Castle Scoop: Hilarie Burton Excited to Tackle a 'Radically Different' Kind of Role

Hilarie Burton is set to guest-star on Castle at midseason, and the actress tells me the gig has her excited for multiple reasons — one being that she is “definitely a fan” of ABC’s Monday-night cop drama.

Burton also points out that her Castle episode will play host to a One Tree Hill reunion of sorts, seeing as Tom Wright — who directed several episodes of the CW sudser — will be calling the shots as she plays Kay Cappuccio, a Kardashian-like reality star who is famous for… well, no discernible reason.

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“He is one of my favorite One Tree Hill directors, so I’m really looking forward to working with him again,” Burton effuses. “And this time playing someone so radically different!”

One Tree Hill Scoop: Chad Michael Murray Returns! What About Hilarie Burton?

Burton, who is currently in between filming seasons of USA Network’s White Collar, will shoot her Castle appearance in December, to air in early 2012.

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  1. RichieOnTV says:

    So Hilarie has the time to guest star on Castle but not on the final season of One Tree Hill? I see…

  2. aristo says:

    How come she finds time to appear on Castle, filming in December, and not appear on OTH’s final season?! That is just beyond me…

    • Sarah says:

      Maybe she had time off from her REAL job on ‘White Collar’ in December and not in November. She hasn’t been Peyton for a few years now, get over it.

      • Brittany says:

        Oh please, she had time, White Collar and her movie wrapped long before the OTH offer came. And JDM said she had been on his movie set during that time, so she lied. She just didn’t want to give the FANS and the show who made her a real ending. Ungrateful….

        • Sarah says:

          Here let me quote the article for you:

          “Burton, who is in the middle of filming Season 3.5 of USA Network’s White Collar, will shoot her Castle appearance in December, to air in early 2012.”

          Also, why wouldn’t she visit her boyfriend/child’s father while he was working. It’s called being a parent.

        • kay says:

          JDM lied too…she was in NY for White Collar until the end of August and then moved to North Carolina until the beginning of October for her movie. I don’t know why but they both seem to lie …

  3. Hanna says:

    Amazing how she had time for this, but not for an appearance on the show that made her career. As a fan who’s been watching OTH for the start, I’m disappointed she couldn’t do it for the fans who has supported her all this time. I wanted a REAL OTH ending with all the main characters. It won’t feel complete now. Thanks a lot Hilarie!

    • Sarah says:

      Maybe she had time off from her REAL job on ‘White Collar’ in December and not in November. She hasn’t been Peyton for a few years now, maybe you should have been mad when she was first let go…get over it.

      • Cass says:

        Completely agree with you!

        Hilarie not being on the OTH finale is not the end of the world people. In my opinion she was on the finale, you know the episode where Peyton, Lucas and baby Sawyer drive off into the sunset. That was real end of OTH.

        • torontogirl98 says:

          I totally agree with you I should have stopped watching after season 7, it was the finale and it was great the show has become a dead beaten horse now!

        • Damon says:

          Oh.. sorry, we just want a conclusion of a show we’ve been loving for 9 frikkin years. EVERYONE made an effort to come back, but Hilarie being an ungrateful little brat can’t make the slightest effort to spend 8 days in a city (where she lives by the way) to give OTH a proper send-off?

          • mary says:

            She didn’t even had to spend 8 days, if she wanted to come back they would make it possible for her as they did for Chad. He filmed his scenes in 2 days, that’s why I respect him more then her. OTH made her and when they asked her back she was making excuses.

        • Teresa says:

          I totally agree with you that the real end to OTH was when Lucas, Peyton, and baby Sawyer drove off into the sunset. It is heartbreaking that the show never quite the same without them. It does not stop me from wishing that Peyton was returning for the final season however. So very disappointed!

    • guest says:

      From reading the posts above yours, it doesn’t look like they’ve been totally supportive of her….

  4. chaaly says:

    Shae said she busy for OTH for one episode for the FINALE season beacause of her son & White Collar but for Castle she has time. Hum…

  5. Jamie says:

    She didn’t want to come back to OTH, she was in Wilmington the week they were filming the finale but chose not to return. I’m disappointed, but it’s her choice I guess.

    Looking forward to this.

  6. Kendal says:

    I thought Hilarie was great in OTH but from what I’ve seen of her in White Collar, she isn’t very convincing at all. I don’t watch Castle, but I’ll definitely check in to see how she pulls of the role.

  7. Jamie says:

    For all the people complaining that she isn’t on OTH finale, I dopn’t think you understand how time works. Is the OTH finale shooting at the exact same time as this Castle episode. I don’t think so. Thus, perhaps she has time now, but not when OTH shoots.

    To make this point clear, in the next 2 weeks I have 3 papers due. So i don’t have time for stuff the next 2 weeks, but any other 2 weeks, I would have time. It’s amazing how that works.

    • Damon says:

      If only that was the case, Jamie. The people behind the OTH show have tried for months to get Hilarie to sign on for a farewell episode, if only for 2 days of shooting (like someone else mentioned, Chad Michael Murray did), they were more than happy to schedule the shooting to fit her schedule. What people are annoyed over is how little respect she shows toward the show that actually created her. Say what you want about OTH, but we deserve a proper finale and she’s being an ungrateful brat who explicitally turned it down.

      • Jamie says:

        Oh I wasn’t saying anything about OTH. Never watched it, but for it to be on for 9 seasons (is this the 9th season?) it must be at a decent quality (and probably good quality, but hey, 2.5men as been on forever and it sucks).

        And if that’s really true. If they’ve really tried, and adjusted their schedule to accommodate hers, than yeah, I’m wrong and the complaints are justified.

        It is weird though, as in who thinks they’re too good for a cameo on OTH, but a Castle cameo, that’s where I’ll become a star. Like is anyone going to hire her more because she chose to do Castle AND ignore OTH. It’s just weird.

        But yeah, sorry about the previous comment if she’ really been that mean.

  8. LOK says:

    Please don’t ruin Castle too.

  9. Kevin says:

    Im laughing at the One Tree Hill fans…She’s now a series regular in White Collar, her career has changed. Many actors don’t go to sequels if their movies or the ending of their shows if they left. Hilarie has a life and doesn’t have to do OTH if she doesn’t want to.

    Would be a proper send off, but it’s whatever. Hell many actors are killed off or are promised to be coming back, but never do..

  10. Pauline says:

    I think it’s great that she’ll be in Castle. It’s awesome show and I liked Hilarie in OTH so I’m glad I will see her again in new, different role. And I don’t think she’s ungrateful by not going back for the finale of the series. She hasn’t been playing in OTH for a long time now and she moved on with her live. People do that sometimes:) so let it go and be supportive.

  11. Chisty says:

    Yay!! I genuinely don’t care that she’s not returning to OTH, and she was my favorite – her ending on that show was great and I don’t think the character has anything more to add to the finale. Which, tbh, seems like the 2nd finale to me. I’m excited to see her on Castle.

    • Julie says:

      FINALLY someone said what I’ve been thinking! (I mainly care that she isn’t returning to OTH because I haven’t been watching ever since she left the show… so meh!)

  12. Astrat says:

    Um, people, she wasn’t asked back to OTH this year. They tried last year, but this year they only extended the invite to CMM. It’s been mentioned on more than one website…

    • mary says:

      Actually if you follow OTH fandom you would know she was asked back and declined. Everything that you read in the press is PR.

      • lauren says:

        OK, I will bite, what does “follow the fandom” mean? Do a bunch of mean girls (as on fine display above) blogging from their dorm rooms somehow have “inside” knowledge? You”l forgive me if I choose to believe legit news sources and Hillary herself.

        • Daniela says:

          Hilarie has said herself in interviews that she doesn’t want to go back. She said OTH is in her past. The producers asked her back last year and this year even the network stepped in trying to bring her back for the final season the CW has given OTH to end things in a great way. She declined the offers. It’s on the web – you can read it everywhere – by LEGIT news sources.

      • Df says:

        How do you know prove it

  13. Astrat says:

    Yep, because the fans are privy to more inside info than the people who talk about TV for a living. Just saying.

  14. Paulina says:

    The only reason why Chad accepted the offer is because he has no other offers. He wanted to leave OTH to do other things and failed and now pretends to be happy to give the fans a farewell, even though it’s clear there isn’t much going on for him. As for Hilarie, why should she go back to a show that was ungrateful towards her? It’s clear the producers/Mark and her didn’t part in a friendly way and Mark went on to bash Peyton’s character in the process. It’s time to move on people, OTH has overstayed its time any way.

    • lorna says:

      CMM came back for the fans. He has a couple of movies that have not come out in the theater, been in a few music videos, done a few tv movies, and has a graphic novel out. Just because he isn’t famewhoring like a Kardashian or attending every other charity event, [which he does to charity a lot, actually, if you subscribe to his tweets, he just doesn’t need to get in the tabloids for it], doesn’t mean he has no career.

  15. Robin says:

    Well reading the comments have been interesting. I’ve said before that I would be upset if Hilarie wasn’t on the OTH finale, but I don’t blame her for that. This is not about OTH though…this is about Castle, a show I do not watch – but now I feel like I need to or maybe I’ll just watch the episode Hilarie is on…I’ve heard its a great show…and I know I’d probably like Castle but it is not something I have ever watched. I used to not watch White Collar either though and now I do…Can’t wait til the new White Collar season! I’m happy for Hilarie though, because if you are a fan of an actor/actress – then that is how you feel when they get a role on any show. Yeah part of me really still hopes she’ll somehow pop up on the OTH finale that has already been taped…but again this is not about OTH at all…its about Castle.

  16. Freespeech says:

    Matt … you seriously need to stop removing comments people are posting. Free speech! People have a right to say what they really think of this woman!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I am only deleting comments that go entirely off-topic, feature innuendo/libelous statements or have coarse language. If you don’t care to talk smart about TV and the topic at hand (as the Post a Comment instructions say) — Hilarie Burton guest-starring on ABC’s CASTLE — feel free to post elsewhere on the Internet. This isn’t that kind of website.

      Those who repeatedly violate these terms will have their comments/threads removed, and possibly their IP addresses blocked, as we do with other posts.

      • ssami says:

        Actually Matt, I’ve seen you delete and censor legitimate comments about Hilarie’s professional career and it doesn’t reflect well on you. I couldn’t care less about what this woman does in her private life, but comments about her work should not be censored. Anyways, it’s pretty clear by reading the host of comments on this site as well as others that I’m not alone in disliking this woman. I am grateful it’ just a one episode order. She irritates the crap out of me on White Collar.

        • Sammy says:

          “She irritates the crap out of me on White Collar.” Me too. When they put her and Neal together I was really mad. I really don’t mind her on the show, but with Neal she irritates me. Most of this is because they writers have forced her so much. They should bring back the lady that played Alex for Neal. Or a new girl.
          About OTH she does not need to go back if she does not want to.

    • “Free speech…” I do not think this phrase means what you think it means. {/princessbride} The right to free speech extends to US citizens but doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want, whenever you want. It only applies to GOVERNMENT censorship and restrictions. TVLine, while fabulously helpful as the postal service, is not a government agency. They can delete or edit whatever the heck they want.

  17. Lili says:

    I don’t ebjoy her work at all on White Collar. In fact I hate that they have put her character with Neal. About her being on Castle good for her.If she does not want to go to OTH then she does not have to. She has still ruined White Collar for me. Her and Neal together make me cringe. I am sure she is a good actress, but not for White Collar.

  18. Daniela says:

    I used to love her … but no more. So Miss Burton has the time to guest star on “Castle”, but couldn’t make room for a week to take part in “One Tree Hill”‘s finale??? Don’t know what’s wrong with her to abandoned the show that made her what she is today. It’s an ungrateful behavior.

  19. Wow.... says:

    I am amazed she is still getting work. I’m sure the truth about her will come out one day, but you won’t find it here with Uber fan Mitrovitch at the helm.

    • ssami says:

      It’s surprising how someone with such little talent keeps getting work. She’s a pitiful actress. Ever since she appeared on the White Collar canvas, the show’s quality has declined. It’s time to send this woman packing and to hire real actors with real talent.

      • Kristen says:

        what the heck is wrong with you, Hilarie has a lot of talent she rocks. maybe if you don’t have anything nice to say dont say it at all. Hilarie Burton ROCKS and you know it. :P

  20. Also: Burton has been dead to me ever since she lured Jeffrey Dean Morgan away from age-appropriate dating choices.

  21. Maria says:

    Sophia Bush clearly stated on her twitter that Hilarie couldn’t come back to OTH because of scheduling conflicts. I’d believe that over the “inside scoop” of anonymous people on random forums any day. Hilarie has been nothing but supportive of OTH since her departure.
    For those of you who don’t seem to understand the simple concept of time scheduling, OTH finale has already been filmed. Castle will be filmed in December. “She’s ungrateful because she makes time for Castle but not OTH” is a completely invalid argument.

    That being said, personally I’m glad she’s not returning to OTH. Mark and co. have clearly went out of their way to bash her character since she’s been gone so in my opinion, if anyone is ungrateful, it would be them. Besides, I love the way her story ended and the show ended after season 6 for me.
    Also, I love Hilarie and Castle. Hilarie on Castle, fantastic news :)
    She’s great on White Collar as well. It’s by far my favorite show the moment.

  22. Jamie says:

    People are getting confused…

    Hilarie was NOT asked back for 9×07 with Chad.

    She was however asked back for the finale, but had her agents decline the offer.

    Nobody will know her reasons. She was shooting a movie in the town at the time and during the OTH finale week of filming–she had a week off. I guess she just wanted that time to herself.

    • Daniela says:

      And that’s what I don’t understand. George Clooney could make time for “ER”, Michael Rosenbaum returned to “Smallville” even though he desperately wanted to move on … but Hilarie Burton can’t return to the show that got her basically everything for her acting career?
      It’s beyond me … so even if there was bad blood involved I think she owned to the fans.
      She was invited back. What’s the problem to walk in do a couple of scenes and then leave again with the feeling that she has done right by her fans???
      Of course Sophia Bush stated that she had “schedule conflicts”. What else would she say??? But it’s a fact that Hilarie Burton wasn’t working in OTH finale week of shooting.
      Like I said … if Clooney can do it, if Rosenbaum can do it – so can a little actress called Hilarie Burton.

  23. Escro says:

    This is exactly what she does. Uses people for everything she can get, then leaves them high and dry!

  24. Lil' says:

    She was invited back to OTH this season but she refused to go because 1) Bad blood 2) they weren’t paying enough! She was NOT too busy with work OR her child!

    I hope someone exposes this woman for the incredibly fake person she really is and lets the world know about what really went on behind the scenes of the show that made her. She doesn’t deserve any success or admiration. I hope one day people will realise that and see her for what she is!!

  25. Ella says:

    Yay! Good for Hilarie, she’s awesome and going on to bigger and better things than the crapfest that was One Tree Hill. I too would have loved to see Peyton one last time but OTH is just an awful show and I can’t blame her for not wanting to return, especially since they have spat all over her character since she’s being gone. Poor Sophia had to deliver some awful lines about Peyton (who should have been her maid of honour) which were untrue, just to put saint Haley on top again and just because Mark Schwahn is a bitter moron. Loosely translated, Hilarie deserves better and she finally realized it.

    • lorna says:

      Agreed, Bethany Joy is a great actress and I like her, but I’m sick of everyone worshipping Haley. Ugh. As for Hilarie, who knows. I’m disappointed, but maybe she did leave on bad terms and would be uncomfortable returning.

  26. Lauren says:

    I just want to be one of the first people to say
    YAY!!!! She’s going to be on Castle.
    Yes it would have been nice for her to return to oth but she’s not so can we just get over it and enjoy the fact that she is going to be on another great show

  27. Alberto says:

    I hate her for not coming back for OTH finale. She owe EVERYTHING to the show!

  28. Noodle says:

    I’ve watched White Collar and when Hilarie showed up it kind of ruined it a bit for me. A badly written character that’s essentially useless and bad acting to go with. She spent how many years on One Tree Hill either crying or screaming? That’s one hell of a skill set. I don’t know what to say. I’ll give her a chance but she has done nothing to impress me so far. She needs to get it together.

  29. lana says:

    its a big deal if peyton doesnt return !its really odd that she didnt even turn up for brooke’s wedding when they are like best friends since they were kids.oth shouldve ended when season 6 ended.lucas n peyton were the main reason i watched oth. hilarie really shouldve really returned to say goodbye to the show in the series finale. in fact, nathan haley brooke peyton and lucas should all be there say goodbye to the show. i’m a completely dissatisfied oth fan right now!

  30. helen says:

    hilarie….we really dnt know wot happened….but we wished u ll b in OTH finals……bcos we missed u…..nd we want u.

  31. holly says:

    I stopped watching OTH the DAY Lucas and Peyton went off. They WERE OTH. It’s what the entire show was centered around.
    On a different note…If they didn’t feel that Hilarie and Chad were valuable enough to OTH and work out contracting in order to keep them, I wouldn’t do them any favors by coming back for their finale either. They are the ones who cut her loose! Just Sayin…..

  32. Matt says:

    I didn’t realise so many ppl watched OTH … I thought it was a teenagers wet dream?

  33. Kristen says:

    Seriously I don’t care if Hilarie did’nt star on OTH again at least she is still acting.

  34. I’m going to check out the Castle episode she appeared in and also White Collar. I really loved her as Peyton, but I think it was only because of Chad M. Murray. They had really good screen chemistry and made u want to keep watching them. When they left, the show was definitely not the same. I still watched, but not as intently. I wanted them to come back for the finale as well and when they didn’t, I felt incomplete. BUT, I understand that life has to go on and I’m looking forward to finding new shows that they’ve starred in. I wish her nothing but good luck in her career, all of them as a matter of fact.