Supernatural Exclusive: Jason Dohring Is a God!

Jason Dohring is making his way around The CW.

The Veronica Mars alum has landed a plum guest spot on Supernatural, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Supernatural Scoop: X-Files‘ Nicholas Lea Is Eliot Ness, Once‘s Red Riding Hood Seeks Out Sam

Dohring will play Chronos, the God of Time, in this season’s 12th episode, slated to air in mid-January. The Greek deity is usually depicted as an old man with a beard, so we’re guessing the show is going in a very different direction here.

Dohring is currently recurring as Juliet’s teacher on The CW’s freshman thriller Ringer.

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  1. Maja says:


  2. noeladd says:

    YES!!!! I’m loving seeing Jason on Ringer and having him on one of my favorite shows is even better.

    • As a longtime Veronica Mars fan I’m always happy to hear a distinguished alumnus of the show like Jason is getting work. He’s playing Juliet’s boytoy-to-be (one hypothesizes) teacher on Ringer with admirable restraint -I’m sure he’ll do an equally solid job on Supernatural.

    • lorna says:

      Yes, congrats. If only we got a freakin Veronica Mars movie!!

  3. Natalie says:

    Ugh, I never liked this guy. His “acting” will look ridiculous next to Jared and Jensen’s

    • David F. says:

      Because Jared and Jensen are perfect examples f A-List actors.

      • lorna says:

        David, don’t be a DB, she meant quality. If you had ever seen SPN, you would know how incredibly talented Jensen is. Jared’s not bad, but Jensen is a better actor, in my opinion.

        • Mara says:

          Personally, instead I think Jared has proven to be a lot more versatile than Jensen. I’ve been a theatre performer for a decade or so and I think that technically Jared’s a better actor. Of course personal preferences vary.

          • Clare says:

            Oh please.

          • Ashley says:

            I agree, although both men are very good and affective on the show.

          • Mary says:

            IA. He manages to portray different characters you can tell apart at first glance, like SoulessSam or Samifer. For example, everybody notices sth was off with Sam in 6×01 without him actually doing/saying anything wrong.
            And Jensen is a remarkable actor too, especially at expressing different emotions.

        • kyle says:

          i like supernatural, i’ve watched it since the beginning, but i’m sorry, i’m not sure either of them are the best actors out there. its the CW, they were hired for their looks. Jason Dohrin on the other hand was hired back before the networks merged and became… whatever you want to call the CW. He was great on Veronica Mars, he’s great on Ringer, and i’m sure he’ll be great on supernatural

          • Carrie says:

            Um, no. I don’t think they were hired just because of the way they look. That’s quite an assumption to make. They were also hired before UPN and WB merged and became The CW. “Supernatural” first aired on WB. Jensen and Jared are very talented actors and their chemistry and believability are a huge part of why SN fans are so devoted.

          • Tessie says:

            ummm…jensen and jared have been on the wb way before it was cw…get your facts straight, jensen was on dawsons creek and smallville, jared on gilmore girls..jensen always does an incredible job…maybe he’s given crappy scripts sometimes, but his pinky finger is more talented than you.

          • Jason says:

            Carrie and Tessie, you make SN fans look bad. Always so snippy and defensive, its not flattering. I feel bad for the actors and the show to be represented by fans like you. Take it down a notch and let people have their own opinions.

      • Ika says:

        Jensen is certainly a lot better than Jason Dohring. In fact he’s better than most actors on TV right now, he’s regularly on lists of “should have been nominated for an Emmy but wasn’t” lists and I don’t mean the ones by fangirls. There have been at least a couple of acting teachers I know of who have used him as a good example to their students. Just because he’s good looking doesn’t mean he isn’t also very talented.

      • Sharon Page Sanderson says:

        They are most definitley the best actors ever….I loooooooooove this show and I hope and pray that Misha Collins comes back permanently…

    • Tavish says:

      Hey he is a good actor so don’t get pissy. Sure he hasn’t had the opportunity to show off his acting chops like Jared and Jensen but there’s no reason to be mean.

  4. Kate says:

    I can’t get past the fact that this guy looks like Dana Carvey’s little brother. Guy is sooooo not sexy b/c of that. When he was sitting at his desk on Ringer all I could think about was The Church Lady lol.

  5. V. says:

    I feel bad for those people who have never seen Veronica Mars and therefore fail to comprehend the awesomeness that is Jason Dohring.

  6. slizabeth says:

    So he’s a god, but not GOD, God?

  7. Nita says:

    Love this casting!! I need to catch up on Supernatural now! :) :)

  8. Marc says:

    Well at least we know how Sam & Dean will travel through time without any angel help now — that was really bothering me about the Elliot Ness episode.

  9. bjxmas says:

    The casting department at Supernatural always does an exceptional job casting all their roles, but this is particularly good news. Jason is phenomenal and I hope this introduces new viewers to the show, ones who will appreciate our Winchesters and the awesome stories on Supernatural. I’m already hoping this will be a character that will come back several times. Sounds like a great part for a great actor!

  10. Jeanne says:

    One of the complaints against Cas is he was a deus ex machinas. Well this season has been full of them in episode after episode. Death, Crowley, a witch and now a God sending them to the past. They should have just kept Cas. Because this is getting ridiculous.

    • Kate says:

      Totally this.

    • Andy says:

      I think the problem wasn’t having so much a deus ex machina, but being a friends with said deus. Death – helped them, but also threatened them if they call him again; Crowley can stab them in the back at any time; the witch nearly killed them,… All their help came with conditions.
      That’s why Cas’ powers in season 4 weren’t a problem (his true loyalty was uncertain), but the friendlier he got with the brothers, the more he was at their back and call, the worse it got with his storyline. So, they would either have to make him powerless/or at least less powerful (like in season 5); or make him the big bad/antagonistic towards S&D.

    • Kira says:

      It was said as such cause he was one character that did so much and was so convenient it was coming out as far too ridiculous. Castiel would have taken hunts all on his own making Dean and Sam useless. Many different characters have their own roles, instead of Castiel doing it all.

  11. Scott says:

    Whatever…Call me when Castiel is back.

  12. Melanie says:

    Yaaay!!! Excellent news!

  13. Jane says:

    This season is made entirely of stunt casting and gimmicks.

  14. anon says:

    I’d rather have Cas back.

  15. Kate says:

    I’d rather have Cas as the resident deus ex machina, to be honest.

    This just makes it even more laughable that Misha was written out.

  16. Jem says:

    I just marvel!! ^^

  17. Louise says:

    Yeah…. might as well have kept the angel, for all the dei ex machina have disappeared this season. At least he was handsome.

  18. coco says:

    Love, love, love Jason Dohring! If you never seen him – check him out in Veronica Mars. He is an acquired taste but once you get it you will understand why he has such a fan base.

  19. Katie says:

    He deserves better than the CW, though. And before all you SPN fans jump on me saying how great your show is — yeah, it might be a clever show, but it’s not THAT quality and it gets like, 2 million viewers. Jason needs to be on a show seen by the masses!

    • Snapy says:

      Phuck you. Not only is Supernatural the best show on the CW, it’s the best show in TV in general. Bitch.

      • Gabriel says:

        You are disgusting. Fans like you give SN a bad name and I have to feel sorry for everyone on the show involved to be supported by such undeserving fans.

    • Tessie says:

      um almost 3, and thats just the ones that have nielson or whatever, so maybe in reality there are 11 million fans. piss off katie. you’re a loser.

    • John says:

      Stfu! Katie! Supernatural is THE BEST SHOW, PERIOD! And airing on a friday night, on The CW and making close to 3 million Nielson box viewership isn’t an easy task. Also, the show has a huge fanbase all over the world. If the show was on any other network, it would have made more than 10 million viewers every episode quite easily. And I have seen Jason’s acting prowess, he isn’t an acting god like you make him out to be.

    • Kira says:

      I’m a fan from S1 on and I wouldn’t ever jump on you for your own opinion. Obviously Supernatural can’t be competed ratings wise toward Greys, and all the other big network shows. But it’s doing very well on CW. *smile* I know what you’re saying, cause I hope that Jensen and Jared after Supernatural find themselves on a higher quality show.

  20. Snapy says:

    Please say there is a Veronica Mars movie in the works!

  21. B says:

    Love it!! So excited!

  22. Snapy says:

    Not sure why people are bringing Castiel into this. He’s a stupid character and the show is better now that he’s gone. Stop living in the past and accept the fact that the lame-brained angel is gone.

    • A says:

      I also find it ironic when people say how they want to have more characters in Spn (not just Sam & Dean & Bobby), which are not killed of, but would in the same breath replace them all with one character.

      I like the new characters they introduced so far, like Frank, Garth and Don Stark. People should give new characters a chance, they could surprise you.

      • Anon says:

        Since the show kills off every single supporting character why should I bother to get invested in any of them?

        • A says:

          Then I guess moving on/forgetting about Cas shouldn’t be a problem, since you’re not invested.
          He is the only supporting character they killed so far in season 7, maybe they’ll turn a new page.

          • Anon says:

            I was talking about not being invested in new character not older ones. I’m was invested in Cas and I thought he brought a new and interesting dynamic to the show. So with new characters I find it hard to care about them becuase the show is probably just going to kill them anyway.

          • A says:

            But killing supporting actors is nothing new, they have been doing that since season 2. For example they killed some of my favourite characters; Ash, John W., Gabriel, Hendrickson, Ellen, …
            Cas was/is great, but why is he so special in your eyes that you gave him a chance, when he was introduced, but won’t do it anymore for any other character. One of these new ones could become a new favourite, you know.

            *sorry I couldn’t reply to your post directly

      • Kira says:

        Thank you “A” That was very well said. *smiles*

  23. Ashley says:

    I loved Jason Dohring on Veronica Mars and he’s doing a great job on Ringer right now. The casting person for Supernatural does an amazing job. We got Chad Lindberg, Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen, Alona Tal, Genevieve Cortese, Misha Collins and now Jason and that’s just naming a few. Not only do Jared and Jensen have incredible talent the supporting cast members and guest roles do as well.

  24. kevin says:

    Jason is on a huge roll this TV season. Wouldn’t mind if he’s the king on the CW especially when VERONICA MARS got canceled tragically.

  25. timotey says:

    I don’t get you, people. Why the need to drag Castiel into everything? I mean, if you discussed the pros and cons of Jason Dohring playing Chronos, good. Awesome even! But whenever a casting spoiler for SPN is posted, the comment section always ends up being a Castiel or Sam vs. Dean fest. Why? Why drag stuff that has nothing to do with the article here?

    I for one am very curious about Jason in this role, how he will portray a character so old. I loved how he played Josef in Moonlight. And I can’t wait to see how Dean and Sam will make Chronos turn back the time for them!

  26. Sarah says:

    Sadly, as much as I love Jason, I just cannot bring myself to watch Supernatural. I watched the episode with James and Charisma a few weeks ago and was lost because I am not a regular viewer. I just can’t get into the show. That said, I am sure Jason will do great.

    • SPN can be quite a complicated show to potential new ~fans.. XD

      Personally, I’m only a fan for the pretty (that sounds so shallow, lol), the cuuteness (the way the boys interact with each other, cast chemistry is one of my fave things in any show I like), & the ~angst (when done well, & moves me, I can’t help getting hooked).. I try not to care about all the twisted mythology or the way-too-gory horror aspect. But if you’re still interested & if you don’t mind spoilers & are curious about knowing more background info, the summaries at Wikipedia are pretty good to catch up with ;P



  27. HoneyBee says:

    Jason Dohring is a god. Yes, he is!

  28. Ace says:


  29. wooster182 says:

    Finally! Mr. Epic is back on my tv at full force! Woo to the freaking hoo!

  30. mina says:

    I think supernatural is great ant since its finished ive started watching from the start again, just want to know how many other people noticed dean called sam by his real name in season 1 the provenance episode when they go into the house of the woman who was killed next to her fire by the haunted girl in picture, when they are looking at the pucture dean says “jarrod look at this”. Wonder if it was intentional.

  31. Plum says:

    Awesome news, love Jason.

  32. moonlight foreves says:

    Joseph Costigan would find a way to become a God!

  33. AHH- this is EPiC news indeed! I don’t watch Ringer (I try to avoid dramas as much as possible!) but have been missing this awesome dude ever since Moonlight was so wrongfully cancelled.. what I REALLY want is for him to reunited with Alex O’L on Hawaii Five-0!! Can you iMAGiNE, his epic snark mixed with Steve and Danno’s?! Yes, please! And it would HAVE to be a good, SPECiAL role, not just some random, one-note character and DEFiNiTELY NOT a ‘baddie’- ugh lol no, he deserves the best! Now.. when is Kristen Bell following his lead?? Get this girl on SPN and H50 as well, plus don’t forget BOTH need to also totally do WHiTE COLLAR!!! xoxoxo

  34. Mary Dallas says:

    You all make very fine points. Jensen & Jared are equally talented as far as I’m concerned. Together, they create magic.