Fringe's Anna Torv Teases Olivia's Big Adventure, and Peter's Return: 'He'll Have to Earn His Stripes'

This Friday on Fringe (Fox, 9/8c), Olivia is the target of a fringe event when a strange entity invades her apartment. Is this Peter’s way of not-so-subtly tapping on his lover’s shoulder? Is our boy ready to “exist” again? Anna Torv stopped by TVLine’s New York City office to preview the episode “Subject 9,” which among other things reveals how this new timeline tweaks the Cortexiphan mythology as well as Olivia’s connection to a familiar face.

TVLINE | Would you say that this week’s episode is where Season 4 really kicks off? Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for the new timeline?
Yes, all of the little bits and pieces come into place – especially regarding the whole question of “When is Peter Bishop going to make an appearance?” This is also one of the first times that John [Noble, Walter] and I have had a whole bunch of stuff to do together.

TVLINE | Is this the “enormous” Walter/Olivia adventure John teased last week?
Yeah, yeah. So that was so much fun to do, because we never get to do that stuff. And also in this new timeline, the relationship between Walter and Olivia is just a little closer, because Peter wasn’t around. So that was probably my favorite bit of this episode.

TVLINE | Their adventure takes them to, where, Massive Dynamic in New York City?
No, it’s a bigger adventure than that! [Laughs] But…. Oh, I’m terrible at teasing. John’s really good at it.

TVLINE | John Noble is great at it.
He’s good because he knows which little things to say that don’t give away the end. I tend to always go in circles.

TVLINE | What sort of emotions does Olivia go through in this episode? Obviously something is not right, and this “energy” may have a personal agenda involving her.
Something is not right, and she’s not quite sure what it is. You get a title bit of an insight into what Olivia’s past was like in this world, and what the Cortexiphan trials were to her in this world, which was slightly different.

TVLINE | Just like how in his world she killed her father.
Yes, and her mother died, and then she went to…. See, again, I’ve got be careful! [Laughs] But there’s some fun stuff. You see the difference in relationship between some of our major characters.

TVLINE | Does Olivia suspect a connection between these goings-on and this strange man she’s been seeing?
Yes, that’s essentially what they think is causing it — but it’s Fringe, so is it?

TVLINE | Nina Sharp is back in this episode, having something to do with some files at Massive Dynamic?
Yes, because it was William Bell and Walter who were responsible for the Cortexiphan trials, some of the files have been kept at Massive Dynamic, and there are some surprises about Nina and who she is to Olivia in this world.

TVLINE | See, that was a John Noble-esque tease.
It was? Now I’m nervous it was too much!

TVLINE | Now that the Olivias at times share a space, are you sprinkling in any small finesses to draw more contrast?
No, actually. The episode that aired [on Sept. 30], where they go Over There to find the killer, was the first time we had so much interaction between the characters, so for me it was purely a technical exercise. But I did try to make them a bit more two-dimensional than they needed to be.

TVLINE | So you’re not making Bolivia, say, five percent more sassy or badass? She seems to have a bit more swagger now.
People have said that, but that is not necessarily intentional. I guess that our Olivia hasn’t been dealing with as much life-or-death, if that makes sense, so she may seem to be a lot less… depressed?

TVLINE | As Peter comes back, Joshua Jackson is probably dealing with his most challenging and complex material to date. Would you say that’s true?
Yes, I would, and the episode that we’re shooting at the moment [Episode 8] is a really wonderful one for him. There’s a lot of meaty stuff for Josh to do, which is great. This season — and I know the [producers] have said it — is Peter’s season.

TVLINE | Josh must be excited to reenter the mix in a strong, forceful way.
And he does, yeah!

TVLINE | Once Peter does arrive on the scene, I know he’ll be a stranger to everyone – but will he be seen as some malevolent entity? Or a kindly stranger?
I think he’ll have to earn his stripes. I mean, we don’t know who he is, yet obviously he knows who we are…

TVLINE | Were you personally excited to see Alt Broyles alive again?
Oh, yeah – and Lance [Reddick] was super-excited, too. There are a lot of different things that can happen in that regard; they’ve only started to scratch the surface. There are characters we had that we loved who unfortunately had to die…. Also, a lot of the cases that we had where it was Peter who found the particular key to solve it, those cases come back. There are so many things to play with.

TVLINE | What are we to make of Walternate’s absence thus far this season? Is he off doing something —
Naughty? I think we just haven’t seen him. But we never quite know what Walternate is up to. But yes, there is more of that.

TVLINE | John hinted that Walternate himself could be a bit different in this timeline.
Yeah! But I’ll let John talk about that; I’m not going to give anything about his character away!

TVLINE | Do you have anything else to talk about? How did you spend your summer?
I’ve been working for Oxfam for a little while, so I went on a trip with them to Cambodia. It was kind of amazing to have a look at a lot of the projects that they do there. A friend of mine who runs a hat company, we designed this cap – the Anna Torv Cap — and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Oxfam. We’re hoping that can help, if only a little bit, with what they’re doing in East Africa.

TVLINE | What pointed you to Oxfam?
Oxfam in Australia has been around and huge for a very long time, so I’ve known about them since I was younger. They do a lot of really innovative, cool projects for sponsorship. For example, if you go to a school, it may have been built by a children’s fund, and the books will be supplied by UNICEF, and the water pump will have been supplied by Oxfam. I like that Oxfam fundamentally focuses on human rights and essential things a person should have — water, food, shelter. You can’t get any more basic than that.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Sounds like the Peter stuff is gonna be awesome! Can’t wait to see Anna and Josh back on screen together!

  2. Mary says:

    I want Olivia, Walter and Peter back together again.

  3. Kay says:

    Season 4 is Peter’s season – YEAH!!

  4. OMG says:

    My question is that if they dont have any idea what happened when Peter was around, does that make the past three seasons useless???? Because that is the way they are teasing it, that everyone else apart form Peter doesn’t know/remember wat happened.

    • scully8 says:

      I think certain cases may not have happened in this timeline that happened in the OT, but will take place now that Peter is back. The fun part is that because Peter was around the first time, he’ll be able to offer them clues and assistance based on his knowledge and experience.

      I think this is going to be awesome. I don’t feel like anything is lost from seasons 1-3; they’ve just been tweaked which keeps things interesting.

      Although haven’t been not so opimistic about this tweaked NT, with the return of Peter, I’m totally feeling this adventure!

      Thank Goodness It’s Friday!!!!

    • br says:

      Well, yeah, the 3 past seasons have been useless, but I guess you could have some fun checking out the differences.

      • jophan says:

        As long as Peter remembers, the last three seasons will not be useless. He’ll be in the same position we are, remembering something different, and it will affect his relationships, hopes and dreams. Watching him cope would mean less if we didn’t know his memories were real.

    • Kirstin says:

      Umm….did you enjoy watching the last 3 seasons? Cause if you did they can’t be useless now can they?

  5. Dessy says:

    I’m soooooooooooooo excited!! I can’t stress how excited I am!!! I’ve been obsessing over this episode all day… in fact, all week!! Peteeerrr!!

  6. Audrey M. says:

    I can’t wait!!!!! I’m definitely staying in for Fringe.

  7. AngelMoonGirl says:

    So excited! I’ve really been craving Peter/Olivia scenes. I miss them way more than is healthy :D

  8. ollie says:

    Well done Matt for asking her straight out about Josh, no one ever seems to ask her about him. Good job :)

    • guest says:

      Anna Torv has to talk about Josh Jackson in each and every interview.
      It is Josh Jackson who NEVER talks about Anna or gets asked about her.

  9. br says:

    I hope there is an interview with Josh coming up, too. I’m happy he’s finally back on the show. I missed the guy and his amazing scenes with John Noble. They used to portray the best father and son relationship on television and although that’s gone, sadly, I’d love to have them together on screen very often.

  10. Twin12 says:

    Finally, Anna talks about Josh, she was kinda shy when she was asked about him at Paleyfest so i think its great she appreciates him as a coworker.

    • guest says:

      Anna Torv always talks about Josh Jackson<
      At Paley New York there was no reason for her to add to everything John Noble has said.
      Josh Jackson is the one who never talks abot Anna Torv.

  11. Gina says:

    Thanks for asking her about her summer and Oxfam.:)

    • guest says:

      Loved that as well,as well as the fact that Anna goes to Cambodia and visits places in a quiet way, just to learn. Great.

  12. Mena says:

    I’m definitely excited for tonight’s episode! FRINGE has built a fascinating mythology with compelling characters, true emotion, and awesome thrills and chills!

  13. cj says:

    i HAVE noticed Olivia is less depressed/ing, maybe even more confident. and im gonna make my guess official: Nina is Olivia’s mother figure.

    • Garrett says:

      I thought that too when they first teased something different there. I’m wondering if Bell/Nina actually married or something in this timeline, and they adopted Olivia after the Cortexiphan trials. That would be pretty cool.

    • Karen says:

      Good observation! I think You are right. Here’s my theory from another post on anoyher site:

      Nina-Olivia relationship is different! Not just the prom comment, but popping in to see her at a business meeting informally, no security, etc. Also Olivia knew about Cortexiphan trials, but has not met other children yet. This threw me for a moment because I just happen to be watching season one again, and just watched the episode in which she first became aware of the trials and met one of the other children for the first time. My theory: after the trials Nina took responsibility for Olivia because in this timeline, Olivia killed her father ( revealed in episode 2!).

  14. Bob Genghis Khan says:

    Everybody should buy her hat and help out Oxfam. I will be getting one for my upcoming return to Mongolia…

  15. guest says:

    Once again Anna Torv shows what a wonderful person she is, funny, intelligent and caring. Love that she works for Oxfam, like she says an organisation providing the basis needs.
    I am looking forward to a lot of interaction between Nina and Olivia and Olivia and Walter.
    And to Josh Jackson and his fans : he can learn a lesson from Anna Torv in being gracious and generous to your co-star, the only thing he did entire season 3 was being negative and complain, here we have Anna Torv being happy that he gets more work, he did the opposite.
    And some of the comments of his fans are a disgrace.

    • br says:

      Anto, I know you are a Joshua Jackson hater, but stop spreading lies on every site you care to visit, okay? Joshua Jackson has mentioned Anna Torv innumerable times with and without prompting and he was always gracious about it. Here Anna was replying to direct questions about Josh and Peter, something you have often protested against, but like any normal person, she replied to direct questions about Josh in a reasonable way. It’s not like she was improvising or waxing poetic about her co-worker. I’d like to think you are an exception and not the rule of what Torv’s fans are like.

      • Gina says:

        Yes an exception.The same goes for Gleebee a Josh fanatic in the imdb boards who constantly trashes Anna,John,Seth etc.Not all Joshua fans are like that and not Anna’s either.

        • guest says:

          BR Who or what is Anto?
          You are allowed to lie about Anna Torv , but I am not allowed to give the facts.
          And this has nothing to do with not being a fan of him, he never talks about any other castmember except John Noble.
          I can give you numerous interviews of Anna Torv talking about Josh, you are not going to find one of him talking about Anna, certainly not regarding season 3.
          I do not recall TV line ever asking Josh Jackson about Anna or a question similar to the one above, like Anna Torv has been sidelined mostly in S1 and 2, where the attention was on Walter and Peter, you must be pleased for Anna that she finally gets more to do?
          If you have seen them, please show me.

          • Twin12 says:

            Okay, guest, care to show me an interview (not season 1) where Anna did talk about Josh?

          • br says:

            Anto, torvite, passing, guest. All of them are the same person/troll. You. I can also give you numerous interviews with Josh, where he talks about Torv and the interviewer didn’t have to ask him about her, because he’s gracious like that. It’s not my fault that you only focus on everything Torv that you are blind to everything else, unless it interests you to twist words against Josh.

        • br says:

          That’s good, only one troll for each actor. Others have it worse.

  16. Twin12 says:

    Shut up, nobody asked for your opinion

  17. Gina says:

    Now please let’s be polite to each other.There’s really no need for this.

  18. Twin12 says:

    Omg shut up already!

  19. Gina says:

    Excuse me?????

  20. Twin12 says:

    This guest person has been talking crap abot Josh all season long and I am sick of it!

  21. Twin12 says:

    I’m sorry Gina, I was talking to guest.

  22. Angel Heart says:

    OMFGGGG Yayyyyyyyyyyy I’m so excited!!!

  23. guest says:

    Matt, apologies for the discussion that had to be since facts are facts, but it takes over the interesting interview. And Anna really had less meaty stuff then Josh in S1 and 2, so I do expect you to ask Josh Jackson about Anna Torvs wonderful,awesome season 3when you spek to him.
    With all this promotion hopefully there will be a higher rating, and please do not say it is because of peter, because Fringe has a great cast Anna, Blair, Jasika, John, Josh, Lance and Seth and a great crew working in Vancouver and LA and ofcourse the showrunners.

    • Annon says:

      Oh give it up, honestly. Your the one that says the same things over and over again on every site at every interview.

      You bash the interviewers for not asking the questions you want. You did it elsewhere and now you are doing it here.

      Do you ever get tired of listening to yourself, because we sure do.

  24. Garret says:

    What the crap is wrong with you people? I seriously do not understand the Anna camps and Josh camps at all (and yes, I know not ALL of you are like this). You’re an Anna Torv fan? That’s fantastic! She’s beautiful, talented, AMAZING at her job, and she’s a hundred other things I could list! Joshua Jackson fan? He’s handsome, quick-witted, awesome actor, and also hundreds of other things I could list. THEY ARE BOTH AWESOME.

    One of them does NOT make the show better than the other. They are the show TOGETHER. Fringe would not survive without Peter. It would also not survive without Olivia. Has Anna Torv done a phenomenal job acting her way through several different parts in this show? Yes. She deserves heaps of awards. But Joshua Jackson has also been responsible for some of the most memorable, touching, and awesome scenes in the entire series. He deserves a ton of awards and recognition for his work also.

    What do you guys think you are accomplishing by booing one and promoting the other? We don’t truly know what they feel for each other as human beings, but it’s none of our business. They have not bad-mouthed each other, they have not been insincere, and they definitely don’t act petty, which unfortunately their fan base representation does. I honestly think they’d be a bit miffed if they saw how annoying and insulting some of you are being about both of them.

    Long story short, stop the whining. They are BOTH amazing, talented, wonderful people. There is no rule saying there can be only one (except for Highlander), so enjoy them BOTH. Don’t deprive yourself of one awesome performance and actor just because you were a fan of the other first!

  25. Gina says:

    Amen Garret.

  26. hurk says:

    All of this stems from the irrefutable fact that (in the majority) Torv and Jackson refuse to acknowledge one another, rarely pose together for photos, barely mention each other unless prompted to do so and have not been seen even interacting with one another for nearly 2 years- unless forced to in duo interviews. Everyone can come up with weak evidence to the contrary but when you compare them to eh, every other tv show colleagues, their behavior is abnormal. They go out of their way to avoid one another. Period.

    • forever says:

      i think that anna and josh have feelings towards each other and maybe they even slept together at one point.

      and now they feel akward towards each other and they want to keep a distance.

      because remember, joshua is in a high profile relationship with ‘diane kruger , so when there “affair” comes out, it will be all over the newspapers.

      so they beter create the illusion towards the public that they are just co workers by not posing together or talking about each other.

      or maybe they just hate each other!

      • SZ says:

        Forever, PLEASE tell me you’re joking or being sarcastic – I would hate to think you were actually being serious because that is the most ludicrous idea I’ve heard.

      • nikita says:

        It’s the first time I hear that Anna and Peter are attracted to each other, is this an invention? I’d love to see them together, good match. I read some time ago that Anna got married and divorced quietly and quickly with the guy who played her ex finance in season 1.

      • Ridiculous says:

        Forever and her mates are posting more of this rubbish on other platforms, you are lucky you are not being prosecuted.
        Why on earth would Anna Torv want Josh Jackson, because you kiss the ground he walks on?
        Josh Jackson and his girlfriend love the red carpet and seek the paparazzi, they want to be photographed, it gives them their “fame”.
        And FYI Anna Torv is a private person who does not like to talk about her private life, and she has every right to do so, she did not even do that while married to Mark Valley, and that is one of the reasons you will not know why they divorced, none of our concerns.She does not seek attention, the only time she does media is when she is promoting Fringe.
        And I find it strange that many Jackson fans are allowed to write these comments on many forums while stating a fact about Jackson never talking about Anna Torv is being attacked.
        And I do expect Matt or whoever to ask Jackson for once a question about Anna Torv, because she is the one who was being sidelined for nearly two seasons with all the crap in the media as a result and she still suffers from that. Jackson has had plenty to do compared to Anna, even midway season 3 Peter has been turned into a hero.
        The media has never critised him the way they did Anna, and they still owe her a lot.
        From every interview I have seen with Anna Torv she comes across as a very warm, natural, sweet, adorable person who always gives all the credit to her co-stars and crew.

        • Jennifer says:

          This is definitely NOT true about Josh seeking out the paparazzi & loving the attention because if you watch the interview of him on the Graham Norton show along with other interviews, he definitely tells you he hates it & stays away from it unless he has to be there & the only ones he has attended are the ones that he or Diane have had to be there for.He even tells us not to believe all the hype about the red carpet events because they are not as we at home “think” they are. He says he would much rather be anywhere other than there. He is a very private person & always has been & as far as Anna & Josh liking each other, they like working together & both have said so & also he DOES talk about her, matter of fact, he does an interview & talks about her almost the entire time. He also answered a question in an interview about what would he tell everyone the reason to watch the show & his reply was Anna Torv. She laughs & has commented about him being scared of her driving when they have those scenes & when they do interviews together, they are both so kind to one another & help each other answer questions if one of them are stumped on what kind of answer to give. So people only see what they want to about these two. They assume alot of things. She says hes a great partner & is charismatic & fun to work with.(Her words) And the reason Josh talks alot about John & the father/son relationship is because he never knew his real father & having to play this part has made him able to deal with that even if it is on screen so stop making accusations against ALL of the actors because you DON’T truly know them or what they are going through. And if Josh & Anna have an attraction & feelings for one another, that is THEIR PRIVATE business but I’m sure nothing would come of it until after the show ended because Josh learned first hand about that being in Dawson’s Creek & dating & the breakup with Katie Holmes while the show was still filming. And if there have been cases where Josh & Anna have been at the same place & not had their pics made together, it could also be because he is trying to protect her from relationship rumors of the two of them because he is well known as an actor & the media would have a field day with it because every actor, writer & producer that has ever worked with Josh has said he is the most kind & caring person with a huge heart. If Anna,was ever talked bad about in the media,which I have never heard, is because she is a new star & that’s the media for you! They never tell the good stuff, only the bad about stars because that is what sells. So just stop trying to dissect these actors’ personal lives & just ENJOY the show which I believe is the best show that has been on TV in a very long time!

        • Twin12 says:

          Excuse me Josh had plenty to do? And what did he do exactly besides translating Walter, being stuck in the lab and follow Olivia around?

          Now let me break it down to you so you would understand, ANNA TORV WAS GIVEN LOTS TO DO, its not Josh’s fault nor John’s fault that Anna was too damn wooden for people to freaking appreciate her acting! And why should Josh and John just “pretend” to be bad actors just so Anna Torv will get all the love and attention? Are you that dumb? its like telling a person to stop doing a good job just so somebody else will get ahead. THAT IS NOT THE WORLD WORKS SWEETHEART.

          BTW, JOSH AND JOHN ONLY DO WHAT THE FREAKING DIRECTORS TELL THEM TO DO YOU. Don’t think for a single second that Anna Torv runs this damn show. She doesn’t, she just acts and goes home. Whether or not people like her acting is UP TO THE VIEWER NOT JOSH, JOHN OR THE WRITERS.

    • Buffy says:

      Erm… so? You can’t get along with every single one of your co workers. Seriously, who freaking cares if they do hate each other? What difference does it make? As long as they play their characters well onscreen IDGAF.

  27. Kai says:

    This show makes my brain hurts…..

  28. Mira says:

    Mannnn some of you are crazy and talking nonsense,are y’all smoking Brown Betty??..Can I have some? :)

  29. Annon says:

    OMG,crazy. There are no words, honestly ……….

  30. dana says:

    I’m so excited for tonight!!!!! Yay Fringe!

  31. NCSouthernBelle says:

    WOW! Best Fringe episode ever!! I cannot wait another two weeks to see what happens. That was awesome.

    • Dessy says:

      SERIOUSLY!!! That end BLEW MY MIND. I have no idea how this show gets more and more amazing every episode when it feels like it cannot get any better each week.
      2 Weeks??!!! why Fox????? Whyyyyy???????????

  32. Shar says:

    PeTah naked in Reiden lake?? How awesome was that?

  33. HP says:

    I love Anna!!! She’s so classy and talented.

  34. zina says:

    anna is so perfect simply adorable

  35. Ridiculous says:

    Anna Torv is a wonderful person, always warm, sweet, generous, adorable in interviews and with the fans, and she is an amazing actress
    Strange that you are not allowed to say so, but it is allright for Jackson fans to do so about him and for them to insult Anna and it is allright for Noble fans to do about Noble, but even the Noble fans feel the need to be negative about Anna.
    Something to do that she finally is getting the recognition she should have gotten from the start, when instead the entire media was only about the Bishop boys and she was sidelined and attacked?
    Well she has taken her chance , when she finally got some meaty stuff after nearly two season it was no longer possible to deny how fantastic she is, and because of her warm no nonsense personality she is hugely popular to match.

    • Twin12 says:

      Stop playing games, ANTO, PASSING, GUEST. You just changed your name yet again. Why do Anna Torv fans think its OK to attack Josh and look down on him but its WRONG for Josh fans to not like Anna?

      BTW, not all of us have fallen under Anna’s spell and maybe Josh hasn’t. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to hang out with a woman like that who has rude, arrogant and loud mouthed fans who think she is above everybody else.

  36. Panda says:


    The pot calling the kettle black.You are no different than Ridiculous/Guest/Passing etc.I hate this part of the fandom.You people need professional help.

  37. chuck says:

    You need to proof read your article, Fauxlivia, NOT Bolivia! lol