More One Life to Live Stars Join Online Venture

Slowly but surely, One Life to Live fans are starting to get a feel for what Llanview will look like when the long-running soap moves online early in the new year.

Online Hub for All My Children, One Life to Live Gets Name

Prospect Park, the media firm that is taking over production of OLTL as well as All My Children, with a plan to deliver new episodes via The Online Network (launching in January), announced on Friday that pending a final agreement with AFTRA, deals are now in place for cast members Melissa Archer (Natalie), Kelley Missal (Danielle), Sean Ringgold (Shaun), Andrew Trischitta (Jack) and Jerry VerDorn (Clint) to stay on with the show. They join previously announced castmates Ted King (Tomas), Michael Easton (John), Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and Erika Slezak (Viki).

I’ll pause here to come out and say it: Jolie is endgame, people!

Prospect Park also has retained the services of Emmy-winning One Life headwriter and consulting producer Ron Carlivati, subject to a WGA agreement. Carlivati has been with the sudser since 1996, and a headwriter since 2007. On the creative side, he joins executive producer Frank Valentini for OLTL‘s TOLN incarnation.

Soap fans looking for emailed updates from Prospect Park can sign up at or

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Now they just need to recast Kish (or see if the other actors will return) and SORAS their baby.

    • Amanda says:

      No recast! Just make a new couple if the others aren’t interested.

      • howard and john caylor says:


    • Mary says:

      Has anyone heard if Hillary Smith or Robert Woods are in negotiations? I can’t imagine the show without Bo and Nora.

  2. Meg says:

    Yes, bring on Jolie!!!! I have been a fan of them since the beginning!

    • ilovejolie says:

      Me too. I’ve been waiting since 2003! LOL I hate that they made Natalie do so many dumb things. Her actions showed that she had no faith in John, when they first talked about getting back together, she should have just been honest and told that she had a one night stand. THat way when she got pregnant, John could have known and knew what could happen. But either way, I am happy the baby is his and I hope we can get a long time of them before they break them up again! Sheesh.

  3. Jay says:

    ergh, what about All My Children darnit!

    • Kay says:

      I agree things seem to be moving along with OLTL, but other than what we’ve heard things seem to have stalled with AMC. Don’t they start filming in November?

  4. jess says:

    what about Roger Howarth!! I want Todd and Blair!!

  5. raelee514 says:

    I really hope they can get Roger Howarth, do you know if he’s in negotiations?

    Really Andrew Trishcitta? He’s a cute kid but he’s a horrible actor, I was hoping PP would want to recast Jack.

  6. OLTLfan says:

    I must say that I am very happy to see most of these names, but do they really need to keep Andrew Trischitta (Jack)? I’m sorry, but that kid has such a wooden delivery that he just makes me cringe every time he is on screen.

    Ah well, I’m just glad that OLTL will continue.

  7. Skyla says:

    I’m really happy about this… I’m hoping PP will get Trevor St. John back. He;s a brilliant actor and was my #1 reason for watching the show. I’m so glad Melissa has signed… most of my favorite characters look like they’ll be heading online: John, Natalie, Blair, Clint, Viki, Danielle, & Jack… now all I need is Florencia Lozano as Tea & TSJ to return, and Bree Williamson (who I’ve heard was most likely staying on along with David Gregory) and for Robin Strasser to return as well as Amanda Setton and I’ll be a happy camper. I would like Bo, Nora, Matthew & Destiny too… it looks like it’s really shaping up for OLTL, hope there’s good news for more at AMC soon.

    • Michelle says:

      I hope Florencia Lozano stays! There are PLENTY more that I’d love to see continue, but she’s the one I’m really holding my breath for!

    • Carly says:

      I’m with you we need Trevor St. John to come back in some form. You can always bring Miles Lawrence back, that was originally his face, wasn’t it? I just want to see him on again. He was MY main reason for watching.

    • ilovejolie says:

      I wish Trevor St. John wasn’t dead as well. It would have been interesting to have both Todds on the show. He would never be the original Todd but he did a great job of making the character his own. It’s unfortunate that they killed him.

  8. wtfisthisshow says:

    I can’t get excited about this unless Roger Howarth signs on for OLTL.

  9. Sivat says:

    Pissed that Ron C. is staying on as head writer after how he utterly gutted Marty Saybrooke. I won’t be following OLTL online.

    • Sbrewton9 says:

      I agree 100%. What they did to the Marty Saybrooke character was the most unbelievable storyline I have ever seen on any soap opera in history. Only an untalented hack would choose to go down that road. All I can say is Haskell must have really rubbed him the wrong way….tool.

    • ilovejolie says:

      I am glad that you said that. I didn’t watch OLTL during the rape storyline but Marty was always a highly praised character. Susan Haskell is a great actress. I was disappointed that they changed both Marty and Brody. I am a fan of Jolie but to “gut” those characters for the sake of them getting together was unnecessary. To be honest, the overdone “not knowing the father of the baby” storyline sucked period.Hopefully Susan Haskell will appear in something else where her talents will be better used.

  10. Ryan says:

    Im wondering will these be able to be played on the soapnet channel still or are they prevented from selling it to them. Also are the actors getting paid similar or alot less. Just curious..

  11. Ikitty says:

    Soapnet is owned by abc and it’s going completely off air and being replaced with an all children’s network. And I have fallen back in love with Roger howarth since his return. His chemistry with everyone he interacts with is awesome. I hope he stays on and really makes a go at this online thing. Now that he’s back I’d be crushed to see him go again.

  12. Captain says:

    Ugh not Melissa Archer. I use ot love Natalie but this year she just makes me sick.

    • ilove jolie says:

      I am a fan of Melissa Archer and Natalie but I agree that this year they really took away her dignity. Natalie and John broke up because of her keeping the truth from him and intefering with evidence. To make her work so hard to get him just for her to lie to him at the beginning of the relationship was just wrong. I hated that she slept with Brody but she should have been upfront with John and gave him the option to stick around once she got pregnant. Instead they milked that tired story line about the baby. I stopped watching it as soon as she got those paternity results last year. I only rewatched because they are finaly straightened it out. To deprive John of all those months with his son was cruel.

  13. samantha says:

    Soapnet will no longer exist as of late this year or early 2012. ABC is turning it into another kids channel. I wish some channel would pick up classic soaps as well as continue the current ones. It seems unfair that these soaps have 50 years of episodes that may never see the light of day again.

    • Jobear says:

      I also can not believe that almost 50 years of soap abc can wisk them away like they never existed and think no one cares. WRONG! I still care and am still very upset with ABC. As far as their replacement The Chew. Give me a break… Get rid of it. I won’t watch it because of ABC.. But I really think we have enough cooking show on tv as it is. Now the soap channel getting the ax… I absolutey hate Reality tv and can’t wait untill people get their fill of it.. Hope the chew leaves soon…

      • JJ says:

        I agree. My loyalty is with the soaps… not THE CHEW…. Will NOT be watching any shows ABC puts on during the time frames of AMC or OLTL. Actually, I avoid watching ABC now except for OLTL. After this show goes off the air… I will NOT watch anything on ABC! This is how ABC treats all of us loyal 30+ year viewers! No thank you!

  14. kim says:

    We need, want and pray for Roger Howartg’s signing…….he does so much for the show, the role and the characters. Hope it happens.

  15. samantha says:

    I also agree about the young man that plays Jack. He could benefit from some pointers given by the talented veterans he works with such as Roger Hogarth and Kassie DePaiva.

  16. samantha says:

    Howarth. Stupid auto correct.

  17. PAK says:

    TSJ will likely not be coming back so hold hold out hope for him. TSJ is moving to LA and want’s to do Prime Time or Movies.

    • Carly says:

      So Sad, John Carlivatti, of my hometown, did a terrible thing by letting Trevor go. First Nash, now Trevor! All the eye candy is gone.

  18. PAK says:


    don’t hold*

  19. Tina Lord Roberts says:

    I am thrilled. OLTL is currently 2 or 3 in the ratings! ABC really made a mistake by cancelling the best daytime drama currently on air!

  20. aim says:

    I agree…why bother keepin the actor who portrays jack? He cant act his way out of anything!! Im just glad no fords have signed on.

  21. emtk says:

    I agree – Roger Howarth is a necessity. Bree Williamson and Trevor St. John would be fabulous too! But the OLTL cast on Prospect Park is looking good!

  22. brandon williams says:

    Tsj should come back and they need to bring Nash back and spencer Truman to and bred Williamson that will be great and bring Kurt and fish back

  23. brandon williams says:

    Bring David vickers back

  24. Vanessa Dawson says:

    I am so glad that alot of the actors r staying on,especially Michael Easton {John), but they also need 2 negotiate very much with the character for Starr Manning,she is wonderful.So would u please work on that 4 me? would b very much appreciated. Thank You

  25. sianobe says:

    I agree with all who say Roger Howarth is an absolute must!!! His return is the only reason I’m even watching the show again. I’m so afraid of what they will do to the character if they can’t get him, especially since Kassie and Ted have signed on. I want my TnB!! Please stay with us Roger!

  26. carolyn collier says:

    Disney doesn,t need to have a kids show on at night, the only thing parents can do is tape for the next day, and some people don,t have vcr.s their lucky to eat, and no entertainment, I am disabled thats about the only entertainment I have inlife is my soaps.

  27. rehanna7275 says:

    Actually Marty always was a crazy bitch! She played Kevin & Todd, bullied girls in school, she was a rich snob, she stalked Andrew, she pushed Cassie down the stairs while she was pregnant and she tried to burn down St. James.

    I want to see Roger and TSJ. There so much story to be had between them!

  28. lydia says:

    Please do not bring Andrew Trichtta to Prospect Park, it is heart breaking to see him try so hard but its not working. I actually started DVR’n the show so I can fast forward past his parts.

  29. Cabrity says:

    Hope Prospect Park can get Roger Howarth, Florencia Lozano,Robin Strasser, Hillary B Smith and Bo Woods on contract!