Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Gossip Girl, Grey's, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Revenge and More!

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Question: All I want for Christmas is… Dan and Blair. The last few episodes of Gossip Girl were rather light on those two. Anything good coming up on the “Dair” front in next week’s episode? —Alannah
Ausiello: Christmas has come early for you, Alannah: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Dan and Blair are (drumroll, please) moving the frak in together! In Monday’s fall finale, Blair —uncertain about her future and plagued by the paparazzi — moves to Brooklyn and bunks with Dan! While there, she yearns for his… advice in helping her finally choose between Chuck and Louis.

Question: Any Grey’s Anatomy scoop? Especially on Meredith and Derek? —Bridget
Ausiello: ABC wants them both back next season. I hear the network has begun preliminary talks with the show’s original castmembers (including Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey) to extend their contracts beyond the current season. My guess? Dempsey will agree to return for an abbreviated number of episodes; everyone else will be back full-time. (Again, that’s just my guess.)

Question: Did Pan Am get cancelled? Please say no. — Ariana
Ausiello: Well, it hasn’t been cancelled… yet. But it doesn’t look good. See, the show was hoping to produce a 15th episode this season, and when that didn’t happen, leading lady Karine Vanasse sounded the alarm on Twitter — not illogically but nonetheless a bit prematurely. When the series wraps production in early January, it will be following the completion of its 14th episode. A decision on a second season probably won’t be made until May. In the meantime, the show will likely remain on the air until February. Speaking of which, between now and then, Colette will get mixed up with the incognito prince of Morocco, Laura will come within one degree of separation from Andy Warhol, and Kate will try to flirt away pilfered rocket plans from an Italian Emissary.

Question: You’re guilty of having the best Good Wife scoop on the Interwebs. And I’m guilty of being greedy, so can I have more? —Chris
Ausiello:  Rumor has it Will is not the only person Wendy Scott Carr is trying to take down.

Question: Dude… show some love. Where is the Supernatural scoop? — Robin
Ausiello: During an upcoming visit to Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie — think Chuck-E-Cheese minus Chuck and possibly also the cheese — the Winchesters will run afoul of an employee who comes off like Peter Pan… but underneath is probably more like Captain Hook.

Question: I am loving this season of 90210 but I am in need of some really juicy scoop. —Ken
Ausiello: In the show’s Dec. 6 fall finale, Liam will be seriously injured when he’s hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. But that’s not the juicy scoop. This is the juicy scoop: The person driving the car is none other than [IDENTITY OF FEMALE CHARACTER HIDDEN—TOO SPOILERY!].

Question: Here’s the deal. I’m loving Happy Endings (which has the best cold opens on TV, if anyone’s noticed), but I want more Max romance action! When’s the guy going to get a real boyfriend? —Leah
Ausiello: Cupid strikes this February!

Question: The death you’ve been alluding to for weeks — was it Sophia on The Walking Dead? —Ryan
Ausiello: Sure wasn’t. I was referring to the shocking murder of ****** on Boardwalk Empire.

Question: Any clues on which main castmember of The Walking Dead threatened to quit in the wake of Frank Darabont-gate? Also, what is the likelihood that he/she will get his/her wish? —Matthew
Ausiello: Can’t offer any clues. Sorry. But to answer your second question, I hear he ultimately got his wish. (Oops!)

Question: I was wondering if there was anything you could spoil about my new favorite show, Once Upon a Time? —Wendy
Ausiello: I flunked Fairytale 101 at USC, so do me a solid and help me decipher this new casting breakdown: The show is looking for an actress in her 30s to early 40s to play a sweet, quirky, charming and clumsy fairy named Nova.

Question: Can I please get some scoop on Pretty Little Liars? —Sal
Ausiello: TVLine’s Vlada Gelman screened the show’s Jan. 2 winter premiere and filed this spoiler-laced report —complete with bullet points!
• Someone’s moving back to Rosewood, and that means major trouble for one of the four girls.
• The girls get dangerously close to ‘A’ — like, close enough to touch their tormentor — and acquire some valuable leverage in the process.
• ‘A’ underestimated Emily. Look for the so-called weak link to find her backbone, big time.
• It’s “coming out” day for Aria and Ezra! But just because they’re going public to her parents doesn’t mean things are going to get any easier for the couple.

Question: Even though it’s still a ways off, I can’t stop thinking about Season 5 of True Blood! I need to know anything, absolutely anything, about anything that may be happening next season! — Tanya
Ausiello: How about this? In the wake of Nan’s slaying, next season we’ll be meeting the Authority council, a colorful bunch that includes Kibwe, an Andre Braugher type who’s a proponent of prisoner rehab; Rosalyn Harris, a tough cookie who, from what I hear, could have been separated at birth from Paula Deen; and Alexander, a mischief-maker who only looks like he’s 9.

Question: Do you have any scoop for show Revenge? —Lauren
Ausiello: The show is currently casting a doozy of a part: Grayson granddad Donald. The seventysomething is said to be a formidable figure, the self-made sort who’d probably loathe the snooty weasel that Conrad’s become. My hunch: Jed Allan will be on the horn with his agent as soon as he reads this item.

Question: I hear there are some great Finn/Santana scenes coming up on Glee. I’m intrigued! What does this storyline entail? — Kristen
Ausiello: Think of it as a Christmas miracle. In the show’s holiday episode, the two have a great scene in which they bury the hatchet for good. (Or at least for good for now.) When he asks her to help him pick out a present for Rachel, she talks him out of a necklace (a gift she claims sends the wrong message) and into a pair of earrings. Oh, and speaking of the Christmas ep: As Lea Michelle revealed on Twitter this week, the hour will pay homage to the classic (and ubercheesy) holiday specials of the ’60s, complete with classic Yuletide scenes, an over-the-top announcer and way-over-the-top costumes (e.g. Rory as Itchy the Christmas Elf).

Question: So exactly how naked is Charlie Hunnam in next week’s Sons of Anarchy finale? Inquiring minds need to know. —Sam
Ausiello: Naked enough that I went to the gym immediately after watching the finale, walked over to the stack of free weights and wept uncontrollably for 20 straight minutes. Speaking of the spectacularly satisfying finale, SOA boss Kurt Sutter told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich that the capper, which concludes Dec. 6, “paints one or two characters into a corner, but ultimately continues to open up the avenue of stories for the rest of the club, so we can keep things going in Season 5.”

Question: Quick — five favorite shows of the moment. Go. —Amber
Ausiello: Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Revenge, Community and The Good Wife.

Question: Any chance you could give me something on either Cougar Town or Community, to help me forget that we are living in this dark, dark timeline? —Ainav
Ausiello: TV Land is jumping on the Cougar Town Cameo bandwagon! Sources confirm that Josh Hopkins will turn up in a January episode of Hot in Cleveland! (But as revealed in our TVLine-Up, the next CTC comes during tonight’s Body of Proof.)

Question: OK, spill. Tell us everything you know about next week’s Castle episode that finds our favorite duo handcuffed in bed together! —Cheryl
Ausiello: I’m all tapped out on “Cuffed.” Sorry. As a consolation, here’s a scoop on the upcoming Kardashian-esque spoof starring Hilarie Burton and Justin Hartley: Nana Visitor of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Torchwood fame will play Dr. Phyllis Barker, an eminent canine therapist whose talents are called upon when it’s discovered that one of her “clients” witnessed a murder.

Question: Any scoop on Rookie Blue for the upcoming Season 3? —Elizabeth
Ausiello: Blue is introducing a new Rookie. The show is casting the role of Leslie, a smart detective in her 30s who has the gravitas to run a division. She’ll appear in three episodes of Season 3 and will likely recur during Season 4 (assuming there is a Season 4).

Question: A while back you tweeted a blind item about a freshman launching one of the most “hackneyed plots of the TV season.” Please tell me it’s not Revenge. —Jamie
Ausiello: It’s not Revenge, but you’re close. The show starts with “R” and the plot in question involves a false rape accusation. [Groan]

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! Happy Thanksgiving! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. dee123 says:

    Meh. Fans of the original Queer As Folk have already seen Charlie naked.

  2. yunuem says:


    • TV fan says:

      It’s got Ringer, with Mr. Carpenter, falsely accused of raping …Juliet?

      • Ren says:

        Agreed! She’s kinda becoming obsessed with him. So she’s probably going to make her move on him and when he rejects her again, she’s going to cry rape. Smh.

        • Snapy says:

          I like “girl who cried rape” plots. Very soapy!

          • jennrae says:

            The problem with these “girl who cried rape” plots is that it undermines real rape victims. True victims get second-guessed and dragged through the mud because of the girls who lie, real and fictional.

          • lipsticksocialism says:

            agree with jennrae. It’s not that it doesn’t happen, but it’s portrayed FAR too often. Fact check: false rape accusations happen as often as false accusations of other crimes.

          • Snapy says:

            Excuse me, but what about the GUYS?! A false rape accusation can be very damaging to a man’s reputation. Sorry, but I’m on Team Teacher.

      • Russ says:

        It is Ringer, I just watched the episode. How lame!

  3. Mark says:

    So Ringer, then?

  4. Michael Sacal says:

    Question: Any clues on which main castmember of The Walking Dead threatened to quit in the wake of Frank Darabont-gate? Also, what is the likelihood that he/she will get his/her wish? —Matthew
    Ausiello: Can’t offer any clues. Sorry. But to answer your second question, I hear he ultimately got his wish. (Oops!)

    So it’s a he.

    • wordsmith says:

      hence the “oops”, I imagine.

      Ah, Ausiello, you’re a sly one…

      • Nicole says:

        In interviews leading up to season 2, Jon Bernthal (Shane) sounded like he could barely contain his bitterness re: the whole Darabont thing, so if it’s not him, I’d be shocked. He has had an opportunity to do some really good stuff this season, it makes sense that he’d want to stay, now that he’s such a focus of the show.

        • Michael Sacal says:

          The consensus seems to be that it’s Jeffrey DeMunn who wants to leave. I rather it was Bernthal than him, and what you say makes sense. Seeing how people have responded to the character would want him to change his mind about leaving (if indeed it is Bernthal)

  5. Bennetta Schmidt says:

    The fairy Nova from “Once Upon a Time” sounds kind of like Merriwether from “Sleeping Beauty”. This is, after all, a Disney company product.

    • 8daysaweek says:

      That sounds about right. Anyone else think “sweet, quirky, charming and clumsy fairy” sounds like a great part for Kristin Chenoweth? My TV misses her. The show she’s doing now is on ABC too, I think.

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      That was my first thought too.

      But if anybody else has read the fun fairy tale stories by Gale Carson Levine, I also thought about the Fairy from The Fairy’s Mistake and The Fairy’s Return :-D

    • robinepowell says:

      I didn’t think of that. Have they introduced Sleepy Beauty yet?

      I was actually thinking of Cinderella’s fairy godmother. I wonder who’ll she be?

      I was just e-mailing some family members about Belle and how all the characters, so far, are Disney cartoons. If they introduce Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel, then we’ll know that ABC is straying away from the obvious Disney fairytales. ;)

      • Sara says:

        You may not have noticed, but Red Riding Hood IS a character on the show. Granny owns the B&B.

      • Holly says:

        They already had Cinderella’s fairy godmother, didn’t they? And Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin killed her. Right? Did I imagine this?

      • Bennetta says:

        The “Evil Queen” visited Maleficent in one episode.

      • kms says:

        They are targeting Disney fairy tales because of licensing rights since Disney owns ABC. Also, they are using ones that are more public domain and no one owns the rights. As it gets further in, it will hopefully include more characters. They want to do Peter Pan but the licensing is difficult. It was a big story in EW magazine.

    • Sara says:

      Merriweather was the first fairy that popped into my mind too.

  6. Katie says:

    GAH I cannot wait for the SOA finale; it’s been a wild season!

  7. Christiana says:


  8. Camilla says:

    Yay! I love how Finn and Santana work together either if it is on fight or as friends

  9. Slizabeth says:

    Is Andrew’s daughter on the Ringer going to say her teacher raped her?! That’s all I can think of. Not cool.

  10. legxleg says:

    Oh God, is the awful daughter on Ringer is going to accuse one of the teacher who wouldn’t respond to her flirting of raping her? Please, please tell me I am wrong.

  11. DMTS says:

    That Gossip Girl spoiler is the funniest I’ve heard in ages. Completely loving this Sassy Gay Friend status Dan has going with Blair while she’s off deciding between her Prince and Dark Knight.

    • Jesse says:

      I don’t remember Sassy Gay Friend ever being in love with any of the girls he gives advice to…My point being, Dan’s not gay. My point being, your comment doesn’t really apply…

    • Avi says:

      Maybe if Dan got a hair cut, Blair could take him seriously. I don’t know what is worse, Dan’s hair or that hideous collar necklace thing that Rufus was wearing this week at that weird dance party they had at Lily’s place.

  12. Lauren says:

    I think Dale is going to die on “The walking dead”

  13. toni says:

    Is the hackneyed plot on Ringer?

  14. chestal says:

    OMG that Dair spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!

  15. Kristen says:

    Please oh please don’t let Annie be the one driving the car that hits Liam. Freshman series rape accusation is definitely Ringer – Juliet and her teach.

    • Lauren says:

      Haha as soon as I read that I actually hoped it would be Annie. That would be hilarious.

      • Summer says:

        I can so see Annie running people over every couple of years becoming a recurring theme.

        And okay, the show is probably Ringer, but I hope it’s not Juliet and her teacher. That’s just…too obvious.

        • Nicole says:

          OMG that would be AMAZING. Annie needs to hit Liam, drive away while he’s unconscious, and then the camera pans up to show Jasper watching from the hills. Is it possible for something to be TOO hilarious?

          • Kristen says:

            Okay, that would be hilarious if Annie was the one to hit Liam, especially add in Jasper lurking around. LOL Annie and Liam are my guilty pleasure couple. I adore them together. I can’t imagine hitting him with a car will go over so well. LOL

  16. Clau says:

    NO AMERICAN HORROR STORY? Seriously??? =(

  17. SM says:

    the one with the blind item is totally starting to sound like Ringer, freshman, starts with an R, nothing else comes to mind especially with ringer not having the most original plots so far..

  18. Dizzle says:

    It’s the only other one I can think of. Could this be Bridget trying to throw Henry under the bus to save her ‘relationship’ with Andrew?

  19. Dizzle says:

    Actually, I’d LOVE it if it was Annie on 90210 who hits Liam. Hit-And-Run-Annie! She’s certainly got prior form.

  20. Maja says:

    So Juliet on Ringer is gonna accuse Jason Dohring’s character of rape? So much dnw :( I also hate fake rape plots.

  21. Emily says:

    Sad not to get Chuck and Blair info, but I find it rather hilarious that Blair still treats D like her last resort and first minion.

    The promo is definitely what has me excited for next week. Chair kiss! <3

  22. RedsledDan says:

    News broke that PanAm was cancelled. Can you confirm?

    • Jessica says:

      He answers this in the post.

      Question: Did Pan Am get cancelled? Please say no. — Ariana
      Ausiello: Well, it hasn’t been cancelled… yet. But it doesn’t look good. See, the show was hoping to produce a 15th episode this season, and when that didn’t happen, leading lady Karine Vanasse sounded the alarm on Twitter — not illogically but nonetheless a bit prematurely.

  23. tessa says:

    I just want to see some movement on the romantic side of Dair! Please Blair, wake up and realize The Pauper is your true prince!

  24. shannon says:

    please tell me its not ringer .. please ..

  25. Can't comment says:

    Why can’t I comment?

  26. Brooke says:

    Hooray for a Rookie Blue spoiler! I love that show so much and the fact that it’s Canadian just sends it over the top! I cannot wait until Season 3 starts and really, really hope that there’s a Season 4! Also, for GG, can Blair and Chuck just get together already? I love them together. They are definitely endgame in my opinion. Dan is, and forever will be, stuck in the friends zone.

  27. Eliz says:

    Aus, Really? The Walking Dead ranks in your top five right now? I ask because according to my count it’s only had one good episode since its second season opener. Why, oh why, are people giving WD any accolades at all? I’m so disappointed by WD’s missed opportunities & AMC’s mismanagement. I expected more from you, Aus.

    • Rain says:

      People are giving it accolades because some of us actually loved this season. Imagine that, people with differing opinions!

  28. Paige says:

    First thing that came to mind with that Once Upon A Time scoop was 1 of the 3 fairies from Sleeping Beauty. And upon further research Merryweather seems most likely to be the fairy in question seeing as her name means “One with a sunny disposition” plus Nova has to do with a star becoming brighter.

  29. Sandra says:

    So why exactly is Blair moving in to the loft? The paps? Well at least no one can say anymore that Brooklyn is an issue for Blair not being with Dan.

  30. what says:

    Really still spelling Lea Michele’s name wrong. One L in the last name.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    I miss the days when Serena and Blair were best friends. I’m sad about the state of their friendship, when I look at the sneak peek and then read this.

  32. Mary says:

    DAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! I’m shappy soooooo freaking now!!!Gosh these two are such an addiction!<3

  33. april-ann says:

    I’m so disappointed! I know this is unpopular, but I want Dair! Chuck and Blair just cancel each other out with the way they destroy each other, and she’s not in love with Louis (I’m betting he turns out to be gay and just needs a beard and an American one is better than using one from his own country). I don’t think she should be pregnant – they didn’t need to throw in this lame overused plot device for any of her storylines right now. They’ve all grown up now and should move on to more mature relationships, and Dan can be that for her.

    • Brett says:

      I don’t think it is a popular opinion anymore to love Dan + Blair! I’d say the Gossip Girl fandom is pretty evenly split at this point. Chuck + Blair supporters are just a little more vocal.

      • Trudi says:

        Think again. The GG fandom is clearly & soundly behind Chuck&Blair by an OVERWHELMING margin. There is NO debate. Just check out the forums & social media. It’s CHAIR all the way and always has been/will be!!

        • april-ann says:

          I know that, I just don’t know why. Those two destroy one another. (Chuck SOLD her for pete’s sake). I can’t deny their chemistry, but given the chance Dan and Blair have it too. Possibly more so because it could be deeper than just immature lust and false longing.

          • Emily says:

            Why do people say that Chuck and Blair is immature lust or false longing? That’s just choosing to believe the opposite of what the show says over and over again. Chuck WAS immature and made PLENTY of mistakes, but he’s sorry for them and he’s changing and he quite literally loves Blair more than life itself, so… I just don’t understand why it’s necessary to pretend otherwise, no matter who you ship.

        • Not true says:

          You’re wrong. Dair and Chair fans are equally divided. A lot of Dair fans don’t participate in polls anymore, cause we aren’t as loud and annoying as Chair fans. All of my friends love Dair, but they dont read spoilers, comment, etc. Just cause of a poll that a bunch of 14 year old girls are commenting on, doesn’t mean thats the popular couple. Chair fans are very immature what with their death threats and bullying ways, and constantly making fun of people’s looks. In fact the Chair centered episode with no Dair scenes last week had a 15 percent decline in viewers. Also, on a lot of polls that i have seen lately it’s been pretty divided with what the fans want.

      • Ashley says:

        It doesn’t matter who has more fans, although Chuck and Blair do have more. But at the end of the day, it’s irrelevant because the writing supports the Chuck/Blair relationship and it doesn’t support the Dair one.

        Dan is going to tell Blair to choose Chuck. Blair is in love with Chuck. I don’t know how they can make that more clear than they already have.

        • magnolia says:

          okay i hate how people just act like chair fans are vicious i mean we are but dair fans are too! Maybe not as cause they dont have quite as big a shipper group, i would say its about 70% chair 30% dair at this point, but the point is chuck and blair was a couple and have been on and off since season 1 dair has never actually dated they had one kiss and they are good friends but i dont know why so many ship for them because they have not dated and despite how everyone says she is in denial i think she is just not interested whatever everyone can ship for who they want to ship for but dont say things that arent even close to being true!

  34. tvaddict says:

    So on The Walking Dead it has to be Dale that is dying-he is the only male actor on the series that I can think of that has been in other Frank Darabont projects. As long as they keep Rick, Carl, Andrea, Glenn, and Daryl around I will be happy

  35. Cheryl says:

    Yay! Loving Supernatural’s Season 7!! The show is finally back to being the story of Sam and Dean again!

  36. Marcy says:


  37. Amber says:

    DAIR IS LIKE A DRUG!!! xD I’m so addicted 2 them. I’m pretty sure this otp will be the DEATH OF ME!!

  38. Jennifer says:

    That’s not a Spoiler for the Grey’s question that’s Speculation

  39. Adam says:

    Wow Dair! That’s a big step towards something huge between Dan and Blair. Gonna bet it will feel like home there. Big step.

  40. Leigh says:

    Hilarious GG scoop!! Blair deciding between her ONE TRUE LOVE CHUCK & the guest star who has LONG outstayed his usefulness. Dan is pathetic!!
    Cannot wait for the CHAIR EPICNESS!! CB=DESTINY & GG’s OTP!!

  41. LH says:

    LMAO at the “sassy gay friend” remark re: Dan on Gossip Girl. I was thinking EUNICH was more appropriate. Dan really needs a copy of “SHE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU”!!!


    • Kathy says:

      I find it hilarious that Chair fans hate Dan so much, when Dan is going to help Blair go back to Chuck, that’s what a great guy Dan is. Idiot. DAIR FOREVER

      • LYgewr says:

        well dair fans hate chuck for no reason too so…. your point? i dont even hate dan i really liked him up until this season when he has just been annoying

  42. James Curtis says:

    Really? Nana Visitor’s “canine therapist” character on Castle is named “Barker”?

  43. DL says:

    The “Rosalyn Harris” character on True Blood sounds like she could be a little influenced by “Southern Vampire” author Charlaine Harris. At the least, the choice of last name seems like a nice nod to her. Been waiting for her to pop up in the background again.

  44. Rose says:

    I think it’s funny to say the Gossip Girl fandom is pretty much split between Dair and Chair. I won’t deny that Dair clearly has a fandom, but to say it’s on par with Chair’s is laughable. Chair is still the overwhelming majority, even Penn knows it! Not to mention there are still Derena fans out there too.

    • Allie says:

      Yeah, it seems to be maybe 70-30, and that’s being generous to Dair. The problem is that it’s such an AU relationship, it only works if you eliminate all of the other characters- pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

    • Ashley says:

      Agreed about Chair and Derena. From what I’ve seen Derena is just as if not more popular than Serenate.

  45. Nikki says:

    I think it would be refreshing to see Blair and Dan together as a couple. Now if only they could pair Serena with someone worthwhile. With the exception of Dan the only other guy who she had a real relationship and great chemistry with was, and yes I’m going there, Carter Baizen. Every relationship after that has seemed bland, lacking the fervor which Carter brought to the table. It’s no surprise considering how much Sebastian Stan brings to every role he plays and I doubt I’m the only one who wishes that he’d return to the show.

  46. CD says:

    CHAIR is DESTINY. They are GG’s ENDGAME & EVERYONE knows it–even Penn B. himself! Blair COMPLETELY loves Chuck Bass & ONLY Chuck and the same is true of Chuck w/Blair. Those two are meant-to-be in EVERY way!! You can FEEL it every time in every scene on-screen since the beginning of the series. CB FIT to PERFECTION!!
    There is NOTHING romantic between Blair and Dan AND I highly doubt there ever will be–Blair simply does NOT view him that way. They are friends–plain & simple. Not to mention the Blair/Serena bff relationship. It’s one-sided & PATHETIC at this point. They need to kill it yesterday. It drags the show down!

  47. Allie says:

    I can’t stand Dair romantically, but this spoiler doesn’t bother me at all. It’s just more evidence that Blair isn’t actually interested in Dan, she keeps treating him like a girlfriend. It’s kind of a bummer that he seems to have usurped Serena’s role, but it’s better than a romance, I guess.

    • Hojana says:

      She will be interesting romantically soon enough. They’ve all hinted at it already. I’m more than sure it’ll prove that Chair isn’t end game either.

      • Allie says:

        I’m sorry, but no matter what happens with Dair, Blair’s still going to end up with Chuck. They’ve made that so obvious, the only way to not realize it is if you’re just reading fanfiction and ignoring the show entirely.

        If I were you, I would just enjoy whatever you get in the meantime.

        • Hojana says:

          I am watching the show and that’s why I said this. The entire Chuck & Blair relationship is so muddied up then can never clean it up. Will they won’t, will they won’t they has gone to the point that no one cares and just wish they’d move on from each other and the abusive relationship they are in.

          • Allie says:

            Aww, it only took you like two posts to start whining about abuse. And that is how you know you don’t have a valid point.

          • Elizabeth says:

            abusive relationship
            The aggressor awards the right to control the life and the conduct of his couple
            To make it happy, the victim resigns persons and activities that were important in his life
            The aggressor devalues the opinions, feelings and achievements of his couples
            The victim gets confused before the sudden changes of his couple that, without way of foreseeing them, go of the most sweet captivation to the rage
            The victim is in the habit of feeling perplex, disoriented or out of place opposite to other one
            The aggressor is extremely jealous and possessive
            The aggressor blames his pair for everything what works badly in the relation
            I have not seen these signs in the relation of Chuck and Blair
            In addition the same producers said that his relation is not abusive
            So you do not know what is an abusive relation do not write stupidities

        • Ashley says:

          Agreed Allie. I’m fine with people shipping Dair, but it should be clear by now that Blair is in love with Chuck and they will end up together, no matter who you ship. They have all the development as a couple and all the history, and they love each other. It’s simple as that. I like Dan and Blair as friends and as you said this spoiler does not bug me because I know that Chuck and Blair will end up together and Blair sees Dan as a friend.

          • abcdefg says:

            completely agree dair fans just need to stop thinking that dan is the one she loves the most cause its not true chair ftw!!

  48. JD says:

    There is NO comparison in terms of fandom–Chuck&Blair RULE Gossipdom!!! The VAST majority of viewers love them, support them, & tune in for their EPIC love story. CB is GG’s HEART & SOUL and THE reason the show became a culture phenomenon & the CHAIR pairing right along with it!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME!! Simple truth.

    • Hojana says:

      Is that why the ratings drop each time the episode is centered around Chuck and Blair?

      • CHAIRleader says:

        Try again. The OOC Blair and Dan story has nearly killed the show. It started last season & continues this season. Ratings started nosediving as soon as it hit the screen. The story is force-fed, contrived, and completely absurd. It drags Blair down & makes Dan look even more PATHETIC than usual. His unrequited “wuv” is nonsensical & does not jive with the tenets of the show.

        • Hojana says:

          Numbers do not lie. Each episode that has been promoted as a Dair episode has been higher in ratings than an episode that was promoted as Chair.

          Like last nights which dropped in ratings.

          • CHAIRleader says:

            You need to re-check your numbers because you could not be more wrong. Fact is TONS of viewers are staying away until CHAIR is back together & the OOC crap is OFF the screen!! Chuck&Blair ARE the show & THE reason viewers tune in. I can understand why many are boycotting…They figure why tune in for dragged-out-beyond-belief OOC filler?!! They are waiting for our just rewards: CB 4 LIFE & it WILL happen…Bank on it!!! They are GG’s OTP!!

          • Emily says:

            First off, ratings have such a number of outside factors that it has very little to do with the Nielsen viewers thinking they will watch an episode because the promo has DB versus because it has CB. Secondly, the ratings are so low to begin with that it really doesn’t matter one way or the other, since nothing is really going to bring them up again.

          • Ashley says:

            I’m sorry but you cannot say that every episode that has been promoted as a Dair episode has had better ratings. That’s just not true.

            First of all, most Gossip Girl fans do not read spoilers (just like for any show), so they have no clue when a Dair episode is going to happen or not.

            Secondly, there are loyal fans of the show that watch every week no matter what, like me. So it’s irrelevant whether it’s a Dair episode or not.

            Thirdly, I don’t really know what you mean by promoted as a Dair episode? Because like I said, the only people that would see this are people who read spoilers. 30 second promos aren’t enough to deem an episode a Dair heavy one or not.

            Lastly, you’re not taking into account other things like what else is on that week in that time slot that may be taking away viewers.

            It’s football season in the U.S. That can take away viewers. It’s also the holiday season.

            So don’t say Dair episode= better ratings and act like this is fact.

          • Svenja says:

            I think the writers are in a difficult position.
            Big parts of the fandom want different things.
            I for one am just bored with Chair. They used to be super hot and super interesting, but now I cannot feel for them any longer. I don’t even have an explanation.
            I am on team Dair, but it doesn’t mean that I hate Chair.
            I am just not thrilled by them any longer. It was been overdone, but I am a die-hard fan. I am a fan, but it is not on top of my fav shows. Maybe that is why I am not as passionate as some of the Dair and Chair shippers.

      • ana muller says:

        enough with the crazy ratings talk! And I mean no disrespect but do Dair fans really think they are the majority? Because in every poll, and in every conversation I have with friends about gossip girl people prefer Chuck/Blair, I swear I’m not being biased, it’s just truth! Anyways here’s my take on the Dan/Blair relationship: It’s pretty obvious that they are becoming best friends at this point, and I love that! So I think them being a couple would be ridiculous right now, also judging by the last episode she is still very much in love with Chuck. Dan will probably help Blair choose, he wants her to be happy and realizes that she isn’t remotely romantically interested in him (probably because she has way too much on her plate right now!) but anyways their friendship is going strong, and that’s what I think the show should explore, B and D are amazing friends.

  49. Manu says:

    OMG SQUEEING at the Dair spoiler SO much!!!!

    HAving ER!Roomies flashbacks, THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!

    Dan & Blair are THE couple, they need to happen soon, but I do love the build up they’ve gotten so far!

    Now… hoping for a second half with lots more of it!

    Thanks for the scoop Ausiello!