Glee Enjoys Adele-Fueled Music Resurgence, Plans Rihanna, Destiny's Child Covers

It would appear rumors of Glee‘s eroding influence on the music biz have been greatly exaggerated.

After experiencing a West Side Story-fueled dry spell on the charts this fall (during which the show mostly churned out spirited but not exactly Billboard-friendly covers from the classic musical), the Fox hit staged an impressive comeback this week.

Glee Scoop: Jonathan Groff Returns to [Spoiler]

For starters, a mash-up of Adele’s “Rumor Has It”/”Someone Like You” from Tuesday’s episode skyrocketed to No. 1 on iTunes and has yet to be dethroned. (One source says it’s on track to become Glee‘s best-selling track since last season’s Gwyneth Paltrow-crooned “Forget You.”)

Additionally, the show’s new holiday album — Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, Vol. 2 — currently ranks No. 4 on the album chart and is selling at a similar rate as last year’s successful Xmas disc (which moved nearly 1 million copies in six weeks).

And look for the momentum to continue into the new year. TVLine has learned that upcoming episodes will feature covers of Rihanna’s current No. 1 smash “We Found Love” and Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” as well as what promises to be a bitchin’ Troubletones mash-up of Gloria Gaynor’s ’70s anthem “I Will Survive” and Destiny’s Child’s “I’m a Survivor.”

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  1. Ryan says:

    Who cares about meaningless itunes sales when your ratings are in the toilet?

    • C says:

      b/c money is money

      • Hugh says:

        That attitude is exactly why the show is failing. They need to be more concerned about the same old recycled and boring gay storylines than how high the songs chart.

        • Meg says:

          It’s only boring if you don’t care. If you don’t care then don’t watch. It’s not recycled it’s an entirely different storyline. You only say that because they’re both gay. You would never say that about a heterosexual couple. “Oh they have too many heterosexual couples!” Get over it or turn it off.

          • Michael says:

            finally someone with sense

          • meghan says:

            Couldn’t agree more. In no way shape or form is this the same storyline. Kurt came out of the closet by choice when he was ready, whereas Santana was forced. If you don’t like, don’t watch. simple.

          • julia says:

            No because there are many more heterexual couples in real life. On glee it’s 70% gay stories, 30% hetero stories, I apreciate a gay storyline once in a while, but as a hetero I have no interest in the show being so much about the gay people, I don’t relate. Kurt works better as a suorting character like in the first season, he’s too whiny to take in large doses. I’m sick of Blaine solos. Finn works better as a leading guy, the show works better when it revolves around Rachel and Finn, that’s why the first 13 were so successful.

          • kay says:

            I’m really tired of the angsty GAY storylines getting all the focus on Glee. There are other heterosexual characters on Glee. Give them some good plots dammit!!!

          • nicky says:

            @ Julia:

            70% gay storylines?

            Alright, so we got Kurt/Blaine and Brittany/Santana in gay relationships.

            And then we got Finn/Quinn, Finn/Rachel, Puck/Quinn, Puck/Rachel, Sam/Quinn, Sam/Mercedes, Artie/Brittany, Artie/Tina, Mike/Tina, Will/Emma, Will/Terri, etc. etc. etc. being in straight relationships that all came with a storyline.

            Not to be a nitpicker, but how do you deduce 70% gay from that?

          • Danica says:

            @Nicky – I don’t know if I agree with the other poster’s percentage, but it is sort of clear that the gay storylines are handled with more sensitivity, cohesion and thorough attention to detail than the other storylines on the show. I’m not saying anything against these storylines because I like Kurt and Santana as characters, but I do think if all the stories on Glee were handled with such care there would be fewer people screaming about it. Rachel, Sue, Will and Finn are the lead characters on the show and none of them have cohesive stories and good character development. They may have screen time, but they don’t have good stories and the plots usually fizzle out into nothing that’s productive for their characters.

          • A says:

            @julia actually a huge percentage of fans find Finchel much more boring than the Brittana/Klaine storylines. If anything Finchel is recycled because all they do it breakup and get back together all the time. Finchel is really tedious, when Brittana has never failed to keep me gripped. I’m straight and find it relatable and i think the gay story lines are the most used because they are the best story lines.

          • Noi says:

            @ A actually the fans that find Finchel boring are mostly from the online fandom, which is 3% of the entire audience, while statistic demonstrate that general audience prefers canon. If you notice Finchel is always front and center in Fox promos featuring Glee. I, for example, love Klaine but dislike Brittana, because I don’t like Santana’s repeated manipulation of Brittany. Glee ratings are this low because of the complete mess that was season 2, and the fact that the leading characters have far less screentime than supporting. I also think that it’s not about the gay storylines, but the fact that while gay bullying is treated with a lot of sensitivity other types of bullying are treated as a joke and used as comic relief (and this from the pilot). These double standards are pissing people off. Glee success comes from the atmosphere and the main characters of season 1. The writers should stop trying to please the request of the vocal portion of the fandom and really go back to basics.

          • Katelyn says:

            @ Julia As a straight person, you can’t relate to a gay story line? What about all the gay people who can’t relate to most of television and film today? Finding a true representation of a gay character on tv is hard to come by. It must be nice to be always represented in the media, but you have no idea how it feels to be hardly represented when there are hundreds of thousands of gay people in the world just waiting to relate to a character on tv. Gay story lines should not be used “once in awhile,” but instead equally depicted as much as the heterosexual story lines. Love is love, focus on that instead.

          • Garrison says:

            @Julia and anyone else who is concerned…
            There is such a focus and care paid to the gay story lines because NO ONE ELSE is doing it now. Gay story lines are often stereotypical on other shows. On GLEE you get a different, fresh view of gay people and get to actually see them vulnerable emotionally. Other shows portray gay men and non-committal club hoppers, and gay women are either straight girls who went crazy one night or butch lesbians. So excuse the writers of Glee for taking the moral high road of portraying gays in a less stereotypical light. This is giving gay teens all over a different look at what it means to be gay in America. Being a gay man, I know that when I was growing up, I had nothing to look to other than stereotypes. I didn’t even think I could be gay because I didn’t act like the gays that I saw portrayed on television. When I started watching Glee, the first time Blaine came into the picture and sang “Teenage Dream” to Kurt, it almost brought me to tears because I had never gotten to see two young gay guys share such a tender moment with one another before. I always had to look to straight romantic dramas and just imagine. When I watch Glee, I finally don’t have to imagine anymore. It’s right there for me to enjoy. So, I’m sorry if you don’t like the gay storyline, but it means the world to some of us.

          • David says:

            I could not agree more with Garrison on the importance and relevance of these storylines… for gay people to have someone to look up to, but also for the millions of straight youth out there to learn a little something from. Besides the fact that actors like Darren Criss’ Blaine and Naya Rivera’s Santana just seem to light up the screen in their acting scenes and just seem to naturally warrant more airtime, as their stories unfold. And for anyone else who gripes about the gay characters garnering the “lion’s share of the attention” around William Mckinley High… lest we forget this is a show about singing and show choir. Let’s face it, on their worst day, Blaine and Santana CAN AND ALWAYS DO OUTSING Rachel and Finn – and maybe THAT is why they are getting more airtime lately. Yes, Princess Lea can sing Streisand or a 50’s showtune, but give the girl a pop song and she can only pull it off in the key of screech. Finn is a LOUD singer, but not necessarily a GREAT singer. Blaine and Santana knock every single song they sing right out of the park… and that brings us full circle to why the Billboard charts DO matter and SHOULD dictate story concentration to a certain extent.

    • CMG says:

      Really? A 3.0 rating/8 share is “in the toilet?” I’d hate to even ask what 90210’s 0.7/2 share for the same timeslot would be considered then.

      I doubt anyone is complaining about having a show getting a 3.0 rating AND mind-blowing collateral music sales as well.

      • Kiki says:

        90210 is on the CW and everyone knows a CW can’t and won’t ever getting ratings close to anything on the other four. But minus DVR numbers, Glee’s ratings have dropped significantly (in comparison to their highs) for the last three weeks.

        • CMG says:

          Granted. It is still the #2 show in the time slot by a significant margin, losing only to NCIS. And no matter how much it has fallen, a 3.0 rating in the demo cannot be considered “in the toilet.”

          • Haley says:

            Add to that the fact that NCIS is pretty much the most popular show on TV, and has been for a while now.

    • Sally says:

      A 3.0 in the demos really isn’t that bad. They should be more concerned about writing quality and consistency to be honest.

    • callum says:

      there rattings arnt in toilet :P

    • Anone E Mouse says:

      Ratings in the toilet? They’re mostly in-line with, if not better than Season 1’s ratings.

    • luke says:

      Over 7 milions viewers on TV and nearly 2 milions via onlyne platform, without considering the streaming and downloads (ok it’s formally illegal but lots of people does it!), without counting the european and australian market I think Glee is far from being cancelled. OK the audience rating is sinking, but this because of the gay-teen storyline and conservative critics. But the fact that people are not in front of the TV set the moment when is broadcasted, it doesn’t mean that the old audience don’t watch it anymore.

    • Kalleb says:

      Ratings? Dude, the ratings might have fallen, but guess what, there once again rising. Now that the show is picking up, more people are beginning to watch it. Stop hating because you have no talent and can’t do anything they can. :3

  2. John Corbic says:

    Glee definitely need more troubletones

    • nos4nus says:

      I’m 69 and I love GLEE it is like a mini Broadway Musical every week. Sure sometimes it bog down and others it’s trite, But the amazing cast as well as the production staff and everyone from the stagehands to the writers are due respect for putting on a really good show every week.

      And I loved the Troubletones.

  3. Dessy says:

    Thank God, it sounds like Glee is going to start doing fun music again. At least I’ll download the music, even though I still can’t bring myself to continue watching the show anymore.

    • JIM says:

      This (and please note that I’m not judging) is why I’ve speculated that the show will continue long after it jumps the shark: the show will go away when the music sales are no longer bringing in the bucks.

  4. Jenny says:

    They went back to what was successful. This week was a mix of classic 80’s and newer pop songs. Showtunes are fine but many times without the context of the story the songs just don’t have the same punch.

    • Anita says:

      My sentiments exactly. Back in the glory days of season 1, the show tunes were delivered with such punch and done so well that even those who hate musicals enjoyed them. Now, the showtunes just don’t have the same meaning and vibrance.

  5. Kiki says:

    Maybe because it’s no longer Rachel Berry and her backup singers or yet another song by Darren Criss. Both extremely talented in their own right, but as Mercedes pointed out, the last time Santana had a solo was on Valerie. Both Amber and Naya are way too gifted for Ryan Murphy to have continued wasting them in such a sad, sad manner.

    • Ali says:

      I don’t know if that’s why it’s so successful. And actually, that was just her last competition solo. She also had Back To Black and Songbird, and neither did well at all, even though I personally loved them. It’s the fact that it’s two great singers and an ingenious Adele mashup, who is massively popular and loved by all.

    • Bec says:

      While I agree Naya and Amber should get more solos, and I’d like to be all of the actors given opportunities to sing, the first and second seasons of Glee featured a lot of Lea and Darren, and music sales then did just fine. c: It’s just the beginning of this season that has had problems, and I definitely think it’s due to the type of music they’ve been featuring. The songs themselves are great, just not hot sellers.

      • Ali says:

        It seems most people are forgetting that Candyman fell flat on its face on the charts. The fact that it’s Adele and is such a good mashup are BIG parts of why it’s selling so well.

        • Ryann says:

          I was just about to mention that. In Glee it dosen’t matter who’s singing the songs it matters what song they’re singing and how its covered. Candyman was weak and proved that on the charts. It was a great mashup, Naya and Amber’s previous SOLO performances didn’t do that well on the charts vs Lea and even Darren.

    • Captain says:

      Amber Riley I’ll give you but Naya Rivera is one of the most used actresses on the show. She’s constantly at the center of the series and the last episode was completely dedicated to her. She may not get a ton of solo songs but she’s not underused by a mile.

    • Rod says:

      I think Naya did have a solo with her amazing version of Back to Black near the end of last season

    • JDHetherington says:

      Ok. Well what about We Got the Beat (in which she shared the lead with Rachel AND Brittany), Run the World (in which she got a solo with Brittany). Regionals 2010 she was featured in Don’t Stop Believing, Regionals 2011 she was a primary back up for Loser Like Me, Nationals 2011 she had a solo for the first verse of Light Up the World. You guys complaining about solos. She actually does get a fairly decent amount of them. And that’s the way it should be. She should sing parts of group songs. But as for solo songs. They should be limited to like 3-5 per season for each character. Rachel and Blaine included.

  6. Ali says:

    Glad the song is doing well, here’s to more Adele on the show! Especially if Naya is singing it. Gotta say, I’m an ND girl through and through, most of my favorites (Rachel, Kurt, Mike, Blaine, Puck..) are in that group, but I’m DEFINITELY most excited about the Survivor/I Will Survive mashup. I wish I didn’t have to wait.

  7. maru says:

    i’m sad that the writters have overexposed the character of Blaine and know all hate Darren for that..the same with Lea, personally i love them both but we like to see more of the others or more group numbers! it’s the last year so please show us some changes and not the same

    • ben says:

      The same backlash is happening to Santana’s character. The show should be careful not to overusde Naya, but she’s singing in too many of the songs now. Glee does not know how to do good things in small doses.

      • yep says:

        Exactly. Just like Blaine when the fans liked him so the show just featured him in solo/or multiple songs per episode. Glee seems to go overboard when there is a good income builder brewing. I’m over Blaine as of. I agree with many that Naya’s voice is wonderful but Santana has on many occasions been featured whether a line in a song to a solo. Amber has a wonderful soulful voice that does well on Adele’s songs. Santana’s over done bullying goes too far and gets extremely old. Same ole stuff. I wish if they feature Santana in an episode that her characteristic traits be toned down alot. Same way with Brittany tone down the child-like behavior and limit her moronic isms to just Fondue for Two which I love.

      • David says:

        There is no such thing as too much Santana singing. EVER. I have fast forwarded most of the Rachel solos this season because I simply just can’t stand her voice singing pop songs (or that strained look on her face with the same ol one-hand-up-during-a-“keynote”-manuever that she does each and every time without fail. God, enough Rachel already, enough of that lame one-trick-pony, maybe the only reason we tuned in so much that first season was not so much because of Rachel singing lead, but because we were waiting PATIENTLY for the better singers like Mercedes and Santana to get their shots, and now they finally are getting more regular solos.

        • Brooke says:

          I respectfully disagree with you… I believe the show works best when they use mercedes, santana and rachel. I don’t think people tuned in to the first season to wait for the “better singers” .. just look at the top sold songs alot of them feature rachel. Now a mercedes and santana number is one of the top sold songs. It shows that all three of them need to be included.

  8. callum says:

    the rattings are down due to month breaks all the time but they will bounce up for the final like it allways does well atleast i hope the shows great

  9. tara says:

    The last ratings were 7 mill. What’s even worse is every episode ratings r dropping. Next week it might be in the 6 mill range. Do glee fans really think this is good?

    • callum says:

      nope ur wrong last rattings were 7millon rattings before were 6.8

    • Jax says:

      Yes we do. Over all ratings don’t count as much as the 18-49 demographic and that is still 3.0. Yes, it’s a big drop from where it use to be and no one is denying that. However, there are PLENTY of shows on TV that would kill to get a 3.0 in the demo.

  10. Mel says:

    I never really cared for the show, in fact refuse to watch it (I thought it was like 90210 or Dawson creek type of show which I hate, just with singing), until the rocky horror episode. I was totally hooked after and totally in love with it. I had not been this crazy for a tv show since star trek vogyer. I refuse to miss an episode, and dvr my hubby’s NCIS instead letting him watch it on time. I have to say, I would never listen to some of the music that is on the show (like van halen and kiss) if it was not in this show. I will continue to support this show, or any spin off, until the end. Keep it up!

    • nos4nus says:

      I agree. I never listened to Madonna or Lady Gaga or others. With the cast of GLEE doing these numbers I am hooked. Even Brittany. Now when my Grandchildren mention a singer or a popular song. I can say oh yeah I know who Adele is and wasn’t that a great song. In tune, with clarity and full or joy, or depth of meaning. I love all kinds of music now. Even Kevin and his rap is appealing.

  11. Meghan says:

    I’m so happy that Glee’s finally letting Naya Rivera shine. She’s one of the best actresses on the show, not to mention an incredible singer. I think she brings a lot to the table, and the writers would be foolish not to give her more material!

  12. Laura says:

    Heard the mashup on aus radio yesterday. I didn’t think glee songs were released to play on radio but I don’t care coz it’s awesome

  13. Peter says:

    Why are you so bigoted so as to use the term “gay” in a pejorative way. Do you take nothing away from the anti homophobic story lines? Glad they have moved back to contemporary songs. I’d had enough with the West Side story tunes.

  14. callum says:

    rattings are up actually they were 7 the latest episode but before 6.8

  15. Raunak says:

    Though “Rumor has it/ Someone like You” was a good cover, the troubletones shouldn’t be a group, they’re supposed to be part of “New DIrections”. WHAT IS WRONG WITH GLEE? It’s focusing on other issues rather than the main theme of the whole show : MUSIC.

  16. Jackson says:

    i can’t wait for their sectional performance…it will be as awesome as last year’s….btw TINA is singing in the sectional…booyeah

  17. your right meg if people have a problem with the show than they should not watch it i never watched the show but the people on there are great actors .

  18. ct says:

    How about Tina, Artie and Quinn? They have had zero solos. I really think they underuse those 3. Granted its an hour show so its kind of hard to get everyone I would imagine. They shouldn’t waste time on the Glee Project people though.

    As for the storylines, people are tired of the “gay pride/gay troubles” being shoved down their throat. Homosexuals make up less than 10% of the country’s population but more than that are involved in Mckinley high. That is why ratings dropped. And yesterday was the lowest rated glee yet but I feel one of the best performances.

    And the New Directions suck compared to trouble tones at least in song choice so far. Plus, I thought groups needed 12 members to compete. Also does anyone else notice the horrible editing jobs done? Lea Michele will have her tattoos showing in one shot and not in a next. Lea and Naya will have different nail colors in the same day.

    • Volcfom says:

      What you’ve pointed out are continuity errors. They are in no way the editor’s fault. There is supposed to be a person on set in charge of continuity – taking pictures/making notes of the set and actors’ appearances.
      However, there have been some actual bad editing moments in the past (timing the lip-syncing, etc). Luckily, those problems seem to have improved greatly this season.

    • mark says:

      please check your facts before posting…tina had true colors and i’ll follow…artie had more solos too (stronger) and quinn had papa don’t preach and you keep me hanging on

  19. John says:

    That’s cause, unlike some of the covers of popular songs they’ve done, this one is actually good. Jesse and Rachel hacking up Rolling in the Deep, I’m lookin’ at you! – John

  20. Kevin says:

    What people are getting at is the gay storylines have been handled well the previous two seasons because they weren’t dominating the entire show. It seems as though everything this seasons is about Santana this, Satanta and Brittany that, Kurt with Blaine, Blaine and Sebastian, oh look, here’s a gay bar! See, I have two gay friends and I would do anything in the world for them. But this show needs to understand that it’s fanbase isn’t just gays, and it shouldn’t be a vehicle to drive gay rights every 5 minutes of the episode. If the handled this season’s storylines like they did last seasons, their ratings would be much better. But, they’ve already lost so many viewers because of what they’ve seen so far. So they have a lot of ground to make up.

    • RainbowUnicornsRule;D says:

      Firstly, a big HELLO to you!(: Here’s my thoughts on what you’ve said.

      I understand why people complain about Glee being a ‘gay’ show. Truth be told, I love Kurt, so maybe even if his face is the only thing to appear on my screen for an entire episode, it still wouldn’t be a ‘gay overload’ for me. However, I do believe RM when he says he’s going ‘back to basics’. The first few episodes of season three is probably going to feature more of Santana and Kurt mostly because they are seniors and Santana’s coming out story line has been been left hanging for many episodes and I think they want to resolve it so they are closing the story line. I’m actually glad they didn’t resolve this story line by singing a song and go ‘I ACCEPT MYSELF!’. I like how they play the process out in a few episode instead of one themed episode about coming out and BAM, we’re never going to hear about Santana’s feelings about coming out and stuffs. And its good that Kurt and Blaine actually have conflict like every other ordinary couple do. Better than them filling up our screens with puppy love-ness. It’s hard to take them seriously otherwise.

      We will definitely be seeing more of the heterosexual couples later on in the season.
      1)[SPOILER] Will will be proposing to Emma and I’m hoping Glee will show the troubles the couple faces as Emma walks down the aisle. But not too much cos I really despise Will and Emma’s relationship.
      2)Finn and Rachel will definitely be discussed soon, with Rachel’s dream of New York and Finn’s future after they graduate.(or lack of) 3)[SPOILER]Also, with Sam back, a possible love triangle between him, Mercedes and Quinn is likely to arise.
      4)As long Beth is around, the Beth-Puck-Quinn-Shelby and possibly Rachel story line is gonna continue. Though I hope the student-teacher thing will end already. -rolls eye-
      5)Me loving the Hummelberry friendship, and I anticipate some Hummelberry action nearing graduation.
      6)Bieste-Sue-Cooter (is that his name?) love triangle!

      CONCLUSION: the ‘gayness’ of Glee will definitely not go away but the season will probably revolve less around the homosexual couples and possibly focus on the other aspects of Glee. YAY! :D

      Have a nice day! ^^

  21. scifisiren says:

    Glee is at its best when it does interesting arrangements of music. The Adele mash-up was great, and that’s why most of the Warbler stuff is so cool. It doesn’t just sound like karoke. Take something familiar, and make it into something interesting that actually sounds like a choir/a capella/glee club piece.

  22. chelly says:

    Glee’s mash-up was awesome and that is that!!!

  23. Tony Brown says:

    CHRISTMAS album…..say it with me…..CHRISTMAS album…’s not that diffcult. Not Holiday or Xmas, get it right.

  24. Larkyn says:

    Ahh good, old Glee, finally getting back to normal. And why are ratings in the toilet if they have the #1 song on itunes? That means enough people are watching to buy the song. Which meand good ratings. The two go hand in hand; they SHOULD think about both. What I’m really looking forward to is “Man in the Mirror” and sections, when Sam is supposed to come back. Maybe then New Directions will beat those dumbass Trouble Tones and they’ll be DONE–I hate the two glee clubs. But on the bright side, they’re singing better songs than the beginning of this season. Now just a LITTLE better story lines(like the one with Quinn, Shelby, Beth and Puck) and it’ll be PERFECT. Some people who’ve stopped watching really should start again because…well, you’ve seen what’s coming. And I have a good feeling about the rest of the season. :)

  25. Eric says:

    Okay, the reason why Kurt is more of a lead this season is because he’s a senior, as well as Santana. Ryan Murphy stated it himself this past summer that season 3 is focusing on the people who are graduating. It just so happens there are 2 gay seniors (3 if you think Brittany is too, but I personally just think she only loves one woman and that’s Santana… very complicated but shwateva). They’re focusing on Santana’s storyline because it’s a gradual storyline since season 1. That’s what character development is all about. Not random songs sung by the same people over and over. Props to Murphy and co. and I can’t wait for the future song lists! Especially the next Troubletones mash up! Rumor is it’s their Seciontals song! Woo!

  26. JB says:

    I really don’t understand why everyone is so negative. I read every comment and while I can see how people would have the opinions they’ve expressed.. why watch and follow the show if you’re so bored with it? Personally, I think this season has been just as good as the last two. One thing I love about Glee is that they include different types of songs; I loved the West Side Story ones. It makes the music all seem new to me again. As for the, “gay,” storylines, there have only been two, and believe it or not, there’s a huge difference in experience when it comes to gender and homosexuality. I’m glad they’re exploring both sides. And Naya is a terrific singer, and actress. She never fails to make me laugh out loud. I do wish they would feature some ND members more. But overall, I just don’t get the hate for this season. Love Glee.

  27. Rachel says:

    Really? The writers are pushing the gay storylines too much, and you can’t relate? I guess that means that I should start complaining about the overwhelming problem of the domination of straight storylines in most other TV shows. Because I certainly can’t relate to those breeders.

    • N says:

      They are pushing it too much. I appriciate what Ryan Murphy tries to do for the community, but come on. He’s over using it, what created antagonism. (and the writing is pretty bad, so…)

  28. Melissa says:

    Glee is amazing and makes me happy. I’ve become a much more open individual since this show began and there is nothing wrong with accepting people for who they are. This show is about surviving in high school in a world where everyone is against you and music is your way of escaping. I personally don’t care if the story lines arent PERFECT because I watch this show to hear beautiful music and learn that people go through the same troubles everyone else goes through. It makes me happy and thats good enough for me!

    • nos4nus says:

      I’ll second that. One thing I;m positive about is this show is good for what ails me, and others. Eye opening, heart softening and Music, Music, Music.

    • Jacob says:

      I completely agree with this. Watching Glee makes me happy. It doesn’t matter what is going on or how stressed out I am, within 5 minutes of the show starting I have a huge smile on my face and the world (and all its problems) fade away. I love glee, I love all the characters, I love the story lines, I love the music, I just love it all. As one of the earlier commenters said, I have become a more open minded and accepting person by watching this show, and that is enough for me. I will continue to watch Glee and buy every song for as long as they are produced.

  29. Angel says:

    Okay, one thing, it’s about time that there is a show like glee with characters like Brittana and Klaine for teenagers/ young adults who are going throu the same issues and have them to look up to. Coz there are not many tv programmes for young adults with gay characters as role models that helps to send a MSG out to the people

  30. Jeff says:

    People need to get a grip. If you’re “sick of the show” then stop watching. Ryan Murphy doesn’t care about catering to “your” wants, he cares about making a quality show which he always manages to do. He has developed characters and allowed them to grown over 3 seasons now. He’s explained why Santana was such a bitch all the time (she had a huge issue she was struggling with). Rachel’s character has come full circle, as has her relationship with Finn (who has also grown leaps and bounds). Artie’s confidence took a huge leap last week, after a lot of “woe is me” moments in previous seasons. Mike has gone from background actor to a full-time cast member whose story is compelling. His dad doesn’t want him to do the one thing in life that he loves…and he refuses to compromise. Not ONE person has mentioned THAT story line in this chat. As far as the “gay” VS “straight” storylines…teenagers are teenagers, relationships are relationships and love is love. Kurt was the “token gay” the first season. Ryan Murphy has really learned to develop his character over the last season and 1/2 by introducing Blaine. No one complained when a 3rd person entered into Rachel and Finn’s relationship (more than once). But people want to complain about Sebastian’s character? Why? Oh that’s right, because he’s gay. Don’t give me that “I can’t relate” bullcrap. What Sebastian tried to do is the same thing that Jesse did to Rachel when she was with Finn. Maybe if people weren’t so discriminatory they wouldn’t have a problem with it. Stop differentiating between the show’s relationships and story lines because one is gay and one is straight. It’s all the same. We’re dealing with teenagers in high school…PERIOD. They’re gay, straight, black, white, asian, Irish, disabled and on and on and on. There is SO MUCH more to this show than THIS versus THAT. PERSONALLY, I think by adding Santana and Brittany to the mix as a “couple,” it takes the “token gay couple” label off of Kurt and Blaine and makes it more realistic, meaningful and normal. It evens the playing field and isn’t just there to make a point or put it on display. The first times were shown equally between Kurt and Blaine and Rachel and Finn. Neither straight or gay got preferential treatment and that is how it should be. We are all the same, we are all equal. Ryan Murphy gets that, GLEE gets that, most of the fans get that…too bad some of those commenting in here don’t get it. Enjoy the ride while it lasts because graduations are coming up and you’re going to miss the departing cast members when they’re gone.

    • Andrea says:

      Thank you thank you thank you! I am sick of people’s posts being so against the gay couples and “not being able to relate”. I am not gay but like you said, love is love. High school deals with all these sorts of plots and storylines. This is real life and people need to get used to it. If everyone has such a problem with the storylines then simply watch something else on Tuesday nights.

    • David says:

      @Jeff, youe entire post rocked!

    • Kai says:

      I actually agree with everything you said except for the Finn/Jesse/Rachel thing. Finn was the Sebastian in that situation both in season 1 and 2(and I suppose he was a Sebastian to Quinn/Sam as well). He always seems to want what he can’t/doesn’t have….

  31. blue says:

    it is very simple, if you dont like it.. dont watch it.. you dont have to make nasty comments about how glee is.. i like glee and admittedly there are also some portions that i dont like.. but i understand coz thats how the story goes..

  32. Katelyn says:

    Ok, let me just put this out here:
    Glee has definatley changed,and I am NOT saying it in a good way!!!

    As other people have said before their is to much “gayism” in these episodes now!!!

    I liked season one the best when it was about the main characters. The ratings are low and it’s scaring people away!!!

    I liked Klain at first but now it’s just too much!!! There’s way too much things that are happening and I don’t think there displayed right.

    I want to see more of the main characters I like the other characters a lot too, but sometimes it’s just too much!!!

    Now I want don’t want to afend anyone by my message. This is just what I think, so I’m aloud
    to say what I think.

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t believe it is scaring people away. I am so sick of people saying this! If you can’t handle watching gay couples together, and this does happen in high school in case you didn’t know, then watch something else. Otherwise open up your mind to what is love.

  33. Ace says:

    I know I wasn’t going to buy any songs off of Itunes until I knew what was going to be on the album. Now that the track list has been released and I won’t risk buying duplicates I am buying all the songs I have been missing.

  34. pam says:

    It happens to be the 50th anniversary of West Side Story. Glee did the songs on Tuesday and WSS was in the theater on Wednesday. I for one was very happy for my son to experience some history. What modern musical would you have preferred: American Idiot?

  35. T says:

    I believe they have strayed off what glee was originally about. They are going too deep with off topic storylines. They haven’t shown anyone try really really hard to destroy the glee club/s. Sue isn’t trying as hard either. They need to get back to basics if they want a good show

  36. Robyn says:

    Glee is just not as fun as it used to be. All of the female characters are either bitchy or whiny. I agree that love is love but I also think that the gay storylines seem to be more about pushing an agenda instead of just telling the story of love in all its many shades. Lately, the whole show just seems forced and over-the-top cheesy. Don’t get me wrong, cheesy can be fun if it’s done well but all of the plotlines need balance and whimsy.Also, what happened to the Will and Emma storyline? I continue to watch because I keep hoping it will get back to what made it great in the first place.

  37. Rllager says:

    This weak Santana ban a b… But I’m glade she’s out

  38. Keyo says:

    If you’re reading this then you have wasted 15 minutes of your day reading through pages of back and forth pointless debate. It’s a great show even today and reality is you can’t please everyone. Life is too short to complain people.

  39. Mandy Jean says:

    Let’s not forget all the young and relatively young people who don’t get a chance to watch it because Glee comes on during their shift at work. The economy is much worse this year, if you haven’t noticed. I live in a small town, and let me tell you, we’ve all felt it. Some people work two to three jobs here while others are desperately looking for places that are hiring. If we’re not at work, we’re pounding the pavement until sundown. I know plenty of people who like Glee but just don’t get that chance to watch it anymore. They just wait for download links and watch it online because paying for Internet is less expensive than paying for cable, and that’s if they can afford either.

  40. BobbyinTN says:

    Still watching the show, still loving the show. I haven’t downloaded as much music this season but I did get all the mash-ups from this last episode. Loved the “You and I/You and I” mash up.

    Glee still rocks!

  41. julie says:

    i just love glee!!!

  42. Den says:

    Normal? Are you kidding me? Season one should be labelled as the “normal” template for the entire show.
    It’s the first season that rise Glee to fame. I love season one, until now. The second season is absolutely train-wreck. Everything’s wrong in so many ways. Singing Top 40 songs in order to sell them on iTunes and fulfilling fan girls (15 and under, always screaming and whining for more Klaine and Brittana, less LEAD storylines, more GAY storylines) are bringing Glee down.
    A lot of gleeks from the first season left the show since season two. But mostly from season three. So that’s why Glee’s ratings are unbelievably low this season because majority of them gave up watching the show and hoping that they will return back into what they were. And sadly, no. It turned out into this. We Found Love? It’s not even a good song. Look at the Music Video. (Don’t bash me on that, it’s depends, I love Rihanna’s songs and videos but this is just…speechless, in a bad way).
    And yes I agree they should have more better story lines (which are the continuation of the story lines from season one) in this season. But buying their songs doesn’t mean good ratings.
    I just can’t believe that they go back onto the season two railway that crashes again.

  43. Jane says:

    They ARE going back to basics, continuity errors aside. If you can’t see that, I don’t know what to tell you.

  44. Gina C says:

    With all the talk about heterosexual and gay relationships being topics of disscussion, everyone is forgetting about the bullying, trash talking, over use of budget money, cheerleader uniforms, teen mom who wants baby back-but is unfit to handle it. All these are real issues. Schools are facing MAJOR Budget CUTS. The ARTS do get hit the most, Cheersleaders don’t get big budgets and walk around everyday with uniforms on, ORDINARY KIDS getting BULLIED, TRASH TALKED TO, DRINKS BEING THROWN ON THEM not ALLOWED. And MOST of all a coach trash talking, pulling rank over principle, pulling budets from other areas and being allow to BULLY is TOTALLY OUT OF LINE. THESE TYPE OF NO GOOD NONSENSE ON TV MUST GO. I LOVE Glee for their SUPPORT IN THE ARTS and show casing that schools have talented students. I even support Glee showcasing a parents acknowledgement of his childs right on his/her sexual preference and how they deal with it as a family. A person with an OCD problem, A femal who loves football enough to be a coach. But the other STUFF NEEDS TO GO. To the writers of Glee, do some research about what is really happening in the schools. And PLEASE cut down on the Bullying coming from Sue Salvester. I wouldn’t VOTE for as a CANADATE.

  45. Amy says:

    There’s a video on youtube somewhere with Darren Criss giving an interview, and within it he was questioned about what the casting people look for when casting a character on Glee. He said that they look for actors who can sing, not singers who can act.

    The whole show might revolve around music, but it’s still a TV show. In the end, the storyline should be more important than the singing.

    As far as the “gay” storylines, I think that people focus more on them simply because they get the most publicity. There are plenty of other storylines within the show that usually only get noticed by fans of the actors within the particular story. Furthermore, you don’t have to be gay to get something out of the storylines that focus on the characters in Glee that just happen to be gay. I’ve come away with more empowerment from the Santana/Brittany storyline than I have with any of the other characters, even though I’m heterosexual.

    Seriously, if you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it. In the end, Glee is something that has never been done before on TV, and because of that, there are no guidelines for what the show must entail. It’s one of a kind.