Supernatural Boss Addresses Castiel Firestorm: Is He Dead or Alive?

In Friday’s action-packed episode of Supernatural, a possessed Castiel got swallowed up by some black hole/hellmouth hybrid, leaving behind nothing but a soggy trench coat. Sam, Dean and Bobby were quick to pronounce their buddy DOA, and now, so is executive producer Sera Gamble.

In the following Q&A, Supe‘s fearless leader confirms that Cas is in fact dead, but she also hints that viewers have not seen the last of his portrayer, fan favorite Misha Collins.

TVLINE | What exactly happened to Castiel in that water? Did his body just dissolve into nothingness?
All of those Leviathans inside of Cas were too much for the vessel, so they stewed him into the water. These are things we have to be somewhat cagey about, but it was too much certainly and it disintegrated under all of these monsters, if you will.

TVLINE Is it safe to label him as dead? Or did you purposely leave it ambiguous?
Both things are true, actually. We purposely left it ambiguous. In the life of the show, [Sam and Dean] just suffered the death of one of their best friends, something that they are dealing with in a serious and substantial way.

TVLINE So it’s definitely something that will carry on?
Certainly. Death is a funny thing on Supernatural because we’re a show about life beyond the grave, but this is one of most serious losses that Sam and Dean have had to face in the life of the series.

TVLINE Is there a chance that Misha could come back not as Cas, but in some other incarnation?
Oh definitely. It has always been our intention to bring back Misha in some form. When we called Misha to let him know that we had this plan for the character, we talked about this on a longer schedule than in these first two episodes. We certainly can’t say too much about where the story is going to go, but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.

TVLINE Cas’ exit came pretty early in the episode and was somewhat subdued. Can you talk about the thinking behind that scene?
This is all part of the story that launches the season. So, we didn’t think of [his death] as having more or less impact; we think of all of this as the big kickoff.

TVLINE This was a pretty intense and cliffhanger-heavy episode for so early in the season. Is this a sign of things to come?
We won’t be doing that to you with mythology every week. [Laughs] On some level that would be fun, but Supernatural is a show that has a mix of mythology and close-ended episodes. We have the same formula that we’ve always had for that. The episode coming up this week is a little bit of both. We keep the mythology threat alive, but there’s also a monster that they’re following that is wrapped up by the end of the episode.

TVLINE What does Cas’ disappearance mean for Crowley and their deal?
Crowley is a little bit relieved. [Laughs] But just because that player is off the board doesn’t mean that there’s not a board for Crowley to be looking at. He is constantly strategizing and when we see him next, he’s just jumping back into the game and figuring out who he can align himself with and what the best move will be for him.

TVLINE Does the world of angels still factor into the season, or is that chapter closed?
The epic War in Heaven storyline has pretty much come to an end — at least for now — but individual stories that include angels that are more character-based or more about the impact that the previous wars have had, we have plans for those.

TVLINE Anticipation is high for Episode 3. What can you tease? Will we learn more about the Leviathan boss?
You will not meet the Leviathan boss yet, but you will get to know these creatures a little bit better. There are several scenes with them. Jensen [Ackles] directed the episode and did a fantastic job again — it was a pretty quick learning curve. We gave him a pretty complicated episode that had a lot of flashbacks and a lot of tiny pieces to tie together and he did it really creatively and really well. And he had to do it out of order, by the way. We handed him a script that had all the information you saw in last week’s episode — except he received that script before shooting that! [Laughs]

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  1. Louisa says:

    I do not remotely care for Gamble’s efforts to woo me back. I have no intention of watching this show again, and her constant protesting about how much she loves Misha sounds like utter bull at this point. The ratings are already suffering and I honestly don’t care.

    • Danielle says:

      Look, guys… I’ve been following this show from the very beginning. And I’ve become emotionally invested in all of these characters, like you have. Truthfully, I love Cas as much as the next person and enjoyed his evolution as a character.

      But at the end of the day, Castiel being punished in some grave way seemed like a fitting end. In any God-centric religion, one of the biggest sins, if not the biggest of all, is to play God. And that’s what Castiel did. He committed acts of violence in His name, killed in His name, and was a false God. And it was something that could not go unpunished. Defying God’s will is one thing, overthrowing Him is another.

      I watched this show when it was just Sam and Dean… when it was Sam, Dean, and John… still when they killed off John… and Ash… and Ellen and Jo… and Rufus. And I’ll still continue to watch now that it’s back to being Sam and Dean + Bobby.

      I know that we all love Misha, as Castiel, as an actor, and as a humorous, generally good-hearted person. But sometimes, the plot dictates a certain path and you’ve got to run with it.

      I urge you not to give up on this show… I have a strong feeling that we’re returning to the kind of show that was at the heart of Season 1, when we first fell in love with these two amazing Winchester boys and nobody else.

      • Dave says:

        I agree with you 110%. It actually aggrevates me when I read that someone is supposedly a “True fan” of the show but they are just going to stop watching because Cas is gone. To me those people are not a fan of the show. They are fans of Cas. That’s it.

        • Anon says:

          Can you be a true fan or a real fan of a TV show. Is someone who started watching in season 2 less of a fan than someone who watched since the Pilot?

          Whether you think Cas fans are true fans or false fans is totally irrelevant because they were still fans. Do you think we would have won the TV guide poll with only the shows “True Fans,” voting. What about the Cas fans who talked about Misha and the show to their friends. Is that publicity any less valuable than someone who talks about Sam and Dean.

          Making money is what helps keep the show on the air. Is the money Cas fans spent on DVD’s and merchandise not counted toward how much the show makes.

          What about Cas/Misha fans who might own a coveted neilson box. Do their numbers not count because you don’t consider them real fans.

          All reasons why I find it ridiculous to call people “not real fans” because they watch the show for a different reason than you

          • Dave says:

            I never said they didn’t count. All I am saying is that if you are a Cas fan. State that. You enjoy the show because of Cas. There are people that come on here are and say stuff like. “Supernatural is the best show ever.” I love Superntural”. Then all of a sudden it’s “Well Cas is gone so I am gone”. Well you were not a fan of Supernatural then. That is all I was getting at. All fans count not matter what they are fans of (the show, Dean, Sam, Cas, The Impala, Bobby). I loved Cas as a character and am sad to see him go but I am still going to watch because I love the show Supernatural. Basically if you are a fan of Supernatural then don’t leave just because is gone. If you are Cas fan state that. Don’t pretent to be anything else.

        • raelee514 says:

          Don’t make this about true fans. A fan is a fan of the show no matter who/what/why they watch. Castiel became a very vital part of the fabric of the show to many people — me included. I still love the show, I do but I do except more for Castiel’s story….

          and Honestly, I think that this article has a very misleading title and slant because I don’t read it and get the sense that Sera Gamble said the words definitively that Castiel is dead. She said the vessel blew up, she said Dean and Sam are dealing with his death…. she said she had to be cagey about things and she let it be known we haven’t seen the last of Misha Collins.

          Castiel in the premiere episode was so intent on telling Dean he would make things up to him, that if he could he would fix Sam NOW, he would redeem himself in Dean’s eyes…

          Supernatural doesn’t throw things like that out there to not follow them up, not usually, I do think Sera is being cagey, I do think she’s playing semantic. I might just be a delusional Castiel fan. And yeah, even if it never happens on my screen, I will believe Castiel will return but I do expect it to happen in some way on the show and for Castiel to get a full rounded story to close out his fall much like Sam has had in the past.

          Because Castiel is part of the fabric of the show and the writers are aware of that. It’s not an angel storyline with Castiel, it’s a part of the Winchester family storyline with Castiel.

          But no matter what, different people watch SPN for different things and NO ONE should tell them they are WRONG in how they watch the show and are wrong for not wanting to watch it now, later, or in the past for whatever reason made them tune out. It’s their right if the show isn’t working for them anymore and we have no right to tell them if they are ‘true fan’ or not just like we have no right to tell them if they are ‘true person’ or not. It’s rude and condescending and ridiculous.

          • aurembiaix says:

            A-MEN (no irony intended!) to that.
            Although I agree with David when he says that if you like the show -any show-, you like it for all of the components, not just for one of them. I love Castiel and I love what he brought to the show, but, man!, I just want to hear the rest of the story! For me, Cas gone is as bad a blow as it would be if Bobby was gone. The pain and the loss right now are almost too much for these two guys and I find this a really hard-to-swallow pill, if you sympathise with the characters and I do hope Cas comes back and that when they bring him back it’s plausible and crazy and fun and contributes to the story.
            I live in Spain and watch this show and others online and from here the Supernatural fan phenomena is quite startling!! What is it with all the Sam fans vs Dean fans (or should I say Samgirls/Deangirls?) and the Cas fans that hate the show if the character they “suport” doesn’t get enough screen time? Is it extensive to other shows? Is it just Supernatural? I think this is a great show (I even like most of season 6 -sorry!), I love its evolution, its self-mockery, its fearlessness and its iconoclastic quality. I just hope there is enough people there who can enjoy and have faith in the writers -otherwise this is definitely the last season, I’m afraid. In the end, it’s just a show -a great one- but one that deserves to be appreciated for its uniqueness. All heil Supernatural.

        • Over the Angel Fans says:

          You called it. I enjoyed the character, and I do hope that Mischa will be back in some form. But this castiel fan girl stuff is just bizarre. It’s a weird is that it’s a strange combination of tweener fan girls and chicks in their 40’s who should really be over the whole crushing thing and yet twitter endlessly about their silly and fruitless “save castiel” campaigns and internet petitions. They’re more interested in the fate of FICTIONAL character than they are in their own lives or that of actual human people about them. That’s just sad.

          • mera says:

            And how is that different from Sam fans or Dean fans or the fans who only watch the show so that they can imagine the brothers having sex? The hypocrisy in this fandom is truly hilarious and the fact that Gamble obviously thinks just like you, is why the quality of the show has gone down the toilet and it is showing in the ratings.

        • Limda says:

          Well said…. Your loss if you stop watching, cause this show is just pure enjoyment… I will stick with it till the end (which is hopefully still a long time away)

        • Man Behind The Scene says:

          There is more to come…just listen for the buzz…the brothers will not let you down.

        • Robin says:

          I AGREE!!

        • Jessica says:

          I agree with you too the people that quit watching the show just because Cass isn’t in it anymore is stupid the shows not even about him only a true fan would continue to watch the show with cass gone. I still love Supernatural and I am exicted to watch every episode.

        • Natalie says:

          That’s not true at all. I was a huge fan of Supernatural before Cas ever showed up. But the problem is they’re trying to bring Supernatural back to what it was the first few seasons. It was great then, but now it just feels like reruns–characters should change, the show shouldn’t just rehash the same stuff. So, yeah, I’m a bug fan of Cas, but I stopped watching because having Cas gone is just part of the problem–Sam and Dean are the only characters left, and their “character arc” just feels like the same stuff all over again.

          • julia says:

            i agree with you.Bringing back the story to just like season 1 would be repetition. Castiel is a powerful and extremely likeable character. His and Dean’s friendship is the best part of the show. The show wouldn’t be good without castiel in it. Bringing back Misha as some other character wouldn’t be that impressive .The role of Castiel is meant to be for Misha. Atleast i can’t imagine him playing other role than an angel.

      • Lisa says:

        Could not have said it better myself. Well done!!!!!

      • Dylan says:

        I think it’s very condescending to lecture people and tell them how they’re supposed to critique the writing. Castiel WASN’T HIMSELF when he did those things, so I don’t feel the story was well served by his exit. A more satisfying ending would have come in the form of a redemption arc and character growth. I don’t think it’s good storytelling to cap off a jarring character 180 for a character we’ve watched for three years with a one and half episode death arc to punish the character for the nonsensical out of character behavior. This show has gone off the rails, and I’m not sure how best to get it back on track, but so far this Leviathan thing aint it. Feels like rehashed demon hunting, only this time, it’s supersized, lazy writing to me.

        • beaner says:

          Im so happy that someone also thinks that the writters have gotten lazy. What a lame way to snuff out a character. The shows going down the tubes and it depresses me. Ive been a fan for years and now these new episodes just kinda leave a bad taste in the mouth. how sad. The show should have ended awhile ago now it’s kinda like watching a 2 legged dog try to walk. it’s dragging on and on…

        • superNATURAL fan says:

          The whole story about the Winchester boys have always been about THE DEMON hunt. Putting others in the mix is part of the storyline but to say rehashed is ridiculous since that is what the Supernatural storyline has been from the get go. I loved Misha and I hope he comes back in some form but the angel storyline needed to be put to rest. Now the God is nowhere to be found is still alive, and with Satan floating around in Sam’s head tis the perfect time to bring it back, and to say angel’s need to play apart of that then thats fine but the continual fighting amongst them was dead. I’m watching till I can’t watch any longer and I will be there when they say goodbye. Keep up the good work writers and lets get the leviatians rollin!!!

          • maggie says:

            I dont think cass is dead. his vessel is but not the angel. as for dean and sam, its sad that they have lost their best friend,but it leaves a good story line open for cass to return in another vessel. the story line about the angels, leviathans, demons and god will make a good series finale. Not right now but in the near future. i have been watching the show since the very beginning and the story lines keep getting better. I am fan of the show and the good story lines they come up with. what i would like to see is some new characters come into play. keep up the good work guys cant wait to see what they come up with next.

        • Tanya says:

          Personally, I think it’s because SPN has gone on for too many seasons.

          Not that I /want/ it to end, but if the only thing they’re going to give us is stuff like Castiels absurdly quick death, then I’d rather there be no show at all.

          I think it should have ended at season 5, myself. Sam and Lucifer and Michael and Adam in hell. Dean able to have a normal life with that woman (I forgot her name)… In the end it’s all about making more money than actually having a decent story these days, sadly.

        • Alexa Dean says:

          I can’t help but agree. It seems too abrupt. Everything is so quick to be swept under the rug. I do think there were simply too many arcs last season, and the angelic apocalypse arc had started to eclipse the main basis of the show, which is the relationship between two brothers. Castiel and Balthazar should come back as characters. They were fun and well-thought out. The other angels (except for Lucifer) were pretty vanilla and bland. There was no personality behind them.

          I think most supporting characters should do just that and support Sam and Dean, not take away from them.

          I’m just gonna add this in here for no reason but I think Bela and Dean should have hooked up at least once. They hated it each other so much . . . lol. She was fun. A total bitch. Whatever happened to that sort of playful conflict between characters?

      • Jaset says:

        I understand about Ellen, John, Ash, and Jo, they were all wonderful characters but never were they apart of the central characters. They dragged Castiel into the central characters, so don’t drag him out again. He paid for his crimes already by dying. So bring him back now! It would please the fans a lot by bringing Castiel back. I have heard from many, many fans whom are very depressed at his sudden death and quite a few of them was going to drop the show. Personally, I love Castiel and I was quite pleased that there was one non-human main character. If the reason of killing him was just to remove a safety crutch for the brothers, please put him back. We could already see that his angel abilities are no match for the Leviathans. He won’t be a crutch, just a very fascinating character.

      • varda says:

        @Danielle and Dave:


      • Lem says:

        Excellent reply!
        I thought the season finale was one of the best finales of many shows I’ve seen, and as much as I wanted the show to come back, I also thought they had outdone themselves and it couldn’t get any better. (I thought that episode could have been a movie. It was incredible, the writing, the acting, directing, all phenomenal). But of course I didn’t want it to end, and I loved Cas’s character so much, and the extreme relationship between Dean and Cas. I will be happy if bring back Misha in any form, because he’s so easy on the eye, but my husband won’t :) But I loved the Cas character, and am impressed that the show didn’t jump the shark after last season. I’m still tuning in!

      • T Jay says:

        I believe that is exactly what the producers of the show are trying to do. I honestly enjoyed the first few seasons the most. I enjoyed season 1 more than any of them. I thought the heaven vs hell storyline and trying to stop armageddon was totally off target from how the series started, but I suffered through it. I am happy that we are getting back to Sam and Dean hunting the supernatural, afterall, the series IS called Supernatural. I hope in the future we see more urban legends coming true on the show.

      • Lexxi says:

        That is completely true. I love Castiel, he’s an amazing character. But I stuck with Supernatural since PILOT, even after that whole thing around season 4 where everyone stopped watching. No, just because one of my favorite characters died I’m not about to stop watching the show. I get that a person is devoted to a character, but they seriously can’t stop watching because their favorite character got killed. How about Sam and Dean? Nobody stopped watching when they died. (Okay, Dean was kind of a given for the next season) but when Sam died, and we didn’t know if he was going to come back, nobody boycotted or anything. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Castiel.

      • korn4ever says:

        Relax man is a good show and we all love it but take it easy. . .

      • Plotty McPlott says:

        …sometimes, the plot dictates a certain path and you’ve got to run with it.

        The plot is dictated by the imagination (or lack thereof) of script writers, it is not some hard, fast thing that somehow defines itelf.

      • Ann says:

        I agree with you, but i do miss him. The storline from the very begining is so good, love it when John used to show up, by the way he is a hot guy too, We love the show and will watch it forever…

    • mgrace says:

      Can I have your stuff?

    • Iris says:

      Sera’s not trying to woo you back. She’s trying to woo back all the fans that left when the show became all about religion and Cas. FINALLY HE’S DEAD! Two years too late but whatever. Hopefully the writers realize that having the premiere be all about Cas was a mistake, many fans didn’t come back for the second episode, I almost didn’t myself. Thankfully the final minutes of this second episode were pure Supernatural again and I can’t wait to get back into it. They need to now introduce new blood to frshen the series. PLEASE PUT A DAMN FEMALE ON THIS SHOW! Supernatural’s is paired with Nikita for christ sake.

      • Mari says:

        lol you poor thing. Even if Cas is dead, (which I highly doubt it, Sera said Sam and Dean think he’s dead), he is most certainly coming back, so deal with it.

        • pria says:

          Even if he comes back, t’ll be only for an episode or two. I can deal with that. What I can’t deal is the show being alol about Cas and religios and Sam and Dean considering Cas abrother. WTF was that!

          • heather says:

            The show started as Sam and Dean but shows must evolve and characters must have relatives and friends who don’t get killed off. Yes, some people have a problem with the religious plot and that’s find, storylines pretty much always have to end. Characters do not. SPN has killed so many characters. It just gets to be too much after a while, particularly when a character appeared to be very important to the show. Personally, I almost preferred watching Cas’ interactions with the Winchesters more than their own interactions. A third party of some kind is important for a show this old. I enjoyed the first few episodes, certainly the best of the season so far (minus Bobby’s most recent one). I just don’t appreciate feeling like the writers are toying with me by giving me a character-centric episode and just killing them.

      • Alexa Dean says:

        Nikita is pretty bad . . . ugh. I tried watching it . . . Couldn’t get past the pilot.

        Each plot is a chance for us to get a better understanding of the characters and their relationships. The plot was beginning to take precedence over it’s characters. Sam and Dean were used to support the angel mythos arc. Now that it is no longer going to be revisited I think most people may go back to watching it.

        I loved Bela, and Castiel, and Balthazar because they were great supporting characters. They did just that, they complimented Sam and Dean. When people complain about the show going south it only did so because the writers lost sight of what the story was about. It wasn’t about angels and devils, but love, real unconditional familial love. They averted the apocalypse, you know?

        It’s not supposed to be about the bible and on another note, this is a story about “world” mythology, not just Christian mythology. They need to expand past “Western” monsters.

    • Robin says:

      If you no longer support the show, why are you even reading about it. A lot of folks love this show.

    • Mickey says:

      Cas/Misha will definitely be back. From an EW article:

      Gamble also confirmed what many fans had hoped, which is that we haven’t seen the last of Castiel, who the boys presume to be dead. “We all love Misha [Collins], and we plan to write material for him. But in terms of where we are in the story right now, it’s a lot about Sam and Dean and Bobby losing this person that was incredibly important to them.”

      It just fits with their story line of depriving the boys of everything and forcing them to survive by the seat of their pants. You can’t write that story if you have a close friend who is superpowerful angelic deus ex machina who can save the day with a snap of his fingers. As Sera said, they want the boys to experience the loss of Castiel, which is their greatest loss. Then he’ll be back. Have a little faith. If you bail ship prematurely, you will miss out on a happy ending.

    • sweetbabynrs says:

      yes! sera is throwing the show down the toilet. cas was a fan FAVORITE, so she kills him. way to go stupid. she sucks so bad she has ruined one of the greatest shows ever on tv

    • Owned says:

      Heee’s alive. Suck it, non-believers.

    • Bonnie Grimaldi says:

      I love castiel as the angel he is and I just want him back . Supernatural will no longer be the great show that it is with out him. Please bring him back

  2. Stuart G says:

    Oh GOD please stop with all this Castiel nonsense, I want to hear about the show and a lot of us were thrilled to see the end of him, he was a good guest star for a bit but the writers should never, ever write their show to suit fan opinion, we fell for the original format and I and almost every review i’ve read seem thrilled it’s going back to that. The brothers alone on an open road, we all loved John Winchester but he was killed off too. Castiel has overstayed his character time and was changing the whole feel of the show for the worse with the excessive amount of screentime and taking away from the Winchesters. So glad he’s gone and glad the writers took a bold move and have brought the show back to what it once was, amazing again. Season 7 is already better than the last seasons purely for the fact its the brothers in a more contained, terrifying landscape where they have no out in the form of a magic waving angel. Keep him away writers, you are bringing this show back to the greatness it once was please don’t listen to Castiel’s fans who aren’t watching this show for what this show really is, brotherhood and solitariness and love.

    • Laura says:

      “the writers should never, ever write their show to suit fan opinion”

      But apparently they *should* write it to suit your opinions? o_O

      Oh and btw brotherhood includes Cas. As Dean himself said.

    • CyanaT says:

      *Claps* Thank you so much for stating this so well!

    • Ralf says:

      Couldn’t have said it better, Stuart. What we need most is the open-road feeling to be back in place. The Impala and the motel-of-the-week as their only home and only themselves to rely upon. That’s the show I fell in love with.

      • Camisha says:

        Wouldn’t that be boring and repitive if they kept doing the motel-of-the-week/ monster of the week I see what you’re saying but it can’t always be like that the plot and characters need to evolve and grow.

    • artemisdesari says:

      So you don’t want to watch Cas, you want the boys to be alone without friends, and you’re perfectly happy to let Sera turn it into Supernatural: The Sam Show? Wow, how dull. I’d rather see Sam, Dean, Cas and Bobby. The show grew out of being just the boys way back in season two. I started watching the show for the boys, I stayed for the boys and I fell in love with the angel. But without Cas I was always a Dean girl so the Sam Show doesn’t appeal to me like it seems it does to you.

      Besides, Dean told Cas that he was like a brother to him, doesn’t that count towards the FAMILY theme that the show has always had running through it?

      • Madelyn says:

        Sera is not trying to turn SN into the Sam show. I don’t want to see Cas go, but I refuse buy into the RDFs who try to insist that Sera wants the show to only be about Sam.

      • Jamie says:

        Some fans had been saying the show is too much about Sam for five years before Sera ever took over. I must’ve read a thousand complaints about how the myth arc was all about Sam during all those years Kripke was in charge. The only thing that has changed since Sera took over is the fans who perpetually complain about the show being about Sam have a new person to blame. The show is still well balanced between the two brothers, just as it always has been.

    • raeleee514 says:

      Don’t act like Castiel fans are the only reason Castiel was ever around. He was a part of the show and yes he has fans. Don’t those fans have the right to want a good ending for the character besides him getting Levianthaned and stewed in water? Yes.

      I watch the show for the brothers, of course I do but I love Castiel too. Don’t generalize. If you don’t like Castiel fan, but don’t dump on the people that do, what is the point of doing that? I am so sick and tired of seeing this, it doesn’t effect me personally much but I know people it does hurt.

      Also I just hate generalizations.

      Also SPN listens to the fans and knows what’s up with the vocal online fandom but they’ve never written the show to cater to the fans. If they did that, it’d be all slash orgies all the time. Given that is the most vocal online fanbase.

      • sam says:

        Don’t act like Castiel fans are the only reason Castiel was ever around.

        Lmao omg it WAS though. Kripke and Misha have both said that Castiel was originally planned to have a very minor role in season four but was only kept because of the strong fan reaction. Get your facts straight bb.

        • raeleee514 says:

          I didn’t say the fan reaction wasn’t a factor, but they wouldn’t have kept him on as along as they did if they hadn’t had ideas and reasons for keeping him on. They loved the character and writing for Castiel themselves as well.

          They were going to end Castiel end of season 5, fan response wasn’t a factor then in keeping him for season 6. Know ALL your facts.

    • Snapy says:

      Castiel was a horrid character and I don’t want to see Misha Collins back on the show. In fact, I don’t want to see him in ANYTHING ever again. He ruined my favourite show. With Castiel dead, there is a chance Supernatural will get back on track this season. YES!!!

      • Jeff says:

        Castiel is one of the best new characters to come into a TV show late in its life in a long time, if not ever.

        And I love the show for non-Castiel reasons. But sorry, to say he’s a horrid character is so incredibly wrong, it’s not even funny.

        And uh, considering the above article blatantly says he’ll be back, you might want to read before you comment.

      • Debbie says:

        The way they grew Castiel’s character is what made him so endearing. Also, the way they played him off Dean’s character brought such funny moments. I personally can’t wait to see where Misha goes next. I wish you could have enjoyed his storyline as much as I did. Even so I’m very excited to see where the boys go from here.

      • St.Jon Clark says:

        This mystifies me. I am new to SPN. Fell in love with it last May after seeing it on TNT. I guess by some’s definition that means I am not a “true fan.” For me, my first entire episode was the Season 4 finale. They opened Lucifer’s cage?! The few times I’d caught the end of it before it always just seemed like 2 guys on the road. I watched all the seasons once I was addicted. I liked the grand scale, the religious exploration and the amazing characters in Season 4 and 5. Castiel, Gabriel, even Lucifer and that tool Zachariah. I feel they all added so much, not only to the show, but to the amazing art and fiction that springs forth from the fandom.
        I don’t understand the fans who are so hateful and say “We just want season 1 back, just the brothers and the road.” WHY? Don’t you understand that SPN has stayed on so long because it’s gotten infinitely more interesting and complex? It has its own mythology now. It’s all well and good to spew “I hate Cas and all the angels” or whatever until you think about the fact that according to research I myself have conducted using tried and true research methods, Castiel is the favorite character of 20% of the people who watch the show. 20%! ALSO, are you aware there was a 39% year on year drop over all for SPN. (see http://bit.ly/oQGBJQ) Can you really afford to just kick all those Cas fans to the curb? I guess if the show dies, as long as it dies your way you’ll be satisfied?! I just don’t get it. ALL OF US in the fandom are valuable and loved. EVEN the people who just want to say hateful stuff. We have our angels and our demons too in this fandom. And guess what, we love them all.
        Just take a minute before you bash Cas fans. We are all on the same team. Save your vitriol for the REAL threats: Fringe and Grimm. Both shows have and will in Grimm’s case affect the ratings.

        • raeleee514 says:

          I doubt SPN is going to write off the character. TVLine has chosen to say Sera Gamble has said he is dead. When you actually read her interview. She does not say this at all.

          Misha will be back and I may be crazy and I’ll admit it if that happens — But I’m pretty sure Castiel will make some kind of appearance at some point again.

      • Stalkertx says:

        Are u nuts? What is the problem with castiel, I personally like it, if he would like to come to the show, I will give all my support

      • Mike says:

        Supernatural will get back on track ?? So far ,it’s getting so boring to watch it . The writers have no fresh ideas .They are trying to stress this show longer but it’s overdue . Basically , this TV show is going down the tube .

    • Ashley says:

      I just want to say, that not every Castiel fan is just a Castiel fan. I fell in love with the show with the beginning of season 1 (so i watch the show for the show, not for characters). I love the first three seasons, but i also love the rest of the show. I think both formats are great and things are changing, nothing can always stay the same. This would be boring. So i really liked the angelstorys (which was a little fresh air). Also i fell in love with Castiel. Hes actually my favorite character on the show, since he appeared in season four. For me he became a member of the family. And for me Supernatural is a lot about family (which includes close friends like Bobby, Cas, Ellen, Jo,…), not only about brotherhood. The boys shouldn’t be always alone, they need other people in their lives.
      I will continue to watch the show, because i love the show. But at the same time i’m sad that Cas is gone and i really want him back.

      Brotherhood and solitariness and love were always there. They had bad times, but this never disappeared.

      And only to add this, you can also say, you only watch the Show because of Sam and Dean and their relationship, and not for what this show really is, family, hunting, saving people/earth and dealing with emotions and bad situations.

      (And sorry if my english is bad, i’m german and not the best english writer)

    • Clare says:

      Perhaps you should take off your Misha-hate goggles for long enough to take note of the ratings, which are dismal. Traditionally they fall further as the season airs. The CW boss Mark Pedowitz said season 8 was contingent on good ratings. You can kiss it goodbye if they don’t improve. Gambles’ timing is pretty telling: I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave this interview five minutes after she got off the phone from negotiating Misha’s return.

    • Coleen says:

      Sorry Stuart. You could not be more wrong about the popularity of Misha Collins on the show. Actually most people wanted him to stay. The writers are going against what the fans want and personally I’m fine with that. I believe that a writer should have complete creative control over their work, but please don’t tell me that the death of this character was insignificant. The writers have created the best characters ever and most fans love em’.

      • Gena says:

        Man oh man… this reminds me of Torchwood fandom, only instead of Ianto fans getting dumped on, it’s the Castiel fans. I started watching SPN when seaosn 4 came out and I never liked either brother. I actually liked Castiel, Ruby and Crowley much more. I eventually watched the first three seasons but felt that they paled comparison. As for season 7, well, I already decided to wait until I see reviews of each episode. If Castiel or Crowley ain’t there, neither am I. I could care less about Sam and Dean. But that’s just me. :)

    • lilly_anne says:

      I love all these samgirls who give themselves male sock-puppets. LOL!

  3. jane says:

    Whatever. This show should have ended two seasons ago.

  4. Dilys says:

    So basically Sera doesn’t care at all about Cas fans? Thanks for giving me even less reason to want to watch the show.

    • Angel says:

      So Sera should care so much about what Cas fans want that she shouldn’t take the show in the direction she wants? Sure, there are a lot of fans of Castiel that are going to miss him and be very vocal about it, but there are also plenty of fans of the original premise of the show that are thrilled about possibly getting back to the feeling that seasons 1 & 2 had. There’s also plenty of people that will miss Cas, but aren’t going to stop watching the show because of it. Why not just let the season play out and see when/how/if Misha is back in some capacity?

      • Dilys says:

        She can take the show in any direction she wants to take it. But since I’m tired of the yearly “what’s wrong with Sam show while Dean does nothing but angst”, it doesn’t mean I have to watch it. Cas was one of the best things about this show for me and I have plenty of other shows I can watch. And frankly I don’t trust Sera about Misha returning. She has lied to fandom before with the regular/not regular upfronts situation.

        • Angel says:

          Can I just thank you for actually having more to say beyond the “if Cas is gone, the show is ruined” bit that seems to be prevalent in these comments? We’re on different sides of the fence in regards to this news, but I can totally respect your decision to not tune in when the show has already done enough, in your opinion, to be on thin ice before killing off Cas.

      • Lele says:

        The directions for who?! Herself and the 200 fans that don’t like Cas?! Oh come on. Who are you trying to convince?!

  5. Paula says:

    Thanks Sera for just signing the show’s death warrant.

  6. Elle says:

    Well, whether or not he’s REALLY dead is still clear as Leviathan filled water. :|

    • raeleee says:

      Thank you! I thought I was the only one who noticed that.

      • Lost In Tardis says:

        Ha, Ha YES! After having a read of some of the comments, I was thinking I was the only one who noticed he may still be around… The Levithan Boss maybe? It’s SPN (GREAT Show all round – am totally happy to sit back and enjoy the ride! *SMILES*) and no one stays dead long… Hope to see it match Smallville and make it to 10 sesons and go out with a Helluv BANG! *AWESOME*

  7. Rylin says:

    Season 7 is leaps and bounds ahead of every year since Castiel was introduced. Please whining Castiel fans go watch something else, I beg of you, because this show is finally back to what it once was and it is so much better for it. I am loving it. Jared and Jensen are killing it and i am finally happy with this show again, you’ll pull everyone back if you keep going like this. It’s magnifique.

    • Laura says:

      1.77 ratings and a falling demo. Yep, show is certainly blowing away the viewers and once it starts blowing away the advertising revenue, it’ll be put out of our misery. Use your 2 brain cells and see past your tinhat/wincest obsession. The show needs all the fans it can get and Gamble is only driving them away.

      • Dave says:

        I really hate the fact the ratings are down a bit because all of the Cas fanatics are going to say him dying is the reason when in fact if you would take a look at more than just Supernatural’s ratings you would realize that most of the shows on tv especially the CW are down this year. Not just Supernatural. Plus Supernatural is still one the highest rated shows on the CW.

        • mera says:

          Nah, it’s not just the Cas fans. It’s the Dean fans too. They’re also dropping like flies since Gamble basically admitted that she cannot be bothered to write Dean into the story beyond a few emo scenes designed to make him look bad so that Sam can look good. All summer the show has been promoting SPN as The Sam Show so many Dean fans finally got the message and gave up. Gamble continues to show her bias everytime she opens her mouth and anyone with half a brain or who isn’t an Sam fan might as well move on. The writing is on the wall and so far, I have seen nothing this season to suggest things will get better.

          • Dave says:

            I don’t understand why people say that. Have you even seen the first two episodes of season 7. They are Dean and Cas heavy. Sam has his whole wall deal but Dean has everything affecting him. He’s got the loss of Cas, Bobby missing, Sam going crazy. Dean is the strong one that deals with all of this and does everything he can to fix things. Through out this entire series Dean has been shown as the strong one. The one who always has to save Sam who is always in trouble. I say this in defense of Dean because Dean is my fav character although I love almost all the characters in Supernatural. Dean also gets the best lines in the series. I don’t know how many times I have cracked up laughing at something Dean has done or said while not so much with Sam. I don’t know about any of the Dean fans out there that complain but I am glad we have a character that yes may be “emo” at times but he is the one that holds everyone together. I would much rather have that then having Sam always having to save Dean.

          • Gena says:

            Maybe if Dean hadn’t been so cold to everyone in season 6 the Dean fans who aren’t watching (as I’m sure that some are) are worried his character is going to be ruined or something and so they would rather not watch.

      • coyote says:

        Child, your ignorance is showing.

      • Jeff says:

        Uh, ratings are down because it’s on a Friday and lost the Smallville lead in it.

        Reaction to the first two episodes is FACTUALLY positive. Most see it as a big step up from last year.

        Gamble is doing just fine.

    • Jeff says:

      Absolutely insane.

      4 and 5 are widely recognized as the highlight of the series. 3 was mindless, which Eric Kripke admitted HIMSELF. The angel storyline and Cas breathed new life into the show, whether you liked it or not.

  8. I Heart Damon Salvatore (and Chuck Bass) says:

    Nope. I don’t believe her. I also don’t believe the sky is blue or the grass is green. Cas. Is. Not. Dead.

    Let me have my denial, woman!

  9. Violet says:

    Best decision this show ever made to get rid of him. Talk about taking screentime and changing a show. So much better this season, keep it up and ignore the moaning fans, they’ll either put up or shut up and this season is blowing it out of the park.

    • Laura says:

      Though not the ratings, or had you forgotten? Don’t be so dense. The show needs the Casfans to stay – why they heck do you think Gamble is teasing them?

      • Ralf says:

        Even if the show were to end after this season – it’s better for it to end in an exciting way and while it once more resembles the amazing piece of drama it once was. Way better than going on as the convoluted mess that last year has been in huge parts. Season 7 ROCKS so far! Taking a chance is what this show is all about.

        • Natalie says:

          Are you kidding? Season seven has been so boring. Leviathan is such an uninteresting villain, basically it’s just a bunch of generic henchmen going around being evil and powerful. What happened to villains like Azazel, Alistair, Meg, Lilith, Zachariah? Or frenemies like Ruby and Crowley? Lucifer has been reduced to a hallucination? They had actual personality. It would be nice to watch Sam and Dean have actual (not pretending to be FBI agents) interactions with people other than each other? The show can’t just keep doing the monster of the week thing, they have to come up with new material. I didn’t stop watching the show because I was pissed off about Cas, I stopped watching because it was boring. Why should I watch a show that’s not good anymore?

    • Lele says:

      Good luck with the show without Cas, honey. The ratings are already suffering. LOL

      • idiots says:

        Please do your self a favor and go get educated on the ratings lol cause the ratings started to tank the minute they drove the brothers apart…

        So what if we had 3.97 million at the beginning of season 4 as Cheryl pointed out in another thread we were down to 2.97 by the end of the season. Yeah that Angel story line really helped out the show lol We have never been able to get back the fans that walked away due to Castiel/Angel storyline.


        • artemisdesari says:

          Yeah, but we’re down to 1.77 now, that’s over a million lost. We may not have gotten back the people we lost due to Cas, but they won’t come back now with too much story gone by and now that the Cas fans are jumping off the boat too it’s a hit that the show can’t afford. Regardless of the drop by the end of season four this is not a good season opening.

          • Idiots says:

            And if you look at all the CW shows across the board they have taken a big hit has nothing to do with Castiel (as much as you would like it to believe, remember you are a loud minority) because wasn’t he in the first two episodes. Hell there was an article on that very thing, even VD has taken a hit… None of the new shows have broken out either.

            Wishing a shows demise because your pissed off is immature and childish… And it’s Castiel fans like yourselves and others that make me hate the character and I am glad he is gone.

          • artemisdesari says:

            Because it won’t let me reply to you directly, Idiots, but I think you’re missing the point I’m trying to make. I’m not saying that the ratings have dropped just because of Cas (although 7.02 was down on 7.01). I’m also saying that they’ve dropped because season 6 was disappointing over all and a lot of Cas fans just didn’t come back after what happened at the end. We already knew he was doomed by that point. I’m not wishing for the shows demise, and I won’t stop watching, I’m just realistic enough to know that a few people sticking around aren’t going to make up for the ones who’ve had enough.

            And disliking a character because of his FANS is quite immature and childish in itself really, wouldn’t you think?

          • Jeff says:

            As a giant Cas fan, LOL @ people saying the show lost viewers because of a lack of Cas, even though he was in the ONLY TWO EPISODES AIRED.

            Use your head.

          • Lucy says:

            You relize Supernatural is on Fridays the one night of the week CBS HAVE A HARD TIME GETING A 1.4 DEMO.

            Fridays is a deathslot for all shows period thats why most of the networks Dont’t worry in that department or lower expectations.
            In when Smallville first move to Fridays it also hit the 1.8 mill.

        • Clare says:

          The why didn’t all these millions of fans show up to see him written out?

        • lilly_anne says:

          So where are all those raging sam fans and wincesters who flounced because of Castiel? How come they haven’t rushed back now that he’s gone? God you people are morons and hilariously condescending to boot.

    • CyanaT says:

      I agree, Violet, and even *this* is the show’s last season at least so far S7’s been amazing because the brothers control their destinies now. I loved 7.01 and 7.02 far, far more than 6.01 & 6.02. It was a ballsy move for the show to make Castiel into hosting not only Purgatory souls but living Leviathans. I assume *plan* is to introduce the Boss Leviathan and it will look like MC. MC’s acting blew me away when the Leviathans took control of his vessel at the end of 7.01.

      • lilly_anne says:

        Erm, how do the brothers control their destiny? Sam can’t even control his own mind and Dean is most likely going to get some lame addiction storyline. The brothers are a lot of things, but in control ain’t one of them.

      • castiellover says:

        iknow right he is an AMAZING actor which is why i love him so much and hope the bring him back into the show even if it’s not as cas.

    • artemisdesari says:

      The ratings will talk more than the fans and at the end of the day studio bosses and networks don’t care about the reasons the ratings have fallen, just that they have.
      Anyway, the Cas fans won’t shut up or put up. Have you seen the campaigns that are still going for Gabriel? We’re probably going to be worse than that in all honesty.

  10. Hudson says:

    Great. Take away even the vague hope that Cas survived that horrible fate from us. Thanks a lot. I am so uninterested in anything this show does anymore. Way to drive off some of the few remaining fans you have.

  11. Lucy says:

    Hahahahahaahahahah laughing forever at the hysterical Castiel fans. Bye then, watch the door on your way out, the rest of us will be over here loving the show again and basking in the brilliance it already is exhibiting.

    • Melissa says:

      “the rest of us will be over here loving the show”

      All 7 of you? lol

      The only thing funny about this is the show’s ratings… enjoy the season, it’s probably going to be it’s last lol

      • lilly_anne says:

        Yup, basically the hypocritical half-dozen who have taken over SNTV and the CW Lounge. I wonder if Gamble is actually Sammycat or one of the extreme Cas-haters at the CW Lounge?

    • Laura says:

      Nope, you’ll be waving goodbye to your show. Look at the ratings, idiot.

      • Jamey says:

        Excuse me but wasn’t Castiel in these two episodes with the lousy ratings?

      • Dave says:

        Look at all of tv’s ratings idiot. Check your facts. Most of the shows on tv have had a decline in ratings. Only a few have had gains. Plus Supernatural is still one of the CW’s highest rated shows because the CW’s ratings in general a way down. Supernatural is still out performing Nikita on the same night. The only way this is the last season of Supernatural is if the rating take even a harder hit and get below everything else on the CW, Jensen and Jared decide not to sign on for another season, or the CW goes away completely.

    • Kate says:

      I can’t believe how shortsighted your comment is. The ratings are down 39% on last year. Do you seriously think this show can survive without the Cas fans? Sera Gamble obviously doesn’t, otherwise she wouldn’t be dangling the prospect of Misha Collins returning.

      • coyote says:

        Well, last season was also terrible and Castiel-centric.

        Also, just because a lot of people like Castiel, doesn’t mean he’s not a terribly-written character. Just that a lot of people are really not that bright. (:

        Have fun writing your deastiality reunion fic.

        • artemisdesari says:

          The last few episodes were Castiel centric, most of them were “What’s with Sam and how do we get his soul back/make sure the wall doesn’t fall down” centred and when they weren’t the boys were worried about The Mother of All, most of the time Cas was in it it was made very clear that he had other things he wanted to be doing.

        • Jeff says:

          What a complete idiot you are.

          FACT: Last season was NOT Castiel-centric. He was in a little over half of the season. How exactly is that “centric”? The end was Castiel-centric, yes.

          And he’s a terrible written character? LOL.

        • Clare says:

          Er, no it wasn’t Castiel-centric. Actually the entire first half of S6 was “just the boys” pretty much, bar the odd five-minute appearance from Castiel, and IT TANKED. Moreover, it had its worst ratings ever for three episodes promoted as brothers-only episodes. If your logic is correct the rating should now start to climb since he’s gone. In fact they should really have been astronomic in 7.01, since it was heavily teased that he would die. So why didn’t they?

          I think it’s you who isn’t that bright sweetie. Maybe you should crawl back to the Septic Tank and spread your hate there, huh? ;)

          • Gena says:

            And most of teh episodes from season 6 that had Castiel he was only in for a few minutes. Not his fault if he stole the show from Dean and Sam.

        • lilly_anne says:

          Last season was all about Sammy-whammy’s poor wost soul. Season 6 was the most samcentric season ever and the fact that you think three episodes that actually focused on someone else, changes that, only shows your own bias and hypocrisy.

          By the way how is you incest fic coming along? Has Sam’s most damaged soul evah been healed by Dean’s magical healing **** yet?

      • Brooke says:

        Pray tell, how did it survive the first 3 years WITHOUT Cas on it?

        • Jean says:

          Alright. This is just a really, really bad argument. You cannot miss something you did not have or knew you could have. The first three years were good. For many of us, Castiel improved it. This is like saying, “Oh, your husband has been stationed in another country, but you’ll be fine! You survived the time before you met him, too!” It’s more dramatic, but it’s the equivelant of what you said, and your argument is terrible.

        • Natalie says:

          Show develop and change. If you want to watch reruns of Season 1, go buy the DVDs. The thing is, back then they were going through all the Sam&Dean character development for the first time, so it was interesting. Now they’re going through the same stuff they’ve done so many times before, so it’s boring. Each season has to have new, creative stuff, and it should build on what came before, not erase it. Cas makes the show interesting not just because he’s inherently interesting, but because his presence (like the presence of any significant character should) makes other characters react and change.

    • artemisdesari says:

      Sera obviously knows that she needs the Cas fans to stick around which is why she’s dangling this idea that we might see him again in front of us. What we need is Misha seen on set in Vancouver because the Cas fans are tired of being lied to. The show has had too high a drop in viewers for a show in it’s seventh season, it can’t afford that. You can love this show for the rest of the season, but if the drop continues I promise you that you won’t see much beyond that.

    • Jeff says:

      So uninterested yet you’re here, posting, showing interest?


  12. rabid fangirl says:

    Sera, you moron. Did you really think there was nothing left for Cas to do? Why couldn’t you have made him human? Why couldn’t you have put him in the background, alive, as a friend for Sam and Dean to have just once in a while? Are they really not even allowed to keep any friends alive who aren’t Bobby?

    Of course the show is about Sam and Dean. I’m good with not seeing Cas that often. But for the boys’ sake, they need something in their lives to not be destroyed!

    I really hope the CW comes to their senses and gives Misha his own damn show. That’d be the only silver lining in this ridic cloud.

    • Lost In Tardis says:

      Chin up! I am thinking he will come back as the Levithan Boss!! Jump on board and enjoy Where Ever The Road Takes You *SMILES*

  13. Christian says:

    Don’t care about this guy, where’s the Winchester gossip or are you forgetting they’re what makes this show. I need brotherly spoilers, stat.

  14. rabid fangirl says:

    However, I will point out that while the author of this article says “he is in fact dead,” Sera herself just points out that TO SAM AND DEAN, he’s dead. Which leaves the question open.

  15. BYE Supernatural! says:

    F#%k this tbh. Im done with this show
    I’m looking forward to watching the rating’s continue to drop this year leading to the show’s cancellation.

    • Brooke says:

      What kind of really empty, boring life do you have that THAT’S what you look forward to? Watch another show, read a book, go out with friends, volunteer or something.

      • Jonas says:

        Because having 2 minutes to check a TV show’s rating will stop you from doing all those other things!

        • lilly_anne says:

          Only if you are a rabid samgirl/wincester and are so invested in perpetuating the myth that the show and Dean must center around Sam at all times and that is the only true and correct reason to watch the show.

  16. mkadoodle says:

    Was the misspelling of Misha’s name in Sera’s answer an accidental typo (doubtful, since it happens three times)? Or does she seriously not know how to spell the name of one of the former stars of her show? Because that’s pretty pathetic. And doesn’t really support the whole ‘I love Misha’ story she’s trying to sell.

    • Ralf says:

      Um… it may have occurred to you that the journalist from TVLine.com transcribed her interview?! How on Chuck’s earth would she be to blame for typos?! Seriously people.

  17. Laverna says:

    Well, good luck with that. I’m out. I’m done with the string-along nonsense.

  18. Dominique says:

    All I read is Sera Gamble not giving a damn about the fans out there. Yes, the fandom is pretty much divided between those who love Cas, and those who don’t, but either way, it was a REALLY crappy way to end Castiel’ story on the show.

    And here I thought season 7 was going to be really good.

  19. Morgan says:

    Who the hell is Mischa?

  20. Henry says:

    Love you Gamble you beautiful, beautiful woman. You may just have saved this show again. It’s a thousand times better without him and the angel drivel. Thank you on behalf of many thousands of fans that got driven away because they got annoyed with him taking away from the brotherly relationship. We love you. We may not be as vocal but you’re winning us back and we thank you in droves, please remember that.

    • Morgan says:

      Haha, oh how this made me laugh. ‘they got annoyed with him taking away from the brotherly relationship’? Really? Bless you, poor thing.

      • k8 says:

        u mad tho?

        • Morgan says:

          Nope, I don’t care if someone’s opinion is different from my own. What amuses me is when their opinion is based misunderstanding or misconception. It’s adorable.

          • coyote says:

            Aw, you mean like your misconception that Castiel was ever relevant or important and not just a hackneyed character they kept because fans like you wanted to ride some angel discostick?

            That’s adorable tbh.

          • lilly_anne says:

            @coyote Well Cas certainly seems important to you since you seem to think he took away from the brotherly bond. Speaking of, what kind of a bond is it if it can’t withstand any other friendships for either brother?

            I couldn’t care less about Sam, but it saddens me how pathetic they have made Dean in order to keep him on Sam’s leash.

    • Cody says:

      So when can we expect to see all those thousands of fans coming back to boost the ratings, hmmm? This week? And while we’re here, how is it that leaving the show because Cas is gone makes us bad fans, but all the people who left it because he was there aren’t bad fans?

      • coyote says:

        Because Castiel is the epitome of bad writing, love.

        • Morgan says:

          Because it won’t let me reply to your reply to me (…?). I’m sorry, I must apologise. I forgot that Cas was always totally irrelevant to the storyline! I mean, it wasn’t as if he saved Dean from Hell, or Sam from Hell, or helped stopped the apocalypse, or any of those other meaningful storylines to the show. Silly me! My incredible and undeniable lust for Misha’s body must have distorted and clouded my judgement. Thanks for showing me the light!

          • coyote says:

            OH! You mean Castiel was important because he was used as a plot device and there was absolutely no other way either Sam nor Dean could have gotten out of Hell EXCEPT to bring in some bizarre angel mythology and a character with all the facial expressions of a wooden plank?

            My bad.

          • artemisdesari says:

            Have you and I been watching the same show, Coyote? Because I’ve seen many expressions on Castiel’s face.

          • Scott A. says:

            Archie Bunker didn’t have a huge range of emotions, either. That character was one of the five greatest TV characters of all-time. Just saying that’s how some are written. If it had that much of an impact on you, it worked.

          • Scott A. says:

            And for clarification, Castiel’s emotions grew as the character grew in the storyline. Andy Sipowicz also comes to mind. But don’t get me going. Watch what you enjoy. Don’t be like me and watch because you have to in order to get better at your trade. Watch because you enjoy it.

          • amanda says:

            omg i love you best comment ever xD i think lust for his incredible body must be clouding my judgment to lol

        • lilly_anne says:

          And once again, how much do I love stupid people who think they are smarter than everyone else? So much. LOL!

          • Dave says:

            How hypocritical of you Lilly_anne. You sit there and accuse others of being condescending and acting like they are smarter than everyone else when you are sitting there doing the exact same thing.

    • artemisdesari says:

      So those of us who are leaving because we don’t want to see Supernatural: The Sam Show, are bad fans, but those who abandoned it for three seasons because they didn’t like the fact that Dean had a friend who isn’t Sam aren’t? I think your argument it flawed there. There’s a lot more Cas fans then there seems to be returning fans from the pre-Cas era.

      • coyote says:

        I’m sorry you can’t recognize the flawlessness of Sam Winchester. I would suggest a visit to your optometrist and psychiatrist stat.

        • Terri says:

          Cas fans could say the same about you. It’s hypocritical to knock one character by calling it bad writing yourself, and then defend Sam when someone else voices their opinion on not liking him. People are allowed to like who they like. Everyone likes different characters. The sad thing about your comment there is the rudeness to it.

          • coyote says:

            The point of my comment was the rudeness, love. And the only thing I care about in regards to Castiel fans is their delicious, delicious tears. NOM NOM NOM

        • artemisdesari says:

          I work for an optometrist, Coyote, and my shrink says I should quit that job asap so I think I’d say your suggestion was a little flawed there. Besides, I have nothing against Sam other than the fact that he comes third on my list not first or second. Those places belong to Cas and Dean.

        • angie says:

          lolol your trolling in this post is A+ sweetie

      • Scott A. says:

        I quit watching when they killed off Bela.

        • Jeremiah says:

          While all of these comments have been fun to read in a trainwreck kind of way, this one made me laugh until I cried. Kudos Sir!

        • Candi says:

          This is the funniest and best post on this page. To Scott A.- God, I admire you! The rest of these posts seem to be rants about which guy is cuter. Can’t we Supernatural fans agree that Dean, Sam, and Cas are all very handsome, so we can all just get along?

    • Dani says:

      What did he take away exactly? Did he take away Sam and Dean’s love for each other? No. Did he take away their scenes? No. Sam and Dean can have people outside of each other, and a large number of fans are tired of seeing everyone the Winchesters care about killed off. Who’s next? Bobby? She maybe be winning back the small number of Cas haters, but not the significantly larger number of Cas lovers. There are Cas lovers who are not shippers.

      • lilly_anne says:

        I was always terribly amused by how threatened the sam fans and wincesters were by Castiel’s presence on the show. I remember them screaming from the roof tops about how there was conspiracy to replace Jared with Misha. And now they are oh so smugly screaming about how he’s so unimportant and didn’t matter to anyone. LOL!

    • Jamey says:


    • sam says:

      I feel the same way! Awesome comment Henry :)

  21. lisa says:

    The problem with the Castiel storyline was the problem that all of last season’s storyline suffered from. The best ratings for the show were the beginning of season 4. The beginning of the angel storyline and Cas. He had virtually nothing to do last season until the end, so I never see the value in the argument he was taking away from the brother storyline. Jensen and Jared frequently joked that they would love Misha’s shooting schedule of 1 day every couple of episodes. I can see Season 1 on my DVDs. I don’t need it repeated this year. I _am_ excited to see Jensen’s second shot at directing.

    • Louie says:

      Completely agree with you in regards to “The problem with the Castiel storyline was the problem that all of last season’s storyline suffered from. The best ratings for the show were the beginning of season 4. The beginning of the angel storyline and Cas. He had virtually nothing to do last season until the end, so I never see the value in the argument he was taking away from the brother storyline.” Very well said.

    • Martha says:

      Bless you

    • Dave says:

      Actually the show’s best ratings were in season 1.

      • lilly_anne says:

        It was on a different network and a different night then. As you are so fond of telling people “Dave”, check your facts.

        • Dave says:

          Your right it was just like it was on a different night in season 4 and 5 than it was in season 6 and now 7. So I don’t see your point. Everyone is comparing season 4 and 5’s ratings to season 6 and the first two episodes of season 7. Well you can do that then you can compare season 1 to season 4 then. Check your facts. Plus as I have stated multiple times, I check rating for lots of other shows other than Supernatural and almost all of tv is down in ratings. Especially the CW. My point is that what is going on with Cas has nothing to do with the ratings it is currently getting.

  22. Moe says:

    And Sera Gamble once again proves she is completely out of touch with the viewers. Between the way she has mishandled the Castiel/Misha question to how she has mishandled the roar of discontent over the lack of story for Dean/Jensen, she’s proven herself to be an incompetent showrunner who only cares for her personal favorite part of the show and not the show as a whole.

    Before this once wonderful show sinks into a ratings decline that it can’t recover from (I fear it may have already started), they need to replace her with someone who cares about the show as a whole and its success.

    • Louie says:

      AGREE 100%

      I truly miss Eric Kripke. If Krikpe can’t come back as showrunner, maybe they could get Robert Singer, but Sera Gamble? Sera Gamble is running this show into the ground.

      • mera says:

        Kripke and Singer always came off as Samgirls to me too and the end of season 5 showed their true colors on that front. But to be fair, they at least seem to appreciate Jensen unlike Gamble who clearly cannot stand how much attention he gets compared to her darling Jared.

      • coffee438 says:

        Robert Singer never left the show. He’s in the credits and he’s the one who suggested the soulless story line. Sera doesn’t run the show by herself and Eric Kripke still wrote scripts and had input on the show in season 6.

    • artemisdesari says:

      Seconded, thirded and fourthed.

    • Lisa says:

      Also agreed! I’m really looking forward to Kripke potentially having TWO new shows next year…

    • aviddaydreamer says:

      AGREED. Sorry, but Sera should be writing Sam-centric fanfic, not heading the whole show.

    • Madelyn says:

      Lack of storyline for Dean??? There is not a lack of storyline for Dean. It’s just that some people want the show to be about Dean and only Dean. Instead of saying that they complain he has no storyline.

      • Tresca says:

        please TELL me then what was Dean’s storyline in Season 6? Because I honest to God couldn’t figure it out, and I wathed every ep at least twice! And don’t tell me that it was the crap with Lisa, because even though I loved that woman, that particular part was handled even worse than any other one, and it was hardly a season arc for Dean’s character…

        • Madelyn says:

          His storyline was trying to decide if he was done with hunting for good or ready to start again. Then it was trying to find a way to balance hunting and having a family. Then it was dealing with the fallou of not being able to handle both.

          ‘particular part was handled even worse than any other one’
          Would you rather she burned on the ceiling like Mary and Jess. At least Dean gets to know that she’s safe and alive.

          • Tresca says:

            Okay, maybe there is something wrong with me, but I noticed next to nothing of those “storylines”, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one ;) Constantly angsting about something is not a storyline. A storyline is something that’s handled in more than one episode, and there wasn’t much thought given to Dean and his feelings anyway. We got to know more about Samuel Campbell’s feelings than we did about Dean’s (okay, that’s a bit of a stretch,I admit, but still). Like I said, I think the whole thing depends on how you define the word “storyline”.
            No, I wouldn’t rather have her burned on the ceiling. But the way they handled her storyline was stupid. She could still be used against Dean, except of course she wouldn’t even know why/because of whom, because she knows no Dean. Sorry, but to me that qualifies as a badly handled storyline.

  23. kelios says:

    Great article! I love the way you ended Castiel’s storyline, and it’s good that it’s ambiguous…it’s not impossible for him to come back eventually. I also wonder if Sera is just messing with fans about Cas being totally utterly dead…it wouldn’t be the first time.

    Glad to see the story focus coming back to Sam and Dean–S7 may well be my favorite so far!

  24. Lisa Marie says:

    Won’t miss him. Smart move.

    • artemisdesari says:

      As lots of people keep saying, look at the drop in viewing figures and then decide if you miss him. A show in it’s seventh year can’t afford the drop that Supernatural has had.

      • sam says:

        It’s on the CW though, that network is clinging to any show that can give them even semi-decent ratings. Sorry, I’d rather have one good last season of SPN than a bunch with Castiel’s stupid blank face in it.

        • coyote says:

          You are a flawless person. Are we married? And if not, can we be?

          • sam says:

            I’m a little offended that you proposed to someone without knowing it was me tbh

            I even put a ring on it. SMH.

        • artemisdesari says:

          But that’s the point, the ratings aren’t as decent as they could be. Hell, The Vampire Diaries was struggling big time last season and it’s doing better already this season. That in itself should show that there’s a problem.

          Besides, have you even watched last season? With all the plotholes and stories that never went anywhere it was appalling. She’s pulled out the stops for the first two episodes but that means nothing. I’m just waiting for it to disintegrate back into season 6 territory and total writing drivel again.

          • sam says:

            I haven’t watched last season actually, because it was atrocious. But killing off Castiel is already an improvement so I’m giving the new season a shot.

          • artemisdesari says:

            Ahh, Sam, so this makes you a better fan than me because I stuck out an appalling season and still came back but am very upset about Cas being killed off. You abandoned the show for a season that the angel was barely in and then came back because you heard they were going to kill him off. I see where I’m going wrong in my estimation of what makes a good fan. Thank you for showing me the light.

      • Scott A. says:

        It is on Friday night on the CW. It has no chance. Maybe killing off Sam and going with Castiel would have been the way to go. I believe it is up against Fringe in the time slot. Probably won’t do much better. Even with Sam and Dean naked.

  25. annehb says:

    i want misha to come back. as cas, in time. but not as leviathan or someone else. I will pee on all the things sera loves if she decides to bring him back as leviathan.

  26. Toni says:

    I loved Cas. I Adore Misha Collins. I would like to see Misha back as Cas but if they find something else for him to do I’ll live.

    Right now I’m very happy with the most recent episode. It feels like old time Supernatural. I missed that. I’m sure I’ll miss Cas but now I’m going to continue to enjoy the fact that Sam and Dean are acting like brothers again.

  27. Sean Carter says:

    I hope they don’t bring him back. Not because he wasn’t a good story, but because the story went too long. The first 3 seasons were great but the startup angel storyline slowly started to kill it. Friday’s episode finally felt like a solid episode again. Mischa Collins will land somewhere else. To leave a show becease they killed off your favorite character is your right but to whine about it is petty.

  28. Annoushka says:

    Dead Dead! Oh please say dead.

  29. lisabeth says:

    Enjoyed the Sam and Dean show the first time it aired but I’m not interested in watching the newer darker remake.It is too bleak and depressing now. If I wanted to watch dark and depressing I would turn on the news.

    Thank you,Sera, for giving me back my Friday nights.

  30. Natalie says:



  31. lonni says:

    The problem I have with the show is less the fact that Cas is gone and more the fact that, unlike in the earlier seasons, Sam-and-Dean isn’t *enough.* We’ve seen them fighting and bickering and getting along and saving each other and dying for each other, and at this point everything with them just seems rehashed. That’s why the show *needs* more than just the two brothers, imo – why ANY show needs more than two leads week in and week out.

    And I love Bobby, I do, but I wish they hadn’t killed everyone else off. Jo and Ellen and Ash and Cas and Chuck and EVERYONE. It’s the same thing that House has done, imo, it’s refused to grown. I’m happy other fans like that format, but just as I don’t enjoy watching procedurals like CSI and L&O for more than a little while, I’m just getting bored with SPN. /my two cents /feel free to jump all over me now

    • Dani says:

      Agreed. And I just hate the way that, if this is Cas’ final death, it was so insignificant a death to the thousands of fans that loved him. That is almost as bad as the writer’s treatment of Cole in Charmed. They’ve given less beloved characters better endings then he got. I love Cas, I want him back and I think it’s a shame that Gamble ruined his character in the last few episodes of season six. There were so many other story lines to be done then that which came basically out of nowhere.

  32. 2StuartG says:

    Who is this “we all loved John Wincester” nonsense? Float that lie where it belongs, in the toilet. A lot of people absolutely hated John Wincester and the horrible way he treated his sons and were not sad to see his demise. Also, solitariness? You want the boys always alone and “saddened by isolation”? All you Wincester fans are sick in the head.

  33. Melinda G says:

    I was a Cas fan at first but i think it’s right they wrapped it up. It was too easy for Sam and Dean to get help if they nearly died or died and it meant it was no longer as high thrill or high danger if they could just get out of it so i’m actually pleased on that front. This season the stakes seem higher now. And i am ready for it to get back to that. The main thing is we still have The Winchesters and Bobby. I could deal without Bobby but I watch for Sam and Dean and I always will.

  34. Moe says:

    Is that why the ratings have been so low this season then? Cause they didn’t even hit 2 million this past week and dropped to a .7 in the demos. That’s frankly horrible for this once steady show.

  35. Danielle says:

    Look, guys… I’ve been following this show from the very beginning. And I’ve become emotionally invested in all of these characters, like you have. Truthfully, I love Cas as much as the next person and enjoyed his evolution as a character.

    But at the end of the day, Castiel being punished in some grave way seemed like a fitting end. In any God-centric religion, one of the biggest sins, if not the biggest of all, is to play God. And that’s what Castiel did. He committed acts of violence in His name, killed in His name, and was a false God. And it was something that could not go unpunished. Defying God’s will is one thing, overthrowing Him is another.

    I watched this show when it was just Sam and Dean… when it was Sam, Dean, and John… still when they killed off John… and Ash… and Ellen and Jo… and Rufus. And I’ll still continue to watch now that it’s back to being Sam and Dean + Bobby.

    I know that we all love Misha, as Castiel, as an actor, and as a humorous, generally good-hearted person. But sometimes, the plot dictates a certain path and you’ve got to run with it.

    I urge you not to give up on this show… I have a strong feeling that we’re returning to the kind of show that was at the heart of Season 1, when we first fell in love with these two amazing Winchester boys and nobody else.

    • Natalie says:

      But the problem is he wasn’t punished in a grand way. He just sort of sunk into water. Totally anticlimactic. And let’s be honest, Leviathan!Cas was interesting because because it played on the brother’s caring about Cas, but the random Leviathan henchmen have no individual personalities. What happened to interesting villains? I think Cas should come back as a human and have to redeem himself–that would actually be an interesting storyline, and maybe they could come up with a storyline for Dean too?

  36. Anna says:

    I really hope[/wish] this show learns how to leave dead characters dead. Death scenes have gotten less and less impactful as the series has gone on to where I don’t even blink at them anymore. It’d be cool to see Misha back as the Leviathan boss, though.

  37. ~*LE*~ says:

    I made the mistake of asking a question regarding misha..now I’m in disguise. stupid I know. supernatural kept cas in way too long and let people bond with him more than they should have done with a non staying char. I love SPN and was getting tired of Misha being everywhere seen some fan stuff where cas is at the main char and dean and sam are in the background..best idea make a castiel spin off then everyone will be happy..I also think misha should be telling his fans to calm down instead he seems quiet..but he has got his online show going. and it had a whopping 3,000 viewers..if thats his fandom then let him go for good..stop writing this programme for a few fans..think of us the real fans who started with ep 1.

    • Who is ~*LE*~ and why are they spreading Misha hate? says:

      This is why I can’t stand anti-Cas fans. They turn into Misha haters. Misha is the actor. Not the character. Separate fact from fiction you loser.

      • timshel says:

        It’s Lisa Edelstein who’s trolling for a spot on the show since House no longer wants her.

        • Tresca says:

          Why isn’t there a like button here? WHY? I need it stat and then abuse the hell out of it to like your A+ comment. :D Thanks for making me laugh.

  38. aster says:

    Lisa, I’m not sure where you’re getting your info from, but the first season has always had the highest ratings and number of viewers, and that hasn’t changed after six seasons. In fact, I’m pretty sure the highest rated episode is still “Route 666.”

  39. lauren says:

    I just can’t believe that Castiel is dead. I just can’t. I love Castiel too much to think of him as dead.

  40. Nicole says:

    Everyone who is glad that Castiel is gone pisses me off.
    He sacrified everything for the Winchesters and that is how his life ends? Wow, thanks for nothing, Gamble.
    I honestly wouldn’t be so mad about Castiel’s death if he died like it was no big deal. Sure, some characters always leave the show, but damn it, we went with him through 3 seasons, learnt to love him and now you take him from us?

  41. Sailor says:

    The tagline should be ‘and does anyone care?’ He stopped being interesting a while ago. And also ratings this season have nothing to do with him, since the first 2 episodes, the only ones that have aired had him in them anyway so that argument is insane.

    Thanks for the supernatural scoop though, please bring us some Winchester goodness next time. I miss gossip about them. Gorgeous boys.And is it me or are they looking hotter than ever this season?

  42. Kira says:

    I’m pretty sure the slight drop in ratings has more to do with baseball play-offs than anything else. I love Sera Gamble as a writer and a producer, and I respect her immensely. She’s done some great things for the show. People need to remember that SPN is about Sam and DEAN. Not an angel that popped up in Season 4.

    I adore Misha as well, but there’s only so much you can do with that character. Misha was only supposed to be around for a handful of episodes in season 4.

    I’m sad that he won’t be on the show as much, because he’s a damn good actor, but I’m glad that Sam and Dean no longer have an angelic solution for everything anymore. Castiel was their get-out-of-hell-free card and they’re so screwed without it. If that’s no good television, I don’t know what is.

    • Rebecca says:

      You don’t know what it is then. There is far better television out there than watching two hot guys face down monsters who surprise surprise always happen to look human. Supernatural has gone down the drain and it has nothing to do with the angel who wore a trenchcoat. When he’s gone and the ratings continue to suffer because people hate the poor writing and crappy to non existent special effects maybe some of you will finally admit the show should have ended years ago. It’s a crappy show despite the fact that all you sexually frustrated women enjoy watching the two leads cry or get into sweaty homoerotic fights.

    • Dani says:

      I actually agree with almost all of your points here (especially re: the ratings drop and needing to find a way to keep Cas from being the boys’ constant deus ex machina), but I really wish people would stop saying “the show is about Sam and Dean” in response to anyone not liking where the story is going or being sad that Cas might not have as active a role this season. The show is about different things for different people, and while I definitely think people need to stop judging the season before they’ve even had much of a chance to see where the storyline goes, making people feel like they’re lesser fans because they’re upset with what’s being done to their favorite character is kind of crappy. The story centers around Sam and Dean, yes, but I’d say Cas and Bobby have more than earned their place as integral characters, too. The story can go on without them in a way it can’t without Sam and Dean, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to like it, that they’re not important characters, or that if some people aren’t happy watching the show without them there that they’re wrong.

      (And on the other side of it, I do think all the people jumping ship with the show are going to miss out on a great season without even giving it a chance, which saddens me, but if the show’s not doing it for them anymore, I can’t say I really blame them. Different strokes for different folks, right? Personally, I love the season so far and can’t wait to see where they take things, and I look forward to see how the brothers are going to deal with losing so many of the things they’ve fallen back on in hard times in the past.)

  43. Kay says:

    “but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.”

    Ummm….. REALLY? :rolleyes:

  44. Karla says:

    I enjoyed Castiel and I love Misha and if it’s over then it’s over. I loved the premiere episode and the second and I’m looking forward to more attention being payed to Sam and Dean. The acting from Jared and Jensen these last two episodes was steller! These last two episodes have alos had me on the edge of my seat, so I’m looking forward to a wonderful ride this season.

  45. Fiona says:

    No Castiel – no Supernatural. Yes, I’m not a supernatural fan, yes the only reason I was watchingперу show was Misha/Cas. Say whatever you want dear haters – I’m out

    • coyote says:

      I’m sorry you have such terrible taste. ): Adding u to my prayers.

      • Rachel says:

        I’m sorry your such an immature brat that you get pleasure out of other people’s pain.

      • angie says:

        bb darlin’, I like the derailing, excellent use of passive aggressiveness! #keeptrolling #yourerockingit

        • lolz says:

          LOL! You guys are like the class losers who suddenly got elevated to cool kid status because Gamble is now head cheerleader and now you’re trying out your meangirl claws. ‘Cept you kinda suck at it because no one cares what you think. They just care that one of your kind is ruining their show.

  46. Sandra says:

    Thanks a lot Sera. Now I know I don’t need to bother with this show anymore.

    Two bros emoing over each other and crying to sleep over, our lives sucks and everyone dies around us for 7 years in a row is a tad bit redundant not to mention repetative.

    And of course destroying wonderful character as Cas so that, he can’t take away precious time from special snowflake Sam.

  47. artemisdesari says:

    The show has never been exclusively about the boys alone, there has always been other characters in the background helping to drive the story forward or giving the boys a safety net to fall back on. In the first season John was always in the background, in season two we had Jo and Ellen, Bobby has been there for them since the end of season one and in season four Cas was brought in.

    You can’t just write the Castiel fans off as hysterical and useless just because our love is for the angel more than the boys. We started off as Sam or Dean girls once and just found Cas more to our taste. Part of what makes me so mad about the way that Cas has been written out isn’t because I’ve lost my favourite character, it’s because Dean is always losing the people that he cares about and just once I wanted to see him get to keep that friendship. Where is it written that these boys have to be alone in everything? How is that even true to life no matter how outlandish the show sometimes is?

    At the end of the day, however, the show needs those Castiel fans to stay alive. The figures were down for the premier, they’re still down for 7×02 and I have a horrible feeling that those numbers are going to stay that way. Last season was a massive disappointment to me as a show and not just because of the way that Cas was treated. The episodes were lacklustre and more effort went into focussing on Sam than did even on Dean’s dealing with losing Lisa and everything that had happened to him.

    Castiel brings another dimension to the show at the end of the day and in some ways without him it feels a little bit more empty because he got reactions out of the boys that other characters simply couldn’t.

    Also, “death is a funny thing” seriously? Because my heart felt like it had been torn into a billion little pieces. It certainly didn’t feel funny at the time and still isn’t amusing to me. She’s not listening and not paying attention to why fans are walking away. This isn’t the beginning of the show, it can’t afford to lose viewers at this point and that’s what’s happening. Sera needs to be careful, she just signed Supernatural’s death warrant.

    • Lauren says:

      Bravo! Well said!

      What’s with all the in trouble!Sam, Sera? I love the guy, too, but what about Dean, much less Castiel (who deserved way better as he’d obviously cemented himself as one of “the brothers” in his own way)?

      I’ve always been a bit morbid, or at least, I understand stuff doesn’t always work out how you want in life (or in the life of your favorite character, in this case); however, how many times does Dean need to get kicked the balls? Seems like Sam angsts more, yet has a better and more consistent resolution to his “issues” than his poor brother, if only because he’s been getting more screen time for ’em. I’ve been rewatching Season 1 and there is MASS Jessica!angst. Dean sure didn’t get that much attention where it was due.

      Season 6 was mostly (keyword: mostly) a huge disappointment for other reasons (plot holes being a big one) and I all but had a parade when I first heard Season 5 wouldn’t be it. Now, I wish it had ended, yet I’ll keep watching anyway just in the hopes it ends well. ):

      Please, PAY ATTENTION to the fans who are walking away! They didn’t walk away in Season 4 when the angels first appeared like they are now, so focusing on the brothers shouldn’t be the issue here. Bobby made the show more interesting; likewise, Castiel adds such an intriguing and often hilarious dynamic.

      Please, guys, rethink this!

    • timshel says:

      Oh dear. If you felt like your heart was torn into a billion little pieces when a fictional character died, I worry about your sanity. Perhaps a better grasp on reality is in order.

  48. Dani says:

    I’m kind of confused by your “Cas is definitely dead” comment at the beginning of the article. The interview seems to imply more that Sam and Dean believe Cas is dead, but they’ve left everything else related to his actual fate pretty ambiguous. Especially considering even if Jimmy liquified because of the Leviathans, angels exist separately from their vessels and it’s not like we haven’t seen both angels and their vessels restore before.

    I am a huge Cas fan, but I’m 99.9% certain that he’ll be back (as in Cas, the character, and not just Jimmy’s meatsuit/Misha playing another character, although I think that will probably happen as well) in some form at this point. They’re being intentionally vague so as not to spoil the storyline (which is not stringing fans along – it’s building dramatic tension), and I appreciate that and have enjoyed the episodes thus far. I really hope they keep up the momentum.

    (That being said, if we don’t hear/see more from Cas and that really was his exit, I will be disappointed because if there’s one thing this show generally does well, it’s deaths – but that’s also why I fail to believe we won’t be seeing or hearing more from him. The writers aren’t going to send a well-loved character with so much potential off without a bang.)

  49. amber says:

    There’s a reason that seasons 4-5 are the best loved amongst QUITE a lot of fans and that’s because of what Misha brought to the show as Cas. I love Cas like freaking crazy, but you’re not going to see me stop watching simply because he’s gone for now. No, i’ll stop watching if the show’s writing quality is as crappy as it was last year. Talk about a season full of plotholes and storylines that disappeared as fast as they introduced them, oy! The boys deserve to have SOMEONE in their life, and Bobby ain’t gettin any younger! The show’s continuing insistence on depriving the boys of any happiness outside of themselves (and really there isn’t even that, when you consider all that happens to them) is a majorly depressing factor. And i see tons of comments here whining about the angel storyline. I give you this- instead of making Cas the big bad, they COULD have gone the logical route and made him human instead. That takes care of all the complaints of “He always saves them!” AND the “But ANGELS R BORHINGNN!!!” And really, you have had 3 solid seasons of JUST THE BOYS. The show was really starting to hit it’s stride in Season 5, and i felt that come Season 6 it would have been amazing, had it not been full of plot holes and crappy storylines that went nowhere. BUT. I will never understand the reasoning of “This show is better off with just Sam and Dean.” Really? Really? Name me one other successful show out there that’s like Supernatural that only has two lead characters and i’ll shut up about Cas. But i don’t think you can, because to survive and THRIVE, a show like ours NEEDS to be an ensemble show. And i don’t just mean have guest stars as witches every now and then. I mean regular recurring characters. Cas deserves to be back, IF ONLY FOR A BETTER SENDOFF THEN HE GOT.

    • coyote says:

      Oh man. Well. When you throw around a statistic like QUITE, well, that certainly bears QUITE a lot of weight, dunnit?

    • artemisdesari says:

      Thank you for addressing similar points to the ones I was trying (badly) to make. And for bringing up that valid possibility: Make Cas human and give him a chance to grow.

    • Laurie says:

      3 years of Castiel was more than enough, so enough is enough. Time to move on the road again. It was beating a dead horse, and there was no where left to go with that character. Glad it’s over.

  50. Shannon says: