed that she had a fulfilling life regardless. What is the problem? There was sadness and sweetness all at once, just like Robin’s own feelings.

          • Stacey says:

            First of all, a woman does not go into a doctor’s office to test for pregnancy, and then find out she can’t have any kids. That’s entirely unrealistic, and the episode didn’t explain why she couldn’t have kids. What upset me was they portrayed at the beginning of the show that she and Barney had two kids together, and at the end of the show the kids disappear. It’s the way the show played out that bothered me. I am still pretty sensitive about not being able to have kids, so I’m pretty careful in what I watch. I had a hysterectomy at 27, I’m now 33 and married, but with no children, except for our kitties and puppies.

  14. Andrew says:

    I do feel a bit betrayed by this episode. Most people don’t like for a story to be set up and then find out it was all a fantasy after 20 minutes. That was annoying. But I have to give credit to the writers for picking up the pieces by saying she has a successful life without children. It ended well, and cleared the stage for Barney to find someone who will one day want kids. I’m afraid I’ll have to jump from Robin/Barney ship to Barney/Quinn now. This show is so intense. But I try to keep in mind that it’s mainly about Ted finding his future wife in the midst of all the other characters, so I will stay faithful to the show.

  15. I was pretty upset by this one. It was extremely emotionally manipulative of the storytelling to frame the entire episode with Robin talking to her and Barney’s kids, and then have it all have been a fantasy she imagined up while sitting on a park bench alone. If they wanted to go the wistful route, they should have included a brief “What If” scene for Robin, and not lead us all to believe for the entire episode that there’s some sort of light at the end of the tunnel for Barney and Robin. And while it’s sweet that Ted comforted her at the end, it would have made so much more sense if Barney had sought her out and made her feel better. He’s the only one who even has the slightest idea of what might be wrong, and the fact that he’s not a part of this episode’s conclusion kind of takes all the B/R buildup from the past few episodes and has it fall flat. Also, nothing about this redeemed Robin from the way she’s been acting. Even in this episode, Barney is being sweet, indicating he wants them to be together, and she just brushes him off. Why has she so suddenly changed her mind about him? And the ending narration by Future!Ted does heavily imply Robin never has kids, it’s never specifically stated, and left vague on purpose. She could always end up with a suprise pregnancy later on. But as for right now, this episode was disappointing for me a lot of levels, and the fantasy children device left a bad taste in my mouth.

  16. Steph says:

    This episode depressed the CRAP outta me.
    Despite that, this episode was really well done. The holidays aren’t always FALALALALA happy, ya know.
    And perhaps Robin and Barney will still end up together. But instead of kids they’ll have bottles of scotch and boxes of Cubans.
    Do you think Dr. Sonia will spill the beans when she sees Lily? Perhaps when Lily is in labor and Robin shows up at the hospital, Sonia will be all like “Hey Lily! You’re friends with the lady who can’t have babies!” “Whaaat!”

    • Percysowner says:

      If she did she would be breaking medical confidentiality and Federal law (HIPAA) so I hope not. This is Robin’s decision to tell or not to tell and the doctor would be terrible if she mentioned it to anyone.

    • Liz says:

      Despite the fact that this is LALAland (TV) and not real life… doing so would be a MAJOR violation of ethics. That is a totally legitimate reason for suing a doctor (and there aren’t many, by the way).

      Seeing as the show actually has SOME basis in reality, Dr. Sonia isn’t going to “spill the beans.”

    • America Sorola says:

      can you please tell me what episode what is it and from what season? thanks

  17. Katy (France) says:

    Anyone notice that the boy who broke into Marshall & Lily’s house was ‘eating a sandwich’ !!! Great joke for fans!!

  18. Kate says:

    Although this episode completely devastated me, I have to give credit for the way the writers held such an emotional subject. This show has always explored some dark corners of life, such as the death of Marshall’s father last season, so it makes sense for them to go into the possibility of not having children. Having this whole pregnancy scare happen with Barney and not Kevin gave me faith that the writers know exactly where the show is heading and that there is a plan for all the characters. Also, since their breakup, we have really seen Ted and Robin grow into being great friends for each other and I think it is perfect that he was there for her. Overall I think it was a beautiful episode, partly because it made me sad, angry, and hopeful at the same time.

  19. Kat says:

    Although I was kind of bummed that the kids weren’t real, the couch they were sitting on was definitely Barney’s because the Storm Trooper was in the background when the kids disappear. I’d like to think that this still means that she ends up with Barney.

  20. Ella says:

    I thought the imaginary kids twist was rather stupid to be honest.

  21. Shauna says:

    Am I the only one who noticed Robin said, “And your father would bend over backwards, trying to make me laugh.” as it cut to Barney’s joke? Is that a spoiler or is it as fake as the children?

    • Pretty sure all her narration to the kids was imaginary, since she was making up the scenario in the present while sitting on a park bench. It’s a little telling that she imagines her future kids with Barney as their dad, though, they don’t really ever get into that.

  22. Emma says:

    Am I the only one that saw the imaginary kids twist coming? I wasn’t upset about it happening because I knew it was going to happen from the beginning of the episode. They weren’t going to reveal that Barney and Robin get married and have kids this early on.

    • Toni says:

      Emma, you aren’t alone. I told my husband at the beginning of the episode when they were introduced that I had a feeling they weren’t real.

  23. Jen says:

    I felt really cheated. Showing us the kids Ted Style was different. Then to have them vanish was very heartwrenching. And the finality of it all. Why can she not have kids? That was never disclosed. I didn’t like the sadness of the episode. I do like some of the serious moments on this show but it has been very serious lately. I hope that something changes for Robin and that she can have kids. Again – the vanishing at the end was just terrible.

    • Carm says:

      But she doesn’t want kids. And it was very realistic that she was sad because she couldn’t have any even though she never wanted any. I have never wanted children myself. But it would still be hard if I found out I couldn’t have any. That way the choice is taken away.

    • Stacey says:

      I completely agree with you! This show is a comedy, but it’s been getting more serious. Plus, you’re not going to find out you can’t have kids by going to the doctor for a pregnancy test. It’s much more complicated to find out whether or not you can have kids by so many tests, miscarriages, and surgeries, etc. This episode was greatly disappointing. I do still think Robin and Barney will marry at the end of the season, and am hopeful they have a family one day.

    • Stacey says:

      I completely agree with you! It’s much more complicated to find out whether or not you can have kids by so many tests, miscarriages, and surgeries, etc. This episode was greatly disappointing. I do still think Robin and Barney will marry at the end of the season, and am hopeful they have a family one day.

  24. Kaitlyn says:

    I don’t think the Robin narrating the episode was from 2030 like when Ted does the narration. How come future Ted becomes Bob Saget, but future Robin is still Cobie Smulders?

    • Jonathan says:

      You could see it as a clue since she wasn’t “future Robin,” it was “present Robin” making up a story in her head.

  25. Ellie says:

    Dr. Sonia doesn’t seem like a fabulous doctor. She always tells Lily that she can have whatever she wants – but “Just a leeeetle bit.” Perhaps this will play out later on – she’s misdiagnosed Robin, and we’ll eventually see Robin accidentally conceive later on. I have a couple of close friends who were told it would difficult/impossible to conceive, and both of them ended up accidentally conceiving later on when they decided they no longer needed to bother with any form of birth control if the chances were so slim.

    • I can see them actually going that route on the show. Assuming Barney and Robin get together eventually (I can’t see it going any other way, despite Kevin and Quinn) I can totally see them accidentally getting pregnant later on. And since we all “know” she can’t have kids, it’ll be a big twist. Future Ted could have easily said “She never became a mother,” but he didn’t. The writers usually choose their words carefully, and they left that door open a crack for a reason.

  26. Johnn says:

    As part of the audience, I feel cheated. It was a sweet episode, but ultimately an unecessary storyline.

  27. Marianne says:

    I didn’t like that episode at all! I really hoped for Robin and Barney, and that she one day would get pregnant with him… So that episode really sucked! I hope they change the fact that robin can’t have kids or else i don’t think i’ll ever see that tv-show again! Robin is my favorite character on HIMYM :(

  28. jen says:

    I have really mixed emotions about the episode. I thought it was creatively well done, and Cobie nailed it, but I feel completely manipulated. I have the feeling the writers manufactured this infertility subplot to explain pre-emptively why Barney and Robin don’t end up together, which it seems many fans would like. I try not to get too invested in TV ships for this very reason. But I’ll admit to being extremely disappointed if Barney marries someone else.

  29. geminibb says:

    not sure what the writer will make happen between barney and robin, i feel that if there is a barney in our real lives, nobody other than a robin would fit him better. so hopefully they’ll end up together in the show.

  30. Marisa says:

    I was REALLY happy with this episode. I can’t stand Robin and Barney together so it was greenlight for me to keep watching.

    • SK says:

      This episode just established that Robin isn’t pregnant, and probably can’t have kids. It said nothing definitive about her future with Barney.

      • Marisa says:

        I know that, but at least for now Barney’s moving on to Quinn (that’s already been confirmed if you don’t believe me).

    • Stacey says:

      I like Robin and Barney together because of previous episodes, such as “Having the Talk”. That was hilarious. I think they’re perfect together because they have a lot in common.

  31. Rebecca says:

    I really enjoyed this episode the writers sucked everyone in for a great reveal. I understand that Robin is upset even though she never planned on having kids but it upsets me that everyone thinks she has to have kids at some point. Not everyone wants to have children of their own and just because she doesn’t want to have children doesn’t mean her life will be any less meaningful. I don’t like that everyone assumes Robin will adopt just because she can’t have kids like she is less if a woman without them.

  32. Deena says:

    I would’ve pissed as hell if Robin all of a sudden wanted kids and was happy about being pregnant because that’s the very reason she and Ted broke up in season 2. And I don’t care that she’s not the mother (duh!) I’ll always want them together. It would’ve been really stupid and a complete character assasination.

  33. Dee says:

    I really liked this episode. Real single women sometimes have pregnancy scares and it isn’t something they’ve used a lot in this show. I didn’t know how to take the kids except that it sent up giant flags that she was revealing that she had kids and Barney was the father. That didn’t seem right so the fact that they were imaginary was neither here nor there to me.

    I really really wanted her to go to Barney with this news and Barney to be the one to be there for her -but instead we get Ted -so I really hope they are not re-opening that triangle!!

    The Lilly and Marshall storyline was sort of cute.

  34. Jen says:

    We already knew Robin wasn’t pregnant and that she never has kids. The episode where she was dating the guy with a kid…Ted specifically told his kids that Aunt Robin had pictures on her fridge…but that they were from them, his kids. This wasn’t a surprise at all.

    • Andrew says:

      Thank you!

      That was all I could think of during that episode, and looking through all these “hurt” responses – we already knew Robin never had kids!

      Although, to be fair, Ted is an unreliable narrator and it wouldn’t be the first time a tv show wrote their way around something like that and changed history… but HIMYM is usually better than that, and they’ve been pretty straightforward with their plans and how the characters have been from the start.

  35. lore says:

    Reading these reactions, all I can think is what a great actress Cobie Smulders is. Robin went from anxiety to elation to heartbreak in 22 minutes, and Robin still seemed real to me every step of the way. It’s not easy to send a character like Robin on an emotional journey in that span of time because she is generally somewhat over-the-top – a step down from Barney, really. But Smulders pulled it off well; I felt “in the moment” with Robin the entire episode, and that’s all about Smulders’ acting ability.

    I’m a very cynical TV viewer. Most of the time, I can predict exactly what’s going to happen in most episodes of any show, especially comedies. Not only did HIMYM surprise me last night, but it moved me as well. I hope this is the episode Smulders gives the Emmy committee. She certainly earned one in my book last night.

  36. Robin (my actual name) says:

    I wasn’t pleased with this episode. It made me sad. Plus the ridiculousness of Robin using “pole vaulter” to cover for having kids…and Lily (who granted probably has some pregnancy brain going on) didn’t pick up on why Robin was really upset…I don’t buy that Lily’s smarter than that…and Barney and Ted are too..but it was Lily who had the conversation in We-B-Baby that was really the closest to telling the truth Robin came. The ending was sweet. That was sweet what Ted did for her. Very sweet. I did think that they might kiss. I don’t know how I feel about Ted’s words about what Robin did go on to do, and what she never became “pole vaulter.” The writers are tricky (and I’m not happy with them at the moment) so they could literally mean she never became a “pole vaulter” or they could mean the implied, she never became a mother.

    Some people said last week that the show had “jumped the shark” with Robin’s confession to Barney. I’m more worried that it may have “jumped the shark” last night actually. Which makes me sad, because I really love HIMYM. Perhaps they should get back to focusing on Ted finding the Mother…

  37. cj says:

    i think the ending was definitely left open-ended, but in a strange way, i hope robin remains childless? i mean, don’t get me wrong, its the happy ending for everyone on tv shows to get married and have kids, and i am DEFINITELY A PROPONENT of this type of happy ending. but i ALSO think its realistic these days for women/people to NOT WANT children. ever. and they never change their minds, and they don’t have a crisis of faith or conscience about it. and i think thats an equally important and valid POV to depict on a television show. in fact, i think its brave of the writers to explore something like that, that goes against the typical happy ending we see on sitcoms.

  38. EL says:

    People complain about this episode, but I loved it, makes for interesting writing which seems to lack on other sitcoms where you can pretty much predict the outcome. The one thing that crossed my mind right away was surrogacy, its an alternative way to pregnancy when you aren’t able to have kids, but its pretty expensive. Its just a matter of who she goes to for comfort at this point, I still say her and barney hook up and may go down this route, but with all the twists and turns from this episode, you never know really.

  39. Max says:

    I loved this episode! I got kind of teared up at the end. I love Robin and Ted’s friendship now that the writers are done shipping them. (Note: Robin doesn’t have kids, so she can’t be the mother.) I’m pretty sure this means Robin and Barney are over too, which makes me happy. Robin is too strong of a woman to be tied down in NY because of a man. She has so much left to do.

  40. RK says:

    I loved the episode, as always it was very creative. I loved the ending with Ted decorating the apt. What really made me happy was sticking it to all the people screaming “jump the shark” last week. You are so quick to coin the phrase instead of waiting something out. Jumping the shark? Not so much. Great episode.

  41. Lilu2Go says:

    did anyone noticed the stormtrooper in future robins living room (in the right corner)? so kids, what does it mean?!?! riiiight !!! *nod*

  42. Rachel says:

    Cobie Smulders is not getting enough credit for this episode – she was AMAZING. I loved the story, and she really hit me in the gut when she yelled at Ted about not cheering her up, and then collapsing into his arms at the end. I totally didn’t see any of it coming, and it was heart wrenching. (I also loved the “sandwich” joke – just glad they reminded us earlier this season!)

  43. Heather says:

    I want them together!!! It was a dirty trick that storytelling device that made me think that she was talking to her kids by Barney…I was almost as disappointed as I was two weeks ago when he gave her that slight question shrug when she walked in with Kevin and she gave him that slight head shake no.
    A dirty rotten trick, I tell you.
    If we meet his bride at the end of this season and it’s not Robin, I’ll be SO pissed!!

    • Stacey says:

      I know what you mean! But it has to be Robin. Why would the bride of Barney’s ask to speak to Ted if it isn’t Robin? Unless they really want to take us for a spin, and Barney’s bride is Lily! Just kidding. Or Marshall. Who knows what they will do on this show!

  44. ThatBob says:

    Do any of you people actually watch this show on a regular basis? As soon as they opened with Robin’s future narration I thought to myself that her kids would turn out to be imaginary — this isn’t the first time that we’ve been led on by an unreliable narrator (remember the scene with Ted’s kids and Stella?) I found this episode funny, touching, and a great exploration of Robin’s character, with a fine acting job by Cobie Smulders.

  45. Jason says:

    I think this episode is very hopeful for Barney and Robin. The fact that she imagined having children and specifically imagined that they were Barney’s speaks volumes. By including that detail in her imaginings, I think she made it clear as to where her heart belongs. She could have just imagined them, but to specifically tell them that Barney is their father says a lot (I think).

    • Stacey says:

      I really wish they didn’t make the children imaginary. It would have been perfect for Robin to be pregnant with Barney’s baby, which leads us to the the end of this series of Barney marrying Robin. I swear I feel like I’m a yo-you sometimes when I watch HIMYM.

  46. ThatRay says:

    This episode was moronic. I don’t care if she has kids or ends up with Barney. This episode just proved that the writers don’t care about the fans at all. The here’s a little proof that the show is going somewhere and then having the rug pulled out again.
    The problem for me is Robin is shown to be a psychotic. She imagines she has kids who are shown to be in their late teens or early twenties and she even apologizes to them for saying she doesnt want kids. She tells them their dad is Barney and it ends with the kids being imaginary. Why didn’t she imagine her kids as young kids? Why didn’t she tell them their dad was her current boyfriend? Why are the kids the same age as Ted’s kids from the future when she was telling the story in the present?
    It was a huge screw you to the fans and there is NO WAY this season ends with us seeing Barney’s wife. I’m out.

    • Brooke says:

      You are taking this way too personally.

    • Carm says:

      Why so angry? This is a sitcom. Just because the story is not going the way you want, does not mean it is not a good story.

      • Stacey says:

        The twists and turns, ups and downs, are getting old. I have to ask, What is the story? The plot is getting more murky. I mean come on, let us have some more laughs. Show us where the story is heading.

    • Stacey says:

      I know how you feel. I’m equally upset, but I still think Barney and Robin end up together. The writers were horrible for this episode. I’m afraid they’re losing more and more viewers as the show goes on. I almost feel like not watching anymore, but I’m still hopeful.

  47. Jim says:

    Robbin was telling the story from the bench and not from the future. So obviously she couldn’t have known by that time if she had kids in the future ( either from being prognant or by adopting). Also when future ted tells the story, he tells the story for the current episode. This means that when he is telling Robbin never became a ‘pole vaulter’ he literaly means it because that is what she told him. And in the it was nicely played when Ted said that there was one thing Robbin never was… Alone! ( when everyone was thinking he would say a mother).

  48. eddie says:

    What they can still do is end up saying that Robin can’t carry to term, but her and Barney can go through artificial insemination, and then in the ultimate act of kindness, the baby is carried by Ted!

  49. Max says:

    As long as Barney and Robin end up together in the end, that’s what matters to me. I think it would be really interesting if Quinn/Becki Newton turned out to be the mother, and maybe Ted just doesn’t meet her until the “wedding”. I have more thoughts on this, but I’m running late for work, so.. yeah. Barney and Robin FTW. They can adopt.

  50. Jen says:

    After thinking about this episode for a couple of days, I want to make two points:
    1) It’s OK for people to not want to have kids. Their lives are not lacking, there isn’t something wrong with them, and you don’t need to feel sorry for them. Not having kids is a perfectly acceptable choice for people.
    2) That being said, it is also acceptable for Robin to feel a sense of loss when she finds out she is unable to have children, even though she doesn’t want any. Life is not black and white. It is filled with complexity, with moments of uncertainty, clarity, doubt, acceptance, anger, despair, and joy. Robin became a three-dimensional, relatable character in this story arc. We rarely see this kind of complexity in television characters (or movie for that matter) so I hope the writers of HIMYM don’t mess up this opportunity. A person can be resolute in his or her choices, and still experience moments of “what if.” All the hints suggest that this story line does move the characters further on their paths, so hopefully it is a glimpse into more character complexity, and doesn’t fall back into some sitcom cliche.