Dancing With the Stars Recap: Who Deserves a Spot in the Season 13 Finale? [Updated]

Dancing With the Stars‘ Season 13 semifinal performance night didn’t lack for drama — and every one of the eight people who took to the ballroom floor did their part to heighten the intensity of the mood:

Maksim Chmerkovskiy wore a sheer shirt and planted a smooch on Brooke Burke’s robot cheek. Hope Solo hurled some sass into Carrie Ann Inaba’s visibly outraged face. J.R. Martinez grappled with an injury that turned his always reliable smile into a grimace of pure pain — and had him drop an inaudible F-bomb. Karina Smirnoff whirled and writhed across the floor with athleticism and sex appeal that were positively beastly. Ricki Lake scored a perfect ’30’ for her samba — and was almost convincing feigning surprise at the judges’ adulation. Derek Hough wound up with part of his partner’s dress stuck to his carefully coiffed ‘do. And Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke rode an absurd parade float and wound up underneath an exploding rainbow. (Yes, that last example actually happened.)

The judges did their part to pump up the fireworks, too, forcing Hope to dance with 40 lb. weights strapped to each of her limbs, and threatening to force a rare and beautiful butterfly through a paper shredder each time a viewer vote went to a contestant other than Rob. Okay, fine, that didn’t actually happen, but it was pretty clear the primary goal of the two-hour telecast was to secure a Ricki-JR-Rob Final 3.

Let’s review how the telecast played out:

Dance of the Night: Ricki Lake and Derek Hough (Argentine Tango)
I know, I know, it was Ricki and Derek’s Samba that got the perfect ’30’ from the judges, but I found their Argentine Tango far more 10-worthy. That move where Derek lowered Ricki to the floor in an arched position was one giant leap for human flexibility, and every single move — from the lifts to the leg flicks to the transitions — snapped, crackled, and popped with tension and sexuality. As for the daring hemline of the star’s leg-baring red dress: Go, Ricki, indeed!

Runner-Up: J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff (Paso Doble)
Posture, shmosture! Len complained that JR’s technique was “more zero than Zorro” — despite the fact that he was performing on a badly twisted ankle — but who cares? The duo’s dance had everything I look for in a DWTS routine: Electrifying chemistry, synchronized cape twirling, and a death-defying aerial from Karina (who just gets more fabulous every week, no?). Plus, the costumes were joyously ridiculous: JR in a sheer-and-velvet patterned black shirt and black pants with sparkly seams and cummerbund, and Karina in a white corset and frontier-woman underskirt that solidified her position as the ballroom’s sexiest combatant. Let’s all raise our collective paddles and shout what the judges refused to concede: “TEN!”

(As for JR’s higher-scoring Argentine Tango, can I just say it kind of broke my heart to see our upbeat war hero/soap star grimacing in pain and letting out what looked to be an f-bomb after messing up the final sequence of the routine? Also: Why did JR have to contend with the trickier “Bust Your Windows” — a song that contains the unfortunate line “I’ll probably always have these ugly scars” — when Rob and Ricki both got more traditional music? Conspiracy theorists discuss!)

Should/Will Go Home and Yet Also Most Underscored: Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
First, let me say I’m kind of shocked the DWTS powers-that-be bothered to air footage of Hope discussing her rarely mentioned shoulder injury or getting said injury injected with a shot she’d been “saving for the Olympics.” (Talk about a commitment to the cause!) And yet while her “Can’t Be Tamed” Paso Doble was the night’s weakest routine — the couple resorted back to their old habit of having Maks yank and whirl a befuddled Hope around the floor, while too much time was wasted on the Hope-writhing-in-chains intro and a section where all she did was sit on the floor and watch Maks dance it out — I was shocked they got such tepid feedback on an Argentine Tango that contained seemingly death-defying degrees of difficulty. The judges had to know they were going to use the cha-cha relay to bang the final nail into Hope’s DWTS coffin, so why not reward her with a few 9s, rather than gripe about her technique coming into and out of lifts? I’ve never been completely enamored of Hope’s dancing, and her remark that “from Day 1 they wanted me off this show” failed to acknowledge her underwehlming Season 13 arc, but I wholeheartedly supported her name-checking Carrie Ann for complaining about Maks smiling during their critique. “Maks was smiling because we should be smiling,” an incredulous Hope told the BrookeBot 2011, as Carrie Ann visibly seethed at the judges’ table. To which I say, you’re judging a reality show, sister, not teaching second-grade art: Sometimes you’re going to have to deal with a little bit of backtalk, and it’s better to handle it with grace and good humor than an indignant scowl.

Most Overscored: Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke (Samba/Argentine Tango)
How Carrie Ann assigned a perfect 10 to a routine with some of the stiffest samba rolls in DWTS history is beyond comprehension — unless, of course, you buy into the idea that the judges would do anything to complete Rob’s boy-to-man transformation by all but guaranteeing his presence in the finale. Granted, the guy looked like he was having a blast with the ridiculous DWTS “party float” — complete with balloons, giant parrot sculpture, and overgrown ficus — but to my eyes, Rob still looks like he’s muddling through a series of steps he crash-memorized, rather than engaging in a fully realized dance. As for Rob’s Argentine Tango, I didn’t think it had nearly the speed or crispness of JR’s, and yet it still got the same exact score — three 9s — from those agenda-wielding experts.

Even Lady Robot got in on the action backstage, cooing to Rob that “you may have danced your way to the finals!” Honestly, do the DWTS on-air personalities get $10K bonuses every time they reference Rob’s in-it-to-win-it-ness? Next week I’m half expecting Ricki to wear a “Vote Rob” t-shirt in exchange for a new addition to her summer home.

Most Overscored (Runner-Up): Ricki and Derek (Samba)
I saw a lot of of open-mouthed sexyfaces, but not a single samba roll, in this good-but-not-extraordinary routine, and yet it got 10s across the board. Granted, Ricki’s gams looked gorgeous in her Sesame Street by Big Bird couture feather dress, but I felt like this was more a case of the judges needing to hype something/anything heading into the final week rather than a genuine display of the double-digit paddles.

Most Egregiously Designed to Allow the Judges to Get Their Dream Final 3 — Viewer Votes Be Damned (Cha Cha Cha Relay)
Everyone raise your hand if you knew before even a single step was danced that Rob was getting the 10, Ricki was getting the 8, JR was getting the 6, and Hope was getting the 4. And now outraged/concerned viewers will power-vote for JR (due to his precarious spot on the leaderboard), forget to throw any love to Hope/Maks, and do their part in securing the judges’ dream finale.

Brooke-isms of the Night
“I think you found your way into Bruno’s world!” –Brooke discussing Rob winding up beneath an exploding rainbow at the end of his samba.

Brooke struggling with higher math and repeatedly referring to “all kinds of judges’ totals!” for the contestants. Um, hon, it was just the total of two sets of scores for the opening two dances, added to a 10, 8, 6, or 4 for the cha-cha relay. More egregious was the way she got flustered and declared a 67-67 tie atop the leaderboard for Ricki and Rob, right as the screen showed Rob scoring a grand total of 65.

Tom Bergeron’s Best Lines of the Night
“Bruno’s World: Sounds like a good midseason show.” –Tom responding to Brooke’s rainbow comment. (I might actually watch that show.)

“Kids, it’s bedtime!” –Tom responding to Len’s notation that the Argentine tango is the kind of dance where the man plays the husband, and the woman plays the “girlfriend”

Judges’ Leaderboard (Carrie Ann, Len, Bruno: Total for Dance #1 + Total for Dance #2 + Cha Cha Relay Score = Total)
Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: 10, 10, 10: 30 + 9, 10, 10: 29 + 8 = 67
Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke: 10, 9, 9: 28 + 9, 9, 9: 27 + 10 = 65
J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff: 8, 7, 8: 23 + 9, 9, 9: 27 + 6 = 56
Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 7, 7, 7: 21 + 8, 8, 8: 24 + 4 = 49

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  1. Spencer says:

    Well, first let me just say that Ricki and Derek disgust me. Mostly Derek. Actually just Derek. And I’m gonna say it again, CARSON NEEDS BROOKE’S JOB!!!!

    • Dogwalker says:

      Love Carson!

    • rosa says:

      ricki sometimes looks like a blow fish with those stupid looks wth those faces she makes

    • John B says:

      Hmmm. Not many comments about dancing as opposed to who they like.
      I give major chops to all of them. As a former dance coach, you don’t want foot mistakes. JR impresses me with his athleticism, but he constantly makes the same errors. He stutter steps. Every step matters, and you only do the steps in the choreography. He takes extra steps…lots of them. If he was gigged properly, he’d have extremely low scores. Body line, dance position, attitude, head spot, all that counts, Dereks choreography is stunning. A lot of broadway choreographers should be worried about their jobs.

    • robin says:

      I agree….I absolutely LOVE CARSON!!!!

  2. Mathilde says:

    JR and Ricki have clearly been frontrunners this season but I voted for Rob. He steadily improved and is really charming in a humble way, which is quite something, considering the context and his family!

    I know he won’t win but he is the most deserving to access the finale, that’s for sure.

    • Jill says:

      I also voted for Rob…only online. Couldn’t get through on the phone. I think a lot of people have thrown their votes behind Rob tonight. Last week I git through with no problem—I didn’t want Nancy to beat him!

      • AJCARTER says:

        The reason you couldn’t get through is because Kim K had all these kids thinking that if they dialed the number for Rob they would get a chance to talk to Justin Beiber.

        • Erika says:

          That happened three weeks ago. The poster said they couldn’t get through tonight. The reason why is bc Rob did a good job :)

    • Anna says:

      I know this will upset people; nut I have a hard time supporting Rob, due to that disgusting family of his.

    • mm says:

      Overall Jr is a better dancer than Ricki. His injury got in the way last night and I hope he can over come it and win.

      Also who know’s Rob could sneak in there and win for he has really stepped it up big time. Hope and Maks need to go home tonight.

    • Ray says:

      Mathilde. I honestly do not understand your comment. i have been watching DWTS from the first show. and i can dance to but if you really think that no talent brother of kim , and who has never done anything in his life but live off of bruce jenner as have all the big ass sisters have and not one of them have any talent. i hope if they keep all thos foreing judges stay on there that the show gets canceled ROb has no danceing ability at all he is being used for publicity because of his family not his danceing. and he should have been kicked off after the first vote i am sure that that many americans vote that he is a good dancer . i would bet my home on it . he just holds cheryls hand and she dances around him . why can’t theses things just be honest. no because it is all just about money . please fire inaba and lin. they are the worst judges i have ever saw. JR and Kirina should win this competion and Ricky lake should be second please send Rob back home so he can lay around the pool and play video games 24 years old and never had a job guess his mommy and bi ass kim will take care of all his needs . and anyone who buys any of the products that the k family has are just stupid especially if you think they designed anything what a joke i felt sorry for Kris . but he is really lucky to be out of that family. guess his ASS did not suit them. and that big mouth CHLOIe if she has all that money please use some for some Plastic surgery to fix her big mouth face. Wonder who kim will or already is will be shacked up with now

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m so sick of Derek Hough in the finales and CA should be fired she plays favorites too much

    • Dogwalker says:

      I agree with your comment on Carrie Ann. Wow she doesn’t even try to hide her attacks against Hope and Maks. No matter what Maks does or doesn’t do she attacks him. The guy can’t even smile now! The judges definately made it harder for Hope to get into the semi finals with the numbers they gave them. Come on, that Argentina Tango was so much more difficult than the others. Dereks Tango rocked with great choreography but so did Maks. And the score the judges gave them was just a slap in their faces.

      Boo on the judges. They should let Glenn retire and fire Carrie Ann. Bruno can stay…he is fun…sometimes.

      • jj says:

        Is Derek gay? Does anyone know?

        Also, I agree about Maks…he deserves to be given higher scores.

      • as says:

        It doesn’t matter that Mak’s choreography on the Argentine tango was difficult. Hope moved (replacement word for danced) like a male gladiator in the arena…Maks failed over all these weeks to teach her to connect/feel the music and move with it. I don’t for a minute think the judges were against Hope. They thought they had a contender in an Olympic gold medalist. She failed. Maks failed and no matter what you think of the judges, there is no excuse for a professional athlete to show such poor sportsmanship and over and over again…that’s Maks and Hope. Made watching the show unpleasant….their sense of entitlement.

        • Vivian says:

          Exactly! A sense of entitlement. Hope’s comment that DWTS has been trying to get rid of her from day one is the epitome of that. It is as if she thinks that because she’s a world class soccer player, she is world class at everything she does. She can’t even entertain the idea that she is not good at ballroom dancing. If she’s not winning, it must be because of some conspiracy! Her poor sportsmanship is rubbing off on Maks, and he doesn’t need any help in finding someone else to blame when things don’t go his way. When the performance is shoddy, he changes the subject by having an outburst thereby rallying his bevy of fans in his defense. He literally did just that in his outburst at Len. Deep down he has got to know that he’s hand picked an Olympic athlete but has failed to coach her in a way that would make her blossom. A year from now they should both take a look at their performances and outbursts on Youtube and be ashamed–not of the poor dancing, but of the poor sportsmanship. Last year Maks was sex-on-a-stick. This year he’s sour-grapes-on-a-stick!

          • GingerSnap says:

            Hey, they replayed that whole Carrie Ann comment “Max, you’re smiling”, and she looks like a puckered up, dried out old prune of a spinster. It was uncalled for.

    • Linda says:

      I have watched this show (every show) since the beginning and and I think Maks is GREAT and I think Carrie Ann could be replaced but not Maks. He works with so much talent and heart no matter who the show sends his way for a partner.

      • Sonia says:

        I have noticed that also……MAKS takes whoever he is assigned, because he is the strongest dancer. While Derek and others are very good dancers, they could not safely perform all the moves MAKS does with his partners. I hope they replace Carrie Ann…and Len if he can’t be nicer.

        • Cricket Girl says:

          Derek, for all his many, many faults, is a superb choreographer for his partners. He does seem to know what will work for them and shows off their skills to the best levels. I can’t stand him, don’t mistake me, but I do admire what he does for his partners.

          Maks, who I love to watch dance, even though I think he’s an egotistical misogynist with issues about anger and respect, appears to need to “connect” to his partner before figuring out how to choreograph for them. His best work in this regard, I think, was with Mel B.

          • Jenks says:

            Great comments and right on point. Maks and Mel B were robbed (no, I can’t let it go). He loved Kirstie and brought her farther in the competition than anyone else could have. He simply has not connected in any way with Hope and the strain of their relationship shows all over both of them. I think Carrie Ann is acting bratty and I agree that the judging is ridiculously biased, but it’s time for Hope and Maks to go.

      • frances quinn says:

        I love Maks, love to watch him dance and he is sure worth looking at. I think he could make it in the movies! Maks Bond!

      • Kim R says:

        I agree whole heartedly about Carrie Ann. She is not professional at all. I love Maks & do not feel he was wrong in his passionately stated opinion a few weeks ago. Perhaps his delivery could have been a little less but his point was right on.
        I don’t quite understand the dissing of Ricki & Derek. I like Derek as well & he seems to really try to let his partners shine in the routines he designs for them.
        I do think JR’s injury hurt him last night (no pun)& I was so happy for Rob. He has come such a long way & that deserves applause for sure. Some of his details in his movements, I think, are actually better than JR’s. Hope would be my choice for going home, based only on the dancing skills. :)

      • Shib says:

        CARRIE Ann is classless and NEEDS to go and if ABC had “any guts” / common sense would get rid of her TODAY!!!…The degree of difficulty for Maks and Hope was much more than ANYONE else even thought of trying. With all that said Derek is the BEST but Maks needs some credo’s


    • patricia says:

      I agree, it is very clear all the judges have their favorite and it is Derek. While he is a great dancer this win will give him what 5 or 6? He always is given has his partner someone who either admits to taking dance when a kid or going to a performing arts school. Nicole S. not only sings but danced with the Pussycat Dolls. Ricki has Broadway experience. He gets seasoned partners so he can have them do the difficult dances. Or the judges are so in love with his dancing they do not judge his partner. J.R. has been higher than Ricki on the leader board and tonignt they scored him low. When Derek’s partner are hurt and they all get injured each year they are praised for dancing through the hurt. I would wonder what he does to injure them and last year Jennifer had to have surgery. Of course the pattern seems to be they start getting low scores and get hurt and cry on camera about their pain and then they win. Look at old shows.

      • mm says:

        Dereck is the one who makes Ricki look great; for when she dances away from him , she usually blows it and I think he knows that one.

      • dan says:

        I’m not a fan of Derek’s, but I’m tired of people saying “Ricki has Broadway experience.” No she doesn’t! She was in the original “Hairspray” movie which was NOT a musical and she never appeared in the Broadway production.

    • Erika says:

      Derek makes it to the finals bc he is a good teacher. You can’t blame the guy for being good at his job. Maks isn’t good at his job when it comes to the fundamentals of just teaching. Maks’ attitude is horrendous. I hope he won’t be back next season.

  4. Angie says:

    I voted for JR – sprained ankle was a bit of a setback for him this week, but he pushed through. Other than his ghostbusters routine and the poor posture in this week’s paso (which Karina should’ve corrected), he’s been fabulous as a dancer, performer and person. The others are to, but JR appeals the most to me.

  5. Elena says:

    Well my first thought was that tonight was the biggest fix ever and that Cha Cha relay or whatever they called it should have just been named “The Judges’ Way of Ensuring Rob Gets to the Finals.” And Carrie-Ann has no one but herself to blame for Hope’s comments towards her. She instigated the whole things with Maks who, to my surprise, was actually making an effort to watch his words. But Hope is going home anyway to I don’t blame her for getting all that off of her chest. I would have done the same. Sad to see J.R. in so much pain. I hope he is feeling better next week and dances as well as I know he can. Don’t really care about Ricki and Derek but they did dance well. Although I think she could have rolled across the dance floor for both dances and still gotten the same score. Pretty predictable overall except my poor J.R.:( Get better soon! You must win!!

    • Dogwalker says:

      Excellent comments! I totally thought the same thing. They made all the other dancers seem like they were all ready to knock the Cha Cha out and then they showed Maks and Hope sitting down looking all lost and uncertain. What?! was that?! I thought they looked great in their Cha Cha and then they got their 4? FIXED!

      We need new judges! Especially Carrie Ann, what the heck was that about. Carrie Ann made herself look bad!

    • jane says:

      I honestly think the judges expect too much from celebrities. I think it’s carrie anne’s way of flexing muscle. However, it is reallly up to the fan base of each celebrity that makes or breaks them. I really think max is a great dancer and I love his passion for ballroom. It is sad to be so hard on someone with that kind of passion. If you put carrie ann in a dancing compettion now I truly wonder how well she would do. I know nothing about techniques and rules of ballroom competiion but I can honestly say Max is one of my favorites and I weigh heavily on the pro when Im voting. Carrie ann and len have somewhat forgot how many years it took them to become professional dancers. Wth that I state my case with Max and Hope

    • Pat says:

      I agree with Elena about everything. I get sick of Derek. Maks is
      so honest about everything and dancing, Wow…
      I wish J.R. the best because he has been terrific.

    • 2dogmom says:

      This is the second season in a row of ‘The Fix’- does no one remember ‘Winner Take All Cha Cha’ so Chelsea could vault into the finals over Ralph??? That seems just as manufactured for judges ‘favorites’ as this season. (With another judges ‘pet-dancer’- Mark…)

      • dan says:

        Didn’t Edyta leave the show because she was tired of the same pros always making it to the top? I think the only “good” celebrity she had was Cameron Mathison and they went out before the finals (don’t recall if they were 4th or 5th place).

    • Cricket Girl says:

      Right On!!

      I love the idea of the cha cha relay, but the scoring of it was just so… wrong.

      Please tell me why 10, 8, 6 and 4 if it’s not some kind of “fix” to give greater points to the contestants the judges want to see in the finals. I mean, if the judges are so determined to make this a dancing competition as much as an entertainment spectacle, then they need to be firmer across the board with their comments and their scores FROM THE FIRST WEEK. Maybe we need to see more 3s and 4s in weeks 1 and 2 if we’re really looking for the development of a dancer a la Rob Kardashian.

    • Mary Lynn says:

      I absolutely agree. I worked it out and even if Hope gets the most votes, there is no possible way she could make it into the top 3, mostly because of that cha-cha thing. Well, if she were to get 90% plus of the vote, she might pull it out, but, then, JR would go home. Simply ridiculous.

    • Emily says:

      I completely agree with you! If i gave all my votes to Hope and Maks, then JR would be out. But, this is what they were thinking when they rigged the scoring this way. Because everyone knows JR should be in the final, and with him in 3rd in the scoring, he needed the votes. Then, Hope and Maks would be out, and they would have their way. TOTALLY RIGGED!

  6. Robert says:

    Hope wins, hands down in a cat fight against Carrie-Ann

    • AJCARTER says:

      I would like to see Carrie Ann try and dance. She is the most sarcastic judge and always thinks that she is right.

      • saract says:

        Carrie was a dancer, a pole dancer. She wouldn’t know what to do out on the dance floor as far as dancing with class. She is nothing but a fat big mouth who think she is a star…. Time for her to hiy the road.

    • Livi says:

      Carrie Ann should go and so should Brooke. Who do they think they are? Max should be able to talk and thir score should relate to the dancing, not what Max said….

      I have started to really hate this show…

      If you let Max and Hope go tonight The show will have a back lash
      I hope.

  7. Ron D says:

    Absolutely the most blatant use of the judges by the Production of DWTS to ensure Rob gets into the finals. We knew that J.R. and Rikki were clear favourites to get into the finals, but they had to come up with that Cha Cha to give Rob an extra 6 points over Hope so even with the votes, Rob makes it to the finals.

    I haven’t seen so much biased judging in a while. Can Carrie-ann show anymore contempt for Maks? She isn’t judging Hope, she is slamming Maks. Rob danced well but his 2nd dance was as good as J.R.’s? Not on your life.

    The fix is in.

    • April says:

      If anything is fixed, its Ricki… A 30 for that samba??? Rob’s was faster and more fluid and it didn’t look like he was waiting for Cheryl to start the move so he would know what to do.
      Also I wasn’t sure if something happened between last week and this week to make the judges do a complete 180 towards her. Its about damn time these celebs start calling the judges out on their crap. Chaz was totally right in calling out Bruno and Hope had every right to call out Carrie Ann. Hope’s Argentine Tango was so good and deserved way better than the comments they gave her. She displayed what makes her different than Ricki— her athleticism. And she was penalized for it. Those judges should be ashamed for of their crappy judging.

      • dan says:

        Ricki’s samba was good, but Rob’s was better! Ricki got the 30 and Rob got 28. She was overscored and he was underscored. And I was very surprised that JR’s paso only got a 23; seriously, Len, a 7? It wasn’t his best dance, but it deserved a 24 or 25 (espeically compared to Hope’s first dance which was given a 21).

  8. Robert says:

    Now I know where all that Kardashian wedding money went – to pay off the DWTS judges…

  9. Donna says:

    It’s not just the judges who are biased. Derek gets the best songs, while JR got the worst music of the season tonight, which us even worse than the Ghostbusters debacle 2 weeks ago.

    • Cricket Girl says:


      The music choices this season have been all over the place, ranging from obscenely bad and inappropriate for the dance to perfect in every way. Is there any info from anyone who can be trusted about how the song choices are made and then how the songs are assigned to the couples?

  10. Erika says:

    Rob deserves to be in the finals. Everyone is just hating on him bc he’s a Kardashian. Hope has sucked the whole season. She had one good dance last week and all of a sudden people think that makes up for her season of disappointment and rude behavior by both her and Maks. I’ve been hoping for Hope to get eliminated for weeks. Rob may not be better than JR but his consistent improvement over the course of the entire season earns him a place in the final for me 100% over Hope “Foot in Mouth” Solo.

    • maria says:

      My thoughts, exactly. Hope lacks musicality. It should be her time to go.

    • Della says:

      Are u related to Rob? Sounds like it Kim! Hope is a good dancer and the judges have been disgusting with their comments to Hope and Maks and others as well this season. Time to get new judges who do not show favorites. Derek makes me sick. If Maks were not on the show I and many others would not watch. It is fixed!

      • Erika says:

        There are only 4 dancers left and Hope is the least deserving. I’m not saying that Rob should be the winner. I’m saying he’s earned a top 3 spot, so calm down.

      • dan says:

        Sorry, but Hope deserved to go weeks ago (after her “Seasons of Love” debacle). Chynna was better (except for her major brain fart which got her eliminated) and Nancy was more graceful in her movements. I’m not a Hope hater, but the reality is that she isn’t graceful. Her best dances were with the cutesy stuff (Toy Story number weeks ago) and the more athletic stuff (last week’s jive, which was good). Not a fan of Rob’s, but Hope should’ve been gone already and she doesn’t deserve to be in the finals.

    • Mary Lynn says:

      No, we are not picking on Rob because he’s a Kardashian. He’s improved greatly and matured and I wish him the best, but there is absolutely no way he is better than JR. Anddddd he’s absolutely the easiest like in the family. No way are most people picking on him because he’s a Kardashian. The judges wanted him in the finals because I think they know the ratings will be better. There might be back-lash, but Hope has a big fan base and she had to get low scores to get her off. Also, I think Ricki’s base isn’t as big as JR’s and Hope’s so they had to give her the high, high score. Hope is not the best, but I just find this contestant fixing abhorrent.

  11. wooster182 says:

    Maks and Hope’s tango was vastly underscored and they did not deserve the disrespect they received. I do believe Rob had the smoothest tango but Hope had the most complicated in my opinion and she got screwed. If this is Maks’ last season, it’s mine too.

    • banjo695 says:

      I agree totally. Hope and Maks were underscored tonight. Their Tango was the most exciting of the night. If they don’t make the finals (which judges scores seem to say they won’t), I’ll miss their freestyle because it would be intense. And I agree that if Maks leaves, I’m not watching. It’ll be the Derek/Mark show where they don’t challenge their partners enough.

  12. Cal says:

    There is no way that Rob’s Australian Tango was in the same class a Ricki’s. Rob should have been voted off in week three. He moves like a clod. The scoring was so off in the Cha Cha, Len had to preface it with that comment so people knew of the surprise. Carrie has lost all credibility with her biased comments and scores

  13. Tom says:

    Some random thoughts about tonight:

    -Poor J.R.! He looked so haggard as the night progressed. I felt so sorry for him. He soldiered through, but it was not fun seeing him so depressed and pained.
    -Judges clearly want Hope and Maks to go home tomorrow. Perhaps it’s for the best, as their Paso was the weakest dance of the night (though their Argentine Tango was good). Carrie Ann’s animosity toward the couple reared its ugly head for absolutely no reason, which made the atmosphere very uncomfortable for a few moments. Was glad Hope got to speak her mind, because she had a target on her back the whole night (hell, maybe even for most of the competition).
    -Judges did everything in their power to advance Rob and Cheryl to the finals. Their dances were fine, but I had the feeling that they were being shoved down my throat. Don’t like that feeling. Still, I guess Rob has improved the most, so the finals are a nice way to reward his efforts. Even though that spot *was* supposed to be for Chynna, Carson, or even Kristin. Ahem.
    -Is it just me, or was Ricki’s Samba not… all that it was made out to be? I do think she was genuinely convinced that she’d messed up, and that the judges were, perhaps, overlooking a mistake or two because of J.R.’s poorly-postured Paso. I don’t know. I liked it, but it was not the best Samba ever danced on the show.
    -I love the Argentine Tango, but why relegate the style to just one night of the season? I loved watching that style in different weeks of past seasons, but four of them one after the other? Too much of a good thing, really. I wish they evened out the distribution of styles, because I think we’ve seen a ton of Tangos this season, but few Foxtrots and Viennese Waltzes.
    -I missed Tristan. Yes, I said it.
    -Did anyone leap in excitement when the sensational Anna TreBUNskaya was announced as the female pro dancing the Design-a-Dance routine? A well-deserved honor! Okay, it’s with Derek, but still!
    -I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, buuuuuuut: my eyes were carefully trained for any Annie Barrett (aka Fringe Fairy) sightings in the ballroom. And there were a few! She is the goddess of DWTS recaps.
    -The Cha-Cha relay seemed unnecessary and a blatant way of filling time. Not to mention a blatant way for the judges to ease their favorites into the finals. *coughs*
    -Those pre-filmed packages about the stars talking about how they came to be who they are today seem to be a traditional feature of the semi-finals, but I never fail to see them as ingenious ways to rally for sympathy votes.
    -Bruce Jenner still scares the living daylights out of me.
    -The pro performance of the Argentine Tango was sublime. How do you follow something like that? Truly magnificent.
    -Tom Bergeron is still my hero.

    • Meg says:

      I thought Carrie Ann was exceptionally rude to Maks & Hope, especially after their Argentine Tango. I don’t get why she made the comment to Maks about the smile on his face. When the camera cut back to him he didn’t have a smirk or weird smile on his face. I had to rewind and play it back a few times to make sure I didn’t miss something. Someone on another board said it was because Maks hinted that Carrie Ann doesn’t have the qualifications to be a judge on the show. He’s not entirely wrong, and he’s not the first person to say something like that, so I don’t know why she’s so upset about it now.

      • GingerSnap says:

        That whole “you’re smiling” comment was an oddball remark. Carrie Ann, really, are you trying to tell me it’s not ok to smile after you’ve just completed a difficult dance? You have sunk to the level of criticizing the dancers for not having the right facial expresssions? Can her a** right now. I’m done with her.

      • rita says:

        carrieann was out of line jumping down maks throat true hope did not dance very well so why go through with who was getting a 4 it was only obvious, a waste of time the winner should be rikki and derek and what kind of a star is this rob kid.

  14. GingerSnap says:

    So, the judges (Carrie Ann) need to remember this show is about the dancers, not the judges. Hope someone at DWTS will remind them of that. I don’t watch this show to hear what you have to say. So cool it with the drama.
    If it’s JR, Ricki, and Rob, so be it. But my money is on JR for the Mirrorball. Hope his ankle is better next week.

  15. David Chavez says:

    Carrie Ann has to go!

  16. carmen Besancon says:

    JR is being the best all season!, he know to dance and be graceful, he deserve to win.

  17. Nichole Anderson says:

    In my opinion hope and maxs has to go!! They obviously did the worst through out the night. A lot of people think that j.r has this in the bag. However Derek hough has a gigantic fan base, is is by far the most loved dancer in the show, and arguably they best, and this works in his advantage. In a recent poll don’t on an entertainment site it stated that 73%
    of the people vote for their favorite pro dancer and not the actual celebrity, this is why I think Derek has an excellent chance to win!! And let’s not forget about those crazy kardashian fans who’s surly boring for rob!

  18. NIcole Anderson says:

    In my opinion hope and maxs has to go!! They obviously did the worst through out the night. A lot of people think that j.r has this in the bag. However Derek hough has a gigantic fan base, is is by far the most loved dancer in the show, and arguably they best, and this works in his advantage. In a recent poll on an entertainment site it stated that 73% of the people vote for their favorite pro dancer each season and not the actual celebrity, this is why I think Derek has an excellent chance to win!! And let’s not forget about those crazy kardashian fans who’s surely voting up a storm for rob!!

    • DookDood says:

      Derek Hough could dance with a cripple and still make the finals because he’s that good of a dancer AND TEACHER. Maks never gets as far because he fails to connect with his partner in the same way Derek does. Derek uses his skills and adapts to every new partner to bring out their strengths. Maks’ ego prevents him from doins this.

      • GingerSnap says:

        DookDood, Maks has been in the finals many times. Carrie Ann has got her nose up her as* with Maks and she needs to knock it off.

  19. zoot says:

    “Ricki Lake scored a perfect ’30′ for her samba — and was almost convincing feigning surprise at the judges’ adulation.”
    hahahahahah this is so funny to me because I feel that Ricki is SO fake and not genuine. I think she knows how to play humble and has all the right words to say..but somehow it just doesn’t ring true to me. She seems like such a phony.

  20. EVILANGEL says:


    • Spencer says:

      Ok, this comment is disgusting. Just FYI. People vote for who they want to vote for, that’s just how it is. And, if people happen to vote for a person whose ‘face got blown off’ not only because of his disability, but because he is a great dancer and deserves a spot in the finals. And, if people vote for ‘the fat chick’ they will have done so not because she is ‘fat’, but becuase she has continually done great dances. You need to watch what you say, please.

    • CA says:

      EVILANGEL, I suspect your vile post was designed to create an uproar. To be honest — it is just sad. Which is why, other then the two posts (mine and spencer’s), I hope that everyone here ignores you.

    • Cathy says:

      First, I have to say that I cannot stand it when someone types in all caps; it’s ridiculous, learn how to type, spell, and use punctuation before you try to insult people and demand to have people listen to you.

      Second, you need a new screen name, because you are no angel.

      Third, I’ll vote for whoever I want, whenever I want, and if you are sick of everyone on here, then please go away. You choose to be on here, and if it really makes you sick, then why are you on here?

      Fourth, and certainly not least, in regards to JR, I find your comment disgusting. Obviously, you were not brought up properly, or else you wouldn’t insult people the way you have. I sincerely doubt that if you had ever been in such a position as Mr. Martinez has been, with over 30 surgeries, you would have handled it anywhere near as well. Shame on you.

  21. Olivia says:

    @ Zoot: ITA on Rickie. She comes off soo phony! Can’t stand to hear or look at her.

    JR for the win!

  22. Johnny Pooper says:

    I miss Nancy Grace’s boobies.

  23. louise says:

    i think ricki is so fake. i hope she get enough money to get those too big teeth fixed

  24. patricia says:

    I have watched show from first year. Carrie Ann dissing Maks is no surprise. Judges have their favorites and if anyone pro or not stands up to them they can’t take it. What I really find sad it that everyear Derek’s partners always have a injury of one type or another including this year with Ricki. When they are hurt judges praise how brave they are to keep dancing and give them higher points. J.R. hurt his ankle and the judges did not praise him for showing up and dancing. Of course J.R. has been leading on several shows and tonight their favorite is back on top. Instead of giving Derek the “non pro” who went to performing arts school and had dance has part of her group act or Broadway experience or admitted to taking dance classes let the other pros work with them. He is a great dancer but he always gets the partner he can do tough routines with BECAUSE of their experience. Give him a non pro with no background in any kind of dance and see if he wins again. Of course my friends and I know he will win again due to past years, this is what 5 or 6 win for him coming up?

    • Meg says:

      It would be his 4th win. And I don’t think Brooke had any dance experience before this show.

      Carrie Ann did say she gave JR points for coming out and dancing, and they all said that his paso wasn’t up to par and they were chalking that up to his ankle injury.

  25. Julie M says:

    The fix was so in tonight. I hate the stupid Winner Take All Cha Cha or Cha Cha Relay or whatever they want to call it each season. It is always an excuse for producer manipulation. Why do they want Rob in the finals so much, especially if he was clearly not getting the votes? (I think tonight was proof that Hope and Maks were out voting Rob by a large margin. If they weren’t, there is no way the judges would have had to manipulate it to put so much day light between them.) Ugh. What a crappy semi-finals. JR being in such obvious pain also brought the mood down.

    CAI’s comment to Maks was totally uncalled for. He literally can’t win. He was trying to do his best to say nothing negative and he gets knocked for smiling!! It’s like a joke (and I’m not even a Maks apologist). And it was extremely disrespectful to Hope. The judges should be focusing their critiques on the star and not worry about the pro unless they are directly speaking to them. I’m glad Hope shot back at Carrie. She knows she and Maks are going down tonight. Might as well go down swinging.

  26. June says:

    Carrie Ann, last night, reminded me of the mother in “The Christmas Story” movie–“Don’t you give me that look Ralphie”!! Good grief, she sounded like she was talking to a bratty little kid. What was up with that? I find her animosity towards Maks embarrassing and undeserving. Time to burry the hatchet Carrie Ann. I voted for JR, twisted ankle or not. He is the most deserving, he works so very hard and gets the job done. I thought Rikki Lake looked like a robot throughout the night. Carrie Ann said she finally had her shoulders where they should be. To me Rikki looked like someone was stabbing her in the back. She looked uncomfortable! When she got those high marks I think I was as surprised as she pretended to be. Yes, Rob did a great job but I always feel like the comments to him by judges are to impress his mother and family. That is only because the camerman keeps panning the camera to where his family sits. They aren’t in the competition! Now finally for Hope. She was so very intense in her first dance and I thought did a great job. No way did she deserve the low grades. Her defense of Maks to me looked like an elementary student defending their best friend. It was kind of childish but endearing. All in all it was an ok DWTS’s night but not my favorite of the season.

  27. Ahfi says:

    CARRIE ANN BE GONE. Lack of professionalism. Leave Maks alone. Without the dancers, you have no SHOW.

  28. Mary says:

    The weakest tonight was Hope and Maks. I didn’t think the judges comments were necessary, but they should be the ones to go. Sorry, I think Ricky and Derek was way overscored. If you look, yes Derek was good, but it looks like he is pully Ricky around. As much as I don’t care for Rob, He has improved and I think deserves to be in the final. Jr wasn’t his best, but I still thought he did great. Second dance was better, but at least he didn’t whine like Ricky even though, I thought Brooke was pushing for it. He handled it with integrity. I voted for JR, not because of his story but he has been consistently good throughout the season with no experience, unlike Ricky. Rob has improved, but something is off when he dances.

  29. John says:

    Love your recap Michael!

    Is there any actual point in the fans voting. The judges have already decided who they want in the final so the fans can forget about having their say.

    Carrie Ann Inaba should be replaced she is an unproffessional, inconsistent and a biased judge. It was obvious she wanted Hope and Maks gone when she congratulated them on making it this far in the show. So patronizing!
    I don’t know why she thinks she has any right to tell Maksim to stop smiling. She is only a dwts judge she is not his mother.

  30. Anne Hedonia says:

    Slezak, how I’ve missed you! Paddles for you: Analysis~ 100% right-on! Humor~ 110% wonderful! Loved the comment about CA being like a 2nd grade teacher, not a reality show judge. The manipulative stuff was so hideously obvious last night, it was mind-boggling. Proposal: as all three judges have been out of bounds with hubris, rude comments and/or huntiness/ beyotch behavior this year, FIRE THEM (no, wait… Keep Bruno. I like him anyway!). Alternatively, make them get out there on the dance floor and compete to keep their positions. Make them wear hideous, revealing costumes, bew burdened with stupid “business” like floats, and be assigned music stat’s impossible to dance to. I still think it’s a tremendously entertaining show, but I’m sick, sick, sick of CA!

  31. mit says:

    Maks is a fantastic and talented dancer with good looks. He is definately an asset to DWTS show. Without great pro-dancers the show is lost. Carrie Ann can be replaced at the drop of a hat.

  32. Kosha says:

    While Rob has improved, he’s still not on par with JR or Ricki. I didn’t think his tango was nearly as difficult as JR’s and he got the same score!!! His movements are not as crisp or clean as JR or Ricki.

    I think JR was WAY underscored all night. His dances were complex, clean and very well danced especially considering the pain he was clearly in.

    Ricki & Derek did a great job. I don’t understand the Derke haters! He is a very talented dancer and always does a great job working with his partner’s strengths.

    I LOVE Maks – I think he’s a great dancer and a good choreographer. I don’t understand CarrieAnn’s beef with him – he was very well behaved last night and she still gave him a hard time. She needs to go! If Maks and Hope go tonight I’ll be fine with that only because Hope hasn’t seemed very invested in the competition until the last week or two.

    I used all my votes for JR because he deserves the win most! Not because he’s a wounded war hero, but because he has the right attitude and can dance his a** off!! Karina deserves the win too!!!

  33. dancinmachine says:

    Carrie Ann Inaba needs to be replaced! She was so out of line last night trying to center Maks and Hope out and she was so obvious about her bias towards the Kardashian brand and her ever determination to be accepted into the Hollywood crowd. Do they think we are stupid? How many close ups are the Kardashians going to get? This is supposed to be about dancing but if it truly was.. Rob would be gone home and Carrie Ann would be cleaning his bedroom at the Jenners place for 20 bucks an hour rather than being a judge in a televised competition!

  34. Roze M Espinoza says:

    So what was happening to JR’s phone number last night? I tried several times and could not get thru. Now if his number changed, I was not aware of it. I dialed the same number he has had all this time and I kept getting a recording that said the number was not available. Then I went online and checked for his number and it showed the same number I was dialing. I did vote online, but I wonder what happened to other people who were trying to cast their vote? Did JR get shorted votes due to some technical problems?

  35. Corrine says:

    I have to agree with those that favors the release of Carrie Ann and I believe that all the judges need to keep personal attacks out of their commentary. This year has been one of the worse and I for one believe that there does need to be a shake up in the ballroom.. the ones in the judging seats. I also think Brooke needs to go too.. I would love to see Carson replace her. This show has become mean and disrespectful. I hope that next year the powers that be will have a long talk with the judges about their comments to the stars and the dancers. I also agree that Max is a beautiful dancer to watch. It would be extremely stupid for them to get rid of him. His dancing is magicial. I do believe they all the dancers should be rotated perhaps have them sit out a season with having a star/celebrity and use them for floor dances with the troupe.

  36. Sam says:

    So predictable…Rikki assumes a pointed toe, turn out pose..Derek da nces around her. He lifts her to another spot, she assumes the pointed toe turn out postition, he dances around her.. yadda , yadda, yadda.

    Rob stomps, clomps, and walks through dances while Cheryl dances around him. Lifts her on occasion. More walking.

    J.R. and Karina, did as well as any couple with one having only one functioning foot.

    Hope and Maks do the most difficult AT …Hope is actually a participant in the dancing and lifts and they get crucified. Surprised. No. CA is a snake.

  37. Shara Hunter says:

    Carrie Ann is a B**** (rhymes with witch)! ;) I SO wish this was her last season. I can’t stand her. She especially, but all the judges, are making sure that Maks & Hope are done. ROB was SO SO SO over-scored it is laughable! Honestly I don’t care one way or the other if Rob or Hope ends up in the finals but…HEY! Here’s an idea judges…Are you listening?…Let’s make it honest and fair.

  38. Judy says:

    Thanks for stating what I’ve been thinking. Not only was it so obvious Carrie Ann in particular wanted to get Rob to the finals and wants Hope to leave but it too certainly seemed they were going to score JR low so that his fans that might throw some votes to Hope wouldn’t do it. I know some did and I sure hope JR doesn’t fall victim to this outrageous mess by the judges. If only their attempt could fail and Rob could go home!

    If the judging had been fair, I’d be fine with Hope leaving but not when it is so outrageously biased. Takes away the whole enjoyment of the show.

    • dan says:

      Remember, the producers know how many votes each celebrity gets. So they would know if Ricki being in second or JR being in third would be a problem. If they get their usual vote totals then being in 2d or 3d shouldn’t affect them making it to the finals. The key, in my opinion, was to separate Rob and Hope enough (with Rob higher) so that his score would outweigh the viewer’s vote total which probably favors Hope (because of Maks). We’ll find out tonight.

  39. Amy says:

    You are so right about Carrie Ann! I keep waiting for her to show up with black robe and a bedazzled gavel one of these days. She takes herself waaay to seriously. She’s someone with no background in ballroom dance judging a ballroom dancing competion. That should be a tipoff that this whole thing is a bit of a farce. Her job is to comment on the dances and hold up a sparkly paddle, it’s not her job to maintain order in the court.

  40. Bill House says:

    I don’t think any of the judges like Maks and for that reason Hope’s scores are lower. I felt like Hope had a good night and deserved better scores. I hope Maks stays on the show, the show needs a bad boy dancer that will speak his mind. I hope that Hope makes it to the finals, but unless she got a lot of people calling in to vote in spite of Carrie Ann’s remarks, I doubt she will make it to the finals. I believe JR will win, even though Ricki is doing a great job and would be deserving to win it too.

  41. mm says:

    Okay so some are not fan of Derek, however is he one of the best pro’s there. He to me is the one that makes Ricki look great for when Ricki dances away from Derek she looks pretty bad.

  42. mm says:

    also for sure the judges have their favorites for right after Ricki & Derek’s first dance; Len was always saying in the finals. Like I said Derek is the one who makes Ricki look great; however when she dances away from Derek she looks horrible.

  43. Lula Drewery says:

    Why is Carrie Ann so mean to Max? I think she has been very rude to Hope and Max. He told the truth he did help make the show what it is . Not only is he a great dancer but he is very good to look at and has a great personality. He is who he is and bravo for his strength to be himself. He is one reason I watch the show and I am old.

  44. RAY says:

    This almost to the point of being FUNNY . i know the Watching people can see that this NO talent Carrie4 should be fired wonder just how far she would go to be in the Kardisians GROUP. and i bet she got a hefty Bonus for all her Disrepectful comments about hope and MAKs just so she and Lynn made sure that ROB who anyone who was watching can see the poor kid just is not in the Group of dancers that are on the show Sorry Hope but you just happen to be on the same show well my hats off to you youndid a great job and you are a great athlete like Bruce Jenner was . so keep going girl your a star in my book . and the BIg ass bunch that Bruce is and has made celibritys with out any talent

  45. Reina says:

    Hope has sucked from the start, so I don’t care if the judges want her to go. She SHOULD go. Good riddance to the wooden doll and her abusive partner.

  46. RAy says:

    Carrie Ann
    Please do america a FAVOR Please quit before they fire you you are the meanst female i ever have seen and why . you do’t have any talendo yopu i wish i could be there so i could tell you to your Ugly face that just how bad and STUPID your making your self look QUIT QUIT QUIT CARRIE

  47. booitsbritters says:

    Ricki and Derek’s Samba did indeed have samba rolls, but I do have to agree that it was over-scored. Let’s face it, Hope and Maks don’t belong in the finals. She still dances extremely awkward and watching her cha cha relay was painful. Really all Maks does is drag her around the floor.

  48. as says:

    Hope’s 8s WERE inflated scores. The judges haven’t critiqued her for weeks since Maks’ arrogant outburst. You don’t earn points for power moves…that’s weight training and you don’t earn points just because you’re an Olympic gold medalist, you’re in shape, athletic, your partner has fans or you and your partner think you can stank-face threaten your way to higher scores. You need to dance well to earn 9s and Hope never danced at all. She didn’t improve much and the judges weren’t wrong to think she could or would. Maks didn’t manage to teach her to feel/connect to the music on the most basic level. I can’t believe your review Slezak.

    • Milo says:

      “you and your partner think you can stank-face threaten your way to higher scores”

      My sentiments exactly. Their behavior is just as inelegant as their dance.

  49. Jake says:

    Im sorry but hope and maks should hone home a long time ago. Can u imagine if this show still had chynna, Kristin and or David??? I love derek he’s such a great choreographer and ricki keeping up with him is excellent. The psycho dance is still the best of the season. I hope rob makes it, he has improved greatly. I love karina but not won over by jr.

  50. Spencer says:

    Why is everyone saying Kristin was so great? I think she left right when she was supposed to. And, I never thought she was that great of dancer, imho