Exclusive: Sons of Anarchy Boss Kurt Sutter Sheds Light on This Week's Very Dark Twists

[The following contains major spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of FX’s Sons of Anarchy. If you have yet to lay witness to it all, turn back now.]

If you thought FX’s Sons of Anarchy came in hot this Tuesday night and let loose with a bevy of dark twists, series creator Kurt Sutter needs you to know this: “Things will only continue to spiral downward” for Jax, Clay and the rest of the SAMCRO crowd. For viewers, he does promise an imminent chance to “breathe” (though, he notes, the show will stop well short of serving up “a lot of laughter”).

In the wake of all that transpired during the episode aptly titled “Hands,” TVLine invited Sutter to discuss the storytelling avenues he steered his Sons onto, including why he let one character cheat death, if another major player is now beyond redemption (answer: not necessarily), and how this mayhem led to the next episode getting super-sized.

FX Extends Sons of Anarchy‘s Fourth Season

TVLINE | I wanted to first talk about the decision to not kill Tara, at least for now. Is your school of though that it will be harder for Jax to live with a destroyed wife than a dead one?
[Killing Tara] was never my intention. As the season progresses, you’ll see that it’s about creating parallels that relate back to Jax’s father, to Gemma, and we see that arc continue to play out. Tara truly loves Jax, but it’s always sort of on-again, off-again in terms of her being supportive of the club and not supporting the club. I knew that if she were to continue on this path that we really would have to knock her off the fence, and in Episode 10 I think both she and Gemma get knocked off the fence. As she says in that one scene with Jax, her skills as a doctor were her “way out,” and now that’s been taken away from her, so it was just really about creating this circumstance where we could do that. I know I didn’t want her to get kidnapped again, because we had done that. And that king-and-queen parallel that we have with JT and Gemma and Clay and Gemma was something I wanted to continue to play out, so I knew that I didn’t want to kill her or do that to Jax at this point. His conflict of club and [doing right by his family] will continue, and without Tara, you take some of the power of that away.

TVLINE | Tara’s not necessarily out of the woods yet, though.
Obviously Clay will remain a threat throughout the rest of the season – and there’s almost another third of the season to go.

TVLINE | Turning to Clay/Gemma: How do you script that brutal assault scene without thinking, “I’m hereby painting this guy into a corner”?
Well, I think that’s point. I’m a big believer in committing, and rather than sort of seeing Clay sort of go to the dark side, we needed to see him basically cross that line. The reality of it – and we have this discussion in the writers room – is this is not the first time Clay has hit Gemma, and it’s not the first time Gemma has hit Clay. We have seen the passion and the violence in their relationship in the past, but I do believe this is the first time it was not just a smack and a push and a shove and a scream, but it manifested into absolute rage where he close-fisted and brutally beat her. There are some opinions in terms of why Gemma gave Clay the chance that she gave him [at the end of last week’s] Episode 9, and for me it’s because these two had this life together … and I really do believe that Gemma thought she could bring Clay back. She has been his guiding light for such a long time, at the end of [Episode] 9, when she looks him in the eye and says, “Promise me,” she really believes that she got through to him. Clay ultimately making that decision [to order the hit on Tara] is about his own fear and his own ability to trust, which is really his tragic flaw. Once he does that, Gemma feels like, “OK, he can’t be trusted and he is no longer an advocate of moving my family in the right direction.” But it took that act of brutality for her to really get to that place.

TVLINE | And the immediacy with which he betrayed that promise spoke volumes. There’s no bringing him back.
No, there isn’t, but you know what? Here you have these really strong, complex characters. And not to draw this parallel, but look at the things Tony Soprano had done over the years – the lies and the cheating that he did with Carmella. And yet there were times when he came back to that relationship where you really believed that at the end of the day he still loved her and maybe they had a chance. And I think that’s the case for Clay. Obviously he’s definitely gone to the dark side here and he’s done some horrendous things, and that’ll continue to play out, but as I watch these last three or four [upcoming] episodes, Clay has got a lot of demons and there’s a lot of reasons for the things that he does, and there are moments where I honestly believe people will have compassion for him — maybe not forgive him, but absolutely have compassion and understanding as to why he does the things he does. That’s what we do on this show, is show the extreme swings we in humanity all exhibit.

TVLINE | But as I watch him go to these increasingly dark places, I must wonder: Can there be a Sons of Anarchy without Clay?
I never think of it in terms of, “OK, who can I do this show with? And who can I do it without?” I really try to tell the stories organically. Take the death of Piney. To me, that’s an arc that’s been building since the first season, and it really made sense this season for it to go down, in terms of moving this show along and moving the body of the other characters forward. That death will be a mile-marker in the mythology of the show. I try to let the stories manifest, and then I get to the decision of, “If it makes sense for this character to go, what does that mean for the rest of the show?” A perfect example is Juice this season. We brought him to that point where he was swinging from that tree and we thought: “What if the branch doesn’t snap? What if he does kill himself?” I could have gone either way, but he’s a character that has a lot of vulnerabilities and brings a lot of compassion and lightness, for lack of a better word, to the show, so I made the decision creatively that I didn’t want that character to go away.

Sons of Anarchy‘s Rockmond Dunbar on the Sheriff’s Efforts to Save Tara, Juice — and SAMCRO?

TVLINE | After “Hands,” will we have a moment for the color to get back in our knuckles, or are you going to keep on keeping on for this season’s final four episodes?
It was an intense episode, and obviously the manifestations of that will play out. It’s why I think Episode 11 [airing next Tuesday] ended up being 90 minutes. I organically had to have people respond and react. You’ll see the ramifications that it has on Jax, as he sees Gemma, and on the rest of the club. Things will continue to spiral downward, in terms of the relationships within the club. We’ve released some of the tension in terms of going after Tara — she is being guarded by the Prospects, so at least that threat is somewhat diminished — but the emotional impact continues. I don’t think there’ll be a lot of laughter in the next three or four episodes, but perhaps people will breathe a little bit.

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    • Ginger says:

      I’m a big fan of the show.Last nights show frightened me in one respect and that is, I wondered will the show go on.I want the show on for longer seasons. I feel that between seasons I end up watching shows I don’t enjoy half as much.I don’t see how you can keep clay on after all he’s done but hopefully you will. On another thought it’s scarry for any male tv character to beat a woman the way Clay beat Gemma and not suffer as an actor.I’ve seen interviews of other actors who state that fans have a problem separating the actor from the character and find it hard to find other roles in the future. I want more SOA consider longer seasons?

      • Holly says:

        i hope that jax and opie kill clay as payback for gemma and piney!

        • Catila says:

          …and Donna, a result of his attempt to have Op murdered.

        • Annetta says:

          Remember, he also called a hit on Opie, but Opie’s wife was killed instead… Clay could never be trusted.

          • angela Piekarczyk says:

            Clay ordered the hit on Opie because Stall set it up to look like Opie was a rat and that’s y the hit was ordered but you are right Clay can’t be trusted. It’s not about the clubs good it’s about his own interests and can not be trusted and for his actions has to go.

          • Without Clay there is no SAMCRO, and thus no show. Clay needs to stay for the long haul, trust or no.

        • MaryAnn says:

          I agree, but we still need a bad guy to hate Clay needs to get his but last nights show had me yellingh at the TV and it was not a football game! way to go Writers keep it up and cant wait for next week!


          • tootsieandem says:

            I was yelling too and it took me hours to calm down. I am really wanting Gemma to kill him herself (or I could choke him myself)not set Jax up to do it. I think that just pulls him into the club. I know for the storyline he has to stay but I want to him to leave with his family.

          • Kathy says:

            I believe Clay deserves payback too. BUT I don’t think the show will have the same impact without the ‘bad guy’. Clay has to stay alive, in some capacity, to create the personal drama… Sorry, I know most don’t agree with me.

          • CTM says:

            Learn to write.

        • Harleydeby says:

          Don’t forget Clay was instrumental in Donna’s death too. Opies wife.

        • donna says:

          i hope jax and opie kill clay in the worse way

        • TRICIA says:


        • phireblu says:

          i hope opie gets2do somethin 1st bcuz clay ordered the hit on opie n donna ended up bein the1 hit. clay kilt his dad…n then jax step in4 what he did2 jt an gemma

        • c. warr says:

          They need to bury him up to the neck at the indian reservation tell the natives about him cheating them. let ants have him

          • ie Blair says:

            totally agree with your post. Watching Clay beat up Gemma totally upset me, terribly. I knew it was a TV show, but I abhor that kind of violence on a woman, have been hit before– thank God not that bad– I think it’s gone too far and Clay needs to go and let God judge him!

        • Opie Simms says:


          • Oh and about the whole Clay beating Gemma thing being a “big deal.” It’s really not! Have you forgotten how ruthless she can be? She aided in killing Jax’s father so Clay would officially be at the head of the table. she and Clay wanting to be together factored in there as well. Gemma watched her baby die while JT was halfway across the world supporting his club & having an affair. Being dragged behind a motorcycle & taking 2 days to die doesn’t come close to the pain a mother would feel in those circumstances. And of course she would smother her surviving son, of course she would want him close by any means she could keep him there. She has been crooked, shady and back stabbing since the first season. It has just taken until season five for people to start calling her bluff.

        • Mike says:

          He also killed Jaxs’ dad and Donna

        • Tigger says:

          I hear that, Clay needs to go down by the Sons

        • Jim says:

          And when will Opie find out that Tige killed his wife ?

        • john henry says:

          agreed.later too clay hopefully jaxs beats the hell out of em and takes over and also get rid of that sneaky ass federal prosecuter

        • kirsten says:

          YES! I want Opie to get his revenge for Donna and Piney and Jax to have it for Gemma and JT. I HATE Clay – and honestly don’t think the show will suffer without him.

          • Hahaha if Clay gets killed there go the Sons of Anarchy, no reason to watch them anymore. All of these people bitching about Clay beating Gemma forget a few things. One of these things is Gemma is a damn snake, and just as important, Gemma pulled a gun on Clay, so he should have beat her skank ass. You don’t pull a gun on somebody and expect it to be taken well.

      • obi says:

        I felt the same way. Watching certain episodes of this brilliant show has been very difficult for me. The gang-rape of Gemma was the worst, at least until last night. Watching Clay, Gemma’s husband and protector, lay his hands on her in such a vicious manner turned my stomach and left me with the realization that I do have a threshold when it comes to what I’m going to watch, and this episode was it.

        If it’s going to get worse than this, I simply can’t watch. I can deal with the violence and the drugs and the whores and all the delicious angst and drama, but apparently such a violent betrayal was too far for my not-so-delicate sensibilities.

        • SJL says:

          The reality is that on average, more than three women and one man are murdered by their intimate partners in this country every day. In 2000, 1,247 women were killed by an intimate partner. The same year, 440 men were killed by an intimate partner. Intimate partner homicides accounted for 30% of the murders of women and 5% percent of the murders of men.
          (Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, Intimate Partner Violence, 1993-2001, February 2003. Bureau of Justice Statistics, Intimate Partner Violence in the U.S. 1993-2004, 2006.)

          I’m glad to see a show that highlights the reality of domestic violence in this country even if it crosses the line for your “not-so-delicate” sensibilities. Unfortunately women are beaten like that every day in this country by their partner.

          • obi says:

            As one of those statistics, I’m well aware that most crimes against women are committed by their partner. That’s why it bothered me so much. Gemma’s role as mother and goddess was completely destroyed, and it really resonated badly with me.

          • snake530406@yahoo.com says:

            Altho i dont condone domestic violence, lets not forget who pulled a gun on who first, and who started punching who first..As I saw it Clay just walked into the house, Gemma escalated it and pulled the gun threatening to kill clay..She started swinging at him first and he retaliated.She jacked him up to that level of violence…Ive seen many men who have been the victim and some have died…Just because its a woman is not the definition of domestic violence…it works both ways…

        • Nicholas says:

          I agree.

          • jcb says:

            Let me say this first, I agree with the fact that domestic violence is wrong. That being said i will follow with this; In today’s television, music, internet and pretty much all of the ways there are to communicate a message that are less than desirable. Rapper’s show respect to other rappers by using a line in a song derogatory or not…Youtube sends mad props out to children that show their acting chops by being obnoxious to their parents… and on television, in the case of SOA, I think we have the same situation. Although the violence that Clay bestowed upon Gemma was quite atrocious, I think the idea here is to show that it happens no matter what position you hold in any organization or society for that matter. ie; M.C. club, warehouse, CEO of a fortune 500 company. The fact that Gemma replied that he would be dealt with by “The Son” is more or less away of defining the fact that things like this shouldn’t be tolerated.
            I think that if you look back into the series, on many levels, they’ve dealt with a lot of situations in today’s society the same way. Look back into the very first episodes with Jax’s first old lady and how the dealt with the fact that she used heroin…
            Just my perspective. I think its a great show with awesome writers and and awesome cast. I will continue to watch and recommend to the show to all who ask.

          • Kathy says:

            Hey!! Yeah, Gemma had a gun and she shot away from Clay, as in a warning shot— after all, she knew that Clay had set up her son and grandkids to get killed when he set up the hit on Tara, lying all the while to Gemma about it. She could have shot him but she didn’t. He is a big man and he could have WALKED AWAY— not beat the crap out of her– did you see her? Granted it was all make up, but I’ve seen women that weren’t made up, that were beaten up for real. And, getting back to Clay, why did he have to keep hitting her? He could have stopped after one hit or two hits, but abusive men never do and it always just gets worse. That’s why I ran away and that’s why I’ve never gotten married again, ever. I will never be hit or raped again without inflicting so much pain that he’ll wish he’d never been born.

          • cynndah says:

            Gemma did start this mess, it was horrible, but she raised her hands as well.

        • bobby says:

          i think it just added depth into how far clay is willing to go to protect his deepest darkest secret

        • cajunbelle says:

          speaking from experience, this is so true to form! I have been witness to actions similiar to this (tho not so extreme). It is not an easy thing to see, impossible to intervene, and suicide to stop. gemma knew full well what could possible happen when she confronted clay. she felt she had no choice because he lied to her, and put her family in danger. she is no stranger to violence, and can give just as good as she gets. she is not afraid of clay, and i think that comes thru loud and clear. this show is so good because it does show all of human emotions…good, bad, right, wrong, good and evil. I was breathless throughout this episode just like the others, and luv kurts vision as to where he thinks the show should go. cant wait for next week!

      • Adkbiker says:

        Ummm…..have you forgotten that this show is about a motorcycle club? Its not the Brady Bunch…

        • nancy says:

          lol…true story, also did they miss the warning that comes up before the show starts?!?!?!?!?

          • obi says:

            No, I didn’t miss the warning. As a viewer who’s come to understand the characters (as well as one can understand characters on a tv show), I’m pretty sure I’ve got the right to be disturbed when the entire familiar balance is abruptly displaced.

        • obi says:

          I have absolutely no problem with the violence and misogyny inherent in this show. I like it because there’s no BS and very little kowtowing to the whining masses. My problem is that they’ve altered the perception of Gemma as revered matriarch completely by having Clay do what he did, and it left me feeling very uncomfortable. I’m not about to apologize for that, and I’m sure Mr. Sutter would say that it was his intention to unsettle viewers.

          I’m not a fan of retconning, and it feels as though he’s doing a complete retcon with the core of Gemma and Clay’s relationship. As foul as Clay is, he’s always treated Gemma as his old lady in the company of his club, but they’ve ALL revered and honored her as she deserved, and this behavior was shocking and appalling. Are you going to tell me you weren’t taken aback? Or are we not watching the same show?

          • Naralim says:

            Gemma lost nothing, she is still the matriarch, she is still strong. What makes her that is the fact that she showed that weakness. It makes her more real, more vibrant. She is a strong woman, a protector. She will sacrifice anything, even herself to protect her family.
            As for Clay, as sickening as what he did (and beleive me my husband had to hold me back from screaming at the tv) After all was said and done. He had to do this. Clay has always done dark things, but gemma was his light was his contiance As much as she could be. For the veiwer to realy beleive that he had made that step, had truly gone like Sutter said to the dark side, that link had to be severed.
            I am a little worried that we lost clay, because I absolutely love ron perlman. They will have to have him do something heavy to balance the scales if he is going to stay. Truthfully the only thing I could see happening is jax would have to kill him, in essance to take back the throne as it were.
            Gemma lost nothing in all of this if anything you have more compassion for her, you understand why she does the things she does. Go GEMMA!!!
            As for watching it. I agree it was disturbing, but it told the truth. If you are not reminded these things happen those who have never experianced them can forget about the pain it causes. So I for one am glad that the creators of this show have the courage to show things like that. If no other reason that it creates awareness.

        • shelly says:

          Then they should probably stop crying like little girls in every other episode, hmm?

        • Bill says:

          So you think all bikers are violent and do drugs….wrong.
          You need to stop watching so much tv, we are not all like that.

          • BigJon says:

            No, ALL bikers aren’t violent and do drugs. My EVERYONE on a rice burner is a sissy.

          • Amy says:

            You should also keep in mind that the actor who plays Happy was, or is, a member of the Hells Angels (according to Wikipedia) so there is probably some grain of truth about how some motorcycle clubs act…

            … Just sayin’ :P

            But yes, not all bike enthusiasts are like that.

          • Dawn says:

            No Bill, not all bikers. This is a show about 1%ers, outlaws. And you’re correct, we are not all like that!!

      • Ace says:

        Kurt has stated before it will go for 7 seasons. He has it all planned out already.

      • Dana says:

        More Seasons Kurt! I love this show and want to see it continue. The charecters have become so evolved and hope they continue.

      • freebird says:

        I agree I wont be able to look at Clay the same ever !!! I was abused physically by my exhusband and I had nightmares !!! No more please or I wont watch the show anymore. We get the point but that crossed the line even for a movie !!!

      • Trish says:

        I Love this show. Thank You so much for keeping it going. Gemma is awesome. You go Girl!!! Thank You Kurt for writing such a good storyline for a woman in this “world” Never a dull moment.

      • mary anne nichols says:

        i agree ginger, i was sick to my stomach & wanted to turn it off, gave me same feeling when gemma was raped, how dare clay just consider her “an old lady” when she is the lady keeping this club together and close to her heart that has been broken time & time again?

        • Faith says:

          Gemma being called JUST “an old lady” by both Jax and Clay does not diminish WHO she is but defines WHAT she is not. Old ladies have no vote, they are not members.

          • Skip/Canada says:

            You say this series is about a 1% club/s. This is sooooo far from the way a 1% club works acts and functions. There’s only one way two ppl can keep a secret.One of them has to be dead. There’s just way too much things being down infront of the women in that show and although Gemma’s acting in the series is excellent that crap would never happen in a “REAL” 1% club. She would have been told to shut up and keep her mouth shut or it would’ve been told to Clay or other members with the women voicing their oppions all the time,either you put your old lady in her place….”OR I WILL” (meaning other members)…BUT after all it is only TV so it doesn’t have to be real. Get the writers or Kurt Sutter to get hold of me….I’ll give them some great realistic ideas for future shows……Skip/ Canada

      • amber says:

        There will be seven seasons. Of course only the 5th season is contracted but as the 5th airs and views are still up, there will be seven. SOA is the most watched series on fx in 20 yrs, even beat the shield! I read in another interview with sutter he said there are lots of big character shifts in this season. They really knock people off the fence and make them choose. He said season 4 finale will feel like the series finale in a lot of ways, its the beginning to the end. Seasons 5 &6 will be exploring that new dynamic and season 7 will be about the fall of heroes and rise of men.

      • darbyelsa1 says:

        Without question this is the best show on TV. Last night’s episode was heartbreaking (Tara’s hand) and chilling (Clay and Gemma). I guess I’m not quite as shocked at this beating as everyone else seems to be. While I find all the characters on SOA to be fascinating and complex, Gemma and Clay are in a class by themselves. Fierce, proud, passionate – on the surface, at least, their motivating force has always been to protect and preserve “The Club” by any means necessary. As long as they were united in that goal, they functioned as a devoted and loving team – again, IMO, only on the surface – because Gemma and Clay are both violent sociopaths whose only real motivation is fulfilling their own desires. I don’t think either of them would stop at ANYTHING or ANYONE that got in their way. I don’t mean I think it was ok for Clay to beat Gemma to a pulp – it was revolting – but I think Gemma would do the same to anyone who threatened or attacked her or what she considers hers. Anyone else feel this way, or do you simply see Gemma as a basically good, loving and slightly overprotective mama-bear?

      • Will says:

        Idk…I don’t see Clay as Hellboy or Gemma as Peg or Leela. I think most people will be able to keep it in the realm of the show. Ron Pearlman will be alright.

    • Greg Trosell says:

      This is the best show on television now! I look forward to the following weeks episode every week! S.O.N.’s is the the most true to life show on air. Way to go guys keep it up! Oscar worthy for all!!!

    • Rush says:

      Two of the best lines in television history were spoken this year. Breaking Bad’s Walter White in response to his wife’s question about what happened: “I won.” And SOA’s Gemma: “Clay can’t be saved… No, he’s not going down by law. He’s gonna die by the hand of the son.”

      • T says:

        I agree. Breaking Bad and S.O.A. are the best t.v. shows ever. Breaking Bad’s writers are so intricate and captivated you. I have been mesmerized by the actors and character development and can call it my favorite. My mother told me about S.O.A. just two months ago. I watched all the previous seasons in a week and started with this current one. This show is so gripping in the fact that all of your emotions are tapped into. Every character on the show you can relate to in one way or another. Cudos to these two shows for making me enjoy television again. :)

      • CC says:

        Completely agree. The rawness and truthfulness of Breaking Bad and SOA make them the two best shows on TV. I honestly don’t understand why these two shows aren’t being nominated for Emmy’s every year. Yes I know BB gets them in the actor categories, but as an avid TV watcher, who literally watches everything scripted. I can say that SOA, Breaking Bad, and Dexter are the best shows on TV. And this is coming from a female African-American New Yorker, so its not like I have anything in common with these characters. I just like writing that takes risk and TV shows that keep you interested. With BB and SOA every episode is essential, and every episode gets you thinking. There is no “good guy”/ “Bad guy”. There is only people who are flawed and who do things based on those flaws.

        Clay didn’t just decided to beat up Gemma at the drop of a hat. The whole episode he was going through intense remorse. Think about it. He just killed Piney, a person that he has know for at least 20 years, in cold blood. Two days later he orders a hit, that could have Killed Jax, a person who he thinks of as his son. Ron Perelman played the part perfectly. When he is sitting at the SOA table by himself you can see his inner conflict. so when Gemma came in asking him questions he just wanted to say anything so that she would go away. And at the end, he knows he messed up and he knows he’s in to deep with the Mexicans, so when Gemma comes in she is a mirror to his emotions. He can’t stand hearing the truth, so he does what most men do when confronted with emotional truths, he fights. We fight the ones we love the most, when we are hurting the most. I don;t think Clay is beyond redemption. He definitely crossed the line, but he still has feelings, which means that there is still hope for him. Either way….Clay is too good to be killed off. Please don’t “Jump the shark”!

        • Faith says:

          Well said!! Agree! Looking forward to see how each character reacts in light of recent storyline…keep it growing…keep it real! Thanks Kurt!

        • donna says:

          i totally agree with your comment ,i live in scotland and soa season 3 is jst finished on tv.i had to go online and watch season 4 which i have got to say is superb ,long may it continue ,also dexter and breaking bad r ace.

      • John BIG SOA Fan says:

        FX continues to come up with amazing shows. Gotta agree with Greg and Rush This show is Oscar worthy.

      • cajunbelle says:

        she said,” he’s gonna die by the hand of A son”, “not THE son”

    • MistyMo says:

      Hell Boy needs to go! His character has always irritated me. Good episode & great writing!

    • Bill says:

      I understand and sympathize with some past experiences that people have in regard to the scene where Clay hits Gema. However with a show like this ANYTHING can and should be expected. I have never hit my wife, but if ANYBODY pulled a gun on me, man, woman, wife or even a kid..I too would beat that person senseless.

      Sorry, It is a soap opera about a 1%er club, there is violence ! Please keep the “politically correct” police out if it. That is what makes the show so good, it is almost as though they are real bikers doing what real bikers do. If you want candy coated biker drama you might be better off watching Orange County Choppers.

    • Bill says:

      I understand and sympathize with some past experiences that people have in regard to the scene where Clay hits Gema. However with a show like this ANYTHING can and should be expected. I have never hit my wife, but if ANYBODY pulled a gun on me, man, woman, wife or even a kid..I too would beat that person senseless.

      Sorry, It is a soap opera about a 1%er club, there is violence ! Please keep the “politically correct” police out if it. That is what makes the show so good, it is almost as though they are real bikers doing what real bikers do. If you want candy coated biker drama you might be better off watching Orange County Choppers.

    • Onederwoman says:

      Clay remains on the show.Jax,Opie or sumone brings him to his knees, to the edge of death, disfigures him, cripples him(like his hands so he cant ride),dethrones him, devalues him, piss on him (literally),makes him confess,but lets him live to see others drive the club in a direction not of his doing. Ultimate living #ell is to be helpless, hopeless and hapless while those he hurt move on and flourish in spite of his malice efforts to destroy them.

    • Teena Reffitt says:

      I think there should be longer seasons of SOA ! I love the show and would like to see a lot more episodes . I think Jaks & Opie should get to take care of Clay slow and painful. I also think the violence is suited to the show. It makes it real. Keep up the good work!!! Looking forward to Tuesday!

    • Chris says:

      SOA has been renewed for a 5th season. But honestly, the way everything is going, I don’t know how they’re going to do it. If they kill off Clay, that’s too much. He’s such a major character, and flame of the show. If they kill clay, what then? How could they go on? I mean, this is why i love this shot. Kurt is such an amazing writer, and this show keeps me on the edge of my seat the whole season. I have never been in to a show where I’ve cryed, been angry, or go to bed depressed. This is why this show is completely great Television.

    • SOAfanatic says:

      I see a lot of opinions coming down to the same point, Clay must be killed. If I am wrong though, read what Kurt Sutter is saying; the characters have to come full circle. Just killing Clay is much too easy, to early albeit the season is coming close to it’s finale, and really it doesn’t make sense to kill him yet. I think we will see Opie blame Unser for his father’s death(perhaps), and Gemma although she said he must die, she has her own secrets too. Remember, she bares fault for Jax’s father’s death also. It would NOT be good for her if it were exposed that Gemma/Clay both planned JT’s death. It’s thru these lies that a great storyline builds, yes this weeks show was explosive, but many are just wanting revenge. It’s too easy to ‘just kill Clay’. Not Sutter’s style, they are very dynamic people so if we see Clay’s death, it will be after much prepping, planning, perhaps even misfire. It would have been like Tony Soprano being whacked in the first season at the hands of Olivia and Junior, it couldn’t happen. As stated, Gemma has fallen to Clay’s hands before, even if not so severe. She also has the unique ability to be methodical; expect Gemma to ‘re-think’ what she says to Unser. If you saw the preview for next week, Opie finds Unser at the cabin; I think it’s more likely to find Unser dead long before Clay. There add’s that dynamic, yet another of Gemma’s ‘men’ killed at the hands of Clay. Very dynamic indeed. As said, too easy to just kill Clay, I don’t foresee a great many more twists and spins before the death of Clay. This was what I said the previous week when everyone predicted that Tara would be killed, or one of the kids and this didn’t happen. Just too easy for Sutter to walk that road as a writer, the carrots dangling for our own anxiety release, but be ready for a wait! GO SOA, wish I was on the writing team b/c I love how Sutter takes them to that next step, then back, then five ahead. He’s an awesome writer!

    • KW-Nikki says:

      I see Gemma as a strong woman & as a woman that was in an abusive relationship, the bruises will fade but the emotional damage is the worse.She was his equal, his partner, & now he’s trying to “put her in her place”. He wants to show he’s superior & how dare she question him. So he can only prove this by using his superior physical strength. That just makes him a bully. I just hope Gemma gets him back & is the one to bring him down. That making her his enemy will be his biggest mistake. She could do little things to him. He needs her to give him shots for his hand, so she can switch medication (maybe with Tara’s help :)). She could lure him to bed & have him wake up to his “morning arousal” super glued(it’s an oldie but goody)It would lighten up the show a little w Gemma showing all the ways a strong good loving woman can make an abusive mans life hell. Show a womans superior intelligence beats mans physical strength every time. I know the seasons been written & I love the shows writers just hope they make Clay suffer at Gemma’s hands

    • Branden levien says:

      i think that clay will get killed for what he did to jaxs mom and i think jaxs will be the one to kill hem

    • Cecil Speaks says:

      Putting some thought into how I think Clay should be dealt with;
      He should not be killed off, rather he should have to be striped of his colors and have his SOA tat removed by Jax and or Opie. They suffered the most by the hand of Clay.
      As I see it, Clay wants to go out in glory, but to have that happen, justice wouldn’t be served for his character. Gemma should witness it as well as Tara. This would make for some strenghening the females characters and validate their written roles for future episodes for female viewers.
      Just a twist that would require the sensitivity and rolls women play in the club that insist on family first,club second. js

    • Marrie says:

      Tonight’s episode was killer. It was very emotional and it broke my heart to see Op in pain when he found his Dad. Clay needs to die.

    • Rochelle Twining says:

      Like all of you, I think Clay needs to die, slowly and painfully ( we get our wishes vicariously fulfilled for all the men who do such horrbile things) BUT Ron Perlman is an awesome actor and for that Ihate to see his character killed off. Perlman brings gravity to every role andhe has been perfect as Clay. Just a little part of me wants to keep Clay around – maybe he could come back as a ghost or something – does he have a twin??? RON PERLMAN ROCKS!

    • Clay did try to stop the hit as SOON as he found out it was a set up, He tried to call Tig but by then it was too late, Clay wanted to give Opie the benefit of the doubt. It was Tig that convinced him Opie was a rat after finding the “bug” on his phone and in his truck. I think Stahl left something at Opie’s house to make him look like a snitch but I can;t remember what it was.She knew the club would come looking so she was good about covering her tracks to make Opie look bad, SO glad He got his revenge on that Bitch! As for the Tara hit Clay ordered, he was just trying to cover his ass. He was afraid of her releasing the content the letters from John Teller. He desperately tried to stop the hit when he realized Jax and the babies were with her. Clay meets Romeo and gets a refund, with Romeo taking the matter on his hands personally, Clay reluctantly agrees that Tara is best dead. I’m not saying I condone it but let’s not forget, This is a show about a motorcycle club! What did you expect? Cute puppies and rainbows? I think not. Look at The Hell’s Angels for example. The Vagos, Free souls, Bandidos, highway men, warlocks, sons of silence, the outlaws, pagans, and the mongols. These are all notorious motorcylce gangs who are so evil they would make Clay look like a freakin soft and cozy teddy bear. There are some good motorcycle gangs but the ones who aren’t are RUTHLESS!

  1. Lucas says:

    Goddamn, it was brutal and intense and brilliant episode. Katey Sagal needs an Emmy.

    • Dave Norris says:

      freakin intense episode! Best show on TV hands down.

    • Charlotte says:

      I agree, but Ron Perlman should get one too. If nothing else for the dramatic changes in personality. He scared me in my living room.

      • Lucas says:

        I have to agree with you on that one, too. We’ve all decided to collectively hate on Clay so much that it’s easy to forget how freaking brilliant Ron Perlman is.

        • nay says:

          This show is beyond amazing & with all the ups & downs these characters have to go through, it amazes me they ALL haven’t won an award of some sort.

          Kurt Sutter is a brilliant writer/creator.

          I never want this show to end!!!

        • Amy says:

          Agreed! I was watching the show with my boyfriend and I rightly said “GRR! I HATE Clay!!! But I LOVE Ron Perlman!”

      • Maggie says:

        I completely agree. I started crying immediately after the scene blackout with Katey and Ron, not to mention Maggie Siff’s amazing performance in the hospital. There was also a scene, and I don’t remember when exactly it was, but Theo Rossi had this face that just made him look like such a lost little boy. The whole episode was totally amazing and while I know any award nods are unlikely I think there are quite a few people who deserve them this season.

        • Drew says:

          what makes you think a nomination so unlikely? Katey Sagal was nominated for AND won a Golden Globe for best actress in a television series(drama) last year for her portrayal of Gemma in season 3.

        • Jane says:

          I started crying and reliving some episodes of my own life from many years ago. I curled up in my (now) husbands arms and he was just awesome as he knew some things I’d been through. He promised he would never hurt me and he never has. It sure brought some things back and I agree all these actors need to be awarded! This is easily the BEST series on television! Thanks for bringing so many things to light…

      • Dingo says:

        I agree about Perlman. Historically, I haven’t been much of a fan. But this season has really challenged him as an actor and he has done an amazing job. This episode sealed him as a leading talent – brilliant work on Perlman, Sagal, and Sutter’s parts.

      • anna cardinali says:


      • southernlady says:

        Brillant show. about thought I was there in person watching all this stuff happen to people that I have come to care about. Wow. worked up after last nights show! Bravo to all who have anything to do with this show. Absolutely LOVE it!

      • RACHAEL says:


      • azoz says:

        agree agree……exceptional actor.

      • beverly weber says:

        i agree, it was way more frightening then any of the real life paranormal shows that r on!

      • Karen says:

        I agree Charlotte! Ron Perlman definately DESERVES the Emmy Win for this. Katey is another who truly DESERVES the emmy.
        As far as the writers and director oh and Creator, there is only one show that has the top, Ace, Cream of the Crop, # 1 and that is the TEAM behind Sons of Anarchy ! !
        Thank You for the BEST, absolute BEST program on the TV since The Sopranos. 2 thumbs up KS

    • Karen says:

      Think I’ve just been able to exhale……WOW!

    • sameri says:

      gemmas a badass mama

    • Gwenn says:


    • Debi says:

      Absolutely!!!! Gemma, Clay as well, gave brilliant performances!!!

    • Tammy says:

      I agree. Katey Sagal deserves an Emmy for her actions last night. I am really hoping something transpire more between her and the ex-sheriff,AWESOME episode last night. Love this show.

    • Michelle says:

      she got an emmy for this series … I think it was season 1 or 2

    • redheaddeb says:

      Even with Gemma’s broken face…you could see the strength in her…watch out Clay….this is an outstanding show…never miss it!

    • John BIG SOA Fan says:

      Amen Bro

  2. loneplaywright says:

    Hands down, no pun intended, one of the best episodes this show has ever done. Sutter is a true visionary. If SoA doesn’t earn an Emmy win, much less a nomination, there is something wrong.

  3. Christin says:

    Agreed! Katie Sagal was incredible! Ryan Hurst should also win an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor. The layers upon layers of emotion we saw in Opie in the scene with Jax in the waiting room were so real and heartbreaking and angering and just phenomenal. And he hardly said anything! Maggie Siff was magnificent too!! Man these are some good actors. Fantastic writing! Fantastic episode!! Fantastic show!! So good!!

    • Valerie says:

      I completely agree with you about Ryan Hurst. The things that actor does with such small scenes is just amazing to me. The scene between him and Jax was heartwrenching, and much of that has to do with just the emotion you could see in Hurst’s eyes, as Opie tried to deal with Jax’s betrayal of his trust. Amazing work.

      I keep hoping that this show is leading to Opie being the one to kill Clay. Clay has done damage to a lot of people, but he is responsible for the death of Opie’s wife, and now father. I believe he’s “the son” Gemma was talking about being the weapon to take out Clay.

      • nikki kelly daniel says:

        I hope Opie take Clay out!

      • Michele says:

        When Gemma said that line, I automatically thought of Opie as well. If anyone should get the chance to exact revenge on Clay for all his decisions and misdoings, it’s Opie. LOVED the episode, and can;t wait for next week.

      • Krista says:

        I don’t think Opie was the “SON” she was talking about…I think when she said “A S.O.N will” she had one person in mind…but I don’t think it will be Opie… I think she will go to Tig. I personally think he will be her go to person now that she blieve’s that Clay is a lost cause. if she doesn’t go to Tig then she will go to Tara to get those letter’s, and let the chips fall where they may. I really don’t ever want the show to end. I have season’s 1&2 already and plan to get season 3 for x-mas (I watch them over and over while I wait for the new season to start every Aug.). I watch this show faithly every tuesday. I truly think every major actor in this show should get a nomination. and Kurt should win an award hands down. I don’t follow any other show as faithly as I do S.O.A.

      • karen says:

        WOW! Opie being “the son”…! Now there’s a twist! Good thinking Valerie.

      • glenda says:

        Actually, she said “a son”, so it leaves us to believe it has to be by one of the club members.

        And, I agree with Katey and Ryan being nominated. Not so sure about Ron, yet. But, I do believe that Charlie Hunnam most definitely needs a nod, too! He has been phenomenal during the last 3.5 years.

    • Maggie says:

      Absolutely, there were so many emotions in Opie’s face and nary a word uttered. Brilliant performance!

    • Blanche Smith says:

      I could not breathe watching this. The emotions I had didn’t come near what I was watching. I did not expect that. Jax and Tara….the way he looked at her, his family and the love, just blew me away. Really good..award for him for sure. Tara is very good.
      Gemma is outstanding. I can only imagine when Jax see her. Begining of the season I almost didn’t watch it anymore…then bang..I cannot miss…so very good….What will happen when Opie finds his Dad is gone….I do think Clays acting is good…but dang…he really angered me last night….did not expect that!!!!!
      Go Jax! You have my heart….you should be the leader (president)..you have earned the respect.

  4. CJ says:

    I think it’s funny how about 99% of the publicity shots for Sons of Anarchy feature Charlie Hunnam. It’s probably a good strategy.

    • Mike says:

      Why is it funny that the main protaganist be featured on the publicity shots? (I stress MAIN, because I know there are several prominent characters) I guess it’s a good strategy, but I’d think pretty much every show does it! lol

  5. Kris says:

    SOA is the best show I have ever seen and it is always getting snubbed by all the award people it a real shame but yet Glee wins all kinds of awards? Maybe Kurt could do a musical episode that would be hysterical! All kiding aside the cast are amazing, award worthy by far! The acting is so real you feel all there pain and suffering. I wish this show could stay on for ever.

    • Neesy says:

      There WAS a musical moment last night and, I might add, the only time I breathed throughout the entire show. Jax singing at the top of his lungs “This Old Man.” Of course, it was just gut-wrenching irony of the upcoming horror scene. SOA is the BEST SHOW EVER, worthy of Emmy upon Emmy. Thanks for the thrill ride!!

  6. pete says:

    I’m sorry Kurt but I think you are wrong, I will never have compassion or understanding for Clay,,,he is a evil man and deserves whatever comes his way, which I can only hope is soon!

    • Tessa says:

      I still feel that sense of compassion for Clay. Horrified, absolutely, but still… I think we all have a dark side that wouldn’t take much to feed. That’s one of the things I like so much about SOA. Kurt Sutter’s characters are so richly complex – nothing flat about any SOA character. The writing is fabulous and so is the acting. It’s a gritty, realistic show and the only thing I watch on TeeVee these days!

    • mojo says:

      I think it would be great if Kurt Sutter played of JT and somehow his death had been faked,meets up with Jax and Gemme and then takes out Clay!

      • Hayley says:

        How do you think that could be achieved? Kurt already plays the part of Otto!

        • nancy says:

          true story

        • addictedtoSOA says:

          But wouldn’t it be an interesting twist if Clay were o end up back i prison…say for killing Piney…and Otto got to takr care of the killing? What a perfect ending to the problem. Otto has NOTHING to lose and has the power to get it done. Like the good agent told him…You have given so much to this club Otto, and they have done this to you. It’s going to be an awesome few weeks to come folks don’t miss an episode!!! I WON”T

    • devin b says:

      Pete, I think you have to open your mind a bit. Kurt makes a good point when he talks about fans being able to have some compassion for Clay. Sure what Clay has done is ultimately terrible, but what I think Kurt wants is for us (the viewers) to realize that humans are capable of both great feats of good and evil. We are emotionally complex creatures.

  7. Robert says:

    Between SOA & Breaking Bad, I have been ruined for regular network TV. When you have phenomenal writing & actors of this caliber, no other shows are even close.

    • Laurel says:

      I agree Robert.
      Breaking Bad & SOA are the by far the BEST shows on TV.
      The acting & writing are superb.
      Bryan Cranston and Ron Perlman should both be nominated for Best Actor.

      Katy Segal should be nominated for Best Actress.

      Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring),Aaron Paul,Charlie Hunnam should ALL be nominated for Best Supporting Actor

      And Maggie Siff for Best Supporting Actress.

      • Louise says:

        SOA and Person of Interest and NFL are the three things that keep my TV on….sad that the majority of intelligent writing has most of America down to two or four powerful shows…The rest of the junk are just fillers….

      • Karla says:

        You know what show was good as well? The Shield!

      • Jose Bermudez says:

        Charlie Hunnam is not a supporting actor he’s the lead. The implication is that if Sutter based him loosely on hamlet he is the leading actor of the show.

    • Chuck says:

      Agreed!!!! Breaking Bad comes in as the absolute BEST show on television (especially THIS season) and SOA comes in at a VERY close second……absolutely BRILLIANT Television!!

    • fearandloathingbutterfly says:

      I agree with you. Breaking Bad and Sons are the best out there. Brilliant actors and writing. I wish they could last forever.

    • angie says:

      i have to agree sons of anarchy is by far the best show on television.. the rest of the week is basically filler for me waiting for the next episode.. the months of waiting between seasons kills me luckily i can watch the dvds for a fix. wish they had more than 13-14 episodes a season i could easily loose myself in soa for 22 episodes a year.

  8. Cindy says:

    Last nights episode was brilliant as usual. So happy to have this season extended another episode. Hopefully Sutter is right and I can “breath” throughout the next few because I couldn’t in this one.

  9. vinny says:

    he said that taras threat lies with Clay – but its really Romeo (Trejo) that wants to do it now. I wonder how thats going to play out.

  10. Dave says:

    Where is the nudity ?

  11. Elaine says:

    Mr. Sutter, you are a brilliant writer. Your show is phenomenal and the actors, well, they blow my mind. Emmy isn’t good enough for you. Every week, the show ends with me saying “OMG what just hapened here…and then…. why do I have to wait a whole week to find out??? (that’s the measure of a great series to my mind).

    If Clay does not die, it’s going to be fascinating watching how tha plays out. How can he survive if Emma tells the truth of what he did.. murder Piney and order the hit on Tara? I can’t even imagine.

    At the end of the show, when he arrives t the club, he didn’t go into the “boardroom”, he went into the back, and he was carrying a satchel of some kind. My first thought was …. “he knows he’s a dead man… he’s going to steal all the club’s money” and run. Clay never seemed the running type but, he’s also done things I never quite imagined he’d do either.

    It’s going to be fascinating to see how this all plays out (ya I know I said that already, but jeez, S that just t tells you how much I’m drooling for the next episode to see Kurt work his magic. Thanks for riveting TV Kurt.

    • Amanda says:

      I think that he was carrying a bag with clothes in it. Because Gemma won’t let him stay at the house after he beat the heck out of her. He knows Jax is gonna see his momma like that..I can’t wait to see how that turns out!! I hate waiting every week for the new episode!!

    • theDude says:

      Clay was carrying a bag of his crap, as he will obviously be crashing at the clubhouse for the foreseeable future.

    • Michelle says:

      he’s going to the apartment cause he knows if he goes home he’s a deadman

    • Kimi says:

      Elaine~ I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I find my self at a loss waiting for the next episode!!! The writing and the actors are all so deep and completely riveting that i cant wait for a week let alone 10 months for it to start again. The best show on TV in the last 25 years!!!

  12. Kris says:

    I agree totally with you on that I hate Clay. I hope it’s Tara that takes him out in the end, but only Kurt knows :)

  13. BHM1304 says:

    What Sutter did to Tara was brilliant storytelling wise. Taking away her livelihood instead of her life. It gives the great Maggie Siff so much to work with. And how fantastic was it that they used Margaret to be the one to push Gemma into taking a stand against Clay. That scene between Katey Sagal and her sister in law McNally Sagal in the chapel was one of the best in the hour. She has gone from being the jerk that Tara works for to someone you can cheer for which is all the work of Sutter and crew.

    This season of “Sons” has picked up the torch of Best Drama in Primetime from “Breaking Bad” but I think episode for episode “Sons” has been more consistently compelling. No offense meant to the brilliant crew that put together “BB”‘s excellent season.

    • Louise says:

      “This is all your fault” I believe were the words……nothing else could have impacted us more than that..it releases a burden that Clay is bearing…going all the way back to The King….what really happened to John? What really sent Clay over the edge? What is he really protecting? Is he as evil as Kurt wants us to think he is…And who is the “son” to whom Gemma is referring?…They are all Sons of Anarchy…

  14. Meaghan says:

    Wow- I was pratically holding my breath for the entire episode last night. What an intense episode for an already intense season. My first question at the end of the show was how are they ever going to redeem Clay after this episode? I love Ron Perlman and Clay is essential to the show but how is this character redeemable after all of these heinous acts that he has committed.
    I want Jax to find out that he is responsible for Tara, Piney and Gemma’s face. I think it would be ridiculous if he doesnt find out. And everyone knows Jax would kill him for taking a hit out on Tara and beating Gemma, so again – Where can this show go from here? How can they possibly redeem Clay? If Jax does find out and doesnt kill Clay – How can they possibly explain that?
    So many questions- What a great season this has been!

    • Druid Eddie says:

      I think one possible salvation for Clay would be to save Tara by personally taking out Romeo and his boy. It’s a stretch but these writers are brilliant.

  15. BrianR says:

    Its looking like Clay will be going on the lam pretty soon if he doesn’t take a few dozen bullets to the head first. Season 5 Clay on the run from Samcro, the feds, IRA, and the cartels? Maybe he could hook up with the Nazi guy from season 2.

  16. Ellie says:

    I really wanted Gemma to put a bullet in Clay’s head… My heart was actually racing through most of this episode.

  17. Kelly says:

    What a night! I really thought that Gemma would be the one to try to take out Clay, but the more I think about it i think its going to be Opey. I don’t think that Clay will be killed though. Never have I pondered a show when it was over, like I ponder this one. Kurt Sutter, you are a genius! Thanks for great Tuesday night entertainment!

  18. Trish says:

    Phenomenal episode… I think both leading women (Gemma and Tara) had fantastic scenes!! This season is intense – Love it!!

  19. Chub says:

    This show is so intense and last night I just kept saying, “Clay, you are a dead man!” I get so wrapped up in the storyline that I stay up and research the episode, usually feeling likecrap the next day but it is SO worth it! Sutter, you are a genius. Keep up the awesome work!

  20. Cassie says:

    It has been an amazing season, and sutter is an absolute genius! As far as compassion for clay, not as of yet this season. But I now have so much more respect for ron perlman, for an actor to create so much hatred, you know he must be doing his job correctly! Same for Stahl last season. Amazing talent across the board!

  21. eric says:

    No joke. Those two shows make it hard for me to watch anything else

  22. kristen says:

    I think Clay’s character is brilliant. He is definitely doing a great job in this role
    ….not my favorite person at all but doing one hell of a job this damn season. All you guys are great! *SOA FAN*

  23. Melanie says:

    I can only agree with everyone here. This show is so amazing and has so many brilliant actors. Clay beating Gemma at the end was really hard for me to watch, but brilliant acting from the both of them. I can hardly wait for next Tuesday, but I’m also a little afraid of who’s gonna get killed next.

  24. SusanM says:

    Brilliant episode last night; outstanding acting. Kurt’s “HANDS” were around our necks for the whole episode while we gasped for breath.

    Though Gemma wants her son Jax to take revenge on Clay… nothing ever seems to be that cut and dry with SOA. We are always surprised by the twists and turns…

    Personally, I’d like to see either of three possible scenarios happen: 1-Clay to get time for Piney’s death and Big Otto serving up the ultimate club justice in lock down, since Otto’s awesome like that. 2-Juice to somehow be in position to be the one who puts a shot thru Clay’s brain and redeems himself in the eyes of the club. 3-Gemma to shoot Clay, but somehow it ends up severing his spine and making him paralyzed for life and rendering him impotent within the club, which would be the ultimate hell for Clay. The imagination runs wild….

    Ahhh, how I love you, Kurt Sutter! Rock on!

    • tonya says:

      Ooh I sooo like ur 3rd senario for Clay…not killing him but instead paralyzing him and rendering him useless pile of flesh…that would be the worst punishment he could recieve for all the things he has done this season…but I think that the old sherriff is gonna do something about Clay…regardless of Gemma’s plea to let the club take him out…he is and has been sooo in love with Gemma for a long time now which has been more evident since the season she was gang raped in…this aughta be interesting! I have never missed an episode and i always dvr it so i can rewatch it while i wait for 10pm to come and the new SOA to start! Awesome awesome episode lastnight and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for not killing of the NEW leading lady! Tara you go get em girl! and Jax well…still makes my panties wet every week even without the nudity!

    • anisa ames says:

      If Clay dies it will be in the final season of SOA (which I hope doesn’t happen anytime soon). I see two scenarios with that. 1. I can see Opie being the one to off him 2. I can also picture Clay offing himself. I can envision him sitting at the head of the club table, they zoom out, the door closes, and BANG. That would be the ultimate slap in the face because no one would be able to exact revenge on him..he would do it his way on his terms.
      When SOA does end (and again, I think they have several more seasons left in them..especially with Kurt’s amazing writing this season) the characters I see standing are Jax, Tara, Juice and Opie. I think there will be many more beloved characters to die yet.

  25. SOAfan says:

    Omg what a heart stopper last night. I am so hooked on this show. The writing and acting are superb .. I own every season just so I can watch them back to back and really get involved in the storyline without commercial distractions … This week to week has me pacing for 7 days… Lol. Keep up the fabulous work guys We love you all.

  26. Mary says:

    That was the most breath taking episode of all time. I literally had to take a Xanax to calm down. From the beating of Gemma to the almost hit on Tara. I was so worried about the babies getting caught in the crossfire, I had my blanket over my eyes, partially. Indefinably the most heartbreaking episode. Alot went down and next week is going to be even better. I just hope Opie doesn’t kill the ex sheriff, can’t think of his characters name, when he walks in on him in his dad’s cabin. Man that is going to tear him apart and probably from the club. He was going to leave once before but Jax talked him out of it. I still think it will be him to off Clay but it’s going to be a while yet. Kurt you are such an awesome writer. I truly love this show and think it hits home to a lot of people that are in clubs. Keep on Keeping on with the show, hopefully you won’t stop at 7 seasons, hope there will be more. Love and kisses to both you and all the cast members. :)

    • Vee Garnett says:

      I saw a writer/editor’s warning on Twitter about hands & knew my BP would be at risk. LOL. I dvr’ed it for today after my doctor appointment. (Note to safe take xanax now). This season has made up for all the wandering last season. I do not know if I have seven seasons in me. The storytelling just keeps gettig better. Kudos to an outsanding cast & crew who give me the one show I watch.

    • Andrea says:

      The “ex-Sherriff” everyone can’t seem to remember is Wayne Unser (Or maybe it’s spelled Uncer I’m not sure). And I for one really love his character.

  27. Kelley says:


  28. Matt says:

    There are a few big4 network shows I enjoy & watch religiously. They have very good writing & talented casts that fit well as an ensemble cast. The problem with all of those shows is the same! Their writing staffs are stifled by the shackles & chains of the network censors! Not to mention the fact that the 4 big networks are terrified of the FCC looming over them like a giant executioner brandishing a gargantuan ax above their necks & he’s poised to swing that implement of death with power to drop a GiantRedwood with 1 swing! In essence it’s a problem very similar to the 1 that is ravaging the movie industry! By that I mean that movie directors, producers, & screen writers are brutally stifled, creatively speaking! There are so many movies being made that are PG13 just so they can be marketed to to pre-teens & teens! When in reality those movies could be so much better with an R rating, and those are the ones that are decent movies! The same reasoning holds true for why so many of these movies have casts that once you’ve watched the movie you’re left thinking “Why’d they phone the casting, did they just have a Chimpanzee throw darts at a wall that was plastered with pictures of actors & actresses that are frequently pictured in teen magazines & all the other rags like Us Weekly,People,

  29. DarLai says:

    I can’t get enough of this show… I’m just waiting for the fallout when Opie finds out about his dad!!! OMG! If something happens to Clay it could be Gemma, Jax, Bobby, Wayne, Opie… heck, anybody!!!

  30. Carol says:

    I love Jaks and Clay need to be killed, he is what is wrong with it all.

  31. holly nichols says:

    I have to say this is one of the best shows on T.V and I can’t get enough of it. Wish it was on more or at least not as big of gap as there is.

    • tonya says:

      I totally agree…at least play old seasons in order a cpl times a week for those who may have just started watching this season, they would better understand the happenings now and all of us original SOA viewers postings!

  32. johnie says:

    Maybe Otto will get his hands on Clay!

  33. Junebug says:

    I luv this show it is awesome. All the actors are great and deserve standing ovations OMG. I hope this show last a long time my husband and I look forward to tuesday nights. :-) Keep it coming, I only hope we remember to breath

  34. Carla says:

    Terrific show last night. The reality was beyond!

  35. judy grant says:

    Clay needs to go there is no redemption for him. Hopefully Jemma does it shes much more wicked then the irish, the mexicans, the cartel, or the gangbangers! Go Jemma show us what u r working with!

  36. Clever69 says:

    I honestly think Clay’s luck will run out this season. Jax will see Gemma’s wounds and realise, if not immediately, but eventually, that Clay did it. Also, Opie will find out about Piney sooner or later and if Unser does make it look like a Clay job like he said he did, Clay will be screwed

  37. christine says:

    I thought this last episode was just awesome! I just wish everyone would find out what Clay is up to already. I really like Juice,i hope he stays on the show.

  38. Holly says:

    Awesome episode last nite! I would love to see Clay GONE! I want Gemma to come clean with Jax, he’s a big boy now!Seems that Gemma has many more “friends” than Clay does… she needs to be the ruler. The “Queen” of the club. And, with Jax by her side, she will make all things “right”. While Tara is a “biker wife”,, she hasn’t the balls to stand up to any of the club, or her hubby. Not saying she should be gone, but take a smaller part. AND,, Gemma NEEDs to tell Jax the complete truth, he’s a big boy now,, he can handle it.
    Last nite’s episode was great,,, but,,,, who should kill off Clay? The old sheriff,, maybe,,,,,,

  39. Lisa Elliott says:

    Last night was a grab your seat and hold on kind of ride! It was amazing, and the twists were astounding. I can’t wait for the next show. I’d really like to see Jaxs’ sister somehow brought into this scenario with a reason to be done with Clay as well.

  40. adken says:

    I cried too. Lights off full attention and it hit me like a bullet. That’s when you know you have an amazing thing going.

  41. Danny says:

    I used to think that HBO’s The Wire was the best show I had ever seen. Until this season and last night’s episode in particular. I’ve never been so emotionally attached to a TV show. Incredible writing and casting. Best show ever!

  42. Tonya says:

    Will you let Gemma go for Clay. Hell have no fury like a woman scorned. I would love to see her protect to family like a real Biker woman would. Start to “speak about the in-speakable”

  43. dawn fleuret says:

    I agree the cast is amazing I am right there with them every episode. I think this is the best show and the actors need to be appreciated.

  44. Renée says:

    I dont wanna breathe!!! Last night’s episode was glorious!

  45. ashley english says:

    I cannot belive clay did that to gemma he needs to be delt with

  46. Danny says:

    I even named my dog Gemma. :)

  47. MDL says:

    I agree with you. I hope Jax and Opie take him out and soon.

  48. John A says:

    S. O. A! Love it! But where do u go with story without Clay? I say he puts his life on the line to save the club and some what redeem himself. Also love Boardwalk Empire on HBO

  49. Rick Lee says:

    Dont ever think it would be the same without Clay. Love the show. Keep us in suspence.