Desperate Housewives Exclusive: Dana Delany, Kyle MacLachlan Book Final Season Comebacks

Wisteria Lane will be experiencing increased congestion this winter.

With Desperate Housewives inching closer to its series finale this May, the show is welcoming back three of its most popular graduates: Dana Delany (Katherine), Kyle MacLachlan (Orson) and Andrea Bowen (Julie).

The length and timing of the trio’s comeback stints are not known. (ABC declined to comment.)

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After Housewives set its May 2012 finale date over the summer, showrunner Bob Daily made it his mission to lure back as many of the show’s alums as possible — beginning with Delany (who’s currently headlining ABC’s Body of Proof, which is nearing the end of its 13-episode second season).

“She’s working like a mad woman on Body of Proof but I would love that,” Daily said at that time. “We want this season to feel like a bookend, so we would love to bring back some familiar faces and tie up some loose ends — and God knows there are plenty of loose ends.”

Thoughts? Which characters are on your DH Season 8 wish list? Hit the comments!

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  1. Iago says:

    Andrew and Tom’s daughter!

  2. xav says:

    I hope she’s still with Robin. They were really, really cute together.

  3. ceebee says:

    They should bring back Edie!!!! That would be a GREAT way to circle back – especially since she was in the Pilot!!

  4. Akmaral says:

    OMG! I am SO happy! :D Of course I am sad that this is show’s the final season, but to see those characters back is so cool! :D I can’t wait!

  5. BillyandVictoriaYRforever97 says:

    Bring back Tom’s daughter Kayla! They’ve all, including Tom seems to have forgotten about her.

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      My wish list always included Kayla coming back as a young woman with an Electra Complex towards Tom, she tries to get Lynette out of the picture because she wants Tom for herself. How twisted would that be???

  6. scooterbeanbag says:

    Katherine’s storyline was such a drag her season, but far better than the Applewhite’s and Bolen’s…although that’s not saying much. I’d much rather have Rex return, either in flashbacks or spirit form.

    • Lauren says:

      I’d like Rex as well. I hope there is a flashback with all the old crew, and especially a Mary Alice scene or two! But very happy that Julie is coming back, her and Andrew were always my favourites.

  7. Marcos says:

    I hope they can bring Rex and Edie in some flashback episode

  8. Ingmar says:

    I’m so glad Andrea Bowen is returning! Then she finally gets to the 100 episode mark! And seeing Kyle and Dana again is a bless aswell!

    • Renato says:

      Even if Andrea returns, she will never make it to the 100-episode mark. She’s only been featured in 83 episodes so far, she’d have to be seen in 17 more episodes, and the season doesn’t even have 17 episodes left in it anymore. And I’m pretty sure she isn’t seen at least in the next four episodes either.

  9. matt says:

    Dana Delaney! I gave up on DH towards the end of last season and this season. I have to watch now with Delaney’s return! Love Body of Proof!

  10. Tara says:

    Haha the ghost of Edie! Her demise a few years back was classic though I did miss her on the show.

  11. Bobbie and Joe says:

    BRING BACK JULIE! I’ve missed her so much. Susan without Julie isn’t nearly as much fun. I love their relationship and miss it a LOT.

  12. Amanda says:

    I know it’ s not really “bringing back”, but I’d like to see Zach get his life together and be productive and happy. I’d like some resolution with Bree’s kids.

  13. SarahMoss says:

    So glad Katherine, Orson and Julie will be back. I think all the kids should be included. Andrew, Danielle, Dillion, Juanita, Celia, Mj, all the Scavos(including Kayla), Bob and Lee’s Lyza. BRING BACK THE KIDS! Lol I agree I hope Katherine is still with Robin. Oh yeah! Zach, Ana and Austin too! They need to tie in the families and friendships. I know things are falling apart

  14. SarahMoss says:

    ….but they should tie everything back together. Show the strengths in themselves and their bonds with each other.

  15. bamalam says:

    I kinda liked Applewhite…so I want to see her back. I also want to see a return of the lady from the Sopranos. I really enjoyed her story.

  16. Marni says:

    Wait up. Whats this about BOP being only 13 eps this season?!?!?! They never got the full pickup? Is it considered cancelled now?

  17. Sarah says:

    Yay Dana!!!!! Wait…no Julie Benz?? I want her to come back w Robin!! Well, here’s hoping she alludes to them still being together

  18. Karen says:

    Body of Proof – hope they bring back Crystal Bowersox

  19. Paul James Hurlburt Jr says:

    Andrew, Justin, and Edies newphew Austin.

  20. Aaron says:

    IMDB says that Andrea Bowen has been in 99 episodes

    • Renato says:

      That’s incorrect. imdb also counts with the episodes in which she was credited, but from which she was absent. She was credited in all 87 episodes for seasons 1-4, 1 in season 5, 11 in season 6 and 1 in season 7. Which means she’s actually been credited in 100 episodes already, not 99. But she was only featured in 83 of those episodes, she missed 17 in the first four seasons.

  21. Gerry says:

    Please bring back Steven Culp as Rex!!!!

  22. Casey says:

    Oh my god! Kyle is coming back! YES! I mean, I’m excited for Dana to return, but Kyle was the one return I was hoping for more than anyone! I wasn’t expecting him back at all, so this is amazing! Orson is one of my all time favorite characters (that may an unpopular opinion, but I can live with that), especially klepto!Orson! So excited right now! I can’t wait! :D

  23. Ann says:

    Who would I like to see again? How about Parker and Paige? They’ve been absent from the storyline. In the episode where Penny starts resenting her dad’s new lady friend and refused to visit him…the writers seemed to forget the fact that Tom and Lynette have two other kids who are under 18. Why don’t they visit daddy too? I guess Tom’s love life won’t work with Baby Paige in the picture, huh? It’s so convenient of him to ignore the fact he has a baby so that he could hook up with that lady friend of his.

  24. Brock says:

    1) Andrew – in a stable relationship and happy with his mother, again
    2) Kayla – been waiting for that twisted psycho for years!

    Parker? Maybe the kid’s schedule didn’t allow it. Maybe he’s on a low episode order… he’s not a series regular. Paige? The kid’s under two, better off-screen than on.

    • Ann says:

      My comment was more or less meant as a joke. The kids in this show always seem to disappear. So, Tom likes to play catch with his daughter but not his son? He gets to selectively take his kids during visitaions…ie-take Penny but ignore Paige.

    • Renato says:

      Parker is a series regular indeed, but a supporting one. Parker and Paige only show up when they’re need for budgetary motives. Whereas Penny, I guess, has been more needed lately. Jane is well aware of Paige, and all three of them visited their father in 8.02. Lynette even told Tom to pick up Parker after he came home for Penny in 8.04. They’re not seen because actors cost money. Which is why all the kids are rarely seen on the show nowadays, especially MJ and Celia, who don’t contribute much anyway. And now Porter and Preston have been written off… Whereas back in season 1, the Scavo kids were seen in pretty much every episode.

  25. Lily says:

    Bring back Andrew. He’s one of the greatest characters on the show!

  26. Daniela says:

    1) ANDREW – he has to come back.
    2) DAVE – one last attempt to ruin Mike and Susan’s happiness.
    3) ROBIN – in a stable relationship with Katherine.

  27. Lex says:

    I really want to see Edie again. I know things ended badly between her and Marc Cherry but the show hasn’t been the same since her exit

  28. Pamela says:

    Edie, by all means!

  29. Alberto says:

    YES!!!!!!! I hope they bring back also:
    – Robin;
    – Andrew;
    – Dave (!!!!!);
    – Kayla!

    And I know she won’t be back, but i was hoping for Edie… :(

  30. Tom h says:

    They should bring back bree’s boyfriend Keith!!

  31. bob says:

    how bout mccluskys sister roberta played wonderfully by Lily Tomilin!

  32. Eric says:

    I really want them to bring back Edie, thought it’s unlikely. maybe they could have a flashback episode with her in it. I also really loved Angie Bolen, though shes also unlikely to see return.

  33. Cristian says:

    it’s amazing, i believe that maybe orson is blackmailing bree… hahhahahahah, but it’s great that katherine, orson, and julie returns….. i will like that Paul Young, came out of the jail and help the housewives, or angie bolen i will like that she comeback too!!!
    what about betty applewhite?, ohh God!! Will be AMAZING!!!

    • Mhead says:

      Betty Applewhite would be amazing. I always felt that her story ended too quickly. Also Gabby and Carlos Bio daughter that was deported.

  34. Chris says:

    John Rowland and Andrew!!!!!

  35. Juliana says:

    Gaby’s biological daughter!!

  36. tscha says:

    I’m totally Agree.. Hope orson coming back. Its neever be the same without him

  37. JenniferAlyssa says:

    They should bring Dylan back with Katherine…maybe even Adam? Kayla should come back too! Glad Julie is coming back. I agree that Robin should return as well! It would also be nice to see Porter and Preston again…oh yeah and Gaby’s biological daughter!

  38. Dana says:

    Umm, Edie died. In like season 4 or 5.

  39. Bob says:

    Felicia Tillman!

  40. elena says:

    i agree with all of you , everyone is important!!!