Did Good Wife Alicia Make the Right Call?

[The following contains spoilers from this Sunday’s episode of CBS‘ The Good Wife.]

The Good Wife this week sent Alicia and Peter — and thus viewers — on a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride, smack dab in the middle of what in and of itself was a good A-story legal case. And as with any thrill ride worth its salt, it was not apparent where this one ultimately was heading.

“Will…. I can’t. It’s too much.”

And with those few words, Alicia’s romance with her boss screeched to a stop.

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Leading to that turn of events were a few things, namely the scare that Alicia and Peter were given when Grace went MIA, seemingly abducted by a strange man outside her school. Did Alicia overreact, given the circumstantial evidence at hand? Perhaps. But she’s a parent. And as of late, she’s obviously feeling as if she’s been prioritizing other parts of her life, including those that call for black lingerie.

Heck, even Louis Canning knows that Alicia feels like she’s short-changing her kids.

But Will himself also went through something as the Grace scare unspooled, something that crystallized as he gazed upon the Florrick family reunited at the end of the crisis: maybe he’s not made out of the stuff to be a family man. Maybe “commitment” is a four-letter word for his type.

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For the record, I felt it was a bit of a cheat to have everything be hunky-dory with Grace, who had actually just butt-dialed her mom a dozen times while sneaking off for a baptism. (Does the ominous-sounding snippet of conversation captured by Grace’s first call really jibe with that?) The whole time the search was going on, I was saying to myself, “This better not be a psych-out.” But we will forgive, and move on.

We’ll move on to the question I have, and maybe someone can help me out here: What was that closing exchange between Will and Diane about? “You did the right thing”? Did Diane mean, to not fight Alicia’s break-up? Or something else? Because I didn’t see him having any hand in the events that led to him getting the hook. [Update: As one reader, Jackie, points out, Diane probably assumed that Will dumped Alicia, for the sake of the firm.]

TVLine Gives Thanks for The Good Wife‘s Directors and Casting Department

A few other notes:

* Julianna Margulies’ performance of the break-up scene and tearful walk down the hall after? Heart-wrenching.

* Loved the face-off between Caitlin and Martha, the latter of whom proved to be quite the job candidate scorned.

* It’s always, always good to see Michael J. Fox as Louis — and, funny story, just this morning I chatted up his “mom” Lea Thompson at an ABC Family party. I wonder if Alicia will be tempted by his job offer, now that he’s illustrated some of the good his evil “1 percent” clients do.

* In fact, typically solid guest casting all around, including Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter as Caitlin’s client, and John Michael Higgins as the arbiter arbitrator.

* Line of the night: “When I flirt, I follow through.” And how.

What did you think of The Good Wife this week? Are you sad about the break-up? Or was the Alicia/Will romance not as enjoyable in reality as it was as a fantasy?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Pao says:

    YES! it was about time! It might have been rushed, but she did what was right for her family.

    • jennrae says:

      Seeing her negligee put things into perspective for Alicia. Her relationship with Will just seemed trivial when her child was missing, and I kind of got the sense that she felt she was inviting trouble by being with him. I don’t know that the breakup was right for her family, though, because kids need happy parents as examples for their own lives, and parents need to have lives independently from their children.

      I can’t imagine Diane much happier if Will started seeing Caitlin, though. She may not have been married to a State’s Attorney, but Caitlin is still under him. It is possible to meet someone from outside the office. But I definitely don’t want Will and Alicia back together, because aside from a couple residual hookups, life doesn’t work like that. I don’t think it would be good for the show, either, like waiting for Ross and Rachel to get back together. And then what, they get married and live happily ever after? How long can that be dragged out? Besides, come election time, didn’t Eli promise the Democratic Chairman guy that Alicia would be back playing happy wife to Peter? I can’t imagine Eli not getting what he wants.

      • saveit says:

        I certainly do want Will and Alicia to get together and discuss openly their feelings. The writers have kept them apart mentally and stymied emotional developments with this purposeful lack of communication in dialog. Also both their underlying fears of change and trust disabled real emotional risk and growth. The kids do need happy parents and both Alicia and Will seem happier and better together than apart even within the above issues.

        • Ash says:

          Totally agree with you especially the lack of communication between Will and Alicia. It is so frustrating when we do not see much communication developing between these two.

    • Vicky says:

      After watching tnt movies this week, since there were no new episodes of anything to watch, I am so appreciative of the fine writing on the Good Wife. You don’t realize how fantastic the writers/actors on this show are until you see the dribble that passes for “entertainment”!

      • Margie says:

        Totally agree with you, Vicky! This show is a treasure every week in a vast wasteland of garbage. I always look forward to it so much, and it’s always top notch. Kudos to the writers, they are the best!

    • Lois says:

      As a mother, I understand where her first priority is….I like will and Alicia together and want them to make it….I hope they will find their way back to one another and I really believe they are very much in love……..EXIT Peter, he can try all he wants, but Alicia is out of love with him and in love with Will…I am happy about that……

  2. Dick Whitman says:

    This will be the episode that wins Julianna another Emmy.

    • Lucas says:

      I hope not. While her performance was decent, I feel like the show and storyline don’t deserve awards at all. It’s the same, old tired romance storyline. Give viewers what they want for a while, take that away, and then have them watch the fan favorite couple reunite in the season finale of the show. Blah, such a contrived show. I don’t get the love.

      • Darcy says:

        Completely disagree. As a mother, I completely get Alicia. The storyline between her and Will seems incredibly realistic to me, not at all contrived. She has feelings for him, but she’s so overwhelmed by so many things. Unfortunately the first thing that has to go, for the sake of getting the priority–her kids–right, is Will. Even though I think Alicia made the right choice for herself and her kids at this point in time, it bummed me out immensely because I think Will’s truly in love with her and wants to be the man she needs. But Alicia’s not there yet. Very, very good (and realistic) writing.

        • Ashley says:

          I agree with everything you just said. I like Alicia and Will together, but as a mother her decision was PERFECTLY understandable. I felt bad for her, but totally understand why she went there. It was so realistic and well done.

        • lipsticksocialism says:

          while it ends up “playing” like the most common romance storyline, I DO think that the setup of the characters makes it extremely realistic. Even though I enjoy Will & Alicia, I was thrilled to see Peter & Alicia support each other while Grace was missing. That’s REAL life. So far, The Good Wife continues to be REALLY, REALLY GOOD TELEVISION.

        • Jen says:

          Darcy nailed it. Alicia is not in a place to have a fulfilling relationship with Will – she is still dealing with the breakup and learning to deal/prioritize with her needs (hence the guilt about Will in general). Remember, she couldn’t even sort out her feelings about Will. I hope they eventually get together, but it’s going to take some time, probably beyond the season. I do not agree that Will doubts his capacity to be a family man, I think he felt that Alicia still has unresolved feelings for Peter. Unfortunately, he might think that is why she broke it off, which is not accurate.

        • bobbi says:

          totally agree with your opinion. I was bummed too. It’s the right choice.

      • susela says:

        @Lucas: It’s a bit more nuanced than “the same old tired romance storyline.” Alicia is still married—I don’t even think she and Peter are legally separated yet—and Will is her boss. So it has all sorts of interesting overtones.

        • Artzi says:

          Plus, I think Will is a real sleaze. He’s not committment-minded, just wanted to sleep with her and renew their “old times”.

          • Mari says:

            I didn’t see that at all. Will is clearly “in love” with Alicia, so this wasn’t your every day booty call. The writers have always written Will as someone that loves, values and respects Alicia. Unlike her “committment-minded” husband, who didn’t think twice about stomping on their marriage.

      • saveit says:

        Well, Lucas……have you ever been in love? Just a question not spoken faciciously…….

    • Stephanie says:

      You should have seen Claire Danes in Homeland. She’s going to win the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama. The Good Wife has been uneven and soapy this season. Not as good as in the past. My two cents.

      • Selbs says:

        Right on, Stephanie. And, not only that but CBS moving it to Sunday at 9PM has been a real downer for me. In fact, I actually forgot it was on and watched Boardwalk Empire at 9, and only realized I had missed the Good Wife until I turned the channel to CBS and found CSI Miami! I wonder how many other viewers have been ticked off by this move. I know it’s lost about 2million viewers since being relocated to Sunday.

    • Sara says:

      I doubt it, but maybe it will get Josh Charles a second nod. He was so wonderfully subtle, finally seeing that he wants more out of life and he wants that life with the love of his life. That breakup scene was so heartwrenching and full of
      the love that is still there. The last line got to me, the “yes, she will” as in SHE might get past this but HE just lost her again.

      • cathiecat says:

        I thought that line was so heart-wrenching — the person who will have problems from now on is Will. I hope they don’t throw him together with Caitlin; predictable, much higher on the workplace harassment scale, and what a poor substitute for Alicia. Most interesting — how will Diane treat Alicia from now on? That offer from Louis Canning may start to look better.

      • hadenoughofturmoil4will says:

        will needs to stand up for what he wants and finally open his mouth and speak his position to alicia. he has no problem being vocal in court, but when it comes to alicia he never tells anything directly to her. maybe if she knew…..

        • saveit says:

          I soooo agree on one hand. On the other, Will seems most perceptive and is likely gaging his declaration timing to mesh best with Alicia’s openness response as well as his own abilities as a family man.

  3. jackie says:

    To your question about the closing exchange: all Diane witnessed was a hug and Alicia crying then leaving. She assumes Will broke up with Alicia for the good of her and the firm

    • Fumi says:

      Agreed,Jackie. Diane only saw Alicia leaving Will’s office in tears so she assumed that Will was the one who ended it. Will’s pride/ego lead him not to correct her.

      I call BS on Alicia breaking up with Will though. It seems to me that the writers didn’t know how to keep them together any longer so they broke them up. I swear if Will starts dating Caitlin, I’ll be pissed!

    • Kim R says:

      Exactly. I thought that was kind of a no-brainer. She assumed Will took her advice and ended it for the good of all (especially the firm).

    • garboesque says:

      I also saw it that way, and agree with you Jackie.

  4. Katee says:

    I’m sad, not going to lie about it. I knew it was inevitable and was just on the horizon but the way it was done just made it heartbreaking. Alicia reaction to her ending it with Will certainly wasn’t the one of someone who was just in a fling and didn’t have feelings for the person she was with. And Josh Charles. Without even speaking he can break my heart. -sigh- I do have a perhaps useless hope that Will and Alicia will find their way back but I still want to see where Alicia’s journey takes her now that both Peter and Will are on the back-burner.

  5. Kathryn says:

    So I think that Diane misunderstood what happened. I think she believed that Will was the one that initiated the breakup since Alicia was crying. That’s why she was comforting him.

    • Pao says:

      I agree, Diane misunderstood what happened. However I do think that no matter what Will was mostly likely gonna break it off with Alicia.

      • baj24 says:

        I disagree. Although I do think that you’re correct in your assertion that Diane assumed that he was the one who broke things off, I think Will did most definitely not want to end things with Alicia. He loves her. If you recall his words when Diane said that “she will get over it” and he replied “she will”. I think a lot can be read into that. She might get over it but will he?

      • Darcy says:

        Yeah, I disagree too. A few episodes back Will tried to get all commitment-ish with her. He wanted to meet her kids, he wanted more. She put him off given the space that she’s in (still married and family basically in limo). I thought he might break up with her to protect her because of the investigation, but I don’t think he would’ve ended the relationship for any other reason (not even Diane). He was in it for the long haul.

      • Artzi says:

        I agree; further evidence of his sleaziness. He let Diane think he followed her orders when Alicia deserves credit for being forthright.

        • Mari says:

          Will was under no obligation to tell Diane anything. When did she become his mother??

        • Mandy says:

          He and Diane aren’t the type to share their feelings. In fact Kalinda is the only person Will shares any feelings with. So he wasn’t about to tell her that Alicia dumped him. He simply let her believe what she wanted. It is all about power plays with him and so he let Diane think he took one for the team.

        • saveit says:

          I don’t feel Will was being sleazy at all. I think he was in shock and numb,terribly hurt, and feeling he lost the love of his life again.

    • TheMadLibs says:

      Yup. Plus, did no one else catch the foreshadowing when Diane said, “she’ll get over it.” Will’s response? “Yea, she will.”

      As much as people, including Matt, are suggesting that Will was thinking he wasn’t parenting material, the contrary is true. His conversation over drinks with Kalinda was trying to show he’s wondering if he can do it and that he wants to be that man. He realized he’s in love with her, and she breaks HIS heart. He thinks she’ll move on, but he’s not sure if emotionally he will.

      I imagine he’ll go off and have a fling or 3 before there’s any sort of conversation with Alicia about feelings.

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        $10 says one of those flings will end up pregnant. Will, being newly aware of his possible parental insticts, will end up committing himself to someone else right about the time that Alicia and Peter finally end things for good and she is available and ready to be with him.

  6. Lauren says:

    As I tweeted the writers, this was the 2nd fake-out kidnapping of the week. (first being parenthood) I’m okay with the fake-out, I just wish they tempered the overacting that came with it.

    I’m disappointed about the will/alicia. I think it would’ve been more interesting had she let him in, gave him a chance at maturing and found he still failed. Cutting him off at the pass was…boring.

  7. peeveem says:

    Diane thought Will was the one who broke up with Alicia. Will agrees “she’ll get over it”. From the look on his face one wonders if he’ll be able to get over it. I think he was willing to make the commitment to Alicia, but accepted her wishes.

    • Shannon says:

      Agree! I got a different take completely from Will at the elevator and with Kalinda…that he was realizing he did want more. Then there was relief but also melancholy (SHE will get over it) at the end.

    • Amanda says:

      Will agrees that Alicia will “get over it,” but his facial expression says he’s not sure sure that he will be able to.
      Also, are there people out there who aren’t completely in love with Josh Charles? I don’t think so.

      • Fran says:

        That was my interpretation of Will’s “She’ll get over it”. He was thinking “she will, but I am not so sure it’s the same for me.” There are deeper feelings between these two. Will’s earlier “I love you” slip, the conversation with Kalinda and other signs point to that in my opinion.

  8. Mari says:

    Maybe “commitment” is a four-letter word for his type.

    I guess it’s also a four letter word for Peter’s type as well. Men that honor commitment aren’t having sex with prostitutes behind his wife’s back.

    I hove Will and Alicia together and I’m sadden by the fact that it’s over for “now”.

  9. JEF says:

    Many of us waited for TWO YEARS for Will and Alicia to get together, and because Grace is awful, they are over just like that!

  10. jackie says:

    Do you really think they would have him date Caitlin? He has made such progress as an emotional human being this year, that would be such a step backwards LOL! I would literally stop watching if that happened

    • Dorothy says:

      LOL I agree with this. I mean he will be totally heartbroken about this but he has progressed as a person. I mean my god, stop making Will such a sleezeball which I feel the show is trying way too hard to do. I get it Peter is a jerk, Will is a jerk too..but he was better and he is so in love with her. Seriously. I might jump ship if they just make him sleep with Catlin.

      • HazzyDee says:

        To be honest I will be pissed if Will hooks up with Caitlin but I won’t lie, I think that’s where the writers will take this as it’s been heavily hinted especially through Caitlin’s sweet girl act towards Will. That being said, I wouldn’t be mad at Will cos I don’t think it would make him into a jerk. I think most people, especially people like Will would try to revert back to their old ways in the face of heartbreak, in a way to distract themselves from the pain and also prove that they are fine with the decision. I think it will happen but as long as it doesn’t get dragged out and Will and Alicia can get back on track the “correct” way, in that she finally files for divorce and is open with her kids, then I will remain a viewer. Put Alicia and Peter back together however and I will stop watching.

        • Mari says:

          I agree Hazzy Dee. It would be a total travesty if they put Alicia and Peter back together after what he did to her. They should then change the name of the show from the Good Wife to the Certifiable Wife.

          • sata says:

            i disagree i think Alicia belongs with peter not that because they have kids together but because they are good together,he made some mistakes yes,he ain’t by no means a saint,but he loves her.will despite the fact that i like him,i hated seeing him with Alicia,don’t know why ,always gross me out.i know a lot of people want the alicia/will romance but it is only so predictable.i hope the writers don’t take that route,and about alicia being certifiable by going back to peter ,ain’t that ironic she is doing the same to him now.cheating on him while still being married??

        • saveit says:

          I also will stop watching is the writers reunite Alicia with Peter who doesn’t love but uses her to get his way politically and otherwise. I believe our wonderful writers are in a grand position to show the world through Alicia and Will we can and should believe true love feelings are what is worth fighting for.

  11. Brianne says:

    I was sad. I like Will and Alicia together.

  12. Etphonehome says:

    The way Diane says “she’ll get over it” and Will goes “yah, she will”…. But he won’t. Or at least that’s what I thought. I do hope things work out for Alicia and Will in the end.

    • Eurydice says:

      Oh, but Will needs to suffer first. He started out the season saying that he doesn’t have any emotions and now he has to pay for that by pining and brooding for the next several episodes. And really, he and Alicia were living in a fantasy world – if they really want to be together they’ll have to consider all the things they were ignoring, like work, family, friends, etc.

  13. Kim says:

    I hope Will, will fight back for Alicia

  14. kgmom says:

    Grace is not awful. And there was NO overacting. 12 missed calls from your child, no voicemail? It’s complete panic time. Great episode and the Emmy is in the bag!

    • Jill says:

      I agree with you on everything about Grace and the voicemails right up until the point where you write, “the Emmy is in the bag!” There’s going to be very tough competition from Claire Danes in “Homeland.”

  15. Marissa says:

    I did not like the turn the storyline took by way of breakup. Alicia has been “the good wife” for 2 seasons and she deserved a break. Having said that I know the dynamics of an office romance is incapable of longevity. I just felt we didn’t get to fully explore the relationship. The 12 missed calls with all the other coincidental circumstances, as a mother, I felt that entire storyline was spot on. I would like to figure out Wendy Scott Carr’s end game in the SA’s office.

    • baj24 says:

      I think that Peter is foolish for entrusting the investigation to her. She is out for blood.

    • Eurydice says:

      I think Wendy’s using this investigation as a roundabout way to get at Peter. She kept repeating “your wife’s firm” – she must have said it 3 oe 4 times. She’s planning a year-long, budget-busting investigation of “your wife’s firm”. Whatever the outcome, it won’t look good for Peter – if they find corruption, nobody will believe that Peter didn’t already know about it through Alicia – if they don’t find anything, then they’ve wasted a year’s worth of the taxpayers’ money on Peter’s personal jealousy.

  16. Andrea says:

    my heart is so broke .But it’s obvious to me that they’re going to be together again.

  17. mandy says:

    At the end it was heartbreaking when Diane said “she’ll get over it” and will said “SHE will” I thought that was telling. Like he wont get over it. I was disapointed by the Faux kidnapping, but I like how it was told without telling about Will and Alicia’s romance that even Eli knew.

  18. Eurydice says:

    If Alicia thinks it’s too much then she did the right thing. I was kind of hoping Grace would be found chopped up into individually wrapped, bite-sized pieces, but I guess not every CBS show can be about psychopathic serial killers. Maybe she can join a cult and move to a remote commune in the Amazon rain forest or something.

    Loved, loved, loved watching Eli try to be a team player – it’ll be interesting to see how he tackles Will’s problem (great scene with the two of them). I’m looking forward to seeing Alicia and Kalinda make up. And I’m officially sick to death of Dana and her amateur attempts to be The Sexy.

    • Ash says:

      Totally agree about Dana. I am too sick to death of Dana.

    • jennrae says:

      I agree about Dana times a million. She’s not even in the same league as Kalinda, but I don’t think she knows that. Her dirty talk with Cary a couple weeks back about how much Kalinda wanted her? As if, lady! The longer Cary’s with her, the less I like Cary.

      • baj24 says:

        I so agree. I loved the actress when she was on “Lie to Me” but Dana annoys me. I also think she’s foolish to think that she is one upping Kalinda.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Word. Dana needs to stop Single (non)White Female-ing Kalinda. The clothes, the guy, the attitude–homegirl needs to get a life; swaggerjacking is not the business.
      Although, I like how Kalinda basically told her to put up or shut up; so perhaps we’ll see that Dana isn’t strictly d1ckly…

    • bobbi says:

      @ Eurydice, your comment made me laugh. Why is Dana trying to be the sexy one when that role belongs to Kalinda only? Love Eli Gold. Reading rumors about his maybe getting his own spin-off show.

  19. yolanda says:

    IK I WAS CRYING WHEN ALICIA ENDED IT.. aww will get her back! do something ! dont just let her break uo with u !

  20. Vince says:

    I would never hit my kids but this brat was something else tonight I wanted to slap her around.

  21. nitemar says:

    On another note, thanks Kalinda! I hope Alicia finds out and thanks her for finding Grace. Now that she and Will broke up, Alicia needs her friend back!
    ..and yes, I agree she did the right thing. I don’t like Will for one. He and Celeste make better match. Hope to see Lisa E back on the show.

    • Wendy110 says:

      I do respect your opinion about Celeste. However, you are probably in the minority here.

      Giving up a man you love for the sake of your children is an archaic notion. A woman can be a good mother AND still have a life. Besides, shouldn’t the children be given some credit to understand and to want their mother to be happy? Not all children are narrow-minded selfish brats.

      • brazil says:

        eu queria ver lisa E de volta ao show mas com o Peter

      • E says:

        Except Will and Alicia had an affair, not a relationship. Alicia told her brother she didn’t love Will. She told Will she didn’t feel it necessary to meet her kids. Clearly the relationship with Will wasn’t making her happy enough to bring him further into her (and their) lives. Seems like she made a completely logical decision.

      • Mari says:

        Thank you!! Plus in a few years these two kids will be off to college and what will she do with herself then. Plus if she wants to see what her future is going to be like, if she continues being the “good wife” just take a look at Jackie. Talk about scary!!!

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Actually, I really like how the writers handled Kalinda finding Grace, specifically how she kept it to herself. As the saying goes, charity that hastens to proclaim its good deeds ceases to be charity.
      Kalinda did an amazing thing for Alicia and didn’t cheapen it by trying to win her friendship back. And THAT is what makes Kalinda such a good friend. Besides, it looks like next week Alicia is the one reaching out to Kalinda, which is ABOUT DAMN TIME.
      Also, MOAR Celeste + Alicia, forget Will!

    • sata says:

      finally somebody who did not like the willalicia romance,

  22. Enough Already says:

    O.k. I am really getting sick of how tv handles relationships with two leads. Every time it’s the same basic story line and viewers always get cheated in the end. Get them together for 1/2 the season to only show 2 romantice scenes and then break them up so viewers will keep tuning in for more years to come. It drives me crazy! We all know there will be an evential break-up, it has to play that way to make good tv. I get that. But could you at least explore the relationship when their together? I love this show but I’m a little miffed at the way they handled Will and Alicia’s relationship. Shoot, if we can even call it a relaitonship at all! What did they really have? All I got was that the two occasionally slept together.

    • Lucas says:

      Well said, Enough Already. Well said.
      I agree.

    • Eurydice says:

      That’s kind of the point – they didn’t really have a relationship. It’s like they were pretending they were back in law school when they didn’t have all the responsibilities they have now. And the thing is that just because they won’t be sleeping together doesn’t mean the relationship is over. Now is when the exploration starts – now is when they determine what and how much they feel for each other and whether they can make room for each other in their lives.

    • Ash says:

      You are spot on. All we got was they occasionally slept together. It is as if they did not have any meaningful conversation with one another during all those ‘sleepovers’.

  23. hmmm... says:

    Wait, am I missing something? From the last few scenes with Will — first in Alicia’s apt, then at the bar with Kalinda — I kind of thought that he was realizing he wanted *more* than work. Didn’t he say something to the effect of, “I’ve pushed to get to the top, but for what?” And Kalinda responded with some question about what Alicia wants, too. I was under the impression that, in the last scene, Will had realized that commitment *isn’t* a four-letter word and was ready to try to move forward — hence why he looked so nervous (fidgeting, sitting down, standing up, slightly pacing) before Alicia walked in. But maybe that was just my wishful reading of the scene… haha.

    • Nansea says:

      I’m so glad someone else picked up on this…that is exactly what I was thinking. He wasn’t waiting to break up with her, he was going to tell her we wanted more.

      • HeartSleeve says:

        I couldn’t agree more… he was acting like a lovesick school boy in his office, just before Alicia came in looking like an emotional wreck. He wasn’t going to end it – he was going to ask for more. Or at the very least, he was going to follow Kalinda’s suggestion, and take Alicia’s temp, see if SHE was ready to go “all-in” with him.

        • stucker says:

          I totally agree with this as well. It looked to me as if Will was going to go all in with Alicia, and when he saw how distraught she was and heard what she was saying, he went with it and didn’t argue. I think he is absolutely in love with her.

          • Amy says:

            Of course he’s in love with her. Always has been, always will be. When you’ve loved someone for the better part of 20 years, it’s real. I too hope deeply that they reunite this season. And this time, do it right. Get Alicia divorced and give us a real relationship between soul mates.

  24. dlferriola says:

    I am really sad that they broke up Will and Alicia because they make a great couple. I do not feel Alicia was not being a good parent her children are teenagers and should be more mature. She needed a life and deserved to be happy with Will after putting up with Peters womanizing all those years. Will loves her and he was willing to take the next step. I sure hope they get them back together before the season is over. She should never go back to Peter and sacrifice her happiness.

  25. Danielle says:

    My interpretation of it was that Will will definitely not move on from Alicia because now he wants more to life than just his job and I don’t think Alicia will get over it either. In the end, the way she said I’ll miss you, makes me think that she won’t get over him. Diane thinks Will broke up with her and Will is just replying back that she’ll get over it to get her off his back. Will and Alicia won’t move on to other people (so think again Celeste). Alicia made the right decision she needs to be there for her kids.
    What surprised me the most was the fact that Grace and Zach knew about Will and I love how they just want their mom to be happy. It was a nice moment to see Grace and her mother (she didn’t annoy me but the fake out in the end made her back into a nuisance). Alicia didn’t overreact because her thought process made sense.
    Best part of the night was when Kalinda KO’d Dana with the whole I follow through with my flirts. (Gotta love her).

  26. Wendy110 says:

    I don’t agree that Alicia made the right decision today. She made a decision at an EMOTIONAL MOMENT. She should have let her nerves settle down and then decide.

    What’s that “Alicia made the right decision she needs to be there for her kids”. Why can’t she be there for her kids AND STILL HAVE A MAN TO LOVE? Who says you can’t have both?

    I don’t think the writers give enough credit to the depth of maturity that Alicia and Will has. Theirs wasn’t a tawdry affair. They actually LOVE each other. I agree with the other comments – that the relationship of Alicia and Will should have been given more time to develop.

    In my ideal scenario – Alicia would divorce Peter, go work at Louis Channing’s firm, and then is free to show the world of the love that she and Will shares – but that would be too easy, isn’t it? ;-)

    • B says:

      Yes, that would probably be quite a boring story, no offence.
      For me, it was pretty clear that Will’s feelings for Alicia are deeper than Alicia’s for him. Peter may be an asshole, but he and Alicia still used to be in love once, and I’m not sure Alicia is over the disappointment that Peter caused. I don’t doubt she is genuinely attracted to Will, but I think she was honest when she told Owen that she wasn’t in love.

      Of course women can have career, love life and kids at once. Theoretically. In practice, it’s much more complicated than people make it out to be. Will and Alicia were in a secret relationship, which means careful planning of meetings and constant worrying of being discovered, all in all a much more stressful experience than a relationship that’s out in the open. Now that can get overwhelming, and when it gets to the point that you constantly feel guilty about neglecting your kids, then I can understand why breaking off the relationship seems like a good option.

      I’m not against Will/Alicia, and I don’t think there was anything morally wrong with their relationship, but I can understand how Alicia got to the point that she felt it best to end it.

      • Mari says:

        “Will and Alicia were in a secret relationship, which means careful planning of meetings and constant worrying of being discovered, all in all a much more stressful experience than a relationship that’s out in the open.”

        I wonder if Peter, felt any of these stresses when he was having his own secret relationship??? LOL

    • Eurydice says:

      I think if Alicia had calmly looked ar the situation she would have broken it off with Will long ago. If she had used her head she would have realized that EVERYBODY knows about her affair and that it’s affecting everybody. Yes, Will and Alicia are mature people, but they haven’t been mature about this relationship. The audience may see that they love each other, but they haven’t told each other that – Will is just now figuring out that he might want something more and he doesn’t even know what that is – and Alicia refuses to have any conversation about feelings. So, Alicia’s choice now isn’t to give up the Love Of Her Life in favor of her children, it’s up give up a luxury because it’s too expensive – like giving up a lacy nightgown when a big old t-shirt will do just as well.

      I think Will and Alicia do love each other and will get back together, but they’ll have to do it the way mature people do – by dealing with reality, figuring out what they want and then making room for each other in their lives.

      • garboesque says:

        Alicia and Will’s feelings for each other was LUST, plain and simple. Once you’ve been bitten by that bug, rightly or wrongly, most people have to follow it through to it’s conclusion, whatever that may be. Otherwise it will always nag at you.

  27. Wendy110 says:

    P.S. IF Alicia goes back to Peter, and Will started dating Caitlin, I will have to take this show off my DVR list! :-O

  28. Carol says:

    Does anyone know the song that played while Dana and Kalinda were having drinks? It sounded like a female singer, and acoustic. I couldn’t make out any lyrics but it had a great sound!

  29. nikki says:

    I’m so glad it’s over. They were so boring. At least Noth has some chemistry with Margulies. Charles has none. No more Will/Alicia nonsense!

  30. Mandy says:

    Alicia will regret this!! SHE WILL!!! Will is amazing, he is top class, she is breaking up with him (breaking his heart) and he hug her so adorbs even he is cying inside.

    Please seriously how is there peter/alicia shippers js and saying that JC and JM doesn’t have chemestry what the hell are u watching??

  31. jay says:

    I think Alicia should go ‘on loan’ to Cannings for the duration of Peters investigation.

    I hope she and Will reunite at some point, its right for them to break up for now, but it would be nice if they could have another shot out in the open.

  32. Mel says:

    The pair I want to see back together is Kalinda and Alicia. Obviously Kalinda still cares about Alicia or she wouldn’t have left work to find Grace. I think if the writers take it to the right place (Alicia’s relationship with women, THE theme this season), their friendship will be the foundation of the rest of the season. That way, if Will does something stupid like sleep with Caitlin, we will be so distracted by Kalinda and Alicia we won’t care.

    • Judy says:

      So agree!! Love Kalinda and think her character is the most interesting on the show, I hope Alicia finds out the it was Kalinda who found Grace. It’s time to forgive and move on. Alicia needs a friend like Kalinda in her life to always have her back!

  33. Travelocity Gnome says:

    Alicia’s daughter has got to be the most annoying character on television.

  34. Kate says:

    Alicia was right to leave Peter because he is a liar and a serial cheater and he will never change. Having said that, she and Will got seriously involved awfully fast. It makes sense given their feelings for one another and the fact that they have been fighting them for years but Alicia needed time on her own to bond with her kids, mourn the real death of her marriage and figure out who she is on her own. Until she does that I can’t see her being able to move on with a new relationship.

    My take on the ep is that Diane told Will he did the right thing because she saw Alicia crying and assumed it was because Will dumped her. I also think that when Diane said Alicia would get over it and Will agreed that he was thinking she will get over her issues and feeling so overwhelmed and they will get back together.

    Now, it will be interesting to see if Peter backs off of Will or if he continues to abuse the power of his office to meddle in his ex-wife’s life.

    I loved Kalinda helping Alicia and I hope this is the beginning of a reconciliation for these two characters. The show doesn’t feel the same without their interaction!

  35. Caro says:

    I can’t believe they ended things between Will and Alicia like this! I love their relationship and I want to see them back together! Josh Charles is AMAZING!

    • Dawn says:

      Ditto for me. I’m so mad they have Alicia strong as a lawyer but a wimp dumping her no good husband!! Love Will and Alicia together.

  36. Martina says:

    Excellent Tv last night, between The Good Wife and Pan Am, both episodes were great

  37. claire says:

    Yes ! Her relationship with will was lame. She is the good wife anyway :)

  38. garboesque says:

    “Does the ominous-sounding snippet of conversation captured by Grace’s first call really jibe with that?”

    As one who has received a few “butt-dials” over the years from my kids, I can attest they DO usually sound ominous and I’ve been known to have panicked too. And my “kids” are in their thirties!!

  39. Naturally Curlie says:

    Grace needs a short leash and fast. If she wanted to be Baptized fine. Do it above board and have your family celebrate with you. No one at all questions the fact that she goes to Jersey(!)no less to do the deed? There are no Churches in her area to get Baptized? And after school when she knows as she’s been told not for the first time she is expected to be home after school or leave a note on the frig. It’s part of being a functioning and thoughtful member of a one parent family or any family for that matter to live by the “rules”.
    When you have teen aged children their requirments for care are not 24/7 as when the are infants, toddlers or elementary school age. Many, many Mothers work and by the time your children are teen-agers they should have enough maturity if they are not in an orginized supervised activity to come home from school do their homework and even contribute to making dinner for their working parent who earns the money for the bread on the table. That’s what family is about. Everyone pulls his/her weight according to ability. Going to New Jersey to get baptized when you are ecpected to be home is blatanly a ridiculous plot point and although of course you’re glad your brat is home there should be severe consequences for such a disappearing act. (Not the baptizism. That part is OK. It’s how she did it.) Reality has to catch up to that kid and she has to start contributing to the family unit.
    As far as giving up your private life for your kids. You have got to be out of your mind to do that when especially when you have children as old as Alicia’s. They are leaving for College in a few short years. She will then be all alone and then what?
    In addition as an adult everyone is entitled to a private life.
    Being a good parent is not monitoring your kids 24/7. By the time they are teen agers if you’ve been a decent parent and not done every little thing for them, they should have enough self control to take care of their own business to a larger extent. Like coming home right after school unless previously arranged and helping in the house. Not too much to require.
    I agree with a previous post that stated she is the most annoying kid on TV.
    The best soulution in “real life” is also previously posted. Alicia should leave the job and work with Michael J Fox and develop a mature relationship with Will and see where that takes her/them.
    It would be empowering to see how a mature healthy loving relationship could develop between 2 consenting adults filled with mutual respect and caring. No more sneaking and lying etc.
    To say that would be boring and not good TV makes me feel sad. It would certainly be different as there is nothing like it that I can think of on TV.
    I also believe you can and should wear frilly sexy undergarments any time you want to even if it’s just for yourself. Why shouldn’t you treat yourself just as good as for another? Well, I think you should!
    If Alcicia goes back to Peter she has no sympathy from me. She will get what she deserves. Another knife in the back. Because of his Mother alone it’s enough cause to stay away from him. The old apple and tree thing.
    Kalista is the best thing on the program.

  40. Jason B says:

    First time i’ve been happy with this show in quite a while. Excellent episode all around!! I haven’t heard anyone talk about the outstanding job (again) by Michael J Fox. He needs to be a regular character if he is able to do it.

  41. Jill says:

    I absolutely think Alicia made the right call and decision last night; the whole Will and Alicia thing was bringing down the whole show, at least for me.
    I get why she did it; she hasn’t even had a breath barely between her packing off Peter and getting involved with Will. And yes, in theory, women can be moms, be happy, have separate lives from their children with a man they love, however Alicia and Will’s relationship isn’t just 2 random lawyers wanting to be involved. 1) He’s her boss 2)She’s his employee 3)Even if she’s separated from Peter, that’s not public, so she’s still married 4) Her separation isn’t public, and her husband is a public figure and all of that affects Alicia, Peter and Zach and Grace; it’s not as simple as Alicia and Will wanted it to be. It was always complicated from even before they began something.
    Will would be a huge idiot if he were to get involved with Caitlin? Why get involved with ANOTHER employee? Diane wouldn’t agree with that one, either, and him being involved romantically with employees is absolutely Diane’s business.

  42. MGL says:

    I thought the episode was excellent, and I think Diane was under the impression that Will was going to “dump” Alicia, and maybe he was, but she beat him to it. And I think his concerned look as he took the drink, was whether he will recover or not. He is the one that said that he loved her. But, with that said, I didn’t have to like the circumstances. I think when people are divorced any crisis with the children are going to bring them back together for that moment in time, but the writers really have to get her moving on from Peter. What he did to her was wrong and the land of TV should not make it out to be a forgivable act. Give women more respect. That said, there is nothing wrong with her dating Will and it really is one of the more enjoyable relationships on TV. The ups and downs are real. I don’t like the guessing with Peter. Peter attempting to take revenge but getting what he really deserves in the end would be enjoyable. And if Will does all of sudden want the family and white picket fence, she may be past some of what he is looking for. But if he is looking for a good companion in life, I think she would be great. The games get tiring.

  43. Mandy says:

    Yeah, I think Diane assumed Will did the dumping because Alicia left crying and she doesn’t think of Will being the type to be in love with Alicia. But Will’s line at the end of yes she will (get over it) was awesomely heartbreaking.
    While the whole weird 3some thing with Carey, Kalinda and the other chick is sort of dragging on, there is some crazy chemistry there and it is totally hot. And makes for some of the best lines on the show.

  44. Erin says:

    I am gutted that Will and Alicia broke up, they are so in love!! I am hoping that they get back together asap! We’ve waited too long for it to be over just like that..

  45. tnsmoke says:

    Will has been in love with Alicia since the end of Season 2. He tried many times to tell her how he wants to committ but she kept cutting him off and making it sound like “let’s just enjoy today”. And now, he’s ready to re-evaluate his life, his goals, to include her and maybe kids with her the she dumps him. He HAD a plan but she kept shooing him when he tried to talk about his feelings. He loves her too much to push her, and then he gets dumped. The writers better NOT turn this into a soap opera and make Alicia pregnant with Will’s kid (she had her IUD removed while Peter was in prison). Or no one night drunken sex with the new young blonde lawyer and her getting pregnant. Will stop watching if either happen. I think Will will encourage Alicia to go over to Cannings law firm to protect her from Wendy Scott Carr’s investigation into Lockhart-Garner.

  46. anodien says:

    Ok, so… I think that Will and Alicia are indeed in love. And I do want them together. BUT… There are still many things that “have to” play out before they can be together. Alicia still hasn’t gotten over the issues she has with Peter. The only time we saw her breaking was when she found out about Kalinda. And I can say the worst about Peter but matter of fact is that I trully believe he loves his children and that plays a major part in the relationship he has with Alicia. It goes without saying that to leave a marriage after so many years, with two children etc is not easy stuff. I’m sure that at some point those two will try to make it work but the way I see it is that it’ll only last until Alicia understands that she doesn’t feel anything for him anymore. Of course we’ll have the occasional blackmails etc if she goes back to Will blah blah… but I really hope that they’ll end up together because it was the first time that Will actually thought of commitment and that – for me – says a LOT! Anyways, can’t wait to see how it all goes down.

  47. Carol Williams says:

    How can Alicia return to Peter, if sh does the series is finished. The first thing Peter would do is ORDER her to finish at L/G. Back with her rat of a husband Alicia would go from being a team player to the ENEMY and Diane would have no option but to giveher the boot. Remember the series is filmed around L/G. Remember seeing a clip where both JC and JM said that fans would be on a journey with them.Instead of the end I believe this to be the beginning of that journey as two mature adults.Sure there will be tears,jealousies,and lots of bumps in the road but what great TV.Their little fling had to end as they were living in fantasy land. Hasn’t Chris Noth left to start filming in that mini series[ TITANIC] Unless they have filmed way ahead of time we may not get to see much of him. Know they don’t finish filming [TITANIC] till April next year. Carol.

  48. Trisha says:

    Matt, how did you not understand that exchange between Will and Diane? She obviously assumed he did what she wanted him to do which was end the relationship. All she saw was them parting ways. She doesn’t know what’s going on in Alicia’s personal life so she would have no reason to think Alicia ened it. Moving on…..I am so bummed that she ended things with Will! They really seemed to care for each other and love each other. I understand her reasons, but I hope she doesn’t get back with Peter. She doesn’t need him. I hope her and Will will reunite at some point.

  49. Trisha says:

    Are you kidding????? It’s the other way around! Will and Alicia have total chemistry and Peter and her have none!!!!!!!!!! What show are you watching?

  50. sophia says:

    noooo … the emmy is in the bag for julianna margulies! she’s bettr then claire danes and i watch homeland also