Kimberly McCullough To Exit General Hospital

Robin Scorpio is once again saying so long to Port Charles, as the beloved character’s sole portrayer, Kimberly McCullough, has decided to exit her longtime role on General Hospital.

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In a statement to Soap Opera Digest, a show spokesperson confirmed the news, revealing that McCullough has chosen to pursue her dream of directing full-time, and as such will depart the ABC soap “as storyline dictates” in early 2012.

“Expect a poignant and must-watch storyline for Robin and Patrick,” added the rep.

McCullough originated the character of GH‘s Robin in 1985, at age 7, and was a steady part of the serial through 1996. After taking time off to appear in primetime projects such as Once and Again, The Stones and Joan of Arcadia, she returned to GH in a regular capacity in October 2005.

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During her original GH run, McCullough collected two Emmys, including one for her work in one of the daytime drama’s most lauded storylines, where teenage Robin contracted HIV after having unprotected sex with her boyfriend Stone, who was unknowingly carrying the virus.

Another General Hospital staple, Jonathan Jackson, earlier this month also opted out of his role as Lucky Spencer.

GH fans, what would you like Robin’s exit storyline to be?

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  1. Jon says:

    Label this under things I didn’t see coming. It must be due to the fact that the writing is in a state of steady decline (really? Ghosts?) and that, come September 2012, GH would be canceled anyway.

    • I. Lopez says:

      To anyone listening or reading… yes, these soaps must cease with dna crap and bringing back bodies. GH Writer …r u kidding? Let people really be found dead. This also has made port charles police look bad. Doesn’t anybody question real bodies anymore? However i love the mixing of oltl characters especially mcbain.

  2. George says:

    and just like that GH comes off the DVR. No Scrubs. No this viewer…

    • Louise says:

      George R U Kidding – you would lose GH just for 1 character leaving… Why… Do you Fast Forward all the other characters … I think not – with viewers like you no wonder the Soap Opera Genre is GONE ….

      BTW Did you quit GH when is left Jason & went to Paris???

      • Jason says:

        I quit GH in 2001 when they replaced Jonathon JAckson, Sarah Brown, and the guy who played Nicolas all within the course of a few months. Sarah Brown was the final straw. It also seemed like a good time to quit as they had just ended the Cassadine/Spencer war with the Stavros Cassadine resurrection story. I started watching again when Jonathon Jackson rejoined the show and I found it pretty good. However I thought killing off Siobahn was a huge mistake and with Jonathon Jackson leeaving I may leave again. I can do without Patrick and Robin so this doesn’t really effect me much. I just wish Lisa Niles could stick around. As for the ghosts I think the show would be smart to try to turn it into Dark Shadows. Could be the thing that saves the show. They did a big vampire story on Port CHarles so it isn’t that far fetched. Plus didn’t Alan’s ghost hang around for awhile and also back when Edward was “dead” his ghost used to pop up. They’ve also had alien visitation to Port Charles in the past.

    • Daniela says:

      It’s the end of an era. And for me it’s the end of “General Hospital”. Robin was one of the last characters I was really invested in. “GH” has gotten so bad …
      I miss the old days, when it wasn’t all about psychos, dark places and mobsters. I miss those days.
      I thought that Garin Wolf would bring us back the old “GH”, you know the one that actually was successful and very popular among media, fans and critics. But that hasn’t happen …

  3. Snapy says:

    Knowing GH, her HIV will turn into full-blown AIDS and she’ll die.

    • mandy says:

      My first thought too…. That would be horrible. Give her a happy marriage and baby then kill her off. GRRRRR

    • JAmandaFan says:

      She loves to come and go and GH loves her character– so I don’t think they’ll kill her. I just hope they don’t recast her. It’s too bad that she’s leaving since her character is actually involved with the hospital and not the mob.

    • robin says:

      thats exactly what they are doing-her viro count is bad and she thinks lisa replaced her meds with other meds that has made her sick again and now the meds she was taking is not working-so she will either die or leave the show-very sad-i love robin scorpio

  4. Captain says:

    Can’t say I’m sad. She adds nothing to the show and she never has. I don’t dislike her or her character, I simply have no strong opinions about her either way.

    • Blake says:

      I agree, actually. I was never a fan of the character.

    • cathy says:

      Kimberly/Robin doesn’t add to the show, she is the show. Grew up with Robin and she is the heart of GH.

      Loved Robin and Patrick, the most amazing chemistry, you think they are together in real life. Scrubs are very relatable.

      Robin will always belong with Patrick. Can’t see Patick with anyone else nor will I watch or see Emma with another woman.

      I rather Scrubs and Emma ride off into the sunset or GH gets cancelled as it is not the same show.

  5. Kristin says:

    I am incredibly saddened to hear that Kimberly is leaving GH. I never thought I’d be so emotional over the news of the departure of a fictional character and the couple she is a part of, but I am. And as much as I love Scrubs, and Patrick and Robin, I can’t watch the show without one of the characters. It’s all Kimberly and McCullough and Jason Thompson’s fault. They have that once in a lifetime kind of magic together on screen. They and Scrubs are a package deal. This is an end of era for me. No more GH after 20 years of viewership. I of course wish Kimberly good luck in her future endeavors and hope that one day I can say I met her when I see her win an Oscar for Best Director!

    • Cathy says:


      I cannot nor will I watch Robin or Patrick with anyone but each other.

      I really wish Jason Thompson was leaving as well as I feel I deserve a payoff with Scrubs getting a happy ending especially since the two years of the psycho Lisa Niles.

      GH will come off my DVR when Robin leaves.

  6. Jacqi says:

    She will turn out to be Lisa’s killer and end up in jail. Therefore leaving an opening for her to come back later or someone to take her spot.

  7. Stef says:

    While I’m happy Kimberly is leaving this crapfest of a sinking ship before it goes under. I’m furious cause I just know they’re going to kill her off. All that history and legacy going to waste and then they wonder why they are losing viewers in droves.

    Run KMc, run as fast as your pretty legs can take you, but do this Scrubs fan a favor and convince JT to leave too. You’re both better then this.

  8. Hugh says:

    She wil be presumed dead but will turn up alive during the last episodes of the series.

  9. Denise says:

    What the hell is happening over there? Garin Wolf was supposed to bring GH back to the core families but instead he is…ugh

    • jules says:

      I doubt he has anything to do with this decision – sounds like it’s her decision, not his. She’s making the decision to jump ship prior with GH on such precarious footing these days. I blame Brian Frons, not Garin Wolf.

      • darbyelsa1 says:

        Yup – this. Frons hates soaps. I’d have less disdain for him and for ABC if they just said this upfront, admitted they wanted to cancel all three, and then let each show go out with a blaze of glorious soapy writing. Instead, the calculated demise of storytelling has chipped away at ratings and fans – as if he wanted to justify the cancellations – and their annoying (but cheap!) replacements. I’m not even the biggest soap fan, but the disdain shown to soap fans has actually made me so angry I have purchased a Hoover (who stopped advertising because of the cancellations) instead of another Dyson, and I have boycotted ABC. (Except for Castle & Once Upon a Time – I’m weak, okay?) Now I recognize that neither Frons nor ABC give a rat’s ashtray about these actions, but it does make ME feel a bit better.

  10. Andy08 says:

    She’s better than GH. Good for her.

  11. Bella says:

    So incredibly sad to see this. I’ve grown up with Robin and got hooked on GH during her romance with Jason and during the days of the Sonny/Brenda/Jax triangle. I’m so happy that we got to see her fulfill her dreams of becoming a doctor and a mother. I just wished that they had honored her history more and Kimberly’s loyalty more by giving her quality storylines and not ones that insult her integrity (i.e. the recent Lisa syringe debacle). I do not blame her for leaving after this debacle. I just hope we get to see some reconciliation with Sonny and some sweet scenes with the old guard (her Uncle Mac, Luke, Monica, etc. aka people who have known her her entire life). I’m just sad she never had more scenes with Nik and Lucky (hello, their fathers are best friends! Can we say kick-ass adventures with a new generation of Scorpios and Spencers?) So much potential wasted by TPTB. I just hope she has some great scenes with Patrick and especially Jason, who taught her how to live again. Shame on you, GH for losing Kim and Jonathan!

  12. Mandy says:

    Haven’t watched in years but still know the characters. She was such a cute little kid who grew into a talented and beautiful character. It seemed like the writers couldn’t decide what to do with her. Best wishes Kimberly in your new adventures.

  13. Ann says:

    I want to see Robin leave to follow Anna and Robert as a spy, with her exit providing Luke’s refocus and redemption as he finds purpose in helping launch her career.

  14. raelee514 says:

    The first scene of GH I ever saw, little Robin Scorpio checked to make sure all the grown ups were gone, then she picked up the telephone and called Robert Scorpio and told him that her mother was trouble…

    She was my first GH scene, her HIV storyline was superb.

    If GH kills off Robin, or has her go to jail for Lisa Niles murder or some such nonsense UGH. Only I can’t see any other way to write her off, unless they write out Patrick as well to send them off together with little Emma.

    I want the happy ending, not that I want JT to be out of a job too.

  15. broadwayfan says:

    I’m already sick about Jonathan Jackson leaving. I’ve loved that kid since he first came on the show. He IS Lucky Spencer; and I just crave every scene he has with Tony Geary. I have faced the fact that Lucky will have to be recast.
    But Robin leaving?!?!?? She’s grown up on that show; we’ve watched little 7 year old Robin turn into a woman, a doctor, a wife and mother. We love Robin like we know her personally.
    I am so sad at the news of her leaving. How do I want her to exit? I’ll tell you one thing…it better be WITH Patrick and Emma. I don’t want any tragedy to hit that family. Robin and Patrick are the perfect, romantic couple. They have to leave for new opportunities.
    Maybe they can take that “Rio, Paris,the 3rd place I can’t remember” trip Patrick bought the tickets for.
    This show is just not going to be nearly as special any more. I never thought I’d give it up…but it’s a possibility.
    If all we have left are Elizabeth and Jason’s emotional co-dependency! I’ve had all of that I ever want to see!

  16. Amanda says:

    Well, seeing how it looks like GH is going to be canceled sometime next year also, they might as well kill her off. I’d rather her die than have them just break up Robin and Patrick.

  17. babs says:

    Exactly. I never thought it could get worse than Guza. I was obviously wrong. GW has put the final nail in the coffin and I am out now that I know Scrubs will not have HEA.

  18. Kate says:

    ABC/Disney has been treating GH horribly for years. Guza and Frons have basically been allowed to disrespect the show, it’s history and it’s fans so you can’t blame the actors for reading the handwriting on the wall and leaving. They know the show will be gone in 2012 which is a shame and one reason everyone should boycott anything on ABC during the day! ABC/Disney should not be rewarded for pursuing mediocrity.

    I will miss Kimberly – she is a huge part of the history of the show and I think it is disgraceful of ABC/Disney to be so callous when it comes to the actors who built GH into the legacy show it is today. If they are going to cancel the show anyone then why not give peoole like Kimberly and JJ lighter contracts that only last until the end of the show? The only thing I can think of (and we’re seeing this with AMC and OLTL) is that ABC/Disney wants to kill the soaps – they don’t want them to go to Prospect Park and be successful. I think the execs at ABC/Disney are petty, revolting people who should not work in television!

  19. Debbie says:

    I hate this… I really hate that she’s leaving but if it is really due to her wanting to be a director full time then more power to her.

    But all I hope is that Scrubs ride off into the sunset together. Patrick was brought in specifically for Robin and no one else; now they have a family… they need to be together.

  20. Avril says:

    There is just no proper way to communicate a happy dance thru the computer!! I fast forward thru every segment with Robin, unless Lisa is trying to kill her, and that’s a real shame because I love Patrick. Finally he’ll have a chance to be with a woman who doesn’t judge or belittle him 24/7. May I suggest Carly – just to be spiteful? ;)

    • Maria E says:

      I was going to use other terms but I actually want people to see this reply so I ll say no I don’t accept Carly’s nomination. But I respct your opinion I hope you do the robin fans. BTW glad you like the unpopular ( I MEAN every syllable of that word) character Lisa, and the psycho storyline. Maybe sometime the Scrubs fans will invite you over to their board to explain the rational of the s/l.

  21. Jessica says:

    I have a feeling her leaving is more than her just wanting to direct more. She was quite upset, along with many fans including myself, with the storyline of Lisa trying to inject Patrick with Robin’s HIV blood. There were rumors that she hated this story and I doubt that GH’s story telling has gotten any better since then.

  22. TimWnTX says:

    I can’t even watch GH anymore. It’s that bad. I’m not surprised after that HIV in the syringe b.s. As for her ‘poignant’ exit and ‘story line dictated” exit, I fear Robin will be the victim of GH’s upcoming serial killer storyline. The only thing killing GH is bad writing and producing. ABC wants OUT of daytime drama so GH is just being sent out to pasture. And it shows.

  23. mims says:

    Completely understandable. I wish her the best.

  24. Bea says:

    Nothing more than a rat leaving a sinking ship.

  25. A5 says:

    I wish they would put this to bed just like AMC and OLTL. This show died with the 20th Century.

  26. Carrie says:

    She’s changings jobs. It works best for her.GH shouldnt suffer because of it. I love the show. I too have watched it for 20 years and still enjoy it. I will miss her. But its a job folks just like ours.

  27. susan says:

    I have been watching GH since I was 9. Liked Robin until Stone died and was really glad to see her leave the show and sad to see her ever come back.I thought I would scream if I heard the words “Postpartum Depression” out of her mouth one more time. She acts miserable and really brings the show down. Hope to see Patrick with someone fun.

  28. Ronalld Walter Kimmek says:

    I’ll never watch Katy Couric. Not ever and neither do I watch The Chew. I think it is awful to pull two great SOAPS only to replace them with garbage shows. I’m very disgusted. I’ll just turn off the TV until 5 P.M. when I watch the News once they pull off General Hospital and I’ll really miss Kimberly McCullough. — Ronald Walter Klimmek of Glendale, California

  29. Vickie says:

    This is just horrible! I love her character. & I was so happy that the whole Lisa crap was being put to rest and now we’re losing Robin’s character!? Gosh! this show has NO stability! Its allover the place.

  30. nneoma says:

    i’m sad about this..i’m done w/ GH. enough is enough. nobody that was worth watching the show for is there anymore..jonathan,kirsten,ingo,vanessa, lexi,and now kimberely are all gone. evereyone’s storyline is rubbish and characters like maxie and kate are being played by annoying stand-ins that cant act and dont fit in with the rest of the cast.if GH want to be off the air,theyre doing a good of making it occur

  31. Shay says:

    I’m glad she is leaving to pursue her dream. The only reason I’m upset is because of how she may leave. I really hope TIIC don’t have her develop full blown AIDS and die…there is no ‘miracle’ return from that. If anything I would rather see her take the fall for killing Lisa and go to jail.

    Well, if we hear of Fiona and Tristan heading to GH then we’ll know. There is no way Robin with die a slow death without her parents.

  32. Pam says:

    Do let her come back. If it doesn,t work out at being a director.
    I have been seeing her for about 20 year on gh and she good if you kill her then where will who where will you find someone like her.

  33. Rosa says:

    I can’t believe they are losing all the great characters. Who’s going to watch this show anymore without the originals. I’m sad I’ve been watching this show since I was 3 with my mother. I still cant enjoy watching this show because the recasting of Maxie. When is kirsten storms coming back. And I hope they rethink about what their going to do about the show.

  34. Donna says:

    I’m sorry but Robin and Patrick made this show for me. Jason Thompson and Kimberly have the perfect on-screen chemistry that keeps me entertained and watching – even when the storyline is really bad for other characters. I really hope they don’t mae her Lisa’s killer and send her to jail because that would just realllly piss me off. I also hope patrick didn’t because then she’d be alone with Emma and then leave … and what about Emma? they’d get rid of 2 characters? Thatn would ne extremely annoying!
    Of course i wish Kimberly luck and success, I just wish she wasn’t leaving! I know I won’t like any other girl they put Patrick with…he belongs with Robin<3

  35. Kristin T. says:

    Well this kills it for me. I’m officially swearing off of General Hospital for good. I’ve not liked the show since the 90’s b/c of the downturn of the show to becoming some glorified version of “soapland Sopranos”. Honestly they could axe Sonny, Carly, Jason, Sam and the lot and I’d be thrilled. General Hospital used to be great….it became crap when the decent writers and leaders left and the show turned into some reality twisted garbage that passed for soap writing. The last decent thing I’ve seen involving General Hospital was the 2nd season of General Hospital: Night Shift with Robin, Robert and Anna when Robert had cancer. Now with Kimberly McCullough leaving, I’m so done with GH and ABC. They’ve destroyed one of the greatest aspects of my television childhood. At this point, if I heard they were canceling show, I would view it as a mercy killing more than anything….it’s sad that they don’t look into their past and see what worked and would still work if they’d give it another chance….

    • Imani says:

      Give me a break Jason & Sam are the best GH offers in terms of “love in the afternoon”. The scrubs are boring and out of touch and wouldn’t have anything to do w/o the mob. Ive watch GH for close to 30 years and enjoy the story lines when both mob with a bit of scrubs. They could axe Patrick, Liz the new Kate and bring back the real Maxie

  36. Imani says:

    JJ should take boring unfaithful Liz with him! As far as Robin is concerned she should reunite with Stone

  37. Jeanne Osbahr says:

    Bring back the last Lucky. This Lucky looks like a homeless person but cries well. In fact, too much.
    I think Robin’s part will be left open even if she goes to jail for murder as they can always find a way to free her. She is a great actress. Great show. Hope this one doesn’t end.

  38. Michelle says:

    If anyone with influence is reading this, please, please do not kill of Kimberly’s character. GH has lost enough of its beloved characters. Everyone is saying they want GH to Remain on the air. Well keeping people watching is the key…and killing off popular, lifelong characters is NOT the way to ensure a faithful fan base! Please dont do this to the fans!

    • Gigi says:

      I just don’t understand the writers or why Robin wants to leave after being off GH for almost or 2 yrs and bring her back n only to take her off again…that is the most dumbest move u can ever do. If u wanna take someone off GH take Heather off…why do I keep bringing her back? U are goin to keep losing viewers that’s what’s goin to happen. Ppl love Robin n was glad she came back and u r going to take her off again? That SUCKS!!! Dumb!!! I think I’m going to stop watching

  39. reyan1 says:

    I am a loyal General Hospital fan, and while it is sad to Robin and Lucky go I will still be watching it. I think that General Hospital is the best soap opera on tv and I hope that it will remain on the air for a long long time. Thise stupid talk shows such as the chew are just that stupid, and i would rather turn my television off thn watch them. I really hope they do not cancle General Hospital for some show with Katey Couric,(or however she spells her name) She is terrible and the people that are home watching these shows at this time of day do not want to see her. We want to see our Soaps. I say that if ABC takes General Hospital off the air I will NEVER watch their station again.

  40. Brittany says:

    Wow! Truly an end of an era :( Kimberly will definitely be missed.

    Her character along with a few others kept me watching GH but lately there hasn’t been much to watch. There was a time when I liked the “mobster” story lines on GH but it’s quickly getting old and very redundant.

    But I wish Kimberly well in her pursuit of directing. And again she will surely be missed.

    I’m still holding out hope that Robin will not be killed off but it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen :(

  41. Good Riddance says:

    Too bad Lisa didn’t kill her off. I for one am happy Robin is finally being killed off. LONG overdue!

  42. ARan says:

    I Dont get why they are getting rid of important characters rather then replacing the actors! its insane!?!?!

  43. Tammy Sherrill says:

    I am so disappointed about Kimberly’s decision to leave the show. Robin would never leave her daughter and it is so unfair to Patrick. I think they should recast her role.

  44. sammy says:

    What a horrible thing to say. Killing off Robin would send out the wrong message
    I hate that Kimberly is leaving, but let Robin leave with good news about her HIV status,perhaps helping other doctors searching for a cure for AIDS

  45. Pamela says:

    Is General Hospital going to be taken off the air as well?

  46. rose marie says:

    i just saw kimberly mccullough back on general hospital.

  47. Marilyn Stinger says:

    What is G H doing? is Robin out or in? I don’t like the storyline if it has yet another tragic ending for Robin.

  48. rima yazbeck says:

    it was such a shuck for me what are you doing with the story i’m so confuse the way you end this couple i don’t like it . it was to fast.

  49. Brenda says:

    GH is my favorite soap! I was crushed when Jason left and have been waiting for the return of Robin. I now watch Young & the Restless so I can see former Jason. I hope that Robin will reconsider. If the writers continue with the “Vampire” story line I will quit watching the show. That is why, I believe, the Passions soap failed. Come on guys, there are alot better story-lines than that stupid vampire junk!