The Killing Exclusive: Michelle Forbes Back as Series Regular, Plus More Season 2 Scoop

Mitch Larsen will for certain be around for the reveal of her daughter Rosie’s killer, now that Michelle Forbes has been locked in as a series regular for Season 2 of AMC’s The Killing, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Killing Star Mireille Enos Defends Controversial Finale: ‘It Was Really Smart Storytelling’

Forbes earned an Emmy nomination for her heart-wrenching portrayal of Mitch, whose teen daughter died under very mysterious circumstances. And though Season 1 wrapped with wannabe Seattle mayor Darren Richmond being wrongly pinched for — and then seemingly killed for — the murder, series boss Veena Sud assured us that in Season 2, “We will solve the investigation of who murdered Rosie Larsen — all will be revealed — and there will also be a second case that emerges.”

Speaking of the rain-drenched drama’s sophomore run, which started up production on Tuesday, TVLine can also report on two major characters joining the muddled, muddied mix. On the cop shop side of things, viewers will meet Lt. Carlson, a clean-cut, well-dressed lawman in his 50s who tends to keep tabs on which way the political winds are blowing.

The Story Behind The Killing‘s Shocking Finale, Plus Season 2 Scoop

Another recurring player to be introduced is Alexi, a 19-year-old Polish-American veteran of the foster system who, with his myriad piercings and tattoos, is described as a “scary looking,” “dark” and “frightening teen who can turn on a dime emotionally.” Alexi thus is a “bad boy” who proves “attractive to teen girls looking for an adventure” — meaning he could fold into the Rosie Larsen mystery, or perhaps play a role in Season 2’s new case.

The Killing is likely to return in April 2012, though an official premiere date has not been announced.

Are you glad to see Emmy nominee Forbes stay on with The Killing?

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  1. Shari Howell says:

    I am excited she will be back. I miss her on True Blood, and it’s great to see she isn’t playing a bad person! Can’t wait for Season 2!

  2. Angel says:

    I can’t wait for Season 2!!

  3. Nicole says:

    I can’t wait for season 2! Have they announced when it’s coming back?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Added to story: “Likely April 2012”

    • Jeffty says:

      Memo to studio shills and agency employees: You were supposed to leave DIFFERENT comments when posting here as “excited viewers who can’t wait for Season 2.”

      Sud and the actor who played the stoner cop were contemptuous toward viewers who criticized the Season 1 finale. It’s going to cost them a huge segment of their audience, myself included. No Season 3.

  4. Mel says:

    I’m still waiting for an apology from Veena Sud and the rest of the writers of the show for how awful the 2nd half of the first season got. I’d be willing to give the show another chance if I felt assured that they knew what they were doing and were fixing the problems but everything I’ve read and continue to read makes it seem like they have no clue why people grew to actively hate the show the first time around.

    • Jesse says:

      I agree, I was appalled by S1 and I’m not going to watch S2. But I suspect that Veena Sud is going to be on a much shorter leash during S2. I think Charlie Collier and the AMC executives know that they need to salvage a situation that went from bad to worse for the network.

  5. David says:

    Did anyone actually watched Forbrydelsen, the “original” Danish serial? 20 episode (1 for each day of investigations) for the first season and 10 for the second one (new case).. dunno.. after watching it I TRIED watching “the killing”.. but I simply couldn’t. AND when the season ended I knew who the killer was. Nothing “original” came up by remaking this.. they lost a chance.

    • Jasin says:

      @David How did you know who the Killer was when they haven’t told us who the killer was??? We are currently under the assumption it’s the Mayor but I am guessing that they are going to not have that stick.

      • Tyler says:

        I think he means that he knew who the killer was at the end of the first season of the Danish show, because they do actually resolve things there.

        • David says:

          Thanks Tyler, and.. solving a crime in 20 days (or episode per week.. so 20 weeks) it’s different than solving it in 2 seasons.. people get easily bored. No spoilers anyway. One of the best thing I watched on tv and it was from Denmark! great Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl)!

          • Adrian says:


            Little known fact outside of Denmark: The original airing of Forbrydelsen in 2007 was indeed broken up into two seasons. Danes had the same reaction as Americans had over the AMC version. Only the reairing in the UK was continuous.

            Also, I wonder if Americans would have liked Forbrydelsen, as much of the plot is copied in The Killing, with adapted American politics. I’m not sure why the hate for Veena Sud?

  6. TeeMick says:

    The only way ‘The Killing’ could get me back as a viewer would be to wrap up last season’s debacle in the first episode of the second season. To hear that they’re going to drag this out across another 12 episodes is affirmation that they don’t really care about the backlash that occurred at the end of season one. I’m done with the show.

  7. Curtis Jones says:

    I’m a no-show for Season 2 also. This series started strong: the first couple of episodes were about as good as TV gets. It started slumping in the middle, and was gasping by the end. Ridiculous subplots, mumbling actors, and a preposterous, disappointing ending. I’m out.

  8. lori says:

    Did I miss a scene? When did they kill the mayor? Who killed him?

  9. s. says:

    I thought Forbes was fantastic. It’s great that she’s returning! I loved S1 and looking forward to S2. I remember reading many post on AMC after the season finale and the majority of post were positive. Then I read how some of the critics that loved the show turn their backs with disappointment. So, I wonder how much of the backlash was started by critics and fans just followed. You have to admit that The Killing is a break from alot of crime dramas that wrap up the case in 60 minutes every week, its getting stale. Wait maybe its 30 mins. I forget about commercials.

    • Aprilcot26 says:

      Sorry, s. I watched the finale as it aired and both my husband and I were bothered by the lack of conclusion. I *loved* The Killing and liked how it didn’t have that procedure feel. I guess I we were just disappointed because we were under the impression that the case would wrap with the season. My feelings had nothing to do with the critics. Having said that, I will tune in for S2…I need to know who killed Rosie Larsen!

  10. Cloudy Knight says:

    I was horribly disappointed by the ending of Season 1. Season 2 will not be on my must-watch list as a result. I haven’t given The Killing a single thought since about 1 day after the last season ended.

  11. Cherie says:

    I’m glad she’ll be back. While I thought it slumped in the middle of the season, I still thought the first season was great. I, for one, loved the finally. Simply because it was a ballsy way to finish up. I’m pumped!

  12. Shy says:

    Well of course she will return. That was obvious after that awful finale. Everyone stop care who killed that Rosie after some 7-8 episodes. And the only reason why they watched show to last episode was because they hoped that finally that murder will be solved and next season our detectives will have new case and all those grieving parents and boring politician will go away forever. But producers decided that they like their cast and thought: “We will not finish our case and so all cast will have the reason to return next season. We are so smart!”. And viewers were like: “Well goodbye then. We don’t care about those parents. We will watch another show”…. There is no way I will sit and wait every week again and then watch those awful parents and politician.

  13. l.m. brennan says:

    I personally do not care that they didn’t “solve” the case by seasons end. I was with this show because its great tv. If u want everything neatly wrapped up and a nice little ribbon wrapped into a nice little bow at the end, then CBS is for you. Or NBC FOX or CW. With how simplified tv has gotten since, of Cheers, i am more than welcoming to a show that delays gratification like this show has done. I may be in the minority, but that’s okay, its the majority that has watered down good television anyway.

    • Tricia says:

      I wouldn’t have cared how they ended the season, except that they said they would solve the case by the end of the season. I’m also mad about how it ended because I liked the guy partner & I don’t want him to be a “bad guy.”

    • Nancy says:

      “i am more than welcoming to a show that delays gratification like this show has done. I may be in the minority, but that’s okay, its the majority that has watered down good television anyway.”


  14. Phil Hersh says:

    I refuse to watch Season 2 after they insulted me by the ending of Season 1. Season 1 started off good but got boring and the payoff wasn’t a payoff and I refuse to watch Season 2. I predict the ratings will be ridiculously low because of Sud’s actions and she’ll never work again in the industry.

    • David says:

      I agree.. that’s what I said before: in Denmark they closed the case in 20 weeks (20 episodes, 1 for each day of investigations) so people got attached to the story and the characters.. and the second season was even better ’cause there were only 10 episode. but wait 2 years to identify a killer.. sorry.. “the killing” is NO Twin Peaks. (but I’m waiting for the third season of Forbrydelsen..)

      • Adrian says:


        This is incorrect. See my first reply above.

      • goat says:

        I just want to point out that, yes the Danish series solved the case in the 1st season, but that was still with a break in between the halves of the season. Granted, the break for the Danish series didn’t last as long as this break for The Killing is going to last, but they didn’t solve it on one giant stretch. The first half of the season ran from January to March and the second half ran from September to November. Also, if 20 episodes is an adequate time to solve the case, why is it a problem that The Killing didn’t solve the case in the first season that only had 13 episodes? I don’t understand your logic.

  15. Leigh says:

    I LOVED S1 for the most part. Yes, I was disappointed by the finale like many. However, I am looking forward to S2 & will tune in again. AMC & the producers dropped the ball by reneging on their promise early on that we the audience would learn the ID of Rosie’s killer by the end of S1. That is not to say that the entire case would be resolved & the culprit arrested by the S1 Finale. I honestly expected some degree of overlap into S2 and expected the killer to be captured & punished in S2. Then, onto the new case we knew would develop during the 2nd season. The fiasco they left in the finale was inexcusable. Not to deny it was gripping TV–especially the last episode before the S1 Finale (Episode 11) when Holden IDed Richmond as Opheus. However, they really committed a heinous act against the audience by reneged on their long-standing promise and it cost them!!

  16. J says:

    I really did not doubt Michelle Forbes would be back for S2. Not only because of the unresolved Larsen case, but her character really shined in S1. It was a heartwrenching perform & totally emmy-worthy. Same goes for Mireille Enos. Their performances carried the show even when the story began to falter.

  17. Christina says:

    I loved Season 1 but was so disappointed when the crime was not resolved by the end of the season. To wait until 2012…well, now I am just disappointed.

  18. Chris says:

    I don’t understand the disappointment about the case not being solved. Why would they solve it in 13 episodes? I don’t someone being so impatient he/she needs it solved in 13 episodes, or they become angry. The only issue I had with the first season was the standalone episode that added nothing and lost the show momentum.

    • Simon Jester says:

      @Chris – I actually loved the stand-alone episode. It reminded me of the “Fly” episode of BREAKING BAD, another favorite.

  19. Simon Jester says:

    Count me in for season 2. I’m not bothered by the cliffhanger ending at the end of season 1 because THAT IS WHAT AMERICAN SHOWS DO. Seriously, have you people been living under a rock?

  20. Sara says:

    SPOILER ALERT The best revenge we can take is to find out who did it in the Danish version and then not bother watching the American version. If you don’t want to know, don’t go here: http://grilly.blogspot.com/2011/03/butler-did-it-forbrydelsen-and-problem.html

    • MoreTears says:


      The killer in the American show will be DIFFERENT than the killer in the Danish show. The American producers have said that over and over again.

  21. I’m getting really sick of people saying “I’m done with the show” and more plainly I’m sick of how many people in this country are in such need of instant gratification. Get over the fact that we didn’t find out who the killer was in 13 episodes/”days”. Its not realistic (given the genre of the show). The fun of shows is having that great cliff hanger at the end of the season. I, too was a little angry but came to realize how great the storytelling actually was. Anyways, whatever, hate on if you must but obviously you guys aren’t true fans of the show if you won’t give it another chance.

  22. lipsticksocialism says:

    yay for Michelle Forbes!! She is fantastic!

  23. Shy says:

    You know what is the biggest problem with those cliffhangers in Killing? Because they laugh at viewers! It’s like every week they were giving some epic cliffhanger where they point out that THIS ONE killed Rosie. And then in next episode they are like: “Oh you silly people. That was not the killer. He is innocent. Here is another cliffhanger. THAT ONE probably is the killer”. And it was like that for 13 episodes…… And then when they finally “gave us” killer they laughed at us again. It was like: “Ha-ha-ha. We fooled you. You thought politician was killer. Well surprise you stupidos. He isn’t. We have another cliffhanger for you. Now sit and wait for a year. And then in first episode of season two we will explain to you stupidos that it’s not like you thought it was. And we will give you another cliffhanger with another fake killer”…..It’s like a broken record. They are cheaters and I just don’t believe in any “new killers” anymore. They will say: “O’k. The end. THIS is the real killer”. And then in two weeks they will hint that THAT WAS NOT THE REAL KILLER again. I’m done with this show.

  24. Amaia says:

    Yeah!!! I’m really glad she’s back, her performance was awsome.

  25. aly says:

    The hostility is hilarious! I admit I was “angry” after watching the season 1 finale; but I was “angry” in that I-really-love-this-show-and-was-hoping-for-a-conclusion way. Disappointed and frustrated that, after 13 weeks of analzying and theorizing, the promised resolution would not come for another year. But it was also great fun to be caught up in the flurry of comments following the finale; it made it somehow more rewarding to stretch it out that way. But all of this hostility? Really? It’s a TV SHOW! It wasn’t a personal affront. I can’t wait for season 2! I still want to know who killed Rosie.

  26. Laurie says:

    Can’t wait for the show to return! Happy to see Michelle Forbes will be back – thought her character was one of the four key roles. And the new additions sound interesting. I’m going to speculate one of them will be replacing “the real killer.” But, we’ll see! :)

  27. Stosh says:

    To all of the whiners who are “angry” about the case not being solve in 13
    You are ridiculous children in need of instant gratification.
    Stick to The Mentalist or Hawaii 5-0.
    More your speed.
    Nobody needs you to watch The Killing.

  28. jarhead62001 says:

    I agree with the facts that it started out very well. It got sluggish in the middle, then then dragged out. The ending was horrible. I got on here to see what others thought. Might watch a little to see if they learned their lesson, and pick up the pace solve the crime and move on to the next one.