NBC's Munsters Remake: Let's Meet (and Cast) the New Family!

Halloween is long gone, so why do we have goosebumps? Maybe it’s because we now know the basic plot of NBC’s True Blood-meets-Modern Family reboot of The Munsters.

Basically, the clan starts over in a new town after 10-year-old Eddie learns that his relatives are all monsters. Of course, that he himself is a werepup remains a secret… for now!

Then again, we could also just be all a-tingle because, with Bryan Fuller writing the pilot and Bryan Singer directing, it almost has to be good. On second thought, that’s not it, either.

We’re actually on the edge of our seat because we just got a hold of the official character breakdowns, which means at last we get to play Armchair Casting Director!

HERMAN | TVLine recommends: Greek dean Alan Ruck. Although he’s a little older than the early-40s Frankendad he’d be playing, under all that make-up, who would notice anything but that his hangdog look brings to mind Fred Gwynne?

LILY | TVLine recommends: Buffy/Angel blood-sucker Juliet Landau. Yes, yes, I know it’s typecasting to suggest a vamp to play one. But you can’t deny she’d be scary-good as a ghoul who preys on the suicidal (so as to keep her conscience clear).

GRANDPA | TVLine recommends: Michael Chiklis. The former head of No Ordinary Family couldn’t be any further from the original Grandpa, Al Lewis — and that’s a good thing. The modern Munsters wants a younger Grandpa, a dangerous real lady (ahem) killer who’s got a thirst Tru Blood couldn’t possibly quench.

MARILYN | TVLine recommends: Anna Camp. You may not quite know her name yet, but trust me, you know her — most likely from True Blood (she was preacher’s wife Sarah) and now The Good Wife (she’s “smart blonde” Caitlin). And to know her is to love her. She’d be a hoot as the manners-minded “normal” Munster.

EDDIE | TVLine recommends: a newcomer. The Boy Scout who has no idea he’s destined to be Team Jacob is clearly going to be a role of the breakout variety. So I suspect it’s going to go to the next Rico Rodriguez or Chandler Riggs.

So, who do you think should be chosen to reinvent these classic characters? (See? I told you you’d get a turn!) The message board below is open for business…

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    I don’t have any suggestions other than … Stop remaking old shows! How about some fresh ideas out of Hollywood?

    • Rob says:

      Usually, I would agree, but this is Bryan Fuller, so it is sure to be genius. And canceled in three weeks.

      • Laugh! says:

        Totally agree! Bryan Fuller has been responsible for some of my all time favorite shows, 99% of which were cancelled too early. Say it with me, “We are the 99 and we want not to be cancelled!”

      • tvhabitblog says:

        I agree. I’d at least give it a try.

        Speaking of Team Jacob, how about Boo Boo Stewart for Eddie?

        And speaking of Buffy/Angel alumns, how about Julie Benz? All she needs is a wig and a break from A Gifted Man.

      • Julie says:

        Don’t be silly, they’ll probably give him at least four. Honestly, this was pretty much my exact thought process. With almost any other creator, I’d stay far away. I’ve never even seen the old Munsters. However, I just can’t resist a Bryan Fuller show. I’ll have to at least check out the pilot.

    • CJ says:

      This is SUCH a bad idea. What was funny about the original Munsters was the utterly cheesy silliness of it. It was not only completely silly, it KNEW it was silly and reveled in it. But these modern wunderkind directors and writers never get that aspect of superhero and monster stories. They not only take them seriously–they take them too seriously. They will attempt to explain how a Frankenstein monster and a female vampire have a wolfboy, and they will actually have Grandpa and Lily biting people’s necks, and the whole thing will be a piece of crap.

    • that dude says:

      If you could name one show out of Hollywood that has been original, please PLEASE let us know, because you cannot

    • NBC Right On! forget the negativity of those jerks I don’t watch prime time, never do, but I will for this I love the Munsters and a remake would be great. Used to watch it as a kid looking forward to premere, Thanks.

  2. Yes, Anna Camp is a no-brainer – she would rock it! Though isn’t this also a no-brainer moment to cast Brad Garrett as Herman Munster? He already does the impression in his standup.

  3. All Powerful Oz says:

    Why? Why? Why? The show was never ever funny. Should have left it in the graveyard…

  4. Tony Sirico as Grandpa. He already has the hair.

  5. PhillyInDC says:

    Herman: Brad Garrett (yes, too old prob for the part, but with his height and his dead pan timing, plus he does pretty well with dramatic roles)

    Lily: I think they should go the Modern Family route and cast someone similiar to Sophia Vergara – someone not necessarily a household name here, but will immediately become our favorite actress

    Marilyn: Def Anna Camp!!! (Broadway’s Equus, Pam’s sister on the Office)

    Grandpa: OK, TOTALLY against type: Martin Short. Obviously has the comedic chops… Dramatic: see The Good Wife

    Eddie: Unknown actor – but PLEASE dont do a stupid reality show to find that unknown

    • PhillyInDC says:

      Or… if House doesnt return and Hugh Laurie decides to re-neg on his “I’m not doing a TV show again.” – then Hugh Laurie

  6. cbnadler says:

    I want a Pushing Daisies reunion–get Anna Friel back on TV as Lily.

  7. PutAforkINit says:

    when will Hollywood stop remaking crap?
    didn’t they learn from recent disasters — Bionic Woman, Charlie’s Angels — just to name a couple


  8. Ross says:

    Making a new version of this (again) is lame- but you HAVE to cast Brad Garrett as Herman. That’s the ONLY reason for this to even exist!

  9. Dave says:

    For Eddie, I see eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan on One Life to Live). He is a fantastic actor, and would be perfectly suited to take on a prime time role after 10 years of learning on a soap opera.

  10. Bobby says:

    I LOVE the idea of making this more “real” if you will. I’m anxiously awaiting this show. Bryan Fuller has proven himself over and over again and I think Bryan Singer is perfect to direct.

  11. dessy says:

    This sounds like Once Upon A Time mushed up with The Addams family.
    Just saying.

    • Peng9803 says:

      Yes and it came BEFORE any of those. Not really a mash/mush-up when it pre-dates. Just saying.

      • Dessy says:

        I know that. I can read.

      • maggie says:

        “The Munsters” does NOT pre-date “The Addams Family.”

        “The Munsters” tv show debuted September 24, 1964

        “The Addams Family” tv show debuted September 18, 1964. It was based on the long-running series of cartoons by Charles Addams, published in The New Yorker magazine. His first Addams family cartoon was published in 1938, and he continued them for 50 years, until his death in 1988.

  12. Lil Jo says:

    Brittney Snow for Marylin.

  13. Andrew Perez says:

    If i was a casting director and hopefully some day i will. ill cast Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) as the head family man Herman Munster, for Lily (rumor out of a job Cougar Town mom) Courteney Cox, crazy Grandpa ill love Robin Williams but he’s such a movie star so instead i’ll cast either Carl Reiner or Don Rickles (after laughing with them on Hot in Cleveland), Marilyn has to be a sexy girl next door so Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights) is my choice, finally Joel Courtney (Super 8) as Eddie i love this kid

    • Asha says:

      Shut your face about cougar Town being cancelled. It’s going to make it. IT HAS TO MAKE IT! PENNY CAN!

      • Miffy says:

        “Shut your face”? Classy.

        News flash: Cougar Town is going to be cancelled. Not only is it a poorly written, unfunny show, but ABC clearly has no faith in it, given that they keep delaying it.

        Cougar Town is a ridiculous show that is going to be cancelled. Deal with it.

  14. Jason says:

    It’s not gonna be a comedy right? I f-ing love your suggestion of Juliet LAndau but damn you because now when she doesn’t get cast I’m going to be angry at what could have been! Eliza Dushku could make a good Marilyn.

  15. Richard says:

    Herman – Tom Cavanaugh
    Lily – Gina Gershon
    Grandpa – Ray Wise
    Marilyn – Amber Heard
    Eddie – An unknown….

  16. joe says:

    I guess they havent learned their lesson from Charlies angels , Knight rider ,the bionic woman, huh?

    • PhillyInDC says:

      I think this will be different than those shows. They were just carbon copies in terms of format, I think this takes a (somewhat) beloved sitcom and makes it edgier and more relevant.

    • Mark says:

      Not to mention Hawaii Five-0, Battlestar Galactica, and 90210.

      Oh, wait…

  17. Mark says:

    Ashley Tisdale for Marilyn.

  18. Ralph says:

    Just say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t do this, it is very unnecessary.


  19. s. says:

    Seriously!? I agree with most of you, this will not work. Save your money NBC! Bryan Singer hasn’t directed anything great since The Usual Suspects. He ruined the Superman and Xmen franchises, that’s why there’s the new movies coming soon. How about rebooting Gilligan’s Island! It would be Lost-Survival meets Revenge with a dash of Modern Family! Now that’s entertainment. NBC your welcome and I’ll be waiting for your phone call, LOL.

    • Jeff says:

      I completely agree with the last suggestion of a Gilligan’s Island reboot but I am also interested in seeing what cast they actually do come up with for The Munsters. I don’t see why so many people object to it. I mean, what’s it matter to you?? If you don’t want to watch it, then don’t watch it! I love the idea of Brad Garrett as Herman; and I noticed that Marcia Cross is soon to be done with her Housewives stint so how about throwing a long black wig on her to play Lily; if Ernest Borgnine weren’t so old he would make a great Grandpa I think; someone earlier suggested Amber Heard for Marilyn which I liked; and it’s just too bad this wasn’t done back in 1990 because Roseanne’s Michael Fishman (D.J. Conner) would have been the perfect Eddie!

  20. s. says:

    Oops I meant Survivor! Sorry didn’t mean to upset any fans :)

  21. Jamiah says:

    Will we NEVER learn?! When has a remake of a classic sitcom ever worked? Or a remake of any classic show. Charlie’s Angels, anyone?

  22. David says:

    Anna Camp would be wonderful! I loved her as the sectionals judge during the first season of Glee! That was probably my favorite scene, ever, from that show!

  23. Matt says:

    Doesn’t NBC view this as a summer show? I thought I read that. If so, I don’t get all the negativity towards it. It’s better than some summer reality garbage.

  24. gargumma says:

    Think brilliant Fred Gwynne. Who has that long chin and big eyes today? Jon Hamm? Brad Garrett seems obvious, but I’m sure he would make it “Robert as a monster”, so blah. You know who would work as a fantastic Lily Munster? Melinda Clarke!

  25. Templar says:

    I agree that Brad Garret is an obvious choice for Herman. I’d like Bebe Neuwirth as Lily. And coming way out of left field, Bill O’Reilly as Grandpa. LOL

  26. corey ackerman says:

    cmon brad garrett as herman munster that is the obvious choice… he is herman munster…. born for the role

  27. WKD2 says:

    To answer the previous question posed by Jamiah, There is one previous show on the air now that’s a remake: Hawaii 5-0 and it’s in its 2nd season.

  28. Templar says:

    Coming soon to a scrap heap near you: Reboots of Gilligan’s Island, Hogan’s Heroes, M*A*S*H and Dallas [whoops, that one is already scheduled.]. Leftovers, nothing but leftovers. Sigh

  29. Michael Weiss says:

    Dahlia Dark should be cast as Lily Munster. You’ve got it all wrong with Juliet Landau. Dahlia Dark is fresh faced and has more of Yvone DeCarlo’s sultriness and cheekbones.

  30. Matt says:

    Isn’t the obvious Marilyn Kristen Bell?

  31. Mark says:

    Herman- Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Julian McMahon, Robert Gant, or Liev Schreiber

    Lily- Charlotte Ross, Anna Friel, Evangeline Lilly, or Leah Remini

    Marilyn- Katie Cassidy, Diana Agron, Rumer Willis, or Carly Schroeder

    Grandpa- Jim Beaver, Jerry Mathers, Jay Thomas, or Richard Lewis

    Eddie- Dakota Goyo, Asa Butterfield, Joel Courtney, or Colin Ford

  32. Thatdude says:

    HERMAN | TVLine recommends: Greek dean Alan Ruck. Although he’s a little older than the early-40s Frankendad he’d be playing, under all that make-up, who would notice anything but that his hangdog look brings to mind Fred Gwynne?

    Uh, you can’t replace/remake his verison of Herman, just can’t. So you need to bring your own Herman to the show, not Gwynne’s. Because if you try to replicate his version of Herman you would ruin the show.

  33. entwashian says:

    Kristen Bell for Marilyn!

  34. d says:

    Paul Wesley always look like a grown up Eddie to me, those eyebrows…

  35. Edenheart says:

    Whether it’s The Munsters or Charlie’s Angels, I feel insulted. As if I long for the retread! There’s more to this surge in ‘reboots’ and ‘remakes’ than meets the eye. It feels like an avalanche! The fact is, network television will inevitably plateau far below standard because of the changing nature of how and why we watch television. The boneheads at NBC keep throwing insults at its audience hoping for gold; eventually they will be absorbed. The only ‘network’ programming I watch is ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘Law & Order: SVU’, otherwise I get exponentially better story-telling and stimulation from cable. I check in, keep an eye out, give some things a chance, but ultimately I am left feeling manipulated and insulted. Here Come The Munsters!

  36. jennifer says:

    Herman- RON PEARLMAN!!!
    Lilly- Anna Friel
    Grandpa- Ernest Borgnine- i think having a younger grandpa is a terrible idea
    Marylin- Amber Heard
    Eddie- I have no idea.

  37. Dave says:

    Kristen Bell for Marilyn.

  38. Mike says:

    I’m actually looking forward to the possibilities of this show. Take it for what it is and how it’s intended and don’t try to compare it to the original… that can’t be done. To make an exact remake of the original show is impossible. You cannot replace Fred, Yvonne or Al in the original roles.

    That being said and knowing what I know about the new concept…

    Herman: Alan Ruck or Ron Perlman
    Lily: Helena Bonham Carter
    Grandpa: Michael Chiklis
    Marilyn: Dakota Fanning or Kristen Bell
    Eddie: Bring in some NEW blood!

  39. Darrell Hayes says:

    I think Brad Garrett has the look and the voice to play The Munster Dad !

  40. Stu says:

    Thank you Andy and Michael for attempting to cast for the characters and NOT the actors who used to play the characters!!!

  41. Sarah says:

    I agree that Eddie should be a newer actor. – I think Seth Isaac Johnson who plays Denny Larsen in AMC’s The Killing would be perfect!!!

  42. Jorja says:

    I just looked him up on imdb and I totally agree that kid from The Killing would be a great Eddie!! Looks like the perfect age too! Check it out!!

  43. Adam says:

    I love the Killing! I also think Seth would make a great Eddie! He’s wonderful on the show.

  44. Adam says:

    I love the Killing! Seth would be awesome. He’s wonderful on the show.

  45. Brad Garrett from Raymond! He does an awesome imersonation and he’s tall. he’d be perfect!

  46. Keven Gumm says:

    How come they couldn’t get Brad Garrett to portray Herman?